Why is it, you might wonder, that during the bardo state you can

find stability by merely recognizing the nature of mind for a single

instant? The answer is this: at present our mind is encased in a

net, the net of the "wind of karma." And the "wind of karma" is

encased itself in a net, the net of our physical body The result is

that we have no independence or freedom.

But as soon as our body has separated into mind and matter, in

the gap before it has been encased once again in the net of a

future body, the mind, 10 along with its magical display, has no

concrete, material support. For as long as it lacks such a material

basis, we are independent—and we can recognize.

This power to attain stability by just recognizing the

nature of mind is like a torch which in one instant can clear

away the darkness of eons. So if we can recognize the nature

of mind in the bardo in the same way as we can now when it is

introduced by the master, there is not the slightest doubt that we

will attain enlightenment. This is why, from this very moment

on, we must become familiar with the nature of mind through

practice. 11

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