wisdom, equalizing wisdom, wisdom of discernment, and allaccomplishing

wisdom. But since the all-accomplishing wisdom

is only perfected at the time of enlightenment, it does not

appear yet. Therefore there is no green carpet of light and tiklés,

yet it is inherent within all the other colors. What is being

manifested here is our potential of enlightenment, and the allaccomplishing

wisdom will only appear when we become a


If you do not attain liberation here through resting undistracted

in the nature of mind, the carpets of light and their

tiklés, along with your Rigpa, all dissolve into the radiant

sphere of light, which is like the canopy of peacock feathers.

4- Spontaneous Presence

This heralds the final phase of the bardo of dharmata, "wisdom

dissolving into spontaneous presence." Now the whole of

reality presents itself in one tremendous display. First the state

of primordial purity dawns like an open, cloudless sky. Then

the peaceful and wrathful deities appear, followed by the pure

realms of the buddhas, and below them the six realms of samsaric


The limitlessness of this vision is utterly beyond our ordinary

imagination. Every possibility is presented: from wisdom

and liberation to confusion and rebirth. At this point you will

find yourself endowed with powers of clairvoyant perception

and recollection. For example, with total clairvoyance and your

senses unobstructed, you will know your past and future lives,

see into others' minds, and have knowledge of all six realms

of existence. In an instant you will vividly recall whatever

teachings you have heard, and even teachings you have never

heard will awaken in your mind.

The entire vision then dissolves back into its original

essence, like a tent collapsing once its ropes are cut.

If you have the stability to recognize these manifestations as

the "self-radiance" of your own Rigpa, you will be liberated.

But without the experience of Tögal practice, you will be

unable to look at the visions of the deities, which are "as

bright as the sun." Instead, as a result of the habitual tendencies

of your previous lives, your gaze will be drawn downward

to the six realms. It is those that you will recognize and

which will lure you again into delusion.

In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, periods of days are allotted

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