At exactly the same time, together with the light of wisdom, a

dull blue light representing the human realm will come toward you

and fierce your heart. Then, driven by pride, you will flee in terror

from the intensity of the yellow light, but delight in the dim blue

light of the human realm, and so become attached to it.

At this moment do not be afraid of the piercing yellow light, in

all its dazzling radiance, but recognize it as wisdom. Let your

Rigpa rest in it, relaxed, at ease, in a state free of any activity.

And have confidence in it; have devotion and longing towards it. If

you recognize it as the natural radiance of your own Rigpa, even

though you do not have devotion and have not said the necessary

prayer of inspiration, all the buddha bodies and rays of light will

merge inseparably with you, and you will attain buddhahood.

If you do not recognize it as the natural radiance of your own

Rigpa, then pray to it with devotion, thinking, "This is the light of

the compassionate energy of Buddha Ratnasambhava. I take

refuge in it." Since it is in fact the Buddha Ratnasambhava coming

to guide you amid the terrors of the bardo, and it is the light-ray

hook of his compassionate energy, so fill your heart with devotion

to it.

Do not delight in the dim blue light of the human realm. This

is the seductive path of habitual tendencies which you have accumulated

through intense pride. If you are attached to it you will

fall into the human realm, where you will experience the suffering

of birth, old age, sickness, and death, and you will miss the chance

to emerge from the swamp of samsara. This (dull blue light) is an

obstacle blocking the path to liberation, so do not look at it, but

abandon pride! Abandon its habitual tendencies! Do not be

attached (to the dull blue light)! Do not yearn for it! Feel devotion

and longing for the dazzling, radiant yellow light, focus with total

attention on the Buddha Ratnasmabhava, and say this prayer:


When through intense pride I wander in samsara,

May the Buddha Ratnasambhava lead the way

On the radiant path of light which is the "equalizing wisdom,"

May the supreme female consort Mamaki walk behind me;

May they help me through the dangerous pathway of the bardo,

And bring me to the perfect buddha state.

By saying this prayer of inspiration with deep devotion, you

will dissolve into rainbow light in the heart of the Buddha

Ratnasambhava and his consort and become a Sambhogakaya

Buddha 5 in the southern buddha-field known as "The Glorious."

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