Yet, as the teachings are always so inspiringly reminding us,

there is always hope; now is the time for prayer. By wishing

and concentrating intensely, even at this moment, you can still

be reborn in one of the buddha realms, or else you can generate

a deep aspiration to be reborn in a human family where

you may be able to meet the spiritual path and continue

toward liberation. If you have a strong karma that impels you

toward a particular realm, you may have no choice; however,

your past aspiration and prayers can help you to reshape your

destiny, so you may be reborn into a life that will lead one

day to liberation.

Even as you enter the womb, you can go on praying for

this to happen. Even now, you can visualize yourself as any

enlightened being, traditionally the masters say as

Vajrasattva, 10 bless the womb you are entering as a sacred

environment, "a palace of the gods," and continue to practice.

Now when the bardo of becoming dawns upon me,

I will concentrate my mind one-pointedly,

And strive to prolong the results of good karma,

Close the entrance to rebirth, and try to keep from being reborn.

This is the time when perseverance and pure perception are


Abandon negative emotions, and meditate on the master.

Ultimately it is the mind's urge to inhabit a particular realm

that impels us toward reincarnation, and its tendency to solidify

and to grasp that finds its ultimate expression in physical

rebirth. This is the next stage in the process of manifestation

that we have seen taking place throughout the bardos.

If you succeed in directing the mind toward a human birth,

you have come full circle. You are poised to be born again

into the natural bardo of this life. When you see your father

and mother in intercourse, your mind is ineluctably drawn in,

and enters the womb. This signals the end of the bardo of

becoming, as your mind rapidly reexperiences yet again the

signs of the phases of dissolution and the dawning of the

Ground Luminosity. Then the black experience of full attainment

arises again, and at the same moment the connection to

the new womb is made.

So life begins, as it ends, with the Ground Luminosity.

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