cause, avarice, rest at the base of the trunk; the animal realm

and its cause, ignorance, rest at the navel; the human realm and

its cause, doubt, rest at the heart; the demigod realm and its

cause, jealousy, rest at the throat; and the god realm and its

cause, pride, rest at the crown of the head.

In this practice of the Purification of the Six Realms, when

each realm and its negative emotion is purified, the practitioner

imagines that all the karma created by that particular

emotion is now exhausted, and that the specific part of his

body associated with the karma of a particular emotion dissolves

entirely into light. So when you do this practice for a

dead person, imagine with all your heart and mind that, at the

end of the practice, all their karma is purified, and their body

and entire being dissolve into radiant light. 5

4. The Practice of the Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities

Another means to help the dead is the practice of the Hundred

Peaceful and Wrathful Deities. (These deities are

described in Chapter 17, "Intrinsic Radiance.") The practitioner

considers his or her entire body as the mandala of the Hundred

Peaceful and Wrathful Deities; the peaceful deities are

visualized in the energy center in the heart, and the wrathful

deities in the brain. The practitioner then imagines that the

deities send out thousands of rays of light, which stream out

to the dead and purify all their negative karma.

The mantra of purification the practitioner recites is the

mantra of Vajrasattva, the presiding deity of all the Tantric

mandalas, and the central deity of the mandala of the Hundred

Peaceful and Wrathful Deities, whose power is invoked

especially for purification and for healing. This is the "Hundred

Syllable Mantra," which includes "seed syllables" of each of

the Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities. 6

You can use a short, six-syllable form of the Vajrasattva

mantra: OM VAJRA SATTVA HUM (pronounced by Tibetans:

Om Benza Satto Hung). The essential meaning of this mantra

is, "O Vajrasattva! Through your power may you bring about

purification, healing, and transformation." I strongly recommend

this mantra for healing and purification.

Another important mantra, which appears in the Dzogchen

Tantras and the practices associated with the Tibetan Book of

the Dead, is 'A A HA SHA SA MA. The six syllables of this

mantra have the power to "close the gates" to the six realms

of samsara.

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