as a big light shining on things making shadows and so forth. This

light was really the absence of darkness. We're not used to that concept

because we always get a shadow from the light unless the light

is all around us. But this light was so total and complete that you

didn't look at the light, you were in the light 8

One person told Kenneth Ring, "It was not bright. It was

like a shaded lamp or something. But it wasn't that kind of

light that you get from a lamp. You know what it was? Like

someone had put a shade over the sun. It made me feel very,

very peaceful. I was no longer afraid. Everything was going to

be all right." 9

A woman told Margot Grey: "The light is brighter than

anything you could possibly imagine. There are no words to

describe it. I was so happy, it's impossible to explain. It was

such a feeling of serenity, it was a marvelous feeling. The light

is so bright that it would normally blind you, but it doesn't

hurt one's eyes a bit."

Others recount how they not only see the light, but enter

directly into the light, and they speak of the feelings they

have: "I had no sense of separate identity. I was the light and

one with it." 10

A woman who had undergone two major operations in

two days told Margot Grey: "Only my essence was felt. Time

no longer mattered and space was filled with bliss. I was

bathed in radiant light and immersed in the aura of the rainbow.

All was fusion. Sounds were of a new order, harmonious,

nameless (now I call it music)." 11

Another man who reached this point of entering the light

describes it in this way:

The following series of events appear to happen simultaneously,

but in describing them I will have to take them one at a time. The

sensation is of a being of some kind, more a kind of energy, not a

character in the sense of another person, but an intelligence with

whom it is possible to communicate. Also, in size it just covers the

entire vista before you. It totally engulfs everything, you feel


The light immediately communicates to you, in an instant

telekinesis your thought waves are read, regardless of language. A

doubtful statement would be impossible to receive. The first message

I received was "Relax, everything is beautiful, everything is

okay, you have nothing to fear." I was immediately put at absolute

ease. In the past if someone like a doctor had said "Its okay, you

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