to be instantly ... I just felt exhilarated with a sense of power.

I could do what I wanted to ... It's realer than here, really. 21

"I remember all of a sudden going right back to the battlefield

where I had been lost... It was almost like you materialize

there and all of a sudden the next instant you were over

here. It was just like you blinked your eyes." 22

Many near-death experiencers also report a clairvoyant

sense of total knowledge "from the beginning of time to the

end of time." 23 A woman told Raymond Moody: "All of a

sudden, all knowledge of all that had started from the very

beginning, that would go on without end—for a second I

knew all the secrets of the ages, all the meaning of the universe,

the stars, the moon—of everything." 24

'There was a moment in this thing—well, there isn't any

way to describe it—but it was like I knew all things ... For a

moment, there, it was like communication wasn't necessary. I

thought whatever I wanted to know could be known." 25

"While I was there I felt at the center of things. I felt

enlightened and cleansed. I felt I could see the point of everything.

Everything fitted in, it all made sense, even the dark

times. It almost seemed, too, as if the pieces of jigsaw all fitted

together." 26

4. Meeting Others

In the Tibetan teachings the mental body in the bardo of

becoming is described as meeting other beings in the bardo.

Similarly the near-death experiencer is often able to converse

with others who have died. Michael Sabom's Vietnam veteran

said that as he lay unconscious on the battlefield, viewing his

own body:

The thirteen guys that had been killed the day before that I had

put in plastic bags were right there with me. And more than that,

during the course of that month of May, my particular company

lost forty-two dead. All forty-two of those guys were there. They

were not in the form we perceive the human body ... but I know

they were there. I felt their presence. We communicated without

talking with our voices. 27

A woman whose heart stopped under anesthetic during a

dental extraction said:

Then I found myself I was in a beautiful landscape, the grass is

greener than anything seen on earth, it has a special light or glow.

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