/ was moving along as part of a river of sound—a constant babble

of human noise... I felt myself sinking into and becoming part of

the stream and slowly being submerged by it. A great fear possessed

me as if I knew that once overcome by this ever growing

mass of noise that I would be lost. 31

I was looking down into a large fit, which was fill of swirling

gray mist and there were all these hands and arms reaching up

and trying to grab hold of me and drag me in there. There was a

terrible wailing noise, fill of desperation. 32

Other people have even experienced what can only be

called hellish visions, of intense cold or unbearable heat, and

heard the sounds of tormented wailing or a noise like that of

wild beasts. A woman reported by Margot Grey said:

/ found myself in a place surrounded by mist. I felt I was in hell.

There was a big pit with vapor coming out and there were arms

and hands coming out trying to grab mine... I was terrified that

these hands were going to claw hold of me and pull me into the

pit with them... An enormous lion bounded towards me from the

other side and I let out a scream. I was not afraid of the lion, but I

felt somehow he would unsettle me and push me into that dreadful

pit... It was very hot down there and the vapor or steam was

very hot. 33

A man who suffered a cardiac arrest reported: "I was going

down, down deep into the earth. There was anger and I felt

this horrible fear. Everything was gray. The noise was fearsome,

with snarling and crashing like maddened wild animals,

gnashing their teeth." 34

Raymond Moody writes that several people claimed to

have seen beings who seemed trapped by their inability to

surrender their attachments to the physical world: possessions,

people, or habits. One woman spoke of these "bewildered


What you would think of as their head was bent downward; they

had sad depressed looks; they seemed to shuffle, as someone

would on a chain gang ... they looked washed out, dull, gray.

And they seemed to be forever shuffling and moving around, not

knowing where they were going, not knowing who to follow, or

what to look for.

As I went by they didn't even raise their heads to see what was

happening. They seemed to be thinking, "Well, it's all over with.

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