helping the dying, and teaching on death and dying. I must

salute also Harold Talbott, one of my first Western friends and

students, as well as Michael Baldwin, for their dedication in

helping establish the teaching of Buddha in the West, and for

the encouragement they have always given me. At Harper San

Francisco, I should like to thank Amy Hertz, Michael Toms,

and all the staff for their priceless and enthusiastic assistance

with this book.

I would like to take this opportunity also to thank Philip

Philippou, Dominique Side, Mary Ellen Rouiller, Sandra

Pawula, Doris Wolter, Ian Maxwell, Giles Oliver, Lisa Brewer,

Dominique Cowell, Sabah Cheraiet, Tom Bottoms, and Ross

Mackay for their continuous help and dedication, and John

Cleese, Alex Leith, Alan Madsen, Bokara Legendre, Lavinia

Currier, Peter and Harriet Cornish, Robin Relph, and Patrick

Naylor for their vision and support.

I thank all my students and friends who in a way have

been like teachers to me, who have shared this book at every

stage of its making, and who have put up with me with their

deep devotion. They are a constant source of inspiration to

me. My gratitude goes to those too who have truly worked

with these teachings and put them into practice, especially

those who are caring for the dying and bereaved, and who

have contributed many useful insights to this book. I am

moved by the efforts of all my students in trying to understand

and apply the teachings, and I pray that they will be


I have done my best here to convey the heart of the teachings,

and for whatever is missing, whatever imprecision or

errors there may be, I ask the reader's indulgence, and pray that

my masters and the protectors of the teachings forgive me!

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