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Recovery 12:

25 Years of Empowerment

Fourteen Accounts of Triumph Over Disorder

ALSO: “My Wildest Dreams” Nature Pictorial, Truth About Multivitamins,

Be Fit While You Sit, Can Raw Foods Reverse MS?, AND MORE!


Anna Maria Clement (now co-director of Hippocrates) with

Hippocrates founder Ann Wigmore (right) in the early days.

Fifty-six years ago, in 1956, Ann Wigmore opened

the doors of Hippocrates under the name of the

Red School House. The institute’s original location

was in Stoughton, Massachusetts, on a humble

2.5-acre organic garden. A rustic New England

home on the property housed what would become

Hippocrates Health Institute.

One of the original guests in those early days was Mr. Hoppi, who

eventually reversed spinal cancer with Ann’s guidance. Mr. Hoppi

was a direct descendant from those who came over on the Mayflower.

He resided in Plymouth, Massachusetts, until the day he passed away

in his late 90s.

In 1986, when Hippocrates Health Institute moved from Boston, Massachusetts, to West Palm Beach, Florida, we received a

call from Mr. Hoppi’s attorney. Mr. Hoppi’s estate was being settled and it turns out he had left Hippocrates his entire fortune

of $750. This generous donation from one of the institute’s first guests purchased our first piano, adding to the holiday spirit

at the institute.

Hippocrates Health Institute has now helped hundreds of thousands of guests help themselves, and we are pleased to have

seen Ann Wigmore’s committed and focused passion for serving humanity come to fruition. Millions of people worldwide are

now inspired to live on a raw living food diet, thanks in large part to Ann’s pioneering spirit.

Over the next 56 years, we hope to make this life-building program the mainstay for an emerging humanity.

*Alumni who participated in the Hippocrates

Life Transformation Program for a total of six

weeks in the past five years are invited to enjoy

a 25% discount on a three-week stay in 2012.

Six weeks of visits must be accrued between January 1, 2007 and

December 31, 2011. Offer is valid only on three-week stays beginning in

2012 calendar year. Curriculum portion of Health Educator Program

is not included in six week accrual.

Call (561) 471-8876 ext. 177 for details.

Hippocrates Health Institute has grown by leaps and

bounds over the years. The campus now spans 50 acres

of lush tropical grounds in West Palm Beach, Florida.








At a Glance [contents]

25 Years of Empowerment

Let the Light Shine On Me :

Chron’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis

Christopher Anthony D’Andrea shares the moving story of

his triumph over Chron’s disease/ulcerative colitis.

A New Lease On Life : Chronic Pain

Barry Hochstein has turned a streak of bad luck and chronic

pain into a resurgence of health and a new direction in his

life of service.

Rebuilding Broken Dreams : Breast Cancer

Maria Silva describes her journey to mend a broken heart

and rebuild suffering health as she overcame breast cancer.

Prognosis: Hope : Parkinson’s Disease

Alex Bernstein shares his story of reversing

Parkinson’s Disease symptoms at Hippocrates.

True Transformation: Body and Mind :

Epstein-Barr / Chronic Fatigue,

Lyme Disease, Emotional Trauma

Deb Eaton takes a trip down memory lane, recounting her

experiences with Dr. Brian Clement and HHI founder Ann

Wigmore. She also tells how she conquered health challenges.

A Chance Encounter : Prostate Cancer

William Elder thanks HHI for helping him battle prostate

cancer and extend his time with his loving wife, Sarah.

My Quest for Health : Stage IV Cancer

Annette Burns explains the role living foods played in

her reversal of Stage IV cancer.








Breaking Old Habits is Achievable :

High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar &

Cholesterol; Mental Fog; Weight Loss

James Ferlisi, MD, shares the story of his family’s health

journey at Hippocrates, and his personal quest for wellness.

Cancer Reawakened My Soul to Vibrant Health :

Colorectal Cancer

Simon Lyon’s battle with cancer brought him to new levels

of health.

Who says miracles don’t occur? :

Type II Diabetes, Asthma,

High Cholesterol, Severe Hypertension

Steve Kleinman’s road to wellness began at Hippocrates.

Finding the “Awe” in Awful :

Ulcerative Colitis / IBD

Safara Fisher offers an account of her experience at HHI.

A Cancer Death Sentence? I Don’t Think so! :

Non-Hodgkin’s Leukemic Lymphoma

Jim Miller shares what he learned at Hippocrates.

A Loving Wife’s Voyage to Acceptance :

Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Weight Loss

Julieanna Renner describes the process of coming to terms

with her husband’s new lifestyle.

Hippocrates Gave Me Hope : Hepatitis C / Cancer

Victoria Thomasset credits her lifestyle changes with her

reversal of serious disorder.







This issue

The Truth About Multivitamins

Lilli Link, MD, MS, explains how the dangers of synthetic

multivitamins outweigh the questionable benefits.

Healing is a Personal Journey

Dr. Brian Clement offers firsthand advice on forging a path

of healing in an environment that more often than not

encourages disorder.

Living a Healthy, Integrated Life with

Emotional Balance

Katherine C. Powell, EdD, offers part two in her three

part series on self-realization. This installment examines

emotional balance.

Be Fit While You Sit

Wellness coach and fitness expert Wayne “The Mango Man”

Pickering, ND, ScM, shares an exercise routine than can be

performed while seated.

My Wildest Dreams

Mark Mathew Braunstein shares a stunning nature

pictorial, along with the story of how he captured it.

Can Raw Foods Help Reverse Multiple Sclerosis?

The Matt Goodman Interview by Tom Fisher, RN, BA







Letter from the Directors

Letter from the Publisher


What’s the News?

• Link Between Birth Control Pills and Prostate Cancer?

• Monsanto Declared Worst Company of 2011

• NZ Food Bill to Make Growing Food a

Government Privilege Rather Than a Human Right

• Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

• Healing Touch Buddies

Health Educators in the News

• Congratulations from Hippocrates: Healing Touch

Buddies, Health Educators in the News, Hippocrates

“Guest of the Year,” Hippocrates “Employee of the Year”


Vermont Fiddle Heads

Restaurant review by Lauren Walker.

opposite page, this page:

Deer photos by Mark Mathew Braunstein.

See the full pictorial beginning on page 40.

2 Hippocrates Health Institute »« Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


Attention: WTC First Responders

We Remember

Your Service

In 2012, Hippocrates is proud to offer

10 full scholarships to 9/11 First Responders

who need their health restored.

To apply for the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program,

please email a written request describing your condition to:

Requests may also be mailed to:

Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement

1443 Palmdale Court • W Palm Beach, FL 33411


Anna Maria Clement, PhD, LN, NMD

Brian Clement, PhD, LN, NMD

publisher / editor-in-chief / art director

Will Burson

(561) 471-0136, ext. 167


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Contact: Will Burson at (561) 471-0136,

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Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) values the

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Our World magazine. While HHI appreciates

the work of each contributor, some of the

food items discussed in Healing Our World

magazine are not included in the Hippocrates

Life Transformation Program’s dietary protocol.

The materials, information and opinions

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From the


Delving into healing reveals a multitude of cause and

effect. It represents the classic struggle between selfworth

and pity. All recovery begins with acceptance

of self, which taps into the fountain of power internally

possessed by all. Accessing this inherent strength

requires the visualization of a healthy you, presently and

in the near and distant future. This essential act requires

a true commitment to the belief that you are whole

and well. When doubting yourself, it drains from your

resources, waylaying, if not stopping, your recovery.

Over the years, it has become evident to us that self-generating, positive people

who remain loyal to the process of self-acceptance inevitably heal. Those who

dwell on their disorder or over-analyze it squander precious energy and eventually

fail. If one lacks a foundational sense of wholeness, they become susceptible

to negative influence. This is why the words of a less than conscious healthcare

professional may be a dagger in one’s heart.

No matter what you have experienced or however dreadful the news you

have received, you can dissolve this poison and create a sweet future. We at

Hippocrates have observed the central origin of success to be the acceptance

of self. As you know, a centerpiece of our world-renowned Life Transformation

Program is the psychotherapy offered to each of our guests. With an open mind,

one can clear the decks, fulfilling their potential to survive. When the mind is

cluttered with the nonsense of life, which most often is a façade, it is difficult —

if not impossible — to think beyond this untenable constraint. Move forward,

even if at first it seems disingenuous. By using the tools of a pure diet, movement,

exercise, laughter, joy and spiritual expansion, you will eventually build the

platform to launch into the sphere of endless possibilities.

These words are not philosophically-based, but are the definitive roadmap to

complete health. In every case, we have seen people bring about total recovery.

They have begun and finished with a positive mind. This is the common thread of

the hundreds of success stories reported to us this past year. We have gathered

a selection of these stories in our latest edition. Remember that each of these

contributions is from a person who has had the courage to find their whole, well

self and fall in love with life.

With respect,

Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement

Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


Hippocrates Health Institute West

Introduces the California Program

announcing the 2012 program

in Regeneration Medicine for Optimal Longevity

Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement’s Hippocrates Life Transformation Program

Pioneering program teaching a living foods lifestyle

also featuring Janet Hranicky, PhD (The Younger You Program in Anti-Aging & Integrative Regeneration Medicine),

Robert J. Rowen, MD (The Father of Medical Freedom) and Terry Sue Rowen, MD,

Viktoras Kulvinskas (Hippocrates Co-Founder) and Daniela Prauss (Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Doctor)

Take control of your personal

well-being by allowing your body

to maximize its natural healing

potential to detoxify and recharge

physically, emotionally and


Program highlights include:

• Living food in its purest form—

fresh, organic and enzyme-rich

• Life-giving juice from fresh, organic

vegetables and choice sprouts

• Private consultations with

Hippocrates Health Professionals

Mayacamas Ranch

in Napa, California

Dates: October 21 – 27 / October 28 – November 3, 2012

• Kitchen techniques and instruction on

preparing delicious living food

• Massage and healing arts therapies

• Far infrared sauna

• Educational classes detailing the

life-restoring aspects of a vibrant lifestyle

• Exercise classes, yoga and meditation

Mayacamas Ranch is set on a quiet hilltop ridge line above the town of Calistoga in Napa, California.

The resort offers beautiful 360-degree views, creating the perfect backdrop for rejuvenation.

Call (561) 471-8876 ext. 177 for more information.

Evel Knievel, the legendary motorcycle daredevil, wasn’t

killed by the 75+ ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps he attempted.

He wasn’t even killed by his failed attempt to jump

across Snake River Canyon in a steam-powered rocket with

wheels. Ultimately, he succumbed to pulmonary disease,

and also suffered from Hepatitis C and diabetes. While it’s

true that Evel’s stunts earned him an entry in the Guinness

Book of World Records as the survivor of “most bones

broken in a lifetime,” he died of the very same

conditions many other Westerners do.

I can’t attest to how healthful Mr. Knievel’s

lifestyle was, but I do know some of the

health challenges he faced can sometimes

be reversed through lifestyle changes. In

fact, there are recovery stories within the

pages of this very magazine and other

volumes of Healing Our World that describe

reversals of Hepatitis C, diabetes and pulmonary


Sitting on the couch surfing television waves

may appear safer than speeding down the highway on

a motorcycle, but statistics don’t lie. The fact is, heart disease

killed well over 600,000 Americans in 2009. Fewer than 6% of

that number of Americans died in traffic accidents, including

not only automobile deaths but also motorcycle, bicycle

and pedestrian fatalities. Sources: Center for Disease Control,

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In a logical world, maintaining one’s health would be at

least as macho as donning a flashy leather suit and hurling

your body through the air atop a speeding motorcycle.

After all, adopting a balanced, plant-strong diet and opting

to sit on an exercise bike instead of a recliner is no easy feat.

We all know exercising properly and eating healthier food

would reduce our risk of disease, but only 3 in 10 Americans

From the Publisher

As many Healing Our World readers know, I am an avid cyclist. I often commute to work and my journey is on a

busy eight-lane boulevard with a bike lane. A person approached me the other day asserting that my route is

dangerous. Cycling is actually far safer than most people think, and some statistics suggest the health benefits of

riding a bicycle outweigh the risk that commuters and other cyclists who ride near automobile traffic face. In my

view, eating poorly and choosing not to exercise is far more dangerous than any bike lane.

Evel Knievel

in front of

his Fort


FL, home in

the 1970s.

© Bill Wolf

regularly exercise (regular physical activity is defined as

light-to-moderate exercise at least five times a week for at

least a half-hour, or vigorous activity at least three times a

week for a minimum of 20 minutes). Even fewer of us embrace

a healthy diet. Less than 12% of Americans eat enough

vegetables; only 25% of Americans eat enough fruit. Sources:

National Center for Health Statistics, Institute of Medicine,

United States Department of Agriculture.

While it takes a lot of guts to jump a motorcycle

over 14 buses, and maybe even a modicum

of guts to ride your bike on an 8-lane

boulevard, it takes at least 14 busloads of

bravery to face down disease and radically

transform your lifestyle. Those who aren’t

facing catastrophic disease are afforded

the luxury of a gradual transition into

healthier habits, but this luxury is often


We must realize the real danger isn’t getting

out there in the world and being active. While

there is indeed a risk of being injured during any

form of outdoor exercise, a far greater risk is imposed by unhealthy

habits. If someone is inactive and eats the standard

Western diet of fast food, candy and soda pop, they are at

much higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many

other health complications. This risk further increases if the

person is overweight or obese, as are roughly 70% of American

adults. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Detection.

Crash helmets off to the exceptional individuals who

shared their stories with Healing Our World readers for

our latest edition.

Will Burson

A note regarding blood donation:

It has come to my attention that the Red Cross has no upper age limit on blood donation. In my publisher’s letter

in the last edition of HOW (Volume 31, Issue 4 (Blood: The Conductor)), I mentioned an upper age limit of 60 years.

Please check with your local blood bank for details regarding eligibility requirements and other information. — WB

Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment



Hippocrates Recovery Stories:

Top Row (from left): Christopher Anthony D’Andrea,

Barry Hochstein, Maria Silva, Alex Bernstein (with wife, Yelena)

Second Row (from left): Deb Eaton, William Elder,

Annette Burns, Jim Ferlisi, MD

Third Row (from left): Simon Lyon, Steve Kleinman,

Safara Fisher, Victoria Thomasset

Bottom Row: Jim Miller, Julieanna Renner

Would you like to be a contributor to Healing Our World? Tell us your story.

Email Will Burson with the subject line “HOW Contribution” at

Mark Mathew Braunstein, a high raw

vegan since 1970, is the author of Sprout

Garden and of Radical Vegetarianism.

His nature photos have adorned several

book covers and many magazine covers.

His articles have appeared in Vegetarian

Times, Natural Health, Vegetarian Voice

and in Healing Our World (“How to Grow

Microgreens,” Vol. 30/Issue 4). Download

his free sprouting and microgreen

resources from

Will Burson is Art Director of Hippocrates

Health Institute (HHI). After 15 years in

the advertising business, the casual HHI

lifestyle is a welcome change for Will.

A recent transplant from Texas, he lives

near the beach, enjoying the Florida sun.

Dr. Brian Clement is Director of the

renowned Hippocrates Health Institute

(HHI), the world’s foremost complementary

residential health center. He and his team

at HHI have developed a state-of-the-art

program for health maintenance and

recovery. His Florida institute has pioneered

a life-changing program and established

training in active aging and disease

prevention that has proven to raise

health and happiness levels.

Tom Fisher, RN, BA, is a registered nurse,

Hippocrates Health Educator and Stage IV

cancer survivor. He is passionate about

empowering people with the living foods

lifestyle, and enjoys his work, including

providing HHI guests with live blood cell


Diane Lahoski has been with Hippocrates

Health Institute for the last twelve years in

many different positions. She is currently

the librarian for the institute. Diane is an

accomplished musician and as such has

played in many venues in the southeast

United States and in the Caribbean.

Dr. Steve Lemberg received his M.D. from

the Columbia University College of Physicians

and Surgeons in 1978, with honors in

neurology and pediatrics.He is a raw, living

foods vegan and expert in meditation who

has lived a wellness lifestyle for decades. He

directs the Oxygen Therapy Center at HHI,

and his goal is to bridge the gap between

conventional medicine and natural healing.

Lilli Link, MD, MS, is a board certified

internist with a Masters of Science degree in

Epidemiology and Health Services Research.

She now provides integrative nutritional

counseling in her private practice in

Manhattan. Visit her website to learn more

about her practice:

Dr. Wayne Pickering faced the prognosis

of death at age 30. Now, at 63 years young,

he is an award-winning triathlete, double

nominee for the Healthy American Fitness

Leader Award, nutritional performance

coach and disease prevention specialist.

He’s authored 21 books; 22 audio learning

programs; two DVD series; 10 health systems

and over 400 articles on fitness, stress and

nutrition. Learn more at

Katherine C. Powell, EdD, has written many

articles and books investigating how people

develop confidence, a strong sense of self,

and openness to discovering their true self

or potential. Since 2004, Dr. Powell has

taught graduate and undergraduate courses

at FAU as a fulltime instructor. Her classes

prepare teachers in the psychology of

teaching, learning theories, classroom

management and self-assessment.

Lauren Walker teaches yoga and Energy

Medicine to cadets and veterans at Norwich

University. She is an assistant to EM founder

Donna Eden. You can find her writing about

a wide variety of subjects at

8 Hippocrates Health Institute »« Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


Dr. Brian Clement’s

Speaking Schedule*


28 –29 Grand Martinique


3–5 Florida

(west coast)

17 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

18 Orlando, FL


3–4 Brazil

6 Denmark

7 Netherlands,



8 Brussels, Belgium

10–12 Paris, France

13 Switzerland

16 –18 London, England

20 Turkey

24 –25 New York City

Health Educator

Certification Program

Your Career in Complementary Health Begins at Hippocrates

• Nine week program includes three week HHI Life Transformation

Program * and six weeks of curriculum and lectures

• Classes are Monday–Friday

Hippocrates Health Educator Program includes:

• Meals, wheatgrass and juices each day on HHI campus

• Use of HHI pools, sauna and gym

• 10% discount on treatments and campus bookstore

• Off campus lodging

is available for an

additional fee

In honor of the Hippocrates

Health Educator Program’s

30th Anniversary, Health

Educators are eligible for a

30% discount on our

expanded nine-week program. †


6–8 Florida

(west, central)

21 –22 Toronto, Canada








London, England

Jersey Islands



August — Sept

August 23 —Sept 1

Mediterranean Yacht Voyage

*Subject to change.

Please check

for current schedule.

Health Educator

Program Schedule

9-week 6-week

start dates start dates

Feb. 12, 2012 March 4, 2012

June 17, 2012 July 8, 2012

Sept. 16, 2012 Oct. 7, 2012

Call today to register or learn more.

(800) 842.2125

* Health Educator students do not receive every treatment offered in the full price version of the Life

Transformation Program. Additional treatments may be purchased individually at a discounted price.

† Discount valid for 2012 calendar year.

Link Between Birth

Control Pills and

Prostate Cancer?

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal

Open, the use of the contraceptive pill is linked with an increased

risk of prostate cancer worldwide.

The study found that countries with the highest number of

women on the pill were more likely to have a higher number

of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. The finding

suggests for the first time a potential link between the pill and

prostate cancer, the researchers said.

Canadian researchers suspect the birth control pills could be

polluting the water supply, as women who take the pills excrete

estrogen from the medication in their urine.

“The last two decades have witnessed growing scientific concerns

and public debate over the potential adverse effects that

may result from exposure to a group of chemicals [found in the

contraceptive pill] that have the potential to alter the normal

functioning of the endocrine system in wildlife and humans,”

say researchers.

Monsanto Declared

Worst Company of 2011

by Anthony Gucciardi & Mike Barrett

NaturalSociety: Biotech giant Monsanto has been declared the

Worst Company of 2011 by NaturalSociety for threatening both

human health and the environment. The leader in genetically

modified seeds and crops, Monsanto is currently responsible for

90 percent of the genetically engineered seed on the United

States market. Outside of GM seeds, Monsanto is also the creator

of the best-selling herbicide Roundup, which has spawned

over 120 million hectacres of herbicide-resistant superweeds

while damaging much of the soil. Despite hard evidence warning

against the amplified usage of genetically modified crops,

biopesticides, and herbicides, Monsanto continues to disregard

all warning signs.

In a powerful review of 19 studies analyzing the dangers of GMO

crops such as corn and soybeans, researchers revealed some

shocking information regarding the safety of these popular food

staples. Researchers found that consumption of GMO corn or

soybeans may lead to significant organ disruptions in rats and

mice — particularly in the liver and kidneys. This is particularly

concerning due to the fact that 93 percent of U.S. soybeans are

known to be genetically modified. Ignoring this evidence,

Monsanto continues to expand their genetic manipulation.

Reprinted courtesy of

The God-given human right to freely

cultivate food is under attack in New

Zealand (NZ) as special interest groups

and others are currently attempting to

push a “food security” bill through the

nation’s parliament that will strip individuals

of their right to grow food, save

seeds, and even share the fruits of their

labor with friends and family members.

In accordance with the World Trade

Organization’s (WTO) Codex Alimentarius

scheme for global food control,

the NZ Food Bill, if passed, will essentially

transfer primary control of food

from individuals to corporations under

the guise of food safety. And unless

massive public outcry and awakened

consciences within the NZ government

are able to put a stop to it, the bill could

become law very soon.

According to NZ Food Security, a

group working to protect the food

freedom of New Zealanders, the bill

will turn growing and sharing food

into a government-granted privilege

rather than a human right. It will also

make it illegal to distribute any type of

food based on the bill’s language. This

includes seeds, nutrients, natural medicines,

minerals, and even water — without

expressed government permission.

You see, agribusiness giants like

Monsanto want full control of the

food supply, which means putting an

end to small-scale agriculture systems

that operate “off the grid,” so to

speak. This is why they have worked so

hard in places like the U.S. to convert

conventional, staple crop systems to

genetically-modified (GM) ones that

are continually reliant upon new seeds

and chemical interventions.

As far as enforcement, the NZ bill also

authorizes private companies to deploy

“Food Safety Officers” that can raid

What’s the News?

NZ Food Bill to Make Growing Food a Government

Privilege Rather Than a Human Right

by Ethan A. Huff

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

by Steve Lemberg, MD

Just the name of this therapy

conjures up images of science

fiction and futuristic technology.

Well, the future is now and this is

not science fiction.

The Fisher-Wallace Cranial Electrotherapy

Stimulator, CES for short, is a device

that helps people with depression,

anxiety, and insomnia. There are numerous

scholarly articles and research

studies out of Ivy League medical institutions

that support its effectiveness

and safety (it is even safe for use in the

pediatric age group).

I was introduced to the device by Dr.

Brian Clement, the director of Hippocrates

Health Institute, who is excited about its

potential. As Hippocrates’ medical consultant,

I looked into the literature with a

cautious eye; I needed to be convinced.

It didn’t take long for me to become

equally enthusiastic about CES. The device

uses mild electrical pulses delivered to the

temples by a hand-held unit. Just twenty

minutes a day can improve sleep and reduce

anxiety and depression. Results can

be seen in as few as 7–10 days.

I tried the device myself, and I experienced

an improved mood after just a few

treatments. Being scientifically skeptical,

I thought it might be a placebo effect.

Perhaps I was expecting to feel better.

I noticed that a painful injury I had

recently sustained was not hurting

anymore, and had improved unusually

private property without warrant. Not

only will these “Food Safety Officers”

be permitted to draw weapons against

those they are pursuing, but they will

also be immune from criminal and civil

prosecution for their illegal actions.

What all this means, of course, is that

the NZ government may soon be able

to arbitrarily decide at any time to restrict

individual freedom to plant vegetable

gardens and share the produce

with their neighbors, for instance. Even

“cottage industries,” which include athome

food artisans, could be restricted

under the new law.

You can read a full summary of what

the NZ Food Bill entails by searching

the internet for, “Food, illegal? Not in

my back yard.”

To learn more and to help

defeat the NZ Food Bill,


quickly. It was then that I had an “aha”

moment, realizing that the CES therapy

releases endorphins which are natural

pain-killers, in addition to the neurotransmitters

that help with mood and sleep.

The endorphins had helped my pain and

I wasn’t even thinking about that when I

tried CES!

Since then, many Hippocrates Health

Institute guests have utilized CES. We are

hearing similarly positive reports from

them regarding improvement in anxiety,

depression and insomnia. I have written

prescriptions for CES for several people and

they are now using the devices at home.

This is a very exciting technology, and it

may serve as an alternative to pharmacological

therapy as more people try it and

experience its myriad of benefits.

10 Hippocrates Health Institute »« Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment



Touch Buddies

by Diane Lahoski

Hippocrates Health Institute is proud to

announce the awarding of the Golden

Care Award to Healing Touch Buddies,

Inc. for their work with massage therapy

for cancer patients. Healing Touch

Buddies, Inc. massage therapists work

with the patients for a minimum commitment

of one year of free care for

the victims of cancer and catastrophic

diseases. Their Executive Director, Betty

Ann Baker, accepted the plaque along

with a generous donation from HHI.

We are very happy to be honoring this

wonderful, caring organization.

Fall 2011 Derrick Brockie Memorial Award of

Excellence recipients Louise Ann Muhammad

and Dr. Julio Calonje Daly (from left)

What’s the News?

Congratulations from Hippocrates

Health Educators

in the News

The Derrick Brockie Memorial Award of

Excellence is a one-time grant of $500 that is

awarded to a student graduating from the

Hippocrates Health Educator Program who

demonstrates excellent overall course performance

and a business plan that best illustrates

how he or she will educate and support others

in the raw and living foods lifestyle.

The Fall 2011 Health Educator Program is proud

to announce that two recipients were selected for

this year’s award.

They are Dr. Julio Calonje Daly and

Louise Ann Muhammad.

In addition to commemorating Dr. Daly and

Ms. Muhammad on receiving the Derrick Brockie

Memorial Award of Excellence, we would like to

extend our acknowledgement and congratulations

to all the Fall 2011 graduates of the Health Educator

Program. They have succeeded in completing the

Hippocrates nine-week Health Educator Program,

which entitles them, as certified Health Educators,

to educate others on the raw foods lifestyle.


“Guest of the Year”

by Will Burson

This past year was an amazing time at Hippocrates.

We encountered many guests who are shining

examples of humanity.

After much deliberation, Hippocrates named Bart

Daniel “Guest of the Year.” Bart fully embraced the

program and took it home with him to Gordonsville,

Virginia. Now he wants to share it with everyone.

Since his graduation from the institute, Bart has

brought his family and friends to Hippocrates to enrich

their lives. Bart enjoys yoga and is living his new

lifestyle to the fullest.

Second place went to Patrick Kelly and third place

to Peter Villarreal. All of the Guests of the Year will enjoy

gift vouchers toward future stays at Hippocrates

Health Institute.

Bart Daniel addresses the audience

at a Hippocrates graduation ceremony


“Employee of the Year”

by Will Burson

Beth Marikos joined Hippocrates Health Institute

in December 2009. She is native of Champaign,

Illinois, and moved to South Florida in 1985.

Beth is happily married and has a 17 year old son.

Beth is the Accounts Payable Supervisor at

Hippocrates. She is an extremely hard worker and

is very respected by her peers and supervisors.

Beth has a deep respect for what Hippocrates

stands for and is very committed to the mission.

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2012 Hippocrates

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30 August, 2012, Thursday Galaxidi (Delphi), Greece Morning Afternoon

31 August, 2012, Friday Hydra, Greece Morning Evening

01 September, 2012, Saturday Piraeus (Athens), Greece Morning 10:00

Let the Light

Shine On Me

Chron’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis

by Christopher Anthony D’Andrea : Merritt Island, Florida

I’m guessing that most grown ups don’t remember much about elementary

school—maybe their favorite teacher or their best friend. But, for me, I’ll always

remember elementary school because it was a time that changed the course of

my life forever. A time when happiness turned to hurt; loyalty turned to betrayal;

courage turned to fear and vibrant health turned to “incurable” disease.

Hi, my name is Christopher

Anthony. I am 12 years old.

On the outside, I look like

most kids my age, but if you could see

inside me, you would see the story of

a boy trying to find his way out of a

cold, dark cellar. My story began with

years of childhood wonder and joy,

and later turned to a young boy begging

God for a miracle.

My childhood was filled with

laughter, festivity and happiness.

Coming from a huge Italian family, l

was surrounded with amazing love,

incredible memories and grandma’s

home cooked meals. What more could

a kid ask for? I loved my life. The light

was always shining on me!

Oh, did I mention my mom? We’ve

always been super-close. We have a

lot of fun. When life gets tough, she

inspires me and reminds me to “kick

out doubt” and stand strong in faith.

The motto in our home is to keep

“stinkin’ thinkin’ ” out of our thoughts

and believe that all things are possible

with God at the wheel. My mom

has always called me her “warrior”

and her “champion” and tells me that

any giant in our way is another opportunity

to conquer. Well, that’s how

my life was before — before the light

in my heart began to burn out.

It all began when I was only ten

years old. I had just started the fifth

grade when a new kid transferred to

my school. He was kind of dumb and

flunked out twice at his other school.

So, even though he was also in fifth

grade, he was two years older, two

years bigger and two years stronger.

His popularity exploded and I felt

proud to be in his inner circle. But,

soon that school year, his closest

friends suddenly became his victims.

One minute he was our buddy, and

the next minute he was a bully. The

verbal blows and the physical blows

increased from a few times a week to

multiple times per day. The mocking,

belittling, pushing, shoving, kicking,

hitting and hazing became even

worse when he recruited other bullies

into his power trip.

I internalized the fear and stress day

after day, month after month, for two

years. There were many other boys

who got bullied in one way or another,

but none of us spoke of it because we

feared their retaliation. Then, something

else happened. Each school day,

an agonizing pain in my stomach

afflicted me. It felt like sharp knives

stabbing me. My mom sensed something

was wrong countless times. She

tried so hard to reach into my heart,

but I blocked everyone out. It was way

too awful to try to fix and even more

awful to try to explain. I was locked

down into a dark pit and nobody could

find their way in. And, even worse, I

couldn’t find my way out.

I gave up on the hope of escaping,

and gave in to the acceptance that I

would be trapped in the walls of the

cellar for a very long time. Especially

after one day at recess, when five of

the bullies surrounded me and assaulted

me in the worst way. Every

time I tried to get up, they’d knock

me back down. I couldn’t get air. I

couldn’t make it stop. I was bruised,

beaten and humiliated. I felt so

betrayed as all my friends stood there

watching and did nothing to help me.

Nothing. After that, I questioned the

loyalty of my friends and the honor of

the school.

I was in agony. The emotional scars

were as painful as the physical ones.

My self-worth was destroyed. The

sharp, stabbing pains in my stomach

worsened and became as unbearable

as the abuse. I didn’t have the strength

to “kick out the doubt” and conquer

this giant. I gave up. I was defeated,

wondering if the light would ever

shine on me again. The wounds from

bullying were deeper than I realized.

It felt like they ripped out my soul.

I finally shared the haunting memories

with my mom, until the whole

truth was finally revealed. I felt so

relieved. She immediately took me to

the pediatrician when I told her about

my sharp stomach pains. The doctor

told us it was the result of embedded

stress and fear from the long-term

bullying. I thought it would go away,

but, instead my body crashed and

burned. I started losing blood — a lot

of blood.

Hunched over in crippling pain,

I felt weaker and weaker with each

new day. I could feel life leaving my

body as days of bleeding turned into

weeks of bleeding. Biopsies brought

a brand new word into our lives.

A word that really scared me —

“disease.” I was diagnosed with

Chron’s Disease / ulcerative colitis.

Whaaaaat? I couldn’t believe it! I had

so many unanswered questions. How

did this happen? Why did this happen

to me? Was it really incurable? I was

devastated, shocked, angry, scared

and numb all at the same time.

After all, I was only twelve years old.

While my mom searched day and

night for answers to this condition

that was attacking my body, I was still

so numb, I couldn’t process the awful

prognosis. The pediatric GI specialists

said this disease is incurable and

very dangerous for children. It stunts

growth and can lead to rheumatoid

arthritis, blindness, cancer and even

death. They explained that I would be

on medication for the rest of my life.

One of the medicines used for this

condition is a form of chemotherapy

and another causes leukemia. The last

resort is surgical removal of the colon

and use of a colostomy bag. After

hearing all of this, I felt dead inside.

My mom and I were on our knees,

laying down our broken hearts. We

asked God for a miracle, night after

night after night. My body was wasting

away. I didn’t have the will or

strength to fight. Even though we

had a holistic, organic lifestyle and

our house was filled with signs that

reminded me to “believe,” somehow

doubt still made it’s way in. After all,

no doctor and none of our research

could promise hope. My mom said

those are the times when God does

His greatest handiwork — when all

hope is gone. She said that we would

never, ever use the word “disease”

again. She went on to explain that the

word is just a label to describe symptoms;

reminding me that the word

did not own me, define me or dictate

my destiny. Instead, we replaced that

word with “health journey.”

cont’d on p. 55

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The Truth

About Multivitamins

by Lilli Link, MD, MS

I present to you the top three responses my patients give me when I ask them

why they are taking a multivitamin:

1) “Just to be on the safe side.” 2) “It can’t hurt.” 3) “I don’t know.”

If you are one of those people taking

a multivitamin for these or other

reasons, you have lots of company.

About one-third of Americans take a

multivitamin (which often includes a

multimineral, too). When you read the

vitamin manufacturers’ promises to

“help support your immune system” or

“help support your body’s energy,” who

wouldn’t want to take one? After all,

we all know we need a certain amount

of vitamins and minerals from our diet

to be healthy, and often our diets are

not what they should be. But is a multivitamin

actually a way to make up for a

less than optimal diet?

Multivitamins have only been around

since the 1940s. Before then, the term

vitamin was barely used. The first vitamin

was identified in 1905, and to date 13 vitamins

and 15 essential minerals have been

identified. Vitamins are nutrients that our

own bodies cannot produce, but we need

in small amounts to survive. Until the

advent of synthetic vitamins and minerals,

people relied on food and sunshine for all

their nutrients. For most people, this was

quite sufficient.

It would seem logical that vitamins

could only help your body, and certainly

not harm it, since we already eat them in

our food. Besides logic, there is evidence

from observation that supports the idea

that vitamins are beneficial. But before accepting

this evidence as truth, it is impor-

tant to understand what an observational

study is and why the results of these studies

have been misinterpreted by many.

In observational studies, researchers

do just that — they observe what people

are doing and see what happens to their

health. It is a way of determining if there

is a correlation between what the participant

does (e.g., taking a multivitamin)

and their health (e.g., getting cancer).

The more definitive way to understand

the effect of vitamins on health is with a

randomized controlled trial. This determines

causation. In these types of studies,

half the people are given the vitamin and

half are given a placebo, and none of the

participants knows which he or she is

getting. Once these trials were done with

vitamins, it became clear that most had

nothing beneficial to offer us, and some

were even harmful.

Why the discrepancy between the randomized

trials and the observational studies?

It turns out that the people who take

multivitamins, or specific vitamins, often

take better care of themselves. They are

less likely to drink heavily and more likely

to eat well and exercise. The vitamin-

takers probably fared better because

of their other good health habits, not

because they were taking a multivitamin.

One of the first studies that showed

that a vitamin could actually be harmful

is that of beta carotene, an antioxidant,

and the incidence of cancer. A randomized

controlled trial was begun because

observational studies showed a decreased

risk of cancer in those who took beta

carotene. This trial showed that beta

carotene did not decrease risk of cancer.

Even worse, participants who were smokers

or exposed to asbestos actually had an

increased risk of lung cancer if they were

taking the beta carotene.

Another randomized controlled study in

2009 looked at the effect of the antioxidant

vitamins C and E on healthy young

men who exercised. All the participants

exercised, but only half received the

vitamins. The researchers found that

those who exercised but did not take the

vitamins had improved insulin sensitivity.

That is, their bodies were better able to

keep their blood sugar at a normal level.

The men who took the supplements and

exercised showed none of that improvement

in insulin sensitivity.

While studies of people in developing

countries have shown some clear benefits

(particularly among children, pregnant

women and those with HIV/AIDS), clinical

trials in countries like the U.S., where severe

nutritional deficiency is uncommon,

have not. Among randomized controlled

trials that have looked at vitamins as a

means to reduce cancer risk, only one has

shown benefit: taking high doses of calcium

reduced the risk for colorectal polyps,

which may be precancerous lesions.

(But even this is not currently recommended

by the medical establishment,

perhaps because high dose calcium

can cause kidney stones and might

even be connected to cardiovascular

disease.) cont’d on p. 57

A New Lease On Life

Chronic Pain

by Barry Hochstein : Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

I work as a consultant for First Nations (North American Indians) in northern and western

Canada, and I enjoy playing keyboards in a classic rock and roll band. With a family of

five grown children, my wife and I have been very busy over the last few decades. I was

also challenged with multiple accidents during this time period.

irst, an offshore oil well rig

blowout resulted in me having

a concussion. Three years later,

someone ran a red light and hit me

while I was on a bicycle. Four years

after that, someone else ran a light

and totaled my car, leaving me alone

in the intersection with whiplash.

Finally, six years ago, we had winter

rain (a very unusual event in northern

Canada during January), and my

vehicle lost control while turning a

corner. I rolled my truck 4 1 F

⁄2 times

into a ditch, landing upside down.

My seatbelt saved my life, but I had a

nasty seatbelt compression injury to

my left shoulder.

The sum of all these accidents has

been an ongoing challenge with

chronic pain. Earlier this year, my

headaches and pains were so intense

that pain medications were offering

me no relief. They were, however,

leaving me so drugged I wasn’t useful

for much. At this point, death seemed

like it would be a sweet release. My

wife, bless her soul, had been introduced

to Hippocrates Health Institute

(HHI) by Paul Nison, and she called up

and made appointments for us both

to visit the institute in April 2011.

My first week and a half at

Hippocrates, I basically had a bad

attitude, compounded by pain. As the

treatments began to lessen my pain,

and then to eliminate it, and I heard

Dr. Brian Clement speak, I suddenly

caught the vision of what they were

trying to help us achieve — optimum

health. Not a handout, but empowerment

to take charge of our own lives,

giving us the tools to live a healthy


I would have to say that I was previously

a hardcore carnivore. I got my

vegetables from eating animals that

ate their vegetables. The knowledge

I gained at HHI was life-changing!

I watched new friends turn around

Type 2 diabetes and walk away freed

from a life of insulin. My personal

pains and headaches quickly began

to diminish, both in intensity and

severity. Being off the narcotic drugs

that had clouded my mind, I began to

see life with an incredible new level

of clarity.

A bout with osteoarthritis required

surgery in my right knee, and the

need for ongoing weight loss brought

me to Hippocrates a second time in

October 2011. cont’d on p. 61

Above: Barry before Hippocrates

Below: Barry after Hippocrates,

over 70 lbs. lighter and

feeling great

18 Hippocrates Health Institute »« Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment 19

Healing is a Personal Journey

by Dr. Brian Clement

Rueful recollections of youth impede the appreciation of maturity; do not look back.

Instead, appreciate today and anticipate tomorrow. These are words I wrote in my 2006 book,

Longevity. As I went on to state, Art baseball’s to Leroy come “Satchel” Paige, said it beautifully, “Don’t look

back, something might be gaining on you.”

All too often what is pursuing you is your lack of confidence and unwillingness to grow.

These nemeses to well-being are the notorious duo that drains the life out of you. In most

lives somewhere along the path, we get sidetracked and accept less than what we truly

desire. When settling, we relegate our power and begin to live the mundane existence that

plagues people worldwide.

As a young man, I wanted to

find what differentiated happy

healthy and successful people

from the masses. It took many years

for me to discover the unifying thread

that all of these positive people possessed.

It was as blatant as the August

sun and as comforting as a December

snow — PASSION. As you know, last

year, we lost one of the twenty-first

century’s great sages, Steve Jobs. During

the media memorials to him, they

ran his commencement talk to the

graduates of Stanford University. He, as

all other movers and shakers, articulated

so well to the young men and

women that success comes from one

single epicenter: “Find what you love

and you will surely be successful.” He

personally prolonged his life in his fight

against pancreatic cancer eight times

longer than the average sufferer.

One of the closest relationships I

made in my adult life was with Coretta

Scott King. She was not only a friend

and confidant, but a mentor to me in

purpose and mission. One poignant moment,

I asked her if she ever doubted her

life’s direction. She smiled as her eyes

sparkled and she said, “Direction is the

only thing that makes life worth living.”

From that moment on, I recognized that

everything about living was much easier

than we had been taught. The idea that

struggle is necessary and that pain is

required and that suffering is good is

all misguided rhetoric. Somehow along

the way, when each of us lowered our

expectations, our cultures and humanity

as a whole also followed suit.

Today, most people live in the confinement

of survival: shelter, food and

clothing. Most of the energy they expel is

to sustain these basic needs. Where is the

joy? Where is the contribution? This perplexing

profile is not easy to change, yet it

is necessary to do so more than ever.

As I look at this problem through the

lens of my profession, it is apparent how

lost and broken most of us are. Every time

a new disease or a remedy for a disease

is promoted, we instantly begin to see

weakened people accept the disorder as

their own. In the more extreme cases, it

is evident that previously healthy people

have now literally manifested the disorder

via their beliefs.

When enduring an unhappy life

without reward, people subconsciously

sabotage their very health. In a way, it

is like incremental suicide rather than a

full blast attempt. Of course, our culture

harbors the co-conspirator healthcare

professionals and their corporate backers

to support the belief of the weakened.

This is not to say that there is no

authentic microbial and mutagenic

disease. Our dilemma is the manifestation

of these disorders, which is greatly

enhanced by the disease machine we call

current day healthcare.

This pervasive phenomenon is not isolated

to mainstream medicine — a great

part of so-called “complementary healthcare”

utilizes the same methods of intimidation

and control, which disempowers

the person who needs the strength to

believe they can heal themselves.

I published a booklet 20 years ago

called Belief: All there is. It contains a

statement that applies here: “Belief is not

really a credible part of your life unless

you feel it from your smallest cell to your

wildest dreams.”

To regain homeostasis, you have to

manifest it in every part of your being.

The thought is the first step. The action of

food, exercise, rest and spiritual exploration

is the next step. Gaining the insight

and employing the wisdom of recovery

only comes to those who pursue purpose.

It is easy to fall to the wayside and

blame age, circumstance, gender, social

status, etcetera for the degradation of

our health. It requires big thinking and

bigger action to supersede the perceived

normality of a tenuous life.

In the 1950s, when television was new

and sparse, one program I would click

on after school was hosted by the green

leotard-wearing Jack LaLanne, who spoke

definitively and acted exuberantly, guiding

the listener into a life of action. In my

youth, it was overwhelming to experience

a person who was so absolutely sure of

himself. This made Lalanne very different

than the people I had experienced.

Little did I know that later in my life he

would become one of the guiding lights

in my pursuit for health and happiness.

Determined, positive people are so rare

that they are often misunderstood as arrogant


There is a world of difference between

motivated people and those who have to

scream loudly because they have no substance

to back them. In our society today,

we have boat loads of cheerleaders but, at

best, few captains of their own life.

Which would you rather be: a player or

a fan? In whatever you do, your foremost

question should be, “Does this action

fulfill me physically, emotionally, and

spiritually?” Looking to the second level,

you must ask, “Does this action affect

others as positively as it does me?” If you

can answer, “Yes” on both accounts, you

should proceed. If not, why would you do

anything that will not enrich life itself?

Recovery requires deep, simple thought

about all that we are discussing. When

your experience involves trying your

maximum best at all you do, it is not a

major hurdle to regain health.

There is only one person who can position

you in this strategic place — YOU. For

many of you reading this, you feel greatly

estranged from this place of utter confidence,

yet you can almost instantly shut

off the naysayer channel and turn on one

of empowerment.

In the early stages of viewing, it may

be painful when you see how much effort

you have placed on avoiding challenges

and sabotaging yourself. This exercise

is necessary so that you, like an addict

who has had a revelation that they have

a problem, can begin to resolve the

problem. Healing does not require extensive

effort; it needs you to remove the

obstacles that prevented it from taking

hold. There is no such thing as spontaneous

remission, yet there is such a thing as

instantaneous acceptance of self.

In this year, when the negative folk are

waiting for everything to come to an end,

I strongly urge you to take back your life

and to forge a bright road back to the

center of your humanity. When reaching

this destination, relish the natural ability

you have to live life with ease.

When understanding the true matrix

of life, you realize that all is important

and nothing is important, that health

and disease are really generated in the

same place and, ultimately, that your

future future is completely deterdetermined based upon upon your

manufactured view

of yourself.

Enjoy, recover,

heal and represent


Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


Maria Silva (top, center) with her family.

In 1995, after a few years of working

in the human resources

department of a very well known

company, I realized it was important

to learn human resources software.

I also realized I needed to improve

my English since it is not my native

language. As a nature and animal

lover/protector, it was important for

me to get my certification in scuba

diving. I also love to travel and explore

the world, which I learned from my

mother and father.

In March 1995, I was hired by an

international software company to

work as a human resources consultant

and trainer. This job fit perfectly with

all my goals: software, English, and

traveling all over the world. Up to

this time, my heart was really pure

and healthy.

I felt like I had achieved most of my

goals except there was one amazing,

important, relevant dream behind all

of these goals: finding my prince, getting

married, and becoming a mom.

This was most important to me.

I met someone and got involved in

a relationship. Unfortunately, it was

not a healthy partnership at all. From

the beginning, it was a completely

abusive, disrespectful and frustrating

relationship. Unfortunately, I did not

accept advice from anyone.

I thought it was in my hands to

build my family and I left everything

I had at the time. I even forgot God. I

stopped exercising and eating healthfully

and gave up everything that was

important to me.

In August 2000, we married even

though our relationship had worsened.

In October of the same year, I

had a miscarriage — my first baby. I

was devastated. My life was drastically

going in the wrong direction but

I was unable to realize it.

In 2001, my first daughter was born.

In 2002, my second daughter was

born. I still dreamed that one day I

would have a happy family, but my

dreams were far from reality.

At this time my heart and soul were

completely damaged. I was sad, disappointed,

angry, frustrated and full of

resentment. Despite all that, in February

2005 I discovered I was pregnant

with my third child.

During my pregnancy, I noticed

something was different in my left

breast. My nipple was getting harder

and harder. I talked with my gynecologist

about it on three different

occasions during my monthly visits,

but he just told me it was part of the


On my fifth month of pregnancy

I got the news, “ It’s a boy!” I was

completely happy but I realized my

marriage was over. I cried and cried

and for the very first time in my life I

felt a deep pain in my soul.

At the same time, my breast was as

hard as a stone and I found an oversized

lymph node above my collarbone.

Sadly, the oncologist confirmed

breast cancer — Stage III Plus since it

had already invaded the lymph node

above my collarbone.

I could not accept I had cancer, so

I started looking for a solution to get

rid of any cancer cells. At that time I

sought God. I prayed to him with all

my heart for a solution. I felt in my

heart something was wrong with

our everyday food. While reading the

Bible (Daniel 1:12), I noticed Daniel

used to eat only vegetables and drink

water (God’s food).

I contacted a nutritionist who

specialized in cancer protocols. Years

later, I discovered she used to work

at Hippocrates Health Institute. She

coached me as much as she could,

but due to the advanced stage of the

cancer (three tumors in my left breast

Rebuilding Broken Dreams

Breast Cancer

by Maria Silva : Coral Gables, Florida

I take pride in my health. My mom taught us healthy eating habits from an early

age. At that time, I didn’t realize the invaluable treasure my mom was imparting.

We even had an edible garden in the backyard of my house!

with a mass of more than 10 centimeter

in total and hormone receptor

positive: estrogen and progesterone),

I had to take three cycles of chemotherapy

while pregnant.

After my healthy and strong baby

boy, Daniel, was born, I finished the

chemotherapy and started radiation.

I finalized my treatment with a total

radical mastectomy and hysterectomy.

I completely changed my diet

even when the doctors opposed what

I ate (eating healthfully).

I started my “official” program

just after I finished chemotherapy.

I worked hard to recover my cell’s

protein levels (diminished protein

levels are a side effect of chemotherapy).

Finally I heard, “We are out of the

woods.” My blood tests were amazingly


I also concentrated on detoxifying

my body with infrared dry sauna therapy,

enemas, enzymes and supplements

alongside a raw, organic green

diet and juices.

I had some challenges around

the time of my divorce and had

trouble maintaining my healthy

lifestyle. Fortunately, my oldest

brother offered me a stay at

Hippocrates Health Institute.

I arrived at the institute with no

energy at all. I thought it was going

to be really hard, especially because I

was driving from Miami to Hippocrates

every day after dropping off my three

kids at school and returning to pick

them up again on the way home.

Hippocrates offers a day program

for people who live near the institute,

and their staff made it easy for me. I

enjoyed all the same therapies, lectures

and great food and juices that all Hippocrates

guests do, and was able to go

home every day to take care of my kids.

Hippocrates was amazing. My

biggest surprise was when I noticed

my energy was back. My mind was

clear and I even lost a few pounds.

Now I’m better than ever and ready for

Hippocrates Health Educator program.

I will specialize in children’s nutrition

and work to get better food in schools.

I asked Dr. Brian Clement, the

Director of Hippocrates Health

Institute, about nutrition and

supplements for my three kids,

knowing that my family will deal

with the everyday stress better if

we are all healthy. Dr. Clement’s

recommendations have been a

blessing to my children, especially

Daniel, who was showing symptoms

of hyperactivity.

A parental coordinator recommended

Daniel be given medication, and I

completely opposed it. He is currently

doing great at school — one of the

top students.

Thank you, Dr. Brian Clement

for your unconditional love and

compassion to the people who need

it. I must mention Jesus cleaned up

my heart, my soul, my spirit and my

body. Thank you, Jesus! Also thank

you to my spiritual parents, Apostle

Guillermo Maldonado and Prophet

Ana Maldonado, for my spiritual


“I was given less than 1.5 years to live and at the time of

this writing I'm already celebrating my 7th year of life

since my diagnosis.”

—Maria Silva

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Prognosis: Hope

Parkinson’s Disease

by Alex Bernstein : White Plains, New York

In 1981, we came to the United States from Russia, where I was a medical doctor.

I started a new career in America, founding a company that was involved in different

trade shows. My new profession required intensive traveling, mostly to Europe.

I practically spent half the year on planes and in hotels.

During a business trip in 2005,

one of my hands started to

shake. It was the beginning

of what I soon learned to be Parkinson’s

disease. My wife and I went to a

few neurologists and they all had the

same diagnosis: Parkinson’s. One very

notorious professor gave me a dire

prognosis: “In five years you will be in

a wheelchair.”

My dear wife did copious research

to find answers. A few months later,

this research led us to Hippocrates

Health Institute in South Florida.

Here, for three weeks we became

a part of a very caring and loving

family. There was much to learn and

absorb. We are very grateful to the

Hippocrates team and especially to

Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement.

Our trip to this beautiful institute was

probably one of the smartest things

I have ever done. There are many

causes of Parkinson’s disease. In my

case, it could have been the overload

of heavy metals in my system and

physical and emotional stress. The

crazy lifestyle I had been leading due

to my stressful career was definitely a


At Hippocrates I underwent natural

chelation therapy. The innovative

therapies and nutritious food offered

at the institute are only part of the

picture. Meeting other people who

had faced health crises and were able

to overcome them inspired me to

take charge of my situation. Dr. Brian

Alex Bernstein with his wife, Yelena

Clement’s lectures also instilled hope

in me for my future. I remember at

one of the lectures I asked him if I

could have a glass of wine. His answer

was better than my question, “Alex,

stop romancing with the food.”

Since 2005, my wife and I visit

Hippocrates each year. Today, almost

seven years after my diagnosis, I still

have a tremor but I am not in a wheelchair.

I walk 3 – 4 miles daily and work

out each day. My diet is mostly raw

and I enjoy wheatgrass juice and

green drinks every day.

My greatest pleasure is spending

time with my grandchildren and I

look forward to visiting Hippocrates

Health Institute again in the

near future.


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In 1980, I learned from a remarkable

doctor in Geneva, Switzerland,

Christian Schaller, MD, that

sugar is an emotional comfort food.

To get off sugar, we need to have a

healthy balance in our emotions.

Dr. Brian Clement learned this from

the same doctor because he and I met

in Geneva when more than 35 healers,

philosophers and teachers of healthy

lifestyles all convened together and

worked at Dr. Schaller’s Foundation de

Soleil (The Sun Foundation).

1980 was an expansive year

because so many of us were just

opening up to a lifestyle that was lifegiving

instead of life-poisoning.

Brian had just finished his travels

to India, teaching Ann Wigmore’s

knowledge of wheatgrass and sprouts.

Through the healing grapevine,

Dr. Schaller heard about Brian’s work

and invited him and his family to

come to Foundation de Soleil to share

Ann Wigmore’s work and to have a

much needed rest.

Brian and his family thrived while

there. Brian taught the ways and

hows to have a healthy colon; I had

been there with my family for a few

years and was offering bodywork to

True Transformation:

Body and Mind

Epstein-Barr / Chronic Fatigue,

Lyme Disease, Emotional Trauma

by Deb Eaton : Belfast, Maine

Whenever Dr. Brian Clement gives a lecture up here in Maine I always drop everything I

am doing and help put together a group so that many people can hear what he has to

say. During a recent visit, he opened his lecture with the statement, “The biggest cause

of illness is emotional. It is so big that we’ll put it aside and begin with the next biggest

cause: sugar.”

That absolutely resonated with me.

the 33 people on staff plus teaching

a series of bodywork therapies to

the public.

The Foundation de Soleil sponsored

many international teachers and

when Dr. Schaller’s patients came to

see him, he would recommend any or

all of the following: attend a class on

live food preparation; come and have

a healthy meal at his small garden

live foods restaurant; receive a massage

from Deborah; have a colonic

from Brian; jump up and down on the

large trampoline to stimulate circulation

of the lymph; join with others

and dance to rhythmic music; listen

to a variety of health lectures from international

speakers; learn relaxation

techniques that open the gateway

into one’s wisdom of the soul; have

on-going sessions with a therapist

for talking over one’s inner conflicts;

and find inner harmony so that one’s

natural authentic self can blossom

and be expressed.

It was a great time in our lives; a

time of absorbing and learning and

being supported to be our authentic

selves. Ann Wigmore was invited to

visit from Boston and there were

many precious moments when we

all gathered and celebrated the joy

of living and experienced the communion

of friendship. Whenever I

see Brian, I am reminded of those

earlier days, and my heart opens with


Brian left the foundation and

soon afterwards he and Anna Maria

opened Hippocrates Health Institute

in West Palm Beach. I returned to

the U.S. and my first husband and I

decided to separate.

My husband’s biggest complaint

about me was that there was “something”

lingering in my far past that

couldn’t allow me to be present. He

often said that he felt as though he

was walking on egg shells around me

and that I was too over reactive.

He felt that something was deeply

wrong in my childhood and I needed

to heal that before I could be content

and happy. We divorced and it was a

very sad time for me. I couldn’t find

my way back to myself. By 1992, I was

deeply ill with chronic fatigue aka

Epstein-Barr. cont’d on p. 56

Deb Eaton (right) with Hippocrates founder Ann Wigmore in 1979.

Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


Vermont Fiddle Heads

Restaurant review by Lauren Walker

You walk into the café and the walls are a bright and yummy salad leaf green. Painted in large loopy letters

are admonitions to live your best life: “Think with your heart and love with your mind; Act with inspiration;

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

The shelves are filled with bags

and boxes and tins and jars of

exotic and strange-sounding

food and herbs. Other shelves are filled

with oils, creams and tinctures. There

are cards and candles, and one whole

wall is lined with huge jars of herbs

and seeds and mushrooms, dried and

ready for use.

You have entered the magical,

mysterious, comforting and welcoming

raw food café, Vermont Fiddle Heads,

in Worcester, Vermont.

Likely either a smiling Meg Pocher,

or the smiling owner, Linda Wooliever,

will greet you. There is no pressure to do

anything, buy anything or eat anything.

You are welcome to wander around

looking at the jars of raw nut butters

and raw seeds, oils and green powders

of every sort. This café, the only raw

restaurant in Vermont, is a cornucopia

of alternative delights.

Linda came to her devotion to raw

food in an honest and balanced way, a

trait you will see in her the more you

spend time in her cafe. She isn’t about

to tell you that what you eat or how

you eat is wrong, she isn’t going to

proselytize about the horrors of factoryfarmed

meat, or the environmental

degradation of pigs, or the health issues

surrounding dairy and sugar. But if you

ask her, she’ll share a wealth of knowledge

and helpful ideas with you.

Sixteen years ago, her mother, a

non-smoker, was diagnosed with lung

cancer. At the same time, a neighbor

was struggling with end stage diabetes.

Linda and her brothers started trying

to find alternatives to help once the

doctors told their mother there was

nothing else they could do. They tried

juicing vegetables and shark cartilage

supplements. Linda felt like a seeker in a

strange land. Shark? Really?

Then, as synchronicities happen, she

heard a show on Pacifica radio about a

connection between her mother’s type

of cancer and long-term vitamin deficiency.

Being allergic to many foods, her

mother did not eat a diet that would

give her these vitamins.

Linda began to see connections, both

with her mother’s diet and her mother’s

devotion to the Western medical model.

Her mother wouldn’t touch the supplements

or juices, but she swallowed her

doctor prescribed horse pills with ease.

Linda began to see the powerful mind/

body connection to health, and when

both her mother and her neighbor died

within two months, she took away a

deep lesson.

She got the book, Food: Your Miracle

Medicine and that became the spark for

her to make the connection between

body, food, physiology, psychology and

food addictions.

After her daughter was born, Linda

found herself overweight and ill with

candida and acid reflux. Exhausted all

the time, she turned to various natural

healers for help. Linda tried every kind

of diet and modality, but nothing

worked. Until finally, complaining on

an internet group, again, synchronicity

turned up and someone told her about

raw food.

Linda has never turned back. Since

then, she has helped her husband heal

his childhood asthma, has released over

50 lbs. herself, healed her candida and

acid reflux and has helped others take

charge of their health in countless positive


Fiddle Heads Café is an oasis in

a state that prides itself on dairy in

every form — home of Ben and Jerry’s

ice cream and Cabot Farms Cheese.

Vermont has a serious commitment to

small scale, organic and grass fed meats

from pigs, chickens, cows and ducks.

People here still hunt for meat. Every

third neighbor sells their own eggs at

the end of their driveway. And there is a

local food movement here that is fierce.

“We do as much local as possible,”

Linda says. Many of the café’s sandwiches

and wraps use local produce grown

throughout the season in greenhouses.

Linda makes her own local kimchi/sauerkraut,

a fermented food prized for its

digestive health properties. The café’s

smoothies are chock full of Vermont

blueberries when in season. Linda is

committed to eating as close to home

as possible and has planted a small

fruit and nut tree orchard on the café

grounds. Most of the non-food items,

such as tinctures, balms, salves, cards

and candles are made by local artisans.

Linda personally tests every product in

the store. But she also has perspective.

“I’m OK with eating a goji berry from

China as long as it’s fairly traded, and

people are treated in a fair and just way.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong

with a global market.”

True to Linda’s balanced nature, she

adds, “I don’t want to become so localvore

that I don’t have an olive or cinnamon;

how much do you want to stretch

that? Is Maine too far for salt? You have

to take it all with a grain of salt,” she

says, laughing at her own pun.

And like the majority of her Vermont

neighbors, it takes more than one

income stream to be able to make life

work here. One of the biggest successes

to come out of her café and her

devotion to making raw food easy and

accessible are her nut milk filtering

bags. Although many companies make

them, hers are one of the few that are

handmade and custom made. Made

from hemp and nylon , the bags are

strong and durable. They are availalbe in

many custom sizes and can be used for

juicing, sprouting, apple pressing and

kombucha making. Carpenters even use

Clockwise from top left:

Fiddle Heads, Fiddle Heads owner Linda Wooliever,

Un-pizza, Collard “salmon” wrap

the bags for their superior filtering capabilities.

Linda is the exclusive provider

of nut milk bags to Vita Mix blenders,

the gold standard for raw foodies. With

every blender purchase you get one of

her bags and an enormous raw food

recipe binder that carries at least a

dozen of Linda’s recipes. Raw food gurus

David Wolfe, Paul Nison, Matt Monarch

and Angela Stokes all use her bags.

When asked where she sees her business

in five years, Linda characteristically

goes with the flow. She wants to

continue to serve and educate people

on a more healthy, balanced, plantbased

raw diet. She loves doing her

raw food “challenges” where she helps

people try out the diet for a period of

time with menus, teaching and support.

Linda also enjoys her food prep classes

and her wholesale business. And she’s

enjoyed all the energy she’s put into

the cafe, and what she gets out of it.

Linda is open to the flow of the

universe. Where she is most needed

in her community is where she

will expand.

And you can be certain that she’ll

do it all with balance, poise, and green

foods in hand.

Vermont Fiddle Heads

18 Worcester Village Road

Worcester, VT

(802) 223-2111

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Little did I know that this chance

encounter would transform

my life forever, leading me to

juice-fasting on celery, cucumber,

lemon, garlic and ginger for 150 days.

The reason for my tranformation

was that I was vastly overweight and

needed to give myself the best chance

to fight cancer.

The guest who opened my eyes was

Rian Torres, the owner of a retreat

centre in Kings Worthy, some 20 miles

away. She informed me that I would

not be able to fight the cancer properly

unless I drastically changed my diet.

I had been told a few months previously

that the prostate cancer I had

been fighting for 13 years was now in

my spine and ribs. The doctors said

unless I accepted chemotherapy now,

it would only be a matter of months

before the cancer did me in.

I had been disillusioned with conventional

treatment for some time

and was suffering various side effects

from the medication I was taking.

My weight had ballooned to 23

stone (322 lbs.) and I was riddled with

stomach ulcers. My blood pressure

and cholesterol levels had soared.

As Rian arrived at teatime, I was

about to tuck in a homemade chicken

burger, chips and vegetables. Rian

questioned my choice of food and

said I wasn’t doing myself any

favors if I was going to fight cancer.

She said I would have to “go raw,”

and the sooner, the better.

Rian told me about Hippocrates

Health Institute and how their Life

Transformation Program could help

me fight cancer. She went on to say I

should not be eating meat or cooked

food. I should be eating good wholesome

food, not rubbish. First I would

have to remove some of the harmful

substances which had built up in my

body over the years and that’s where

the juicing would help.

Dr. Brian Clement, the director

of Hippocrates Health Institute,

was speaking in London soon and

Rian said I should not miss this. I

was determined to get there. I have

to say I was not disappointed; the

talk was inspiring. I decided I must

A Chance


Prostate Cancer

by William Elder : Southampton, England

travel to the United States and

visit Hippocrates.

It was nine months before I could

get to Hippocrates in Florida. In

the beginning all did not go well.

Hippocrates was everything I had

expected and more, but in the first

two days by the time I had finished

my green lunch, I was too tired to attend

the afternoon lecture. By Friday,

things had improved so much that

I was able to stay awake all day and

attend all the lectures and treatments.

The treatments I was receiving on a

daily basis were helping my movements

and relieving my pain.

The Hippocrates approach is no

easy solution or quick fix. You have to

stick to the basics. Hippocrates gives

you the knowledge and the tools. The

rest is up to you. When I left three

weeks later, I was like a new man.

My diet is something I am continuing

to work on.

In my case it has given me much

needed extra time with my lovely

wife, Sarah, and my quality of life

has dramatically improved.

William Elder with his wife, Sarah

My name is William Elder and I live in Southampton, England, with my wife Sarah.

Together we have been running a guest house for the past 12 years. Customers have

asked us for some very strange requests during that time. So when a woman who

checked in for three nights said she would need space in our fridge for her vegetables

and room in our kitchen to juice them, I thought nothing of it.

My Quest

for Health

Stage IV Cancer

by Annette Burns : County Sligo, Ireland

I had an operation in November 2007 to remove a 20-cm (8-inch) tumor. However, three

weeks into radiation therapy in February 2008, another tumor appeared. The surgeon

decided that he would have me in the hospital the following week to remove my leg and

part of my thigh. He called for a PET scan to “see if the cancer had traveled anywhere.”

A few days later, he told me the PET scan had revealed that the cancer had spread to

my lungs, so he would not proceed with the amputation he had planned.

My doctor explained that

with the few months I had

left, I would have to spend

the rest of my days in the hospital

recovering from the amputation if

he removed my leg. He said he would

speak to his oncology colleague about

chemotherapy but his view was that it

would have little or no effect on such

aggressive tumors.

We did proceed with chemotherapy,

and I had six cycles beginning in

the beginning of March 2008 and

finished five months later. The doctors

were amazed at the response. They

had hoped at best to keep the tumors

at bay, but the chemo had actually

reduced them.

I went to Hippocrates Health

Institute in November 2008 and

learned important things about diet. I

was already aware of the importance

of the mind.

Incidentally, although the surgeon

had only given me a few months to

live, I never believed him. I, as well as

my husband, Henry, and the rest of

my loving family, maintained a strong

belief that I would be fine.

I have had four scans since then

and each has shown great results. The

latest one (May 2011) suggests there

is no evidence of any tumors. Oddly

enough, I saw the oncologist yesterday

and he said there was no need for a

scan this visit. He just wanted to know

how I was feeling. His view is that the

tumors must never have been there in

the first place. “How else would they

have disappeared? It’s highly unlikely

that it’s a miracle since they very

rarely happen,” he said.

I have attempted to be completely

raw. In the cold climate where I live, I

have found it very difficult. This said,

I do not eat meat of any kind and I

don’t have any dairy. I stay away from

sugary foods and I have wheatgrass

juice and sprouts every day. I do affirmations

and visualizations each day

and keep a gratitude list.

I find it incredible that a doctor

would suggest his profession made a

mistake rather than accept and admit

that lifestyle changes can reverse

catastrophic disease.

I am incredibly thankful and

happy with my results. Thanks,

Hippocrates, for the role you played in

my recovery.

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Breaking Old Habits

is Achievable

High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar &

Cholesterol; Mental Fog; Weight Loss

by Jim Ferlisi, MD : Toronto, Canada

My name is Dr. Jim Ferlisi. I am a family doctor from Toronto, Canada, and I was

“that person” — overweight, tired, sluggish and in a mental fog. The good news is

I became a new person this past summer. I will describe how simple it is, so you,

like me, can get your life back.

Let me first tell you a bit about

myself. I was born in Toronto,

Canada. My parents, Frank

of my patients were sick. I felt like a

ticking time bomb waiting for

a heart attack.

and Maria, immigrated from Italy in A friend of mine told me about

the early 1950s. My dad and his two a place called Hippocrates Health

brothers opened a small grocery store Institute (HHI) in West Palm Beach,

in the Little Italy district of Toronto. Florida, where I could go to get my

I grew up in the food store, which life back. I told my wife, Cathy, and

meant I could eat all the candy, choco- my son, Josef, of my problems and

late and ice cream I wanted.

we soon arrived at HHI.

My mom, like all good Italian moth- On the first day, the nurse examers,

would say to me, “Jimmy, mangia, ined me. My blood pressure was

mangia, mangia,” which means “eat, high at 140/90. My blood sugar and

eat, eat.” By age 12, I was a real big my cholesterol were high as well. I

Italian boy. My mom would tell her learned that I am sensitive to gluten

friends, “That son of mine is big- and that I had metal toxins in my

boned — big frame, you know.” But the blood from the fish I ate. My weight

truth was that I was a fat Italian boy. was 268 lbs. A healthy weight for my

When I went on to university and height is 190 lbs. at the most.

then to medical school, I was one of Then the staff doctor asked me a

the few Italians in my program and question that shook me to the core.

I was still “big boned.” I graduated He looked me straight in the eye and

with a medical degree in 1986 and asked, “Dr. Jim, do you want to live or

eventually set up a clinic in Toronto do you want to die?” Basically, he was

along with five other physicians. So telling me that if I kept eating the

there I was — six feet tall and over Italian staples I was raised on — pasta,

260 lbs. — giving my patients advice pizza, lasagna and sausage — that

on healthy living and losing weight. I would have a heart attack and

There was something wrong with this possibly die. As I had suspected,


I was a ticking time bomb, and, boy,

In May 2011, I started to become was I afraid.

afraid. My dad had suffered a heart at- I walked out of the Hippocrates

tack, my mom had a stroke and most medical building and looked up at the

30 Hippocrates Health Institute »«

clear blue Floridian sky. I heard my father’s

words, “You are a champion; just

do it.” So I rolled up my sleeves and I

did it. I became an honor student of

the Hippocrates program, completely

adhering to its principles.

I started to meditate, exercise and

practice yoga. I began to consume

corn, vegetables, beets, sprouts, veggie

burgers, wheatgrass juice and green

juices. I fell in love with my new lifestyle

and at the end of the three-week

program I had lost 23 pounds, my

blood sugar and cholesterol levels had

normalized and, most importantly,

I was energized. I had no more

“mental fog” and I felt truly happy.

I left Florida as a new person —

mind, body and soul.

The fact that these changes took

only 21 days is simply amazing.

In only three weeks, I went from

being an Italian who ate heavy,

traditional Italian dishes to an

Italian who consumes raw vegan

fare. I committed to being a raw vegan

for the rest of my time on this planet.

Don’t get me wrong; the Ferlisi

family still enjoys Italian food.

We simply transform our favorite authentic

“Italiano” recipes into healthy,

vegan variations. This is fun and really

easy to do. cont’d on p. 63

The Ferlisi Family Post-Hippocrates

Dr. Jim: For me — my ritual is to weigh myself every Friday

morning just as a fighter before a match — I actually call this

weigh in — “Dr. Jim’s Weight War.” So far, I have lost

50 lbs. in 108 days.

Every morning I go through my “15-15-15” routine: 15

minutes of meditation, 15 minutes of infrared sauna and 15

minutes of qigong. As a result, I am in total harmony with my

mind, body and soul. I no longer feel sluggish or have mental

fatigue, and my mind is laser focused.

Cathy: After her battle with psoriasis for the past 23 years

and trying countless creams and visiting numerous dermatologists,

Dr. Brian Clement simply told Cathy to stop eating

white potatoes, use neem cream and neem leaf capsules, use

an infrared sauna daily and embrace the raw vegan lifestyle.

She followed his advice and, as a result, her psoriasis is almost

gone. In addition, thus far Cathy lost a total of 44 pounds.

Josef: At 16 years of age, he has had eczema for many years.

His eczema completely vanished in three weeks at Hippocrates.

He also lost 25 lbs in 21 days! On July 18, 2011, Josef’s

cholesterol was 209. After just three weeks at

Hippocrates, his cholesterol had dropped to 115 (normal

being less than 150). Initially, I was concerned that as a teenager

Josef would struggle with this vegan lifestyle. Instead he

loves it, and he loves the way he looks and feels.

Melyssa: A lovely 19 year old young lady, she had other

commitments and stayed home during her family’s stay

at Hippocrates. Upon their return, Melyssa embraced

the Hippocrates lifestyle and has since lost 15 pounds.

She’s not only enjoying the vegan lifestyle but is sharing

it with her friends.

If you would like to contact Dr. Jim, feel free to email:

New year, new you

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Part two in a three-part series:

Living a Healthy, Integrated Life

with Emotional Balance

by Katherine C. Powell, EdD

The process of building a healthy, strong sense of self incorporates living an integrated and honest

life. When living a life of self-delusion (unreal feeling) or in a fantasy world to cover pain, we become

unbalanced and do not live in the present moment. To overcome delusion we must: (1) Build high selfesteem

and identify our real feelings and emotions; (2) Develop integrity by being honest to avoid selfsabotage;

and, (3) Maintain emotional balance by being intuitive, realistic and in the present moment.

An integrated life helps maintain self-esteem and balance our emotions with honesty. When we feel

valid and whole, we make moral choices that govern our behavior and contribute to our integrity. Our

life energy is precarious and we can be thrown off center if we are not aware of our true feelings or

emotions, which need to be harmonious. An honest life with high-self-esteem and self-regard contributes

to an integrated and confident life.


elf-esteem is dependent on your

feelings which have to be identified

and managed to prevent

your core sense of self from becoming

off balance. Self-esteem includes selfregard

and how you feel about yourself

when accomplishing goals. We experience

various emotions such as, joy, anger,

sadness or fear which are expressed

through our behavior.

When feeling overcome with emotions,

stopping and thinking about the

opposite feeling can help neutralize

them. For example, when angry, try

calming yourself by thinking of something

pleasant. This can help your emotions

balanced and manageable. Our

emotions can be volatile and confusing.

For instance, when we experience loss,

our anger then change into fear or

sadness. What we are feeling can be

masked by other feelings, created to

assuage our pain. We all want love and

intimacy, but being honest about our

feelings could be too painful; thus,

we avoid true human connections.

Self-esteem can be nurtured by

activities that feed our true essence

of self, such as engaging in passionate

hobbies and developing meaningful


Developing integrity is a process

where you put together the pieces of

self into a complete, honest and whole

person which mirrors who you really are.

To become honest and integrated you

must: (1) Breathe in deeply to change

your negative thoughts and identify

true feelings; (2) Accept honest feedback

from others to validate or affirm your

true feelings; (3) Evaluate yourself

by knowing your strengths and weak-

nesses after accomplishing tasks; (4)

Exercise or do extensive physical

movement to help keep yourself in the

present moment; and, (5) Meditate or

conduct calming activities to get in

touch with your intuitive self buried

under protective feelings. Finding

your true feelings is paramount. If

you keep validating false feelings,

they might eventually feel true and

real; therefore, you could be living a

fantasy life that is not really who you

are. Becoming integrated alleviates

living in pain or delusions and validates

true feelings.

Balancing our emotions is essential!

When you are unhappy, your emotions

could keep you off balance. A weak

sense of self allows feelings of selfsabotage

to invade your core sense

of self. cont’d on p. 53

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Cancer Reawakened

My Soul to Vibrant Health

Colorectal Cancer

by Simon Lyon : Essex, England

I was diagnosed in early 2010 with a rare form of colorectal cancer,

“mucous adenocarcinoma.” The cancer was discovered after an emergency

appendectomy in December 2009, and when I heard the news my whole world

seemed to fall apart. I was stunned and momentarily incapable of asking the

oncologist any sensible questions when he asked me if I had any.

Back in 2009, I was in the hospital

with the suspected appendicitis.

72 hours had gone by

before I was operated on. A very long

72 hours, I might add, having only oral

liquid morphine to dull the pain.

My appendix was removed but it

had already burst and later examination

revealed that there was a cancerous

tumor inside. In the oncologist’s

office two months later, I managed to

compose myself, take a deep breath

and ask what I thought would be

some fairly basic initial questions.

My first inquiry was an obvious

choice, “What caused the cancer?”

The doctor replied, “We don’t know.”

Mmm…okay. I then asked, “What

should I eat?” He replied with a smile,

“Eat what you like.”

The oncologist’s smile didn’t last

long, as he must have seen the alarm

bells ringing in my head and my

expression change from shock to one

of confusion and distrust.

Whether it be a simple timepiece or

something as complex as the human

body, surely one has to understand

how it broke to fix it effectively. I could

have more readily understood the doctor’s

indifference toward my diet if the

affected organ was something other

than my bowel, as food may have a

less dramatic effect on other cancers.

I have since learned that diet

profoundly affects all disorder in the

body. It turns out the age-old adage,

“you are what you eat,” is as true

today as it has ever been.

After only 10 minutes with the lessthan-helpful

oncologist, my supportive

wife and I excused ourselves and

left his office.

Fortunately, I had been to a health

talk by an amazing British health

researcher many years before my

diagnosis. I knew that the conventional

disease treatment offered in UK hospitals

was very flawed. I was also aware

that there were many natural, alternative

cancer treatments out there.

I decided to jump in at the deep

end and start with metabolic therapy.

Overnight I changed my diet to incorporate

as much raw food as possible. I

started with salads and began to further

perfect my self-prescribed treatment

from there. I stopped consuming

meat, sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine

and alcohol and gave up smoking.

I began researching alternative

treatments as a full time job and spent

many an hour sifting my way through

contradicting information online and

in books and magazines. I had a consultation

with an alternative oncology

nurse who advised me that it was safe

to eat eggs, deep caught cold water

fish and the odd apple a day. They

recommended no more than a potato

a day and actually recommended a

whole pineapple a day because of its

bromelain content, renowned for its

anti-cancer properties.

This approach may seem sensible to

most, but I later discovered that eggs

are indigestible to all of the world’s

inhabitants—apart from maybe a fox.

Fish has the same effect on the body

as meat and stresses the gastrointestinal

system with converting animal

protein into amino acids. Potatoes are

carcinogenic and all fruit contains

sugar, which feeds cancer (regardless

of the fruit’s nutritional benefits). I

didn’t feel better when incorporating

any of the above food into my diet.

During this particular experimental

period I used a portable infrared

sauna daily, hyperbaric oxygen treatment,

the Russian energy medicine

Scenar, apricot kernels, homeopathy,

Reiki treatments, yoga and even

psychic surgery. All of these practices

helped, and still do help, to keep my

health in check.

I went back to the hospital to have

an endoscopy when a strange thing

happened. During my pre-procedure

meeting the words “no biopsies” and

“no surgery” came out of my mouth

but it was as if I hadn’t said it. My

lips were moving but I wasn’t thinking

about what I was saying, it was

as though somebody else was talking

through me. I later discovered

that biopsies and surgery can spread

cancer. The doctor performing the

examination was quite frustrated and

angry as she protested, “They need

to know which part of the bowel to

remove!” This was the first they’d told

me about bowel removal! If you were

an alien visiting another planet for

the first time, you would investigate

before making contact, wouldn’t you?

Hippocrates said in 400BC, “First do no

harm.” The test revealed that I had two

large polyps in my large intestine.

My “Eureka” moment began when I

eventually learned about Hippocrates

Health Institute (HHI) with its wheatgrass,

green alkalizing juices and

living vegan foods.

I tracked down a Hippocrates

Health Educator and began to quiz

her about what I could do to improve

my diet. She advised me about

wheatgrass and how to juice it. I

began watching all the videos on the

internet about sprouting and HHI. I

felt like I was getting there and was

starting to feel much better. I went to

a centre in the UK which was based

on the HHI principles and, although it

helped a little, it was substandard in

comparison to HHI. I ended up painfully

thin due to the rationed food

portions. I also wound up addicted to

sugar again due to the raw chocolate

that was allowed to be sold there once

a week. I was very yellow in color and

followed a liver cleanse protocol to

remove hundreds of green bile stones,

which I watched leave my body

through the colonic tube.

At last, I had the opportunity to

attend Hippocrates Health Institute

and complete the Life Transformation

Program. For the first time since

my diagnosis, I felt truly safe and

completely at ease. I went with the

attitude not of healing cancer, but of

reaching my optimum health. My first

taste of this felt amazing as physically,

mentally, emotionally and spiritually

I felt better than I ever had in my

life. I had a renewed fitness level and

vigor for life in just three weeks.

This page: Simon completing the Brighton Marathon

Opposite page: Simon at Hippocrates Health Institute

Being at was the

closest I have ever been to experiencing

utopia. Hippocrates Health Institute’s

way of life inspired me to create, which informs its

users on the knowledge and special

technology available to avoid the

threat of the toxic overload involved

in modern everyday life, and create

utopia wherever they live.

My experience has also inspired

me to write a simple, but thorough,

book in the form of a guide to help its

readers create utopia, which includes

a chapter about disease reversal. They

can gain access to cutting edge information

to ensure the best chance of

thriving. I created this book so I could

reach out to the mainstream and

show the general public that they do

have very feasible options to change

any aspect of their lives for the better.

Readers can save time since the book

cuts through the often contradicting,

confusing and misleading information

on the internet.

Eventually I did go back to the hospital

for a CT scan and blood tests. The

blood tests were normal and the scan

showed no abnormalities apart from

scarring around my operation site.

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Be Fit While You Sit

by Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering, ND, ScM

People often find themselves sitting for long periods of time. Some have desk jobs that require them to

sit for most of the day. Sometimes there are long road trips or flights that involve sitting for hours on end.

Then there’s people who like to sit in their favorite chair watching TV. Finding yourself in any of these situations,

you have probably wondered what can you do that makes it simple and easy to be fit while you sit.

Well, today you’re in luck because there is such a thing as sitting exercises.

There are many exercises that can be performed while seated. I have chosen eight quick ones for you (see

opposite page).

Take pleasure in this very effective sitting fitness routine. Remember the cardinal rule when it comes to sitting

for long periods of time: for every hour we sit, we owe 10 minutes to fitness.

The results of a study made by the

National Health Interview Survey

were published in a December

1999 issue of The New York Times. They

kept tabs on about 7,000 people over

a period of nine years and came up

with some conclusions about what

contributed to health and disease. They

discovered that people who never exercise

are more than twice as likely to die

prematurely than active people.

Regardless of your age and disposition

there is a message in this: “Either

make yourself fit or prepare for an early

death!” I have observed that fit people

are generally happier than unfit people

are. So there’s quite a bonus for being

fit. My encouragement here is, “Commit

to get fit!”

Every pound of fat on our bodies

requires 200 miles of blood capillaries.

Fat’s not where it’s at — thin is in! You

are special and don’t let anyone tell you

differently. Treat yourself to being fit;

you deserve it. Your goal is to get older

and better and not old and bitter.

And remember that our past may be

blemished but our future is spotless!

In our next article on fitness, I will be

sharing with you “The Health Benefits

of Great Abs.” Have you ever noticed

that people who have big muscles and

poor abs don’t look nearly as good as

those who have less muscularity but

great abs? Beyond aesthetics, what are

the major benefits of good abs? What

do these benefits mean to our staying

well for life? Don’t Miss It!

Between each exercise, enjoy the 1:4:2 Ratio of Deep Breathing: breathe in for 3 seconds; hold the breath for 12 seconds;

breathe out for 6 seconds. Then go on to the next exercise. Here are some simple exercises to Be Fit While You Sit:

1. Just Stand Up. It’s known that we use 102 movements just to go from the sitting position to the standing position,

and the same movements are used when you sit back down. This is called the Alexander Technique. It’s incredible,

and there is no expensive gym equipment to buy or gyms to join. Can you imagine the fitness you’ll create in your

life if you just stand up 10 times? When I’m conducting my fitness seminars and get people to stand up, it’s amazing

to see the different ways people try to get out of a chair. Never push yourself out of a chair when you stand up, as

that is what your legs and buttocks are for. Use them and the 102 moves will be a reality when you do this exercise.

Try 10 sets.

2. Neck Stretch. While you are sitting in a chair, look forward and then turn your head to the left 90 degrees and hold

for one second. Turn your head back to the front and then to the right 90 degrees. Hold for one second, then turn

back to the front again. This exercise stimulates every trigger point in the body. All of our trigger points are connected

in the neck. This has an incredible rejuvenating effect on the whole body. Do this for 10 sets. Don’t forget the

deep breathing technique between each different exercise.

3. Side Bends. While seated, bend to the left and then to the right as far as it’s comfortable for you. Let your hands

hang by your side as you perform this exercise. Repeat for a total of 10 sets.

4. Squeeze Buttocks. The name of this exercise sums it up. Do this 50 times.

5. Shake Hands. Relax your fingers and shake your hands in every way and angle possible: by your side, in front of you,

etc. Do this for a count of one minute.

6. Make a Fist With Each Hand. Clench and release your fists. Repeat this for a count of one minute

7. Reach for the Sky. While seated, reach as high as you can. Hold the stretch for a count of one minute.

8. Stretch Face. Hold for a count of one minute. Did you know that when lifting your head up you actually allow

up to 10% more oxygen to the brain as it opens your air passages? This elevates your mood, making you feel and

look younger.

Finish your session with the final 1:4:2 Ratio of Deep Deep Breathing. Breathe in for 3 seconds, Hold for 12 seconds and

breathe out for 6 seconds.

1 2a 2b 7

Who says miracles

don’t occur?

Type II Diabetes,

Asthma, High Cholesterol,

Severe Hypertension

by Steve Kleinman : Arlington, Virginia

Six months ago this week, I was laying flat on my back on a hospital emergency room cot

with severe chest pains, shortness of breath, dizziness, partial paralysis in my facial muscles

and extreme tingling in my arms and legs. I didn’t want to be there. I had been experiencing

intermittent chest pains for one week, and had studiously avoided getting it checked out.

Imade the mistake of mentioning

my predicament to my wife. This

was only after I doubled over during

a walk on M street in Washington,

DC, on a beautiful spring day. It was

a mistake because I was absolutely

determined not to know what was

wrong. I was sure nothing good could

come of a diagnosis, because there

was nothing more that could be

done — at least nothing I was willing

to do.

My wife gave me a tongue-lashing

and rushed me to the hospital. I just

knew that this was it. The doctors

would insist I begin injecting myself

with insulin, something I had avoided

for five years. I knew they would tell

me that I had suffered diabetic neuropathy

through my negligence, and

that my body would quickly begin to

deteriorate as I had seen happen with

my aunt 30 years before. My life, as I

knew it, was over.

I had been diagnosed with type II

diabetes and extremely high cholesterol

12 years before that point,

and severe hypertension two years

after that. This was in addition to my

extremely high cholesterol and the severe

asthma that I had suffered since

my early twenties. Not to mention the

weight — I was 192 lbs on a 5' 7" frame.

And, at the time, this weight was actually

pretty good for me. I had spent

much of my adult life at 200+ lbs. I

thought all this was to be expected.

After all, my career as a software developer

was extremely stressful. What

programmer isn’t either extremely

fat or extremely skinny? This was not

my fault. It was unavoidable — just an

occupational hazard.

By the time I arrived at the hospital,

I was taking Victoza and Metformin

for my diabetes, Vytorin for my cholesterol,

Lisinopril for my blood pressure,

ADVAIR for my asthma, Lunesta

for my insomnia and a nightly red

wine and aspirin cocktail as a general

“health tonic.” In addition, I was on

a strict Atkins ultra-low-carb diet to

help with my weight and my blood

sugar. I was doing all the right things,


While laying in bed with pain

shooting through my body, I finally

asked my wife, “I guess it’s time, isn’t

it?” My wife looked at me sternly and

said, “Yes!” And so my new life began.

My sister, Beth, began working at

Hippocrates Health Institute the previous

year and had been telling me

about all the miraculous transformations

and disease reversals she saw

every single week. She said she had

asked the Hippocrates medical team

about my issues with type II diabetes

and hypertension, and they felt confident

I could improve my health if I

simply followed their program. I trust

my sister, but this sounded very suspicious

and all too familiar. It sounded

like just another diet, and I had tried

so many. My doctor had already told

me that my problems were genetic

and that more drugs were the only

answer. Wouldn’t he know?

I had been playing with the idea

of going to Hippocrates for about

four months before my excursion

to the emergency room, but always

pulled back because of the cost

and the apparent purity of the diet,

not to mention the fear of feeling

foolish if the program failed.

cont’d on p. 58

In December 2010, I once again

found myself “in bed” with pains,

cramps, bloating, blood and all the

wonderful symptoms that accompany

a flare. I was too weak to walk down

the street without catching my breath

and I had lost over 30 pounds in only

two months. By the time I reached

Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI), I

was barely 100 pounds at 5' 5."

My first encounter with HHI came

when I had visited the institute in

hopes of entering the Health Educator

Program and expanding my knowledge

in the field of nutrition. Little

did I know that the education I would

receive at Hippocrates would come

when I enrolled in the three-week Life

Transformation Program almost a

year later.

I describe my experience at HHI

as a journey. It’s as if I stepped into a

tropical rainforest and was welcomed

into a village full of philosophers,

caretakers, herbalists and crafty cooks

with special brews, herbs and spices.

These empowering women and men

are dedicated to creating a place for


Finding the “Awe” in Awful

Ulcerative Colitis / IBD

by Safara Fisher : Mesa, Arizona

When I embarked on this journey,

I felt completely devoid of my sense

of self. I was struggling to hold on to

me, to find a way to reassure myself

that everything would be all right.

Being so vulnerable and desperate,

I was willing to hand myself over to

whomever and whatever could fix

me. That was my mindset going in,

but that was not what I experience at

Hippocrates — or what I left with.

What I discovered at HHI was my

center. I was realigned with myself,

and I realized that no one and nothing

had the power to do the healing for

me; it had to come from within. I needed

to take this time and look into my

heart, open up my wounded past and

present and find connections to what

was going on physically within my

body. I needed to rest a great deal and

listen to all who spoke to me — from

the people to the trees to — most

importantly — my own inner voice.

Everyone offered loving kindness. I

found open arms everywhere I went

and I was nurtured physically and

mentally. I connected with my fellow

“seekers” — those who were dealing

with illnesses. We shared openly in

gatherings and amongst ourselves,

providing each other with support

and understanding. I stepped out of

HHI, my rainforest village, with tools

in hand. I was equipped with new

knowledge and new ways to nourish

my body and mind, assisting me in

my healing process.

cont’d on p. 63

“Each person’s


is within.”

— Marlo Morgan

I’ve been having an affair for 10 years. This is how my relationship with

ulcerative colitis (UC) was described to me during a recent visit to Hippocrates

Health Institute. A woman I met there said of my condition, “You’re always

ending up in bed together!” I busted out laughing at the irony and truth of

that analogy of having a flare (a sudden onset of UC symptoms). I have since

been using the “affair” phrase to describe my relationship with ulcerative colitis,

a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

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My Wildest


by Mark Mathew Braunstein

Born into the baby boom and

raised during the housing boom,

I grew up in a fresh new tract of

suburbia which bordered an undeveloped

state park. While boys my age

played baseball and imagined batting

themselves into major league stardom,

I played in the woods and fantasized

seeing deer. Deer embodied for me the

wild in the flowery phrase wild animal,

an adjective which barely befit the

squirrels chewing up the attic, or the

rabbits snacking in the garden, or the

coons rustling through the garbage.

Among local fauna, deer inhabited my

wildest dreams.

As an early teenager bird watching in

that nearby woodland park, I kept ever

vigilant for deer. I envisioned that they

lurked just around the bend, just across

the field, just inside the next clearing,

just beyond the forest edge. Same as

a child on Christmas Eve anticipating

the arrival of Santa and his reindeer, I

hoped to see deer. Despite my vigil, I

never saw any reindeer parked atop my

roof, nor any deer reside inside my park.

I often did see deer in another

undeveloped state park fifteen miles

to the east, and in deeper woods still

farther east, or along the highway as I

rode to these destinations armored in

a car. But nary a deer in the park next

door. Instead, deer inhabited my wildest

dreams. Due to political climate change,

deer hunters no longer do so, but when

I was a child many homeward bound

hunters tied their naked quarry to the

roofs of their cars. The sight of road kill

made me sad, but those brazen hearses

made me cry, in fact cry twice, that second

time when I was nearly nine.

Thirty years later, the pivotal day

of my life was my 39th birthday. For

most of us, our primary rite of passage

is marked by our first wedding or our

recent divorce, by the birth of our first

child or the death of our last remaining

parent, by that first sip of wine

which began our descent into alcoholism

or that final puff of smoke which

emanated from the embers of our last

cigarette or joint. My turning point was

less familial and more singular, less

sanguinary and more solitary. Sober

but celebratory, I dived off a footbridge

into a river and emerged awaiting a

wheelchair. I shattered a vertebrae,

of which a fragment injured the

fragile bundle of nerves of my spinal

cord. Diagnosis: paralysis, but not

everywhere, just below the waist.

Prognosis: paralysis, but not forever,

just the rest of my life.

During rehab, I took a stand against

spinal cord injury. A year later, I ambulated

with crutches. I still wheel at home,

and do nearly everything I used to do,

just lower. And yet I continue to crutch

elsewhere than at home, and go nearly

everywhere I used to go, just slower.

A born-again pedestrian, I eventually

resumed most of my previous activities,

including nature photography. But the

world I now photograph has narrowed in

focus. I photograph mostly my backyard.

And sometimes, in an effort to explore

new terrain, I photograph my front yard.

As a suburban teen who read Thoreau,

my life’s ambition was not to earn

wealth or to father a family or to gain

fame, but to live alone in a house in the

woods. And that I now do. I live in a nature

preserve, not quite wilderness, but

nature nonetheless, and far removed

from the suburbs of my childhood.

Every night, wildlife plunder my

compost heap for its kitchen scraps.

Little ever gets composted, but instead

is eaten by many nocturnal visitors,

among them deer. Yet for many years

I rarely saw any deer, just their tracks

in the mud or snow. One day in March

an already frigid and snowy winter

culminated in a blizzard that bestowed

a foot of dense wet snow.

Snowstorm or not, winter’s critical final

month tests the survival of all wild animals.

Feeding wild animals is a thorny

issue, but ultimately we do so for our

own entertainment. Birdwatchers feed

birds to behold them at their windows,

and I decided to feed deer to commune

with them at my door. Though informed

of reasons why not to feed any

wild animal, I seized upon the blizzard

as an excuse to go ahead and dole out

their rations anyway. Even though deer

are better left unfed, I rationalized that

I deserved to feed them. Thus with the

aid of a cornucopia of cracked corn, I

initiated my Year of the Deer.

Being typically human, I harbored

selfish motives. I plotted to lure the deer

with bait, and then to shoot them. I

mean with a camera. Initially, if I merely

appeared at a window, the deer would

spook and head for the hills. Smart deer.

But slowly, slowly, they allayed their well

founded fears of humans, and they began

to accept the sight of me from behind

my window. The sweet temptation

of my judicious allocation of cracked

corn provided them with a powerful

incentive. My offerings continued for

two months. Then one day early in May,

one very pregnant and very hungry doe

lingered long enough for me to shoot

from my opened window the first of her

family photos.

One day in June, while puttering

around outside in my wheelchair, I happened

upon two fawns. Or rather they

happened upon me. The two fawns

stood transfixed, I sat spellbound, and

time’s clock stopped. They were the first

fawns I had ever beheld so newly born,

and though old and decrepit I surely

was their first human. Then I blinked,

and poof, they disappeared. They left

me bewildered in the wilderness. When

I had cried at age nine, I was awed by

the mystery of death. Now I again cried,

awed by the miracle of birth.

Between accidental birth and

inevitable death, lurks life. We humans

observe relatively little of deer’s waking

hours, as deer are primarily nocturnal.

When we do see them during daylight,

they are merely grabbing quick snacks

between long naps. So picture this.

The time is early evening just after

sunset, when deer begin their workday

in earnest. The place is a meadow

which abuts woodland, except where

it borders my home, a decaying old

house with a view of a fecund young


Now picture one doe and her two

fawns every early evening making their

rounds to this meadow, expectant of

their daily allowance of cracked corn,

assured of easy egress into the adjoining

woods. And last and least, picture

one lone crippled human, crouched in

a wheelchair, hunkered over a camera

mounted on a tripod, day after day

wheeling his tripod closer to the ever

wary deer. Rather than arm myself

with a cannon-like 300mm telephoto

lens, instead I practiced patience and

fortitude, took up arms with merely

180mm, and instead of a single burst

of buckshot I daily purveyed small portions

of cracked corn.

Thus I began to document the doe’s

family for three seasons, spring through

fall. I started in May from indoors, peering

through a window from 150 feet

away. Testing their tolerance, day by day

I inched forward until they backed away.

By July, I wheeled into the field, sitting

and shooting from 100 feet away.

Twice in late July and once in early

August, I witnessed the doe suckling

her young, a very vulnerable position

for both generations, so seldom seen by

humans and less seldom documented

by photographers. Like a jealous lover,

I was envious of her fawns, as I wished

that I, too, could crouch under the doe

and suckle upon her. Adherents to a

conventional American diet might

respond to my confession with either

revulsion or regurgitation. But as a radical

vegan since my teens, it is I who is

appalled by humans who daily commit

the same hungry act upon a diseased

Cow Mother. Oh, poor abused cow,

tethered to the ignominy of a milk-

sucking machine. Oh, poor exploited

calf, condemned to the incarceration

of a veal crate. As veal floats invisibly

inside every quart of cow milk, I choose

my Earth Mother more wisely, and seek

mine among the wild and the free.

Hence my now not-so-secret desire to

suckle upon a Deer Mother, but just

once, as not to deprive the fauns of

their birthright.

During this entire summer, rain was

abundant and frequent, vegetation

was plump and lush, and with plenty

to eat the deer had a field day, indeed

many field days. Yet no matter how well

nursed or well fed, deer retain an appetite

for cracked corn, a dessert for which

my human presence was worth tolerating.

Deer find corn so irresistible that

they raid cornfields despite the threat

of being gunned down by farmers and

hunters, compared to which being shot

by my camera was far more benign.

In the ongoing human war against

animals, I was a turncoat who long

ago had sided with the underdog,

the scapegoat, and the sitting duck.

One September day, in a long delayed

response, nature reciprocated and embraced

my truce. On this day, sensing

that my unwieldy tripod intimidated

them more than did I, I left behind my

camera and tripod. I wheeled forward,

a bucket of cracked corn on my lap. I

discerned no divine calling, felt no deep

premonitions, harbored no ulterior motives,

instead I simply sat and watched

and waited. I dispensed a line of corn

onto the ground, wheeled back barely

twenty feet, and in a few minutes

my familiar family of deer appeared,

ventured forward, and began to eat. As

though tables were turned, perhaps

they had invited me to join them at

their dinner table. So there I sat, bucket

on lap, my arms outstretched, and

to assure them I held no projectiles

I turned my palms upward. I did not

realize until later that Renaissance

painters, for instance Giovanni Bellini,

posed St. Francis as such for receiving

the stigmata.

Halfway through their meal, which

typically lasts but ten minutes before

they reach their full and retreat, my

deer family was joined by another

neighboring family of deer, a doe with

two fawns too. I had learned to recognize

and differentiate mature deer,

usually by the distinct scars or wounds

bestowed upon them from earning a

living in the wild. Fawns, however, not

yet having acquired such injuries, prove

harder to identify. I did recognize this

second doe as an infrequent visitor, as

though on a guest pass. I dispensed a

second line of cracked corn for her family,

and then again sat perfectly still, my

stillness perfect.

The neighboring doe hesitated, and

looked to my own neighborhood doe,

as though to ask her, “What’s with this

human?” Mine must have answered,

“He’s okay, he’s with us.” So the neighbors

stepped forward and began to eat,

while I sat solemnly still. Then things

got really hairy.

A buck antlered in full regalia, whom

I saw only twice before, briefly before

dawn, emerged with an entourage of

four yearlings, none whom I recognized.

I dispensed a third and longer line of

cracked corn, and then again I sat still,

while in my head I took a head count.

Three plus three plus one plus four.

That’s eleven locals and one closely

watched intruder, a solitary member

of the human horde in the middle of

a deer herd. I was surrounded. No exit,

nor did I seek one.

I was close enough for my dulled

olfactory nerves to discern for my first

time their deer scent, whereas all these

months the deer much more deftly had

smelled my human scent. But more

than mere deer odor abounded here.

The air was abuzz with energy, mostly

deer energy, maybe some human

energy, and a morsel of corn energy,

because plants, too, are living beings.

Soon the corn energy vanished, and too

soon so did the deer. “Wait! Take me

with you!” I wanted to implore. But I

just sat in silence and in contemplation

of what I knew thereafter would rank

as my life’s most enriching moment,

and exciting moment too, exceeding

my excitement the first time a chickadee,

winter hungry for my sunflower

seeds, perched upon my hand.

In early October, from 40 feet away,

I attained my goal of idealized family

photos amid classic fall foliage. So I discontinued

regular feedings, and during

winter doled out corn only when our

paths crossed, maybe twice a month.

Though they continued to plunder my

compost heap, Jane Doe and her two

fawns survived the ensuing winter

mostly without my intervention, as is

meant to be.

While I may have forsaken the deer,

they did not take leave of me. They took

up residence in my dreams. Throughout

fall and winter, at least once a week I

recalled dreams about deer, and surely

dreamed more than I recalled. Indeed,

I remembered more dreams about deer

than about anything or anyone else,

than even about human women. My

heart already was taken. My dear deer.

With spring, the fawns grew into

yearlings. By March I could sit within

15 feet of the yearlings, thereby both

bridging a generation gap and surmounting

a species barrier. In April,

one of the yearlings developed two

protuberances atop its head, so I could

deduce that the other yearling displaying

no imminent sign of antlers was a

doe. A year for a deer often is half a lifetime.

Were the yearling doe to survive

another year and give birth to fawns,

my photos potentially could chronicle

one full life cycle. But I declared my

photo project completed, thankful for

the photos I had gotten. And people

who are not happy with what they’ve

got, are never happy.

In May, in preparation for her next

cycle of newborn fawns, the again

pregnant doe drove off her yearlings.

Growing up in my presence, the yearlings

were far more tolerant of me than

was the doe, so I too sent them away

simply by my no longer dispensing

corn. Thereafter, they did not flee me,

but neither did they invite me into their

family or into their world.

The peaceful evenings I had shared

seated among the deer remain in my

memory as more spiritually enriching

than any other experience of my life. I

shed being merely human, and while

seated among them I entered into their

world as deer. The endeavor needed

much planning and patience. It also

required several bushels of cracked

corn and exactly one wheelchair. The

wheelchair is crucial. Deer recognize it

and me from a mile away. Seated, I’m

their height, and so less intimidating.

Indeed, I could not have entered into

this communion afoot. I could attain it

only in a wheelchair.

A Cancer Death Sentence?

I Don’t Think so!

Non-Hodgkin’s Leukemic Lymphoma

by Jim Miller : Leesburg, Florida

In September 2006, Mandy, my massage therapist, told me that my spleen was like a

rock and I’d better get it checked out. In November, when I finally went to Dr. Taylor, he

informed me that my hemoglobin was at six and it should be 12 – 16. He ordered two

units of blood for me at Waterman Hospital. He was pretty sure I had cancer in my bone

marrow, which was inhibiting my production of red blood cells. He said they could stave

it off with chemo, but it would keep coming back faster and faster until they couldn’t do

anymore chemo, and then I would die in, maybe, five to ten years.

He referred me to Dr. Tumala,

who is a wonderful oncologist,

to get a full diagnosis.

Dr. Tumala did a bone marrow biopsy

and ordered a PET scan. He told me

that I had Non-Hodgkin’s Leukemic

Lymphoma (NHLL), confirming

Dr. Taylor’s suspicion. I started chemo

in January 2007. I underwent six

cycles, four weeks apart. Eight hours

on Monday followed by two hours on

Tuesday and Wednesday. I finished in

June 2007 and Dr. Tumala did a bone

marrow biopsy and ordered another

PET scan. The chemo had worked. My

spleen got soft and my biopsy results

showed that I was in full remission,

but a new, less aggressive strain of

cancer showed up that was at 6 – 7%.

Because NHLL always comes back,

Dr. Tumala suggested that I consider a

bone marrow transplant and referred

me to the Moffitt Center in Tampa,

Florida, where I met with the acknowledged

expert in the field. He was upbeat

because they were now 60 – 70%

successful. Success is defined as living

five more years; it is not a cure. So they

were going to almost poison me to

death to kill my bone marrow and my

immune system (so I wouldn’t reject

the donor marrow), while damaging

many of my organs. All in hopes that I

might survive five more years.

That is when I chose to look at

my sister-in-law’s suggestion that I

attend Hippocrates Health Institute

in West Palm Beach, Florida. The way

I saw it, it couldn’t hurt and it just

might work. If it didn’t work, I could

always take my chances with the

bone marrow transplant later. Just before

I left for Hippocrates, Mandy told

me that my spleen was getting lumpy

again. Dr. Tumala was right; the NHLL

was coming back. I didn’t tell my wife.

I arrived at Hippocrates the Sunday

before Thanksgiving 2007 and stayed

for three weeks. It is a wonderful

place and it worked!

When I got back Mandy couldn’t

feel my spleen, it was completely soft.

My blood counts were also improving.

In June 2008, Dr. Tumala did a bone

marrow biopsy and ordered another

PET scan. Once again, I was in full

remission. The strain that was 6 – 7%

was now 0.1%. Since then my blood

counts have continued to be low but

stable. Dr. Tumala now checks me ev-

46 Hippocrates Health Institute »«

ery 60 days instead of every 30 days.

More importantly, I feel great! I have

boundless energy and people keep

telling me how good I look.

In some ways cancer may have

been a blessing. I never would have

gone to Hippocrates if not for the

threat of a bone marrow transplant.

They have an expression at Hippocrates,

“You are here because you

are enlightened or you are frightened.”

I was frightened, but because

of my new lifestyle, I feel my next

60 years will be better than the first

60 years.

Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI)

is an oasis where people reverse all

types of diseases: diabetes, cancer,

etc. The three-week Life Transformation

Program helps you focus on your

body, mind and spirit.

Besides their wonderful cuisine,

Hippocrates offers lectures and exercise

classes all day long. We were taught

that exercise and sleep are essential to

health and healing, as is peace of mind

and joy. They even brought in a doctor

who taught us laughter therapy.

Laughter (even if you don’t feel like it)

is very therapeutic. cont’d on p. 64

American Gothic — Hippocrates style

Jim Miller with his wife, Donna

A Loving Wife’s Voyage

to Acceptance

Congestive Heart Failure,

Diabetes, Weight Loss

by Julieanna Renner, wife of Paul Renner : Big Fork, Montana

When I set out to write this article, I envisioned a very scholarly piece utilizing the stages

of grief as defined by Kubler-Ross to describe a partner’s epic journey in accepting the

Hippocrates raw food lifestyle. The stages of grief Kubler-Ross defined are:

• Denial and Isolation

• Anger

This is an examination of the

acceptance of a whole new lifestyle

by a traditional wife and

mother who worked hard using timehonored

methods to raise a healthy

American family.

As it turned out, the only way for

this to have any real power was for

me to write in the first person about

my journey. As I began to write, I was

overwhelmed by an explosion of my

own unexamined emotions and the

grief process I experienced.

Denial and isolation

In 1996, my husband Paul, who is

six feet five inches tall, weighed in

at a strapping 310 pounds. He ate at

five star restaurants and drank the

finest scotch and beer on the market.

He was dying of congestive heart

failure and, at that time, undiagnosed


How could this be a fact in my life?

I had waited thirty years to find the

love of my life. He could not be dying!

So I ignored the diagnosis, and so did

he, for the most part.

Years later, in 2001, we moved

to Montana and we met a woman

named Jeannete Cheney. Jeannete is

• Bargaining

• Depression

• Acceptance

a graduate of the Hippocrates Health

Educator Program. Through her, Paul

and I were introduced to Hippocrates

Health Institute’s concept and lifestyle.

At this time, my husband had

been told he had only months to live.

He now weighed over 400 pounds,

he could hardly walk, his eyesight

was failing and neuropathy made

it impossible for him to feel his legs

and feet. I drove him everywhere and

became his eyes. He was dependent

on fourteen different medications and

monitored his blood sugars several

times a day. His insulin requirements

were upward of 120 units a day.

Jeannete Cheney and the Hippocrates

lifestyle changed our lives.

Paul began to feel better and got his

weight down to 265 pounds. He no

longer needed insulin and was down

to only one medication! I should

have been jumping for joy, right?

Not so fast…


For me, building a raw food kitchen

was an emotional voyage. How difficult

can that be, you ask? It turns out

it was very poignant. I watched beloved

pots and pans being tossed out

and given away. My pantry cleared

down to the bare shelves and lovingly

collected spices were hurled into

the trash.

I pretended to be okay, but inside

I fumed and hurt bloomed. Not just

hurt but real bona fide anger. I’d go so

far as to say I was totally pissed off!

But, like most wives of my generation,

I said nothing as I stuffed my emotions.

I silently scoffed and unintentionally

sabotaged my husband and

myself. My husband introduced new

pieces of kitchen equipment with

alarming frequency and I hated each

and every one of them for changing

my life.

My children thought that their

father and I had lost our minds and I

secretly agreed with them. I was not

going to be seduced by all this. Understand

that most of this was happening

on a subconscious level.

Suddenly, after thirty years of being

a good and dutiful wife, I was usurped

by some place called Hippocrates

Health Institute and it was just not

fair. I felt I was being displaced by

a process I did not understand or

believe in. I mean, what the heck was

going on? cont’d on p. 54

Ihad to apply for medical aid

and was told it would take three

months to be approved. Being so

frightened at the thought of cancer

growing in my body I started eating

a macrobiotic diet — as that was the

best information available to me at

the time. My new diet was extraordinarily

expensive, so to offset the cost I

got a job at the Grainery Cafe, a macrobiotic

restaurant in Deerfield Beach,

Florida. I had my employee meal and

would buy another to take home. I

started getting colonics, too.

Believe it or not, another technique

I employed had to do with a popular

1980s video game. Every morning, I

would visualize Pac-Man eating the

white cancer cells in my body and pink,

healthy cells growing in their place.

Three months after my diagnosis, I

was sent to Broward General Hospital

and this is where God showed up.

My doctor was a young intern just

out of college. He took pictures inside

me of my cancer. When I woke up, I

expected to have been cut open and

everything removed. To my surprise,

the doctor said he had done a D&C

(dilation and curettage) and removed

my cervix, which would grow back.

He felt he had gotten all the cancer,

as it was not as bad as originally


Was it Pac-Man? Was it the plantbased

diet? I think it may have been

both, because I have had a pap smear

every six months since and I am

cancer free. In 2000, I discovered Hippocrates

Health Institute and started

incorporating raw foods into my diet,

along with sprouts and wheatgrass.

In 2007 I donated blood and was

shocked to receive a registered letter

from the state of Florida ordering

me to report to the Hepatitis C

clinic. What? How can this be? I was

terrified. I met a wonderful woman,

Audrey, who said she would retest me

to make sure but it would take three

weeks to get results back.

Well, things have come a long way

since 1989. I was able to research this

diagnosis on the internet, and it only

frightened me more. Interferon shots

cost $2000 apiece; I couldn’t afford

that. I broke out in shingles from fear.

I came to a Save Your Life event at

Hippocrates Health Institute. These

free events, held the last Wednesday


Gave Me Hope

Hepatitis C / Cancer

by Victoria Thomasset : Boca Raton, Florida

of each month, give guests the opportunity

to ask questions during a

Q&A session. I raised my hand only

to have Dr. Brian Clement, director of

Hippocrates, tell me I should manage

my expectations regarding Hepatitis

C relief from pharmaceutical drugs.

I am convinced the Hippocrates

Life Transformation Program and

the cutting edge therapies offered at

HHI can help people reverse Hepatitis

C. During my time at Hippocrates,

my fear left me and I knew I would

be okay. I also started visualizing

Pac-Man eating the Hepatitis C in my

blood. Of course, I rigidly followed

the Hippocrates lifestyle. I now know

that liver issues are caused by anger. I

spent time in therapy to let go of my

childhood pain and I began meditating

and doing yoga.

Fast forward to three weeks later

and my Hepatitis C test results. I

walked into the clinic as if I was going

to the gallows, but Audrey was smiling.

“What’s up with that,” I wondered.

She said, “I have good news for

you. Your body has produced a natural

antibody and kicked out the Hep C.

cont’d on p. 62

I began my health journey in 1989 when I was diagnosed

with uterine cancer during a routine pap smear. I was told

I must have a complete hysterectomy. At that time there was no Barnes & Noble and

no internet, so my ability to get information was minute. But somehow I knew there was

a better way.

48 Hippocrates Health Institute »« Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


Can Raw Foods Help Reverse

Multiple Sclerosis?

The Matt Goodman Interview by Tom Fisher, RN, BA


rowing up in Southern Jersey,

Matt Goodman always enjoyed

the outdoors, especially activities

like camping and hiking. He was

even an Eagle Scout. As for his eating

habits at the time, he ate the standard

American diet, but not with a lot of

junk food. Then he was diagnosed with

appendicitis and subsequently had his

appendix removed. By the ninth grade,

he developed leaky gut from the operation.

He also began to acquire many

allergies, which weakened his immune

system. Although Matt had these

setbacks in his health, he remained very

active in sports and weightlifting.

In 1993, Matt developed optic neuritis,

an inflammation of the optic nerve.

It can cause sudden, reduced vision in

the affected eye. This condition, however,

did not deter Matt from becoming

a personal trainer in 1995.

During a hiking trip in 1997 at Mount

Washington, Matt began to notice some

changes in his body. While backpacking

he became weak and physically exhausted.

This was unusual because Matt

was a personal trainer who remained in

great shape. He also felt a tingling in his

spine and had muscle twitches.

Matt’s mother, Elaine, volunteered

her son for a medical study at the

University of Pennsylvania. They had

Matt undergo psychological testing

and MRIs of his brain. The tests revealed

lesions, and he was told they could not

continue the study. Matt subsequently

did a lot of his own research and diagnosed

himself with Multiple Sclerosis

(MS). In November 1997, Matt was

officially diagnosed with MS by

neurologists at the University of

Pennsylvania and Jefferson Hospitals,

just before his 26th birthday.

In the beginning, Matt refused

medication. Later, doctors strongly

recommended steroids (IV solu-

medrol), and Matt eventually began

using them. As he continued using

the steroids, Matt could not sleep

for long periods. One period even

lasted for three days.

The doctors wanted to give Matt

sleeping medication, but that only

frustrated him because he didn’t

want to take any more medication.

At that point, Matt decided to wean

himself off the drugs.

50 Hippocrates Health Institute »«

“ MS can ravage my body, but I now

have wonderful, age-old tools to

manage it naturally with the belief

and knowledge that I can heal

beyond my wildest dreams.”

— Matt Goodman

Matt in the Adirondack Mountains

Matt continued to intensely research

MS; he so wanted to help himself. His

body was starting to deteriorate, so

he decided to try a medication called

interferon. He used it for about a year

and it did help slow the progression of

the disease. After going off the interferon,

Matt had a particularly busy time

in his life where he spread himself too

thin. He consequently had a bad flareup

with his MS. This flare-up caused

vertigo, blurred vision, numb legs

and his feet felt like they had spikes

in them. It felt as though every nerve

was attached to a battery, causing an

electric shock-like feeling. Matt could

still walk, but could not exercise and

run as he could before. It was all a real

nightmare for him.

At that time, Matt was still a personal

trainer and a client gave him a video

which had been collecting dust. This

video introduced Matt to the power of

raw foods. It was by George Malkmus

of Hallelujah Acres. Matt took action,

and that night made the transition

to 100 percent raw foods. He learned

about the power of enzymes and their

many benefits. cont’d on p. 60



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Allow it

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Living a Healthy Integrated Life with Emotional Balance,

cont’d from p. 33

You tend to sabotage or hurt yourself when you are not feeling

well and have low self-esteem. For example, you can become

depressed by not meeting your goal weight, which can

frustrate you and keep you from being strong and present.

Only you can give yourself true self-respect and feelings of

worthiness that triumph over feelings of failure. It is hard to

sabotage yourself if you love and appreciate yourself. Depression

can set in when you are feeling like a failure or a victim.

Only action and feeling strong can combat depression.

It is important not to be overwhelmed by new feelings so

that self-sabotage or feelings of giving up do not enter the

picture. Manage your feelings by keeping yourself in balance

and in the present moment to help avoid feelings of

sabotage or self-delusion. For example, when dancing, the

physical, emotional and mental selves are working together

and balanced in the present moment.

Emotional intelligence or awareness contributes to living

a healthy honest life and aids in balancing our physical,

emotional and mental selves. For example, if unhappy feelings

come about, stop and analyze what is happening. Why

do these feelings have power over me? What is creating my

imbalance and fear of being my true, strong self? When you

are honest and integrated, it is unlikely you would think of

delusion or fantasy since living in fulfillment and contentment

support your real and satisfied self. Altering reality

only comes into play when you are not sure of yourself or

not where you want to be and not taking action or steps to

better your predicament. Therefore, you have to be truthful

and real to keep physical, emotional and mental selves

in balance. Your goal for a fulfilling life is to ask yourself:

Am I happy with what I have and what I need? Am I living

in the present moment? Do I love what I am doing? Am I

surrounded with those whom I love and who love me? If you

answered yes to the above questions, you are in balance!

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Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


Loving Wife’s Voyage, cont’d from p. 48

The result was more subconscious,

passive resistance. Did I mean any

harm? No, not at all. I love my husband

with all my heart.

Sixty years of government indoctrination

and the almighty food

pyramid, paired with training from

well-meaning teachers and biology

classes at the undergraduate and

graduate level from some of America’s

best universities had left me unable to

process what I was being told.

My brain had slammed shut. However,

as the life-building information

at Hippocrates began to permeate,

changes in my body and soul occurred

and I began to open up.

More Anger

I then entered a new era of the second

stage of grief, real anger, not anger

fed by denial. I was going to have to

unlearn all that I had learned, everything

I thought I knew about food,

cooking and nutrition. I had

been lied to. Most of what I

believed was false and I was

livid. I knew I was still not

quite where I needed to be.


Then, as we moved deeper

into the Hippocrates

lifestyle, I began stage

three — bargaining. I was

a very resentful bargainer.

Why did I have to make

changes in my life to accommodate


that I did not yet fully

believe in or trust?

I mean, come on. Would

Grandma really lie? Not

to mention, the federal

government had given us

their own set of nutritional

guidelines. Weren’t they

looking out for our best


So, God, please listen:

just a little meat; a few

eggs a month; milk only in my coffee.

Some steamed vegetables are healthy

right? How can a fruit smoothie be a

bad thing if the fruits are all organic?

I mean, give me a break! Are not cows,

pigs and chickens part of the natural

world? Bargaining — as it turns

out — is not so different from out and

out rationalization.


Crap; now I am depressed! Stage

four. I worked on my computer. I saw

patients. I played with my grandkids.

But I was depressed every time I

thought about my favorite foods, dinners

out, good wine and the fact that

I had not really taught my children

anything about proper nutrition.

What kind of a wife and mother had I

been? I am a smart cookie. How could

I have been so fooled by the government

and how could they have been

so complicit with the food industry?

Good heavens, I had participated

in the probable murder of my family.

Being “depressed” hardly covered my

emotional range!


In April 2011 my husband dragged

me to Hippocrates Health Institute

— something I believed he needed

but I did not. I was well. Maybe a

little fat but not “sick, sick.” In three

weeks, I found not only real and genuine

acceptance, but I found joy.

I left with a renewal of spirit, personal

purpose and passions. I discovered

a love for eating raw living foods,

rediscovered exercise and, most importantly,

I am revitalized and regenerated

in my approach to my work and in my

love for my family and my marriage.

What you need to know is that all

this is normal and you, too, may experience

some version of my story…but

it’s okay. Breathe in…breathe out.

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Let the Light Shine On Me, cont’d from p. 17

With each prayer, my faith was growing. Though I made

huge strides, it was still a slippery slope. My health would

get better, then decline. My faith would get stronger, then

weaken. My self esteem would rebuild, then crumble. It

felt like I was walking into walls at every turn. The great

thing is that I could feel God working in my life. I knew I

was not alone and that He would not abandon me. I also

knew that this giant was not too big for Him to conquer.

My mom said that God would lead us in our journey, step

by step, and that the best was yet to come.

That’s about the time when God opened doors in our life

and led us to Hippocrates Health Institute. How can I describe

the way it changed my life? The first day we arrived,

I was a 12 year old boy who feared losing my colon. The last

day, I was a 12 year old boy who finally said goodbye to the

cold, dark cellar forever!

I became a boy who was smiling again, recapturing the

joy and happiness I once knew. Maybe it was all of the

incredible, positive energy. Or maybe it was the way my

body felt so strong from eating and drinking raw, living

foods around the clock. Maybe it was the incredible way

that love was spoken at Hippocrates. It could also have

been the “green Kool-Aid” (wheatgrass juice) we all thrived

on. I can’t forget to mention how much I loved riding my

bike everyday through 50 acres of tropical paradise and

plunging into the hot and cold mineral pools. And what a

blast I had meeting up with my favorite ladies each day for

4:00 happy hour (green juice).

Of course, I’ll never forget my appointment with

Dr. Anna Maria Clement. Why? She gave me real hope.

She told me exactly what to do to get better and it didn’t

involve medicines that cause cancer. She spoke with

certainty and belief about a program that has changed

countless lives. We have continued the program faithfully

everyday since we’ve returned home. Sunshine. Pure

water. Exercise. Organic, living foods. Positive thoughts.

And holding on to faith, hope and love with everything

we have.

Hippocrates is a new chapter in my story. My experience

there will remain unforgettable. I fought my tears as I said

goodbye to the people who left such a powerful imprint on

my life. As the pages turn in the story, the words to follow

will be built on belief that all things are possible!

My mom always says that God has great purpose for

my life and that He allows everything for a reason. Who

knows? Maybe the reason for this journey was to give

God the chance to do His greatest handiwork and cure the

incurable. I still believe in this miracle!

cont’d on p. 63

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54 Hippocrates Health Institute »« Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


True Transformation: Body and Mind,

cont’d from p. 25

Mrs. Francoise Schaller, the wife of

Christian Schaller in Geneva, heard

that I was ill and sent me to Brian’s

Hippocrates in Florida. In 1992 I attended

the Hippocrates Health Educator

Program. I stayed for three months and

rebounded back to good health. As a

Health Educator, I conducted workshops,

gave massages and coached

people into a balanced lifestyle.

For the past decade I have been happily

married and resettled in my birth

home of Maine. As an organic gardener,

I am outside rambling among

the tall grasses and oak leaves where

deer often sleep. A deer tick carrying

the Lyme bacteria bit me and, after

several years, the Lyme took hold and

my immune system was weakened.

Then, in 2007, an extraordinary

event happened that has uncovered

the childhood trauma that my first

husband sensed. On June 9, 2007, I

was bending over some wild herbs

and a yellow jacket wasp flew into my

blouse and stung me right on the soft

tissue of my sternum, called the xyphoid

process. It didn’t hurt much so

I continued gardening. That evening

I heard from relatives that my cousin,

Sandy, had fallen down the cellar

stairs, hit her head and died instantly.

I went into a deep emotional shock.

For two weeks I was a maniac. Then a

series of dreams occurred; some while

I was asleep and some dreams happened

while I was awake. A sudden

flash of insight would appear in my

mind, like a door opening for just a

second and I could see myself falling

down the cellar stairs when I was

young, or being held down on a table

with two people around me.

I reached out for help and met a therapist

who specialized in healing the

wounded child and over the next year

all the trauma was revealed to me. I

am the youngest of four and my father

was tired and didn’t want any more

noise in the house. He would tell my

oldest sister, Sue, “Go get Debbie out of

the crib and bring her out to the shed.”

Susie was only eight years old when

she picked me up out of the cradle and

carried me out to the shed, where Dad

would tell her to help him tie me down.

My arms and legs were pinned to the

table and then Dad would puncture

and poke me with an awl, a tool used to

make holes in leather. I would scream,

cry, fight, then tire, becoming resigned

and then quiet. He would then untie

me and tell Susie to put me back in the

crib. Mom used to brag about me to her

friends, “Oh yes, Debbie is a good little

baby. I can leave her for hours in the

crib and she doesn’t cry.”

From six months old to about three

years of age, my father and sister repeated

this abuse. The memories went

deep into my unconscious, into the

cells’ memory of my body and I forgot

until they were awakened in 2007 by

the wasp sting and by the death of

my cousin, Sandy. I have made a small

memorial garden to Sandy, thanking

her for the insight I received from her

fall; and I have come to see the yellow

jacket as a totem for me.

But I had to go through the dark

night of the soul to come back to my

authentic self. As you can imagine, my

health plummeted. The Epstein-Barr

virus met up with the Lyme bacteria

and all hell had broken loose.

Three organs in my body became

inflamed. My gall bladder, liver and

pancreas were filled with a bacterial

infection and the area around the

wasp sting was tender to the touch.

During the summer of 2009, I was

bedridden and could not walk very

well, bent over and in great physical

and emotional pain. I felt helpless. I

went to five medical doctors and explained

to each one that a wasp had

stung me but they all said that had

nothing to do with my illness. None of

the doctors tested for Lyme.

Finally, in 2009, Brian came up to

this area of Maine to give lectures

and I was able to gather friends who

helped me organize his time here.

Brian took one look at me and said,

“Get to Hippocrates right now!” I did

not have the energy or strength to tell

him anything about the inner journey

of the childhood traumas. I was still

in deep emotional pain. Every time I

thought about the fact that my father

had hurt me so deeply I was wracked

with a deep sadness. I could see how

that early childhood trauma had affected

my whole life. I grieved for the

life I could have had. At age 13, I chose

never to have children because being

a person hurt so much. This pain has

been with me all my life. I do believe

now that I was born so that I could

heal from the past with my father.

While I was at Hippocrates, my

healing took place. Yes, the live foods

are delicious to the soul; yes, being

with like-minded people is a joy; yes,

taking far-infrared saunas everyday

is relaxing; yes, swimming in ice cold

water then into mineral water then

into a hot pool is stimulating. The

Lyme bacteria faded away and my

immune system is back on track.

But let me tell you, the real healing

came when I was with a Hippocrates

therapist, Andy. He listened while

I told him of the trauma. We had

private sessions and I attended the

group sessions. On our last private session,

he looked at me and said, “Your

father didn’t want you to cry so he did

something to you that would make

you cry so that you wouldn’t cry! That

is crazy, especially for a small baby

under two years old. Let me ask you

something. You’re a nice person, right?

You wouldn’t want to hurt anyone,

right? Well, the two-year-old doesn’t

think that way. The two-year-old in

you is pissed! Downright angry! And

that two year old needs revenge, to

have retribution. Now, stand up and

imagine that you are holding your

two-year-old self in your arms. Now,

imagine that your father is lying down

on that same table you were tied to.

Now tie him down. cont’d on p. 62

The Truth About Multivitamins,

cont’d from p. 18

The other studies which evaluated

multivitamins, beta carotene, folate,

selenium, and vitamins E, C, D, B6

and B12, did not find convincing

evidence that they decrease one’s

risk of cancer.

The story is the same for preventing

heart disease. Randomized controlled

trials showed no benefit for folate, beta

carotene, vitamin B6, B12, C or E.

There are many possible explanations

for why the studies of vitamins and minerals

have come up empty. Maybe the

dose was not right, the combination of

vitamins was wrong or the vitamin was

synthetic rather than “whole food.” A

more likely reason is that each vitamin,

or even all vitamins, represents only a

fraction of the nutrients in food. Did you

know that thousands of phytochemicals

have been isolated from plants? These

nutrients are not critical for life, but they

have been shown to have a myriad of

health benefits. If you are curious about

the phytochemicals in various foods, go


Although multivitamins haven’t

been shown to improve health, certain

vitamins are clearly beneficial in specific

Optimize Your Detox Program

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situations. Women who are pregnant need adequate folic acid and iron. Vitamin B12 supplementation

is important for people on any diet because most have no dietary source

of B12. And that may be it. It is not even clear that vitamin D and calcium supplements

belong on this list. A number of studies show they help decrease fracture risk for people

with low calcium intake and/or low vitamin D levels. But there are quite a few large

studies which show no benefit to the bones from taking them. There is an increasing

amount of evidence that points to an overall benefit from supplementing with vitamin

D in people who are deficient, but I don’t think the evidence is definitive yet in its favor.

The idea that we can isolate a single nutrient from food and expect it to improve our

health is overly optimistic and clearly mistaken. Each whole food is chock full of nutrients

balanced in a way that is invariably the most ideal for our bodies. It is unrealistic to

think that nutrients which are synthesized in a laboratory and reduced to the size of a

pill can be a substitute for healthy eating.

In the meantime, if you are healthy, do not look to a multivitamin to help you get

healthier or live longer. The majority of studies, thus far, indicate they don’t do you any

good, and occasionally, they may actually be harmful. Take what you need, such as B12,

or iron if you are iron-deficient, but do not count on a multivitamin to put you on the

“safe side.” There’s just no getting around the fact that a healthy diet is the best way to

get the nutrients you need.


56 Hippocrates Health Institute »« Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment


Who says miracles don’t occur? amazingly transformed with almost

cont’d from p. 38

no exercise. Hippocrates does strongly

However, the time had finally come. recommend daily exercise, but I was

“But it’s so expensive,” I complained too busy spending free time in the pool

to my wife, one last time. “What good and socializing to follow their recom-

will the money do us if you’re dead,” mended exercise routine. My bad!

she asked.

I still keep my “before” and “after”

I visited Hippocrates for two weeks pictures on my iPhone for when I

in May 2011. I wish I could have com- want a laugh. Not to laugh at myself,

pleted the full, three-week Life Trans- but to laugh when I get the reaction

formation Program, but two weeks from people who see the photos. “That

was all the vacation time I could take happened over just two weeks,” they

from work. Why not ask for sick leave, ask, confounded. Yep, it sure did.

you might ask? Because that would My great fear upon returning home

mean admitting to my bosses and co- was that I wouldn’t be able to follow

workers that I was sick. This was not the program. My wife and I live in

something I was willing to do.

Arlington, Virginia, right across the

My time at Hippocrates was two river from Washington, DC, and we are

of the most enjoyable weeks I have both very busy. We eat out almost ev-

ever had. I could never have imagined ery day, and rarely eat more than one

that a “vacation” with such very sick meal at home. That one meal at home

people could be so much fun!

is almost always “convenience food.” I

The leadership at Hippocrates simply couldn’t imagine that I would

Health Institute has accomplished suddenly begin to make green juices

something very peculiar and very twice a day, sprout seeds and beans,

special. Somehow, within 24 hours of dehydrate crackers, and worst of all,

their arrival, all the guests who arrive clean all that mess up on a daily basis!

become very warm, very caring and Also, how does one go from living

very open human beings. They share on rib steak and pork chops to subsist-

their life stories without drama and ing on sunflower sprouts and mung

appear to have an honest desire and beans? I have always been a compul-

curiosity to hear the life stories and sive, emotional eater. How was that

circumstances of others.

suddenly going to change?

My first comment to my sister Beth Well, six months later, I’m still do-

was, “Wow, I am really lucky, this ing it, with minimal issues. I continue

crowd who arrived with me is a very to go out to eat with my wife and

special group of people.” Beth replied, with co-workers. A good steak still

“No, it’s always like this.” I am not a smells great and fresh bread out of

social person, which is pretty typical the oven smells heavenly. However,

for someone in my field of work. Yet something clicked at Hippocrates.

within days, I found myself circulat- That stuff isn’t food — at least, not

ing from group to group, from lunch for me. When I see steak now, I think,

table to lunch table, feeling more free “There is a plate of pain.” When I see

than ever to be myself. Extraordinary! a basket of bread I think, “Insulin,

The education during my time at anyone?” And I’m just not tempted.

Hippocrates was sobering. Almost I don’t know how long this will last.

everything I had ever learned about But finally seeing what the other side

nutrition and health was wrong. What of addiction looks like and feels like

they teach sounded absolutely crazy. has been an indescribable joy!

But within one week, my diabetic

Today, I’m 159 lbs and holding. I am

symptoms were gone. Within 10 days, off of all prescription medication. I’m

my blood sugar was normal and my even off of coffee, which may be the

blood pressure was extremely close to greatest miracle of all! My waking

normal. And by the end of my second blood sugar is 95 – 115 mg and my

week, I had lost 12 lbs. and my body was blood pressure is normally about

58 Hippocrates Health Institute »«

116/65. I run 2 – 3 miles several times

a week without effort. Before my trip

to the hospital, I literally couldn’t run

more than 20 or 30 steps before wanting

to keel over. Life is very, very good!

The biggest challenge I’ve had

with taking the program home is

growing my own food. Currently, I

buy almost all my produce (microgreens,

sprouted vegetables, sprouted

beans, organic vegetables), and this is

extremely expensive. I have started to

grow some of my own micro-greens,

which helps. I also remind myself

of my wife’s comment, “What good

is the money to us if you’re dead?”

Someday (hopefully soon), we’ll

move away from Washington where

we can have a real house again and

I can dedicate some serious space

to growing my own healthy food.

Until then, I’m thankful for the wonderful

availability of quality produce

in our area and in our local health

food stores.

Since coming home, my day-to-day

life hasn’t changed very much. I still

go to work every day. My wife and I

still walk the streets of Washington,

DC, and enjoy theater and concerts on

the weekends. I travel on business and

visit friends and family.

The big difference is, I’m no longer

trudging through my days just hoping

I have the energy and will to get

through them. Every day, I wake up,

look in the mirror, and ask myself,

“OMG, who is that?” And then I laugh,

because it’s me, and I’m healthy, and

I still have several more decades to

enjoy it.

Life is too short to live it sick and

tired. There is no substitute for living

life healthy and with abundant

energy. Don’t let the fear of losing

your coffee or your sugar or your

meat or your cheese keep you from

doing what you need to do. Once you

are healthy, so many of those cravings

go away, and food that is good for

you actually tastes good! I advise

people, just give the Hippocrates

program a try. Your illness and

lethargy will still be waiting for

you if you don’t like it!

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water entering your home or business: creating an element of perfection –

100% pure nourishing anti-oxidant water.

Improve Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

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Can Raw Foods Help Reverse

Multiple Sclerosis?

cont’d from p. 50

Matt experienced a strong detox

period of about three to four weeks.

He had no books on raw foods and

allowed his instinct to direct him. Everything

he learned from his research

and life came together at this point. For

the previous two years, Matt thought

he would eventually be confined to a

wheelchair. After just six months on

a 100 percent raw food diet, Matt was

running at full speed. In nine months,

Matt was leaping over boulders and

running in the Adirondack Mountains.

He had experienced a true spiritual

awakening there.

On June 8th, 2003, Matt and his dog

Jerry began hiking the Appalachian Trail

near Maine’s Mount Katahdin. They

traveled over 1,600 miles on rugged

terrain, with a 65 pound backpack, from

Maine to Tennessee! The last month

in the forest, which Matt considers his

church, he covered over 25 miles per

day, six days a week, and passed virtually

everyone. He did this to prove that

the laws of nature, if followed, can not

only heal, but bring us to new heights

of health and fitness.

Matt’s dad Albert, a United States

army infantry POW in War World II,

played a positive role in developing his

individuality. The support from Matt’s

mother, Elaine was pivotal to Matt’s

recovery. Today Matt is medication-free

and has not worked with a medical

doctor since 1998. He is happy and

enjoys life to its fullest. He lives on a

farm (Paradise Hill Farm) in Tabernacle,

New Jersey, with his wife Sandy. Among

other things, they harvest cranberries

and blueberries. Matt is working on a

new book about his healing journey

with MS, called To the Brink, which

should be available soon.

Many years ago, I heard a lecture

with Matt at a raw food restaurant,

called Arnold’s Way Café, in Lansdale,

Pennsylvania. What he said was powerful.

With his positive mental attitude,

exercise and raw food, Matt Goodman

reversed MS. I found this to be very

inspirational and so I was understandably

very happy to have this opportunity

to interview Matt Goodman.

HHI: How did you learn about raw


Matt: A client of mine gave me a video

on raw foods by George Malkmus of

Hallelujah Acres. The video sat on a

shelf, collecting dust for a while.

HHI: Who inspired you?

Matt: Great leaders like Gandhi and

Martin Luther King, Jr. Also, athletes

like Olympic gold medalist, Carl Lewis,

Chicago Bears running back, Walter

Payton, and Philadelphia Eagles

running back Wilbert Montgomery

HHI: Did you use any mind-body therapies/techniques

with your healing?

Matt: I practiced yoga, both hatha and

kundalini yoga. I would also pray and

meditate every day.

Matt hiking in the Adirondack Mountains

HHI: How did you work on your physical


Matt: I enjoyed massage, one per

week. I also used self-massage where

I’d roll a golf ball on my pressure points.

Every day I would enjoy walking in the

woods or park. I frequently fast.

HHI: Were there any specific foods you

used in your healing?

Matt: I ate 100 percent all raw vegetables,

root vegetables, fruit, nuts and

seeds. I also juiced often.

HHI: Did you use any supplements to

support your healing?

Matt: Some of the supplements I used

were barley greens, probiotics, enzymes,

spirulina and milk thistle.

HHI: Any advice to other people

with MS?

Matt: Number one: don’t feel guilty if

you can’t control it. Focus on the fundamentals

— work to slow and halt the

progression of symptoms. Be patient

and be in the moment. Have belief in

yourself and commit to follow through

with your health goals.

HHI: Any final words?

Matt: Blessings on your

healing journey.

To contact Matt:

or Email:

It’s hard to believe Barry was in a wheelchair less than

two weeks before this photo was taken

A New Lease On Life, cont’d from p. 19

With my newfound clarity, I really dug into the knowledge

provided, taking extensive notes and participating in

learning how to live a truly healthy lifestyle.

The amazing part is that our grown, married children

are learning from my wife how to optimize their health

as we share what we have learned, and we have seen

this transition happen to three generations of our family

in only six months! It is so amazing to see our 18-month

old granddaughter, Soleil, think that a pea pod is a treat,

instead of a cupcake or cookie!

The net results for me have been a new lease on life! I

have incredibly more energy and have lost over 70 pounds.

I have also watched my blood pressure and bad cholesterol

drop to better-than-normal levels! I seldom have

headaches these days. If they do occur, the intensity is so

minor that I can easily control them with the techniques

I learned at Hippocrates. My knee surgery healed in half

the time projected, and I went from being rolled off the

airplane in a wheelchair to riding a bicycle around the Hippocrates

campus in less than two weeks!

My goal is to bring the knowledge I gathered at Hippocrates

to northern Canada and my friends, the Métis

and Indian Elders, who are struggling with diabetes, heart

disease and chronic pain. We are scheduling a two-day

conference in northern Alberta for both Drs. Anna Maria

and Brian Clement to speak about the health gains

Hippocrates Health Institute offers. Good health can

be obtained by making good choices. Poor health doesn’t

have to be a life sentence.

The good medical doctors who have helped me have

their special talents, and the knowledge I have gained at

Hippocrates has raised the bar in terms of how wellness

needs to be pre-eminent in our lifestyle. My family doctor

recently passed away in a single plane accident with her

husband. Her last words to me I remember well, “Barry, we

didn’t get you through all these accidents to lose you to

affluence [referring to my former, indulgent diet and my

increasing weight and related health issues]!”

My wife and I are doing our utmost to live the

Hippocrates lifestyle here in Alberta, Canada. We are growing

our own sprouts and wheatgrass, exercising,

and adjusting our lifestyle to minimize stress and enjoy

the second half of our lives!

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

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6001 Lake Osprey Drive, Suite # 110

Sarasota, FL 34240

60 Hippocrates Health Institute »« Healing Our World »« 25 Years of Empowerment 61

True Transformation: Body and Mind,

cont’d from p. 56

Now, how does he like it? Look at his

face. Make sure the two-year-old looks

at his face, too. What does he look

like? Exactly. He doesn’t like it at all!

Now, what do you want to do?”

I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

The inner two-year-old and I poked

him full of holes and we both liked it!

A magical snap and the two year old

and I were one. I felt powerful and finally

done with the whole thing. Now

you, Dad, knows what it’s like! Now

leave me alone!

Ah. It worked.

Hippocrates Gave Me Hope,

cont’d from p. 49

Your liver enzymes are perfectly normal.”

I know that God, prayer,

Pac-Man and Brian Clement helped

me reverse my Hepatitis C. Although

blood tests will always detect the

virus, I have been free of Hepatitis C

symptoms for years.

In 2008 I received another routine

medical report, this time saying I had

breast cancer. By this time I had no

faith in traditional doctors, but I reported

to the Cancer Center at Broward

General. They told me my insurance

would be canceled if I did not go.

The Cancer Center is a huge building

and they herd women in there

like cattle. A nurse came into the

room and recited a speech I am sure

she has said a million times. I listened

until I heard her say, “We will be putting

a titanium chip in your breast.” I

spoke up and said, “No, you are not. I

don’t have breast cancer.”

I tried for an hour to get through

to the nurse, but she only offered her

programmed response. I felt like I was

trying to speak to someone in a coma.

I finally got upset and in a loud voice

said, “I want to see my x-rays. Show

me this cancer.”

After some more back and forth, I

convinced the nurse. She ushered me

down a long hallway to the darkroom

A deep breath of release, finally.

Brian has returned to Maine and I

have organized his lectures. I have had

a real Lyme test and yes, I have four

bands of the Lyme in my cells. With

the Hippocrates living foods way of

eating, I am now totally free of Lyme

symptoms; and I am free inside. I am

not over-reacting as I used to. I am at

ease inside and am more the real me

than ever.

The love I feel for all the Hippocrates

staff is fulfilling for me. There are

over one hundred people working

there and they are very devoted to

their work.

and I swear this was the first time this

doctor had looked at my x-rays.

The doctor pointed out one small

white dot the size of a large pinhead.

I asked if this was my cancer and

he mumbled and fidgeted, saying, “I

don’t know what that is but it is not

cancer.” Who gets the kickback for the

titanium chip? I was so angry! They

were going to just routinely chop off

my breast and the doctor had not

even looked at my x-rays! How many

other women are so filled with fear

that they blindly follow their doctor’s

instructions? This experience brought

to mind something Brian Clement

said, “Take back your power.” He says

that at every Save Your Life lecture.

Fast forward again. Dr. Jerk sent me

out the door and said to get another

mammogram in six months. If the

spot had grown by that time he

would operate. I have had a mammogram

every six months since then and

the spot has disappeared. I still have

my breasts.

I recently turned 65 and went on

a traditional doctor journey since I

am on Medicare now. I was feeling

great fatigue, woozy head and lack of

energy. I was also vacillating between

constipation and diarrhea. Three

separate doctors could not find a single

thing wrong with me as my CBC

blood report showed perfect numbers.

When I saw Brian recently, I was

flooded with the good memories of

those earlier days working together

at Foundation de Soleil. Brian introduced

me as his friend and I was filled

with gratitude that all those people,

including cousin Sandy and the yellow

jacket, came into my life so that

I could heal from the karma with my


I look forward to the next time

Brian comes here to Maine and the

next time I return to Hippocrates

Health Institute.

I am blessed and so I let it be.

They said I was either imagining this

or it was just stress. They said, “Just

take this pill and you will be fine.”

Once again, I turned to Hippocrates

Health Institute.

She told me I may have H Pylori. This

made sense because I had been on antibiotics

for an extended period of time for an

abscessed molar. Nurse Caron sent

me over to the store for some Pyloricil.

I then went for a colonoscopy and

endoscopy, and guess what? I have

all the symptoms of H-Pylori but no

bacteria. The traditional doctor could

not say for sure if the Pyloricil had

killed the bacteria. They also said it

was impossible to heal Hepatitis C

without treatment.

Dr. Brian Clement is the wisest nutritionist

on the planet. He took away

my fear, instilling me with hope. It

is not easy to follow this lifestyle in

this world today; it just takes commitment.

I am often ridiculed for

drinking my “pond scum” or eating

my “rabbit food,” but this way works.

When it is explained to you it makes

perfect sense. I encourage everyone

to visit Hippocrates Health Institute

for their free, monthly Save Your

Life program to learn more. Maybe

someday you, too, will be guided to


Finding the “Awe” in Awful,

cont’d from p. 39

Hippocrates taught me techniques to

address my illness and take a look at

myself. Today, when I experience flares,

they are more manageable because I

have the gift of this knowledge. I can

go into my toolkit, as I call it, and utilize

what I learned at HHI to help myself.

I don’t fear my body and I have

more control over situations when

they arise. I have returned to my healing

path. I have the comfort of knowing

there is a place and a community

of people who are always available to

me, who are there for life to assist and

guide me in any way they can.

Breaking Old Habits is Achievable,

cont’d from p. 30

Let us take lasagna for instance.

The vegan version (from Renate — a

chef at Hippocrates): sliced zucchini,

celery sticks, onions, macadamia nuts,

chopped peppers, sundried tomatoes,

oregano, portabello mushrooms. Our

family loves this lasagna dish — simply


Hey, baby…

Got Sprouts?

Quality Certified Organic:

• Wheatgrass

• Sprouts

• Seeds

We also sell juicers

and growing supplies!

I took one book with me when I

came to HHI, entitled Mutant Message

Down Under, by Marlo Morgan. I

would like to leave you with a quote

from that book: “Humans cannot

exist if everything that is unpleasant

is eliminated instead of understood.

When the flies come, we surrender.

Perhaps you are ready to do the same

(pg 69).”

Currently, I reside in Arizona and I

am working on my Master’s degree in

Nutrition. I have a blog about health

and managing ulcerative colitis: I welcome your

posts. I am also writing a book on being

a woman with ulcerative colitis.

Instead of veal cutlets, how about

eggplant cutlets with tomato sauce

and black olives? Simply delicious!

Growing up, my favorite food prepared

by my mom, Maria, was Italian

meatballs. Now my family enjoys

falafel — patties of chickpeas or fava

beans. Simply mouthwatering!

The average North American man

dies at 78 years of age.

Let the Light Shine On Me,

cont’d from p. 55

In the meantime, I know one thing for

sure: the reason God led me to Hippocrates

was to climb out of that cellar,

say goodbye to old ghosts and believe

there really can be a happily ever after!

I have reclaimed my strength. I have

reclaimed my faith. I have reclaimed

my health. Nobody will ever be able to

take that from me again. Hippocrates

is the place where I discovered the

magic of love without limits, and hope

when it all feels hopeless.

For two years, darkness was all I

could see, but, now, I’m free because

the light is shinin’ on me!

The average North American woman

dies at age 83. Researchers have discovered

that a vegan lifestyle potentially

extends one’s life expectancy by

at least 10 years. I plan to play ball and

hockey with my grandchildren when I

am 110 years of age. I also plan to be a

web personality and a radio personality

with Dr. Jim’s Optimal Health Show

at age 120.

(561) 689-9464

Check out our

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Cancer Death Sentence,

cont’d from p. 46

When I arrived at Hippocrates Health

Institute, I weighed 216 lbs. and was

frightened, but determined. I have

weighed as much as 256 lbs. Today

I weigh 156 lbs. While there, I lost

21 lbs. during the three week program

and was never hungry, nor did I

crave anything.

The main thing they do (and I still

do) is every morning and afternoon

give you 16 oz. of fresh green juice

made from sprouts (sunflower is

the most nutritious and powerful),

cucumber and celery, plus 2 – 3 oz. of

wheatgrass juice separately. Wheatgrass

is very cleansing and as strong

an anti-cancer agent as is raw garlic.

I add a clove of garlic to my juice

every time.

Except for Wednesdays, we had

lunch and dinner buffets of raw

vegetables and vegetable dishes.

Raw food is alive. When you heat it

over 115 degrees you scramble the

enzymes. If you microwave it you

totally wreck it. The food was good

but I could barely eat a plateful in

30 minutes as they taught us to chew

our food until it was puree before

swallowing — I used to clean my plate

in five minutes — tops. On Wednesdays

we ate lunch then fasted the rest

of the day, consuming only the juices.

Even during the short weekly juice

fasts I was never hungry.

The reason I wasn’t hungry is my

body was getting all the nutrients

it needed. It was getting whole, live

food, not the processed cooked diet

that I had grown to love. I am now

totally vegan. That means I eat no

meats, cheese or eggs. People ask,

“What do you do for protein?” Have

you ever seen a horse or a bull? What

do they do for protein? Protein is

overrated (especially by the dairy and

meat industries); mother’s milk is

90% carbohydrates, 5% protein, and

5% fatty acids and we double our size

in the first year.

I was taught that cancer thrives

in low oxygen, acidic environ-

ment. Therefore, I can’t have fruit or

starches like corn, etc. because they

have sugar which takes the oxygen

out of my blood. I can’t have carrots or

even beets as they both have a high

sugar content. The “Standard American

Diet” with meat, dairy, fried and

processed foods is very acidic.

I learned to focus on what I can

eat — lots of delicious raw food

dishes — not on what I can’t eat. TV

commercials can be a little disconcerting.

In my old life I ate to feel good,

now I feel good because of what I eat.

Hippocrates taught us “It’s not

the food in your life, but the life

in your food!”

HHI also stressed a clean colon. We

carry lots of old and toxic waste in our

colon. John Wayne had over 50 lbs. in

his colon when he died. We gave ourselves

enemas daily and we received

a colonic every week we were there.

That explains some of my weight loss.


!!!Cancer Program

Exclusively at Hippocrates Health Institute

West Palm Beach, Florida

An Innovative Model Incorporating:


BioEnergetic Regenerative Medicine

Quantum Nutrition


64 Hippocrates Health Institute »«

I go back quarterly for the pools and a

colonic. When I graduated, I stated, “It

was an honor to graduate with honors

from Enema University.” I received

some understanding laughs.

Feel free to email me questions


or check out Hippocrates at

One could “do Hippocrates” on a

budget by purchasing their DVDs,

but if you have a serious health

issue, it is best to do the three-week

program. If you don’t do email,

I can be reached at (352) 504-0070.

Today I have no symptoms of

cancer whatsoever. My blood counts

are normal and everyone tells me

how “good” I look at 183 lbs. I now eat

a little cooked food and fruit, but still

am 100% vegan (no meat, dairy or

eggs), avoiding flour, sugar, potatoes,

soda, alcohol and coffee

Including Diagnostic Evaluations & Applications of

BioEnergy Field Medicine Utilizing Advanced BioPhysics


! Dr. Valerie Hunt’s Renowned BioMeter Instrument to

Evaluate the BioEnergy Field Signature Pattern of Each

Individual & OndaMed Technology to Stabilize & Strengthen the

BioEnergy Field to Balance the Sympathetic & Parasympathetic

Nervous System

! 1 3 Week Residential Programs

For Upcoming Dates in 2012 &

More Information, Please Call:

Hippocrates Health Institute

Program Coordinator’s Office

561.471.8876 Ex. 177




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at Hippocrates Health Institute

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(HHI) but thought you couldn’t a ord it?

HHI is happy to announce we now have lending partners to help

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