hMmiCAm COHimATS GSXKftAL Berlin^ Germany, September 12 ...

hMmiCAm COHimATS GSXKftAL Berlin^ Germany, September 12 ...


Berlin^ Germany, September 12, 1933*

Follow log the eonversafcioa* whieh Mr. CJelst has had

with tha Pruasian Ministry of Culture with yespeot to

the giving ©f th© title of Professor to Dr# farmer

Leah, I called by appointment on Sr» Stuckert at 4

o'clock, t arrived promptly at four and was informed

that ha was in •enfarena*. X aslred how long it would

t&k* before ha could see we andgot as satisfactory

answer. 1 than asked that h,'s secretary ha lnfor&ed

that- this wag tha second tiste that I had had this •&>

parlance whan calling at tha Ministry. Saras weeks ago

I called fey appointment to sea lm% St^eteert with Ur»

'Oelet. »e war© there prvaaptly ami aftar having watted

20 minutes I askaa- whan wa could eee him, and it was

only than that we war* infamed that Xftre Stuekert was

not in town* I therefore a aid that usni ass 1 aauid see

Dr. £tuekert at tha tisis which ha had indicated for tha

appointment to-day, I could not wait as I had other

engagements* Thereupon I was sht>wn with much ceremony

into tha r@aa.ption salon on tha first floor #;er«to

Br* St-;ekart cam** obviously having 3aTt his conference*

lie was vary plaasant ami so was I, andsiad* no reference

to what had happened, but I fait that it was necessary

to make it cla^r that wa cent Id not be kept waiting indefinitely

at tha KnltosministerlOR whan wo had fiaiad


Dy# .£t acker t stated that ha was entirely la accord

and go wee his Ministry, that Pr* I-o«b should tm ssad*

a profassoy* There was a qsjeatlen of legal procedure

involved as under tha naw ^Baamtangssats" ha i*d to

refer tna jaatter to tha Ministry of ih# Interior of

th* Kaich, which nafi decided that a© th* title of

Professor carried with an of fie* and as t*# i#o©to was

a 4&w9 he aanid not be given tha tit-la now. Ee s«ld#

howavsa* that a naw law was being prepared und*r which

titles eouid a^ain ha given to whlab no office was

attached* and «s soon as this wag don* D9« hoeb would

ba s»de a professor* I s«ld that i>r* Loeb was leaving

shortly for tha United States, and »skod wbathar this

would intarfar* with his being nested a professor aftar

his departure, and he assur*d me that it would notu

I oali*d attantion to Dr. l**b*s raal sa.i"


ettention to the feet thst uad It not beam for the

anti-Sostltle mawestsotf £*• Loeb would have been nested

if 1 this tiiee a full professor at the university «ith

ail privileges as a professor* I eskad «*» Stnekart

whether aurter the eircK*?ataneee he would objaot to my

aoeing Dr* ?fmsdtner In the Heiofae-Afi-ilstry wf the

Interior to ask hi® whether Dr# Loeb e >al«3 not be iiaeed

»s a professor now, tf X §ave the specific ftsstrance

that he weald ley ^own hie off lee on the next day ami

merely retain the title* Me amid he had no •abjection to

this and 1 said that I wonM g© and see Dr* Pftmdtner

ab.Mit it*

Ee was v#ry pleasant ami se«sed very willing to

arrange the matter la-any way that it eould te® done*

Be aald that. If 'Dr* Loeb eould postpone his voyage h©

thought the new law would he out shortly ao that he

eouid have the title of professor before he left, in that

ease* X asleed assurances that If Dtr* Loeb left this month

and the law had not eome out, they wo=.?ld give him the

title in spite of the fact that be was already in the

United States* and he said that they would, and gave m®

s^eeifie aas trances In this respect*

Oeorgge S» Mseaarsisith,

American Consul tiemeral*

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