Current Awareness Services May 2011

Current Awareness Services May 2011

American Journal of Epidemiology

Volume 172 Issue. 11 December 1, 2010


Current Awareness Services

May 2011

From Emergence to Eradication: The Epidemiology of Poliomyelitis Deconstructed

Neal Nathanson and Olen M. Kew

Pages: 1213-1229


Prenatal Exposures to Perfluorinated Chemicals and Anthropometric Measures in Infancy

Camilla Schou Andersen, Chunyuan Fei, Michael Gamborg, Ellen Aagaard Nohr,

Thorkild I. A. Sørensen, and Jørn Olsen

Pages: 1230-1237

Reconsidering the Role of Social Disadvantage in Physical and Mental Health: Stressful

Life Events, Health Behaviors, Race, and Depression

Briana Mezuk, Jane A. Rafferty, Kiarri N. Kershaw, Darrell Hudson, Cleopatra M.

Abdou, Hedwig Lee, William W. Eaton, and James S. Jackson

Pages: 1238-1249

Are Canadian Soldiers More Likely to Have Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts Than

Canadian Civilians?

Shay-Lee Belik, Murray B. Stein, Gordon J. G. Asmundson, and Jitender Sareen

Pages: 1250-1258

Low Incidences of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Infection and

Declining Risk Behaviors in a Cohort of Injection Drug Users in Chennai, India

Sunil Suhas Solomon, David D. Celentano, Aylur K. Srikrishnan, Canjeevaram K.

Vasudevan, Kalilapuri G. Murugavel, Syed H. Iqbal, Santhanam Anand, Muniratnam

Suresh Kumar, Carl Latkin, Suniti Solomon, and Shruti H. Mehta

Pages: 1259-1267

Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Relation to Risk of Breast Cancer in the Black Women's

Health Study

Deborah A. Boggs, Julie R. Palmer, Lauren A. Wise, Donna Spiegelman, Meir J.

Stampfer, Lucile L. Adams-C1268-1279 ampbell, and Lynn Rosenberg

Pages: 1268-1279

Risk of Gastric Cancer and Peptic Ulcers in Relation to ABO Blood Type: A Cohort


Gustaf Edgren, Henrik Hjalgrim, Klaus Rostgaard, Rut Norda, Agneta Wikman, Mads

Melbye, and Olof Nyrén

Pages: 1280-1285

Use of a Web-based Questionnaire in the Black Women's Health Study

Cordelia W. Russell, Deborah A. Boggs, Julie R. Palmer, and Lynn Rosenberg

Pages: 1286-1291

Web-based Questionnaires: The Future in Epidemiology?

Marleen M. H. J. van Gelder, Reini W. Bretveld, and Nel Roeleveld

Pages: 1292-1298

Utility of International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification

Codes for Communicable Disease Surveillance

Emily E. Sickbert-Bennett, David J. Weber, Charles Poole, Pia D. M. MacDonald, and

Jean-Marie Maillard

Pages: 1299-1305

The Health Status of Nonparticipants in a Population-based Health Study: The Hordaland

Health Study

Ann Kristin Knudsen, Matthew Hotopf, Jens Christoffer Skogen, Simon Øverland, and

Arnstein Mykletun

Pages: 1306-1314

A Practical Method for Collecting Food Record Data in a Prospective Cohort Study of

Breast Cancer Survivors

Marilyn L. Kwan, Lawrence H. Kushi, Jun Song, Allegra W. Timperi, Alanna M.

Boynton, Karen M. Johnson, Judi Standley, and Alan R. Kristal

Pages: 1315-1323

Validation of 3 Food Outlet Databases: Completeness and Geospatial Accuracy in Rural

and Urban Food Environments

Angela D. Liese, Natalie Colabianchi, Archana P. Lamichhane, Timothy L. Barnes,

James D. Hibbert, Dwayne E. Porter, Michele D. Nichols, and Andrew B. Lawson

Pages: 1324-1333


Re: “Chronic Disease in Men with Newly Diagnosed Cancer: A Nested Case-Control


Gabriel Chodick

Pages: 1334

Health Policy and planning: A Journal on Health in


Volume 25, Issue. 4 July 2010

Original articles

Socio-economic and ethnic group inequities in antenatal care quality in the public and

private sector in Brazil

CG Victora, A Matijasevich, MF Silveira, IS Santos, AJD Barros, and FC Barros

Pages: 253-261

The effect of a poverty reduction policy and service quality standards on commune-level

primary health care utilization in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam

Phuong Nguyen, Duong Bich Hanh, M Ruth Lavergne, Tung Mai, Quang Nguyen, James

F Phillips, Jane Hughes, and Ha Van Thuc

Pages: 262-271

The financial burden of HIV care, including antiretroviral therapy, on patients in three

sites in Indonesia

Sigit Riyarto, Budi Hidayat, Benjamin Johns, Ari Probandari, Yodi Mahendradhata, Adi

Utarini, Laksono Trisnantoro, and Sabine Flessenkaemper

Pages: 272-282

Why do health systems matter? Exploring links between health systems and HIV

response: a case study from Russia

Elena Tkatchenko-Schmidt, Rifat Atun, Martin Wall, Patrick Tobi, Jürgen Schmidt, and

Adrian Renton

Pages: 283-291

The response to flexibility: country intervention choices in the first four rounds of the

GAVI Health Systems Strengthening applications

Lieve Goeman, Benedicte Galichet, Denis G Porignon, Peter S Hill, Naima Hammami,

Marthe-Sylvie Essengue Elouma, Patrick Y Kadama, and Wim Van Lerberghe

Pages: 292-299

Exploring the determinants of unsafe abortion: improving the evidence base in Mexico

Angelica Sousa, Rafael Lozano, and Emmanuela Gakidou

Pages: 300-310

Challenges to maternal health care utilization among ethnic minority women in a

resource-poor region of Sichuan Province, China

Amanda Harris, Yun Zhou, Hua Liao, Lesley Barclay, Weiyue Zeng, and Yu Gao

Pages: 311-318

Exploring referral systems for injured patients in low-income countries: a case study from


Shinji Nakahara, Saly Saint, Sary Sann, Masao Ichikawa, Akio Kimura, Lycheng Eng,

and Katsumi Yoshida

Pages: 319-327

Patient costs for paediatric hospital admissions in Tanzania: a neglected burden?

Priyanka Saksena, Hugh Reyburn, Boniface Njau, Semkini Chonya, Hilda Mbakilwa, and

Anne Mills

Pages: 328-333

The effects of pay-for-performance on tuberculosis treatment in Taiwan

Ya-Hsin Li, Wen-Chen Tsai, Mahmud Khan, Wen-Ta Yang, Tsuey-Fong Lee, Yi-Chun

Wu, and Pei-Tseng Kung

Pages: 334-341

Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology

Volume 9, Number.3, 2009

A non-parametric Bayesian diagnostic for detecting differential item functioning in IRT


Mark E. Glickman, Pradipta Seal and Susan V. Eisen

Pages: 145-161

Some methodological issues with the analysis of preference-based EQ-5D index score

Liang Li and Alex Z. Fu

Pages: 162-176

Exploring the small area variation and spatial patterns in outpatient treatments

Mickael Bech and Jørgen Lauridsen

Pages: 177-196

Human Reproduction

Volume 25, Issue .11 November 2010


Who should be screened for chromosomal abnormalities before ICSI treatment?

E.C. Dul, C.M.A. van Ravenswaaij-Arts, H. Groen, J. van Echten-Arends, and J.A. Land

Pages: 2673-2677

Mild ovarian stimulation for IVF: 10 years later

Bart C.J.M. Fauser, Geeta Nargund, Anders Nyboe Andersen, Robert Norman, Basil

Tarlatzis, Jacky Boivin, and William Ledger

Pages: 2678-2684


ESHRE PGD consortium data collection X: cycles from January to December 2007 with

pregnancy follow-up to October 2008

J.C. Harper, E. Coonen, M. De Rycke, G. Harton, C. Moutou, T. Pehlivan, J. Traeger-

Synodinos, M.C. Van Rij, and V. Goossens

Pages: 2685-2707



Protamine contents and P1/P2 ratio in human spermatozoa from smokers and nonsmokers

ME Hammadeh, MF Hamad, M Montenarh, and C Fischer-Hammadeh

Pages: 2708-2720

Zona pellucida-induced acrosome reaction in human spermatozoa is potentiated by

glycodelin-A via down-regulation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases and upregulation

of zona pellucida-induced calcium influx

Philip C.N. Chiu, Ben S.T. Wong, Cheuk-Lun Lee, Kevin K.W. Lam, Man-Kin Chung,

Kai-Fai Lee, Riitta Koistinen, Hannu Koistinen, Satish K. Gupta, Markku Seppälä, and

William S.B. Yeung

Pages: 2721-2733

Appearance of an oocyte activation-related substance during spermatogenesis in mice and


Chizuru Ito, Kenji Yamatoya, Keiichi Yoshida, Koichi Kyono, Ryoji Yao, Tetsuo Noda,

and Kiyotaka Toshimori

Pages: 2734-2744

Early pregnancy

H-Y antibody titers are increased in unexplained secondary recurrent miscarriage patients

and associated with low male: female ratio in subsequent live births

H.S. Nielsen, F. Wu, Z. Aghai, R. Steffensen, A.G. van Halteren, E. Spierings, O.B.

Christiansen, D. Miklos, and E. Goulmy

Pages: 2745-2752

Pregnancy-triggered antiphospholipid syndrome in a patient with multiple late


Arnd Honig, Joerg B. Engel, Sabine E. Segerer, Peter Kranke, Sebastian Häusler, and

Wolfgang Würfel

Pages: 2753-2754


Cigarette smoking during early pregnancy reduces the number of embryonic germ and

somatic cells

L.S. Mamsen, M.C. Lutterodt, E.W. Andersen, S.O. Skouby, K.P. Sørensen, C.Yding

Andersen, and A.G. Byskov

Pages: 2755-2761

Oxygen consumption and ROS production are increased at the time of fertilization and

cell cleavage in bovine zygotes

A.S. Lopes, M. Lane, and J.G. Thompson

Pages: 2762-2773

Human oocytes express ATP-sensitive K+ channels

Qingyou Du, Sofija Jovanović, Andriy Sukhodub, Evelyn Barratt, Ellen Drew, Katherine

M. Whalley, Vanessa Kay, Marie McLaughlin, Evelyn E. Telfer, Christopher L.R.

Barratt, and Aleksandar Jovanović

Pages: 2774-2782


Six weeks of structured exercise training and hypocaloric diet increases the probability of

ovulation after clomiphene citrate in overweight and obese patients with polycystic ovary

syndrome: a randomized controlled trial

S. Palomba, A. Falbo, F. Giallauria, T. Russo, M. Rocca, A. Tolino, F. Zullo, and F. Orio

Pages: 2783-2791

S.A. Roberts, W.M. Hirst, D.R. Brison, A. Vail, and toward SET collaboration

Embryo and uterine influences on IVF outcomes: an analysis of a UK multi-centre cohort

Pages: 2792-2802

Fertility and pregnancy outcomes following conservative treatment for placenta accreta

Loïc Sentilhes, Gilles Kayem, Clémence Ambroselli, Magali Provansal, Hervé

Fernandez, Franck Perrotin, Norbert Winer, Fabrice Pierre, Alexandra Benachi, Michel

Dreyfus, Estelle Bauville, Dominique Mahieu-Caputo, Loïc Marpeau, Philippe

Descamps, Florence Bretelle, and François Goffinet

Pages: 2803-2810

Serum inhibin B concentrations in pubertal boys conceived by ICSI: first results

F. Belva, M. Bonduelle, R.C. Painter, J. Schiettecatte, P. Devroey, and J. De Schepper

Pages: 2811-2814

Psychology and counseling

Men's experiences of infertility and infertility treatment 5 years after diagnosis of male

factor infertility: a retrospective cohort study

K. Hammarberg, H.W.G. Baker, and J.R.W. Fisher

Pages: 2815-2820

A qualitative study of New Zealand fertility counsellors' roles and practices regarding

embryo donation

Sonja Goedeke and Deborah Payne

Pages: 2821-2828

Reproductive biology

Interferon gamma contributes to preimplantation embryonic development and to

implantation site structure in NOD mice

A.V.C. Seaward, S.D. Burke, and B.A. Croy

Pages: 2829-2839

Aberrant expression of regulators of cell-fate found in eutopic endometrium is found in

matched ectopic endometrium among women and in a baboon model of endometriosis

D.K. Hapangama, M.A. Turner, J. Drury, L. Heathcote, Y. Afshar, P.A. Mavrogianis, and

A.T. Fazleabas

Pages: 2840-2850

Dialogist administration on angiogenesis and hemodynamics in a rat endometrial

autograft Effect model

Hiroko Katayama, Tomihiro Katayama, Kazuhiko Uematsu, Mie Hiratsuka, Masaki

Kiyomura, Yutaka Shimizu, Atsuro Sugita, and Masaharu Ito

Pages: 2851-2858

The effect of DNA methylation inhibitor 5-Aza-2'-deoxycytidine on human endometrial

stromal cells

Philip C. Logan, Anna P. Ponnampalam, Fahimeh Rahnama, Peter E. Lobie, and Murray

D. Mitchell

Pages: 2859-2869

Levels of Rabs and WAVE family proteins associated with translocation of GLUT4 to

the cell surface in endometria from hyperinsulinemic PCOS women

C. Rosas, F. Gabler, D. Vantman, C. Romero, and M. Vega

Pages: 2870-2877

Reproductive endocrinology

Cell proliferation effect of GnRH agonist on pathological lesions of women with

endometriosis, adenomyosis and uterine myoma

Khaleque Newaz Khan, Michio Kitajima, Koichi Hiraki, Akira Fujishita, Masahiro

Nakashima, Tadayuki Ishimaru, and Hideaki Masuzaki

Pages: 2878-2890

Reproductive epidemiology

Editorial Commentary: Unappreciated but not unimportant: health disparities in the risk

for cervical insufficiency

Thomas F. McElrath

Pages: 2891-2893

Health disparities in risk for cervical insufficiency

Emmanuel A. Anum, Haywood L. Brown, and Jerome F. Strauss III

Pages: 2894-2900

In utero exposure to tobacco smoke and subsequent reduced fertility in females

Xibiao Ye, Rolv Skjaerven, Olga Basso, Donna D. Baird, Merete Eggesbo, Lea Aurora

Cupul Uicab, Kjell Haug, and Matthew P. Longnecker

Pages: 2901-2906

Severity and duration of nausea and vomiting symptoms in pregnancy and spontaneous


Ronna L. Chan, Andrew F. Olshan, David A. Savitz, Amy H. Herring, Julie L. Daniels,

Herbert B. Peterson, and Sandra L. Martin

Pages: 2907-2912

Reproductive genetics

Identification of copy number variants in miscarriages from couples with idiopathic

recurrent pregnancy loss

E. Rajcan-Separovic, D. Diego-Alvarez, W.P. Robinson, C. Tyson, Y. Qiao, C. Harvard,

C. Fawcett, D. Kalousek, T. Philipp, M.J. Somerville, and M.D. Stephenson

Pages: 2913-2922

Polymorphisms of endocrine gland-derived vascular endothelial growth factor gene and

its receptor genes are associated with recurrent pregnancy loss

Mei-Tsz Su, Sheng-Hsiang Lin, I-Wen Lee, Yi-Chi Chen, Chao-Chin Hsu, Hsien-An

Pan, and Pao-Lin Kuo

Pages: 2923-2930

Letters to the editor

The pregnancy outcome of retrieved excess eggs collected during selective follicular

reduction from patients with three or more preovulatory follicles undergoing controlled

ovarian stimulation and IUI

Munire Erman Akar, Erika B. Johnston-MacAnanny, Alberto J. Carrillo, Julie Miller, and

Tamer M. Yalcinkaya

Pages: 2931

Reply: the pregnancy outcome of retrieved excess eggs collected during selective

follicular reduction from patients with three or more preovulatory follicles undergoing

controlled ovarian stimulation and IUI

Dominic Stoop

Indian Journal of Gender Studies

Volume 17, Issue. 2 June, 2010

Veiling and the Production of Gender and Space in a Town in North India: A Critique of the

Public/Private Dichotomy

Janaki Abraham

Pages: 191-222

Witchcraft: Pain, Resistance and the Ceremony of Punishment—Mahasweta Devi’s Bayen


Pages: 223-247

Browsing for Bridegrooms: Matchmaking and Modernity in Mumbai

Mukta Sharangpani

Pages: 249-276

Women in Medicine: A Perspective

Mamta Sood andR.K. Chadda

Pages: 277-285

Women Smugglers of Naxalbari

Amlan Lahiri

Pages: 287-295,

Book Review

Radha Chakravarty, Feminism and Contemporary Women Writers: Rethinking

Lola Chatterji

Pages: 297-302

M.P. Kishwar, Zealous Reformers, Deadly Laws: Battling Stereotypes.

Manju Chellani

Pages: 302-307,

Ronny Vernooy (ed.), Social and Gender Analysis in Natural Resource Management: Learning

Studies and Lessons from Asia.

Richa Minocha

Pages: 307-311

Tisy Mariam Thomas, Iranginadappu, Memoirs, Malayalam. Kottayam: DC Books. 2008. 138

pages. Rs 70. and Sr. Jesme, Amen: Oru Kanyasthreeyude Atmakadha

Sreelekha Nair

Pages: 311-318

Sindhu Phadke, Women’s Status in North-Eastern India.

Vina Mazumdar

Pages: 318-322

New Resources

Compiled by Anju Vyas

Pages: 323-328

Journal of Aging & Health

Vol. 22, Number. 6 September, 2010

Is the Emergence of Functional Ability Decline in Early Old Age Related to Change in

Speed of Cognitive Processing and Also to Change in Personality?

Hans-Werner Wahl, Marina Schmitt, Daniel Danner, and Antonia Coppin

Pages: 691-712

Caregiving in a Patient’s Place of Residence: Turnover of Direct Care Workers in Home

Care and Hospice Agencies

Janette S. Dill and John Cagle

Pages: 713-733

Exercise and the Onset of Disability in Later Life

Kate Hunt, Joy Adamson, Shah Ebrahim, and Nanette Mutrie

Pages: 734-747

Stressors Over the Life Course and Neuroendocrine System Dysregulation in Costa Rica

Omer Gersten, William D. Dow, and Luis Rosero-Bixby

Pages: 748-771

Factors Associated With Perceived Effectiveness of Local Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Programs in New York and California

Carroll L. Estes, Steven P. Lohrer, Sheryl Goldberg, Brian R. Grossman, Milena Nelson,

Mary Jane Koren, and Brooke Hollister

Pages: 772-803

Utilization of Internet Technology by Low-Income Adults: The Role of Health Literacy,

Health Numeracy, and Computer Assistance

Jakob D. Jensen, Andy J. King, LaShara A. Davis, and Lisa M. Guntzviller

Pages: 804-826

Lifelong Educational Practices and Resources in Enabling Health Literacy Among Older


Andrew V. Wister, Leslie J. Malloy-Weir, Irving Rootman, and Richard Desjardins

Pages: 827-854


Volume 376, Number .9758 Dec. 18-31, 2010


Crunch time for heart failure care in England and Wales

Pages: 2041

New obesity pill: new hopes, old fears

Pages: 2042

Tackling loneliness in the holidays

Pages: 2042


A new standard of care in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma

Paul G Richardson

Pages: 2043

Management of mental disorders: lessons from India

Charles F Reynolds, Steven M Albert

Pages: 2045

Proteinuria and risk of acute kidney injury

Morgan Grams, Josef Coresh

Pages: 2046

Five complementary interventions to slow cholera: Haiti

Louise C Ivers, Paul Farmer, Charles Patrick Almazor, Fernet Léandre

Pages: 2048

Artemisinin resistance—the clock is ticking

Nicholas J White

Pages: 2051

Winner of the Wakley prize 2010

Joanna Palmer, Pia Pini

Pages: 2053

Nominations for The Lancet paper of the year 2010

William Summerskill

Pages: 2053

Offline: The God of Carnage

Richard Horton

Pages: 2054

World Report

Tackling tuberculosis in London's homeless population

Talha Burki

Pages: 2055

Stopping traffic

Nayanah Siva

Pages: 2057


Highlights 2010

Pages: 2059


Vabradine and outcomes in chronic heart failure

Ankur Gupta, Yash Pal Sharma

Pages: 2069I

vabradine and outcomes in chronic heart failure

Seok-Min Kang, Hoyoun Won, Namki Hong, Jaewon Oh

Pages: 2069I

vabradine and outcomes in chronic heart failure – Authors' reply

Karl Swedberg, Michel Komajda, Michael Böhm, Jeffrey S Borer, Ian Ford, Luigi


Pages: 2069I

Vertebroplasty versus conservative treatment for vertebral fractures

Rachelle Buchbinder, David Kallmes, Paul Glasziou

Pages: 2070

Vertebroplasty versus conservative treatment for vertebral fractures

Vincenzo Denaro, Umile Giuseppe Longo, Luca Denaro

Pages: 2071

Vertebroplasty versus conservative treatment for vertebral fractures – Authors' reply

Caroline AH Klazen, WP Th M Mali, PNM Lohle, WJJ van Rooij

Pages: 2071

Under-reporting of progressive supranuclear palsy

Roy Maxwell, Claudia Wells, Julia Verne

Pages: 2072

Moral algorithm versus human rights law; philosophy versus ethos

Peter Hall

Pages: 2072

A plea for investment in district hospitals

Caris Grimes, Christopher Lavy

Pages: 2073

Breaking away from the disease-focused paradigm

Anne Andermann

Pages: 2073

Music of the heart

Michael J Field

Pages: 2074

Bortezomib with thalidomide plus dexamethasone compared with thalidomide plus

dexamethasone as induction therapy before, and consolidation therapy after, double

autologous stem-cell transplantation in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma: a randomised

phase 3 study

Michele Cavo, Paola Tacchetti, Francesca Patriarca, Maria Teresa Petrucci, Lucia

Pantani, Monica Galli, Francesco Di Raimondo, Claudia Crippa, Elena Zamagni, Antonio

Palumbo, Massimo Offidani, Paolo Corradini, Franco Narni, Antonio Spadano, Norbert

Pescosta, Giorgio Lambertenghi Deliliers, Antonio Ledda, Claudia Cellini, Tommaso

Caravita, Patrizia Tosi, Michele Baccarani, for the GIMEMA Italian Myeloma Network

Pages: 2075

Effectiveness of an intervention led by lay health counsellors for depressive and anxiety

disorders in primary care in Goa, India (MANAS): a cluster randomised controlled trial

Vikram Patel, Helen A Weiss, Neerja Chowdhary, Smita Naik, Sulochana Pednekar,

Sudipto Chatterjee, Mary J De Silva, Bhargav Bhat, Ricardo Araya, Michael King,

Gregory Simon, Helen Verdeli, Betty R Kirkwood

Pages: 2086

Glomerular filtration rate, proteinuria, and the incidence and consequences of acute

kidney injury: a cohort study

Matthew T James, Brenda R Hemmelgarn, Natasha Wiebe, Neesh Pannu, Braden J

Manns, Scott W Klarenbach, Marcello Tonelli, for the Alberta Kidney Disease Network

Pages: 2096


Omsk haemorrhagic fever

Daniel Růžek, Valeriy V Yakimenko, Lyudmila S Karan, Sergey E Tkachev

Pages: 2104

An epidemic of loneliness

Wakley Prize Essay

Pages: 2114

Case Report

Cytotoxic therapy for severe swine flu A/H1N1

Jan-Inge Henter, Kajsa Palmkvist-Kaijser, Bernhard Holzgraefe, Yenan T Bryceson,

Kenneth Palmér

Pages: 2116

New England Journal of Medicine ©

Vol. 364, No. 8 February 24, 2011


Transforming Graduate Medical Education to Improve Health Care Value

G. Hackbarth, C. Boccuti

Pages: 693-695

Advancing Medical Education by Teaching Health Policy

M.S. Patel, M.M. Davis, M.L. Lypson

Pages: 695-697

Residents: Workers or Students in the Eyes of the Law?

A.S. Kesselheim, K.E. Austad

Pages: 697-699


Exposure to Environmental Microorganisms and Childhood Asthma

M.J. Ege and Others

Pages: 701-709

Heterogeneity of Hemoglobin H Disease in Childhood

A. Lal and Others

Pages: 710-718

Association between Body-Mass Index and Risk of Death in More Than 1 Million Asians

W. Zheng and Others

Pages: 719-729

Whole-Genome Sequencing and Social-Network Analysis of a Tuberculosis Outbreak

J.L. Gardy and Others

Pages: 730-739

Brief Report: Perilipin Deficiency and Autosomal Dominant Partial Lipodystrophy

S. Gandotra and Others

Pages: 740-748


Current Concepts: Point-of-Care Ultrasonography

C.L. Moore, J.A. Copel

Pages: 749-757


Intraosseous Catheter Placement in Children

J. Nagler, B. Krauss



Myositis Ossificans

D.A. Martin, S. Senanayake

Pages: 758

Carotid–Cavernous Sinus Fistula

B.S. Korn, K. Zhang



Case 6-2011 — A 77-Year-Old Man with Dyspnea, Weakness, and Diaphoresis

A.M.N. Tsibris, J.-A.O. Shepard, L.R. Zukerberg

Pages: 759-767


Barnyard Microbes and Childhood Asthma

J.E. Gern

Pages: 769-770

Newborn Screening for α-Thalassemia — Keeping Up with Globalization

E.J. Benz, Jr.

Pages: 770-771


Resistance to BRAF Inhibition in Melanomas

D.B. Solit, N. Rosen

Pages: 772-774


Crizotinib in Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma

Pages: 775-776

More on Crizotinib

Pages: 776-779

Diets for Maintenance of Weight Loss

Pages: 779-781

Body-Mass Index and Mortality among White Adults

Pages: 781-783

Recurrent Miscarriage

Pages: 783-784


Transcatheter Aortic-Valve Implantation for Aortic Stenosis

Pages: 785

Adjuvant Docetaxel for High-Risk, Node-Negative Breast Cancer

Pages: 785

Graves' Ophthalmopathy

Pages: 785

Psychological studies

Volume 55, Number. 2 (June 2010)


The changing context of psychology

Girishwar Mishra

Pages: 87

Original Article

Cross-cultural psychology: Some accomplishments and challenges

Peter B. Smith

Pages: 89-95

Way to capture theory of indigenous psychology

Kwang-Kuo Hwang

Pages: 96-100

Sharing identity through dress: The case of Sikh women

Preeti Kapur

Pages: 101-107

Privacy and control: Are they related?

Nachiketa Tripathi

Pages: 108-117

Review Article

Self, social identity and psychological well-being

Sagar Sharma and Monica Sharma

Pages: 118-136

Assessing the impact of organizational communication on job satisfaction and job


Vijai N. Giri and B. Pavan Kumar

Pages: 137-144

Identity consistency and General Well-Being in college students

Sunandita Dhar, Pia Sen and Saugata Basu

Pages: 144-150

Research in Progress

Empirical validation of values in action-inventory of strengths (VIA-IS) in Indian context

Kamlesh Singh and Rajneesh Choubisa

Pages: 151-158

An exploratory mapping of college girls’ identity and some of its concomitant variables

Madhu Pandey

Pages: 159-164

Cognitive functioning, personality variables and academic achievement of hemophilic

and normal children: A comparative study

Jayanti Basu, Monami Roy Chowdhury and Apurba Kumar Mitra

Pages: 165-171

Profile of couples seeking help in the family court- a clinic — based study

Anita Rajah, Gitanjali Natarajan and K. R. Sundaram

Pages: 172-176

Book Review

The psychology of strategic terrorism: public and government responses to attack

Ben Sheppard

Pages: 177-179

Statistical Methods in Medical research

Volume 19, Number. 4 (2010)

Statistical issues in Primary Care

MJ Campbell

Pages: 347-348

Trials in primary care: statistical issues in the design, conduct and evaluation of complex


GA Lancaster, MJ Campbell, S. Eldridge, A. Farrin, M. Marchant, S. Muller, R. Perera,

TJ Peters, AT Prevost, and G. Rait

Pages: 349-377

Towards a scientific workflow methodology for primary care database studies

Vasa Curcin, Alex Bottle, Mariam Molokhia, Christopher Millett, and Azeem Majeed

Pages: 378-393

Statistical models for the control phase of clinical monitoring

Richard J Stevens, Jason Oke, and Rafael Perera

Pages: 394-414

Sensitivity designs for preventing bias replication in randomized clinical trials

Vance W Berger, William C Grant, and Laura F Vazquez

Pages: 415-424

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