2009 Annual Report - Girl Scouts of Central Illinois


2009 Annual Report - Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Girl Scout Promise & Law 3

Awards 9

Board & Officers


Annual Meeting in Review 11

Girl Scout Mission 12





Donors 19

Message from the


Dear friends and members of

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois,

It has been an honor and pleasure to

serve the membership, volunteers, and

staff of Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

as your board chair for the past two

years. Little did I know when I first

became a Girl Scout board member in

1994 what opportunities and

experiences I would have, and all the

people I would meet and friends I

would make not only within our

council but across the United States.

While we are thrilled with where we are after two years as

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois, there is always work to do

and improvements to be made. We must constantly

measure, evaluate, and change to meet the needs of and stay

on pace with the girls and the volunteers who support and

deliver our program. We are particularly proud of our ability

to meet these needs and strive continuously to improve.

I would like to personally thank the board, board committee

members, staff, leaders, and girls of our council for the

opportunity to help as best as I could – with the help of every

one of you. The GSCI Board Development Committee and

Board of Directors will continue to help you in our collective

mission to develop girls of courage, confidence, and character.

I look forward to serving the council in other ways going

forward. Thank you all.


Sharon Riechers

Message from the


Dear Girl Scouts of Central Illinois family and friends,

October 1, 2009, marked the second anniversary of Girl Scouts of Central Illinois, and on this

momentous day we have much to celebrate! While this annual report is intended to focus

literally on the past twelve months, it is the last twenty-four months, the previous nine-plus

decades, and the legacy of those who came before us that we are actually celebrating.

Today, two years into realignment, GSCI reaps the benefit of a strong Girl Scouting foundation that makes our successes

today achievable. As we prepare to launch our first ever Alumnae Association for Girl Scouts of Central Illinois, we are

already eager to experience the excitement of connecting old friends with new and expanding the endless possibilities that

our girl leaders of the last nine decades envisioned for the girls of today.

In recent retrospect, GSCI can be proud of its 22,000-plus girl members and 5,000-plus adult volunteers. This year’s

members continued the tradition of celebrating our Gold, Silver, and Bronze recipients by awarding a total of 198

awards. Our Girl Scouts, with the help of their leaders, see the importance of demonstrating a strong commitment

to their own leadership development thus helping make the world a better place. In addition to our award recipients

we can also celebrate the amazing impact made by more than 890 service project participants who took seriously the

call to give back to their communities. Along the way, girls still had and made time for a little fun because as we look

through the eyes of our girls, while their program participation, leadership development, and community service is taking

place, they’re here for the fun and friendship, perhaps not realizing at this point in their lives what a personal and

profound impact they are making on the world or how each and every one of our more than 200 program opportunities

is fun, yes, but also objectives-driven – objectives that through their achievement allow our 5 -17 year-olds to become

the leaders of their own entrepreneurial spirit.

Financially, the council continues to invest with the help of many of you, our very generous donors, in building

capacity to support girls and volunteers across our thirty-eight counties through the development of a Long Range

Property Plan and a Strategic Learning Plan. During this past year current board members, former legacy council

board members, community members-at-large, and staff came together to create an innovative and bold strategy

designed to guide us through the next five to ten years. By addressing five key priorities – technology, pathways

development, volunteer management, diversified funding, and contemporary image – we are prepared to perpetuate

our Girl Scout legacy well beyond the Girl Scout 100th anniversary in 2012 and into the coming decades.

Our final celebration comes in the form of understanding that it is with strength of purpose, commitment to the

movement, faith and trust in the legacy left to us by the Girl Scouts who came before us, and dedication to preserving

the “green” that God gave us, that in combining the strength of our predecessors with continued leadership vision of

the Girl Scouts of today, not only have we already made an impact but we are poised to continue, indeed, making the

world a better place.

I would like to thank all of our volunteers for the countless hours of service they have given us over the past twelve

months, our donors for their commitment to continuing our financial solidarity, and a terrific staff for working to

inspire today’s girls to lead tomorrow!


Pam Kovacevich

3 Promise & Law

Girl Scout Promise & Law

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:

To serve God * and my country,

To help people at all times,

And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Girl Scout Law

I will do my best to be

honest and fair,

friendly and helpful,

considerate and caring,

courageous and strong, and

responsible for what I say and do,

and to

respect myself and others,

respect authority,

use resources wisely,

make the world a better place, and

be a sister to every Girl Scout.

*The word “God” can be interpreted in a number of ways, depending on one’s spiritual

beliefs. When reciting the Girl Scout Promise, it is acceptable to replace the word “God”

with whatever word your spiritual beliefs dictate.


Cash and cash equivalents $ 2,078,439

Investments 2,725,562

Accounts receivable 14,719

Interest receivable 22,856

Unconditional promises to give 29,249

Bequest receivable 480,000

Grants receivable 55,700

Contributions receivable 5,450

United Way receivable 267,859

Inventory 125,793

Prepaid expenses 92,586

Total current assets $ 5,898,213


Unconditional promises to give 29,570

Debt issuance cost (net) 8,200

Property and equipment (net) 11,854,929

Total noncurrent assets 11,892,699

Total assets $ 17,790,912

Financial Statements 4

Financial Statements


SEPTEMBER 30, 2009


Accounts payable $ 67,065

Accrued expenses 10,699

Accrued benefits 174,832

Amounts held for others 46,178

Deferred income 171,863

Amounts due to GSUSA 50,260

Bonds payable - current portion 27,132

Total current liabilities $ 548,029


Bonds payable, less current portion above 258,416

Total liabilities $ 806,445



General 14,483,019

Board designated 797,680

Temporarily restricted 1,122,922

Permanently restricted 580,846

Total net assets 16,984,467

Total liabilities and net assets $ 17,790,912

5 Financial Statements

Financial Statements




Product sales $ 7,255,706

Cost of sales (2,911,916)

Gross profit from product sales 4,343,790

United Way 440,242

Special events (net) 77,274

Program service fees 520,860

Investment income 117,761

Net unrealized and realized

gain (loss) on investments (79,506)

In-kind contributions 73,178

Contributions 616,726

Grants 103,995

Other income 8,469

Gain (loss) on disposal of

property and equipment (71,795)

Total revenues and other support 6,150,994


Program services 5,242,582

Management and general 719,261

Fundraising 393,668

Total expenses 6,355,511


Net assets, beginning of year 17,188,984

Net assets, end of year $ 16,984,467



Board of Directors

Sharon Riechers - Springfield, IL

Audit Manager, Bunn-O-Matic Corporation


Nora Baldner - Quincy, IL

Branch Director, West Central Illinois Branch of

the Arthritis Foundation

Second Vice Chair

Ruby Brase - Moweaqua, IL

Director of Fiscal Operations, Millikin University



Chris Funk - Decatur, IL

Vice President, Hickory Point Bank and Trust, FSB

Diane Newell - Springfield, IL

Vice President Human Resources,

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation

Angela Roberson - Peoria, IL

Associate Provost for Enrollment Management,

Bradley University

Rebecca McNeil – Normal, IL

McLean County Treasurer

Elaine young - Springfield, IL

Vice President Finance, Memorial Health


First Vice Chair

Ann Kenney Lynch - Peoria, IL

Retired, Caterpillar, Inc.


virginia Waddell - Macomb, IL

President/CEO, Waddell Farms, Inc.

Tom Berns - Urbana, IL

President, Berns, Clancy & Associates, PC

Kathleen Pagel - Peoria, IL

Community and Public Relations, Ameren

Dr. Lily Siu – Danville, IL

Dean, Richland Community College

Board & Officers 6

Patricia Webber – Bloomington, IL

Pharmacist, Ryan Pharmacy

7 Board & Officers

Slate of Officers and Board Nominees



Elaine young, Board Chair, Springfield, IL, 2 year term

Patricia Webber, 1st Vice Chair, Bloomington, IL, 2 year term

Directors nominated for re-election

Diane Newell, Director, Springfield, IL, 2 year term

virginia Waddell, Director, Macomb, IL, 2 year term

Directors nominated for their first two-year term

Debbie Cimarossa

Debbie lives in Springfield and is currently Assistant Vice President, HR Generalist and Compliance

Officer for Horace Mann Insurance. In addition, she is serving her second year of a four-year term as

Alderman for Ward 7 on the Springfield City Council. Debbie holds a B.A. degree in Management and

an M.A. degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Illinois at Springfield, where she

has also served as an adjunct faculty member in the College of Business and Management since 1995.

Her interest in Girl Scouting dates to her own involvement in the organization during her youth and she has

a particular interest in the professional development and mentoring of women. Debbie brings experience in

education, governance, strategic planning, finance, policies/bylaws, technology, fundraising, and property.

Melinda Figge

Melinda makes her home in Green Valley and is the Executive Director of the YWCA Pekin. She holds

a B.A. in Business Administration from Monmouth College and an M.B. A. from Bradley University, and

prior to her directorship at the YWCA she served on its board for six years. Melinda has served as a

Girl Scout co-leader since 2006 and also gives her time to many of her children’s other activities. An

avid reader, Melinda also enjoys playing piano and spending time with her family. In addition to prior

board experience she brings experience in human resources and fundraising.

Emmie Fisher

Emmie resides in Champaign and is a self-employed entrepreneur and business consultant whose areas of

expertise include non-profit board development, corporate and strategic planning, and volunteer recruitment,

retention, and training. She holds a B.A. in Music with a teaching certificate from James Madison University

and is a GSUSA Charter Lifetime Member. Emmie has contributed her vast array of skills to such

organizations as GSUSA, United Way of Champaign County, Green Meadows Girl Scout Council, the Spurlock

Museum, and others. She brings experience in governance, marketing, human resources, policies/bylaws, and

fundraising to the GSCI board.

Board & Officers 8

Board Nominees Continued

Suzanne Gehrig

Suzanne lives in Peoria and works as a Senior Financial Analyst for OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. She

holds a B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration from Illinois State University. Suzanne served as a

Girl Scout leader for Kickapoo Council and since 2001 has served on the board of directors for

Healthcare Financial Management Associates. In addition to her board experience, Suzanne brings

experience in education, finance, and development of girls.

Donna haire

Donna makes her home in Quincy and has a history of Girl Scout experience as both a former employee of Two

Rivers Council and a long-time volunteer. Under her leadership, nine girls achieved the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Donna has an A.A. degree in English from John Wood Community College and a B.S. in Business Administration

Management from Culver-Stockton College and has served on the board of several organizations, including the

Quincy Community Theatre. In addition to an interest in media and theatre, Donna has experience in marketing,

public relations, finance, technology, fundraising, and property.

Jodi Pospeschil

Jodi lives in Macomb and is an editor at the Macomb Journal-Gatehouse News. She holds a degree in Mass

Communications from Central College and has held several writing and editing positions with central Illinois

news agencies. Jodi is a former Girl Scout who enjoys photography, sewing, painting, and scrapbooking. She

brings knowledge of marketing, public relations, and human resources to her position on the GSCI board.

Marla Robinson

Marla lives in Decatur and is the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education for Decatur Public School

District #61. Marla holds numerous degrees in higher education and is currently completing an Ed.D. degree

from Illinois State University. She has served on the board of directors for several organizations including Baby

Talk, the YWCA, and the Millikin University Alumnae board. In addition to her board experience Marla brings

experience in human resources, strategic planning, and policies/bylaws.

Timothy Ryon

Timothy lives in Peoria and is a retired principal for Peoria Public Schools. He holds degrees in Foreign Languages

and Educational Administration from Western Illinois University and Illinois State University. Timothy is a former

board member/board officer of Kickapoo Council whose daughters were involved in Girl Scouts during their

childhood. In addition to his previous board experience and extensive experience in education, Timothy also has

knowledge of governance, human resources, policies/bylaws, and property.

Non-voting girl members nominated for a one-year term:

Katherine Dunn Springfield, IL Jacqueline harris Chapin, IL

hannah huebner Peoria Heights, IL

Board Development Committee members nominated for a two-year term:

Melinda Figge Green Valley, IL Diane Newell Springfield, IL

9 Awards

Volunteer Awards

Every year, over 5,000 adult volunteers assist us in carrying out our mission to inspire

courage, confidence, and character in the 20,000+ girls we serve. Through their

dedication, leadership, and example, volunteers facilitate girls’ healthy development,

helping them to become empowered and to feel connected to one another and their

communities. At this time we would like to recognize volunteers who earned these

awards during the 2008-2009 membership year.

Outstanding Leader The Outstanding Leader award recognizes leaders who go above

and beyond the role of leader to deliver the Girl Scout program to girls.

Kim Baker

Lyn Bray

Emmy Combs

Elaine Gentry

Jan Mason

Kim Krukewitt

Cathie Marx

Outstanding volunteer The Outstanding Volunteer award recognizes volunteers who

deliver outstanding service to a service area, beyond the expectations of the postition.

Connie Holtke

Amy Kinsinger

Janet Lyman

Tammy Matthews

Helen Roberts

Liz Yost

Appreciation Pin The Appreciation Pin is a board-approved award for candidates who go above

and beyond in at least one area of the council and contribute to the council’s goals and objectives.

Kim Brittin

Kim Derby

Karen Slezak

Sarah Kinsel

India Anderson

Brenda Stambaugh

Roseanne Wiatrolik

Gold Award

Nicole Ashenfelter

Stephanie Ashton

Casey Brooks

Katie Crull

Brianne Daly

Katherine Dunn

Katelyn Emerson

Kristina Green

Raymie Hart

Katie Hinds

Mary Lane

Erika Lannon

Celsy Martindale

Mary Frances Merdian

Girl Awards

Girls who achieve the Girl Scout Silver Award and the Girl Scout Gold Award demonstrate a strong commitment

to their own leadership development and to making the world a better place. Achievement of these awards

signifies a girl’s efforts to make a lasting impact in her community through identifying a community need and

devising her own original project to help meet that need. The Girl Scout Silver Award is the second highest

award in Girl Scouting and the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette may earn. The Girl Scout Gold Award is

the highest award a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador may earn and is the highest award in Girl Scouting.

Obtaining these awards is a leadership adventure of the highest order in which girls leave the world a better

place than they found it and discover their own amazing potential along the way.

Gold & Silver Award Recipients

Gwen Merz

Hannah Neuendorf

Samantha Perez-Gillan

Hannah Reiser

Ashley Richardson

Amanda Seitz

Shelby Staber

Mariah Turley

Krista Walsh

Lindsey Weishar

Ruthie Wheelock

Stacie Young

Sarah Zalisko

Rachel Barter

Katarina Bowles

Samantha Brewer

Cassidy Christy

Morganne Criswell

Nicole Duesdieker

Kadi Fauble

Johannah Fryer

Lauryl Hassen

Angela Headley

Carly Hodges

Kelsie Hughes

Stephanie Johnson

Samantha Kraft

Kaitlyn Lavender

Jeanie May

Christina McDowell

Mia McNay

Maggie Merdian

Gina Moroff

Audrey O’Dear

Silver Award

Awards 10

Miranda Palmer

Roza Panos

Valya Panos

Harlee Reisinger

Heather Ruckle

Rebecca Salo

Katie Salogga

Victoria Schneider

Holley Schuman

Jessica Seitz

Bryanna Shaffer

Logan Stanzione

Lindsay Tipsword

Tia Treadway

Ciera Vecellio

Kim Wheeler

Marissa Wheybright

Haley White

Sierra Wilson

Kaytlyn Worner

11 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting in Review

Girl Scouts of Central illinois

Second Annual Meeting

November 14, 2009

Marriott hotel and Conference Center

Normal, iL

The entire council came together in one location for a day of business, fun,

and celebration at the second annual meeting of Girl Scouts of Central Illinois.

The occasion was made even more momentous due to the fact that it included

a Girl Scout Extravaganza with over 500 girls, a leader appreciation luncheon that

served over 100 key volunteers, and a very special keynote speaker, Connie L. Lindsey.

The room was overflowing with staff, volunteers, and girls during this standing room only event as Girl Scouting’s

highest ranking volunteer shared from her wealth of experiences. We would like to thank the following Girl Scouts

for helping to make the day special by leading the day’s opening flag ceremony; leading us in the Pledge

of Allegiance, the Girl Scout Promise, and the Girl Scout Law; and retiring the colors: Brownie Troop 1126,

Junior Troop 1392, Junior Troop 1577, Cadette Troop 1126, and Cadette Troop 1204. After the meeting,

Ms. Lindsey met local Girl Scouts for photo opportunities and distributed President’s patches.

A volunteer appreciation luncheon immediately following the annual meeting brought together in one room

over 100 leaders from across the council. This time of networking and fellowship gave the council the

opportunity to thank leaders for all that they do for girls – delivering the Girl Scout program, serving as role

models, and so much more.

Simultaneous with the annual meeting, a Girl Scout Extravaganza provided girls of all ages the opportunity to

experience a day of Girl Scout fun and education. Highlights of the extravaganza included an archery range, a

climbing wall, hands-on environmental displays, summer camp previews, and educational booths about

Girl Scout Journeys, the new GSCI Alumnae Association, and the Family Partnership Campaign.

Girl Scouting builds girls of

courage, confidence, and character

who make the world a better place.

In Girl Scouts, girls discover their own potential, connect with others in meaningful ways, and take action by

giving back to their communities. We facilitate this process through programs which align with the Girl Scout

Leadership Experience. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience provides the opportunity for girls to

• make new friends

• try new things

• take trips to exciting new places

• develop leadership skills to last a lifetime

• be the best they can be

• change the world one community at a time

Our Mission 12

The result is strong, courageous, confident girls and young women with the power to achieve their goals and

dreams while making a difference in the lives of others. Whatever a girl dreams of doing, we can set her on a

path to that achievement and light the way for all kinds of exciting discoveries on her journey.

Accomplishing our mission requires a great deal of assistance beyond our own dedicated staff. GSCI

currently boasts an adult membership of over 5,000 committed and caring volunteers who help us deliver

the Girl Scout program throughout central Illinois. By their leadership example and encouragement of teamwork,

our volunteers show girls what is possible. We are also grateful to the individual and corporate donors who

help us to grow our programs and make sure they are available to any girl who wishes to participate. Our

community partners allow us to reach out to girls who do not have the means to reach out to us first. In

these ways the mission of Girl Scouting extends beyond schools, family homes, and Girl Scout service

centers to enrich and be enriched by all facets of our communities.

13 Membership


The Girl Scout program is available to any girl age 5 – 17 through six pathways

which include camp, special events, themed activities in series, travel, and virtual

participation, in addition to the traditional troop model.

Membership Highlights:

• GSCI’s membership was comprised of 22,276 girl members and 5,348 adult

volunteers, of which 674 are lifetime members

• We hold a 15.4% market share, well above the 11% national average for

market share, and boast a 1:4.7 adult to girl ratio

Girl Scout Journeys provide members of all age levels the opportunity to gain

a global and multicultural perspective, learn about the history of Girl Scouting

and its traditions, embrace the values expressed in the Girl Scout Promise and

Law, become environmentally aware, and develop attitudes of self-understanding

that promote healthy living for themselves and others

Grades K - 1 (Daisy) 3,604 members Grades 2 - 3 (Brownie) 9,617 members

Grades 4 - 5 (Junior) 6,087 members Grades 6 - 8 (Cadette) 2,286 members

Grades 9 - 10 (Senior) 432 members

Total 22,276 members

Grades 11 - 12 (Ambassador) 250 members


Program 14

Through a wide range of program offerings girls have the opportunity to pursue their known passions as

well as expand their horizons by traversing outside their comfort zones, and we are thrilled to see so many

of our members taking advantage of these opportunities. Over 11,000 girls attended council-sponsored

activities throughout the school year, an increase of 47% over the previous year. Our commitment to make

the Girl Scout program available to any girl who wishes to participate meant that we provided financial

assistance to nearly one out of every two girls who participated in our program offerings. While programs

are designed with fun, friendship, and adventure in mind, they are also designed to deliver the keys to

leadership that allow each girl to grow to be all that she can be. As we watch girls achieve Bronze, Silver,

and Gold Awards and participate in community service, we get to see that leadership development

happening right before our eyes.

“After attending the S.T.E.M. class on welding, i want to

research becoming an underwater welder.”

-Ashley, S.T.E.M. Welding Career Exploration Class

15 Activities

“I was not a big traveler

until I got into Girl Scouts,

and now I’ve taken all

these trips. I don’t know

if people realize that Girl

Scouts provides this huge

spectrum of possibilities.”


Girl Scout Ambassador

Council-Sponsored Activities

• GSCI offered more than 200 council-sponsored activities across six program areas of concentration:

Healthy Living, Financial Literacy, S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Travel, the

Arts, and Outdoor Education

• Thirteen Girl Scouts between the ages of 14 –18 and eight Girl Scout adults traveled to England, France,

and Switzerland, staying at two of the four World Girl Scout Centers. Domestic road trips included bus trips

to Chicago museums, the St. Louis Science Center, and hiking at Mississippi Palisades State Park

• A grant from GSUSA enables GSCI to offer the uniquely ME! Dove Self-Esteem program to 10,000 girls

in grades 4 –12 so that they can make healthy choices and live healthy lives

• A grant from Lockheed Martin supported GSCI’s S.T.E.M. program, offering activities for girls in Science,

Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

• Camp Exec, a professional development program, allowed fifty-two girls ages 11 – 17 to visit universities,

explore college majors, and job shadow professional women across a broad spectrum of careers, including art

museum director, basketball referee, horticulturist, life coach, and more. A grant from State Farm helped

us to continue and expand this leadership development program for girls

• Over 2,500 GSCI Girl Scouts and their families enjoyed Girl Scout Day at the Capitol with

activities that included a parade, a Girl Scout rally, meeting policy makers, and touring the House of


• 890 Girl Scouts gave back to their communities through council-sponsored community service projects

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education 16

GSCI Outdoor Education provides unique opportunities for girls to develop strength and confidence through

their connection with the natural world. Through outdoor education girls experience activities ranging from

boating to horseback riding to spending the night in shelters they build themselves. They also develop a

relationship with the natural world that fosters a sense of stewardship toward the environment.

• 3,113 girls attended camp during the 2009 summer season, an increase of 5% over the previous year

• 799 girls attended resident camp

• 266 girls attended mini resident camp

• 1,528 girls attended day camp

• 520 girls attended core camp

• In all, 14% of our girl membership took advantage of camp opportunities in 2009

• Camp Peairs and Camp Possible both successfully completed the accreditation process to

become American Camping Association accredited sites, making all GSCI camps ACA accredited

• GSCI participated in the development of a Long Range Property Plan to determine the best use of

council resources for properties

17 Product Sales

Product Sales

The Girl Scout Cookie Activity is the largest all-girl business and financial literacy program in the country.

Girls who participate in council-sponsored product sale activities develop a wide range of skills, including

entrepreneurship, goal-setting, teamwork, and more, all while having fun. Girls earn personal and troop

proceeds from participating in product sale activities to help them fund individual and troop activities and

goals. Proceeds from product sale activities remain in our communities to support the Girl Scout program


• In all, 5,793 girls in 744 troops participated in the Fall Product Activity – 74% of our registered girl

membership at the time of the sale

• A few months later, 14,611 girls in 1,423 troops participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Activity –

92% of our registered girl membership at the time of the sale

• Individual girls and troops used the proceeds from these product sale activities to participate in

council-sponsored activities, attend camp, go on excursions with their troops, and give back to their

communities through community service projects

• GSCI held six cookie rallies throughout central Illinois where 2,299 girls participated in activities that

fostered marketing and communication skills and promoted safe selling guidelines

Fund Development

Fund Development 18


GSCI is fortunate to have the support of numerous corporations and foundations in fulfilling our mission to

develop the leadership potential in all girls. In partnership with our corporate and foundation supporters, we

are able to provide the kinds of relevant programs that today’s girls want and need. Girl Scouts of Central

Illinois received two major grants from Girl Scouts of the USA to support girl programs in central Illinois. A

$50,000 uniquely ME! Dove self-esteem grant allows us to provide self-esteem activities to 10,000 girls in

grades 4-12. A $10,000 Lockheed Martin grant in support of the GSCI S.T.E.M. program assists us in offering

activities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Special Events

Successful fundraising events provide Girl Scouts of Central Illinois a terrific opportunity to help raise

awareness of our mission while raising funds. Fund Development Professionals planned and implemented

thirteen successful fundraising events, including a golf outing, a Girl Scout fashion show, two phone-a-thons,

and three Friendship Circle luncheons. Community events such as Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Celebrations and Women of Distinction Awards honor friends of Girl Scouting in our communities.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend honorees Women of Distinction Award Recipients

Brian Byers, Decatur Aya Fubara-Enelia, Danville

Becky Hofmann, Peoria Judith Jespsen-Popel, Paxton

Andy Nickelson, Quincy Lyn Jones, Champaign

Sharon Riechers, Springfield Kay Smoot, Fairmount

Patricia Webber, Bloomington Lela Wilson, Urbana

Annual Campaigns

Gifts to our annual campaigns recognize the importance of supporting the Girl Scout program in central

Illinois. The following campaigns help support our efforts to build girls of courage, confidence, and character.

• Gifts for Girls helps to raise operating revenue for Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

• Campership Appeal provides girls with an economic need the opportunity to attend camp

• Membership Assistance Appeal funds membership registration for girls in need

• Family Partnership Campaign gives Girl Scout families the opportunity to support Girl Scouts of

Central Illinois with a financial contribution

19 Donors

$50,000 and over

Girl Scouts of the USA

Heart of Illinois United Way

United Way Of Central Illinois

United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois

United Way of McLean County

$49,999 - $25,000

United Way of Adams County

United Way of Champaign County

$24,999 -$10,000

Adams Outdoor Advertising

Archer Daniels Midland Company


Becky and Lee Hofmann

Menghini Charitable Trust

Prairieland United Way

State Farm Companies Foundation

United Way of Danville Area

United Way of Greater St. Louis

United Way of Pekin

$9,999 -$5,000

Champaign Rotary

Dame, Hurdle and Company

Illinois Department of Public Health

J.W. Gardner Foundation


Prairie Production Group

Streator Area United Way

United Way of Christian County

United Way of Illinois Valley

United Way of Pontiac

Woods Foundation

$4,999 -$2,500

Ameren Illinois Utilities

American Business Club

Andreas Foundation

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation

Denney Jewelers

Dot Foods

Lamar Advertising

Norma Maddio

McDonough County United Way

Moultrie County United Way


Robeson Family Benefit Fund

Samantha Otte Fund

United Way of Brown County

United Way of Bureau County

Girl Scout Donor List

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois Donors and Supporters (October 1, 2008 - September 30, 2009)

United Way of Logan County

United Way of Spoon River County

Walmart Foundation

$2,499 -$1,000

Adams Electric Cooperative

Beardstown United Way

Lynn Bock

Christie Foundation

Community Foundation of Central Illinois

DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen

Denise Druhot

Family Video

Funk Foundation

Great River Golf Club

Harry Mussatto Golf Course

Illinois Piping Corporation

International Supply Company

Ms. Mary Jane Johnson

Parker Kemp

Kiwanis Club Quincy

Knights of Columbus - ISC


Kohl’s Cares for Kids

Vel and Pam Kovacevich

Bernie and Shirley Kraft

Bobby Krausz

Lumpkin Foundation

Ann Kenney Lynch

Menard County United Fund

Mercantile Bank

Mrs. Virginia Miller

Diane Newell

Andy and Jean Nickelson

Ms. Diane Oberhelman

Eileen Parn

Rantoul Walmart

Karen Rolofson

Rotary Club of Springfield South

Edward Rust, Jr.

Bill and Nancy Simpson

Ms. Nancy Snowden

Jim and Carolyn Timberlake

Peyton Tosh

Trophy Nut

United Community Fund of Grant Township

United Way of Schuyler County

United Way Piatt County

Elaine Young

$999 -$500

Nora Baldner

Sandy Bellatti

Kristen Berchtold

Champaign Urbana Kiwanis

Welfare Foundation

Alan and Sue Clark

John and Barbara Cowden

Holly Crotty

Danville Walmart

Kelly Day

Kay Doggett

Fairmount Minerals

Shawn Faloon

Donald Fites

Franklin Youth Endowment

Fultz Law Office

Ms. Martha Giebelhausen

Mr. Robert Gilmore

Golden K Club of Kiwanis

Julia Haehn

Hanson Information Systems

Mary Harney

Hawthorn Suites

Heartland Bank and Trust

Phil and Carla Houser

Michael Hutchins

Illinois Mutual Insurance

Indiana Beach

Isringhausen Imports

J.L. Hubbard Insurance and Bonds

Junior League of Champaign-Urbana

Robert and Kathleen Kaufman

Cam Lahart

Macomb Journal

McLean County Farm Bureau

Merrill Lynch

Matt Morgan

Morton Community Foundation

National City Bank

Paul and Kathy Packard

Kathleen Pagel

Dorene Burkhaler Paramount

Prestige Communication

Quincy Area Safety Council

Quincy Service League

Reynolds Towing

Rotary Club of Decatur

Rotary Club of Peoria - North

Rudicil Allstate Agencies

Rushville Community Chest

Salem Evangelical Church

Sam’s Club

Kent and Nora Schnack

Chris and Debbie Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sommer

SPEC Associates

State Street Bank

Swartz Properties

Vincent and Patricia Trosino

United Community Fund of

Paxton and Vicinity

United Way of Bergen County

UpClose Printing and Marketing

US Bank

Elizabeth Vandegraft

Virginia Waddell

Lynn and Patricia Webber

Carolyn Williams

$499 -$250

Dr. and Mrs. William Albers

As You Like It Club

AT & T Employee Giving

Avanti’s Italian Restaurant

Molly Baker

Mrs. James Baldwin

Coreen Ball

Bank of Illinois

Vicki Baumgarten

Blessing Health Systems

Lauren Bowman

Brad Barker Honda

Ruby Brase

Kevin and Susan Breheny

Mrs. W.F. Brissenden

Willie Brown

Brown, Hay and Stephens, LLP

Larry and Connie Bussard

Kim Caster

Century Car and Van Rentals

Chillicothe Township United Way

John and Helen Cornell

Country Financial Services

Country Financial/Growmark/Illinois

Farm Bureau

Diane DalSanto

Danville Noon Kiwanis

Mary Alice Davis

Dr. James and Margaret Debord

Mr. Peter Donis

Erica Douglas

First Bankers Trust Company

Fit Club

Ruth Fliegel

Gardner Denver

Joyce Gilfillan

Global Education Settlement

Wendell Hahn

HD Smith Wholesale Drug Company

Judie Heck

Herriott’s Party Rental

Hickory Point Bank and Trust, fsb

Clark and Mari Hinrichsen

Tim and Amy Hohulin

Chris and Rosie Hollingsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Howard

Robin Howard

Peggy Hundley

John Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnsen

Kerber, Eck and Braeckel

Edward Kienzler

Harold and Ann Knapheide

Amy Lefringhouse

Pauline Mak

Marine Bank

McCandless Photography

Mr. and Mrs. Gary McCormick

John McCree

McDonough Power Cooperative

Ms. Sally Miller

Scott and Cathy Moe

David and Katie Nolan

Optimal Chiropractic

Optimist Club of Peoria

Jamie Osborne

Nancy Peterson

Princeton Family Physicians, S.C.

Quaker Oats

Maryann Ream

Mr. and Mrs. William Rinehart

Debbie Ringer

Jerry and Carole Ringer

Mrs. Nickie Roberson

Rolofson Bus Service

Belinda and Martin Russell

Ed Saldfelder

Larry and Jacqueline Schmidt

William and Mary Schnirring

Michael and Susan Shaw


Cecelia Sloan

Steele Tailors

Diane Stempinski

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stewart

Stephen Stockton

Ronald Suter

Tom and Bonnie Taylor

Timothy and Laura Tevoert

Holly Thompson

Teola Trowbridge

Todd and Linda Volker

Lynn and Ira Wachtel

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Waldschmidt

Mike and Teri Walter

Donors 20

Wells Fargo Community Campaign

Wells Fargo Insurance

Robert Westerman


Ken White

Molly Wilson

Dr. Michael Zichterman

$249 -$150

AFSCME Local 3700

Jo Ann Alessandrini

All In One Management

Altrusa International of Danville

Kathy Anderson

Linda and Erv Arends

Dr. Michael and Ruth Ann Ayers

Helen Baldwin

Bank of Pontiac

Robin Barnes

Elnora Bertoglio

Gene and Pat Bolda

Patrick Busch

Busey Bank

Calvin Coolidge School

Cardinal Fitness

Carpenters Local 44

Cartridges for Kids

Champaign Urbana Junior Woman’s Club

Mrs. Mary Jane Crowell


Dallas Township Fund

Danville Golden K

Mr. and Mrs. John Dystrup

Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa

Ed Clark Photography

Anne Einhorn

Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth

Ezra Levin Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Fenton

Kelly Finet

First State Bank of Illinois

First Tee Great River

Dr. and Mrs. Alan and Elizabeth Frigy

Carla Fritz

Cynthia A. Gordon

Ms. Diana Hall

Angela Hall

Vicki Harber-Wheeler

Henry Safford Peacock Foundation

Phillip Hildebrand

Valerie and David Huddleston

Spring Huston

Illinois National Bank

Illinois Ridge Riders

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ivaska

Alice Marie Jacobs

Brad and Sarah Jameson

Darlene Johnson

Raj Karinattu

21 Donors

Rick and Mary Kentzler

Glenda and Dave Kietzmann

Pamela Kink

Eileen Kirchner

Elizabeth Krchak

Kevin and Tina Lynn

Tim and Susan Mason

William and Karen McConnell

McDonough District Hospital

McLean County Child Protection Network, Inc.


Mel-O-Cream Donuts

Patrick Milburn

Molly Maid of America

Shirley and Mike Moore

Steve Muehlenfeld

Richard and Judith Nelson

Neuhoff Media

Dorothy Newell

Niemann Foods Inc.

Dan O’Brien

Dennis and Jane Ortinau

Gabrielle Overturf

Pana Rotary

Par-A-Dice Hotel and Casino

Karen Pletsch

Patricia Plumer

Lynn and Marilyn Raney

Jon and Janis Rhodes

Marlene Rinehart

James and Gloria Roesch

Lindsay Romano

Ronald and Rita Rudd

Michael and Ellen Rudicil

Kay Smoot

Katrina Sotomayor

Springfield Luncheon Optimist Club

Springlake Country Club Golf

Patty Sullivan

Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Swager

Sherrillyn Taylor

Greg and Joyce Topping

Gregg Tresslar

Tuscola Charity Gold

Varsity Striping and Construction

Rick and Teena Veihl

Donald Vogel

Billie Waddell

Mrs. Jacqueline White

Douglas and Margaret Williams

WIU Foundation

Cindy Womack

Mary Yelton

Jon Young

Betty Zeaman

$149 -$75

Maria Aguas

Marcia Albert

Saundra Alcorn

Aldrich Company

All About Dance and More

Allens Grove Community Chest

Americall Communications

David Antonacci

Elton and Geri Arrindell

Axis, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Axt

Brenda Ball

Mark and Stephanie Ballinger

Bard Optical

William and Mary Jo Barker

Mike and Sandy Barker

Linda Bastert

Marla Bauerie-Hill

Carolyn Baxley

Sarah Beuning

Julie Beyler

BJ Grand Salon and Spa

Amy Bliefnick

Sandy Blood

Bloomington Moose 745

Bloomington-Normal Junior Woman’s Club

Erich Bloxdorf

Stacy Borho

Bow Lake Golf Course

Crystal Bragg

Jim Brakefield

Rick and Rene Brethorst

Bob Broverman

Ms. Barbara Brown

Rex and Marilyn Brown

Brown County State Bank

Mary Lynn Bryan

Bullet Express

Cassandra Burnett

Jeanne Buysee

Patrick Cain

Jerry Camfield

Brandy Carey

Cargill Meat Solutions

Cathy Early State Farm Insurance

Champaign Telephone

Pat Chapel

Cheesecloth and Buttermilk, Inc.


Mrs. Betty Church

Debbie Cimarossa

Citizens First National Bank

Commerce Bank

Mr. and Mrs. David Connor

Greg Cook

Michael and Donna Coons

Laura Cossey

Charles and Jeni Couri

Mrs. A.C. Cragoe

Kevin and Connie Cranford

Robert and Louise Crockett

Tracy Crowley

Laura Curtis

Lee Curtis

Alicia Curtis

Custom Crafted Door

Danville Downtown Rotary

Danville Elks Lodge #332

Ernestine Darnell

Dona Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Dean

Dean Lambkin Honda/Hyundai

Richard Dennis

DePue Men’s Club

Dr. Tanya DeSanto

Doug Devlin

Tom Dickes

Dickey-John Corporation

Joan Dixon

Robert and Julie Dobski

Fred Dolan

Charles and Gay Donahue

Gary and Linda Donovan

Rebecca Doubleday

Franklin Dove

Dozier Insurance

Carolyn Drake

E.J. Cattani and Sons, Inc.

Patricia Edmonds

Butch and Chris Elzea

Claire Etaugh

Mr. and Mrs. John Ewan

Mr. Mark Fagle

Susie Fairfield

Kim Farlin

First Bank

Lynn Fiscella

Tim Flynn

Margaret S. Foley

Karen Folk

FOP Illini Lodge

Ford Hopkins Drug

Jessica Foster

Edith Franklin

Freestar Bank Champaign

Abby Frese

Don and Paula Frese

Carol Fritz

Chris Funk

FWAI Architects, Inc.

Gamage TV and Appliance

Rita Garman

Cheryl Garvin

Gentleman Florist

Randy and Kathy Germeraad

Girl Scout Troop 1418

Girl Scout Troop 1464

Clarence Glenn

Brad Glenn

Joy Goatz

Ellie Goodman

Goodman Agency, Inc.

Kelly and Karen Grant

Barbara Greening

Dr. and Mrs. William Groesch

Amy Hagen

Jeff and Kathleen Hainline

Vern and Mary Halverson

Victor and Thelma Harber

Jim and Susan Helm

Natalie Hemmer

Deloris Henry

Beverly Herzog

Hickory Point Bank - Champaign

Gordan and Susan Hoff

Ms. Barbara Hoffman

Beverly Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hooks

Bill Hopper

Anne Hostetler

Tom Hostetler

Craig Hullinger

Victoria Huntley

Ms. Luanne Hurst

Hurst-Rosche Engineers, Inc.

Amy Hutcherson

Iroquois Federal

Adrienne Ives

Coretta Jackson

Jim Herron, Ltd

Diane Jones

Mrs. Doris Kaiger

Walter and Annalee Karloski

Mr. Homer Keller

Kristi Kenney

Frank Kessler

Debbie Kibler

Wanda Kirby

Kirkenmeier McDonald’s Restaurants

Gary and Jo Kirlin

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Klein

Janet Knesek

Dale and Donna Koontz

Malissa Kraft

Mr. and Mrs. Len Kuchan

Ms. Carol Ladwig

Lambert Lodge

Mandy Lane

Joann Lansbarkis

Neale and Anne Lehmkuhl

Kurt and Janice Leimbach

Richard and Peggy Liebig

Mary Lindig

Lela Lindsey

Erin Linscott

Mary Lipa

Erin Lockwood

Dr. Mary Loken

Sheila Long

Phillip and Sandy Longen

Jennifer Lowrance

Mariam Lowry

Lucie and Scalf, Attorneys at Law

Janet Lyman

Macomb Travel Center

Peggy Madden

Ms. Harriet Maddock

James and Elaine Malay

Matthew McClure, DDS

George and Nancy Maze

Michael and Diana McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. Michel McCord

Denise McCormack

Karen McCoy

Karen Jones McKissack

Amanda McLaughlin

Richard and Patty McNay

Barbara McNeil

Gladys Mercier

Mary Merrill

Bette Merrill

Anna Merritt

Mervis Family Foundation

Linda Meyer

MidAmerica National Bank

Jean Mikus

Gary and Pam Miller

Vicki Miller

Alicia Miller

Cynthia Minick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan

Mt. Sterling Implement

Mt. Sterling Vet Clinic

Mary Muehlenfeld

Charles and Jean Mueller

Traci Nally

Ms. Cindy Neal

Ms. Marjorie Neff

Tom and Sue Nelson

Ryan and Lynette Nelson

Ross Nettle

Rich and Connie Niemann

Tony and Signe Oakley

Mary Oakley

Martin and Sondra O’Connor

Chris and Debbie Olsen

Pete and Kit Paulin

Kathryn Pavelko

Marty Payne

Donors 22

Rhonda Pence

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Peters

Lisa Petros

Hiram and Gaile Phillips

Aaron and Christine Poage

Gretchen Potter

Stephen Povse

Linda Quigley

Douglas and Lara Quivey

Ron Rainson

Ramshow Real Estate

Margaret Randolph

Cheryl Reifsteck

Bill Reimers

Judy Renner

Donna Renton

RHL Subway

Earl and Ruth Robert Roland

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Romanowski

Mary Vita Rosmarino

Stephen Royer

RSM McGladrey- staff

Patricia Rudolph

Deb Rugg

Muriel Runyen

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ryan

S.G. and B. Land Trust

Michael and Barb Sallee

Gayle Saunders and Rich Cervantes

Mr. and Mrs. George Schaefer

Schaffnit and Associates, Inc.

Ed and Carol Scharlau

Fredrick Scheel

Tracy Schlepphorst

Sarah Schott

Ms. Arlene Schroeder

Schuyler Women’s Club

Julie and Brian Schwalbe

Peg Shea

Shelby County State Bank

Sheridan Community Chest


David and Mary Pat Smith

Donald and Dona Snider

Snyder Family Foundation

Society of Women Engineers

Lisa Sons

Southside Mission

Specs Around Town

Spring Valley City Bank

St. Joseph Masonic Lodge 970

Sue Stewart

Marge Stillwell

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stine

Randy and Char Stocker

Brooke Stokes

Kimberly Streib

23 Donors

Harvey and Brooksie Styron

Howard and Linda Sumbler

Cynthia Swanson

Mr. Eric Swartz

Tarter Construction, LLC

Tate and Lyle

TGI Fridays

Irving Tick

Timewell Lions Club

Ms. Joyce Trager

Ms. Joyce Trompeter

George and JoAnn Tuttle

Urbana FOP

Laura Vavrin

Ron Vecchie

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Verbeke

Ken and Dianne Verkler

Alice Vernon

Larry VonNordheim

Mary Elizabeth Voss

W. M. Putnam Company

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Waddell

Tracy Wahlfeldt

Walnut Township Community

Lynn Warren

P.S. and Patricia Weber

Dick and Pat Wentura

Dr. John Wright & Ms. Vivian Kraft

Terry White

Nancy Wienands

Lela Wilson

Mrs. Alice Winget

WIU Athletic Department

Jeff Woo

Sue Woodard

Linda Woods

Carl Woodward

Paul Woolard

Worden-Martin staff

Jennifer York

Ronald Zimmer

$74 -$50

Barbara Abbott

Stacy Alexander

Gary Alexander

Dr. Nancy Alexander

Alto Vineyards

Jim and Mary Anderson

Nick and Karen Appelbaum

Arcana Chapter 498 O.E.S.

Erwin Arends

Alan and Lois Avery

Mary Ann Awerkamp Dixson

Paul and Sharon Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ballor

Bank and Trust Company

Liz Barrows

Gerard Bauer

Alan and Debi Baum

Phillip and Nancy Baumgart

Joseph Beal

Matthew and Natalie Beck

Loren and Joy French Becker

Janis Behrends

Eugene Bellm

Best Buy

Robert and Nancy Bicket

Michael Biley

Marion Blackinton

Mr. Erik Blanc

Bloomington Family Dental

Leroy and Jayne Boeckleman

Nancy Boesdorfer

Jacquelyn Bohn

Cathy Bott

Molly Bowman

Carla Boyd

Julie Brady

Heather Bratberg

Representative Richard Brauer

Lynn Bray

Kim Brittin

Mrs. LaReta Brooks

Ron Brown

Beth Brush

Michael Burke

Vivian Burress

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bush

Richard Byrd

Martha and Bill Camp

Thelma Campbell

F. Richard and Virginia Lea Carlson

Tess Carrigan

Bob Casburn

Casey’s General Stores

Steve and Mindy Chadwick

Delinda Chapman

Lynn Childs

Chuck’s Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Greg and Karol Clapper

Cold Stone Creamery

Max and Linda Comstock

Consociate Dansig

Tom and Carol Cooley

Mrs. Jackie Cooley

Ingrid Cox

J. Henry Cox

Heather Cree

Dairy Queen

David Davenport

Julie Davis

Cindy Day

Cindy Deadrick

Barry and Kaye Devlin

Max and Debbie Dillahunty

Deborah Dirks

Mr. and Mrs. David Donahue

Chad Douglas

Gary Douglas

Ashley Doyle

John Drake

Lisa Ducaji

Linda Dufour

Rich and Patty Dumler

Sonya Durand

Gayle Dustman

Tom Edwards

Melissa Edwards

Mrs. Norma Eldridge

Elliot Capital Management, Inc.

Linda Elsea

Eureka Savings Bank

F.O.E. City of Roses

Jeremy Farlow

Nancy Fatland

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Feltenstein

Melinda Figge

First Christian Church Clinton

First National Bank of South Jacksonville

First Presbyterian of Rossville

Ruth Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fishman

Julie Fluga

Maya Fombelle

Barb Freese

Mrs. Joan French

Amy Funk

Libby Gaige

Nicole Nash Gales

Mr. Ramon Garcia

Suzanne Gehrig

Dr. Dale Geiss

Karen and Joe Giblin

Valerie Gilbert

Maureen Gilchrest

Joy Goatz

Donna Goehl

Perry Goodrich

Carin Grady

Vicki Green

Matt and Dacia Grimm

Gunn Construction

Diane Hahn

Joseph and Takako Halteman

Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch

William and Jean Harner

Joan Hartman

Matt Havens

Gerald and Judith Hayes

Hen House

Jay Henry

Craig and Kimberly Hewerdine

Rebecca Hines

Michael and Deborah Hinrichsen

Michele Hoback

Dick Hobbs

Jack Hogge

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Howard

LaTrice Hudson

Yolanda Hughes

Ms. Melinda Huisenga

Roger and Mary Hunt

Peggy Hunt

Dr. and Mrs. James Hunt

Maurice Irwin

Tammy Isringhausen

Jennings Brothers

Susan Jess

Charles Johnson

Kathleen Jones


Kate Lesley Homes

J.K. and J.L. Kearns

Ember Keithley

Bob Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kellogg

Tamara Kennett

Jennifer Kernan

David and Carol Ann Kessler

Jim and Beth Kiefer

Don Kinard

Human Kinetics

Kirby Dorner

Tim Klobe

Diana Knaebe

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Knapp

Ms. Marian Kneer

Anne Koehler

Dr. and Mrs. George Kotteman

Steve and Julie Kubsch

Thomas Larke

Tracy Lawrence

Mike Lawrence

Steve and Ann Lawyer

Jo Anne Legett

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lehnhausen

Danelle Lengellier

Byron Lewis

Cindy Lewis

Ann Lippincott

Philip and Jane Locascio

Fannie Loveland

Lucile Smith Letter Carrriers Auxillary 153

Greg and Kari Lutcka

Peter and Kristine Lykkebak

Stuart Mamer

Tom Maneshek

John Maquire

Dawn Marick

Lisa Martin

Robert and Ann Mays

Erin McArdle

Becky McCarthy

Jack McCoy

Mrs. Doris McCutchen

Donald and Betty McGillivray

D. McHatton

Jim McMakin

Clinton and Sharon Megginson

Bernie Mennemeyer

Metzger Drug Store, Inc.

Barbara Meurlot

Patty Michels

Karla Miller

Sallie H. Miller

Betsy Mitchell

Audrey Mock

Emmy Moore

Robin and Kevin Moore

Moreland and Devit, Inc.

Dorothy Morey

Robert and Carolyn Mottar

Dr. Caryl Moy

Thomas and Alice Mulligan

James and Leslie Mullins

Malissa Munsterman

John Murphy

Museum of Science and Industry

Brenda Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Nenaber

Dorothy Neumann

Cindy Nichols

Dennis and Gail Nolan


Donna Oakes-Novak

Teena Obert

Chuck Obert

Sharon O’Brien

Dean Ortinau

Dale and Linda Ostrander

John Owens

Sue Owens

Dennis Palmer

Betty Patterson

Gary Peters

Daniel and Sally Petrone

Jerry and Sharon Pfister

Pat and Sarah Phalen

Steve Phillips

Donna Phillips

Sherry Plain

Cynthia Powell

Prairieland Federal Credit Union

Sarah Price

Miriam Pride

Donors 24

Quincy Senior and Family Center

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ranson

David and Tina Rappuhn

Chris Ratajski

Nannette Reep

Mimi Reitemeier

Delbert Rice

Pat Rice

Mrs. JoAnne Richardson

Andrew and Lisa Richars

Nancy Richter

Gerald and Tessa Riebe

Kevin and Sharon Riechers

Jeffry and Cynthia Rolfs

Mr. Michael Roling

Tony and Tami Romano

Paul and Verlyn Rosenberger

Matt and Bonnie Rueff

Bill Rueter

Skip Rueter

Barb Rueter

Kim Sanders

Doug and Gayle Sauer

Tom and Ellen Schanzle-Haskins

Cheryl Schroeder

Eric Schultz

Mrs. Claire Shanks

Cari Sheets

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Shoup

Debbie Sippel

Bryan and Dianne Siverly

Wayne and Deborah Sly

Penny Small

Rozann Smith

Shirley Janet Smith

Sonie Smith

Jamie Smitley

John and Debra Smyth

Charla Snowden

Melva Solon

Alisha Sorensen

Roy and Ronda Spencer

Shirley Splitsoesser

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Taber

Brian Tatro

Margaret Taylor

Tracy Taylor

Town and Country Bank Of Springfield

U.A.W. Local 2096

Jamie Ulmer

United Way of Central Indiana

Holly Upton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Uteg

Kathy Veroni

VFW 6750

Becky Vogel

Charlie Vogel

25 Donors

Amy Voigt

Mrs. Margery Wagner

Pauline Walden

William and Paula Walsh

Lynda Wardlow

Kristy Warner

John Waugh

David Wayne

Curt Wayne

Jerry Wayne

Rhea Ann Weathorford

Richard Weinzierl

Doug Wentura

Dean Westerman

Patti Westerman

Mike and Val Teague Western

Westville Church of Christ

William and Florence Wetzel

Rick White

Daniel and Lucille Whiting

Dr. Diana Widicus-Davis

Helen Wikoff

Eugene and Patricia Wilken

Bob and Diane Wingert

Jackie Woile

Lynn Wolgamot

Nancy Wright

Donna Wyant

Betsy Yarcho

Jennifer Zimmerman

Ron and Denise Zook

Milton and Beverly Zoschke

$49 -$25

Mike and Valerie Adams

Emma Adrian

Michelle Adubato

Bonny Andrewson

Andy’s Enterprise

Randy and Stacy Ash

Jean Ashworth

Joyce Askerman

Sheryle and Dale Atkins

Darlene Atterberry

Henrietta Awobode

Jane Axtell

Ronald and Laura Bandler

Rodger and Jean Bara

Jay and Susan Barth

Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Basquin

Katherine Beaty

Jack Kohl and Suzanne Bender-Kohl

Ann Marie Berk

Beta Sigma Phi-Paxton

June Betts

Laveine Birditt

Cindy and Jeff Black

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Blattner

Mary Blessent

Mrs. Dean Blomeyer

Curt Bonds

James Bondurant

Angela Bork

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Borzello

Larry Bostick

Emile Bouvet

Michelle Bowman

Patricia and Larry Boze

Anita Broeren

Jennifer Brown

Gary and Ina Brown

Linda Brown

Mary Brown-Cox

Beverly Browne

Buffalo Wild Wings

Shelly Bunch

Diana Lyn Bussone

Carolyn Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. John Canham

Capitol Radio Group

Charles and G.E. Juan Cardwell

Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant

Cedar Crest Golf Club

Alice and E.M. Chastain

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cloyd

Laura Coffey

Edyth Cole

Dorothy Cordes

Michael Couch

Norma Coulter

Country Arbors Nursery

County Market

Shelley Cox

Eric and Vicky Cox

Craig-Reed Auxillary 1181

Cynthia Crain

Mr. and Mrs. James Crook

Heather Cunningham

DAR Chapter 5-052-IL

Ms. Cathy Dare

Marilyn Davis

Jill Davis

Mr. Joseph DeBruyn

Darlene DeMattia

Dental Group of Springfield

Mrs. Rosemary Depler

Sara Devlin

Robert Dew

Diana DeWeese

Barbara Dickerman

Eileen and Don Dickerson

Julia Dickman

Carol Diehl

Juliette Downing

Mrs. Norma Drummond

P.J. Duhaime

Beth Dulee

Ann Durand

Angie Eells

Vi Eggers

Michelle Engst

Jerry and Francesca Erb

Bonnie Ettinger

Helen Evenson

Ms. Kathleen Fahnestock

Bette and Thomas Fankhauser

Gregg Fegett

Hong Fei

Sheila Feipel

Claudia Ferrell

Julie Finnell

First National Bank of Lacon

Dick Fisher

Mary and Brian Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. William Forsyth

Louise Free

Nancy Fritz

Bernadine Fugate

Aimee and Tim Fyke

Ed and Mary Ellen Gaffney

Mrs. Barbara Garber

Sue Garrison

Carol Genung

Allen and Ann Gerhold

Margareth Gibbs

Jeffrey and Danielle Gilmore

Cheryl Gnepper

Becky Goddard

Carol Goff

Mr. Jack Gove

Helen Grandone

Robert and Joan Graue

Merrily Griffin

Bruce and Valerie Grohne

Lois and Ernie Gullerud

Ms. Marilyn Haefelin

Phyllis Hand

Susan Hanfland

Jeanne Marie Harris

Gale Hart

John Hastings

Hardin and Marilyn Hawes

Wanda Haxel Kirby

Dennis and Linda Hayes

Jesse and Brandy Hayes

James Hayes, Jr.

Health Markets Compliance Team

Ms. Gerri Hellhake-Hall

Mary Pat Hellner

Mr. and Mrs. John Henderson

Susan Henseler

Laura Hensgen

Hermes Service and Sales

Moreland and Nancy Herrin

Jan and Richard Hinely

Laurie Hockings

Mr. and Mrs. James Hoerr

Maggie Hoover

Carrol Hoover

Judy Horcharik

Terry and Phyllis Howley

William and Jody Hunt

Joann Imsland

Judy Ingram

Thomas and Sally Jacob

Lori Johanson

Pat Jolliff

Annette Jones

Kassing Lumber

Robert and Buffi Kaufman

Marilyn Kay

Amy Lynn Kay

Kerasotes Theatres

Danny and Nancy Kiedaisch

Ms. Emma Kina

Clint and Doris King

Amanda Lampert

Karen Larson

Len and Gail Lieberman

Rick Lippert

Litchfield National Bank

Christina Lopez

Sarah Lormis

Anita Lovell

James Luckenbill

Allyson Mack

Brad Mansfield

Rabbi Barry Marks

Barbara Maupin

Ellen McDowell

Amanda McCarthy

Penny McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. Don McCormack

Jean McCormick

Brooks and Linda McDaniel

Tim McFadden

Patti McIntyre

Thomas and Sharon McSwiggin

Robin and Linda Meade

Mud and Susan Meister

Ruth Meyers

Tom Miller

Ms. Carolyn Miller

Coletta Miller

Karyn Miller

Carol Mills

Joe Mink

Stella and Bob Minnis

David and Mary Caroline Mitchell

James and Dorothy Moffitt

Phyllis Morris

Moughan Builders

Pamela Mueller

Michael and Linda Mueller

Jennifer Muhlbauer

Donna Munson

Jean Murray

Mazen and Hiba Naffakh

Isabelle Nally

Pamela Nation

Russell and Wendy Nation

Debra Naugle

Mrs. Don Neill

Walter and Jerry Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Nelson

Nelson’s Golf Outlet

Mrs. Lisa Nethery

Pauline Newport

Nickson Tire

Barb Nolan

Mary Norian

Dave and Mary Oakley

Harold and Kathryn Oakley

Robert and Constance Oaks

Amy Ober

Susan O’Connor

Marilyn Oftedal

Jenny Ogle

Jennifer Olesen

Larry and Nancy Osborne

Mrs. Dorothy Anne Paesani

Janice Parker

Patricia Parnell

Sherry Parriott

Carol Pearce

Dr. Jim Davis and Jo Ann Pellegrino

Karla Penry

Pamela Perriller

Verlin and Eunetta Perry

David and Barbara Peterson

Phillips Appraisal

Christine Pierce

Debra Platt

Roberta Pool

Jason and Gerri Poor

June Quint

Susan Randle

David and Terri Rathje

John and Donna Rebert

Liz Reed

J.B. Reinbolt

Debbie Reising

Marci W. Rentz

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Restrepo

Clyde and Vicki Sue Richardson

Susan Riggans

Robert and Melva Riley

Barbara Ringger

Donors 26

Mrs. Norma Rockow

Susan Roper

Judith Rothermal

Delores Roundtree

Thomas Ruhland

Dee Ann Ryan

Julie Sampson

Debra Santacrose

Ms. Barbara Schefelbein

Rebecca Schlecht

Kimberly Schmalshof

Kirk and Cheryl Schmidt


Mary Selk

Tricia Sennett

Service Area 4

Amy Sherwood

Shawn Shures

Mr. and Mrs. John Sleevar

Pauline Smith

Therese Smith

Steven Son

Renming Song

Shane and Corrine Sonneborn

Elaine Sorrill

Bonnie Specchio

Paul and Jamie Stanzione

Starbucks Coffee Company

Alice Stark

Cindy Staudenmaier

Sharon Stevens

Wegi and Dave Stewart

J.D. and Mary Stewart

Leonard and Charlene Strozewski

Sullivan Taylor Coffee

Jackie Summers

Mary Lou Tallman

Thermal Services, Inc.

Dean and Patricia Thom

E.D. Tietz

Teresa Tow

Betty Trebacz

John Tribbey

Michelle Trowbridge

Dennis and Christa Trump

Dr. Evelyn Underwood

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Vilberg

Carol Wade

Eddie and Ella Warren

Mrs. Sandra Weinstein

Dale and Kim Weitekamp

Mrs. James Welch

John and Diane Wells

Susan Wentura

Westview Golf Course

Barbara Wilcox

Betty Jean Williams

Janice Woods

27 Donors

Barry and Joanne Woodworth

Susan Yoder

Jilla Young

$24 and under

Angie Ackerson

Jim and Shirley Agner

Kathleen Fisher

Alpha Chapter #109 OES

American Legion Auxiliary

Mary Anderson

Christopher and Jami Andre

Ralph Appel


Arrowhead Heights Golf Course

Diane Arthur

Jason Asaad

Amanda Atchley

Danielle Austin

Trina Bailey

Margaret Baker

Dr. Robert Balen

Linda Barrick

Amy Kay Bartley

Melissa Bauers

Laura Baumgardner

Marjorie and Phillip Beach

Nicole Beard

Clayton and Audrey Bellot

Tricia Benson

Wendy Berninger

Schryll Bernson

Diana Bioona

Jenny Bjorling

Theresa Black

Sharon Black

Lydia Blankston

Kenny Blum

Liaundra Boatman

Mrs. Marion Bohner

Kaye Bonn

Susan Braasch

Brenda Brady

Lynn Marie Brand

Diana Brennan

Dawn Brock

Latinya Brown

Shonda Brown

Katie Brown

Ronda Kay Brown

Victoria Busch

Kain and Nichole Byers

Jo Caldwell

Brandie Camacho

James Card

Pauline Carter

Ann Chambliss

Larry and Betty Chapman

Emma Chasten

Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Clemmer

DeAnna Clinard

Fred and Carol Cody

Emmy Combs

Gladys Conover

Bill and Jo Cornman

Jennifer Couch

Alice Cowan

Stephanie Crabtree

Cynthia Cummings

Patricia Curry

Carri Dahlkamp

Doris Dalton

Alita Dalton

Phillip Dalton

Dave and Jill Davis

Curt and Debbie Deedrich

Laura and Kevin Defrain

Heather Delio

Tiffany Dodd

Latetia Doering

Jenny Doerr

Rosemary Donahue

Janelle Dowd

Melinda Downs

James and Dienna Drew

Mike and Kris Drew

Julie Drew

Maxine Drexler

Brenda and John Duncan

Jeanne Dunn

David Eatock

Michelle and David Econie

Rod and Kim Egizii

Roger Eickmeier

Joyce Epps

Lynn Evans

James and Kristyn Fairfields

Marcic Family

Patricia Faust

Judy Fippenger

Rebecca Fischer

Hirut Fisshea

Lee Ann Flanagan

David and Carol Foltz

Food Mart

Debbie Ford

Diana Fortney

Cindy and Dan Fuentes

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gallagher

Abby Gallagher

Carole Garbett

Stephanie Garrett

Tracy Lynn Gawedzinski

Kate Geisler

Susan Gentry

Jennifer Ghaboussi

David and Amy Gibson

Linda Gieseke

Phyllis Gingold

Girl Scout Troop 1029

Girl Scout Troop 4010

Girl Scout Troop 4322

Gold Hills Golf

Kari Goodman

Linda Green

Dermot and Deanna Grehan

Judith Grieve

Rebecca Griffith

Martha Grohne

Diane and Jon Grub

Jill and Donald Gurke

Rebecca Hale

Suzie Halftown

Lori Hanson

Mr. Cliff Hasselbacher

Galadriel Hastings

Stacy Heaton

Shawn Hendershot

Amanda Henderson

Tiffany Hendricks

Roberta Henning

Paula Hermes

Kelly Hill

Tonya Hill

Shelby Hodel

Kristin Hoganson

Carolyn Hosey

Melinda Houk

Mary Houston

Nancy Howehne

Kurt and Raschell Hubner

Janet Hudson

Doris Hudson

Alice and E.M. Huebner

Ann Hurst

Jerry and Carla Hutmacher

Eugene and Wanda Hutter

Mrs. Jean Ihnow

Kristi Irving

Marlene Isenhart

Jill Isringhausen

Karyn Jaluch

Thomas James

Arlene Jaskolski

Lori Johnson

Roxanne Johnston

Amanda Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. William Jones

Bernice Jording

Karen Kaiser

Michelle Kalmer

Tricia Kassem

Laura Keefer

Walt and Linda Keller

David and Kathleen Klein

Lindsey Klobe

Kathy Lacamera

Michelle Lamb

Tonya Lancaster

Cherrie Land

Susan Landers

Joseph and Gale Langfelder

Rita Lee

Rhonda Lewis

Emma Lieser

Denise Ligler

Doris Ligon

James Ligon

Jill Lipe

Lips and Libations

Michael and Marissa Long

James and Jean Lynn

Dani Mabie

Barbara Maddin

Linda Malachowski

Dana Mancuso

Jessica and Steve Mangham

Adeline Margis

Sophie Marick

Brian Marick

Irmagard Marick

Sherry Lynn Marquard

Anita Marsaglia

DeAnn Martin

Tricia Mason-Byrd

Maya Authentic Mexican

Judith McCleery

Mark and Allison McCue

Ms. Dorothy McMullen

Diane Michaels

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Miller

Tom and Nancy Mills

Abby Minick

Jody Mink

Lisa Moher

Stephanie Mook

Michele Morrell

Robert and Melissa Morris

Katherine Ann Mosley

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Munro

Nicole Murphy

Christopher and Heather Murphy

Ana Nassar

Ray and Barb Nelson

Leona Nichols

Jan Nicholson

Shelly Nicholson

Mrs. Barbara Oldham, Jr.

Pam Olson

John and Joanne Ortwerth

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Ottenweller

Deborah Owen

Douglas Palme

Jesse and Louise Parsons

Elizabeth Paton

John and Shawnda Phillips

Kelli Pinney

Traci Pitchford

Chris and Ken Pope

Rebecca Prehoda

Jeff Primmer

Ms. Carolann Purcell

Carol Susan and James Qualls

Realty Group Associates

Kevin Richards

Reid Richards

Jeanette Ridgeway

Dolores Robertson

Ellen Robinson

June Roby

Jo Deen Roley

Amy Rosenstein

Wanda Rubin

Ruby Tuesday

Donna Russell

Carol Saltsgaver

Bernadette Sawyer

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schlaffer

Harvey and Nancy Schrenk

Kathleen Schwitzner

Myra Secoy

Service Area 8

Ayanna Sexton

Dr. and Mrs. K.G. Shah

Gabrielle Shelton

Patsy Sherrard

Linda and Taneka Shipp

Carrie Short

Cara Shoup

Linda Shreeves

Dan and Jan Sielaff

Stephanie Sites

Edwina Slater

Julie Smith

Daniel and Lisa Soliday

Kahsai Solomon

Dee Spannagel

Jill Speicher

Renee Stanley

Jayci Stewart

Vince Stewart

Christine Stirickler

Lisa Stocker

Lucinda Jean Strehlow

Colleen Stuart

Kelly Stuffings

Stephenie Summer

Jeanette Swartz

Rhonda Sykes

Amanda Tapscott

Jon Thomas

Bernica Thompson

Kerri Thurman

Wibby Ticknologis

Brian Tippett

Mary Tipsword

Tom and Barbara Toney

Ruth Towne

Rebecca Travis

Lisa Trimble

Lee and Judith Turnbow, Jr.

Allen Vaughn

Monica Velasquez

Michael and Suzanne Verticchio

Vitale’s Italian Restaurant

Donna Wagner

Andrea Walter

Mike and Mary Walther

Liz Walther

Deborah Ware

Charlotte Wayman

Emily Weber

Darrick and Christine Wells

Kim West

Janet Westberg

Robert Whalen

Holly White

Paula White

Robert White

Robert White, Jr.

Anna Lou Wiggins

Jodi Wilkerson

Monica Williams

Brian Wills

Patricia Wilson

Daniel and Michele Wilson

Margaret Wilson

Linda Winterbottom

Kathy Wise

Angela Wiser

Jennifer and Bradley Wixom

Kristen Wolf

Sarah Woodward

Doreen Woodworth

Latoya Young

Tong Zhang

Daniel Ziebart

Please note: Great care has been taken to ensure the proper recognition of our donors. If an error or omission does occur, we

apologize and hope you will bring it to our attention. Please address all corrections to kberchtold@girlscouts-gsci.org.

Donors 28

29 Staff

Pam Kovacevich, CEO

Debbie Kibler, Executive Assistant

Senior Management Team

David Antonacci, Chief Information Officer

Kristen Berchtold, Chief Development Officer

Holly Crotty, Director of Communications

Kelly Day, Chief Operating Officer

Eileen Higgs Parn, Director of Human Resources

Kim Streib, Chief Financial Officer


Erica Douglas, Public Relations/Advertising Specialist

Angela Hall, Technical Writer

Todd Schneller, Graphic Designer


Kim Caster, Accounting Clerk

Spring Huston, Accounting Specialist

Susan Riggans, Accounting Clerk

Bonnie Taylor, Accounting Specialist

Teri Walter, Purchasing Coordinator

Fund Development

Mary Muehlenfeld, Grant Coordinator

Lynette Nelson, Fund Development Professional

Carla Rudicil, Fund Development Professional

Holly Thompson, Fund Development Professional

Kimberly Weeks, Fund Development Professional

human Resources

Patti Flynn, Human Resource Specialist

information Technology

Carolyn Campbell, Data Entry Specialist

Paige Davis, Data Entry Specialist

Stephanie Garrett, Senior Data Entry Specialist

Molly Wilson, Webmaster

Sarah Woodward, Data Entry Specialist

Membership & Program

Lauren Bowman, Director of Membership & Program

Mary Anderson, Membership Specialist

Danielle Austin, Membership Specialist

Abby Bastert, Membership Specialist

Jennifer Brown, Volunteer Development Specialist

Sonja Chargois, Membership Specialist

Laura Curtis, Membership Specialist

Sara Devlin, Membership Specialist

Janelle Dowd, Membership Specialist


Ashley Doyle, Membership Specialist

Jessica Foster, Membership Specialist

Lisa Grummel, Membership Specialist

Vicki Harber-Wheeler, Manager of Membership Services

Carla Houser, Manager of Membership Services

Robin Howard, Program Specialist

LaTrice Hudson, Membership Specialist

Amy Hutcherson, Program Specialist

Buffi Kaufman, Senior Program Specialist

Jennifer Kernan, Membership Specialist

Cam Lahart, Volunteer Development Specialist

Erin Lockwood, Membership Specialist

Luanne McDonough, Membership Specialist

Amanda McLaughlin, Membership Specialist

Jody Mink, Membership Specialist

Samantha Neal, Membership Specialist

Jamie Osborne, Manager of Membership Services

Roberta Pool, Membership Specialist

Christina Spa, Membership Specialist

Lisa Sons, Program Specialist

Rhonda Sykes, Membership Specialist

Billie Waddell, Program Specialist

Elexis Wilson, Membership Specialist

Jilla Young, Program Specialist

Office Coordinators

Kelly Baer

Stephanie Ballinger

Susan Gentry

Anne Lehmkuhl

Abby Minick

Shirley Moore

Linda Volker

Product Sales

C.J. Hinrichsen, Product Sales Manager

Property & Outdoor Education

Amy Lefringhouse, Director of Property & Outdoor Education

Amanda Atchley, Outdoor Education Specialist

John Drake, Site Manager

Lori Johanson, Outdoor Education Specialist

Jim Kirby, Maintenance

Katie Nolan, Outdoor Education Specialist

Katie Poppe, Site Manager

Kurt Poppe, Site Manager

Amanda Schulte, Equestrian Program Coordinator

Tom Taylor, Site Manager

Bob Wood, Site Manager

Service Centers

GSCi headquarters

3020 Baker Drive

Springfield, IL 62703


Service Centers 30

GSCI operates service centers in the following locations, proudly serving 38 counties across central Illinois.

Bloomington Service Center Champaign Service Center Decatur Service Center

3 Westport Ct. 701 Devonshire, Suite B16 462 W. William St.

Bloomington, IL 61704 Champaign, IL 61820 Decatur, IL 62522

800.777.1912 800.328.5112 800.791.9319

Peoria Service Center Peru Service Center Quincy Service Center

1103 W. Lake Ave. 2220 Marquette Rd., Suite103 3837 Eastlake Centre Dr.

Peoria, IL 61614 Peru, IL 61354 Quincy, IL 62305

800.640.8671 815.223.3613 877.477.4757

Springfield Service Center

3020 Baker Dr.

Springfield, Il 62703



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