In Memoriam of Albert Cramer - Warsteiner Gruppe

In Memoriam of Albert Cramer - Warsteiner Gruppe

In Memoriam of Albert Cramer

Owner of Warsteiner Brewery Dies at Age 69

Warstein, November 21, 2012 - Albert Cramer, managing partner of the

Warsteiner Group passed away on November 20, 2012 after a short, serious

illness. He was 69 years old. With him, the Warsteiner Brewery has lost its

senior partner who made history in the German and international beer


From the beginning until his last days, Albert Cramer was a visionary who

tirelessly promoted the growth and development of his brewery and gastronomy

business. As the 8th generation of the Cramer family from the Sauerland region

in western Germany, Albert Cramer was a successful entrepreneur who remained

loyal to his hometown Warstein and the people living in the region. His death is a

great loss for his family, his enterprise and his hometown. His youngest daughter

Catharina Cramer, 34, who joined the executive management team of the

Warsteiner Group in 2006, will continue the management of the company into the

9th generation.

Born on May 22, 1943, in Warstein, Albert Cramer grew up together with his

three sisters in his parents’ home directly adjacent to the family brewery. After

completing high school in Bad Godesberg, he went on to study business

administration at the University of Cologne, gaining his first professional

experience at the business consulting firm Kienbaum. In 1968, at the age of 25,

he joined the family brewery managed by his father, Paul Cramer, and later

became a limited partner and shareholder before assuming 100 percent of the

company shares. With an output of more than 300,000 hectoliter beer, the

Warsteiner Brewery already belonged among the largest breweries in Germany.

Albert Cramer’s innovative ideas and savvy marketing talents helped lead the

family enterprise headquartered in the Sauerland to become the largest and most

successful privately owned brewery in Germany with an annual output of more

than six million hectoliters. Today, the Warsteiner Group which also includes the

German hotel chain Welcome, consists of diverse subsidiaries with

approximately 2300 employees generating annual revenues of more than 520

million Euros.

Starting as early as the 1970s, Albert Cramer was the first German brewery

owner to promote beer through national advertisement campaigns, effectively

suggesting a correlation to sparkling wines and champagnes. With his Warsteiner

brand, Cramer succeeded in developing a new trend in fine dining, making beer

in Germany socially acceptable amidst more sophisticated settings.

Together with the renowned glass designer Hermann Hoffmann, Cramer created

in 1969 the Warsteiner Tulip, a beer glass that influences the brand image of

Warsteiner to this day. In 1984, the iconic glass was immortalized on canvas by

the legendary pop-art artist Andy Warhol in New York City. Today, Warhol’s

examples of the tulip glass adorn the administration building of the Warsteiner


In the mid-70s, when faced with a rapid growth in demand, the young

entrepreneur undertook a bold investment to build a new Warsteiner brewery in

the Waldpark area on the outskirts of Warstein, thereby laying the foundation for

a solid and prosperous financial future for the entire region. Albert Cramer

created the most modern brewery in Europe, which to this day belongs to the best

addresses on the European continent, particularly with its continuous investments

and commitment to the environment and sustainability. With his phenomenal

economic success, Albert Cramer was early on in the position to invest outside of

Germany, and he successfully grew his enterprise into the largest export business

among the private breweries in Germany. Today, the Warsteiner brand is present

in more than 60 countries around the world. Under Cramer‘s management,

Warsteiner set up its own sales companies in USA, Italy and the Netherlands, and

successfully integrated acquisitions of the Paderborner Brewery, the Frankenheim

Brewery in Düsseldorf and the Herforder Brewery as well as holdings in the

König Ludwig Schloßbrauerei Kaltenberg in Bavaria.

An enthusiastic hot-air balloonist, Cramer initiated in 1986 the first Warsteiner

International Montgolfiade, which grew into the largest annual hot-air balloon

festival in Europe. With mass ascensions of over 200 balloons and more than 300

pilots from around the world, this annual event draws more than 200,000

spectators each year to Warstein and plays a significant role in the attractiveness

and tourism in Nordrhein-Westphalia and the Sauerland region. But Albert

Cramer was also a fan of Formula One racing and successfully merged his love

for the sport with his marketing engagement, making the Warsteiner brand world

famous in the ‘90s. Another of Cramer’s successful sponsorship activities

focused on international ski and equestrian events.

With his deep regional roots, Albert Cramer felt passionately about giving back

to the community by promoting charitable projects in Warstein and its

surroundings throughout his life. This heartfelt commitment to ensure long-term,

sustainable support is evident in the Paul-Cramer-Foundation which he set up in

honor of his father. This foundation has been financially aiding social and

cultural initiatives in the region for many years. Furthermore, Albert Cramer also

fostered many international children’s charity projects throughout his lifetime,

including the building of several SOS Children’s Villages as well as other thirdworld

projects in South America and Africa.

Albert Cramer was a pioneer of the German brewing industry who shaped and

formed the German market inimitably. He leaves a great void in the lives of his

loved ones, his employees and the city of Warstein. His strong personality and his

creative powers will be long remembered and appreciated by all those who came

in contact with him personally.

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