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Dr. Tamás Fischer Biochemistry Center (BZH ... - CellNetworks

Dr. Tamás Fischer

10/11/1971, Budapest


Biochemistry Center (BZH)

University of Heidelberg

Im Neuenheimer Feld 328

69120 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 (0)6221 54 4176

Fax: +49 (0)6221 54 4369

Email: tamas.fischer@bzh.uniheidelberg.de

Since 2010 Junior Group Leader, BZH, University of Heidelberg

2006 - 2010 Postdoc with Dr. Shiv Grewal, National Cancer Institute, NIH,


2005 - 2006 Postdoc with Prof. Dr. Ed Hurt, University of Heidelberg

2001 - 2005 PhD, University of Heidelberg

1997 - 2001 Research assistant, Semmelweis University of Medicine,


1991 - 1997 Masters degree in Biology (Genetics), Lóránd Eötvös

University, Hungary


Epigenetics, chromatin modifications, genomic stability, noncoding RNAs,

RNA surveillance, transcription regulation, genome organization


Hennig, B.P., K. Bendrin, Y. Zhou, T. Fischer. (2012) “Chd1 chromatin

remodelers maintain nucleosome organization and repress cryptic

transcription.” EMBO Reports advance online publication, Oct 2;


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factors cooperate to trigger RNAi and suppress antisense RNA” Science


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factors to eliminate antisense RNAs.” Nature 461(7262):419-22 (*These

authors contributed equally).

Fischer, T., B. Cui, J. Dhakshnamoorthy, M. Zhou, C. Rubin, M. Zofall, T.D.

Veenstra, S.I. Grewal. (2009). “Diverse roles of HP1 proteins in

heterochromatin assembly and functions in fission yeast.” PNAS


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M. Stewart. (2009). “Sus1, Cdc31, and the Sac3 CID region form a conserved

interaction platform that promotes nuclear pore association and mRNA

export.” Molecular Cell 33(6):727-737.

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of Functional Modules Revealed by an Epistasis Map in Fission Yeast.”

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subtelomeric genes and alters their regulated gene expression." Journal of

Cell Biology 182(5):897-910.

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J. Lechner, J.E. Pérez-Ortín, R. Reed, E. Hurt. (2004). "Sus1, a Functional

Component of the SAGA Histone Acetylase Complex and the Nuclear Pore-

Associated mRNA Export Machinery." Cell 116: 75-86.

Fischer, T. *, K. Sträßer*, A. Rácz, S. Rodriguez-Navarro, M. Oppizzi, P.

Ihrig, J. Lechner, E. Hurt. (2002). "The mRNA export machinery requires the

novel Sac3p-Thp1p complex to dock at the nucleoplasmic entrance of the

nuclear pores." EMBO Journal 21: 5843-5852. (*These authors contributed


Olasz, F., T. Fischer, M. Szabó, Z. Nagy, J. Kiss. (2003). "Gene conversion

in transposition of Escherichia coli element IS30." Journal of Molecular

Biology 334(5): 967-978.

Czirjak, G., T. Fischer, A. Spät, F. Lesage, P. Enyedi. (2000). "TASK (TWIKrelated

acid-sensitive K+ channel) is expressed in glomerulosa cells of rat

adrenal cortex and inhibited by angiotensin II." Molecular Endocrinology

14(6): 863-874.

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