Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December ... - Gnollengrom

Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December ... - Gnollengrom

Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

Niels Risgaard Hansen

Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

Warhammer Online Podcasts are now

available on iTunes! Subscribe today!

We’ve teased, we’ve hinted, we’ve blatantly not told you

what you wanted to know ... until now! Finally, Open Field

RvR Keeps and Siege details are revealed! Check out this

month’s Production Podcast to learn more. It will change

your life forever!

Click Image to Watch Podcast

Each month we’ll be shining the

spotlight on WAR fan sites that

exemplify what we consider to

be the best in WAR community


There are many different

community forums for WAR and

each has it's own very unique

purpose. We'd like to profile

two sites that demonstrate this.

First there is Only-War, this is a

very busy community site that

focuses very much on

discussion of the news about

the game. Their very busy

forums are full of fans talking

about the latest developments

in the game. The atmosphere is

very relaxed and the

discussions are friendly.

The second site is War-RvR. As

the name suggests, this site is

all about the Realm vs Realm

combat in WAR. The members

do take time to talk about other

subjects but fighting is what

they like best. War-RvR also

has some excellent and

innovative resources such as

the interactive WAR Atlas.

Is your fan site doing

something cool, informative, or

fun? Let us know by sending an

email to

and you could be featured in

the next community spotlight.

Download the WAR

Fan Site kit.

Defender of Ulthuan

An epic struggle engulfs the

land of the high elves.

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

Welcome to an extra special edition of the WAR Grab Bag.

After last month’s reveal of the Career Mastery system, we

were inundated with emails from people wanting to learn

more. So this month, we enlisted our Careers Lead, Adam

Gershowitz, to answer all of your pressing questions. We’ve

got video to watch; we’ve got text to read. Now that is

extra special!

Click Image to Watch the Video

Check out this month’s Career Mastery Grab Bag>>

As always, we’re eager to hear more of what you have to

say. Keep those questions coming and we’ll keep the

answers flowing!

Send us your questions about the game>>

The next phase of the WAR Beta is up and running, and

Senior Producer, Jeff Hickman, and Creative Director, Paul

Barnett, have an extra special welcome back video for the


Click Image to Watch Video

Sure, it’s a bit on the long side (these guys love to hear

themselves talk!), but this video is entertaining as hell and

packed with all kinds of great information about the game.

If you are at all curious about what the team has been

doing for the past couple of months and want to know

what new features they have put in the game, this is a

must watch!

For more news from the beta, check out this months beta


December 18 Update / UI, Social Tools, Cities

December 6 Update / The Inevitable City, Character

Creation, RvR Keeps, and Career Mastery

The high elves have long

been the protectors of the

Warhammer World, and their

homeland of Ulthuan is

known for the powerful magic

that surrounds it. At the heart

of Ulthuan lies a magical

vortex, and the mages who

created it remain trapped in a

space out of time, endlessly

working the spell that keeps

the world from becoming a

seething Realm of Chaos.

When Ulthuan comes under

attack from the forces of

Chaos and dark elves led by

the Witch King and the hag

sorceress, Morathi, the high

elves must hold firm or face

disastrous consequences.

In Defenders of Ulthuan

Graham McNeill tells the epic

tale of the struggle between

good and evil.

You can read a sample

chapter of Defenders of

Ulthuan for free on the Black

Library website.

Which of the WAR

subscription period below

would you choose?

1 month

3 months

6 months

1 year

I'm not sure yet

I'm not yet sure I'll buy


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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

“Few are the select chosen that survive the reveries of the

Death Night. Fewer still are those who leave the Cauldron

with eyes of molten brass, burning with the hatred of our

Dark god. These true chosen are taken into the cult and

trained in the most secret of rites, emerging as masters of

death second to only Khaine himself.”

- Haridar of Har Ganeth

Read more about the Disciple of Khaine >>

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What is going on in this

picture? Send us your best

caption and we’ll send the

winner into the Closed Beta!

Please keep your captions

clean if you want them to be


Enter your Caption:

Enter your Email Address:


Last Month’s Contest



"You know that dream where

you're at work when you

suddenly realize you forgot

your pants?"


"Will War for Clothes..."

"Woke up late for drill


"You watch Beowulf once and

look at what happens..."

Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

Watch the exclusive video introduction of the

Disciple of Khaine.

Learn More about the Armies of WAR >>

“A Sorcereress must walk the dark paths of the Realm of

Chaos, the deep pits of the oceans and the bowls of the

fiery mountains in her quest for knowledge. The channeling

of the raw Winds of Chaos is what gives the Sorceress her

power. The creatures of the Chaos Hells will bow to her will

in the end. Such power is vast but dangerous and the

aspirant to the Dark Convent of Sorceresses must be

courageous and strong.”

- From the sixth book of secrets by Kaladhtoir of Clar


Read more about the Sorceress >>


Get your hands on the latest

build of WAR at one of

the following events:

Games Day Spain

February 2008

Games Day France

April 2008

Roleplay Convention, Germany

April 2008

Games Day Germany

August 2008

Games Convention, Germany

August 2008

Games Day UK

September 2008

Festival de Jeu Video, France

September 2008

Games Day Italy

October 2008

Stay tuned for more information

about our upcoming 2008 show


Photos from Dreamhack -

the World's largest LAN party:

More news and information

about the Elves, including:

Collector’s Edition details


An exclusive chapter from

the new WAR novel,



New High Elf career


Overview of the Dark Elf

zone, Averlorn

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue


Learn More about the Armies of WAR >>

For an exclusive interview with the Dark Elf Sorceress,

check out PLAY Magazine’s new Girls of Gaming Vol. 5

(available now).

Imagine if you will, a stone-wrought door sealed into the

side of a mountain. For months, an explorer has traveled

by this unusual door and it has always been closed. One

day, he passes by and notices the door has opened. As if

New game feature updates

Plus, new screens,


videos and more!

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

through invitation the player proceeds into the depths of

the mountain and is summarily killed by a huge, ugly troll.

Grumbling, the player re-spawns and runs back to the

mountain only to find the entrance is now sealed. Weeks

later the same happens again, but this time our explorer is

prepared, he brings a full group and slaughters the beast.


Half a zone away another adventurer notices something in

the brush. It is a lonely wheel attached to a pipe that

travels underground. He turns the wheel and hears the

sound of stone against stone far off in the distance. "What

purpose did that serve?" he asks, continuing on his journey.

These two incidents are connected ...

Read more exciting news about Lairs >>

The holidays are upon us and we are in a generous,

giving mood so this month we have three new images

from the second WAR cinematic to share with you. Check

out the snarky little Squig Herder, his ferocious Squig

Battle Armor, and his trusty weapon of choice.

Stay tuned for more as we bring you another peek at the

WAR cinematic next month. Enjoy!

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

The vast, rolling plains and mild climate of Ellyrion make

this inner kingdom the perfect breeding ground for the

finest Elven steeds in all of Ulthuan. Great herds of these

amazingly swift and graceful creatures roam the grasslands

throughout the year, and are prized among the noble lords

of the Phoenix King’s court for their magnificent quality and

majestic beauty.

The High Elves who dwell in Ellyrion are peerless horsemen

who have fought to defend their fair isle against the

spiteful Dark Elves since the time of Caledor the First.

Mounted on steeds as swift as the wind, these light

horsemen patrol the vast golden plains of their home,

ready to strike should the treacherous armies of Malekith


Read More About Ellyrion>>

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

When visiting the bustling city of Altdorf, take a break

from the constant struggle against the forces of

Destruction and tour the city’s famed taverns. You’ll find

good friends, good conversation, and the finest ale in all

the Empire (ok, maybe not at the Screaming Cat ... it’s

best not to ask what they serve there.)

The Screaming Cat The Reikland Arms

The Blowhole The Mastiff’s End

So I click to attack? Who should I click? This one is

blinking red. Does that mean I should attack it? How do I

use this piece of artillery? Am I supposed to click that

too? Won’t I swing my sword at it if I click it? I don’t

want to swing my sword at a piece of artillery. It might

break, right? Are the short, stout people on my side?

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

These are some of the questions that a player new to

MMOs might have the first time they play Warhammer

Online. As developers who are also avid gamers it can

sometimes be quite the challenge to take a step back

from your own experiences and put yourself in the shoes

of someone logging into an MMO for the first time.

However, it is a necessary exercise when approaching the

design of the starting player experience.

Conversely we must, of course, also consider the veteran

MMO players. The sort who might ask questions like:

What does Warhammer Online have to offer that other

MMOs do not? How is it going to elevate the genre? Why

would I want to subscribe to it instead of Other Game A,

B or C?

Though these questions are typically the easier ones to

be mindful of, the true challenge lies in creating an

experience that caters to both the new player and the

veteran. Excellence in starter area design is achieved

when we create a gaming experience that answers both

types of questions in a timely, invisible and, most of all,

enjoyable manner.

Read the full Developer Diary >>

Join Creative Director, Paul Barnett, and his trusty video

phone for a truly unique look at the making of WAR. This

month, Paul has been busy as a groupie for our resident

Rock Band stars. In between shows he found some time

to share a few development tidbits with us.

View the Video Blog >>

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

The Beta has reopened so don’t waste any time signing up

to take part in one of the largest beta tests ever for an

MMORPG. More than a half a million players have

registered so far, but we are always looking for new

recruits. Sharpen your sword, unleash your inner mutation,

and prepare to meet your destiny on the battlefields of

Warhammer Online.

Sign up for the WAR Beta at:

WAR is coming! Are you ready?

There are a million stories in the Age of Reckoning just

waiting to be told. What is your tale?

My father always said, "Leave the fighting of the wars to

the warriors and priests; Engineers are the ones that win

those wars."

It took many long years to understand some of the

cryptic things my father once spoke to me as I spent time

with him in his shop, working away at the latest of his

outlandish inventions, but this one made sense.

Read This Month's Beta Journal Entry >>


Feeling creative? We know we have some talented fans

out there and now is the time for you to demonstrate

your skills. Send us your WAR-inspired art and we’ll

showcase the best submissions in upcoming newsletters.

Plus, featured artists will be invited to join us in the

closed beta test!

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue


by Charzan


by A. Barte

Witch Hunter

by J. Hun

Visit the Fan Art Gallery >>

Submit your artwork >>

Dark Elf

by C. Járgensen

Messenger of Nurgle

by Comte


by S. Ohlund


Have a knack for creative writing or a story you are dying

to tell? We are looking to “publish” the best WAR-inspired

fan fiction written by our readers. We will choose our

favorites and feature them in upcoming newsletters. Plus,

featured writers will be invited to join us in the

closed beta test! Submissions must be no longer than

2000 words.

This Month’s Featured Stories

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue


I, Ironbeard, Last of the Karak Dwarfs, Orvidos

A Land of War , W. Greenall


Kazak the Great , J. Martin

The Grace of Tzeench, M. Adelson

The Legends and Lore section of the WAR Herald is only

as good as the community can make it! Check out the

stories from the Armies of Order and Destruction, and let

us know how many mugs of ale each tale is worth. (Votes

do not immediately display.) Think you can do better?

Submit your own!

Submit your WAR Story >>

"My biggest hope has always been that we are

able to nail this IP, as far as the look and feel

go. That’s something that’s very subjective on a

person by person basis, but I honestly feel that

we have and are going to continue to. And I’m

not just saying that since we have a

Bloodthirster in the game. *eg*"

Developer Profile >>

"We hope to bring the player-on-player action

to the forefront. Too many games lack good or

even fair competition against other players. We

are doing our best to make that part shine

above all others!"

Developer Profile >>

The next phase of the WAR Beta is underway and we are

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

debuting all-new content and RvR mayhem! Each month

we'll randomly select 20 names from the newsletter

subscriber database for entry into the Beta Test you are a

current Warhammer newsletter subscriber, then you're

automatically entered into the drawing every month. If

you are not yet a newsletter subscriber, visit to register for the Beta and subscribe to

the monthly newsletter.

December Winners:

J. Nguyen/North


N. Eklund/North


A. Curis/North


A. Murray/North


T. Crowe/North


J. Miller/North


S. Chew/North


C. Carter/North


R. Vryer/New


D. Ivos/Australia



M. Low/Europe

R. Mateus/Europe

M. Laggner/Europe

D. Illig/Europe

R. Banck/Australia

R. Sainz/South


L. Daniel/Europe

A. Monton/Europe

M. Tessari/Europe

This month, decorate your desktop with more images of


Regular Wide Screen

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Gmail - Warhammer Online Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

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