2008-09 Annual Report - Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania


2008-09 Annual Report - Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania

Annual Report

October 1, 2008 – September 30, 2009

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania

GSWPA Board of Directors


Rebecca Z. Styles, Board Chair

Margaret Saborsky, First Vice Chair

Jeffrey Getty, Treasurer

Michele Burke, Secretary

Members at Large

Casey Bowers

Kimberly Daboo

David Davis

Rebecca Dudenhoeffer

Glenora Faupel

Kym Hamilton

Barney Knorr

Lois Kuttesch

Diane McClune

Stacey Robertson

Cynthia Roth

Ellen Roth

Sarah Shaffer

Veronica Smith

Stella Somiari

Frank Stillman

Board Development Committee

Veronica Smith, Chair

Barbara Carter

Lois Kuttesch

Dennis Lindberg

Sue Morrow

Stacey Robertson

Holly Spittler

Executive Team

Patricia A. Burkart, CEO

Jim Ellenberger, CFO

Jay Krunszyinsky, CAO

Joyce Lewis-Andrews, CMO

Carol Popp, CDO

Angie Stengel, COO

Dear Friends,

This past year, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania (GSWPA) expanded our circle of

friends and sphere of influence throughout the 27 counties that we serve in

western Pennsylvania. Our girls are learning leadership and teamwork skills,

gaining an appreciation for the diversity and culture that exist in our region

and throughout the world, developing character traits and ideals that last

them a lifetime, and taking advantage of opportunities that break down

female stereotypes or barriers that stand in the way of their personal and

future professional success.

Whether a girl participates in a troop, at council events, during summer

resident camp, on travel trips or in a group of program sessions in our series

pathway, Girl Scouting provides her with significant ways to demonstrate her

courage, confidence and character while connecting her to her community.

As part of the Thinking Day theme, Girl Scouts helped mark the 10th anniversary of the

Fall FoodShare Food Drive. By connecting and taking action with Giant Eagle and their local

food banks, Girl Scouts collected food for needy families in communities throughout the region.

Sponsoring “Destination: Eco-Action”, an environmental leadership institute with the Girls, Math & Science Partnership

and Chatham University, GSWPA welcomed 42 girls from 14 American states and territories (and even one girl from the

United Arab Emirates) who developed an appreciation and understanding of nature and the environment to gain a better

understanding and explore solutions around environmental issues using skills related to math, science and technology.

This summer, we partnered with families in the region to give girls the leading edge in school and with their peers through

the “Follow the Reader” family reading project. Girls in grades K-1 had the opportunities to improve thinking and language

skills, develop vocabulary, increase listening and attention, stimulate creativity, display confidence and become enthusiastic

about learning.

Our “girl force” was activated during Girl Scout Boot Camp at Camp Elliott in Volant this summer as girls teamed up with

members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard to deploy their own spirit of adventure and

can-do attitude in an active, girl-friendly setting.

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania has also begun expansion for our LIFT (Leaders in Training for Tomorrow) and Campus

Connections programs–two educational initiatives that are available to girls through local schools and universities.

Combined with enrollment in our Discovery Girls literacy program, these special initiatives served 500 girls in our


Partnerships with volunteers, parents, schools, donors and program providers in the region have made this a year of

noteworthy achievements. We are grateful to all who have supported our mission and for making Girl Scouting the world’s

preeminent leadership experience for girls.

Patricia A. Burkart

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Z. Styles

Board Chair

Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Girl Scout Gold Awardees

(September 30, 2008 – October 1, 2009)

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest honor received by girls and the culmination of a Girl Scout’s experience in

discovering themselves and their values so they can connect to others and take action to make the world a better

place. Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania awarded 156 girls with this award.

Leah Anderson

Kathryn Amrhein

Jennifer Arnold

Elizabeth Bailey

Heather Barckhoff

Amy-Gabriel Bartolac

Laura Bertoni

Kathryn Blythe

Megan Bone

Sarah Brinkley

Alyssa Brown

Lauren Brunson

Casey Buchanan

Jenna Buterbaugh

Cassandra Buxter

Halie Carter

Laureen Chapin

Stephanie Christel

Ashley Clark

Christa Coban

Christy Cook

Christina Cowan

Francesca Crawford

Laura Crummie-Ducarme

Nicole Cumberland

Shelby Cunningham

Julia Dannerth

Kaitlyn Davis

Christine Dee

Christina DeSantis

Hillari Dickerson

Hannah Domaradzki

Brianna Edwards

Valerie Eiben

Diane Elbel

Jenna Ellis

Laura Ewart

Amy Federoff

Natalie Ann Ferraro

Nicole Fischetti

Lizzie Fitzgerald

Cristina Flores

Olivia Francois

Ann Freeman

Janee Frieko

Colleen Friel

Mary Beth Galanko

Mary Garcia

Brianne Garness

Annelise Gaus

Aqua Gentis

Joanna German

Kate Gibson

Sarah Gilmer

Susan Gogniat

Rachel Ann Gollhardt

Lacey Gosnell

Michelle Gottschalk

Brittney Guess

Shannon Haag

Emily Hansen

Rebecca Hasulak

Leeanne Haus

Lindsay Hayes

Heidi Heatherdale

Taylor Henzler

Anna Herold

Cara Hertneky

Maureen Hilton

Rachel Hilton

Elyse Horomanski

Amanda Huey

Stephanie Hunt

Brooke Hunter

Sarah Hutchenson

Ashley Johns

Ashley Jones

Carly Kammenzind

Casey Keating

Alex Kluthe

Kara Knechtel

Lisa Kopczyk

Jennifer Kopczyk

Cassandra Kosmal

Cassidy Kravec

Erin Kregar

Samantha Krivak

Katherine Kromka

Leann Krysiak

Claire LaRosa

Beth Larson

Jayme Leach

Lorrie Lehman

Hannah Linamen

Amanda Lindgren

Lauren R. Maceikis

Heather Maille

Christina Maranowski

Christine Marty

Sarah Matson

Andrea McCaslin

Virginia McCready

Kaitlyn McMullen

Brooke Merry

Olivia Meyer

Sarah Miller

Megan Mitchell

Lydia Moon

Megan Moore

Brigitte Morgan

Ainsley Morley

Kirsten Morrison

Kerri Norton

Jamie Obeldobel

Amanda Olmstead

Corinne Oplinger

Kaitlin Pander

Elisa Paul

Melissa Paulsen

Alyssa Perkins

Teresa Pitassi

Marie Popovich

Stephanie Radziminski

Sarah Reeb

Elizabeth Rhodes

Catherine Roth

Meagan Sanko

Amanda Scheboth

Sharon Scott

Brittany Serkleski

Brooke Serkleski

Kristen Sicilia

Sarah Simmons

Stephanie Sprague

Brittany Stoyanoff

Sarah Streeper

Alexandra Strycula

Kayla Supler

Kristen Swaney

Amber Synan

Kristina Taylor

Lauren R. Thomas

Jocelin Thomas

Jennifer Thompson

Lindsay Thompson

Angela Torchia

Michele Troutman

Kristy Tucci

Katelyn Turner

Caroline White

Sara Whitfield

LaShon Wilson

Amanda Wood

Lauren Yost

Carolyn Zaffino

Amy Zoeckler






12,480 hours

of service

in their




MarCom Gold and Honorable Mention Awards

S’MORE Magazine, a publication of Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania (GSWPA),

received the MarCom Gold Award, and the GSWPA Web site received honorable

mention for 2009. MarCom Awards is an international competition for

marketing and communication professionals involved in the concept,

writing and design of marketing and communication programs and print,

visual and audio materials. Entries come from corporate marketing and

communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design

shops, production companies and freelancers.

Girl Scouts Recognized as an Asset Builder in

Healthy Youth Development

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania was recognized by the Healthy

Youth Development Initiative as an Asset Builder in Erie County.

The Healthy Youth Development Initiative of Erie County utilizes

The Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets to promote youth

development. These assets are actual, common sense, positive

experiences and qualities important to the development of young

people and the ingredients of their success. The 40 assets have

influence during the complicated adolescent years to affect choices

young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults.

PRSA East Central Diamond Award

S’MORE Magazine, published twice a year by Girl Scouts Western

Pennsylvania with a circulation to our membership and community of

45,000, earned the PRSA East Central District Diamond Award. The 100-page,

full-color publication is also available in an online, interactive format.

Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Adrianne Kuhar of Johnstown

donated a variety of children’s

books for the children at Miners

Medical Center, earning her Girl

Scout Bronze Award.

Cadette Troop 20474 from Freeport/

Sarver set their cookie program goal

to learn about American history in

Washington, D.C. and place a wreath at

the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington

National Cemetery.

Girl Scout Brownie Troop 54039 of

Ringgold Service Area made an impact

on their community by planting three

small butterfly gardens and a butterfly

bush, as well as picking up trash at Tubby

Hall Park in New Eagle, PA.

Troop 30747 volunteered to assist

Operation Christmas Child to pack

over 10,000 shoe boxes to send to

children facing poverty, war and

disease in over 100 countries.

Brownie Girl Scout Troop 10387 from

Laurel Elementary School delivered more

than 120 pounds of pet supplies and $30

in monetary donations to the Lawrence

County Humane Society.




Girl Scout Daisies – 5,829

Girl Scout Brownies – 10,335

Girl Scout Juniors – 9,136

Girl Scout Cadettes – 6,295

Girl Scout Seniors – 1,717

Girl Scout Ambassadors – 1,423

Girls registered in troops – 30,499

Girls registered in various other pathways – 4,416

Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


The Leadership Journey

A key part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is the leadership journey, a coordinated series of

activities grouped around a theme. During the 2009-09 membership year, Girl Scouts of the USA released

“It’s Your Planet – Love It”, a new leadership journey resource. This new program book for girls in grades

K-12, along with all other activities and events offered by Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania develops girls

to become leaders who…

. . . can set and achieve goals.

. . . can use their values to make decisions.

. . . can create teams and work well with others.

. . . can network within their communities.

. . . can influence others to take a stand and

do the right thing.

. . . can run a business.

. . . can build and enjoy friendships with people from all

different cultures and countries.

. . . can (and do!) act with integrity.

. . . can inspire others to help their communities.

. . . can change the world!


Program Opportunities

for Girls in Grades K-12

1,094 girls attended day camp

20,574 campers attended Troop camping

1,643 girls attended summer resident camp

2,564 girls were served through series pathways

23,648 participants were served at 784 council events

5,102 girls recevied membership assistance totaling $50,794.60

255 camp and program scholarships were awarded totaling $28,028.50

Through the annual Girl Scout Cookie program, troop proceeds totaled $1,885,292

and were used to defray the cost of troop, event, camp, travel and series participation

Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Inspiring Courage

Girl Scout volunteers provide a safe and welcoming environment where

girls can stand up for what they believe, open themselves to new ideas and

experiences, find their voice and look others in the eye to ask for what they

want. Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls of all ages gain

practical life skills, seek challenges in the world, resolve conflicts, advance

diversity in a multicultural world, promote cooperation and team building.

Girls learn to advocate on behalf of themselves and others and educate

and inspire others to act, feel empowered to make a difference in the world

and aspire to the can-do spirit of the positive adult role models who mentor

them in Girl Scouting.

Sparking Confidence

The Girl Scout program boasts more than 50 awards that girls at each

grade level can earn. With so many accomplishments, girls feel good about

themselves and are even more certain of their potential. Awards for Girl

Scout Brownies are called Try-Its—as in ‘just try it,’ and volunteers offer girls

all kinds of activities—from those centered on family and friendship to

science and sports. From beads to biotech; ecology to economics; relaxation

to recreation; and service to style—by incorporating methods of girl-led,

learning-by-doing and cooperative learning into the experience, volunteers

ensure that a girl’s success is measured by fun as well as challenges. In

addition to progressive experiences and age-appropriate opportunities, Girl

Scouting also recognizes that every girl’s interest and abilities are different.

Sowing the Seeds of Character

Character is a trait everyone wants. It’s something all parents desire for their

children to develop. Yet it is difficult to define, it can mean different things

to different people and requires practice and plenty of reinforcement

throughout our lives. With patriotism and service at the core, Girl Scout

volunteers use the Girl Scout Promise and Law as a beacon with which

to guide girls. For many girls, the lessons learned in Girl Scouting help

reinforce the values they learn at home. According to Michele Borba, Ed.D.,

noted author and educator, character is defined as “moral intelligence, the

capacity to understand right from wrong, have strong ethical convictions,

and to act on them so one behaves in the right and honorable way.” Many

former Girl Scouts regard the Promise and Law, taught to them by their Girl Scout

leaders, as the greatest lessons learned in Girl Scouting.




2,806 Girl Scout Leaders

1,619 Registered Lifetime Members

1,494 new volunteer applications processed

809 Registered members of the Alumnae Association

1,184 adult volunteers participated in learning opportunities

146 council facilitators provided training and enrichment courses

Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania



Statement of Financial Position

Audited as of September 30, 2009


Cash and cash equivalents $344,891

Investments $6,120,927

Accounts receivable $284,555

Contributions receivable $190,886

Property and Equipment (net of depreciation) $12,812,430

Inventory $402,251

Other assets $146,117

Long-term investments & funds held by others $1,127,139

Total Assets $21,429,196

Liabilities and Net Assets


Accounts payable and accrued expenses $389,298

Custodial funds $65,809

Deferred revenue $25,292

Line of credit $900,000

Long-term debt $686,033

Total Liabilities $2,066,432

Net Assets

Unrestricted $18,188,066

Temporarily restricted $313,195

Permanently restricted $861,503

Total Net Assets $19,362,764

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $21,429,196

Statement of Activities

Year Ended September 30, 2009

Public Support and Revenue ($10,038,920)


(includes product and retail sales)

Public Contributions and Grants

Other Revenue

(includes investments income)

United Way

Special Events

Expenses ($10,145,889)

(Before depreciation)



Management and

General Administration

Net Change in Net Assets from Operations (106,969)

(Before depreciation)

















Donor Listing

(September 30, 2008 – October 1, 2009)

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania gratefully recognizes those individuals, corporations, foundations,

organizations and United Way partners whose generous financial support of $25 or more has

helped to serve girls throughout the entire council.



Girl Scouts of the USA

United States Steel




NFL Alumni, Inc.



General Dynamics

Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.

Northrop Grumman




($5,000 - $9,999)

BNY Mellon

The Boeing Company

EQT Corporation

First Commonwealth Bank

Giant Eagle, Inc.

Lockheed Martin

Planning Systems, Inc.

PNC Financial Services Group



($1,000 - $4,999)

Anonymous (1)

1st Summit Bank

Advanced Acoustic

Concepts, Inc.

Alpern Rosenthal

Amcom Office Systems

AmeriServ Financial


Cambria County Child

Development Corp.

Conemaugh Memorial

Medical Center

Ernst & Young LLP

Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.

ITSI Biosciences

Johnstown Area Regional

Industries, Inc.

JTR Properties

JWF Defense


Kuchera Defense Systems, Inc.

L. Robert Kimball & Associates

Maher Duessel CPA’s

Mark Ann Industries, Inc.

Martin-Baker America, Inc.

Mountaintop Technologies, Inc.

MTS Technologies, Inc.

Mutual of America

Odd Fellows Home of

Western Pennsylvania

Parks Moving & Storage, Inc.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Preferred Restoration


Prime Communications, Inc.

Swank Associated

Companies, Inc.


Walker Motor Company

Wells Fargo & Company

Windber Medical Center &

Windber Research Institute


($100 - $999)

Agora Group

Allegheny Conference

Allied Insurance Brokers

American Water

Ariba, Inc.

Armstrong Associates

Federal Credit Union


Bank of New York Mellon

Community Partnership

Beaver County Association

of Realtors

BNY Mellon

Community Partnership

Bolivar Medical Center/

Indiana Medical Center

Brookville Hospital

Byers Taxi Service, Inc.

Dean Foods

DNA Health Systems

Duerr Packaging

Company, Inc.

Eastern Sintered Alloy

ECHO Real Estate

Services Company

EP Global

Communications, Inc.

Erie Federal Credit Union

Erie Indemnity

Fiberblade, LLC (Gamesa)

Fifth Third Bank

First National Bank

of Pennsylvania



H.F. Lenz Company

Hershberger Insurance

Agency, LLC

Highland Financial, LTD

Hope Furrer Associates, Inc.

Hovis Interiors

IBM Employee Service Center

Indiana Regional

Medical Center

Jefferson Wholesale

Grocery Co., Inc.

Kelly, Sparber, White, &

Associates, LLC



Latrobe Specialty

Steel Company

Law Office of

James E. Abraham, LLC

Luigi’s Ristorante

Margaret L. Henry

Children’s Home

McLanahan Corporation


Michael Baker Corporation

Morgan Glass

Muir Hershberger

Insurance Agency

National City Bank

National Fuel Gas

Distribution Corporation

Niagara Cutter, Inc.

Peters Refrigerator,

Heating & Cooling

Pittsburgh Affiliate of

Susan G. Komen

For The Cure


Quinn, Buseck, Leemhus,

Toohey & Kroto, Inc.

Seven Springs

Mountain Resort

Shop ‘n Save

Sisterson & Co., LLP

Slovenian Savings and

Loan Association

Somerset Trust Company

Three Rivers

Management, Inc.

United Health Group

Education, Foundations &



Katherine Mabis McKenna

Foundation, Inc.

Glenn & Ruth Mengle


Education, Foundations &



Alcoa Foundation

Babcock Charitable Trust

CTC Foundation

Eberly Family Permanent

Fund for Girl Scouting of the

Community Foundation of

Fayette County, PA

Eden Hall Foundation

James McCandless

Charitable Trust

Howard & Nell E. Miller


P.M. Moore Foundation, Inc.

Jeannette G. Smiley Trust

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you note any errors or omissions, please contact the fund development at 1-800-248-3355, ext. 1008.

Education, Foundations

and Organizations


Bozzone Family Foundation

DRS Technologies Charitable

Foundation, Inc.

Education, Foundations &

Organizations (cont’d)


The Eberly Foundation

George D. Hott Foundation

Samuel Justus

Charitable Trust

McKinney Charitable


Margaret M. Patton


Dr. & Mrs. Arthur William

Phillips Charitable Trust

The Spaeder

Fund for Children of The Erie

Community Foundation

Tippins Foundation

The Margaret M. Walker

Charitable Foundation

Harry C. Winslow


Education, Foundations &



Beaver County Foundation

John M. Brown Family


Carnegie Library of


Elsie H. Hillman Foundation

Federated Investors

Foundation, Inc.

First Evangelical

Lutheran Church

The Forbes Funds

Gray Family Foundation

Edward J. Kavanagh


Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Education, Foundations

& Organizations (Cont’d)


Caroline Knox Memorial

Fund of The Pittsburgh


Laughlin Memorial, Inc.

Sandra Levine Fund of The

Pittsburgh Foundation

Lindquist Irrevocable Trust

Lynch Foundation

North East Community


W.I. Patterson

Charitable Fund

Pennsylvania Highlands

Community College

Eugene & Nell Petrucci

Fund of The Pittsburgh


Lauretta G. Phillips

Revocable Trust

Saint Francis University

Snyder Charitable


Symmco Foundation

Walmart Foundation

Walter J. Linquist


Whalley Charitable Trust

Education, Foundations

& Organizations


AFSCME PA Local 2365

American Legion

Auxiliary Unit 105

American Legion Fayette

County Committee

Bedford Lions Club

Philo & Sarah Blaisdell


Boy Scouts of America

BPO Elks Lodge #110

Cardinal Health

Foundation, Inc.

Center Area School District

Charities For Children, Inc.

Frances Hesselbein Fund of

the Community

Foundation for the


Community Foundation of

Warren County

GFF – Bruning – Girl Scout

Fund of the Community

Foundation of

Westmoreland County

Dominion Foundation

Matching Gift Program

Drakenfeld Fair Share Fund

DuBois Rotary Club

Edinboro University of


The Ellis School

Fair Oaks Foundation, Inc.

Giant Eagle Food Stores

Employee Fund

Girl Scouts Western

Pennsylvania Fund of The

Pittsburgh Foundation

Give With Liberty

Employee Donations

Global Impact

Greater Johnstown/

Cambria County

Chamber of Commerce

Greenville Kiwanis Club

Frederick P. Hartman

Charitable Trust

Hill House Association

Horton Brockway Lions Club

Indiana, Armstrong,

Clarion County Central

Labor Council

International Brotherhood

of Electrical Workers

Local No. 459

Johnstown Regional Central

Labor Council

Johnstown Typographical

Union No. 137

Kane Vets Home


Kiwanis Club of Franklin

Kiwanis Club of Grove City

Ligonier Valley Endowment

of The Pittsburgh


James & Florence

Lockhart Trust

George & Shirley Lucore

Family Fund of The Erie

Community Foundation

Macy’s Foundation

McFeely-Rogers Foundation

Mount Aloysius College

Rebecca Muller Trust

National Environmental

Education Foundation

Point Park University

Robert Morris University

Rotary Club of Norwin

Sharon Rotary Club

Teamsters Local

Union No. 110

United Steel Workers of

America Local 6521

Waterford Lions Club

Whetzel Family

Charitable Trust

Kathryn Faust Zonge

Memorial Fund of The

Pittsburgh Foundation

Zonta Club of Warren

United Ways, United Funds

& Community Chests

United Way of

Allegheny County

United Way of

Armstrong County

United Way of

Beaver County

United Way of

Bedford County

United Way of

Blair County

United Way of the

Bradford Area, Inc.

United Way of

Butler County

Cameron County

Community Chest

United Way of

Clarion County

Clearfield Area

United Way, Inc.

United Fund of

the Corry Area, Inc.

United Way of Western

Crawford County

DuBois Area United Way

United Way of Erie County

Grove City Area United Way

United Way of

Indiana County

Johnsonburg-Wilcox Area

Community Fund Inc.

Kane Area United Fund

United Way of the

Laurel Highlands, Inc.

United Way of

Lawrence County


Community Fund

United Way of

Mercer County

Ridgway Area United

Community Fund

United Way of South


St. Marys Area United Way

United Way of

Venango County

Warren County United


Individual Donors


Joseph & Patricia Kirk

Estate of Manuel Irvin Kuhr

Estate of

Charles A. Shepp, Jr.

Individual Donors

($5,000 - $9,999)

Lou Brown

Robert Krouse

Individual Donors

($2,500 - $4,999)

Carlos Cardoso

Mark Hornak

Dennis Juran

Debra McAllonis

Ray Mekis

David Shernisky

Individual Donors

($1,000 - $2,499)

Anonymous (1)

George Acker

Joyce Bender

Agnus Berenato

Dorothy Brookes

Estate of Edwin R. Crawford

C. Gary Dinsel

Lee Harriman

Martha Hochendoner

Jeffry Kessel

Diane Knight


John P. Murtha

John A. Robertshaw, Jr.

Cynthia Roth

Valerie Scott

Sarah Shaffer

John Skowron

Individual Donors

($500 - $999)

Anonymous (2)

Dave & Joyce Andrews

Peg Bishop

Theresa Bone

Jean Briancesco

Patricia A. Burkart

William Caswell

Melanie Connell

Neil Corry-Roberts

Kimberly Daboo

Danielle Edwards

James Ellenberger

David Francis

Deborah Freed

Martin Fritz

Clare Gallagher

Patrick Hesidence

Wade Horwood

Jay Krunszyinsky

Elizabeth Miller

Louis & Kristin Montanti

William Murdoch

Dorothy O’Donnell

Stephen Plutt

Carol Popp

Monica Porter

Mary Putnam

Stacey Robertson

Ellen Roth

Diana Roxbury

Margaret Saborsky

Melvin Scarpaci

Nancy Smith

Rebecca Styles

Robert Thomas

Ken Thornton

Lyn Ultsch

Alan C. Vanderstrom

Denise Wright

Individual Donors

($250 - $499)

Anonymous (6)

Marian Allen

Thomas Allen

George Bartha

Ronald Benedek

Joyce Biearman

Jan Brydon

Michele Burke

Daniel Bursick

Lynn Caffrey

Laura Candris

Susan Cole

Jeffrey Crane

Sally Cunningham

David Davis

Mary Downs

Glenora Faupel

Nora Fischer

Lorie Galassi

Paul Groszkiewicz

Kym Hamilton

Dennis Hancock

William Hill

Kathleen Howard

Timothy Hronek

Lisa Issac

Maryanne Jackson

John & Kathryn Jacoby

John Jacoby

Gretchen Jezerc

Christina Johnson

Dawn Johnson

Janice Kindling

Barney Knorr

Patricia Kristoff

Mario Lanna

Kristen Larkin-Stewart

Channel Lock

Brent Mallory

Melissa Mattera

Jeffrey Mazey

Charles McCombs

Mary McFadden

Gregory Miller

Thomas Musolin

Louisa Nara

Scott Newton

Michael O’Neill

Gordon Osborn

Susan Ott

Paul Palombo

Patricia June Panek

Marcia Park

Roberta Patton

Richard Peterson

Patricia Pongibove

Laurie Prenatt

Sean Ritchie

Lori Roberts

Nancy Ruffner

Danette Sarvey

Ronald Smith

Amy Smith

Gordon Snyder

Paul & Eileen Starr

William P. & Mary Ann Starr

Annette Steele

Celeste Stubbs

Nancy Vandling

Maria Villiotti

Carey Vinson

Carter Wellons

Margaret Wolff

Kathleen Zrowka

Individual Donors

($100 - $249)

Anonymous (26)

Cynthia Allen

William H. & Helen L.


Tina Allman

Patricia Almes

Jed Althouse

Brian Atland

Carol Atwell

Patricia Aubele

John Augustine

Jennifer Azoury

Tod Baker

Pamela Balas

Robert Balogh

Louise Barnhart

Tessa Begley

Debra Bell

Susan Bennett

Ida Bergmann

Carol Bernat

James Bertoty

Colson E. Blakeslee

Brent Bosch

John Bower

Forrest Brubaker

Peter Buczynski

Janet Bunecicky

Jean Burgman

Gary Burns

Elaine Burton

Michael Caglia

Suzie Cammisa

Barbara Cannella

Anne Carney

Ellen Caulkins

Kay Chamberlain

David Clapper

Ann Clifford

Donna Close

Julia Cocchiola

George Cook

Brittany Corsaro

Heather Craig

Barney Custer

Jennifer Cwiklinski

Anthony Dallmier

Douglas Davidson

Denise Delgrand

Doreen Dilegge

Charles Dollins

Cynthia Dorundo

David Down

Timothy Downs

Nicole Droppa

Rebecca Dudenhoeffer

Tamara Dudukovich

Louise & Charles Dugan

Karen Duncan

Diane Edelstein

Pamela Egbert Forker

Daniel & Karen Elmeier Perry

Sarah Erickson

Paul Fagan

Robert Farr

Michael Fausti

Matthew Filipiak

Olivera Finn

Pamela Forker

Hilda Fu

Jean Fyock

Richard Galluzzi

Charles & Karen Galvin

Lynne Garfinkel

Esther Garfinkel

Paul Gem

Debra Gerhard

Jeffrey Getty

George Glarner

Susan Gold

John Gondosh

John Goodwin

Melissa Gorski

Frankie Graham

Henry Greco

Barbara Grosch

Michele Gurkweitz

Arlene Hakas Danver

Kathy Haltzman

Karen Haluck

Ken Halverson

Janet Hammett

Kristin Harty

Harriet Hayes

Debbie Hazlett

Patricia Hollot

Kathy Holtzman

Amy Horwath

Alexis Howard

Richard Humphreys

Ronald Hunt

John & Lori Irwin

Susan Jenkins

Dayna Jornsay-Hester

John Karduck

Chris Kealey Thompson

Virginia Kearns

Claudia Kepple

Patrick Kiniry

Timothy Kolaja

George & Joan


Alyssa Krasinskas

Jennifer Kromel

Charles & Dorothy Kunkle

Barbara Kunselman

Stephanie La Marque

Tammie Lander

Caroline Lascek

David Leventry

J.W. Liddle

Donald Lindgren

Francis Liptak

Kay Liss

Lisa Love

Anthony Massari

Kim McClement

Diane McClune

Donna McDonough

Richard & Nancy McKelvey

Michael McMullen

Patty Meinert

Francis Michalik

Amy Miehl

Donna Milanovich

Christine Milcarek

Shelby Miller

John & Lauren Morrow

Mary Catherine Motchar

Carl Motter

Elizabeth Mulvaney

Sheila Nathanson

Dottie Neal

Michelle Neidich

Martha Nepa

Karla O’Connor

Paul O’Neill

Susan O’Neill

Harry Oppy

Michael Ott

Jeffrey Palaima

Amy Palermo

Kathryn Papenhausen

JoAnne Peterson

Karen Petrus

Paul Petrus

Marilyn Petruska

Diane Ponticel

Josephine Posti

Christopher Ramsey

Caroline Rearick

Alyce Rhoades

Martha Riecks

Cathy Ritchie

Carolyn Ritchie

William & Elizabeth


Stacey Roesch

Gail Rohrbacher

Barbara Ropelewski

Laura Rosato

Bernard Rottschaefer

Leslie Rubin

Mary Ruppen

Diana Rush

Joan Rutkowski

Jean Sankey

Katherine Scanlan

James Scheuermann

Randy Schott

Anita Schrott

Mark Schuler

Mary Seigh

Janet Seman

Henrietta Semans

Pauline Semans

Ray Sero

Timothy Shank

Becky Shank

Barbara Shapira

Edward Sheehy

Annette Shimer

Todd Shipley

Jeffrey Shogan

Emmeline Silk

Dale & Jeane Smart

Denise Smerkar

Wendy Smith

Martha Smith

Ardith Smith

Cathy Smith

Richard Smith

Nancy C. Smith

Gordon Smith

Kate Snow

Maurus & Rosemaria Sorg

Kelly Stover

Gloria Straub

Walter Sylvester

Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Individual Donors (cont’d)

($100 - $249)

J. Donald Talbot

Betsy Teti

Lauren Thomas

Stacy Tiernan100 - $249)

John Timberlake, III

Chaton Timmel Turner

Melissa Tkach

Chad Turner

Janet Unger

Sharon Varischetti

Albert Vernacchio

Pamela Vidmar

David Volpe

Shirley Wagner

Virginia M. Walker

Gloria Walzak

Kathryn Weibel

Michele Welsh-Gamble

James White

Harry & Margaret


Bethany Winters

Sharon Wise

Marissa Wolfe

Maureen Yonek

Paul Zipfel

Individual Donors

($25 - $99)

Anonymous (50)

Susan Abramowich

Gloria Aguglia

Albert & M. Kay Aguilar

Raucheline Akindele

Elaine Allen

Jim Altenhof

Maryann Anderson

Robin Auld

G.L. & L.G. Austin

Pamela Bailey

Kathy Bandi

Kimda Barakat

Steven Barancyk

Linda Bayle

Andy Beardsley

Melissa Beary

Jacqueline Beatty

Jeannie Beeler

Cori Begg

Kaitlyn Behe

Albert & Alice Beiga

Rita Bejjani

Kelly Benasutti

Thomas Benoit

David Berg

Danyele Bernick

Teresa Bissett

Michael Black

Nancy Blinkhorn

Ruth Bloom

William Bloomstine

Raymond Boarts

Sandra Bober

Maggie Bohlander

Lisa Bonnet

Elizabeth Borovich

Lisa Bowser

Richard Boyer

Douglas Brown

Amanda Brown Sissem

Karen Bryant

Ronald & Phyllis Buckley

MaryAnn Buerkle

Ann Bustamante

Sherry Butler

Frederick Callor, Sr.

Rita Campbell

Janet Campbell

Catherine Cantrell

Huisu Cao

Ellen Cappelli

Naomi Carlson

Kristin Carnahan

Sandra Carpenter

Gloria & Patrick Carroll

Ann Carson

Barbara Carter

Kristine Cassano

Karen Cassin

Alison Chen

Mei Chen

Patricia Chernicky

Laura Chessa

Joann Clark

Geraldine Clarke

Kimberly Clouse

Paul Cocheres

Stacey Cochran

Kelly Colagiovanni

Anne Coleman

Ronna Colland

Yvonne Colleran

Sue Connelly

Louise Cook

Carl Cook

John Costello

Randall Crabtree

Paula Cribbs

Barbara Croner

Carol Cross

Nancy Crossen

Pamela Cubelic

Beth Cugal

Joy Cullen

Charles Cuneo

Robert Curzi

Ray Czachowski

Meena Dadoo

Cynthia D’Angelo

Suzanne Danks

Ann Darrow

Francis DeCarlo

Gwenn Decesare

Adele Dengel

Kelly DiNatale

Jeanne Dingel

Thomas Dionise

Denise Ditrich

Catherine Dominick

Jennifer Domowicz

Virginia Donegan

Dina Donovan

Jack Donovan

James & Elizabeth Donovan

Terri Donovan

Elizabeth Douglas

Elise Drake

Jay Drake

John Duespohl

Linda Dundore

Ramona Dunn

Pamela Eager

Kristin Eckenrode

Amy Emigh

Ernest & Ann Emmerling

Lois Engell

Lori Engott-Spaulding

Dorothy Eyler

Ann Fagley

Jennifer Fallavollitti

Yan Fan

Phyllis Faust

John Feathers

Anne Ferrick

Danielle Fetzer

Eugene Fike

Colleen Filiak

Lori Fitzgibbon

Frank Flanegih

Karen Folmar

Dale & Sandra Foster

Jennifer Fox-Riggin

Susan M. Frakes

Paul Fransko

George & Lisa Frederick

Tina French

Edward Friel

James Friters

Amy Fugate

Mary Fulton

Collins Fyock

Gary Gailout

Susan Gaither-Grbach

Elise Galbraith

Therese Gallagher

Deborah Garritano

Monica Garver

Shelley Garvey

Jane Gentile

Bonita Gilford

Lawrence Gilford

Georgenne Gillesepie

Mike Goodelle

Harold Gordon

Karen Gorecki

Roy Gourley

Gary & Elise Grabner

Rhonda Grasso

Sharon Graycochea

Amy Grealish

Amy Gribbin

Charles Haeussner

Stephanie Hager

Mary Lea Hallstrom

June Halovanic

K. Virginia Halt

Kimberly Harrington

Tracie Harris

Charles Harris

Amy Harrison

Karen Hartley

Danielle Hatfield

Virginia Hetrick

Evelyn Hilkert

Janet Hill

Wendy Hodapp

Steve Hodges

Matthew Hoffman

Darin Hoffner

Mary Holohan

Shawn Hough

Ralph Hunter

A. Madeline Ingram

Diana Irwin

Nancy Irwin

Bonnie Issac

Mark Janusek

Mary Jellison

April Johns

Alexandra Johnson

Laurie Johnston

Karyn Jones

Marie Jurich

Kathleen Kahala

Bonnie Keeler

Keith Kelley

Tracey Kelly

Heather Kennedy

Rhian Kenny

Kristin Kessling

Matthew Kiley & Family

Barb Kimbell

Julia King

Pamela King

Patricia Kinsley

Greg Kirschner

Sharon Kistemaker

Susan Klingler

Linda Knapp

Susan Knechtel

Steven Knisely

Bill & Henrietta Kodrich

Joyce Komlenic

John Kosco

Patricia Krempecki

Lois Kuttesch

Grace Kyoungjoo Kim

Bonnie Lackner

Judy LaCorte

Nancy Lantz

Teresa LaPlace

Sara Leary-Haas

John Lee

Sun Lee

Sue Leonard

Janet Leonardi

Harley Lindberg

Whitten Little

Ray Loeslein

Jacqueline Lohman

Florence Luzier

Hong Ly

Brenda Maas

Wesley Mabin

Margaret Macey

Paula Maloney

Diana Mangino

Padmaja Mannam

Melanie Mannion

Susan Mansell

Robert March

Sharon Marcin

Melissa Markley

Carole Mastascusa

Ellen Maust

Linda May

Linda Mazzei

Wanita Mazziotti

Theresa McCall Heasley

John McCann

Jeanne McCreary

Lyn McDaniel

Anita McDonald

Christa McDonald

Valerie McDonald-Roberts

Lee McFarland

Fremont McKenrick

Geralyn Meleason

Christina Mesmer

Cheryl Meyer

Martha Miller

Collette Miller

Martha Miller

Howard Miller

Ally-Karen Miller

Mollie Miller

Jennifer Miller

Rebecca Miller

Susan Minarcik

Mary Mitchell

Maria Montgomery

Nancy Moreland

Susan J. Morrow

Jennifer Mosier

Sheri Muenz

Thomas Mulligan

Mary Mulligan Haines

Thomas Murphy

Molly Ann Nagy

Mark Newmeyer

Gene Nicholson

Linda Nicolaus

Gary Norris

Richard Nowell

Lorraine O’Connor Horan

Jodi Olacz

Nancy Olenik

Debra Olesnanik

Francis Olsavsky

Georgean O’Neil

Marcy Oravitz

Annette Orban

Subhashish Pal

Cynthia Pander

Sehyon Park

Alameda Park

Richard Parker

Christine Parker

Alka Patel

Adrienne Paul

Tina Pelesky

Debra Pennington

Barbara Perko

Thomas C. Petratis, DMD

Michelle Petrell

Joyce Petrunyak

Deborah Phillips

Florence Pickels

Katherine Pigman

Eileen Pike

Melissa Pindroh & Family

Richard Piotrowski

Richard & Patricia Platt

Angelina Plummer

Amy Plute

David Posipanka

Henry Posner

Laura Possino

Stephen & Fran Potter

Nancy Pritchard

Henry & Cecelia Pruch

Jeff Pruszenski

Elizabeth Psensky

Linda Raschiatore

Alice Rice

Virginia Rider

Harold Ringstad

Tabatha Roberts

Noreen Rode

Tyishia Roher

Dana Romano

Nancy Romig

Eileen Ross

Marie Ross

Thomas & Sandra Rosvanis

John Roth

Stacy Rouse

Rebecca Safko

Patricia Sanderson

Diane Sartin

Kenneth Savage

Donna Scanlon

Nancy Schaefer

Patricia L. Schildkamp

Charlene Schiller

Judith Schlemmer

Melissa Schmalenbach

Robert Schneider

Jack Schofield

John Schott

Rhonda Schroeck

Joseph Schuck

Jane Schwab

Edwin Schwer

Edward Seebeck

Rachel Seifried

Jill Serna

Cheryl Sero

Barbara Shackett

Elise Shaffer

Lisa Shaffer

George Shaner

Sharkey Family

Narendra & Hemlata Sharma

Joni Sharp

Nicole Shaw

Julie Sheehan

Thomas & Diane Sheeley

Jennifer Shushnar

Lucille Sickafuse

Chelsea Sierko

Deborah Simkowski

Donna Simpson

Ellie Smith

Herbert Smith

Dolores Smith Barber

David & Sherry Snyder

Sherry Snyder

Deborah Sobina

Kathy Sommers

Rose Spahr

Melissa Spencer

Kelly Dawn Stein

Kathleen Steiner

Andrew Sticha

Frank Stillman

Kathie Stitt

Wendy Stivanson

Mary Swinker

Valerie Tarbert

Maria Tate

Rita Taylor

Karol Taylor

Ronay Tenney

Irma Tewell

Dorothy Thomas

Kelley Thompson

George Tkach

Barbara Toy

Susan Trabucco

Carol Tremmel

Diane Tucek

Kathleen Tuttle

Helen Uhl

Lori Valero

John Varhol

Angela Vermeulin

Janet Verone

Bhavda Vyas

John Wagner

Deborah Waksmunski

Karen Walker

Michelle Walker

Mary Ann Walsh

Amy Walter

Sherry Walters

Bridget Warnock

Cheryl Watson

Alexis Watterson

Pamela Weid

Darren Westlund

Melanie Westlund

Delores Wetzel

Pamela Weyant

Marion Whetzel

Helen White

Harry Whiteman

Sidney & Barbara Willar

B.E. Williams

Val Williams

Mary Winzelberg

Wanda Witt

Elizabeth Woo

Deborah Wright

Russ Wright

Elise Yanders

Marcia Yohe

Thomas Young

Melissa Zanardelli

Shasta Zitnay

In Memoriam

In memory of

Louise Blackburn Pielmeir

Ann House

John Pielmeir

In memory of

Trudy Chadwick

Andrea Chase &

Kenneth Kirschner

Kathy Cloninger

Girl Scouts of the USA

Frankie Graham

Nancy & Ollie Mielke

Kathryn Mitman

Douglas E. Schallau

Rosemary & Frank Serago

Eric & Patricia Shinseki

Shirley K. Wagner & Family

In memory of

Lauren Crossley

Associates in

Rehabilitation, Inc.

Dan Begg

Bob & Michelle Burdzy

Employees of Carbon

Steel Inspection, Inc.

Pam Cherubin

Eleanor Crossley & Family

Richard & Melissa Crossley

John Davis

Leslie Detwiler

W. Scott & Judith Fritz

Cosie Hathway

Herald Star

Newsroom Staff

Theresa Kurszewski

James & Cheryl Lee

Susan Macek

Esther McCoy

Girl Scout Cadette

Troop 31429

(Girl Scouts Western Ohio)

Bob & Eve Monks

Loretta Conti Montone

Ron & Judy Rice

Constance Robinson

Friends from Southern


Joseph Tedorski & Marcia


Carla & Darrel Williams

W.N. Tuscano Agency, Inc.

US Army Corps of

Engineers, Great Lakes of

Ohio River Division Staff

Helen Yocum

Catherine & Scott Zanella

In memory of

Margaret Greiner

Phillip & Martha Smith

In memory of Betty Howard

Lee McGuire

In memory of

Kathleen Johnson

N.A. Water Systems

In memory of

Anna Kendrew

Catherine Babcanec

Celtic Support Services, Inc.

Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


Girl Scouts

Western Pennsylvania


In memory of

William Morrow

Daniel Morrow

In memory of Beth Coughenour

for the Anne Coughenour

Campership Fund

Family to Family Fund of Fidelity

Charitable Gift Fund

In memory of Pat Metheny

for the Anne Coughenour

Campership Fund

Botanical Society of Western


Marilyn Hofrichter

Carol Jaworski

Victoria Koble & Jan Medill

Charles & Elizabeth Prine

Virginia Smith

In memory of Florence Mortimer

Mary Baker & Family

Stephen & Judith Balek

John & Elizabeth Cooper

Dennis & Lewellen Dunkin

Carolyn Falcon

Neil & Gretchen Gibbons

Jacqueline Giffin

David & Nancy Holst

Thomas & Sherry Holst

Sally Hoy

Jane & James Lipscomb

Janet McClellan & Family

Karla Terney & Family

Thomas & Janet Wheeler

Beth Wilson

In memory of Mrs. Prothero

Mark Guy

In memory of

Emma Victoria Shelton

Thomas Musolin

In memory of Evelyn Snyder

Ann Fenimore

David Frishkorn

Edward Gobrecht

Ken Kroen

In memory of Gladys Stevenson

Frankie Graham

Stacey Robertson

Trefoil Alumni

In memory of Mia Tepke

Rita Fallon

In memory of Fred Werner

Steve & Mary Blocklin

Charles & Joan Cullen

Margaret & Bob Cummins

Marion Dearnley

Margaret Dixon

Sarah Edelstein

Catherine Gardner

Ruth & Myron Garfunkel

David & Marilyn Glisson

Jane Irving Gochenour &

Gerald G. Gochenour, Jr.

RB Grekila

GSK Respiratory Clinical Group

Drusilla Hossli

Elizabeth Hulit

Helen & Bob McAfoos

Richard & Ruth Moore

Lois O’Connor

John & Ann Rayne

Nancy Schek

Phillip & Martha Smith

Anne & Gary Stevens

Lawrence & Edie Vassamillet

Laura Vassamillet

The Family of Fred Werner

In Honor

In honor of Robert & Martha Halverson

Katheryn Murdy & Family

Gifts In Kind

AAA East Central

All-American Paintball Park

Alpern Rosenthal

Arnold Palmer Enterprises

Attorney Greg Fraser

Birdsfoot Golf Club

Biscotti Brothers Bakery

Bruceton Elementary School

Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc.

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Carol Popp

Caruso Hair & Esthetics

Classroom Restaurant


Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Conley Resort

Dance Alloy Theater


Eat’n Park Hospitality Group

Erie Times - News

Fun Fore All

Gateway Clipper Fleet

Getting to the Point, Inc.

Glengarry Golf Links

Sylvia Hertzog

Home Depot

Hot Shots Indoor Sports Arena


Iceoplex at Southpointe

James Ellenberger

Kistler’s Golf

KTH Architects, Inc.

Lamar Advertising - Duncansville

Lamar Advertising - Pittsburgh


Levin Furniture

Maple Crest Golf Course

Max & Erma’s Restaurants, Inc.

Mohawk Trails Golf Course

North Versailles Bowling Center

Phipps Conservatory & Botanical

Gardens, Inc.

Pilar Brown Designs

Pine Lane Camp Ground

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Pittsburgh CLO

Pittsburgh Opera

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Playhouse of

Point Park University

Pittsburgh Public Theater

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

PNC Financial Services, Inc.

Residence Inn

Ross Brothers

Run Around the Square

Sesame Inn

Society for Contemporary Crafts

Stehlar Events

Tennis Village

The Classroom Restaurant

The Original Fishmarket Restaurant

Toyota Greensburg

Training by Janalyn

Trophy Nut

Vandergrift Golf Club

West Pike Bowl

Sheldon F. Weiher

Josh & Marion Whetzel

Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh

Wildwood Highlands Family

Fun Center

Juliette Gordon Low

Legacy Society

The Juliette Gordon Low

Legacy Society celebrates and

recognizes those who have

included Girl Scouts Western

Pennsylvania in their estate

plans. For information on how

you can join the Society, simply

contact Martha Riecks, Director

of Alumnae Relations at

1-800-248-3355 x1029 or


Anonymous (1)

Melinda Baker

MaryAnn Buerkle

Dorothy M. Christoph

Nancy Dusckas

Catherine Stewart Fronheiser

Charles & Stephanie Hager

Carol & Paul Popp

Mary D. Putnam

Stacey A. Robertson, D.O.

Carolyn Watt

Jerry G. Weinheimer

Community partnerships and collaborations have not only offered Girl Scouts with hundreds of new

opportunities this year, they have encouraged each girl’s circle of friends to expand, welcoming and

accepting her for the girl that she is today and for the leader that she will become tomorrow.

Brigade Senator John Heinz History Center Stephen Foster Community Center Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort Timberline Four Seasons Resort Trinity South School Uniontown Mall University of Pittsburgh –

Women’s Basketball Team Venture Outdoors Warren Library Association Whole Foods William Anderson Library Young

Oglebay Good Zoo Parental Stress Center Penn State – New Kensington Pirat

utheran Church St. Francis University Sizerville State Park Slippery Rock University Somerset Area High School Succop Conservancy The Salvation Army – Uniontown Saturday Light

Pittsburgh Glass Center Pittsburgh Opera PPG Place Pittsburgh Public Theater Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Pittsburg

First United Methodist Church Frick Park Gannon University Gard

mestead Google Grace Brethren Church Grace United Methodist Church Great Lakes Science Center Hamlin M

er Jazzercize Fitness Center JFK Catholic School Just Ducky Tours Kayak Pittsburgh Lenape Vocational Technical School Lippencott Alpacas Little Neshannock Stables

macolin Woodlands Resort North Hills Art Center Oakview United Methodist Church

ACE Adventure Resort Alcosan Allegheny College Ascensi

y Mall Bedford County Fairgrounds Ben Franklin Elementary School Bigler YMCA Blasco Library

sity Carnegie Science Center Chatham University Children’s Museum Pittsburgh Chippewa United Methodist Church Clarion University Color Me M

resbyterian Church Family Bowlaway First Lutheran Church

ine CCAC South Campus COSI Center of Science and Industry The Duquesne Incline East High School-Erie Ellis School Emanuel Lutheran Church Faith Ranch Faith United P

Lutheran Service Society Meadville Area Recreation Moraine State Park Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterpark Mount Aloysius Colege YMCA – Mt. Pleasant National 4-H Youth Conference Center Ne

Blessed Sacrament School Butler Intermediate School Calvary Baptist Church Canonsburg Hospital Carnegie Mellon Univer

emorial Library Harmony Zelienople United Methodist Church YMCA – Hollidaysburg Hope Lutheran Church House of Prayer James Cent

on Lutheran Church Backstage Pass Parties Beaver County YMCA Beaver Valle

ens By Grace Girl's Math and Science Partnership – CLICK program Goodell Gardens & Ho

es Cove Waterpark at Conley Resort Pithole Museum Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Pittsburgh CLO

Thank You!

h Youth Ballet Company Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium Prospect Presbyterian Church Raccoon Creek State Park Read! 365 RiverQuest St. David’s L

Girl Scout Law

I will do my best to be

honest and fair,

friendly and helpful,

considerate and caring,

courageous and strong, and

responsible for what I say and do,

and to

respect myself and others,

respect authority,

use resources wisely,

make the world a better place,

and be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania

Corporate Office

30 Isabella Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

1-800-248-3355 l www.gwpa.org

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:

To serve God and my country,

To help people at all times,

And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Girl Scout Mission

Girl Scouting builds girls of

courage, confidence, and character,

who make the world a better place.

With offices in Beaver, Clarion, Duncansville, Edinboro, Greensburg,

Indiana, Johnstown, Kittanning, New Castle, Smethport, Southpointe, Warren and Wexford.

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