Saeco Cashback - Appliances Online

Saeco Cashback - Appliances Online

Up to

$250 *



Ideas with Passion

* Primea Range $250 cashback

Talea Range $125 cashback

Only valid for purchases between 22 December 2008 - 28 February 2009



To redeem your Cashback, complete the details below and mail to Saeco

International Group (Aust) Pty Ltd by 15 th March 2009. Please print details clearly.





saeco Automatic coffee machine Purchased (please tick)

PrimeA rAnge - $250 cAshbAck

Primea Touch Primea Ring

tAleA rAnge - $125 cAshbAck

Talea Touch Talea Ring Talea Giro

imPortAnt: PleAse ensure you enclose

Purchase Receipt

Proof of Product (see item 5 below)

Stamped self-addressed envelope

return to: Saeco International Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

cashback offer

256 Darebin Road, Fairfield Vic 3078

terms & conditions:

1 Only available through participating stores. 2 Offer only valid for Saeco Primea & Talea range

purchased between 22 December 2008 — 28 February 2009. 3 This original claim form must

be received by 15 March 2009. 4 Receipt of purchase must be supplied. 5 Proof of product

(white label cut neatly from product box which shows product type and serial number) must

be supplied, along with business size stamped self-addressed envelope. 6 Offer excludes staff

members of all participating retailers and Saeco International Group (Aust) Pty Ltd. 7 The Saeco

Cashback offer is only redeemable with the purchase of a Saeco automatic domestic coffee

machine as listed above. 8 Only one cashback provided per machine purchase. 9 All decisions

by Saeco International Group (Aust) Pty Ltd in relation to these rebate offers are final.

Ideas with Passion

ReFeRenCe nO.

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