Download this issue (PDF) - MethuenLife

Download this issue (PDF) - MethuenLife


Rob George, 1965-2011

Engine 5 rolls for

fallen firefighter

January 2013


Volume 11, Issue 12

Casey Scarelli, 19, checks

out the cab of the new

Engine 5 pumper, dedicated

to her late uncle Methuen

firefighter Rob George. With

her are nephews Mason (left)

and Jaxon. Mason was born

just days after George, 46, died

at home of a heart attack. For

story, see Page 3. Photo by Steve



MHS ‘beams up’

to next stage

Topping Off marks

makeover milestone, Page 22


and creative!

Unique decorations

really turn heads, Page 36

Helping Scouts

soar for 40 years

Hale guides boys

to Eagle success, Page 20

One fabulous

funeral home

1825 Waldo House

is a treasure, Page 14

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



From the Editor

Steve Whipple, Editor

As your self-appointed winter tour

guide, allow me to re-introduce you to New

England’s most wretched season.

For those of you new to the area – Saludos

residentes de Lawrence! – we offer you

this analogy to understand better why most

humans older than 18 or so despise winter.

If the seasons were a meal, spring would

be a long-awaited appetizer. Something

tasty to wake up the palate, such as wings

or impaled coconut shrimp.

Summer would be the main course.

Something filling and satisfying like a juicy

steak or a clambake featuring shellfish who

really had nothing on their schedules except

being eaten.

Fall would be dessert. A sweet, massive

hunk of cake or a gooey sundae.

Then along comes winter, represented

by whatever occurs next after one gorges

on three filling courses.

So with winter being

the pit stop to an otherwise

fine meal, it’s my

job to offer suggestions

to make the time pass

during the three or four

hours of daylight from

now until April.

SLEDDING is a general

term used for the

riding of inflatable tubes,

saucers, toboggans and

long plastic vehicles.

Finding suitable hills is

not so easy. Waterskiing

is equally challenging

until you find a lake with

a steep enough incline. Sledding/sliding

at the Merrimack Golf Club has been prohibited

for years. However, the hill at the

entrance to Hickory Hill Golf Course on

Route 113, Methuen offers some decent descents.

In fact, this little spot has provided

several MethuenLife cover photos over the


ICE SKATING is a favorite pastime of

New Englanders, even for those of us who

miss open-net goals in pond hockey games

then spend until sundown searching for the

puck that eventually touched down in an

oak tree 7 feet east of the net.

There are dangers associated with ice

skating such as falling through the ice. A

word of consolation: While the overhaul of

Methuen High has been extensive, the rink

remains solid.

Skaters are often found on Hillsies Pond

on Milk Street and the pond on Jackson

Street a short distance past Ranger Road.



Adding her signature: Catrina

Crowe, secretary for the Class of

2016, adds her autograph to the


Lookin’ good: This Pleasant Street

home uses greenery, wreaths and

oversized lanters to get passers-by

in the spirit.

Old-fashioned determination:

Scoutmaster Paul Hale encourages

boys to enjoy the outdoors, work

hard and earn their Eagle badges.

Rich history: Discover the story of

Pollard Funeral Home’s ownership

and historic style.

January, 2013

What the heck will you do this winter?

A good rule of thumb is if you see a pickup

truck or Governor Christie on the ice, it’s

probably safe.


will occupy the better part of a week.

Which is why MethuenLife is monthly. We

are way too busy building

Scud-resistant snow

forts, obscene snowmen

and enough candlepin

snowballs to over-run


Of course, the snow

conditions must be

right. Light, wispy snow

is useless. But sticky

snow ... hoochie mama!

Let the games begin!

Warmer temps mean

snowball-grade snow.

Following that line of

thinking, I will soon

drag out my Conair hair

dryer from high school. If warm temps

equal a lot of sticky snow, then hot temps

will equal acres of good snow. Or a flash

flood. Stay tuned.

ICE FISHING is code for ice drinking.

Sometimes these hearty flask-waving

anglers catch more than a buzz and they are

stuck dealing with lethargic fish flopping

down in the slush. Ice fishing is a spectator

sport for guests

and sportsmen

who enjoy waiting

4 to 7 hours

for a flag to spring

upright indicating

something’s on the


The usual reaction

is, “Flag up!

Pash me anutter

beer. Lesh jesh set

here a while and

wait till da fish

climbsh outta da

hole and comesh

to us ...”

In Methuen, Forest Lake is the place to

be for ice fishing.

SNOWMOBILING is a fun but serious

activity that requires incredible dexterity

and control ... of your thumb. If you are

reading this and you are currently thumbless,

I would advise against lunging onto the

back of a Skidoo at this time.

Good thumb pressure on the throttle

makes for a fun ride. Indeed, a snowmobiler

with an injured thumb is like an ice fisherman

with a defective bottle opener. Housing

developments have reduced the sledders’

turf over the years, but New Hampshire,

especially the extreme northerly town of

Pittsburgh, offers riders hundreds of miles

of trails.

SKIING involves balancing on two

narrow strips of laminated wood, fiberglass

or titanium (if you live in Andover) while

zooming down a snow-packed hill. I have a

fair amount of difficulty balancing on a pair

of New Balance running shoes even though

I was convinced the name of the manufacturer

would assist my coordination efforts.

Thus, I am in no position to advise what

to do ski-wise. I can suggest what NOT to

do. One should not use cross-country skis

for downhill adventures.

I did that in

my early 20s and,

to the best of my

knowledge, one ski

is still in orbit and

I somersaulted down

the slope like a runaway

wagon wheel.

If you must

travel downward

on skis – or their

uniplank cousin the

snowboard – there

is a facility in the

Bradford section of

Haverhill, ironically

titled Ski Bradford.

SNOWSHOEING is ridiculous and

should be left to bored Eskimoes or snowshoe

rabbits who serve as personal trainers

to bored Eskimoes. If you must snowshoe

in these tough economic times, step into the

garage and consider those two tennis rackets.

Just lying there. Doing nothing, waiting

for summer. I think you get my (snow)drift.

No need to trudge out and purchase Eskimo



BLE AND BATTLESHIP are fine alternatives

to the aforementioned outdoor activities.

And they can be conducted right there

at the kitchen table. Right next to where the

beer is kept.

And when you’re whining, “You sank

my battleship!” to your child again, you

can glance at the calendar and note that the

first day of spring, March 20, is just 70 or

so days away.

Until then, Happy New Year.

Steve Whipple


(603) 490-6582

Sue Whipple


(603) 898-2576

Melissa Fili

Managing Editor

(978) 682-4777

Michelle Landry


New advertisers can reach her at

(978) 423-4211

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Melissa Fili

Susan Foster

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Brenda Ghorashi

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Christine McLaughlin Howell

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Dante Santone

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Chris Young

Ace Publishing Inc.

Publishers of


• Whip’s Wheels

PO Box 485, Windham, NH 03087

To puchase color glossy

photos taken by


call Melissa Fili

at (978) 682-4777 or

e-mail Melissa@Methuen- Photos are

available as 5x7 or 8x10

and prices start at $10.

January, 2013 MethuenLife


Truck emblem memorializes firefighTer

By Steve Whipple

MethuenLife Writer

Thanks to the unbreakable bond between

brother firefighters, the late Rob

George will be present in spirit each time

the new Engine 5 pumper rolls.

In an emotional ceremony held at the

Central Fire Station, a small black veil

was pulled back by George’s widow Sandi,

revealing a specially designed permanent

emblem dedicated to the 16-year veteran

who died at home of a heart attack on Dec.

21, 2011. The ceremony was held exactly a

year to the day from George’s passing.

Using suggestions from Chief Steven Buote,

Greenwood Emergency Vehicles created

the emblem permanently affixed to cab

doors. The gold, black and red emblem

displays “In Memory Rob George 4/1/65

to 12/21/11” superimposed over a crest of

MFD and a white fire hydrant, hook and


Betley’s Pro Shop

Apparel • Parts • Accessories



in USA

on orders

over $100

The family of Rob George stands aside the memorial emblem on the new Engine 5 pumper.

Shown (from left) are son Nicholas George and his wife Kerri; widow Sandi with 7-monthold

grandson Jaxon; daughter Amanda George with year-old son Mason and fiance Geoff


The emblem was created and applied

to each rear cab door of the pumper by

Greenwood Emergency Vehicles, the North

Attleboro company that built the custom

fire truck.

East District Councilor Tom Ciulla initially

wanted to name a fire station after



George. Chief Steve Buote said that wasn’t

possible but they would find another way

to memorialize the member of Engine 6,

Ladder 1.

The chief then worked on a decal sketch

incorporating George’s name to be applied

to the department’s new $525,000 pumper.

“He’ll never be forgotten,” said Councilor

Ciulla. “Firefighters never die — they

burn in the hearts of the people they


Chief Buote asked that those in attendance

remember the victims of the

Newtown, Conn., school massacre and the

164 Methuen firefighters who died while

actively serving, and especially George.

“As far as I am aware this is the first

time in the history of the Methuen Fire

Department that a piece of apparatus is

dedicated,” said the chief. “It’s being dedicated

to the memory of Rob George who

died one year ago today. Today we ensure

that the memory lives on.”

Mayor Steve Zanni and several other

politicians attended the ceremony.

“Rob George is a man who committed

16 years of his life to protecting the

citizens of Methuen,” said Zanni. “Even

though the loss of Rob will be mourned

by brothers forever, I’m proud to be here

today to honor him. Today is a day to

honor Rob and all who serve.”

Engine 5 will be housed at the East

End station at the corner of East and Swan

streets after repairs are completed to the

structure damaged during a recent automobile

crash. The truck was built 2½ feet

shorter than the current Engine 5 to better

fit in the station. The current No. 5 pumper

will be used as a spare.

• Items for Winter:

wiper blades, scrapers, de-icer

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•Pro Shop 603-425-2928 / 603-434-1546

National 800-642-9183

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-5 pm, Sat. 7:30 am-12 noon

•Splash Guards •Vent Visors •Bug Deflectors •Running Boards •Tube Steps •Floor Mats •Factory Performance Exhaust

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January, 2013


The MethuenLife Team Wishes Our Readers and Advertisers a Happy, Healthy 2013!

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January, 2013



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Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


By Melissa Fili

MethuenLife Writer

A squad of 11-, 12- and 13-yearold

cheerleaders from Methuen has

captured the city’s first national championship.

“It was unbelievable,” said Methuen

Pop Warner Junior Midget team coordinator/manager

Lisa Francis. “They

just nailed it!”

The team competed at ESPN’s Wide

World of Sports Complex in Florida on

Dec. 5. The girls earned their spot representing

New England in the Medium

Division by winning titles including a

Merrimack Valley championship, then

taking first place at the regional qualifier

in Springfield.

The 19 girls stuck with the same

winning routine for all of their competitions,

under the direction of head

coach/choreographer Kirstie Hailey. It

included “a lot of tumbling, stunting

and dance, plus their music was so up-

Thwaites Market

37 Railroad Street, Methuen, MA



Pork Pies

& 32 More


beat and modern,” said Francis. “And

there’s the combination of the amount

of tumbling we have per girl. We use

almost full-team tumbling and we use

every girl in our stunt groups. That

makes the difficulty level up there.”

For some of the girls, this was their

third consecutive year competing at

nationals. Thirteen of the girls on this

season’s team also competed last year.

“We went to Disney three years

ago and got fifth; last year we got first

but lost to a deduction and got second.

This year, they wanted it,” explained

Francis. “They had the highest score in

their division throughout the country. It

was waiting for them, they just had to

go perform.”

That wasn’t easy, with a few team

members sick with a stomach bug. At

the ESPN Complex, coaches had the

girls do only a single practice routine,

concerned about those who were ill.

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Almost 100 Years. And They are

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Delmonico •Hamburg-Chuck & Lean

•Essem Hotdogs •Salads to Go

•and Lots More...

Order Corned Beef and Corned Ribs EARLY

for your St. Patrick’s Day Feast

Quality Fresh Meats with Old Fashioned Service


January, 2013

Cheerleaders earn city’s 1st national championship

See CHAMPS, Page 7


Methuen’s Junior Midget team brought home the 2012 Medium Division

national cheerleading championship last month. They are Emma Altavesta,

Jordan Berry, Madison Cogill, Stefanie Coonradt, Veronica Curtis, Kayla Francis,

Cristina Lucas, Emily McGovern, Hannah Miller, Cassie Palacios, Melissa

Perrault, Chloe Robinson, Brooke Ronan, Nikiya Salois, Deysha Santiago,

Miranda Santiago, Kaitlyn Savary, Carmynn Simpson and Emily Wallace.

Coaches are Kirstie Hailey, Lisa Francis, Shelby Walsh, Madelyn Wallace,

Barbara Walsh, Corey Coonradt, Ryan Dugan and Shannon Berry.

This Methuen Pop Warner Junior Midget cheerleading team was named national medium-level champs

at the Wide World of Sports’ ESPN Center in Florida last month. The team of 11- to 13-year-olds represented

New England’s Medium Division. Courtesy photos

January, 2013 MethuenLife


Champs, continued from page 6

Methuen was one of 15 teams competing in

the Level 2 Medium group.

Finally it was Methuen’s turn in the

spotlight: a 2-minute, 25-second routine for

the history books! The team and the crowd

erupted when it was announced that Methuen

placed first, with a score of 88.24 percent.

The second-place team, the Howell Lions

from New Jersey, scored 85.24 percent.

“Our fans were fabulous!” notes Francis.

“They were so loud and all dressed in

Methuen garb and using their pom-poms and


The victory was especially sweet for some.

Four of the girls — Stefanie Coonradt, Jordan

Berry, Melissa Perrault and Kayla Francis

— have been coached by Hailey and Francis

for the entire seven years they’ve been in Pop

Warner. Several other girls and coaches have

been together for several seasons.

“This team is special because the coaches

are the same coaches, we have the same goals

and rules every year,” Francis explained.

“The parents have been together too, so

they’re all like a family. It’s the support, dedication

and commitment — along with great


Methuen Pop Warner’s A Team Midgets took third place in the regional competition and

earned both Merrimack Valley and Eastern Massachusetts titles. Showna are Kendall Denose,

Cassie Viger, Arianna Holland, Kayla Clegg, Seana Jennings, Kiamaly Deleon, coach

Heather Hutnick, Melissa Gaffney, Tanisha Rivera, Kayla Radwich and Kailtyn Latulippe.

Not pictured: coaches Donna Clegg, Mike Fredericks and Judith Frederique.

Family owned and operated for over 50 years

Traditional Homemade

American Cuisine

“Eventually everyone eats at the Fireside”


Mon - Tues 11 am-9 pm

Wed -Sat 11 am-10 pm

Sun Noon-9 pm


Wed.-Harry Karaoke ~ Thurs. - Just Joe

Fri. & Sat. LIVE Entertainment



(across from Rte.93, Pelham Street exit)


Methuen Restaurants Week

January 27 - February 2

Complete Dinner for 2

Choice of 6 Entrees


A l s o s e r v i n g o u r i n c r e d i b l y d e l i c i o u s r e g u l a r d a i l y m e n u



For the fifth consectutive year, MethuenLife will publish

the snow creations of Methuen!

Send your photo, along with info on the creators, to

Photos will appear in an upcoming issue of MethuenLife!

The Merrimack Valley was light on snow last winter, but late in the season

the flakes finally fell. Jackson Poublon made this replica of SpongeBob

Square Pants. Courtesy photo

Located conveniently

within Holy Family Hospital

Scan with your mobile device for more information.

More than

30 years

of health care

experience -

now available

in Methuen

Laxmi Ramesh, MD

Family Medicine

Methuen Family Health Center

A Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Site

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January, 2013

18 MethuenLife December, 2009

Family of 5 welcomes


the Word


By Melissa Fili

MethuenLife Writer

It isn’t even By Christmas Melissa Fili yet, and I’ve

already received MethuenLife my dream Writer gift: I haven’t

done laundry in over a week!

Fourteen-year-old The fact that my relatively Toni-Ann new Pavao wash- says

ing she machine “always wanted sprang a to “leak” be a big is only sister.” a part

of my Her good wish fortune. came true The main in a matter reason I’ve of 11

lived months, laundry-free when four is siblings because — someone two sets in of

this twins house, — joined who her shall family. remain Not only nameless, has she

complained welcomed little — brother rather loudly Landyn, and 15 aggres- months,

sively to the world — that but he also had his no clean twin sister, socks. Ashlyn And

that’s ... and when most life recently changed 4-month-old for all of us. sisters

Stephanie Like most and Shea. moms, I dedicate a lot of

time “It to was keeping a surprise the but household I don’t think running we’d

smoothly. change anything,” Somehow Methuen there’s always mom milk Rose

in Chappie, the fridge, 38, says a hot about meal her on the blossoming dinner

table family and that working grew from batteries five to inside nine the in a

TV year’s remote time. control. “(Husband) I do Stephen this mostly and I out joke

of that love we’re for going my family, to ask and Santa partly for a because nanny or

I some can’t sleep. stand ... complainers. We get the jokes Plus, and there we are just

days laugh when at ourselves.” a frivolous problem like a

non-functioning Rose and Steve, remote 36, married control about — comfour

bined years ago. with While a whining she has voice three — children would

drive from a me previous behind the marriage television, — Victor, to dust- 18;

bunny Cameron, heaven, 15; and where Toni-Ann I would — “we silently wanted

and to have seamlessly children unplug together.” the dastardly boob

tube. “Twins With run no need rampant to use in the my remote, family, but it’s it

“Problem seemed like solved!” it was I’d skipping say, until a generation,” the next

trip Rose out notes. to the store.

The There Chappies are several got pregnant at-home via in jobs, vitro

though, fertilization, that become realizing so that thankless, the chance routine of


Attorneys At Law

Million Dollar Client Compensation

•Auto & Motorcycle Accidents

•Death Claims

•Construction Site Accidents

•Dog Bite Claims

•Medical Malpractice


•Full Service


79 Haverhill Street, Methuen

(978) 975-4100

Share the load. Do laundry!

and never-ending that it wouldn’t take

much for me to write them off altogether.

Scrubbing toilet bowls ranks high on

giving that list. birth I’m to multiples patiently was waiting high. for An some ultrasound

smart, confirmed money-hungry they were kid to having invent twins. a selfcleaning

“I was toilet, thinking, or ‘Great! Now we’re

done. at least Two something babies in one shot,’ ” laughs

Rose. like that “But automatic it was the worst pregnancy

ever.” pool vacuum that

swims Due to around toxemia all and high blood pressure,

Rose day was sucking put on bed up rest at just four months

pregnant. dirt and She bugs. carried If the twins to 36 weeks

but that recalls thing could saying, be “I never want to do this

again!” trained Due to cleanse to her health issues, Rose’s

doctors the inside, at Mount outside Auburn Hospital said she

should and 2-foot not get radius her tubes ties.

of my Landyn toilet, and I’d be Ashlyn arrived Sept. 1,

2011, first in and line life to buy. at the Chappie home was

busy Also but fun. topping The teens were pitching in

with my most-detested-

the babies and Steve was working on

building mom-job the list twins is their own room in the

family’s laundry. three-bedroom It’s mind- East End ranch.

less, Several time-consuming months later, and essentially Rose and Steve eter-

were nal for at a we Super non-nudists. Bowl party Unlike where baking friends

were a terrific congratulating chocolate them cake on or their hanging new an additions.

eye-catching wall border, there is absolutely

“I heard no satisfaction Steve tell in somebody, washing, ‘We’re dry-

done!’ ing, folding and something and putting went away off in a my load head. of

I laundry. remembered As long that I as forgot nothing to take is bleached, the (birthcontrol)

burnt or pills,” a shocking says Rose. shade of light pink,

folks At just work, open a nervous their drawer, Rose took put on not their one

— clothes but two and — get pregnancy them dirty tests all over that showed again.

positive It’s thankless results. work. And I think if my

4 children under 15 months make for hectic-but-happy family

Attorney Charles Perrault

Million Dollar aDvocates ForuM

The Top Trial Lawyers In America TM

husband told me, “This shirt smells SO

fresh and clean! Thanks, hon!” I’d think

he was mocking me.

There is a rule in my house: I only

wash clothes that are placed in a hamper.

I’m not about to

look under beds,

behind bureaus or

beneath blankets

to seek out dirty

clothing. If you

take it off, you

know it’s dirty

and you know

where it goes.

But one day,

someone complained


his lack of clean

socks. My reply

that there were no

dirty socks in his

Cam Pavao with 4-month-old Shea.

hamper caused us to exchange words that

got a bit gruff, especially when I pointed

out “Shock. four bunched-up Loss for words,” socks that says I Steve, spied

about from learning my vantage that, yes, point they in were the pregnant bedroom

again. doorway.

Rose I’m sure says lots her of doctor moms recommended want to say

against these words, going but through I actually with did: the “From pregnancy now

due on, everyone to the previous, does their and own potential laundry!” new,

I provided a quick tutorial on the difference

between laundry detergent, fabric

softener and color-safe bleach, followed by

washer-and-drier basic operating instructions

and the all-important reminder about

cleaning out the lint filter.

“ ... or you could burn down our house,”

I sternly reminded my wide-eyed students.

“Happens all the time.”

Things ran very smoothly at first.

Not surprisingly, the numerous costume

changes my younger son was used to

quickly came to an end once he was the

one washing all of those clothes. And the

kids got the hang of being at the beck-andcall

of the laundry-room buzzers. They

never really caught on to folding and put-

ting away. All in good time, I suppose ...

Then one day I noticed a loud noise

coming from the washing machine. Figuring

it was jean buttons clanging against the

washer during the spin cycle, I ignored it.

But when a load of towels also produced

the noise, I knew something was up. The

good-size leak that followed forced me

to temporarily shut down my laundering


A quick call to Dick’s TV confirmed

that there was, indeed, “something”

caught in the hose which ended up cracking

it. A new part was ordered, and in the

meantime I met some nice folks at Patriot

Laundry on Merrimack Street.

Back at home, we were all a bit nervous

about what caused the problem. But

when the repairman pulled 52 cents in

change from the machine, it was obvious

there’s no one person to blame. We’ve all

In a span of 11 months, one Methuen family welcomed two sets of twins. Family members

include (back) dad Steve and mom Rose Chappie; (front, from left) Victor Pavao holding his

since added “Turn pockets inside-out” to

4-month-old sister Stephanie, Toni-Ann Pavao with 15-month-old Landyn and Ashlyn, and

our laundry list.

To cut down on future repair calls, I

considered taking over all household laun-

complications dry duties again. to But her then and a possible young relative danger

to posted the baby. on Facebook a few lines about her

live-in “I’m boyfriend a believer complaining that you’re not about given his

more lack of than clean you underwear. can handle,” She says told Rose. him “We to

tried go out so and hard buy to have some, the but first ended two. up Who doing are

we his to laundry say no?” because it was “easier.” Several

of At her Massachusetts friends commented General that Hospital, they, too, Dr.

believe doing their guy’s laundry makes

life simpler for them.

See TWINS, Page 11

Somewhere in the world, I thought,

Gloria Steinem weeps.

So my kids will continue to round up

their dirty clothes, wash and dry them,

and probably keep them bunched up in the

laundry basket until needed.

Suddenly, this isn’t about me anymore.

I consider it an extra-early Christmas

present to my future daughters-in-law.

Ashlyn is on the move, while brother

Landyn chills out. The family refers to the

older twins as “The Bigs.”

In between heaps of laundry and endless

errands, Melissa Fili writes a column

for MethuenLife. She can be reached at

Dance Education Center

125 South Broadway (route 28)

South Lawrence, Massachusetts 01843

~ Weight Loss with Hypnosis, not Surgery.


~ This is a non-surgical process. You enter

PRESCHOOL TOMMY VEE & • hypnosis CHILDREN and while • TEENS in this relaxed • ADULTS state are

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Love bugs Stephanie (left) and Shea were

born two months premature, but have

made terrific progress.


Unlimited classes

within age and

ability Levels

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No Dangerous Side Effects

January, 2013



December, 2009 December, 2009 MethuenLi

He’s the ay More?

Senior Center’s Mr. Fix-It

Bridge, continued from page 4

work is wrapped up, including completion Successful efforts to accelerate the

of sidewalks, Lavigne said.

project’s timetable involved using two

The $10 million project involved a temporary bridges for traffic, allowing the

Hargreaves named Volunteer n, MA • 01844

complete of Year

replacement of the four-lane work to be completed in a single stage.

Route 28 bridge over Route 213. Con- This reduced the work timetable by a full

796 By Melissa Fili

things and follow through.” struction crews demolished the existing year with the bridge reopening expected

MethuenLife Writer

More than seven years ago, bridge Hargreaves and replaced was sitting it with a new two- next April. However, the work continued

with buddies in the 1984 center’s span lobby steel when bridge he noticed with two lanes in each at an even quicker-than-expected pace,

At age 13, George Hargreaves was fixing watches “all the tiles were falling off the direction fireplace and and 5-foot the insides sidewalks.

resulting in last month’s reopening, a full

and Insured building motors for his erector set Karpet using pieces Korner from were caved in.”

17 months earlier than first planned.

Lic #21195

an alarm clock — a self-taught whiz Carpet when it came Specialist to all “I said, ‘Somebody oughta fix that,’ and the guys said,

things mechanical.

“No, no. That job needs a professional.’ I brought my tools


at age 82, with a lifetime of CARPET

projects under his down here and fixed it. It still looks pretty


NATURAL good,” the easyBEAUTY


suspenders, he is the Methuen Senior Sales Center’s & Installation

go-to guy going Hargreaves notes with a smile.

when it comes to anything needing to be John refurbished, Dessinger re- He says the center’s executive director, Now Corinne that the LaCha- massive bridge project is done, MassHighway has con-


built or replaced. It’s estimated that he has saved the city rite, thanked him for a job well done firmed and asked, that a “Want landscaping to project will add some natural beauty to the


91 A Cross St. 978-685-6962

thousands of dollars in repair costs over the years. do anymore around here?”

Methuen, MA 01844


“I don’t know what we’d do without him,” says the The rest, as they say, is history.

Methuen Garden Club Vice President Linda Yuele has been working

Senior Center’s volunteer coordinator Linda Sheehan, be- On any given day, you’ll find with Hargreaves state officials re-welding on this part of the project.

fore catching herself and insisting, “You’ve gotta be here the large, wrought-iron fence that surrounds the center,

According to an e-mail from a District 4 representative, “The landscap-

forever, George. You can’t ever leave!”

preparing the outdoor pipes for winter, maintaining the

ing plan consists of approximately 20 plantings north of the bridge in the

Hargreaves is the Council on Aging 2012 Volunteer equipment storage area or telling


the “experts”

213 westbound

who re-

on/off ramp island along the east edge of Route 28.

of the Year, noting, “I was very •Window surprised when I got Treatments

the cently delivered the center’s new trash









shows approximately 46 trees between Nevins Road

award. I never expected it.”

incorrectly attaching the doors.

•Slipcovers •Cushions

and Route 213 along the east edge of Route 28, as well as a perennial

That could be because he was too busy with his Senior “We have crank windows here


and he





of Nevins Road with approximately 222 plants.”

Center to-do list prior to •Pillows last month’s Volunteer •Light Apprecia- Upholstery

ioned parts that are not available anymore,” said Sheehan.

No word on a time table for this part of the project.

tion Party.

“He’s done it before. If we can’t get replacement parts, he

Peter Laudani Jr.

Call Reggie (Rejeanne Purdy)

Sheehan explains that Hargreaves is a top volunteer makes them.”


because “of the sheer amount


of things he does.




just He’s also “on call” should the security alarm go off About seven years ago George Hargreaves volunteered to

In the mood for some

so willing and capable, and he’s a wealth of information.” after hours.

repair the Senior Center’s fireplace, and he’s been their on-call

A Senior Center write-up STANDUP about this “Jack of all Trades” COMEDY

“All on my own time,” he notes.

“Mr. Fix-It” ever since. Volunteer coordinator Linda Sheehan

notes, “He can investigate a problem and help GOOD NEWS?

•• us

Fundraisers come up

says that naming Hargreaves the center’s 2012 Volunteer of

• Shows

with a solution. He can build things, fix things,

• coordinate

Corporate Events See GEORGE, Page 11

the Year was an easy — and unanimous — choice.

Then MethuenLife is the place Photo to by Melissa be! Fili

Great for Teams, Schools

or or Your Your Holiday Holiday Party Party

Harvest Merrimack of Valley Homes, NativeInc.

Windham resident

Steve 45 Christopher Guilmette Drive #148

Steve 603.930.7473

Methuen, Guilmette

MA 01844

Baldassari Jr.





the (978) 423-4211Stress

free, quality dentistry - Evening hours available

Merrimack “Let me help you make your dream

Valley of home ownership a reality.”

Deepa A., DMD


1987! Property Values




stablized across the

Tel: 978-686-5231

Merrimack Valley over the course of the

Methuen, MA 01844

Fax: 978-682-2736

past year. Coupled with extremely attractive

interest is the time to buy!!!

Michelin • Dunlop • Bridgestone • Pirelli • Goodyear

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ork at Affordable Rates

The Church of Spiritual Life


126 Merrimack Street, Methuen, MA 01844 (Behind Heav’nly donuts)

A Member of The National Spiritualist Association of Churches

Healing & Message Service - Sunday 10:30 a.m. All Are Welcome

Handicap Accessible. For more info. or call 603-783-4456

s • Model Ships

Fax (978) 683-0719


T A L L M A N E YFull E Vision A SServices S O C– Diseases I AT Eof the S Eye -

Saturday Jan. 12th, 2013 - 11 General a.m. Ophthalmology - 4 p.m.


Private 15 minute readings Cataract for Surgery, a $20 Retinadonation Services - Pediatric

Eye Practice


Also, mini healing fair; Lawrence private 15 minute 978-688-6182

session Oculoplastics for – Lasika

$20 donation

Scale Lumber


Haverhill Oculoplastics 360978-521-5653 Merrimack – Lasik Street – Lawrence, MA 01843

For more info. Amesbury 360 Merrimack Street – Lawrence, 978-388-4044

MAor 01843 call 603-783-4456

978-683-NECS (6327)

Tues. 9am - 1pm

Thur. 12-7pm • Sat. 9am - 1pm

(978) 423-4211

Methuen Real Estates Sales & Appraisals.

Serving the Merrimack Valley




beyond for over 30 years.

No. Andover 978-688-6182 978-794-8118


r Salem, NH Haverhill Amesbury

Wednesday Night Lawrence 7 P.M. Salem, - North Mediumship Andover NH Salem, Development 603-893-7400

NH Haverhill Class, Amesbury Donation $5

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Methuen/Lawrence 1999 1999-2004 - 2011

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Your vote of confidence reaffirms our dedication

to bring you the finest Chiropractic Care

Our OUR Seventh 13th YEAR YearRUNNING! Running!

• Most Insurance and


Most Insurance



• Listen to Dr. Santone

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Every Other Monday at

9 A.M. on WCCM

• Listen to Dr. Santone

Every Other 1490 Monday AMat

• Host of Health Talk on

9 A.M. on WCCM

Methuen Cable Television,

Channel 22

1110 AM



369 Merrimack St. • Methuen, MA • 978-794-7677














Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


Restaurant Week

starts Jan. 27

Methuen is a melting pot for great food!

To showcase these oh-so-mouth-watering

The only New England screening of

the acclaimed police documentary “Heroes

Behind the Badge” will be right here in

Methuen, according to Sgt. Ken Leone of

the Methuen Police Department’s Honor


He said the Tenney Grammar School’s

auditorium was the most suitable site because

it was the only venue large enough to

accommodate a potentially large audience.

According to Leone, one screening drew

800 people.

The 90-minute screening will be shown

Sunday, Jan. 27 at 4 pm. The film is not

recommended for young children.

Although “Heroes Behind the Badge”

is narrated by veteran actor Vincent

D’Onofrio, it is not considered a movie.

“It’s more of a documentary produced

by Modern City Entertainment out of Florida,

and run by a retired sheriff,” said

Leone. “They highlight a few high-profile

incidents where officers were killed in the

line of duty, or were involved in a shooting

and made it through.”

One subject is San Diego Police Officer

Jeremy Henwood who was featured on the

national news in 2011. Moments after purchasing

a McDonald’s meal for a child, he

was killed by a suicidal gunman.

In another case, Salem, a pair of NH Miami Mapdetec

419 South Broadway

Salem, NH

We offer a wide selection of

delicious Gluten Free pizza

and so much more!

eateries in the city, mark your calendar for

Methuen Restaurant Week starting Jan.


The city is partnering with the Merrimack

Valley Chamber of Commerce,

Cop doCumentary

making new england

debut in methuen

tives are gunned down while issuing an arrest

warrant to a suspected murderer.

Relatives of fallen officers are also

interviewed and relate how the casualties

affect the survivors.

Here in Methuen, five police officers

died in the line of duty since 1908:

• Charles Emerson and Francis McDermott

on Aug. 18, 1908.

• Arthur Bower in 1923.

• Walter Hird in 1966.

• Roland Kinlock in 1978.

Proceeds from ticket sales will be divided

among the production company, the

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

Fund in Washington, D.C., and

the Methuen Police Department’s Honor

Guard. Leone said the Honor Guard’s portion

will be split with the New England

chapter of “Concerns of Police Survivors.”

The primary mission of an Honor Guard is

to pay respect to fallen comrades.

“They’ve been holding screenings all

over the country to bring out awareness

about the sacrifices of police officers and

the impact of their deaths,” said Leone. “As

far as I know, this is the only screening in

New England. I was talking to one of the

producers and he said they had upwards of

800 people attend one of the screenings.”

Tickets are $15 each and can be pur-

2 Large Cheese

Pizzas & A

2 Liter of Soda



$ 1599 +tax

With this coupon, cannot

be combined. expires 1/31/13


Small Cheese Pizza

With purchase

of any lG.

specialty pizza

at reG. price

With this coupon, cannot

be combined. expires 1/31/13


NMTW Community Credit Union, and

Century 21 McLennan & Co in launching

Methuen's first-ever Restaurant Week.

"I am happy to be working with businesses

and the Chamber in helping pro-

A third of the proceeds from the Tenney

Grammar School screening of “Heroes

Behind the Badge” will go to the

Methuen Police Department’s Honor

Guard. Honor Guard members shown

marching in the city’s annual Santa Parade

are (from left) Officer Derek Licata,

Sgt. Kenneth Leone, Officer Matthew

Tarness and Officer Christine Nicolosi.

chased at the door or in advance by contacting

Sgt. Ken Leone at (978) 983-8772.

Find out more about the film by visiting


- Tues - Wed

Lg. Cheese Pizza


$ 15



+tax +TAX

carryout only. limit




per customer.

coupon, cannot


be this combined. coupon, expires cannot 1/31/13 be

combined. expires 1/31/13

$ 5 00

any order $30

or more

With this coupon, cannot

be combined.expires 1/31/13

— Steve Whipple


Order of

Cinnasticks or

Cheezy Bread

With the purchase

of 2 lG. pizzas at

reG. price

With this coupon, cannot

be combined. expires 1/31/13








With this coupon, cannot

be combined.expires 1/31/13

January, 2013

around Methuen around Methuen around Methuen

mote our local restaurants and eateries,"

explained Mayor Steve Zanni. "I think

people are eager to support our business

community, and this week is a great step

in that direction."

From Jan. 27 through Feb. 2, different

restaurants, pubs, bakeries, eateries and

pizzerias will be offering extra deals and

promotions to customers.

"Methuen truly has a great selection of

restaurants to pick from," said Joe Bevilacqua,

president and CEO of the Merrimack

Valley Chamber of Commerce. "I

think this is an exciting way to get people

to shop local."

Long known for their support of local

businesses, NMTW Community Credit

Union and Century 21 McLennan & Co

both signed on to help promote Restaurant

Week across the city.

"Any time we can help drive consumers

to our local businesses, we do it," said

Ray Wrobel, vice president of business

development at NMTW.

"This really is a great opportunity to

reintroduce residents to our diverse base

of restaurants and eateries," added Janet

McLennan, owner of Century 21 McLennan

& Co.

As of MethuenLife press time, the

following businesses are participating in

Restaurant Week:

A Day to Remember Catering Company;

Borrelli’s Italian Deli; Bada Bing Pizza;

Bada Boom Sports; China Buffet; Dunkin’

Donuts; Fireside Restaurant & Pub; Fu

Hing Restaurant; Mann Orchards; Muddy

Waters Pub and Restaurant; New Tokyo

Japanese Steakhouse; Pizza Hut; Prelude

Restaurant; Riverside Café Pizza;

Sal’s Pizza; Sunshine Fine Thai Cuisine;

Sweetheart Inn; and The Country Kitchen.

For more information on Restaurant

Week, check out

It’s tree

pickup time

Boy Scout Troop 60 will once again

pick up and dispose of your Christmas

tree. Pickup dates are Jan. 5 and 12.

Cost is $5.

Contact xmastreepickup@cozypond.

com or call Joe DiPrima at (978) 689-3013

to get added to the Scouts’ schedule.

Tax-assistance forum

targets seniors

On Jan. 10, Mayor Steve Zanni will

be joined at the Methuen Senior Activity

by a representative from the Department

of Revenue to discuss the Senior Circuit

Breaker Program.

"Massachusetts offers tax-relief programs

to seniors living on a limited income,"

explained Zanni. "The problem

is that not everyone knows about these

programs, or understands how to apply.

My hope is that this forum can educate

See AROUND, Page 27

January, 2013

Twins, continued from page 8

Laura Riley agreed that there was risk involved

but felt that if the pregnancy was

well monitored, Rose and her child would

be safe.

During an ultrasound, Rose bluntly

asked the technician, “There is only one in

there, right?”

After a moment, the woman said, “I

thought you knew. You’re having twins.”

Rose describes it as a “Candid Camera

moment.” She was simultaneously laughing

and crying; Steve blurted out, “Are you

kidding me?” They were both worried about

Rose’s health, but agreed to take it one day

at a time.

Riley, who is director of Labor and

Delivery as well as director of Obstetrics

and Gynecology Infectious Disease at Mass

General, did not return calls to Methuen-

Life. But Rose says doctors told her that

back-to-back twins are “rare, but also common.”

“Once you’re older, it’s harder to get

pregnant but you have a better chance of

having multiples,” she said. According to, women are more likely to become

pregnant with twins naturally when in

their 30s and 40s.

After they surprised their teenagers with

the news, Rose laughs that she was keeping

this pregnancy a secret. It’s so embarrassing!”

Friends, family and co-workers at the

state Department of Mental Health, where

the Chappies both work, were very supportive.

This time around, there were no preg-


nancy complications and Rose felt great.

But on Aug. 5, at only 30 weeks, the babies

arrived. Stephanie weighed 3.1 pounds;

Shea, which means “gift,” was 3.4 pounds.

They stayed at Mass General six weeks.

“That was the toughest,” says Rose.

“But they never went a day without seeing

some or all of us. Friday was always Family


As the twins’ health improved, they

were moved to Lawrence General to be

monitored. By Sept. 29, both babies were

home. Life has been full speed ahead ever


“I try to work the 6 am-to-2 pm shift;

(Steve) does the 3-to-11,” Rose explains.

“We’re doing the high-five thing and adding,

‘OK, here’s who pooped and here’s

who’s been fed.”

“Four am is really tough,” adds Steve.

“Mom leaves early in the morning and they

know as soon as she leaves. ... But Rose

and I work well together and we’re a good


Rose’s dad baby-sits and oldest son

Victor drives, so he runs errands and helps

chauffeur the other teens. Cam and Toni-

Ann pitch in with feedings, diaper duty,

cradling and entertaining. The 4-month-olds

visit the doctor each week and won’t be

going out in public until after flu season.

How has life changed since adding four

babies to the mix?

“It’s crazy,” says Victor matter-of-factly.

“The whole thing.”

“Shopping’s fun!” Steve says sarcastically,

adding, “Everybody’s been such a

Not that there’s ever a “typical day,” but the Chappies do their best to stick

to a schedule with their four little ones. Some days, here’s how it goes:

Rose wakes up at 5 am to get ready for work. Usually, 15-month-old Landyn

and 4-month-old Shea also awaken. But sometimes, all four children are ready

to start their day.

“I feed and change diapers for as many of them as I can,” says Rose. “The Bigs”

use sippy cups and high chairs, while the little babies are bottle-fed.

Dad Steve, who gets home from work just before midnight, is back and forth

between his bed and the babies from 6 to 9 am. By 9 am, everyone is up. The

4-month-olds eat every three to four hours; “The Bigs” do three meals a day plus

snacks. Recently the older twins started “hoarding their Cheerios,” laughs Rose,

by hiding them in their high chairs so they can make their own “snack time” without

having to wait!

There’s weekly early intervention for the preemies, who work on strengthening

their muscles.

Diaper changes are a constant for all four children, and it seems that the laundry

room is continually at work. The Chappies bought a commercial-type “super

loader” and do two to three loads a day, “depending on the spit-up situation,”

adds Rose. Before 7 pm, it’s bath time which is sometimes done one by one for

all four kids for safety reasons. If all goes well, it’s lights out by 9 pm.

“The little babies are still getting up for a feeding, and we have yet to have a night

where they’ve all slept through,” says Rose, noting she or her husband take turns

being on call each evening. With Ashlyn now walking and Landyn trying to follow

in her footsteps, a new phase is about to begin.

On Christmas Eve, the teenagers stayed with relatives so Rose and Steve

planned on a quiet night with everyone in bed at 8 pm.

“One by one, the babies kept waking up,” says Rose. “We didn’t fall asleep until 4

am and we woke up at 7. ... Never a dull moment! But I’m really looking forward

to next Christmas. It will be so much fun!”


great help. It would be tough to do this

without (the older kids).”

What’s been the best part of having babies

in the family?

“Watching them grow up,” says Cam,

as he tries to wrangle in Ashlyn, a giggly

George, continued from page 9

Hargreaves spent 41 years working in

the automotive business, including running

Hargreaves Garage Automotive Specialist.

He now volunteers at the center every day.

“I enjoy it — the work and the people,”

says Hargreaves, whose wife Pauline also

volunteers and takes classes at the center.

“Plus, it keeps my health up. The doctors

always say to stay active.”

He recently was out a couple weeks

following a procedure to “get my heart repaired.”

Not only was he happy to be back,

but he was happy to be busy.

“While I was gone, the work really piled

up!” he grinned.

There are about 125 volunteers who give

their time both at the center and in seniors’

homes. Here are the other helping hands

who were recognized at the Volunteer Appreciation:

Jim Bradley: As a years-long Meals

on Wheels delivery person, he has logged

thousands of hours and dedicated himself

to ensuring the timely delivery of a mid-day

meal to home-bound seniors.

Saving money on your 2013 Auto Policy

renewal just got easier with our

super low rates and discounts!

• Multi Policy Credit (Home & Auto)

• Disappearing Deductible • Good Student Credit

• Length Of Residence Credit

• Travel Club Credit • Accident Forgiveness

Auto • Home • Business • Life

Celebrating 100 Years of Service Excellence

In N.H. 800-232-1045 • In Mass. 978-682-2896




252 Pleasant St.,


(Methuen Executive Park)


crawling speed demon who just learned

how to walk.

“I’ve had so much fun with all of them,”

says Steve. “I love being a dad. More

people to love.”

Josephine Jennings: She began volunteering

in the Thrift Shop in 2009 and has

put in over 600 hours. She helps run the

shop, stock merchandise, organize displays

and pitch in with “Saturday Sales” and other

events at the center.

Barbara Jacques: A longtime member

of the Happy Hearts Choral Group, she not

only sings but is willing to tap dance or play

the spoons or tambourine to add sparkle to

certain numbers.

Rose Feole: For many years, she has

been a dedicated participant in the Pen Pals

Program which matches seniors with local

young letter writers. Her sunny personality

is said to make her the perfect pen pal.

Arthur Ouellette: His work behind the

camera for the Methuen Community Television

show “What’s Up at the Methuen

Senior Activities Center” helps showcase

upcoming events.

Maurina Finocchiaro: She has given

her time to the center’s Gift Shop since

2009 and officially logged over 300 hours

since 2012.


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


Old Man Winter is nO Match

fOr PirO’s Pizza Plus

stay Warm with Our fresh

& famous delicious

sicilian style

square Pan Pizza Plus

freshly Prepared foods

Just call, pick up and heat!

• calzOnes -- 13 flaVOrs including

Broccoli & chicken, eggplant, ham & cheese,

Meatball, sausage and steak & cheese.

• Meat Pies • eggPlant ParMesan

• sPinach Pies • sPinach-Meat cOMBO Pie

• chicKen cutlets • WarM suBs

• gOurMet rice Balls in a variety of flavors

And pick up your dessert next door...


• custom cakes for all Occasions

• fresh Bread • italian cookies

• Pastries • custard

• chocolate, apple

and Banana cream Pies

don’t forget the cannoli!



978-686-1872 •


January, 2013

Showing their

Holiday Spirit

Here are just a few examples of how

Methuen residents spread holiday joy this season.

MHS Makes Christmas Happen!

The Peer Leadership Program at Methuen High School “adopted” two children — a 2month-old

boy and a 2-year-old girl — from the Adopt-a-Family at Christmas program to

benefit Methuen’s Arlington Neighborhood. The students collected donations at several

lunch periods, then went shopping for items that were requested by the family. Shown are

Peer Leaders Lauren McAndrew, Marcie Mai, Tami Nguyen and Hailey Conroy. There are 25

students in the group which is overseen by Carol Guselli and Betty Weeks. Courtesy photo

Being Thankful ... & Caring

It may be cold outside, but Comprehensive Grammar School is warm with generosity. CGS’

specialist team started a very positive addition to lower school students’ schedule: The Plus

Block. This class offers students the opportunity to learn, grow and discuss important parts

of life. In November, the specialist team's topic was "being thankful." To help explore this

concept, kindergartners through second-graders collected canned food items to donate as

Cheer Baskets to the Lazarus House. Third- and fourth-grade students raised money used

to make blankets for Hurricane Sandy victims who are battling a long, cold winter without

their homes. Courtesy photo ‘

January, 2013 MethuenLife


Holiday Spirit

Feeding Those In Need

14 Years, $10,000-plus

In Donations

Marsh Grammar School teachers and staff reached a 14-year milestone of raising over

$10,000 for a local Santa Fund. Since 1999, teachers and staff have been contributing

money toward casual dress days and/or raffles. This year's donation of $720 brings the

total amount donated to $10,180. Shown are Mary Ann Dickey, seventh-grade teacher and

collection coordinator; Richard Beshara, Marsh Grammar School supervising principal; and

Shannon Ireson, third-grade teacher and Yankee Candle raffle winner. Courtesy photo

Rotary Rounds Up 129

Food Baskets

Like they do every Christmas season, Methuen Rotary Club “elves” were busy putting together

food baskets for the needy. They rounded up enough canned goods, fresh foods

and turkey gift cards for 129 baskets that were distributed to Lazarus House, the YMCA,

Methuen’s Arlington Neighborhood and a few local families. Courtesy photo

Used clothing, home items needed

The Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

is in need of the public's support through

donations of lightly used clothing and small

household items. They ask that when you

clean out your closets this winter, please

consider donating to the foundation. The

foundation will be collecting donations door

to door in Methuen on Jan. 9. To schedule

a free curbside pickup, call 1-800-483-5503

or e-mail Your

donations are tax deductible. The foundation

also offers special pickups for electronics

recycling and car donations, so please

contact them for more information or visit Donations help

support the children in your community.

The Marsh School’s Peer Leaders did some serious grocery shopping and provided

turkey baskets for eight local families at Thanksgiving. Shown are Peer Leaders (from left)

Silem Medina, Erin Conway and Devyn White. Courtesy photo

See more Holiday Spirit on page 15

AAA Driver Training

Saturday Sessions

February 16–March 16

AAA Driver Training

49 Orchard Hill Road, North Andover

Accelerated School Break Class

February 18–22

AAA Driver Training

49 Orchard Hill Road, North Andover

February 18–22

Presentation of Mary Academy, Methuen

All sessions 8:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

Call 978-946-0466 or go to

for more information.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



By Denis


Can YOUR bank say their

commercial lending process is fast,

straightforward and timely?

We know you have enough to do without having to spend a lot

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Left to right: Kathy Santoro, Owner Good Day Cafe, Robert Murphy,

VP Commercial Lending, Terry Muir, Business Relationship Officer, AVP

Main office: 3 South Broadway | Salem, NH | (603) 893-3333

Methuen office: 284 Merrimack Street | Methuen, MA | (978) 682-1010

Visit us online at:

January, 2013

BUILDING CHARACTER An architectural view of our community

Waldo House has always turned heads

A grand, Federal-style manse. Massive twin

pillars, weighing 20 tons each. An imposing, 15foot-tall

statue of President George Washington.

Streams of mourners filing across the property as

formally dressed funeral-home workers hold open

large double doors.

The building at 233 Lawrence St., has always

been a head-turner.

During the economic boon of 1825, George

A. Waldo purchased a piece of land on Lawrence

Street, two years after he married Alvira Bodwell.

The well-balanced Federal architecture made a

statement there. The property was, in turn, assigned

to John Low in 1872, and he and his wife

lived there until John's demise. Edward F. Searles

had designs for the property and agreed to purchase

Waldo House by offering John's widow,

Mary, a lifetime lease as part of the purchase and

sales agreement.

Searles, in the designs for his estate Pine Lodge

which he created to resemble a European village,

continued to accumulate his land holdings to en-

The Waldo House today, as viewed from across the street next to the St. Monica

Church parking lot. Photos by Steve Whipple

compass several thousand acres in

nearby New Hampshire, in addition

to his substantial inventory of acreage

in Methuen. Searles envisioned

Waldo House to be the perfect gate

house to Pine Lodge. Rumors may

have swirled regarding an apparent

rivalry with his neighbor and contemporary,

Charles Tenney and his estate

Grey Court. As plans progressed,

Searles created a small park on Lawrence

Street and had two Corinthian

columns delivered to Methuen. They

were quarried in Quincy, Mass., and

were acquired in 1888 from the Bank

of America. Each column weighed 20

tons. Searles commissioned Thomas

Ball to create a 15-foot statue of

George Washington, which was unveiled

Feb. 22, 1900. Unfortunately

the town sold it in 1958 to the Forest

Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale,


Though Waldo House served as

Mary Low's residence until her demise,

Searles' plans for his magnificent

gate house were thwarted by a

small, insignificant triangular plot of

land on Park Street, which under the

auspices of the Baptist Church was

non-negotiable when it came under

consideration as an entrance to his

estate. As a result of the unexpected

turn of events, Waldo House was

leased to Methuen's Historic Commission

for many years and it served

as the headquarters of the Historical

Society as well.

The magnificent Federal-style

mansion eventually was purchased

by Kenneth H. Pollard. The Pollard

family not only raised their family

of four in this historic property, but

the family business has been con-

ducted here for two generations. The

ample and grand drawing room and

living spaces serve the purposes of

viewing rooms for the funeral home

and the entire second floor is a large

and elegant residence for the present


“My mom and dad bought it in

1960 and the rest is history,” said

Mike Pollard, who lives in the home

with his wife Maureen and continues

to operate the Kenneth Pollard Funeral

Home here where his dad started

the business. “People ask, ‘How can

you live above a funeral home?’ I say,

well, come see this.”

Then Pollard guides curious guests

up a narrow hallway and set of stairs

that leads to the sprawling, lavish

residence he shares with Maureen.

“I love the beams,” said Maureen.

“It’s just so unusual ... and the height

of the ceilings. You would never

know there’s so much room.”

Their living space above the funeral

business consists of a guest

bedroom, dining room, kitchen, fireplaced

living room, master bedroom,

den, two bathrooms, sunroom and

a remodeled kitchen with granite

counter tops.

Said Mike, “When the guys were

remodeling the kitchen five years ago

they said, ‘Come look at this!’ There

were all these wooden pegs because

nails hadn’t been invented yet.”

It’s not the only place wood added

charm to the 200-year-old structure.

“The thing I love about it is these

floors. It’s the original (hard) wood

and it didn’t separate like some hardwood

floors do,” said Mike.

See WALDO, Page 18

January, 2013 MethuenLife


Holiday Spirit

Continued from page 13

Homemade Holiday Cheer

The Timony School Lower School's Spirit Council joined with the Merrimack Valley Partners

in Service Inc. to create gifts for local nursing-home residents. Kindergartners through

fourth-graders decorated gift bags, and made cards and crafts that were combined with

gifts from MVPS and distributed to the nursing home residents on a night that the MVPS

went caroling. Shown are the Spirit Council representatives. Courtesy photo

See more Holiday Spirit on pages 18 & 19

Practicing Stewardship

Last month, St. Monica Church's kindergarten through grade 5 religious education students,

along with their parents, siblings and teachers, made a visit to Nevins Nursing and

Rehabilitation Centre to spread some Christmas joy. Nevins residents were treated to a

yuletide carol sing-along, while Santa Claus and his St. Monica Elves distributed cards

and gift bags that were created by the children, and blessed at the 9:30 am Family Mass.

Courtesy photo

Library Giving Tree

The Children's Department at Nevins Memorial Library

is hosting Project Giving Tree until Jan. 31.

Nonperishable food items will be donated to a local

food pantry, and hats, scarves and mittens will

be collected for kids. Some great food choices are

canned fruit, canned beans and corn, canned pasta,

soup or stew, canned turkey, chicken, tuna or peanut

butter. All donations can be dropped off in the

children's room. Here, Teresa Petrillo makes a donation.

Courtesy photo

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



Waldo, continued from page 14

The hardwood floors are in every room

of the upstairs where Mike Pollard grew


Probably the most noteworthy exterior

feature of the property are the twin pillars

that stand about 100 feet from the building.

“There’s so many stories about them,”

said Mike Pollard. “One story is there was

almost a banking collapse in 1903 and these

were at the entrance of the First National

Bank of New York. Mr. Searles said he’d

like to buy them. He made them an offer

they couldn’t refuse, so the bank sold them.

They were dis-assembled and transported

here by the railroad.”

The mansion, for the most part, remains

as it was when first constructed. Though

some renovations have transpired over the

years, great care by the Pollard family has

ensured the preservation of the building's

historic heritage and they take pride in the

distinction of being placed on the National

Register of Historic Places in 1984. Historic

preservation, education and fund-raising efforts,

along with public service, have been

the touchstones for the entire family which

has benefitted our community immensely.

Denis Webster-Greene is president of the

Methuen Historical Society. If you have

an interesting property to be considered

for a future column, please contact him at


According to the building’s owner, Mike Pollard, Mr. Searles purchased

the two pillars from the First National Bank of New York and

had them disassembled and transported to Methuen by rail.

January, 2013

Mike Pollard relaxes in his living room aside one of the four fireplaces.

His favorite room? “The sun porch, with a glass of wine.”




Personal Injury Law



Five years ago the Pollards’ kitchen was remodeled and now features

cherry cabinets, modern appliances and granite counter tops. Wooden

pegs, not nails, were discovered behind the walls.

Since you have been good all year, I will be bringing you everything you wanted

for Christmas.

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The Concord Group has

protected their New England

Neighbors since 1928



11 Haverhill Street


Nancy Greenwood

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Nancy Greenwood’s Radio Show on

Methuen • Andover • North Reading • Wakefield • Lynnfield • North Pole • 800-246-2009 WCAP 980AM: • Member Tues. & FDIC/DIF Wed. ~ 2 pm to 3 pm


January, 2013




One shy of a dozen



December, 2009

Tremblay is nurse

The Saragas family recently opened its

practitioner at Prescott eleventh Butlers Heav’nly Donuts, & their Bars latest throws its own party!

Kim Tremblay of Methuen is now shop on Pelham Street, Methuen, across

working as the nurse practitioner at

The Methuen-based business Butlers

from the Sunoco gas station adjacent to

Prescott House in North Andover. She

& Bars is used to whipping up a fantastic

the I-93 off-ramp. The shop, popular for

will be responsible for providing daily

party – complete with incredible food,

fresh doughnuts, pastries and coffee, is

hands-on medical care, educating patients

savory drinks and non-stop service – for

the second location in Methuen. George

on their needs upon returning home and

its clients. But last month B&B hosted

and Elaine Saragas opened their first

provide family communications.

one heck of a shin-dig in Methuen Square,

toasting shop on none Merrimack other than Street itself! in 1975. The

Tremblay holds a master's degree in new location features a drive-up window,

nursing and has more than 30 years of

The bartending-catering-event-plan-

a half-dozen tables and counter seating.

experience as a nurse, including 12 years

ning business, founded by busy mom Deb

A 70-foot sign draws customers from a

as a nurse practitioner. She also worked

Ingalls in 2004, had outgrown its most

distance. George's son Jimmy oversees

with adults and adolescents in in-patient

recent River Street location in a mere six

daily production of the bakery items at

rehabilitation at Northeast Rehabilitation

months. The downtown bash, held beneath

a large commercial kitchen housed on


an L-shape of tents on Hampshire Street,

celebrated the grounds the of business’ the former move Wall's to Lincoln part of

Prescott offers short-term rehabilita-

the Mercury building site. that The houses Saragases Andrews purchased Travel.

tion, Alzheimer's/dementia and long-term

The that wait property staff a continually couple years mingled ago. Other with

care units.

the Heav’nly crowd, Donuts offering shops plate are after located plate of in

food, Haverhill, and guests Bradford, indulged Salem, in the N.H. open bar (2),

NECC honors Boucher and Lawrence, a swingin’ North dance Reading, floor. Amesbury, Pausing by the ice-sculptured butler during Butlers & Bars’ downtown opening celebra-

Charlene Boucher of Methuen earned Brentwood, “I started N.H., Butlers and & Wilmington. Bars part-time Pho- in tion are (from left) Cindy Laney of Catering To You, Methuen resident and Greater Haver-

the Employee Recognition Award at

2004 tos by because Steve Whipple I felt there was a need for hill Chamber of Commerce President Jim Jajuga, Butlers & Bars owner Deborah Ingalls, A

Northern Essex Community College.

personalized service in the beverage/cater-

Hot Dish Catering’s Jennifer Broberg and Simply Elegant Catering’s owner Sam Ambra of

Boucher, coordinator for Life Long

Haverhill. Photos by Steve Whipple.

ing industry,” Ingalls explains.

Learning for nearly five years, was nomi-

She worked 15 years in human resourcnated

Active-adult by co-worker Kathy Ronaldson

es where community she planned company parties and works hard to give back

who praised her.

events. She realized that people needed life easier, she believes.

our clients want and work with them on

“Charlene has By Melissa worked Fili diligently to “hand-holding The group help” also and recently that they donated looked 25 Some of the local public events she every detail imaginable,” says Ingalls.

increase community MethuenLife awareness Writer of the for festive a true, packages experienced of toiletries event planner — brushes, when has overseen include the Festival of Trees “We travel all over New England, New

it combs, came to lotions, weddings tissues, and ect. cocktail — to Methuen parties. Premier Night (2005 to 2007), former Hampshire and Maine. We can provide

About Continued 100 residents on Page of the new 11 55-and- Less Health stress & for Rehabilitation a client makes Center. everyone's Those Mayor Sharon Pollard’s Inaugural Ball the venues, caterers, bartenders, wait staff,

over community known as The Regency are will be given specifically to elders who and a slew of events at Winnekenni Castle DJs, wedding cakes, chocolate fountains,

celebrating their first holiday together by “don’t have family to visit them,” explained in Haverhill.

expresso bars, ice sculptures, invitations,

lending a hand to local residents in need.

For weeks, they have been rounding


Jaracz’s co-coordinator is fellow resi-

“We offer that personalized service

that you don't always see at many func-

photographers, videographers, limousine

services, et cetera, et cetera.”

up food and monetary donations, putting dent Regina Solemina, “the lightening rod” tion halls. We get to know exactly what

together 50 meals for Neighbors in Need’s

food pantry within the Arlington District.

for this project,” according to Jaracz.

“We feel it’s so important to help the

Please see BUTLER, Page 11

As they prepared to create each meal bag, community,” said Solemina, noting that her

volunteers chatted while surrounded by new neighbors come from as far as Califor-

tables overflowing with Susie piles of canned Savealot nia, Colorado and Florida.

goods, bags of rice and stuffing, cake mixes Toll Brothers is the building force be-

and more. One Main Street hind this upscale community of single-fam-

“The goal of our Outreach Committee is ily townhouses and villas, located in the

to give back to Methuen,” explained Your Town Arleen West , MA End off Route 110. The builders and

Jaracz, project co-coordinator. “Many of us residents, as well as Market Basket and Se-

Dear are new Susie, to Methuen. The project has also nior Whole Health, financially assisted with

been a great way to meet other people here this holiday endeavor, says Jaracz.

Thanks for your letter. I’ll tell Mrs. Claus you were asking for her.


Led by (front, far right and third from right) Arleen Enjoying Jaracz and the Regina catered Solemina, food residents are (from of

Bringing Toll Brothers’ the laughs new Regency are (from community left) Ericka in Methuen left) collected Pam Lathrop food items, and toiletries Donald Chapelle, and cash

Crabtree, donations Kyle in order Romano to help and those Celia who Defeudis are struggling with in Methuen’s our city. Lisa and Glenn Prezzano.

of Creative Hair, across the street from Glenn is the editor and publisher of Mer-

Butlers & Bars.

rimack Valley Magazine.

"Committed “Commited

to Quality

& Dependable

Service” Service"


Certified Public Accountant

•Computerized Accounting

•Business Loan Proposals

•Financial Statements

•Small Business Consulting

Tel:978-794-9200 • Fax:978-682-2939


Tax Planning

& Preparation

Business & Individual

18 Haymeadow Rd

P.O.Box 1049

Methuen, MA 01844


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


Holiday Spirit Continued from page 15

Jeanne D’arc Gives ... & Gives!

Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union, which has a full-service branch in Methuen and a school branch

at Methuen High, provided a double dose of generosity this holiday. Members and employees

rounded up hundreds of new toys for this year’s U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys

for Tots drive. The credit union also donationed $2,165 to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank,

thanks to the generous contributions of the credit union's employees. Courtesy photos

stores are OPEN for freshness







Make life a little sweeter.

TOWN Methuen | 1234 MAIN 167 East ST. | Street (123) 456-7890 978-688-8117TOWN

| 1234 MAIN Follow ST. us | (123) on 456-7890

@DofruitNE for

TOWN Haverhill | 1234 MAIN 308 Main ST. | (123) Street 456-7890 978-372-0202 TOWN | 1234 MAIN ST. | (123) 456-7890

special discounts!

TOWN Tewksbury | 1234 MAIN 1768ST. Main | (123) Street 456-7890 978-851-3265 TOWN | 1234 MAIN ST. | (123) 456-7890

Offer valid at participating locations shown below. Valid for pick-up only. Offer Expires XX/XX/XX. Offer code must be used when placing order. Fruit selection may vary and can

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& Design and all other marks noted are trademarks of Edible Arrangements, LLC. ©2013 Edible Arrangements, LLC. All rights reserved.


Spreading Joy With Song

January, 2013

Members of the First Baptist Church in Methuen went caroling last month, sharing their

Christmas joy. Here they sing at Methuen Village at Riverwalk Park Assisted Living. Courtesy


Songs For The Sisters

Patriot Platters

On Dec. 11, St. Monica School's junior

and senior choirs performed a Christmas

Concert for retired sisters of the

St. Clare community who live at the

Presentation of Mary Academy campus.

The choir performed Christmas

carols and concluded the event with

a sing-a-long which students and residents

thoroughly enjoyed. Courtesy



322 Merrimack St. Methuen, MA (Rte.110)

Don Smeriglio, Owner

Store Hours: Mon. 9-4; Tues.-Fri. 8-6; Sat. 8-4; Sun. 8-2

We accept all major credit cards & debit cards

Touchdown Heat & Eat


3ft. & 5ft. Long Subs

Methuen Restaurant Week

January 27 to February 2

Buy 2 Large Subs

& get 1 FREE


•fax 978-687-3294

Check our website for

Fantastic, Delicious Catering

Menu Ideas


Accessible in

our dining

Valley’s Finest

Home Cooked Food

January, 2013 MethuenLife


Actors Rouse Holiday Cheer

Last month the Center for Performing Arts Acting School put on "The Year

Without a Santa," a fabulous play that helped the audience get into the

holiday spirit. Methuen cast members are (from top left) Victoria Rousseau

as Miss Heat, Anastasia Michitson as Miss Snow, Kerry Molloy as Mrs. Claus,

Shelby Waldie as Mother Nature, Bruce Michitson as Santa; (bottom left)

Jada Ryan as Jangle and Sophia Michitson as Jingle. Courtesy photo

Toys For Tots

Two bins overflowed with donations to

Toys for Tots during Comprehensive Grammar

School’s Pancake Breakfast and Holiday

Concert last month. CGS families were

very generous in this effort, organized by

the school’s PTO. Santa and his elf, Shelby

Waldie, a former CGS student and now a

junior at Methuen High, posed for photos

with CGS students and collected donations.

Courtesy photo

Teens ‘Adopt’ 51 Needy Families

Central Catholic High School students raised

$11,750 in their annual "Christmas Project."

Each of the 51 homeroom classes "adopted”

a family identified as "seriously in need of essentials"

by Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities

and the staff at St. Mary of the Assumption

Church in Lawrence. Each homeroom class received

a detailed list of the adopted family's

needs and students raised money to purchase

the items through school-wide raffles, bake

sales, students' donations and a gingerbread

house contest. Faculty donated gift baskets and

other prizes for the raffle items. Student leaders

of the Christmas Project at Central Catholic are

(front, from left) Dylan Parsons of Methuen,

Emilie Zahn, Kaeleigh Molloy of Methuen, Mary

Shine; (back, from left) Liam Sullivan and Tyler

Andrade. Courtesy photo

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



40 years of Boy Scout

leadership & counting

for Paul Hale

Since 1970, Paul Hale has been instructing

boys to "Do a Good Turn Daily." A Boy

Scout leader in the Merrimack Valley for

over 40 years, Hale helped 51 Boy Scouts

in Troop 51 achieve their Eagle Scout

badge, the highest honor in the Boy Scouts

of America.

The newest Eagle Scout, Billy Corcoran

of Methuen, said, "He has been a big influence

... He does everything the right way

— the old-fashioned way."

Providing structure and instilling a love

of the outdoors are two of Hale's goals for

the Boy Scouts. He encourages every Scout

to strive for their Eagle badge. Accomplishments

of Methuen's Pack 51 Eagle Scouts

include organizing archives at Methuen

Memorial Music Hall, upgrading the fitness

center at Methuen Senior Center, a Mill

Pond clean-up, and restoring gravesites at

Bellevue and Searles cemeteries. Troop 51

is headquartered at the Methuen VFW.

Hale, 65, who grew up in South Lawrence

and has been "camping since (he)

Billy Corcoran, the 51st Eagle Scout under

Paul Hale, receives his Eagle patch. Courtesy


By Christine McLaughlin Howell



He’s tHe wind beneatH eagle scouts’ wings

Scoutmaster Paul Hale (right) laughs with Will Donahue and Troop 51 during inspection.

Hale has been a Boy Scout leader for 40-plus years. Photo by Christine McLaughlin Howell

was born," spent his early summers in a tent

with his parents and 11 siblings. Hale received

the Life rank, which is the rank just

below Eagle. He says he did not achieve

Eagle Scout rank because he did not like

the swimming part of the achievements.

He preferred fishing to swimming because,

he joked, "There were too many times my

brothers tried to drown me."

Achieving Eagle Scout rank requires six

months of leadership roles in the troop after

Life Scout; letters of recommendation; and

completion of 21 badges including citizenship

in the community, nation and world,

personal fitness, lifesaving, environment

science and camping. Prior to going before

the Eagle Scout board of review, the Scout

must plan, develop and implement a community

service project. All of this mustbe

completed before the Scout's eighteenth


Steve Fieldhouse was acting Scoutmaster

Hale's first Eagle Scout in 1976. Twenty-eight

years later, Steve Fieldhouse's son,

Joshua, also received his Eagle Scout badge

under Hale's leadership. Father and son put

to use the lifesaving skills learned in Scouting.

Steve Fieldhouse performed the Heimlich

maneuver on a man who was choking at

the Chateau Restaurant in Andover, he said.

His son helped his grandmother when she

fell and was waiting for paramedics.

"His first-aid skills kicked right in," the

elder Fieldhouse said.

Fieldhouse talked about the "seven days

a week" dedication of Hale. He explained

how Hale makes sure that every Scout goes

to camp, regardless of finances. If the boy

and his family do not have the means, Hale

goes before the committee to secure the

funds and proper camping equipment.

"He doesn't want to make a big name for

himself, he is just there to help the kids,"

remarked Fieldhouse.

While Scouting has been part of Hale's

life since he was 11 years old, Hale's son,

Willie, joined the Scouts, then decided it

was not for him. Hale shrugged it off and


Virginia Broadhurst



McLennan & Co.

January, 2013



Neil Armstrong - First man on


Willie Banks - Olympic and world

record-holding track star.

Michael Bloomberg - Mayor of New

York City, founder of Bloomberg


James Brady - Press secretary to

President Reagan.

Michael Dukakis - Former governor

of Massachusetts and onetime presidential


Gerald Ford - Former U.S. president

(first Eagle to be president) (deceased).

Michael Moore - Author and filmmaker.

Jim Mora - Former NFL football


H. Ross Perot - Self-made billionaire

and former presidential candidate.

Mike Rowe - Star of "Dirty Jobs with

Mike Rowe" on the Discovery Channel.

Steven Spielberg - Movie producer.

John Tesh - TV celebrity and pianist.

Sam Walton - Founder of Walmart



said, "I didn't want to force him."

Hale is equally matter-of-fact about the

awards he receives for his years of Scout-

See SCOUT, Page 21

Easy LiVing

Methuen, desirable “ Laurel Woods”

sits this wonderful 3 bedroom detached

townhome. Spacious “Open concept”

Dining and Living room with fireplace,

A fully applianced Kitchen with Bar and

Granite counters! Two full baths, Laundry

room, Patio, full basement, gleaming

wood floors, central A/C Attached

Garage & More Great location, close to

rte. 93 and 495. Shopping!

Offered at $269,800

January, 44 2013

MethuenLife December, 200921




By Brenda Ghorashi

After As all the the proprietress noise and craziness of an AntiquiTeas of December

Tea is over room with, for over January 15 years, comes I round enjoy and host- all

I hear ing tea is a parties sweet throughout soliloquy of the silence. year. As It is much my

as favorite I love my way gardens, to entertain. spring and summertime,

January However, and February a formal force Holiday me into Tea a comfortcomingplete rhythm with of beautiful slow winter Christmas days decor, allowing tradi- for

more tional rest music, and opportunities Christmas soups, to be refreshed and unfor- and

spend gettable time sweets with my and family tea and sandwiches friends. It makes is also

a great for an time event to plan you vacations, won’t soon landscaping forget. ideas I’m

and delighted gardens to without hear that distraction. our holiday I find tea I par- have

more ties time have to inspired relax and customers read, and time to recreate to cook

comforting this wonderful soups tradition and stews. in their Is there own anything homes

better over on the a years. cold winter Most, day if not than all, piping of the hot menu soup

and can fresh be purchased bread? or prepared ahead which

allows Soup you does to several mingle things. with guests, It quenches relax and the

thirst, enjoy it satisfies the festivities. your hunger, A tea it menu fills your is perfect stomach,

for it an aids Open your House, digestion, as you it makes can allow your teeth for

sparkle, friends it to colors come your and cheeks go. Just and be it sure helps you you

sleep. It is THE perfect food. As an appetizer or

the main course, soups and stews have every-

Scout, from page 20

master service.

"I like what I am doing," he said. Hale

has received a Silver Beaver Award, which

is given by the council to a leader who is

nominated by his peers for hard work and

dedication to Scouting.

Hale said that he will continue to lead

Boy Scouts and get them out camping as

long as he is "alive and well." Hale works

• Electric and Acoustic Guitars

• New and Used Amps

• Basses, Mandolins and Banjos

• New and Pre-Owned

Drum and



Host your Soup: own The lovely perfect tea food! party

have plenty of room in your refrigerator and









nourish the body













served homemade

small platters











us back

to uncover

when we










for lunch

the day.

(oops, dating myself a

little Spread here), and out it your was always refreshments a first course throughat

Sunday out the dinner. house I to enjoy avoid the everyone challenge in of one creating room

new and and encourage exciting soups. your guests to mingle. A

table The in main the family ingredient room is can the hold most hot important soups

ingredient in crock in pots making ready soup to is be the ladled water. out Starting into

with pretty fresh bowls cold alongside water is essential. a colorful Contrary Christmas to

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When offer making a variety soups, of texture bring your and soup color. to Place a boil

and fresh then wreaths lower under the heat serving to allow bowls the and soup use to

simmer. your best Soup china, should linens, never tea boil; cups gently and serving simmer

until pieces. ready Lots to serve. of candles I often and make a fire my burning soup or

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the guests flavors arrive. to marry, Add if traditional you will, as holiday they cool deco- and

are rations left tasting fresh even greens better and the trees next to day. add sparkle

and enchantment to the ambiance.

AntiquiTeas’ Italian Pea Open and House Basil is Soup planned for

5 Sunday, tablespoons Dec. olive 6 and oil our Enchanted Christ-

2 mas large Tea onions, Parties chopped on the 13 and 20 (a ticketed

1 event). stick of Christina celery, chopped Marie Denton, an Irish

1 trained carrot, chopped Celtic harpist, and other entertain-

1 ment clove will of garlic, be between finely chopped 12 and 2 p.m.

3½ cups of frozen petite peas

3½ cups Old chicken Fashioned or vegetable Tea stock Cakes

1 1 cup 3/4 fresh cups sugar basil leaves, coarsely torn, plus a

little 1 cup more shortening for garnishing

Salt 2 large and pepper eggs


3 cups



Parmesan cheese to serve

Heat the oil in a large pan and add the onions,

as a security guard and lives in Salem, N.H.,

with his wife, Joanne. Hale credits his wife

with patience for all the time he spends

leading Troop 51.

"She is very kind," he said.

Fieldhouse summed up Paul Hale's influence

in the community this way: "It's

guys like Paul who keep the kids off the



Methuen Village

at Riverwalk Park

Assisted Living

& Memory Support Neighborhood

Authorized dealer for

A community managed by

4 Hampshire St., Methuen Square,

across from the Clock Tower


Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


1/2 teaspoon salt

2/3 cup sugar






and garlic. Cover the pan and



cup cider

and simmer


another 30 minutes. The

cook Cream over sugar a low and heat, shortening stirring occasionally together; add for 2





break down a bit and your soup

eggs 45 minutes one at or a time. until the Add vegetables salt and vanilla are soft. and Add 2





a peasant-y,




lumpy soup

blend peas and again. stock Add to flour the pan a little and at bring a time to a and oil. ¼ — teaspoon or if you ground prefer, cinnamon you can puree this soup at




heat and

on floured

add the


basil; season

roll out



taste 1/8 this teaspoon point after ground removing cloves






for another





at 325



the stick of thyme (the

into Vegetable leaves will oil


a blender


or processor

8 minutes

until smooth

or until



have fallen off into the soup). Add a



1 bit 8-ounce of heavy round cream Brie and Cheese swirl through soup just

into warm bowls, sprinkle with grated cheese Slivered before serving. almonds

and garnish with more basil.

Parmesan Puffs with Marinara


½ cup milk


Peasant-Style Leek

Lemon cranberries, Curry sugar, Chicken vinegar, Soup water,

gingerroot, cinnamon and cloves in 1-quart

¼ cup butter

Leftover chicken is optional, but this is deli-

and Thyme Soup saucepan. Heat to boiling; reduce heat to low.

½ 2 pounds cup all-purpose of leeks flour

cious without it as well.

Cook about 20 minutes, stirring frequently,

2 1 eggs pound of potatoes


6 tablespoons



Cool slightly. Cover and

¾ ½ cup (4 freshly ounces) grated of butter Parmesan cheese refrigerate 8 cups chicken up to stock 2 weeks. This will thicken

1 cup large marinara sprig of thyme sauce

as 4 it eggs sets. When ready to serve, bring chut-

1¼ Heat cups oven milk to 375 degrees. Grease cookie ney ¼ cup to room lemon temperature. juice Heat oven to 350

sheet. Salt and Heat pepper milk and butter to boiling in degrees. ½ teaspoon Lightly curry brush powder ovenproof plate with

1 4 tablespoons 1/2-quart saucepan. heavy cream Stir to in serve flour; reduce vegetable 1 tablespoon oil. Place parsleyunpeeled

cheese on cen-

heat to low. Stir vigorously about 1 minute ter of plate. Bake uncovered 8 to 10 minutes

or Trim until the mixture leeks. If forms the outer a ball; leaves remove are coarse, from or Bring until rice cheese and is chicken soft and stock partially to a boil melted. in large

heat. strip them Beat in away eggs, and one then at a cut time, the and leeks keep into Spoon

pot. Reduce

half of





simmer for


20 minutes,



beating thick slices. until Wash smooth thoroughly after each under addition. cold run- Sprinkle with almonds. Serve with crack-

until rice is tender. Beat together eggs, lemon

Stir ning in water cheese. to remove Drop dough any trace by of rounded soil as tea- leeks ers. Spoon remaining chutney onto cheese

juice and curry powder. Add 3 tablespoons

spoonfuls can be very 2 dirty. inches Cut apart the onto potatoes cookie into sheet. coarse as needed.

hot stock to egg mixture, stirring until mixed

Bake dice, about 1 15 inch, minutes and dry or until on paper puffed towels. and

golden Melt the brown. butter in Serve a large warm pan and with add marinara the leeks





egg mixture




the soup





sauce and 1 for sprig dipping. of thyme. Cover and cook for 4 to uiTeas stirring Tea constantly Room and for Gift 5 minutes Shoppes more. in Lon- Serve

5 minutes, until softened. Add the potato pieces donderry, sprinkled N.H. with chopped For more parsley. information, call

and Brie just enough with Cranberry cold water to Chutney cover the veg- (603) 432-7979 or visit www.antiquiteast-

1 etables. cup fresh Re-cover or dried and cranberries cook over a low heat for Brenda Ghorashi owns The Tea Parlour in

30 minutes. Pour in the milk and season to taste. Salem, N.H.


Ripp City Baseball/Softball Facility


The finest baseball and softball instruction available in New England

Pick up hours: Tuesday, Dec. 22~8-5, Wednesday, Dec. 23~8-5, Thursday, Dec. 24~8-3

(978) 373-7466 - Rob Aziz -

Call ahead to order:

*** Hot Febuary Roast vacation Turkey clinic * Turkey Feb. 18-22, Breast Ages from * Chicken 9-2 $150 ****

233 Neck Road Ward Hill, Haverhill, MA (across from BJ’s wholesale club)

Our deli has lots Methuen of tempting Clinics items -- Saturdays for a quick meal.

Methuen High School baseball staff: Eric Cyr, Rob Aziz, Bill Blood, Chris Cyr, Dave Bettencourt

•FRESH TURKEY Ages 8-12 general •TURKEY skills and BREAST pitching 10-11am •STUFFING

ages: 8-12, 13-18 hitting/agility 11am-12pm

•GRAVY •TURKEY ages: 13-18 PIES pitching/catching & Many


Other Products

978-686-4075 or 978-686-2162

Hours: 7 Days a Week- 8am-5pm Monday *

Night clinics:

ages 8-12 throwing/fielding/hitting 5:30-630 pm

Our turkeys & other Farm Products Sold ONLY at Raymond’s Turkey Farm

ages 8-12 hitting/agilities 6:30-7:30 pm

163 Hampstead ages 13-18 St., hitting/agilities Methuen, 7:30-8:30 MA pm

ages 5-7 rookie ball saturday mornings 9-10 am (Dave Betteencourt)

Tuesday Night Clinics: Catching (Dave Bettencourt)

ages: 6-12 6-7pm • ages: 13-18 7-8pm


**High School/Middle School Clinics - open to all players**

Monday through Friday 3-4:30pm or 4-5:30pm


Boot Camp Sunday Mornings

ages: 7-12 9-11 am • ages: 13-18 11am-1pm

Home of the

New To England puchase Firebirds color, Agility Camps glossy -- Saturday photos afternoon(call taken for by info) MethuenLife,

AAU Baseball

& ASA Softball

Softball call Hitting Melissa -- Thursday Filinights

ages: 7-10 5:30-6:30 • ages 11-14 6:30-7:30 • ages 15-18 7:30-8:30

at (978) Professional 682-4777


former pro,college,and major league players and current high school coaches:

Rob Aziz, Dave Bettencourt, or e-mail Bill Blood,

Eric Cyr, Chris Cyr, Paul Ramirez, former Red Sox pitcher

John Tudor, John Delaney, Chris Dion, Ryan McCarthy, Dave Blank

Softball Staff: Former college Stand outs

Ed Aziz, Brittany Kannan, Dee Boucher, Megan Biddle


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


By Melissa Fili

MethuenLife Writer

Adorned with a union banner, an American flag,

a holiday tree and dozens of signatures, the symbolic

“highest beam” of Methuen High School’s addition

rose skyward and took its spot within the $100 million

renovation project.

A crowd of state, city and school officials, as well

as construction workers and Methuen High class officers,

watched last month’s Topping Off Ceremony

which Jack McCarthy, executive director of the Massachusetts

School Building Authority, called, “the

A Touch of the Sun

319 Merrimack St., Methuen, MA



Michaud Insurance Agency, Inc.


Sky-high beam takes its place



$23 99

Excludes High Output Tanning

in MHS renovation

highest point in the project — we’ve come a long way,


What a journey it’s been so far. From the city

finally agreeing to go ahead with the project to selecting

a contractor, firing said contractor over a revised

construction budget, hiring a new contractor and

scheduling the school day of 1,400 students around

construction work, certainly none of this has been easy.

Despite the five-month delay, current contractor Consigli

Construction Co. of Milford promises the work will

be done on time and on budget.

McCarthy noted that Mayor Stephen Zanni, who

barely got to enjoy his inauguration before dealing

with the former

contractor’s escalating


$10 OFF

Any Package

Over $50

arrived “in the

middle of a real

upheaval ... We

just said, ‘We’ll

just keep in touch,


He’s been a great


Zanni noted of

the project: “It’s

vitally important

to city residents

and, most importantly,

the students.”

“When this

105 Haverhill Street

Methuen, MA 01844



For over 30 years we have been bringing Merrimack Valley families,

individuals and businesses superior products and customer service.

MA & NH ~ Auto ~ Home ~ Umbrella ~ Business

For more information check out our website

January, 2013

More photos on page 30

A construction worker watches as the symbolic “highest beam” is

placed atop Methuen High’s new wing during the Nov. 30 Topping

Off ceremony. Photos by Melissa Fili

project is completed, all students in Methuen will have access to a

high-quality and well-rounded education that is supported by stateof-the-art

technology, laboratories, equipment and other resources

in a modern facility that is designed to best address the various

needs and aspirations of students in a 21st-century learning community,”

Superintendent Judith Scannell told the crowd.

She specifically thanked former Mayor William Manzi, who got

the project off the ground, as well as Mayor Zanni, the state School

Building Authority and the City Council, as well as the construction

workers who “have worked against tight time frames and many


Bundled-up workers from Ironworkers Local 7 and Laborers

Local 175 were in attendance on this bright-but-frigid day and were

acknowledged by the applauding crowd.

This is the first major overhaul for the 37-year-old Methuen

High. The finished school is slated to make its debut in fall 2014.

Signatures included everyone from the superintendent, principal

and assistant principals to School Committee members, state officials

and Methuen High class officers.

January, 2013


Green-minded girl’s tree wish comes true

No arbors were killed for the sake of this year’s celebration

For the past four Christmas seasons,

visions of a lit-up permanent evergreen

danced in the head of 10-year-old Abigail


But it wasn’t until this past December

that her visions came to life, with

Methuen’s tree-lighting ceremony moving

from Riverwalk Park on Osgood Street back

to the 93-foot evergreen on the grounds of

Nevins Memorial Library where it had been

for years.

As a reward

“It’s not good

for the


to cut down a

tree just for

a few days.”

~ Abby

Juknavorian, 10

for the Tenney

fifth-grader ’s

efforts, Mayor

Steve Zanni had

Abby join him on

the stage where

she plugged in

the power that

lit the tall tree

with columns

of white lights a

moment later.

Beginning in

first grade, Abby, as she is called, began

lobbying former Mayor William Manzi for

the annual Christmas tree-lighting to be

Through the lobbying efforts of Tenney

fifth-grader Abby Juknavorian, this year’s

tree-lighting ceremony was returned to the

93-foot evergreen on the grounds of Nevins

Memorial Library. She joined Mayor Steve

Zanni on the platform and did the official

plug-in that lit up columns of white lights.

Photos by Steve Whipple

Brite Start


Vehicle detailing,

remote car starters and more.

20% OFF full detailing with this ad

(Expires February 15, 2013)

Gift Certificates availible

15 Ayers Village Rd, Methuen (behind AVA Sales and Service)

617-775-2446 •


Santa Claus was an even bigger hit than the

free coffee, hot chocolate and cookies. He

handed out candy canes to youngsters.

Mayor continues to showcase local artists

Talented residents continue to exhibit

their work at City Hall as part of Mayor Stephen

Zanni’s Artist of the Month program.

January’s featured guest is Carol Boileau,

who is an artist-in-residence at the

Brush Gallery in Lowell. She has attended

several schools to improve upon her technique

including the Massachusetts College

of Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts


"I view my work as a challenge, to record

things in a personal way, to paint the

feelings, to look deeply into the subject

and to bring them to life again," explained


"Carol has shown work all over New

England and I am thrilled that she will be

our first artist of 2013. I want to invite

people to stop by my office and view some

of her pieces," said Zanni.

Painter Carol Boileau has shown her work

across New England. Courtesy photos

held at the library.

“I just kind of like having it at the library,

and they won’t have to cut down

trees,” explained Abby. “It’s not good for

the environment to cut down a tree just for

a few days.”

She said the environmental aspect wasn’t

her only reason.

“People from different towns can (now)

see it instead of where it was, where people

couldn’t see it,” said Abby, whose mom Sue

happens to work at the library.

Abby said she sent letters to former

Mayor Manzi who said he needed to have

people check on the library tree to ensure

it was stable. The tree-lighting remained on

Osgood Street, featuring trees donated by

local residents.

A few months ago, her luck changed.

“We had a field trip to City Hall in

fourth grade,” she said. “I saw Mayor Zanni

and I handed him a letter and he said he’d

love to move it back (at the library). Once I

got out of his office, I was really excited and

told my teacher.”

Several of her friends attended the treelighting


Last December, Michael Karl, an eighthgrader

at Tenney Grammar School, showcased

his work in the Mayor's Office. Karl

specializes in drawing Methuen's town vehicles.

"I'm in awe at Michael's attention to

detail," explained Zanni. "Michael's work

has caught the attention of people from

across Methuen, and I am very proud of his


Karl's artwork captures his love for

Methuen and its residents.

"I like keeping the town clean so it is

a better place to live for everybody," said

Karl. "I support all the veterans, police officers,

and firemen for all they do for the


Artists interested in being considered for

Illustrator Michael Karl, a Tenney eighthgrader,

specializes in drawing town vehicles.

“My friends were very excited that I’d

get to light the tree. They were saying it’s

pretty cool,” Abby said.

— Steve Whipple

Artist of the Month should contact Juliette

Cormier at (978) 983-8505.

In November, Zanni joined with the

Veterans Department and the School Department

in hosting a poster contest entitled,

“How to Thank a Veteran.” Students in kindergarten

to grade eight were encouraged to

illustrate their answer.

"We received 64 posters from students at

all of the Methuen grammar schools," said

Veterans Affairs Director Tom Hargreaves.

"I think that is a great turnout for our first

year hosting this type of contest; the kids

did a great job and judging was difficult."

Prizes were awarded during the Nov.

26 School Committee meeting and posters

were displayed throughout City Hall for the

month of November.

In the kindergarten-to-grade-5 age

group, Jenna Limperas from the CGS took

first place, second place went to Tyler Arlitt

and third to Emily Carter, both from the

Tenney School. In the 5th-to-8th-grade category,

John Bottari from the CGS took first,

Juliana Perez from the Tenney was awarded

second place and Jorge Valentin from the

CGS placed third.

"Our veterans do so much for our country;

this contest was an excellent way to

honor them while providing a great learning

opportunity for our students,” said Zanni.


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


Board of Trade

honors veterans

Local veterans

were recently treated

to an evening of

fine food and good

times. The Methuen Board of

Trade held a dinner meeting

honoring Methuen’s vets. The

event, at the VFW Hall, also

rounded up blankets and personal-care

items which were

donated to homebound veterans

and those living in a care


Make a Nomination Today

Today you have an opportunity to publicly recognize and honor

an amazing individual or organization that has made a powerful

difference in your life—a friend, colleague, customer, vendor,

non-pro t organization, or company.

State Rep. Linda Dean Campbell and Ron

Ramsden, president of the Methuen Board

of Trade.

Enterprise Bank’s 2013 Celebration of Excellence provides

you with a great way to say, “Thank You,” to those who have

inspired you through their hard work, determination, and genuine

passion to make a real difference in the lives of those they touch.

Take a minute to show your gratitude to someone who is not

seeking your praise, but has certainly earned it, and enjoy the

feeling you get when you extend yourself for someone else!


Recognition Is Gratitude In Action

Methuen 10" x 6"

Award Categories

» BUSINESS of the Year


» EDUCATOR of the Year

» ENTREPRENEUR of the Year

» NON-PROFIT of the Year

January, 2013

Enjoying the evening are (from left) Steve Paine, commander of the Methuen VFW; City

Council President Jennifer Kannan; and Charlie Bonanno.

Attending the event are (standing, from left) Dr. Tom Perrault, George Simonian, Mayor

Stephen Zanni; (seated, from left) VFW members including former commander Frank

Shimko (center).

If you have any questions, feel

free to contact Alison Burns.

(978) 656-5672

Go to and give the gift of recognition

today! Make as many nominations as you would

like for Enterprise Bank’s 2013 Celebration of

Excellence! You can even nominate yourself.

2616 COE Ad-Methuen.indd 1 12/6/12 10:52 AM

January, 2013 MethuenLife


Mann Orchards

Providing Local Produce, Homemade Pies and a Rustic

Friendly Atmosphere since 1877

Farm to Table

Country Lunches

Served Mon-Fri 11am-2pm

Dine in our rustic café or take it to go! Visit for the menu.

Wine and Spirits!

Choose from a wide selection of wines

& premium liquors. Makes a great gift,

or pair it with dessert!

Café Open Everyday at 8am

Get out of the cold and warm up by our fireplace

this winter. Enjoy fresh baked goods and coffee

with complimentary Wi-Fi.

Stamp it:

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



26 December, 2009 MethuenLife January, 192013



By Jim Keogh

MethuenLife Writer

Railway to the moon!

Our ‘Christmas in the

Smokies’ adventure!

in the rear of the car.

It takes roughly three hours to make

the round-trip up and down Mount Wash-

The Of the week hundreds after Thanksgiving, of fascinating tourist 40 wonington. This includes an hour stop at the

derful destinations clients throughout joined me for New a weeklong England, bus summit. Each trip requires more than 1

trip unquestionably to celebrate the the Christmas most unusual season and in the ton of coal and 1,000 gallons of water

Smoky thrilling Mountains attraction of is Tennessee. the Mount Wash-

to move the 18-ton engine and its one

ington On Cog the Railway. first day, we traveled from coach to the top. The train stops halfway

Methuen Located to Hagerstown, in Bretton Woods, Md., after N.H., a lunch in

up the mountain to take on water. From

stop the heart in Tarrytown, of the White N.Y., and Mountains, a dinner stop this in there, trains pass along a complex series

Pennsylvania was the first Dutch mountain Country. cog On railway the second in

of switches that allow trains to pass one

day, the world. we headed A cog to Tennessee. railway has We a toothed arrived in another on the tracks. There are seven

Pigeon track that Forge, allows our the “home train away to climb from steep home” different trains able to carry passengers

for grades. the If next you four attempted days. We to run checked a regular in at up and down Mount Washington, and

the train charming up a steep Inn incline, at Christmas the wheels Place. would The they are used depending on demand. In

lobby slip on and the smooth public rails. rooms Instead, were the decorated cog

2008, new bio-diesel locomotives were

to railway the rafters uses a for rack the and holidays. pinion Each system guest added to the fleet supplementing coal-

room (think features of the interlocking its own lighted teeth of Christmas gears)

fueled locomotives. This will help dimin-

tree. to make There it up are the pine hill boughs safely. and In holly this case, swags ish emissions and will lessen the wasteful

in the the “hill” bedroom is Mount and bathroom, Washington, and Merry the

use of fossil fuels.

Christmas highest peak throw in the pillows northeastern on the United bed. The

Views from the train feature a vari-

main States. lobby’s centerpiece is a blazing fireety

of flora and fauna, deep ravines and

place In and, 1858, in Sylvester the lower Marsh lobby, approached the hours are

breathtaking vistas of the Presidential

announced the New Hampshire by the authentic Legislature Glockenspiel in Con-

Range. On a clear day, the view from the

that cord chimes to request Christmas permission carols. to build a

summit can include the Atlantic Ocean,

railroad It was up difficult the rugged to leave slopes these on Mount beautiful

Vermont, This group New of travelers York, Maine from and Methuen Canada. poses for a photo in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Courtesy photo

surroundings, Washington to but its 6,828-foot we had to summit. make our Not way

On not-so-clear days, the train literally

to surprisingly, dinner before his an proposal evening was performance considered of land, complete with an electric light parade The Mount Washington Cog Railway is designed to climb to the top of the highest peak in

ascends above the clouds.

I wish you a happy, healthy Jim Keogh is the president of Cosmopolitan

the ridiculously Christmas impossible. show at the After Smoky observing Mountain through the park. Following our morning the New northeastern Year filled United with States. great This New mem- Hampshire Travel tourist & Cruise attraction Center, has Methuen.

been operat-

At the foot of the mountain, visitors

Opry. a model The Marsh program used was to filled demonstrate with popular his and afternoon in Dollywood, we drove ingories since and 1869. lots Courtesy of good photo. times to come.

can spend time at the base station gift shop

holiday idea for songs railway, with one a sprinkling of the legislators of down- through the neighboring villages to witness

and a cafeteria-stle restaurant. Generally,

home quipped comedy that Marsh and a might living as nativity well build scene. a the holiday lights and decorations that make

the cog railway operates from Memorial

“railway On our to third the moon.” day, a local guide boarded up the annual Winterfest in the Smokies

Day until late October. In 2009, the adult

our He bus was and provided granted us the with permission an interesting he celebration.

fare is $59. Children 4 to 12 years of age

and sought, informative and after three narration years about of construc- the re- From Tennessee we traveled to Ashe-

pay $39. Children under 4 are free if they

giontion as the we cog toured railway Great was Smoky completed. Mountains A ville, N.C., home to Vanderbilt’s 250-room

sit on an adult’s lap.

National trestle winding Park. its Although way more it than was 3 a miles bright, Biltmore estate. We were thriled to take part


Experience the cog railway for your-

up the day, mountain we were ranges still from able 3 to to experience 30 feet in this mansion’s Christmas Candlelight


self. It’s a pleasant drive to Bretton Woods

off the blue, ground. misty The “smoke” steepest that part gives of the this Evening event. The mansion is elaborately


from Methuen. Our company is plan-

tack, known range as its Jacob’s name. Ladder, We then is headed the decorated for Christmas, as the fireplaces


ning a one-day trip next year which will

second nearby steepest Gatlinburg such track and enjoyed in the world a few and candleabra bathe the elegant furnish-


include the transportation from Methuen,

(the steepest of free time is at to Mount explore, Pilatus shop in and Swit- have ings in a warm, golden glow. Countless


a ride on the cog railway and lunch.

zerland). Later, In New dinner Hampshire, was followed the grade by Coun- is boughs of holly and poinsettias plants,

try 37.4 Tonite, percent. a popular At that incline, local theater. the heads The of first miles of lights, priceless decorations.

passengers in the front of the railroad car Jim Keogh is president of Cosmopolitan

half of the show offered traditional coun- After an overnight stay in Asheville, we

are 13 feet higher than the heads of those Travel & Cruise Center of Methuen.

try entertainment and the second half was headed to our final destination: National

dedicated to everyone’s favorite Christmas Harbor on the banks of the Potomac River,


outside of Washington, D.C. We stayed at

Across the street from our hotel is a the impressive Gaylord National Hotel,

huge Christmas shopping complex teem- bedecked for the holidays with elaborate

ing Keith with various themes Burdin

of decorations, decorations and 20 lighted Christmas trees

ornaments and collectibles. We had some lining either side of the beautiful lobby. The

down time here the fourth morning before hotel’s massive atrium features a 60-foot-

Auto Detailing

lunch. Then it was time to visit Dollywood, high Tree of Lights and serves as the setting

the theme park 978-685-3076

created by the town’s most for nightly indoor snowfalls and graceful

favorite celebrity, Dolly Parton. Dollywood water fountains dancing in tune with Christ-

Buffing • Waxing • Interiors

celebrates many themed festivals throughmas songs.

out the year, but by far the most popular Our fun-filled seven-day trip exposed us

is Dollywood’s Don’t Let Smoky the Mountain Winter Christ- Storms to and many wonderful Salt Ruin expressions Your of Car holiday

mas PROTECT festivities. This Several Car of with Dollywood’s Our Various celebrations: Detailing from the simple Packages old-fashioned

Christmas programs showcase many facets Smoky Mountains way of life, to the sophis-

of the Keith holidays: Burdin’s “Christmas Detailing in is the a local Smokdrop

ticated elegance of the Biltmore Mansion,

20 Years in Business

ies,” off “‘Twas for Lazarus the Night House. Before Needed: Christmas,” Canned/ to the flashy contemporary National Harbor

Fully Insured

“Appalachian packaged foodstuffs, Christmas,” new “Christmas and gently on used Christmas on the Potomac. After such an

clothing and toys, and blankets.

60 Pine Street

Ice,” “O, Holy Night,” etc. At dusk, they action-packed Christmas trip, it was time to

turn on the millions of holiday lights and reflect on all that Methuen, we did while MA looking 01844for

Dollywood becomes a true winter wonder- ward to starting a brand-new year ahead.


January, 2013 MethuenLife


Around, from page 10

residents about an important program that

can save them money."

The forum will begin at 10:30 am at the

Senior Activity Center at 77 Lowell St. The

discussion will focus on the Circuit Breaker

Program, requirements, and how to apply.

"Whenever I visit the Senior Center

I encourage residents to apply for this

program, but the shocking thing is that

many of them do not even know that such

a program exists," said Zanni. "It's surprising

how many people qualify for support - I

really do encourage all seniors to come by

and learn more."

For more information on the forum, call

Phil DeCologero in the Mayor's Office at

(978) 983-8506.

5 Ayers Village Road, Route 97, Methuen, MA


Prelude Restaurant

Sunday is for Seniors

All seniors buy any entrée get the 2nd

entrée half priced from 1PM until 4PM

Spaghetti Wednesdays

Buy any pasta dish get the 2nd at ½ price

Lobster Roll Fridays

Lobster rolls are just $10 every Friday for lunch

and early dinner from 4PM until 6PM


Hampstead St.

ROUTE 97 (Ayers Village Road)

Mobil Station


Dunkin Donuts


5 Ayers


Training to make the call

The Merrimack Valley Umpires Association

will hold umpire training classes for

men, women and teens over 16 starting

Jan. 10. Classes run for seven consecutive

Thursdays starting at 6 pm at St. Michael’s

School in North Andover. Cost is $150 and

covers study materials and exam fee.

The MVUA is the oldest umpiring organization

in Massachusetts, and its umpires

can be found calling games at high school,

Legion, AAU, Babe Ruth and Little League

levels. All umpires are paid for calling


For info, go to or call

(603) 437-8847.




Hon. Mary McCauley Manzi (Ret.)

Vincent C. Manzi, Jr.


Manzi Bonanno & Bowers

Manzi Bonanno & Bowers


Specializing A Tin TCommercial O R N E Y and S Residential A T L AReal W Estate

Tuesday Nights ~ 3 course dinner for 2

(split an appetizer, each choose a salad, and each

choose an entrée) just $40, some menu restrictions apply

Thursday Night is

Ladies night

Ladies get ½ off

appetizers, salads

and pasta dishes

after 8PM




Lunch ~ Tues. - Sat. 11:30 until 2:00

Dinner ~ Sun. 1:00 until 7:00 (Dinner Menu Only)

Tues. & Wed. 5:00 until 9:00 ~ Thurs. & Sat. 5:00 until Midnight ~ Fri. 4:00 until Midnight


*** Closed All Day Monday ***

Maria Bonanno

James M. Bowers

Specializing in Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Civil and Criminal Litigation, Family Law,

including Conciliation and Mediation

978.686.9000 280 Merrimack Street, Suite B, Methuen, MA 01844

including Conciliation and Mediation


Phone: 978.686.9000 280 Merrimack Street, Suite B, Methuen, MA 01844 Fax: 978-794-9628

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By Krista I. McLeod

Nevins Library Director

Nationally recognized

childhood anxiety expert,

Dr. Donna Pincus will discuss

her book, "Growing

Up Brave: Expert Strategies

for Helping Your

Child Overcome Fear,

Stress, and Anxiety." This

essential guide helps family

members, teachers and Dr. Pincus

other professionals deal

with the excessive anxiety

that afflicts the one in five children today

diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and those

who are undiagnosed.

Pincus will be at the library Jan. 12 from

1 to 2:30 pm.

For more information, please contact the

Reference Department at (978) 686-4080 ext.

13. No sign-up is required.

Get ready to skate ... & read

Come to Nevins Library on Jan. 8 at 6 pm

for a kick-off party for Skate & Read 2013.

Learn more about this great program sponsored

by the Methuen Fun Hockey League, in

cooperation with the Methuen Recreation and

School Departments and the Nevins Library.

Skate & Read is an after-school hockey

program for boys and girls from preschool

to high school, which runs from February to

April. Kids learn to play ice hockey at the

Methuen rink, and can participate in a reading

program at the same time, earning prizes

and incentives! Come on Jan. 8 to talk with

the coaches, get the reading list, and find out

more about Skate & Read 2013.

For more information about the Methuen

Fun Hockey League and the Skate and Read

Since 1956!

program, please contact Jay Atkinson at; for help finding the books

on the Skate and Read list, please contact

Kathy Moran-Wallace in the Children's

Room or Anna Tschetter at the Main Desk at

(978) 686-4080.

From the Children's Dept.

Like us on Facebook: The Nevins Library

Children's Room now has a Facebook

page. Like us at

nevinskids. We will be posting program information,

tips for using our online databases,

ideas for books to read for fun and much


Winter Preschool Storytimes and

School-Age Events: Winter Storytime sessions

for 2-year-olds and 3- to 5-year-olds

will be offered beginning the week of Jan. 14

to Feb. 14. Each week we will offer the same

theme on different days to accommodate different

schedules. Please choose one time that

works best for you each week. Online registration

is preferred. Donuts with Dad (3- to

6-year-olds) will be held Jan. 12 at 9:30 am.

A wide variety of programs will be

held for children in kindergarten to grade

six. Start the New Year by reading for fun …

Book Chatters, Bookworms, and American

Girl Book Club are open for new members.

We also offer K'NEX Club (fourth to sixth

grade), Wonderful Wednesdays (K to third

grade at 6:30 pm), and special programs for

children in fourth to sixth grade. For more information,

view our online calendar of events

found at

Picturing the World: From January to

March, we will be having a series of programs

that will explore well-known artists

from around the world. Children attending library

programs will be learning about various

art techniques used by the featured artists and

create artwork using this style. Please register

online for the first program in the series that

will take place Jan. 19 at 1 pm. Children

Stop By or Call for Any of Your

Mortgage Needs

Conventional • FHA/FHA203 • VA Veteran

Harp 2.0 • Fixed Rate • Credit Equity Loans

Methuen Federal

Credit Union

Equal Opportunity Lender. Members must qualify per underwriting standards.

248 Broadway, Methuen • 978-686-1471 •

Mon., Tues., Fri. 8:30am-4:30pm - Wed. 8:30am-12pm. Thur. 8:30am-6pm - Sat. 9am-12pm


Check It Out!

Helping kids overcome fear

in first to fourth grade are invited to attend

Van Gogh's Starry Night and create a picture

using oil pastels. These pieces of artwork will

be part of the Day at the Museum to be held

March 9 from 10 am to 2 pm. So mark your

calendar to reserve the date to visit our art

gallery and participate in some hands-on art


Project Giving Tree: This year, the Children's

Department will be collecting nonperishable

food items to donate to a local

food pantry and hats, scarves and mittens

for kids. If you attend a Children's program

or visit the library, please consider making a

donation to our annual charitable project. Any

type of children's hat, scarves or mittens is

welcome. The following items are great food

choices: canned fruit, canned beans or corn,

canned pasta, canned soups and stews, canned

chicken, turkey or tuna and peanut butter. Donations

can be dropped off in the Children's

Room until Jan. 31. Thanks for your support!

Teen Programs: Teen Advisory Group

Meeting is Jan. 7, 4 pm. Help Anna, the

Young Adult librarian, make the library better

for teens. Choose books, movies and games

to buy, and help her reach out to more potential

members. Also, we will be voting on the

entries from the logo design contest to help us

decide our new and exciting logo!

Knitting/Crochet Drop-in: On Jan. 23 at

4 pm, come to our knitting and crocheting (or

other crafting) drop-in program in the Young

Adult area of the library. Bring your supplies

or just come to hang out. This program is

sponsored and suggested by the Teen Advisory


Your 24/7 library

Did you know that you can access library

services even in the wee hours of the morning?

If you need help with homework and/or

researching a paper, look at the Nevins Library

Web site to access databases provided

by the Nevins Memorial Library as well as

Joe Deschamps

Plumbing & Heating

No No Job Job Too Too Small






Tel: Tel: Cell: Tel: 978-687-7667 978-423-1743

978-687-7667 • Cell: 978-423-1743

Email: Cell:



Methuen, MA

Methuen, MA

Mass. Master #15676

Mass. NH Fully Master Insured #4813


Fully Insured

January, 2013

state-sponsored databases. These electronic

resources run the gamut from literary research

to language-learning software. You can also

research products on Consumer Reports and

find articles from the archives of the Boston

Globe. All these products are available to

you online from home by clicking the reference

tab on the Nevins Library web site and

scrolling down the alphabetical list of online

databases. In addition to these resources, the

library also has a collection of ebooks that

you can read on the computer. The ebooks are

for both children and adults and are available

through the library's Web site.

At this time the library is pleased to announce

the acquisition of two new databases:

ChiltonLibrary supplies a solution for

the "do-it-yourselfer" that is easy to use no

matter the skill level. Repair, maintenance and

specification tables provide critical data on

thousands of domestic and imported models

of cars and light trucks from 1940 onward.

This is a great resource for those do-it-yourselfers

who like to tinker with and repair

their own automobiles. This resource allows

unlimited simultaneous users to access the

database from their own computers and print

off Technical bulletins and or wiring diagrams

for car models back to the 1940s.

Cypress Resume: With Cypress Resume,

patrons can effortlessly create professional

resumes in minutes! In addition to resume

creation, patrons can also use the platform to

create cover letters as well. The software is

very intuitive and easy to use.

Please take a look at these wonderful

resources and contact us if you have any questions.

Call the Reference Department at (978)

686-4080 ext.13 for assistance with any of

these databases.

For an extensive list of Nevins Memorial

Library happenings, check out

January, 2013



Good behavior pays off

at Timony

As most parents will attest, reminders like “Stop

running” and “No joking around in the bathroom”

fall on deaf ears after awhile. It’s the same thing in

schools, where kids are routinely reminded about

rules and keeping their behavior in check.

This school year, the Timony School is taking

a new approach to student behavior by putting the

onus on the kids to make the right choices about

their actions. The Positive Behavioral Intervention

System (PBIS) encourages children to selfdiscipline

and provides rewards like verbal praise

and even prizes for those “caught” doing the right


“I’ve already noticed a difference,” said Supervising

Principal Tim Miller.

Timony’s new motto is: “Be safe, be respectful,

be responsible,” and it can be found everywhere

from student-created bulletin boards to wall stickers

posted around the school and even on bathroom


“We’re actively looking” for good behavior,

notes Upper School Associate Principal Lisa Dur-

For many years, Methuenites obtained

their water from private wells on

their property. In the more congested

areas, water was taken from nearby rivers,

streams and lakes. Unfortunately,

this water was not always healthy to

drink. Industrialization along the Spicket

and Merrimack rivers often contaminated

the waterways with dyes, chemicals and

even sewage from factories and farms


The Methuen Fire Companies also

depended on reliable sources of water to

protect property in the community, but

often the water source was too far from

the fire.

According to late historian Ernest

Mack’s book "Bridges From The Past,"

to combat this "several large cisterns or

small reservoirs were constructed for fire

protection in different sections of town in

the 1880s." Mack believed that, as late as

1976, one of the cisterns remained under

the northeast corner of the property at

592 Prospect Street.

At best, this system of reservoirs

placed throughout the town was a patchwork

solution to the challenges of fighting

fires. In addition, it didn't even address

the dangers of the public consuming

unhealthy water in congested areas.

kee. “Being respectful in the hallway, lining up

quietly after recess are the behaviors we want to

see. Teachers are also sending us e-mails about kids

going above and beyond.”

Lower School Associate Principal Linda Perry

notes that simply walking in the hall can be challenging

for many young children and running in

crowded areas can lead to injury.

“I’ll hand out stickers to the students and say,

‘Thank you for being safe,’ ” she explained.

“We’re trying to be very specific,” notes Durkee.

“(Staff members are) changing the way we

talk and interact, and students are changing the way

they think about what’s expected.”

If a teacher sees a child making the wrong

decision, instead of reprimanding the student, the

teacher will ask, “Is what you’re doing safe, respectful

and responsible?”

“We want to change the way people think about

school. Always give it your best shot,” Durkee


Historical Snapshots

By Dan Gagnon

MethuenLife Writer

The history of our H2O

In 1893, the Methuen Water Board

was established to solve both problems.

The board contracted with the newly

established Methuen Water Company to

supply reliable water to the community.

The Water Company sunk a series

of wells near where Harris Pond Brook

emptied into the Spicket River, near

the junction of Cross Street and Hampshire

Road. According to an 1893 report,

the company was contracted to supply

The Timony School is encouraging students to take charge of their

behavior this year. The PTO purchased this sign in near the main entrance,

as well as wall clings with the school’s new motto, “Be safe,

be respectful, be responsible.” Shown are (from left) Supervising

Principal Tim Miller, Lower School Associate Principal Linda Perry

and Upper School Associate Principal Lisa Durkee.

"water for fire service in the Town, and

for the supply of its public buildings and

drinking fountains." The office and maintenance

building of the Methuen Water

Company was built nearby on Cross

Street and was known locally as the

Waterworks. On the other end of town,

on what is now called Reservoir Hill, the

company built a 212-foot-by-257-foot

reservoir to store water.

The contract also called for at least 60

hydrants along the company's pipelines,

with at least seven hydrants placed along

each mile of pipe.

The Methuen Water Company continued

in service for at least the next 25

years supplying water to the community,

By the 1940s, though, the population in

Methuen had grown so much that the

Waterworks could not adequately supply

water to everyone who needed it. The

town began using filtrated water from

the Merrimack River and eventually

took over the operation of the Methuen

Water Company.

According to the National Register

nomination form submitted in 1976,

"The completion of the waterworks was

considered a significant undertaking for

the Town of Methuen, and involved the

cooperation and donations from leading

citizens, including Daniel W. Tenney,

E.J. Castle, and Charles Mann. The Waterworks

possess integrity of location,

design, setting and workmanship and

meet the criteria of the National Register

of Historic Places."

For more information about Methuen

history, check out www.methuenhistory.




Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



Sky-high beam takes its place in MHS renovation

Continued from page 22

Standing alongside the signed steel beam are officers for the MHS Class of

2013 (from left): Cecilia Daher, Abigail Case, Daniel Wohler and Jake Fabrizio.

YOUR Home...

The elegant Nevins Manor,

a unique environment that

reflects the rich history of the

Nevins Family in Methuen

offers its residents:

•Elevators to all floors

•Sun porches, lounges, library

•Dining room with kitchen

•On-site beauty parlor

•Activity room

•Laundry on the ground floor


Mayor Zanni

speaks with one

of the workers

following the


Nevins Manor

A Member of the

Nevins Family of Services

Waitlist Accepting Applications

110 Broadway, Methuen, MA


Please visit us at

Managed by: The Community Builders, Inc



62 years or older

U.S. Department of Housing and

Urban Development.

Studio & One Bedroom Apartments

Methuen High class officers were part of

the ceremony. Shown are (front, from left)

Lauren McAndrew, Alicia Moro, Matthew

Downing and Simon Ton, all with the Class

of 2014; (back, from left) Isabel Ould-Sfiya,

Marla Santos, Catrina Crowe and Benjamin

Crowninshield, all with the Class of 2016.

Construction workers

add their signatures

to the beam.

The Best Prime Rib in the Valley

for 10 Years Running!

Come Taste What Everyone Is Talking About



No Better Place Than the Sweetheart Inn

Wed & Thurs Meal Deal


January, 2013

Open Wed. & Thur.

4:30 to close

Fri. & Sat.

Noon to Close

80 Myrtle St., Methuen

(Worth the ride from anywhere)


"We cook delicious food, give people large protions, and charge a fair price."

Our New Chef Andy is Using His Culinary Skills for Great Dinner Specials!



Visit us at

The sweetheartinn restaurantandtavern

Country Setting • Spectacular Food • A Rose for the Lady

Check Out Our website for Valentine's Menu

Bar SpecialS

Weds & Thurs at the Bar only

Your Choice of Hamburger or Chicken BBQ Sandwich

(And Mike KNOWS how to make a Chicken Barb!)

Served with Chips and a Pickle

12 Entrees to choose from with Soup or Salad, Coffee and Pudding

Weds & Thurs


• Methuen Girls Softball: Registration

available online for the month

of January at

Also visit the web site for

details on in-person registration.


• “Cinderella Ballet” auditions:

On Jan. 6, New England Civic Ballet

will hold open auditions for all

dancers ages 10 and up from any

dance studio for their spring production

of Prokofiev's “Cinderella Ballet.”

Audition times are by age and will

begin at 10 am at NECB studios,

4 Dracut St. Lawrence. Visit www. or call the

studio (978) 975-0289 for details. $15

audition fee but no performance fees.

• Methuen Rail Trail monthly meeting

is Jan 8, 7 pm at Nevins Memorial

Library. Topics to be covered

include a recap of accomplishments

from 2012 and a list of goals for 2013.

• Chronic Pain Self-Management

Workshop: weekly Jan. 8 to Feb.

12, 1 to 3:30 pm at Merrimack Valley

Hospital auditorium, Haverhill.

Free. To pre-register, call (978) 946-


• Kids Night Out: Jan. 12, 5 to 8 pm

at the Methuen YMCA, 129 Haverhill

St. Open to kids age 5 to 12.Kids can

enjoy a games, food and fun, while

parents can enjoy a night out of their

own! Members, $5; community, $10.




Friday Meal Deal


FISH & CHIPS $12only


January, 2013 MethuenLife


New Lebanese restaurant is all in the family

Out with Italian, in with Mediterranean.

Taza restaurant hosted a ribboncutting

ceremony in celebration

of its recent opening. The name

means “fresh” in Lebanese. The

small, upscale restaurant and bar is

located at 169 East St., at the site of

the former Gaetano’s Italian restaurant

aside of Edible Arrangements.

The restaurant is owned by

Rawad Saade and his mother-inlaw

Lauren Palermo, who also owns

Ronnie’s Oil Service of Haverhill.

“It became available and Rawad

said he wanted to open a restaurant

and he needed a partner,” said Palermo.

“It’s nice to bring fine dining

to Methuen.”

Saade’s mom, Najah, cooks

authentic dishes from her native

Lebanon and former Joseph’s Trattoria

chef Michael Szegedy also

creates Mediterranean and American

dishes, including homemade

pasta, seafood, beef and chicken.

Entrée prices range from $18 for

the combination plate of Lebanese

items to $29 for the filet mignon.

The restaurant is open Tuesday

through Saturday, 4 pm to close

and Sundays, noon to 8 pm.

The Methuen Police Department Honor Guard

Heroes Behind The Badge recounts the harrowing stories of law

enforcement officers who were caught in the line of fire and

survived, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.



75 Pleasant St., Methuen, MA

January 27th, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Proudly Presents

Copies will be available on Blu-ray ($27) & DVD

($20) after the screening

Taza’s recent ribbon-cutting was attended by

several city councilors, state Rep. Linda Dean

Campbell and incoming state Rep. Diana

DiZoglio; incoming state Sen. Kathleen Connor

Ives, Mayor Steve Zanni and members

of the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Holding the scissors is co-owner Lauren

Palermo, then cook Najah Saade, Zanni,

co-owner Rawad Saade and MV Chamber of

Commerce President Joe Bevilacqua. Photos

by Steve Whipple

Tickets $15/Cash or check payable to

Methuen Police Honor Guard

Percentage of proceeds to benefit the

New England Chapter of Concerns of

Police Survivors & the Methuen Police

Department Honor Guard Unit

Ticket Contact:

Sgt. Kenneth Leone 978-983-8772 or







Your Full Service Pest Control Company

• Carpenter Ants

• Winged Ants

• Termites

• Cockroaches

• Mice

• Ticks

• Lawn Fertilization

• Trees & Shrubs


• Bedbugs

• Bedbugs Scent

Detection Canine

• Thermal Heat





brings a

fresh order

of stuffed

grape leaves

to a table.

Displaying some of their favorites

are (from left) cook Najah

Saade with caesar salad;

co-owner Rawad Saade; coowner

Lauren Palermo with

hommus and chef Michael

Szegedy with tabouli.

Call us at 978-794-4321

or visit our web site

Quality Reliable Service Since 1977

Southern NH & Mass • Reasonable Rates • Prices Quoted over Phone

VA/FHA Termite Inspections and Reports

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black




2009 MethuenLife

January, 33 2013

Newtown tragedy unites us

Making energy, money &

your health top priorities

Irish Splendor - Nov. 12 to 19.

Co.. 7 to 10:30 pm. $9 per person.

Rockies Rail Highlights - Oct. 6 to


Monday, Jan. 14: BINGO, 1 pm.


Volunteer drivers are needed for North- Monday, Jan. 14: Mahjong, 1 pm.

Greece, In The Footsteps of John the ern Essex Elder Transport Inc. to take se- Tuesday, Jan. 15: Footcare clinic by ap-

Apostle - Oct. 23 to Nov. 2

niors to medical appointments. Drivers are pointment, 1 to 3 pm.













your fuel

we meeting after quitting.

cert: Dec. 6, 2 pm. Public invited. Come

By Sue Foster

reimbursed 43 cents per mile. To volunteer, Tuesday, Jan. 15: AARP meeting, 1 pm.






the Magical

some problem



Tour • Feb. 4: Stress management.

and enjoy the sounds of the holiday.

MethuenLife Writer

call Methuen Council on Aging at (978) Wednesday, Jan. 16: Veterans agent Tom


- a






to England




June 983-8825. • Feb. 18: Importance of diet and • Hargreaves Ice Cream will Social: be at the Dec. center 7, 1 to to meet 3


2 to

8 at


11 am.


pm, with sponsored veterans and by families, state Rep. 10:30 Linda am. Dean

As I sit and “Christmastime”

write this New Year's page, I Trivia Do you question: have a Did destination you know in mind? that • Feb. 25: Graduation Day!

Campbell. Music provided by Dick Arse-

Fun & games

Wednesday, Jan. 16: Attorney Karol Bisbee


A time







in remembrance

memories with



all Come newly to installed the Activity energy-efficient Center to meet windows your The $30-per-person participation fee


Do you like to play Scrabble? Michi- will host free 15-minute consultations by

those lost Dec. 14 in


Newtown, Conn. This travel and other needs. products Give us are a eligible try! for governgan

will Rummy? be returned The upon Wii program? completion Mahjong? of the •appointment. Fuel assistance: Call the Dec. center 9, 9 to am schedule. to noon,

tragedy has brought us all to our knees but ment Watch tax credits? for Day Tours coming in the Feb-

A time to look back and reflect on Christ-

Dominoes? program. At that time, participants will Linda Friday, Soucy Jan. 18: of Methuen Fuel assistance Arlington by Neighappoint- unites us in community, making our strong ruary Paul Calendar Soucy of from events! Environmental Solar

mases gone by.

have If you the answered opportunity yes to these receive questions, money borhoodment, 9 to will 11 be am. on hand to help fill out

nation even stronger!

Systems in Methuen has been a leader in

Cherishing the special times with family.

come back or on donate down it and to Holy have Family some Hospital. fun. We

applications Monday, Jan. and 21: give BINGO, valuable 1 pm. informa-

As we reflect upon the school teachers the energy field 45s for tourneys 30 years specializing

would To register, love to contact see you Dr. here! Finders Tuesdays at 1-800- come

tion. Monday, Jan. 21: Mahjong, 1 pm.

who Perhaps, lost their reaching lives protecting out to call the someone children, in Did solar you heat. know Come that and we hold learn 45s ways tourna- to

and 488-5959. enjoy Scrabble and Dominoes at 1 pm. •Saturday, Annual Christmas Jan. 26: Saturday Open House: Night Dec. Ball-

the whom principal you have who not had heard courage from and in a deep long

ments save. once a month? This is a great way to

10, room 9 am. Dancing Happy featuring Hearts Choral the music Group of will Fred

love for all the children, time. the 20 children meet new friends, play a card game that you Stay safe Coming up

perform Manzi Trio, Christmas 7 to 10:30 music pm. at $9 1 pm. per person. Non-

who Looking now are into angels, the eyes the survivors, of a child and the first see- love Quit and smoking! have a chance to win a prize! Monday,

ing the wonderment of what the holiday

What Jan. is 7: TRIAD? BINGO, 1 A pm.

perishable Thursday, items Feb. to 14: be Presentation donated to Lazarus of Mary


responders, the clergy, the president, the Our Holy next Family tournament Hospital will will sponsor be held an Monday,


between Jan. the 7: Methuen Mahjong, Senior 1 pm.

Academy House. annual Jewelry Valentine's sale. Day Dance at


residents, the community, the state, we will Wednesday, eight-week smoking Jan. 9 from cessation 12:30 program to 3:30 pm. at Tuesday, ter, police, Jan. fire, 8: TRIAD, Office of 10 the am. Methuen the Activity Center, • Foot-care 2 to 4 pm. clinic: Dec.

NEVER Christmastime, forget! a time to reflect upon the To the register, center, please 77 Lowell call the St., center. from Jan. Cost 7 is to $2 Senior Mayor, Center, Essex County Methuen sher- Police and Fire,

15, by appointment.

past and a time to embrace the future. per Feb. player. 25. Participants It's that easy! will meet Thursdays, Essex iff and County District Sheriff Attorney's and District Attorney Methuen Senior Center Consultations is located on elder at 77

Thank you!

9:30 December to 11:30 winners am. were Frank Cali and office Office. working together for the safety of our Lowell Street. Hours law: are Dec. Monday 16, through attor-

Merry The staff Christmas at the Methuen to all Senior from Activity all of us Dick • Jan. Munroe 7: General in first welcome place, followed and overby


Thursday, 8 am to 4

Meetings are held on

ney pm and Karol Friday, Bisbee 8 am to

Center here and at the Council Senior on Activity Aging Center. wishes you runners-up view of next Larry seven and weeks. Sally Lambert. Thursday, the first Tuesday Jan. 10: of Mayor every Steve Zanni will 12:30 pm. Staff includes will Executive hold 15-minute Director

and your families a healthy New Year. Thank • Jan. you 14: to Movie Methuen on Village a person for with sup- host month an informational at the Senior Cen- on the Senior Circuit Corinne LaCharite, consultations Linda, Lynne and free Sue.

Energy We would workshop like to extend a big thank-you plying emphysema. the "gifts" for the winners.

Breaker, ter, 77 Lowell 10:30 St. am. Guest speaker is Brian To view our entire of newsletter charge. go Appoint- to www.

to Methuen Village for the much-appreci-

Are you prepared for the winter sea- • Jan. 21: Discussion on the effects of Lynch. ment is necessary.








public. and click Senior Center.

ated donation of $1,000. We are grateful for

son? Have you winterized your home suf- carbon monoxide. With the kids

Saturday, • Tea party: Dec.




12: Saturday


Night Ballroom For more information on activities, trips or

their partnerships in providing quality proficiently

enough to experience some cost


• Jan.


28: Quit Day.

Program Dancing 16, 1:30 to 3 pm,



on empowering,

the music of Boots and functions, call (978) 983-8825.

gramming to our Methuen elder residents.

savings this year?

runs Wednesday afternoons, 2:15 to 3:45

hosted by and at the

We would like to especially thank the

• Monday, Feb. 1: Extra Support Day educating and improving

pm. Young adults from Methuen High

Methuen Health Reha-

Methuen Exchange Club for recognizing

the safety, security and peace

School join us for cards, shuffleboard, Wii

bilitation Center. 480 Jackson

our work with its "Book of Golden Deeds."

of mind to the senior population.

program and more! Come on down and


St. Methuen. For reservations and more

The club is an outstanding civic organiza- have some fun and make new friends while Upcoming projects that the Methuen

information, contact, Linda T. at (978)

you are at it!

TRIAD Learn will what be hosting: makes Saint Michael School

tion that has sponsored our "Service to


Seniors" BROADHURST award for the past 20 years and has TABIT, LLP

The Latchkey Program is an after-school • Photo ID Day: Giving


seniors a sec-


• Birthdays of the month: Dec. 17, cel-

provided other valuable programs for the program that will run from 3 to 5:30 pm at ondary form of identification.

ebrated at our daily luncheon at 11:30 am.

community. We are truly honored!

Comprehensive Grammar School on Howe • Yellow Dot program: Emergency Sign up and be our guest!

Street. They are seeking persons who may responders are alerted to medical informa-

• Saturday Night Ballroom Dancing:

Heading out

want to share talents such as knit and crotion inside your car’s glove box.

Dec. 19, 7:30 to 11 pm featuring the music

We have scheduled some big tours for chet. Volunteers can give an hour or more • File of Life: Magnet-type folder that of the Mel-Tones.

the 2013 season. Here is a listing of them: starting at 3 pm. The schoolchildren range goes on the refrigerator to alert medical

Tuesday, December 22-

Hawaiian Adventure - April 11 to 20. in grade levels one through seven. CGS is responders to important medical informa-

• Fourth Tuesday: Dec. 22, 10:30 to

America's Music Cities featuring New hoping to begin the program the second tion.

11:30, sponsored by Merrimack Valley

Orleans, Memphis and Nashville - April 14 week of January.

Watch for further dates and details.

Hospice. Representatives will talk to any-

to 21.

If you are interested, please contact Reminder from TRIAD: Don’t forget one who has suffered a loss and needs a

Italia Classica - Nov. 4 to 12.

Madeline at (978) 686-4098 ext. 563. about the "Is Your Number Up?" program. shoulder to lean on.

This is a house-numbering initiative that

• Children from St. Monica's will per-

Atty. Arthur Broadhurst Atty. Salim Tabit

assists police, fire and EMTs Join in Us their For effort an Open House

form Dec. 22, 2:15 pm at the senior center.

THE LAW OFFICES OF BROADHURST TABIT, LLP to respond quickly Thursday, to 911 January emergency 24, 2013









fun time with us!


Our New Location is 45 Osgood Street, Methuen

RSVP to Donna Donahue at • Closed: Dec. 24 or 978-686-1862

to Dec. 28 in obser-

If you need numbers for your home,

vance of the Christmas holiday.

please stop by the Senior Center where we

Saint Michael School is a place where strong academics, • New state Year’s of the art Eve technology, celebration: robust fine Dec. arts, 31.

Anything you say can and will be used against have them available for you.

extensive extracurricular opportunities, Catholic moral Doors principles, open community at 6:30 outreach pm, followed and loving by

you in a court of law.

families Consider come together volunteering to create today an exceptional for this and complete inviting educational dinner with experience. wine at 7. Danc-

wonderful program. Help us, help the

In addition to a newly built Fine Arts Center, these are ing just 8:30 a few pm school to 12:30 highlights: am. Music by Fred

If you have been arrested, speak to us first.


Manzi Trio. Cost per person, $50. Public

Nursery - Grade 8

Nurturing & secure environment

is invited.

Don’t Atty. Arthur Hesitate. Broadhurst Your Future is Atty. at Salim Stake.

Before and after care programs running from Art, Physical Education, Music, Library,



7:00 am to 5:30



Computer and Spanish

• Day trip: Day 1, to Mohegan Sun and

Broadhurst Our New Location Tabit has is 45 the Osgood experience Street, Methuen

you need.

Full time, on-site Nurse

Methuen Extensive Senior extra-curricular Center programs is located at 77

Cornerstone Low student Theatre teacher ratio to see “Mistletoed.” Lowell Smart boards Street. Hours are Monday through

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Reservations required.

Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Staff includes

If you have Se been habla arrested, Espanol speak to us first.

• Saturday Night Ballroom Saint Michael Dancing: School80 Maple Executive AvenueNorth Director Andover, Corinne MA 01845LaCharite,

Don’t Hesitate. Your Future is at Stake.

Dec. 5, 7:30 to 11 pm, featuring the music

Linda, Lynne and Sue. For more informa-

Broadhurst Tabit 978-327-5128

has the experience you need.

of New Life.

Nursery - Grade 8, Coeducation, tion Serving on the activities, Greater Merrimack trips Valley or Area functions, call

Se hable Espanol • 978-327-5128

• Timberlane Band Free Holiday Con- (978) 983-8825.






2009 MethuenLife 25 33


Restaurant success feeds local economy

To the editor:

Cities and towns across the country are continuously trying to think of ways to promote

their local economies. Why? Because a thriving local economy is the foundation for a

successful community. It is with this sentiment in mind that NMTW Community Credit

Union and Century 21 McLennan & Co have teamed up with the City of Methuen and the

Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce in kicking off Methuen's first Restaurant Week

from Jan. 27 to Feb. 2.

From full-service restaurants to bakeries, pubs, delis and ice cream shops, the foodservice

industry is an indispensable piece of Methuen's business community. Whether they

are providing jobs to middle-class families, offering part-time positions to students working

their way through school or hiring seniors living on limited incomes, Methuen's food-service

industry is an important piece of our city's economy.

Through our work at NMTW Community Credit Union and Century 21 McLennan &

Co, we see first-hand the benefits of having a vibrant local economy. Encouraging local

investment in Methuen businesses is an important step in strengthening our city's business

community – and the best way to move in this direction is to support our local restaurants,

pubs, bakeries and eateries.

Restaurant Week offers the opportunity for restaurants to introduce residents to many

new and existing promotions – and it creates that extra bit of encouragement for our

residents to go out and re-acquaint themselves with Methuen's great diversity of establishments.

For more information on business offering great promotions during Restaurant

Week, please visit And on behalf of NMTW Community

Credit Union and Century 21 McLennan & Co, we thank you for supporting Methuen's

local businesses!

Ray Wrobel

Vice President of Business Development

NMTW Community Credit Union

Janet McLennan, Broker/Owner

Century 21 McLennan & Co

SARL’s rescues need your help

To the editor:

Salem Animal Rescue League is a limited-intake dog and cat shelter located in Salem,

N.H., very close to the Methuen line.

Once a cat or a dog becomes a

resident of SARL, they stay until

they find their permanent home

regardless of how long that may

be. Take Harley and Bentley for

example. They are siblings, almost

2 years of age and have been

at SARL since the end of July.

No one can figure out why they

are still at SARL other than the

fact that they must be adopted together.

Their bond is very strong


and to separate them would not

be in their best interest. Bentley,

2011 Corvette Grand Sport 3LT

the long-haired male is the char-

Sports, acter




the pair.

awesome," continued

He loves

says from


senior page


co-cap- Only 24 7,400 gelled: miles, "We Crystal had 12 Red runners, Metallic, and Auto, they all








of Methuen.

and make

"It Navigation, was well 2-tone truly cared Leather for Seats, each Removable other. They Glass all worked Top,

worth the hard work and effort from Magnetic the Ride, hard Heads-Up and got their Display, weekend Chrome runs Wheels. in because

everyone laugh. He hammed it up

entire team. I'm proud to have been a part they didn't want to let their teammates and

the other day during the filming

of this."

friends down. When I told them we won the

of our monthly cable TV show,

“A Time

One of








moments CAC, several members of the team cried.

was a huge one for Hume.

This team was special. Winning the cham-

over, playing, mugging and ultimately




the hearts

to be an




runpionship was just a plus."


ner," says



His sister



do that,


you need to As with any championship, $27,500 the memories

finish in the top 10 in the CAC Champion- will linger.

shorter hair and is more of a lap


2004 "Two Corvette moments Convertible stand out," explains

cat who loves individual attention

and a









now here



29K miles, Hume. Torch "First, Red, when Black we Leather, accepted Heads-up the trophy

Taylor and two other runners with 150 at Display, the awards Chrome banquet, Wheels. and second, arriv-

meters to the finish line. Taylor put on 421 a Merrimack ing at school Street, the day Methuen, after the MArace


See surge LETTERS, and sprinted Page into 35a

10th-place finish

seeing the large sign

• 978-683-7500

at the main entrance

and claimed her goal as an all-league runner. announcing that our team was the 2009

I was so impressed with Taylor all season, CAC Champs."

but this performance was one that I won't




By Sal Petralia

Numbers don’t lie:

Stock market gains,

U.S. debt on rise

“Optimists are those that go after Moby Dick

“Christmas in a is row the boat season with a bucket when people of tartar sauce.” run out of money

before they run out of friends.”

~ Zig Ziglar,

~ Larry



and motivational



There are a lot of reasons for me to write, “I hope we have a happy new year,” but in respect

to author


Zig Ziglar,

is not

a mentor

only the



mine who

of Christmas

passed away










to be





the new




year. In late December, I feel like I’m boarding a plane. “Did I forget

anything?” There are no do-overs.

The main stock market, as represented by the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index, is off its

all-time I’m high very by optimistic less than 7 going percent. into In this December, winter. This as I write one can’t this, this possibly index be is up worse over than 14 per- the




in terms of both





are quite

in the


capital markets.

but are not reasons to buy more stocks.

That depends There used on a to long be list what of Wall factors Street such called as tolerance the “January for risk, effect.” age, interest Institutions rates, tax (big, policies, non-

other individual alternatives, investors) etc. would sell off their losers in December to take the tax loss, then

optimistically But the stock re-buy market in is January, one of the excited leading by the indicators prospects that for gives profits us a in clue the new of how year. things This









the economic

to flounder


in December

are going to












of all



















things will




all right.




a huge



in investing. If we discovered a bank paying 5 percent on Certificates of Deposit, the flow

and dwarfs the media and any other measurement. One could make a case that interest rates

of cash toward that bank would suffocate the golden goose.

are as broad an indicator as the stock markets, and that the universally low rates are a sign of





I believe

the calendar.

they are


an indication




the new






is going




be conducted




the world,



a weak



going to




to adjust

to beat





to capitalize

and sell in



it. There’s a





in the weak

to look


over the





idea. But



a plan

got out-flanked

to accommodate

by the



and live




market tacticians who sold in October to beat the Novem-

that plan indefinitely. A good analogy would be world navies focusing on heavier and heavier

ber crowd. In short, this backed into September and gener-

battleships after World War II and then discovering, to their dismay, battleships’ vulnerability

ally stayed there, which is why September has the most

to airpower.

down months in 60 years. The re-buying seems to be spread

The media keeps focusing on the trillion dollars we owe China, but to whom do we really

over my three favorite months: November, December and

owe the national debt? Here’s a list, compliments of CNBC, of the majors — ranked from


highest to lowest.

The Stock Trader’s Almanac has calculated that the

Social Security Trust Funds, $2.670 trillion

period from Nov. 1 to April 30 has far exceeded the other

U.S. Federal Reserve, $1.659 trillion

six months of the year in stock market return. But participat-

China, $1.169 trillion

ing in the November-to-April period takes resolve because

Savings Bonds & Other Investors, $1.102 trillion

it’s easier said than done. What have we learned in the last 18 months? Be prepared for


Japan, $1.083

and take


less risk as you get older. The stock market has gone up 66 percent in



last eight





as much as 25 years in a Certificate of Deposit at current rates

— Mutual though Funds, obviously $798 with billion much more risk. How can we plan for this?

State & Local Governments, $444 billion

Edward Yardeni PHD, economist and market strategist, said recently, “The FED has



it very




if you




want risk.” The good news for others willing to take risk



that these

& Depositories,





are a primary driver of the stock market, and the FED on

Nov. Oil Country 4 said it “expects Exporters, to keep $254 rates billion at close to zero for an extended period.” Then on Nov.

16, Insurance Chairman Companies, Bernanke said, $253 “The billionU.S.

economy will continue to grow in 2010 and the

underlying Brazil, $237 strength billionof

the world’s largest economy will help insure the dollar stays firm.”

This Caribbean can’t come Banking too soon Centers, for the $224 Chinese billion who hold $2.3 trillion worth of foreign currency

assets Taiwan, of which $184 billion 65 percent are in U.S. dollars. So if you’re frustrated with CD rates, think

of As the you Chinese can see, holdings a lot of earning the national CD rates debt is and owed losing to ourselves 13 percent and on the the interest drop in payments the U.S.

recirculate dollar. If through they want our to economy. sell them, Say there’s a pensioner nobody receives willing interest to buy payments them. And from any government large sells

bonds by them as part would of a retirement wreak havoc plan. on That their money remaining can then holdings. be spent I think on anything President by Obama the pensioner. in last

The month’s recipient trip of to that China money was experiencing then spends it, “Kung and so Pow.” on. This is the “velocity of money” and

varies The with other economic major conditions. driver of the As the stock money market flows after through economic the economy, growth and it fills interest needs rates and

creates is corporate opportunity. earnings. Most The of this earnings is done (actual without and government forecast) intervention. of The Standard Even & the Poor’s sovereign 500

nations from 2007 above to recycle 2010 look some like of that this: money back to us. It’s never as bad as the media makes it

out to 2007 be. $82.54 actual

The 2008 budget and $49.51 debt actual issues (now will never in the be history fixed books) as cleanly as an auto repair or an incorrect





but there




be constant



(positive forecast)

in spending and taxes forever. We hope

for constant adjustments so we don’t get a major breakdown.

2010 $74.99 forecast (let’s hope this forecast is conservative)

Former Methuen resident Sal Petralia is a Certified Financial Planner, practitioner

Sal Petralia is a Certified Financial Planner and a Registered Principal with Lin-



a registered



12 Baldwin

with LPL



Suite 3A,







Suite 102,




3060; E-mail:

FL 34110

Tel: (239) 596-7822 E-mail:

Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC.

Securities offered through Linsco/Private Ledger Member NASD/SIPC

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not

intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.



Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


By John Basilesco

MethuenLife Writer

When David Vose isn't teaching students

at Berklee College of Music, the

Methuen resident enjoys stepping back

into history as a member and co-founder

of the Patriot Fife and Drum Duo.

The popular duo, which includes Susan

Walko, another Methuen resident, on fife,

is a regular at the Paul Revere House

in Boston. They also perform for senior

citizens and at festivals and other venues

around New England, including the Strawbery

Banke Museum in Portsmouth, N.H.,

and the recent Christmas Prelude at Kennebunkport,

Maine, which was promoted

on Fox television and received an award.

Vose, 63, a professional drummer and

professor at Berklee College of Music in

Boston, and Walko, 45, an experienced

fifer, enjoy the historical aspects of their


"We feel like we have taken a trip back

in time,'' Vose said.

Dressed in replica clothing from the

country's Revolutionary period, Vose performs

on a rope-tension snare drum and

Walko plays a fife, an old-style flute.

Members of their audiences often want

to know about the history of the music

they play, Vose said. Fife and drum groups

sprouted up centuries ago. The combination

of the steady drumming and fife

5 Wallace St., Methuen, MA 01844

• Hair Styling

• Perms

• Waxing

• Full Head


• Highlight

• Wigs



Master Card



We offer years of

experience and a

friendly, relaxed


Hair Care for the Entire Family 978-682-7406

2013 New Year Resolutions

1. new hair -do!

2. call for my appointment

3. do not eat cookies

4. deep condition hair

5. exercise my right to be

the best I can be!

6. buy extra Paul Mitchell

products so I don’t

run out!

Happy Healthy New Year


David Vose and Susan Walko perform Revolutionary-time military music as the Patriot

Fife and Drum Duo. Courtesy photo

January, 2013

Methuen musicians step back in time

playing was used in the military, including

the Revolutionary War, to let troops know

it was time to perform camp duties or to

prepare for battle.

"We demonstrate the various signals

used for the troops and the roles vari-

ous songs had during the Revolutionary

times," Vose said. "We enjoy talking about

our replica instruments that we use."

The steady, basic drumming style,

known as Rudimental Drumming, is a key

component of the fife and drum music.

It is something that has always intrigued

Vose, he said.

"It started centuries ago and was used

in the military to signal troops to do

camp duties and to alert troops if an attack

was imminent," Vose said. "Fife and

drum (groups) also led soldiers as they


Vose started the Patriot Fife and Drum

Duo nine years ago with Jim Snarski, a fife

player from Manchester, N.H. Four years

ago, Snarski left to participate in other musical

activities, and Walko joined the duo.

In 1999, Vose was inducted into the

Massachusetts Drum Corps Hall of Fame.

He is also a member of a rock band and a

jazz band.

Walko is an experienced fifer who grew

up in Connecticut, which is considered the

"hot bed area'' for fifes and drums, Vose

said. She played in various fife and drum

corps in Connecticut before moving to

Massachusetts. In addition to her music,

Walko is a part-time teacher at Northern

Essex Community College in Haverhill,

where she teaches a course on organizational

skills to a wide range of students.

January, 2013



As of MethuenLife press time, the

National Hockey League lockout is still

in full swing. But don’t despair! There’s

plenty of great hockey to be had right

here in the Merrimack Valley, with both

Methuen High and Central Catholic suiting

up boys and girls teams this season. Check

out these home games and watch dedicated

players who are hitting the ice simply for

the love of the game!



Wednesday, Jan. 2, 5 pm vs. Wellesley at Methuen High

Saturday, Jan. 5, noon vs. Boston Latin at Methuen High

Monday, Jan. 14, 5 pm vs. Gloucester at Methuen High

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 5 pm vs. Haverhill at Methuen High

Monday, Jan. 21, noon vs. Danvers at Methuen High

Saturday, Jan. 26, noon vs. North Andover at Methuen High

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 5 pm vs. Dracut at Methuen High

Saturday, Feb. 2, noon vs. Concord Carlisle at Methuen High

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 5 pm vs. Lincoln Sudbury at Methuen High


Saturday, Jan. 12, noon vs. Chelmsford at Methuen High

Saturday, Jan. 19, noon vs. Andover at Methuen High

Saturday, Jan. 26, noon vs. Westford Academy at Methuen High

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 5 pm vs. Billerica at Methuen High

Wednesday, Feb. 6, 5 pm vs. Newton South at Methuen High

Saturday, Feb. 9, noon vs. Concord Carlisle at Methuen High

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 5 pm vs. Lincoln Sudbury at Methuen High

Saturday, Feb. 16, noon vs. Waltham at Methuen High



Saturday, Jan. 12, 1 pm vs. Chelmsford at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Saturday, Jan. 19, 1 pm vs. Andover High at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Saturday, Jan. 26, 1 pm vs. Acton-Boxboro at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 8:10 pm vs. Austin Prep at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Saturday, Feb. 2, 1 pm vs. Billerica Memorial at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 8:20 pm vs. Waltham at Valley Forum, Lawrence


Wednesday, Jan. 2, 8:20 pm vs. Billerica Memorial at the Valley Forum, Lawrence

Thursday, Jan. 3, 7:10 pm vs. Waltham at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 8:20 pm vs. Archbishop Williams at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Saturday, Jan. 12, 3:20 pm vs. Lincoln Sudbury at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 8:20 pm vs. Winchester at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 8:20 pm vs. Chelmsford at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Wednesday, Feb. 6, 8:20 pm vs. Bishop Fenwick at Valley Forum, Lawrence

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 12:10 pm vs. Billerica Memorial at Valley Forum, Lawrence



11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Location: Classroom 1A

Holy Family Hospital, 70 East Street, Methuen

Saturday, February 16, 2013 • Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013 • Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013 • Saturday, December 21, 2013

$25.00 for one person • $20.00 for two or more people

If you would like to register or for more information,

call 978-687-0156, ext. 2272


Letters, continued from page 33

these cats will bring such love and joy to a

very lucky family.

We have so many wonderful cats and

dogs here at SARL, each with their own

unique story. Several are senior animals

looking to relax and spend their golden

years surrounded by love and kindness.

Some came from loving homes, like Harley

and Bentley; others have not been so

fortunate and were either abandoned or

neglected. These animals receive whatever

medical treatment, which for some can be

extensive, is needed to get them ready for

adoption. Each of these animals are special

and the goal is to find them the best home

so that they can live out their lives as part

of a loving home.

SARL celebrated its 20th year of operation

in 2012. So many changes have occurred

throughout the years as we travelled

the path to become who we are today. Many

people in the local communities of southern

New Hampshire and Massachusetts do

not even know who we are. We are working

very hard to rectify that. Many of our

animals hail from Animal Control in local

towns including Methuen and Lawrence.

Historically over one-third of the animals

that we take in as surrenders come from surrounding

Massachusetts towns. Our adoption

numbers to Massachusetts residents run

around the same, but have even been higher.

Because of this we consider ourselves part

of the Massachusetts community and hope

you do as well.


MethuenLife welcomes letters. Submit

Letters to the Editor to Steve

Whipple at

or PO Box 485, Windham, NH 03087.

Please include your name and phone

number for verification. MethuenLife

reserves the right to edit letters based

on space, clarity, civility and accuracy.


Experience Counts



DiFruscia Law Offices

302 Broadway, Methuen, MA 01844

(978) 687-1777 • Fax (978) 687-6289 • Est. 1967


Come on in and visit us during our

Adoption Hours of Thursdays from noon

to 7 pm, and Friday through Sunday from

noon to 4 pm. Check out all our adoptable

animals, upcoming events and holiday

hours on our web site,

Patricia Mack

Manager of Development & Media Relations

Salem Animal Rescue League


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


Methuen Karate Association

70 Bonanno Ct.

Methuen, MA


Happy Healthy New Year

Kick Boxing for Women Wednesdays 8-9pm

Tiny Tots ages 3-4 Saturdays 10-10:30am

Millions of parents have enrolled their children in martial

arts classes because they are so effective in developing

self-confidence, leadership skills, safety awareness,

and fitness. In addition, research

conducted by the National Association

of Professional Martial Artists has

proven that martial arts training raises

kids’ grades. It’s the total package.

ADULTS will benefit as much from the martial arts

training as children.

Call for a FREE, no obligation trial course.

Class space is limited, so don’t wait.

45 Years Karate Instruction for

Children & Adults

Member: National Association of Professional Martial Arts

Special Classes: Yoga - Mondays 8-9 pm

No Contracts


January, 2013

Methuen gets creative with its holiday cheer!

Many Methuen properties light up every holiday season with

Christmas scenes, nostalgic displays and seasonal style. But some

residents really know how to turn heads with their creativity!

MethuenLife photographer Barbie Kiberstis traveled the city and

captured some eye-catching spots.

Whimsical Christmas decor on a lovely

Winthrop Avenue home.

Front porch at Rotondo's house on Forest


Ryan DeMaria and his dog LuLu of Walton


More photos on page 37

Simple and elegant antique sleigh on a

door on Sea Street.

Happy New Year!

“From my family to yours, I

wish all Methuen residents a

happy and healthy 2013!”

Mayor Steve Zanni

January, 2013 MethuenLife


An entrance to a beautiful home on Bates Street made grand for Christmas.

Beautiful greens and lanterns adorn a classic New England Cape on Pleasant Street.

(eat-in only)

Bada Boom I

Sports Lounge & Grill

SPEND $25, GET $5 OFF!

(eat-in only)

And Don’t Forget Our 50 cent Wings &

Half Price Appetizers Every Football Sunday!

Bada Bing


Spend $20 and GET



(pick up only)

Monday - Wednesday 3pm to Close

Thur. & Fr. 2pm to Close; Sat. & Sun. Noon to Close

32-34 Hampshire St., Methuen Square

978-683-0009 • 978-683-3466

The Daigles

of Windsor

Street proudly


and decorate

their beautiful


including this

early 17thcenturyrid-

ing carriage.






354 Merrimack Street, Sal’s Riverwalk, Lawrence MA 01843

297 Main St., Salem, NH • (603) 898-9808

Our Strength Comes From Our Experience

Back Row Nancy Cianco, Robert Irving, Steven Sirmaian (owner), Judy Maselli, Kassandra Olivo, Robert Sharpe

Front Row Florence Toto, Donna Weinberg, Anne Marie Concemi (owner), Gina Estrella. Missing from picture - Bill Englehardt

Missing from photo:Steve Gildea, Jim Hamouai, Bill Englehardt

Steven Sirmaian NMLS# 3520 - Robert Sharpe NMLS #37451 - Stephen Gildea NMLS #38042 - Denise Peach NMLS #41008 -

Judith Maselli NMLS #48786 - William Englehardt NMLS #48923 - Robert Irving NMLS #19086 - Aida Olivo NMLS #35124 -

Anne Marie Concemi NMLS #3527 - James Hamaoui NMLS #8946 - Donna Weinberg NMLS #89241 - Gina Estrella NMLS #376303

Banking Business Hours: 9-5 • Our Business Hours: 24-7

Because your questions can’t wait until tomorrow

FHA Experts

MA Mortgage Broker #1964. NMLS #1964

Licensed by the NH Banking Dept. Maine Lic. #CSO11110

978 685-9700 •

Made festive for

Christmas is one of

the many antique

tractors that Keith

Rotondo of Forest

Street and his father,

who lives next

door, collect.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



It's January. The weather is cold and

the sun is setting early. It's a great time to

just put up your feet and kick back in the

evening with a hot beverage while your favorite

music plays on your beautiful console

stereo. Why not?

For decades these high-quality units

were the best means for playing your favorite

musical artists on vinyl or listening to

your favorite radio stations. Unlike today's

electronics, these machines were pieces

of furniture that would enhance the décor

of one's home. In any given model year,

a manufacturer would produce models in

various styles. Styles would range from

Asian and modern to Italian Provincial, to

name a few.

Our example is a mid-century Magnavox

"Astro-Sonic" High Fidelity Stereo.

The current owner obtained it from a

neighbor and is unaware of its actual age.

With Magnavox units, if the radio face says

"Astro-Sonic," as this one does, it’s from

the mid- or late-1960s and is solid state.

Earlier models were tube types. Another

good way to confirm the age of the piece

is by checking the record player. From the

late-1950s to the mid-60s, the needle arm

was black with a gold elliptical piece in the

head. In the late ‘60s, the arm was very slim

and gray. Toward the early 1970s, it was

silver and even slimmer.

The sticker on the back that would supply

this information and the model number

has apparently fallen off the piece we’re

featuring. I estimate this one to be a 1964 to

1966 model. Interestingly, this console was

made in England. Magnavox was a fully

American company at that time, so I'm not

sure of its country of origin. It is possible

that only the turntable was manufactured

in England. But my research was unable to

confirm this.

The Magnavox company started in 1915

when friends Edwin Pridham and Peter L.

Faces by Karen


By Dante Santone Treasures & Trinkets

January, 2013

’60s stereo set the pace for beautiful music

Licensed Esthetician

LLC 978.681.0354

3 Pitman Street, Methuen, MA 01844

See uS on FaCebook

Wishing all my clients a

beautiful and prosperous

New Year!!!

Back in its heyday, this 1960s Magnavox "Astro-Sonic" High Fidelity Stereo was viewed as a

luxury item and the epitome of musical entertainment technology.

Jensen invented the first moving coil loud

speaker. The company was the first to focus

on developing consumer electronics, for

entertainment purposes, without any industry

connection or practical scientific connection.

While Magnavox didn't use stereo

technology until 1958, they were the first to

develop a phonograph loudspeaker. (1)

Through the late 1950s and most of the

1960s, Magnavox was the world's largest

selling hi-fi brand and often as sophisticated

(in its own way) as the "hi end" component

hi-fi brands of the time (e.g. Scott, Fisher,

etc.). They were especially proud of their

new high-tech systems. I was able to obtain

an image of an operating instructions manual

from that period that touts the superiority

of the new technology.

Advancements in the consumer electronics

industry paved the way for America's

pursuit of leisure activities and to further

embrace frivolity. The Magnavox home stereo

was representative of an easy, comfortable

life symbolic of the American Dream.

When the Magnavox home stereo was introduced,

it was an affordable, futuristic luxury

that changed media forever. (2)

The Magnavox console stereo of the

1960s was perhaps the most popular product.

These sometimes-enormous pieces of

furniture rivaled a couch in size and contained

two speakers housed in a wooden

cabinet along with a record player and an

AM or AM/FM radio built in. Later models

also had an 8-track tape player. (3)

Stereos were the predecessor to surround

sound and are still very popular. Before

the Magnavox stereos, consumers had one

horn-like "speaker" to amplify the sound.

Listening in stereo made a huge difference

in the sound quality and Magnavox was

very popular because of it. Our example

actually has a switch that lets the operator

choose between the built-in internal speakers,

external speakers or both. The external

speakers could be attached at the back with

wire, instead of the RCA-type plugs that

became available in the late 1960s. Utilizing

both internal and external speakers

would have been the epitome of high tech

and could be considered a primitive surround


Our stereo is in very good working

order. The turntable takes a minute or so to

fully come up to speed, but when it does,

the sound is as good as the day it was made.

Many people today prefer the sound quality

of vinyl records and claim it is a more pure

sound, hence the reason for the popularity

of these vintage machines. The radio pulls

in signals very clearly, despite its location

in a basement with no antenna. External

antennas could be attached to the rear as

well. The controls work perfectly with no

static noise when turning the dials. The

cabinet is in very good condition with no

discoloration of the finish, which makes me

believe it was maintained like a fine piece

of furniture with wood polish.

The styling is a modern type. It has

simple, elegant lines and the hardware is

not very ornate. Overall, a very nice piece

that stands up to the test of time and will

continue to entertain those with discerning

ears for many years to come.

The current owner states that due to

downsizing his residence, he can no longer

keep it and is selling this well-maintained

stereo. Although it is in very good condition,

many of these units survive today,

therefore keeping their value down a bit.

The older tube-type models command a

higher premium. I estimate its value to be

about $100. If you are interested in purchasing

this stereo, please contact me at and I will provide

you with the seller’s contact information.

A collector of film-related collectibles,

Dante Santone of Methuen looks forward to

researching your items of interest. Forward

inquiries to

References: 1, 2 and 3, The History of

Magnavox Stereos/

January, 2013 MethuenLife


‘Cookies for Cookie’ a yummy way

to help injured pooch

By Melissa Fili

MethuenLife Writer

The Snickerdoodles cost $5, but the wet kisses are


Injured 5-year-old shelter dog Cookie caused a baking

frenzy last month at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, where

volunteers sold homemade treats to raise money for her

badly needed $1,600 leg surgery. The lovable pooch — a

pit-bull terrier mix — sat at the bake-sale table every weekend

in December and greeted visitors with expressive eyes,

a reindeer-antler headpiece and even a few kisses.

“Everybody’s been really delighted to meet her and

she’s been a good ambassador” for pit bulls, noted sevenyear

MSPCA volunteer Pat Batchelder, the driving force

behind the project. “She’s such a sweet, loving dog.”

Cookie and her brother, Oreo, came to the shelter Oct.

15 after their previous owner no longer had the time to

devote to them. Cookie’s damaged leg requires anterior

cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery. The goal is to find an

adoptive family, then perform the surgery so that Cookie

can recuperate in her new home.

Cookie is described as “a lower-energy gal who is

friendly and relaxed with children and enjoys walks to the

dog park,” according to Heather Robertson, the MSPCA’s

community outreach coordinator. “We'd love to place her in

We cordially invite you to visit our Open House or

schedule a tour with our Student Ambassadors!

Come and see firsthand why we are an excellent choice

for a strong, Catholic education. It’s all about building

community here at St. Monica’s. Students from our

Buddy Program in which 7th and 8th graders mentor

kindergarteners and 1st graders describe what they’ve

experienced this way:

“It makes you realize

younger students look up

to you as a role model.

You get to build a relationship

with them so they

become like a little brother

or sister.” - 8th grader

a new home with a family, and even better if we would be

able to place her with Oreo, although they don't have to be

adopted together.”

As some adopters might be afraid to take on a pet with

medical bills, the idea of “Cookies for Cookie” was born.

Six “cookie elves” whipped up chocolate chip, sugar,

gingerbread and Snickerdoodle cookies (all intended for

human consumption), packaged in cute take-out boxes

complete with Cookie’s picture and her story labeled on the

box. Suggested donation was $5 per box. In the first weekend

alone, the project raised $500. By Dec. 22, the effort

had raised $1,700, according to Batchelder.

Cookie “was outstanding. It was a very busy day and

she couldn’t have been sweeter, giving kisses and showing

everyone how cute is,” said Batchelder.

“I'm always grateful when our volunteers support our

animals, and this special group is really committed to doing

whatever it takes to help Cookie get adopted,” noted Robertson.

“I'm hoping that this sweet story might find it’s way

into someone's heart!”

Any money raised beyond what is needed for Cookie’s

surgery will go into the Angels for Animals fund, to help

other animals requiring medical care.

If you’d like to find out more about Cookie or other

animals in need of a home, visit


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

9:00 – 11:00 a.m. & 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Now accepting applications for Kindergarten through Grade 8

“It’s a great program because I

have two kindergarten buddies.

They know they’re important to

me and feel special from knowing

older students and spending time

with us. You learn about their

lives and they begin to become

part of your family.” – 7th grader

“It’s really cool! My buddy

and I make crafts and talk

about fun stuff. She asks

me what songs I like. I

can’t wait to have fun with

my buddy again!”

- 1st grader

Shelter dog Cookie, who needs ACL surgery that costs

$1,600, poses with volunteers Lucille Morello and Meg

Johnson during a “Cookies for Cookie” fund-raiser. Courtesy


St. Monica School is accredited by

the New England Association of

Schools and Colleges

and is a member of the National

Catholic Education Association

“I have lots of fun

talking and spending

time with my buddy.

I like making crafts

with my buddy.”

– Kindergartener

“Catholic Schools Raise the Standards”

Catholic Schools Week January 27 - February 2, 2013

212 Lawrence Street, Methuen, MA 01844 • (978) 686-1801 • website: • email:

In the mood for some GOOD NEWS? Then MethuenLife is the place to be!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black




2440 MethuenLife December, January, 2009 2013

By John Molori

MethuenLife Writer


Trio says 'Batter Up' to area ballplayers

Our cross-town & cross-country champs

Just as they did during their baseball-

This playing year, careers, Methuen Bill Blackwell, set Ron a Drouin This past summer, I ran into Methuen

ing LeFebre. "This is a great place for kids

and Bob LeFebre are taking matters into Ranger boys cross-country coach Bill James

to come. It has nothing to do with the three

school record with 25 con-

their own hands.

and talked to him about high expectations

of us and everything to do with the kids. We

secutive dual meet wins.

The three local diamond legends had for his team in the upcoming season.

are giving them an opportunity to get better

Methuen daughters playing has won in various 33 of softball 34 pro- Clearly, they were up to the task. The

at a very tough game."

meets grams throughout dating back the Merrimack to 2006. Valley. Rangers ended their dual meet season with

LeFebre, a Methuen resident and detec-

They decided have to had unite their five children, undeas

well an impressive victory over undefeated Lowtive

in the Lawrence Police Department,

feated as other Methuen seasons players, in into the the last Methuen ell to clinch their second consecutive unde-

looks at coaching as construction as much

eight Rangers years, Softball program. winning In each five of the feated MVC championship.

as instruction: "You have to work from the

MVC last two regular seasons, the season Rangers have titles gone to

ground up on fielding, throwing and hitting

Senior Jared Reddy shattered the course

and the Nationals, seven MVC first in Meet Maryland, titles. and this

mechanics. At a young age, skill develop-

record and Tyler Sullivan, also a senior,

past summer in Ohio.

ment is key. We try to teach baseball and

broke his wrist just before competition, but

Taking their passion for the game a step

softball sense."

ran his best race of the year. The team also

further, Blackwell, Drouin and LeFebre are

The 44-year-old Drouin, a fellow Lancer

won their second straight MVC meet and

now the proprietors of Batter Up, a base-

baseball standout, Methuen resident and

finished second at the Division 1 Eastern

ball and softball training center located in

teacher in Tewksbury, is clear on what

MA state meet.


separates Batter Up from other training fa-

This year, Methuen set a school record

"We were at Batter Up all the time," says

cilities: "We are selling us. You have three

with 25 consecutive dual meet wins. In

Blackwell, 44, a star player and former head

hard-working guys here, and you will never

addition, Methuen took second place in

coach at Lawrence High School who also

have anyone but us teaching your kids. If

the prestigious Manhattan Invitational with

assisted at UNH and Salem State. "That is





his race.

standouts (from left) Bob LeFebre, Ron Drouin and Bill Blackwell have we can get people in the door, I know we

what our business is based on really. One brought their love of the game to the Batter Up training facility in Methuen.

can keep them."

The milestones and accolades do not The Methuen Ranger boys cross-country team clinched their second consecutive unde-

of us will always be in there teaching. Bob

Photo by John Molori Drouin has been the head baseball coach

stop there. Methuen has won 33 of 34 meets feated MVC championship and finished second at the Division 1 Eastern MA state meet.

brings a passion and excitement for the

at Tewksbury High School for 20 years. He

dating back to 2006. Their last loss was Shown are the team’s top runners (from left) Andrew Stamatopulos, Ben Pare, Cam Kel-

game, and Ron and I are both teachers. We

in September 2007. They have had five ley, Tyler Sullivan, Corey Hamel and Jared Reddy.

has produced 13 college scholarship players

are all about fundamentals, but it has to be

and won 11 Merrimack Valley Conference

undefeated seasons in the last eight years,


Miami Dade South and college baseball at at Lawrence High. This latest endeavor is titles.

winning five MVC regular season titles and well in everything that they do. This year's running and put a lot of time and effort into

LeFebre, 46, was also a Lawrence High Florida Southern. He was drafted by both equally challenging.

seven MVC Meet titles.

group has been together since freshman year helping our motivated runners improve."

superstar who played junior college ball at the Philadelphia Phillies and New York "You won't find better minds for the

This Yankees, year's and team served has been as an led assistant by senior coach

and love





Bill or Ron," says the self-effac- The work of See these SPORTS, mentors is Page not lost 41


captains Reddy, Sullivan, Ben Pare, Andrew "The best moment for me this year was the runners.

Stamatopulos and Corey Hamel with key the MVC Meet where we displayed true "Great coaching, consistency and com-

as unique and contributions PriCeless from Adam Hanley, as the Mark talent draWings and determination," explains on Reddy. Your mitment refrigerator

helps make us one of the best

Collier, Jose Ortiz, Joe Ripley, Greg Tes- "We showed that we were strong enough teams in the state," says Pare. "The coaching

We’re on a mission Like to teach your children kids’ artwork, all of our hand-built wooden furniture is special and unique

sitore, Mike Miranda, Cameron Kelley and to overcome obstacles. It showed that all staff does not play favorites, and gives all

respect, concentration and self-con- Ryan Kowal.

of the hard work we had invested over the the runners What on the a team Great the same amount of

trol; to build their confidence and

Reddy was named Division 1 Runner of

years was paying off, and it was an amazing attention."

self-esteem. Our school provides

Holiday Gift Idea!

the Year while Sullivan, Pare, Stamatopulos


The Rangers have posted 12-straight wins

a safe and fun environment where

and Kelley were named MVC All-Confer- Sullivan agrees, "It was one of my best versus rival Central Catholic and have seven

education, anger management, fitence.

Hamel was chosen an MVC Division races and was a great victory for the team." wins in eight tries against MVC power

ness and developing a positive men-

1 All-Star.

Adds Stamatopulos, "Our team was los- Lowell. Overall, the squad is 71-6 since

tal outlook are the priorities. Give a

Says James, "Traditionally, our program ing at the 2-mile mark, and we all stepped 2002. James has led the squad to six top-

child a gift that will make a difference

has quietly been one of the top teams in the up in the last mile to win the meet." three finishes in Eastern MA Division 1and

this holiday season. Give the gift

state, and has had an incredible run through The Rangers are as much about fun times six top-10 finishes in all-state competition.

of martial arts instruction. Holiday

the MVC Stained since 2002. Oak Lockable One thing Chest that we as they are Multi-Use about fast Cabinet times. Says Hamel, Beyond the stats, James and his staff

Gift Certificates and special Holiday

have been proud of is the turnover of dif- "We all get along, and enjoy attending have given these young men lessons that

Classes that fit into a busy parent’s

ferent and talented runners that has kept our practices and meets. When the coaches will last a lifetime.

schedule are now available. Call

program strong in recent years."

first told us that we had a chance to win the Says Reddy, "This is a group of guys

today for information on our introduc-

Oak Bookcase James believes that committed students state championship, we all vowed to stick who have come together over the past few

tory Program. Ask about our special

make driven athletes: "We've been fortunate together. This team has been through good years, and developed lifelong friendships

Holiday Gift Packages.

to get some of the top students and people times and bad times. This keeps us together held together and driven by shared goals.

to run for us. We tend to have dedicated and always striving to get better."

We Maple have Book shared Case the toughest Cherry losses Inlayand


Tiny Tots Ages 3 + 4 • Saturdays motivated student-athletes that want to do James credits assistant coaches Scott biggest wins, enduring the pain together

10:00 am - 10:30 am

Ouellet and Kevin through it all."

We offer affordable tuition, expert instruction and

convenient class times for the entire family.


Finished or

Space is limited, call today!

"They play a huge Unfinished PMA Power

Kick Boxing Classes Wednesdays 8-9 pm

Pine Toybox with Child's Name Flip Top Wheeled role in the Toy tradition Box and Just a short jog from Bill James' Ranger

success of our team. squad, another Items Methuen are cross-country not team

Methuen Karate

We can build other pieces. Call to discuss Coach your Ouellet request. is the reached mass-produced. a school milestone. The Each Presenta-

boys distance coach, so


tion of Mary item Academy is crafted team with coached by

70 Bonanno Ct. Methuen, MA

he works with our run- quality materials and

Methuen CustoM WoodCraft Brian Martin captured the school's first

Tel (978) 683-4287

ners all three seasons. Commonwealth close attention Athletic Conference to detail. (CAC)

Bruce Whipple 978-204-3278

Coach Alliette coaches title in Photographs 12 years. are taken

girls distance, and is during the creation of

MEMBER: National Cedar Lined Association Doll Armoire


always around our run-

your furniture

of Professional Martial Srtists

For More Photos Visit:

The Rangers haven’t lost a meet since September 2007. ners. They both love Please see SPORTS, Page 25

January, 2013

Sports, continued from page 40

"We are sincere and have achieved success

on all different levels," he states. "It's

about being role models and creating a positive

environment. Kids will work with the

newest equipment, iPad skill breakdowns

and RightView Pro technology. We are not

warehousing kids. In fact we like to limit

our clinics to no more than 15 kids."

January softball and baseball clinics at

Batter Up are capped at 10 kids. The facility

is also running a January strength and conditioning

program with 2007 Red Sox MLB

Strength Coach of the Year Dave Page.

Currently, Batter Up's Rangers softball

program includes teams in the U12, U14

and U16 age levels. Baseball programs include

the U9 and U10 Shoemakers and the

U12 and U13 Gators. Visit batupmethuen.

com for more information.

Blackwell teaches physical education,

math and science at Methuen's Marsh Grammar

School. He and his mates had a vision

for uniting the city's players.

"I have five kids in class who play

on five different hockey teams," explains

Blackwell, who also coached hockey at

Masconomet Regional for 20 years. "We

are trying to get away from the AAU model

and keep it in town. High school coaches

love that."

Adds Drouin, "We are so proud of our

Methuen kids. In the Amateur Softball Association

(ASA), an A team takes kids from

anywhere. B teams require 51 percent of the

roster to be from the same town. We are es-

sentially a C team. All of our kids are from

Methuen, but we play an A schedule and

have won A tournaments. I constantly keep

in touch with (MHS softball coach) Jason

Smith on player progress."

Indeed, Drouin, LeFebre and Blackwell

are all about Methuen. Drouin's daughter

Alyssa is a sophomore softball and field

hockey player at Methuen High. LeFebre's

daughter Kathleen is an MHS freshman who

plays hockey and softball, and Blackwell's

daughter Kelly is a Methuen sophomore

also playing hockey and softball.

Being local is a huge part of the Batter

Up philosophy. Says Blackwell, "We

are right down the street. We encourage

players to just come in and hit. We had a

drop-and-shop program during the holiday

season. Parents could drop off their kids

and get their errands done. We are always

in the facility and the feedback has been

very positive."

Drouin believes in educating parents

as well as players. He states, "We all have

coached recruits or been recruited, and we

want to expose parents to what is out there.

Is their child an elite player, or does he or

she have work to do?"

Methuen guys teaching local players at

a facility in Methuen. That is the Batter Up

business model. Says LeFebre, "You will

always get at least one of us at the facility

teaching the game, and the game of life. I

believe baseball and softball are metaphors

for life. You don't always succeed, but if

you learn and move forward, you will get


Methuen Co-operative Bank

Methuen’s Only Hometown Bank


That only at Methuen

Co-operative Bank

you can get a regular


savings account with

no minimum balance

required and

no monthly fee.

For more information visit

our office located at:

243 Broadway, Methuen


Fax 978-682-4848 ~ Online Banking Available

CeleBraTINg 89 8 Years OF OFFerINg


Member FDIC • Member SIF • Equal Housing Lender • All Deposits Insured In Full


Hockey hopes

Girls' hockey is debuting at both Methuen

High School and Central Catholic High

School this winter. Methuen teamed up with

Tewksbury High School to form a co-op

team. Head coach Kim Bruff is leading the

team known as the Red Rangers (Redmen

and Rangers).

"It's been a unique experience," says the

28-year-old Bruff, who played hockey at

Austin Prep and the University of Maine.

"This is a young startup team and it is amazing

how far we have come in three and a

half months."

Bruff and assistant coach Dan Merry had

just 11 skaters show up for the team's initial

tryout. Thanks to an MIAA waiver rule,

seventh- and eighth-graders from Methuen

and Tewksbury were permitted to join the

team. The team got off to a promising start

anchored by goaltender Taylor Lirakis of


Says Bruff, "She has kept us in games,

but I told our team that this is a varsity pro-

MHS girls' hockey coach Kim Bruff.

CCHS girls' hockey coach Jeff Marggraf


gram and we are playing to win. Beginners

have to be patient, and experienced players

have to be flexible in terms of which position

they play."

This history-making club has bonded

through a shared experience.

"The camaraderie has been phenomenal

right from our first team meeting," explains

Bruff, a fifth-grade teacher in Tewksbury

who grew up in Andover and served as an

assistant coach at Austin Prep. "We've had

spaghetti dinners that really helped the girls

get to know each other."

Methuen High School Athletic Director

Jim Weymouth is impressed with Bruff. He

states, "I'm thrilled with the girls' hockey

program. Kim is a great coach and a great

person. She has the right approach working

with many new players, giving them the attention

they need. As well as addressing the

players with more skills, she has also been

See HOCKEY, Page 45

Get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolution

or give someone you love the gift of health

and fitness this holiday!

I have monthly challenge groups running

to help support you and hold you accountable

to your health and fitness goals!


Amy Silverio

for more information

(978) 994-8215 or



Alycia Riddell

Independent Hair Stylist

26B Main St. Salem NH

Located just off exit 2 on Route 93!

603-264-3824 •

Gift Certificates Available

10% Senior Discount Good on Fridays!

$10 Off Your First Visit

With this ad. Expires June 30, 2013


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The Methuen Memorial Organ Hall celebrated the season with an Open House and Christmas

Concert last month. Several artisans displayed their crafts for sale on tables throughout

the hall as visitors enjoyed Christmas music played on the Great Organ.

Photo by Sue Whipple


Now is the time to turn in your old, unwanted gold & silver.

We buy sterling jewelry and flatware,

silver bullion, sterling marked 925 and coins.

Gold jewelry from 10k+, gold coins & platinum


Visit the Valley’s Finest

X tra

Giving the gift of life

The American Red Cross will hold several community blood drives in Methuen this

month. All eligible and new blood donors are encouraged to give blood. Blood donors

are needed every day to ensure an adequate blood supply for patients in need.

Jan. 3, 2 to 7 pm at Latitude Sports Club, 116 Pleasant Valley St.

Jan. 8, 2 to 7 pm at Knights of Columbus, 462 Broadway.

Jan. 12, 8 am to 1 pm at Holy Family Hospital, 70 East St.

Jan. 16, 2 to 7 pm, Knights of Columbus, 462 Broadway.

Jan. 23, 2 to 7 pm, Knights of Columbus, 462 Broadway.

All presenting donors in January will receive a coupon for a free pound of Dunkin’ Donuts

coffee. To make an appointment to donate blood, please call 1-800-RED CROSS

(1-800-733-2767) or log on to



230 Merrimack St., Methuen, MA


January, 2013


“Home for the Holidays,” an annual holiday show put on by the North Regional Theatre

Workshop under the direction of Paul Webster-Greene, once again drew rave reviews.

The spectacular show entertained hundreds of attendees who also enjoyed either Mann

Orchards apple crisp during intermission or a full dinner catered by The Party Connection,

depending on which show they attended. This is the 35th year of productions by the NRTW

and the debut of its holiday show being held at Presentation of Mary Academy’s Dupre

Center. Photo by Sue Whipple


Living rooms weren't the only home for decorated evergreens this holiday season. A few

anonymous exterior decorators spruced up this tree on Methuen's Rail Trail, a few hundred

yards beyond the MSPCA parking lot. The tree was adorned with tinsel, colorful cardboard

ornament shapes and a hand-written cardboard sign that read, "Happy Trails & Peace on

Earth." Courtesy photo

Come Celebrate Methuen Restaurant Week with Us!

From January 27 to February 2


with the Purchase of

Fish & Chip Dinner(lunch only)

Beginning at 11am

Friday - Fish & Chips special - Just $6.99

Delicious Homemade Lunch Served Daily 11am to 1:30pm

Our Famous Breakfasts Are Served

Monday thru Saturday Beginning at 5am. Sundays at 6am.

The Country Kitchen

18 Hampshire St., Methuen Square


with Purchase of a Burger

M-F 5am to 1:30pm

Sat. 5am to Noon

Sun. 6am to 1pm

Call 978-687-9632 for Take-Out

January, 2013 MethuenLife


Top-noTch service, paTrioTism honored by exchange club

Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon

made it clear why Brian Hellman was

being honored as the Exchange Club’s

Police Officer of the Year.

Officer Hellman was dispatched to a

scene where three armed men were beating

and robbing two people. Once there,

he confronted the suspects and held them

at gunpoint until backup arrived.

“Only for the grace of God they didn’t

ambush him,” said Solomon at the Exchange

Club’s annual awards dinner at the

Sweetheart Inn. “He handled the situation

with command presence. He acted immediately

in a deadly-force situation but he

didn’t need to use deadly force. We honor

him for his bravery.”

A humble Hellman thanked Officer

Shawn Moore and a citizen, Richard King,

for their roles in subduing the suspects.

Bob Scarelli was honored as the top

firefighter for his eight years of work with

the Muscular Dystrophy Association, coordinating

efforts that have raised $70,000 to

date. Assistant Chief Mike Hamel received

the plaque for Scarelli who was vacationing

with his family.

Receiving the Book of Golden Awards

for their 87 combined years of serving seniors

were five employees of the Methuen

Senior Center: Corinne LaCharite, Susan

Foster, Linda Sheehan, Lynne Moss and

Elena Ganem. The ladies are instrumen-

Burger &


Menu is


New England Seafoods

Restaurant & Lounge

159 Pelham Street, Methuen • 978-965-2242

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$2 OFF Swordfish

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Good at Pelham St. Location Only

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Winners of the Methuen Exchange Club’s annual awards line up by the fireplace at the Sweetheart Inn. They are (from left) Lynne Moss,

Corinne LaCharite, Susan Foster, Linda Sheehan and Elena Ganem (seated) of the Methuen Senior Center; Assistant Fire Chief Mike Hamel

who accepted the Firefighter of the Year award for Bob Scarelli; Police Officer of the Year Brian Hellman; Marianne and Mike Consoli and

Cataudella Funeral Home owner Chris Chetsas. Photo by Steve Whipple

tal in the success of the Friendly Visitor

Program, Happy Hearts Chorus, Meals on

Wheels and the SHINE Program.

“I couldn’t be more proud of a group

that’s so hard-working and so unassuming

and humble,” said LaCharite, the center’s






Bean Town Comedy with Dick Doherty

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Each year the Exchange Club also honors

residents and a business that fly the

American flag prominently with the So

Proudly We Hail award.

The Consoli family earned the award for

flying the flag to honor a father’s service

in the Korean War, an uncle lost in World

Now Delivering


Takeout Restaurant

& Fresh Seafood Market

225 Merrimack St., Methuen • 978-686-7494

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War II and a cousin scarred by his years in


Cataudella Funeral Home, which moved

to Methuen from Lawrence in 1994, earned

the award for a business. Owner Chris

Chetsas accepted the award.




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By Jim Keogh

1. “Fairy Dreams” by Dr. Maritza Morell Woodhead Kostoulakos & Meredith Flynn Coco RE/MAX Partners

MethuenLife Writer in the rear of the car.

It takes roughly three hours to make

2. “Cuddle Up with the Wild Things” by 3. “Mele Kalikimaka” by Comprehensive

the round-trip up and down Mount Wash-

Of the hundreds of fascinating tourist 52ington.

This includes an hour stop at the

destinations throughout New England,


summit. Each trip requires more than 1

unquestionably the most MethuenLife

unusual and

January, 2013

ton of coal and 1,000 gallons of water

thrilling attraction is the Mount Wash-

to move the 18-ton engine and its one

ington Cog Railway.

2 Located in Bretton Woods, MethuenLife coach to the top. The train stops halfway

N.H., in

December, 2009

TB Woekel Construction

For All Your Home Improvement Needs

•Roofing •Siding•Windows•Doors


•Finish Carpentry

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

icers are (from left) President Rachel Sterner, Secretary Jamil Halaby, co-adviser

yn Rubino, Vice President McKaela Flannigan, Treasurer Christine Neel and Historian

derson. Missing is co-adviser Pat Wentworth. Courtesy photo.

Serving Mass. and NH FREE ESTIMATES


Classmates jump-start

ouch Brigade recycling effort

But they say they don’t miss their outdoor

time, as they are keeping their eye on the



o green-thinking fourth-graders are

riving force behind a new recycling

at the Marsh School.

hlyn Conlon and Britney Taylor have “This is fun,” says Britney. “And with

willingly surrendered just about the money we make, we’re going to buy

every afternoon recess so far books or games for our classroom.”

this school year to work on their

CapriSun drink pouch collection,

which has gained serious momentum

since it began in September. Please see POUCH, Page 39


Specializing in Collision Repair

Frame & Uni-body Straighting • Painting

603-635-3222 sales • 603-635-2574 auto body

Modern State Over of the summer, Art Body Ashlyn Shop and her

Attorney mom noticed MArk information

on the CapriSun Ford

The Optical Shop at

Tallman Eye Associates

4 Convenient Locations

29 Stiles Road



451 Andover St.






• Business Cards

• Rubber Stamps

• Labels

• Invitations

• Vinyl Letters

• Printing

• Magnetic

Rte. 28 Corner of Old Bridge St. Pelham, NH 03076


678 Lowell St. Rte. 110, methuen, MA 01844

Phone: 978-687-1111 Fax: 978-687-4477

360 Merrimack St.-Riverwalk

Building 9, Entrance “I”



62 Brown St. Suite 205

Merrimack Medical Center



Ashlyn Conlon (left) and Britney Taylor are overseeing a juice-pouch recycling project at

the Marsh School. As of early November, they had collected nearly 6,000 pouches, earning

$119 for their school. Photo by Melissa Fili.

• Laminating

• Parking Signs

• Directories

• Awards

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Distributor of E-Z Grav

Engraving Plastic by the

Sheet or Cut to Size



R.A.J. Realty Hampshire Road Self-Storage

11 Pine Street 9 Hampshire Road

Methuen, MA 01844 Salem, NH 03079


Business Stock and Household Goods

Mailing Address Tel. (603) 894-4631

P.O. Box 5 (800) 891-4631

Methuen, MA 01844 Fax (603) 894-4638

the heart of the White Mountains, this

was the first mountain cog railway in

the world. A cog railway has a toothed

“The Shop that defines Elegance another on the & tracks. Refinement”

There are seven

track Great that allows the Rates train to climb steep - Why different trains Pay able to More?

carry passengers 14

grades. If you attempted to run a regular

train up a steep incline, the wheels would

slip on the smooth rails. Instead, the cog

railway uses a rack and pinion system

(think of the interlocking teeth of gears)

to make it up the hill safely. In this case,

the “hill” is Mount Washington, the

highest peak in the northeastern United


2008, new bio-diesel locomotives were

14 added to the fleet supplementing MethuenLife coal-

December, 2009

ety of flora and fauna, deep ravines and

255 Hampstead St • Methuen, MA • 01844

In 1858, Sylvester Marsh approached

breathtaking to Holy Family vistas Hospital, of the Carney Presidential

the New Hampshire ALWAYS Legislature in Con- Methuen, went who saved his life.

was bestowed upon Donna and James

Range. On a clear MA day, the 01844 view from the

cord to request 888-374-2796

permission to build a into full cardiac arrest. Smith stopped Jamie Moore, who graduated from the Meaney who fly the American, Massa-

railroad BUYING up the rugged & SELLING summit can include the Atlantic Ocean,

slopes on Mount

By Steve Whipple

the 978-683-3600

Vermont, ambulance New York, and Paolantonio Maine and performed Canada. police academy in 2000, was honored as chusetts and POW flags from their Lowell

Washington to its 6,828-foot summit. Not CPR and used defibrillator paddles to

MethuenLife Writer

the Police Officer of the Year. Praised by Street home.

surprisingly, his proposal was considered

On not-so-clear days, the train literally

The Mount Washington Cog Railway is designed to climb to the top of the highest peak in

ascends shock Carney’s above the heart clouds. back to a normal Capt. Randy Haggar for his positive atti- Mann Orchards received similar kudos

ridiculously impossible. After observing

the northeastern United States. This New Hampshire tourist attraction has been operat-

rhythm. At the foot of the mountain, visitors

a model Marsh used to demonstrate his

ingtude, since productivity 1869. Courtesy and attendance, photo. Officer for being this year’s most patriotic busi-

The Methuen Exchange Club’s 15th can spend A fully time recovered at the base Steve station Carney gift attend- shop

idea for railway, one of the legislators

Moore works as a field training officer.

annual Recognition Dinner and Awards and a cafeteria-stle restaurant. Generally,

quipped that Marsh might as well build a ed the awards ceremony to thank the EMTs

Night honored, among others, a pair of the cog railway operates Insured from Memorial The Proudly We Hail (citizen) award Please see HERO, Page 15

“railway to the moon.”

Karpet Korner

firefighters who saved a life.

Day until late October. In 2009, the adult

He was granted the permission he

Lic #21195 Home fare is $59. Children 4 to 12 years of age

sought, Each and year after the three charitable years of organization construc-

Carpet Specialist

pay $39. Children under 4 are free if they

presents a Methuen Firefighter(s) of the

Year Award, Police PAUL Officer(s) of the E. Year MARTIN

Home Care,

Care Etc.

“Private care for the elderly in their home”

tion the cog railway was completed. A

sit on an adult’s lap.

trestle winding its way more than 3 miles

Experience the cog railway for your- “Private care for the elderly in their home”

up the mountain ranges from 3 to 30 feet

Award, Book of Golden Deeds award for self. It’s a pleasant drive to Bretton Woods CARPET

off the ground. The steepest Plumbing part of the & Heating

F 24 Hour F Live Ins F Daily Care

an exemplary Methuen resident, and So from Methuen. Our company is plan-

tack, known as Jacob’s Ladder, is the

Gas Piping

Sales & Installation

Proudly We Hail awards to the resident ning a one-day trip next year which will

F •24 Overnights Hour F •Live Companions Ins F •Daily Errands Care

second steepest such track in the world

include the transportation from Methuen,

(the and steepest business is at who Mount prominently Pilatus in display Swit-

F •Overnights Shopping F •Companions




Appointments •Respite

a ride on the cog railway and lunch.

zerland). the Quality American In New flag. Hampshire, the grade is

37.4 percent. At that Workmanship incline, 978-794-8041

In addition to the Exchange Call the today heads

Club for of the

passengers in the front of the railroad car Jim personal Keogh is president of Cosmopolitan

FREE Estimates 603-893-6954

91 A Cross St. 978-685-6962

are plaques, 13 feet recipients higher than received service

the heads proclama- you deserve.

FREE Consultations

Best Rates in


the Merrimack




of those Travel & Cruise Center of Methuen.

tions from state Rep. Linda Dean Camp-

Methuen, MA 01844

978-691-5949 978-375-4508

bell, state Sen. Steven Baddour and

Mayor William Manzi.

This story behind this year’s Fire-


fighters of the Year PIZZA Burdin

21 years of providing great flooring for your home

Award was espe-

cially memorable. On Aug. 23 at 1:15

Apm, Auto Family Walnut Grove Owned Detailing

Cemetery Business


Carpet Remnants Always Many Styles,

for Steve Over Carney 978-685-3076

was 40 suffering Yearschest


Colors SignS & Sizes

Methuen Buffing EMTs Tim Smith and Brett

OPEN: • Waxing • Interiors

•Window Treatments

50% Off

Paolantonio arrived within minutes.

to Pin Choose StriPing from

Wednesday Don’t As Smith Let drove the 11-6 Winter ambulance Storms and and Salt Ruin Your Car •Slipcovers •Cushions

kept PROTECT the victim’s This wife calm, Car with Paolantonio Our Various

monitored Thur., Carney’s Fri., Sat. vital signs. 11-9

Methuen Exchange Detailing Club award Packages winners are (from Karpet Lettering

left) Josh Fitzgerald and Bill Fitzgerald of Mann Orchards; Arthur Hutton of the

En route

Methuen Exchange Club; proud flag-flier Jim Meaney •Pillows Korner

and his daughter Sarah; •Light Police Officer of the Upholstery

Year Jamie Moore; and Firefighters

Keith Burdin’s Detailing is a local drop

Sunday 4-9

of the Year Brett 20 Paolantonio Years in Business

Air bruShing

and Tim Smith. Carpet

off for Lazarus House. Needed: Canned/

Specialist Carpet Sales

Fully Insured

* Joe packaged Laudani foodstuffs, * Peter new and Laudani gently used Sr. * Peter Laudani Jr.


60 Pine Street

Call Dessinger Reggie Owner

(Rejeanne & Installation


clothing and toys, and blankets.

Methuen, MA 01844 91 A Cross St., Methuen, MA • 978-685-6962 •


33 Broadway, Methuen 978-686-0372



Over 35 Years Serving The Greater Merrimack Valley


Fred Baldassari Jr.


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Home Protection Plan

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Methuen, Quality Reliable MAService

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Rte. 495 Southern to Exit 46 NH Right & Mass off Ramp • Reasonable to Rates

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St.) over Phone


To VA/FHA Termite Inspections and Reports

FREE First Right Again ESTIMATES

to (Dexter St) to End

Quality Work at Affordable Rates

Model Railroading • Dollhouses • Model Ships

Woodcarving • Architectural Scale Lumber



978-683-NECS (6327)

Tues. 9am - 1pm

Thur. 12-7pm • Sat. 9am - 1pm

E-Mail: • Web:



up the mountain to take on water. From

there, trains pass along a complex series

of switches that allow trains to pass one

up and down Mount Washington, and

they are used depending on demand. In

fueled locomotives. This will help diminish

emissions and will lessen the wasteful

use of fossil fuels. Here’s Views to from the train local feature a vari- heroes & patriotism!

306 Broadway








Avedisian Farm & Greenhouses

603-474-6593 or 603-479-7542


70 Salem St.

Your Business Card Here


All Colors & Sizes

•• Fundraisers Methuen, • Shows MA

• Corporate Events

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or or Your Your Holiday Holiday Party Party

Merrimack Valley Native

Windham resident

Steve Guilmette

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To Advertise

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Methuen’s Hometown Photography Company

• Proms • Senior Portraits • Preschool Portraits

Stress free, quality • Youth dentistry Sports - • Evening High School hours • Special available Events

Stephen ~Roping Alfano

• Family Portraits

58 Rolling Ridge Ln. Deepa Methuen A., DMD • much more

Business ~Memorial Phone 978-423-4949 Baskets 460 Broadway

Tel: 978-686-5231

Methuen, MA 01844

Fax: 978-682-2736

“Expect the Exceptional”

Michelin • Dunlop • Bridgestone • Pirelli • Goodyear

• Super X Mufflers • ASE Certified Technicians


Joe Pauta Sr., President

Phone: (978) 682-0000

Fax: (978 683-0719

William Suliveras

456 Broadway Rt 28

Vice President / ASE Certified

Lawrence, Ma 01841

Fax (978) 683-0719


Full Vision Services – Diseases of the Eye -

General Ophthalmology


Cataract Surgery, Retina Services - Pediatric

Eye Practice


Lawrence 978-688-6182

Oculoplastics – Lasik

Haverhill Oculoplastics 360978-521-5653 Merrimack – Lasik Street – Lawrence, MA 01843

Amesbury 360 Merrimack Street – Lawrence, 978-388-4044

MA 01843

No. Andover 978-688-6182 978-794-8118


Lawrence Salem, r



Andover NH NH Haverhill

Salem, 603-893-7400



Haverhill Amesbury

January, 2013

Hockey, continued from page 41

able to help improve their skills.”

The makeup of Bruff's club is unique.

There are no seniors on the team and just

two juniors. She relates, "I really didn't

know what to expect as a first-time head

coach, but we are figuring it out together.

It's exciting."

That word also describes some of the

young Methuen players on the team. Sophomore

forward Amanda Conway, who played

on the MHS boys' JV team last season,

has been a scoring threat while Kathleen

LeFebre, a freshman, has paced the defense.

Other standouts include Nan Williams,

Kristi Coutu, Sofia Tiar, Victoria Small,

Amanda Mambro and Kelly Blackwell.

Overall, Bruff is pumped about the future.

"Our kids want to play. They love

getting more ice time and are so happy to

be playing hockey. We are a solid first-year

program. The pace of the game is faster and

we lack some depth, but we are getting better

every day."

Like Bruff, Central Catholic head girls'

hockey coach Jeff Marggraf is experiencing

some growing pains in his first-year

program. Marggraf, a Methuen native, is

also a first-time head varsity coach: "This

is a great opportunity, but I knew it would

be a long season. I grew up in Methuen

with (CCHS head boys varsity coach) Mike



Small Engine Repair

We Come To You


Salem 66

Jankowski. We always talked about having

a girls program at the school."

The 43-year-old Marggraf is a 1987

CCHS graduate who played hockey and

football. He attended Colby College and

resides in Salem, N.H. Marggraf has been

involved in coaching his three sons: Brad,

a CCHS junior JV-A hockey player; Greg, a

freshman JV-B hockey player at CCHS; and

Will, a fifth-grader who plays in the Salem

Saints youth program.

While hockey runs through the Marggraf

bloodstream, the CCHS girls' job has been

somewhat of a medical miracle. Says Marggraf,

"It's a challenge. We were originally

supposed to be just a JV program this year.

(CCHS athletic director) Ernie DiFiore and

I met and decided to go varsity right from

the start.

"My first order of business was to get

some games for us. I was able to get us 10

home games and 10 away games. We had

25 kids sign up for hockey; maybe 12 to 15

had some experience."

Marggraf made very few cuts in trimming

his roster, keeping 17 players. The

team struggled in the early season losing

several games by lopsided scores. Junior

goaltender Sydney Thornhill, a field hockey

goalie by trade, stepped up and volunteered

to play goal.

"I give Sydney a lot of

credit," says Marggraf. "No

one else wanted to do it. We

lost a game 10-0 earlier this

season, but Sydney made 39


Despite the struggles, the

Winter is Coming!

Now is the time to tune up your


Servicing all makes.

10% off with this ad

Expires 1/31/2013

Auto Sales • Auto Body

hard-working Marggraf has

fostered a positive environment

with the help of assistant

coaches Michelle Collett

and Angela Zevnik. Collett

played on the Andover High

School boys' team and at

Northeastern University. She

is the niece of Hockey East

Commissioner Joe Bertagna.

Zevnik is a Wisconsin native

who played varsity hockey at

St. Anselm College.

Says Marggraf, "I never

coached girls before, so Mi-

New address: 503 Bridge St. Pelham, NH 03076

1/2 mile North (Rt. 38 heading toward Salem) of previous location

Modern State of the Art Body Shop

Specializing in Collision Repair Frame & Uni-body Straightening Painting

603-635-3222 sales • 603-635-2574 auto body •


chelle and Angela have been a big help.

This is a close-knit group. Some are phenomenal

skaters and others are just learning.

It's not about wins and losses. It's about

getting better."

The Raiders have been paced by center

Lexi Stanisewski, captain Molly Bryant and

Emily Frocione. Marggraf is thrilled to be at

the forefront of another promising Central

Catholic program. "I understand how this

school works, and the support we're getting.

Many of the teachers here were at the

school when I was there. We have all made

a big time commitment."

Marggraf's commitment level is unquestionable.

He has worked to get the program

positive media coverage as well as new

uniforms: "I want us to be competitive and

I am very passionate about it. My job is to

keep things positive and not let the frustration

of losing get the best of us. I didn't take

this job to do it for one year. I knew it would

be about more than just standing behind the

bench. We are building for the future."

Learn to ice skate

The Methuen Recreation Department is

offering a seven-week Learn to Skate Clinic

at the Methuen High rink. Classes run

Wednesdays from Feb. 20 to April 3 from


The NHL schedule is still on ice, as of MethuenLife press time, but there

IS hockey to be had! Check out a local high school game.

Schedule is on Page 35.

Home For The Brave

Mortgage Loan Program

The Savings Bank offers affordable, low

downpayment mortgages through MassHousing

for veterans of the U.S. Armed Services living in


Program Features:

Methuen | Andover | North Reading | Wakefield | Lynnfield

978-687-9756 | | Member FDIC/DIF

Linda Joaquin

Senior Mortgage Originator

NMLS ID# 630724

(978) 771-1573 Cell

(781) 224-5327 Direct

• Up to 100% financing for a single family home or condo

• Up to 95% financing for a 2 - 4 family multi-family home

• Competitive 30 year fixed rate mortgages and 10/1 ARMS

• Up to $1500 in closing cost grant money may be available

• Reduced closing costs*

Visit us at or call Linda at 978-771-1573 to learn

more about our Home for the Brave Mortgage Loan Program.

*Reduced closing cost of $990.00 (Includes attorney fee, plot plan, MLC and recording fees)

Each depositor is insured by the FDIC to at least $250,000. All deposits above the FDIC

insurance amount are insured by the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF).


4:30 to 5:30 pm. It is open to Methuen kids

age 5 and up. Cost is $40. Registration is

online only at the City of Methuen web site

and space is limited.

Youth baseball offers

Winter Workout

Methuen Youth Baseball is now registering

for its Winter Workout Program.

This 10-week program, held at Play Ball

in Salem, N.H., is open to all players ages 6

through 18. Each week there is 1.5 hours of

skill drills and workouts

For ages 6 to 12, the program starts Jan.

12 and ends March 16. Players meet Saturdays

from 9 to 10:30 am.

For ages 13 to 18, the program runs Jan.

13 to March 17 and meet Sundays from

5:30 to 7 pm. The senior player sessions

include core training as well as speed and

agility work.

Cost is $100.

For info, e-mail

or visit

John Molori is the co-author of "The Cracker

Jack Collection: Baseball's Prized Players,"

to be released in the fall of 2013. Email

John at


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Finest quality personalized

memorials, as unique as the

lives they honor.

Custom-crafted and warranted

forever. Mausoleums and

estate memorials, traditional

and creative monuments,

cremation cremation

memorials. memorials.

Methuen Memorials

466 Merrimack Street, Methuen, MA •



Remodeled Remodeled

State of the Art





The Northeast

St. Mary’s

Cemetery and

Chapel Mausoleum

January, 2013

Four Methuen High School students were selected by audition for the Northeast Senior

District Festival, to be held Jan. 12 at Lowell High. They are (from left) tenor Glenn Gosselin,

bassonist Melanie Conner-Myers, baritone saxophonist Brian Gregg and bass Kyle

Erickson. Melanie and Glenn have additionally been recommended to audition for the Massachusetts

All State Festival, to be held in Boston in March. Photo by Melissa Fili


ethuen’s Our Lady of Good Counsel chapel and mausoleum mausoleum offers a

wide selection of crypts and columbariums columbariums to meet your needs.

There are single and double crypts, inside crypts and crypts along the

exterior faces of the Mausoleum.

St. Mary-Immaculate Mary-Immaculate Conception Conception Cemetery Cemetery

29 Barker St., Lawrence

For information call Jim Jacobs at 978-682-8181

Hours: M-F 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sat. 9-12

January, 2013


Kenneth H. Pollard Funeral Home, Inc.

Kenneth H. Pollard Funeral Home, Inc.

233 Lawrence Street, Methuen, Massachusetts 01844


A Family Owned and Operated Funeral Home

• Advanced Funeral Planning

• Traditional & Alternative Funerals



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Leather Heated Seats, Moon Roof, PW, PL

Auto Trans, Chrome Wheels. $189 Mo*

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Come see

the New 2012 2010 CHEVY Camaros!




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sLt, 4 door, 4x4, auto, aC, ‘09 Very Clean Chev MaliBu lt


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Rte. 93

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January, 2013



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