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download a PDF of the Spring 2012 catalog - University of Arkansas ...

download a PDF of the Spring 2012 catalog - University of Arkansas ...


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Unbelievable happiness

and Final Sorrow

The Hemingway-Pfeiffer Marriage

Ruth A. Hawkins

the only biography of ernest hemingway’s second marriage

It was the glittering intellectual world of 1920s Paris expatriates in

which Pauline Pfeiffer, a writer for Vogue, met Ernest Hemingway and

his wife, Hadley, among a circle of friends that included Gertrude Stein,

F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Dos Passos, and Dorothy Parker. Pauline grew

close to Hadley but eventually forged a stronger bond with Hemingway

himself; with her stylish looks and dedication to Hemingway’s writing,

Pauline became the source of “unbelievable happiness” for Hemingway

and, in 1927, his second wife.

Pauline was her husband’s best editor and critic, and her wealthy

family provided moral and financial support, including the conversion of

an old barn to a dedicated writing studio at the family home in Piggott,

Arkansas. The marriage lasted thirteen years, some of Hemingway’s most

productive, and the couple had two children. But the unbelievable happiness

met with final sorrow, as Hemingway wrote, and Pauline would be

the second of Hemingway’s four wives.

Unbelievable Happiness and Final Sorrow paints a full picture of Pauline

and the essential role she played in Ernest Hemingway’s becoming one of

America’s greatest literary figures.

ruth a. hawkins has been an administrator at Arkansas State University

in Jonesboro for more than thirty years and established its Arkansas

Heritage Sites program, which includes the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum

in Piggott. She has been recognized at the state, regional, and national

level for her work in historic preservation and heritage tourism.


6 x 9, 391 pages

49 images, index

$34.95 cloth



www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Spring 2012 1

Announcing the Winner of the 2012 $5,000 Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize

teaching Myself to Sew

My father did the sewing in our house—

stripes on his uniform, loose buttons, kneepatches,

hems. After work or before,

he’d gather what was torn. Across

the kitchen table, I’d watch him ply

scissors and thread, a fine needle

between his thumb and thick fingers,

and I’d try to teach myself to sew—

worrying thread through a washrag, basting

uneven rows—but again and again,

my stitching pulled loose from the cloth.

Because I studied his face more closely

than his hands, I never saw how he began,

with that necessary snarl, the knot in the strand.

rousing the Machinery

Poems by Catherine MacDonald

“Word-play and world-play”: the untidy geographies of an ordinary life

“While keenly aware of the world beyond, these poems draw discerningly

on memories of family—motherhood and childhood, a

brother in prison, the loss of a child—MacDonald reminding us of the

inescapable ‘clanging together, the swinging apart, / what’s cleaved

and the whole,’ and finally that ‘Sanctuary—it arrives in disguise.

And it arrives in the wise surprise of beautifully made poems such as

these. Rousing the Machinery is remarkable.”

—Claudia emerson, author of Figure Studies: Poems

“Composed of almost equal parts narrative and song interwoven,

these impressive poems showcase a mastery of both the necessary

story-thread and the lyric leap that mystery requires—as the thread

breaks and rejoins to remake what has gone before. MacDonald’s

skill with interior slant-rhyme and subtle form (see ‘How to Leave

Home’) is superb, and is the weave that steadies and patterns what

the book’s epigraph describes as the ‘causal small decisions / almost

random, those accidents . . . ’ but of course, because this is genuine

poetry, nothing here is finally small, and the art of that is no

accident. Word-play and world-play here are at once startling and

simple; and Rousing the Machinery is a simply stunning debut.”

—Betty adcock, author of Slantwise: Poems

“There is in Catherine MacDonald’s poems a quality of observation

and narrative specificity so acute as to be almost painful. This is less

a ‘promising’ debut collection than it is the work of a writer of maturity

and accomplishment. What a rich and abiding book this is!”

—David Wojahn, author of World Tree

Catherine MacDonald lives in Richmond, Virginia, and teaches writing

at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her poems and criticism

have been published in the Crab Orchard Review, Southern Indiana

Review, Blackbird, Louisville Review, and other journals. She is also

the author of the chapbook How to Leave Home.

The University of Arkansas Press Poetry Series is edited by Enid



5 ½ x 8 ½, 73 pages

$16.00 paper


Miller Williams arkansas

poetry prize Winner

2 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com

The University of Arkansas Press Poetry Series, Edited by Enid Shomer

the Coal Life

Poems by Adam Vines

“Mined from linguistic, literary, and historical underworlds.”

“Adam Vines’s command of the sounds of the English language is

delicious, but it never prettifies what he sees in the world. These

are poems of real life and of the physical condition of being alive

in all its joy and difficulty. A hardscrabble childhood, a self-demanding

adulthood, both emerge in poems full of fine ironies and

a mature acceptance.”

—Mary Jo Salter, author of A Phone Call to the Future:

New and Selected Poems

“Arguably the finest metaphor in The Coal Life is found in a dynamite

box: a mine rat’s nest of ‘chewed scripture and company

scrip.’ But in every poem, Adam Vines balances a tension perfect

as it is uneasy—between life’s ‘urge for change, flight, and sex’

and the more patient resolve of faith in a world beyond ‘the mutable

zodiac’ of this hard-wrought human universe. Perhaps these

poems were conceived in the ‘shadow myth of ruins,’ but they

emerge as the best poems do—‘leaning to the light.’ The Coal Life

is remarkable—and necessary.”

—Claudia emerson, author of Figure Studies: Poems

“Adam Vines’s The Coal Life is a book mined from linguistic,

literary, and historical underworlds. These poems keenly observe

and deeply ponder; they dig into the mineral dark of memory, uncovering

along the way forgotten and abandoned voices, idioms,

occupations, thwarted desires, moments of grace in misery, and

accidents of astounding beauty. An extraordinary first collection,

The Coal Life is built to last even while it rests upon ‘the shadow

myth of ruins.’”

—alan Shapiro, author of Old War: Poems

adam Vines is assistant professor of English at the University of

Alabama at Birmingham and editor of the Birmingham Poetry

Review. His poems have been published in North American Review,

The Cincinnati Review, and The Greensboro Review.


5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 67 pages

$16.00 paper


Miller Williams arkansas

poetry prize Finalist


The storm defies everything.

Clouds wangle the day into early submission.

The rain never forgets,

cuts worry lines where streams ran

before blasting buried them, carries

silt and seed down to hills

now stripped into valleys.

Valleys piled into hills

settle, consume themselves inch by inch.

Pulp pines creep

to the crumbling edge of a ridge,

already top-heavy, drawn like bows

from leaning to the light.

www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Spring 2012 3


Featuring interviews with and

poetry by:

Linda Gregerson

Fady Joudah

Ted Kooser

W. S. Merwin

Alice Notley

Meghan O’Rourke

Carl Phillips

Stanley Plumly

Arthur Sze

talk poetry

Poems and Interviews with Nine American Poets

David Baker

important poets talking about the art today

“David Baker has brought together in this remarkable volume some of

the most probing and revelatory interviews he has conducted for our

pages—interviews that plunge quickly beyond the trivial to the deep

concerns, the personal insights, the creative sparks that can ignite in

conversation with these marvelous poets.”

—David Lynn, editor of the Kenyon Review

“With his incisive and instructive questions, David Baker is able to draw

out responses that touch upon not only the lives and poetic craft of his

subjects, but also upon the nature of art and the life of poetry itself. This

is without question a must-have volume for everyone who loves American


—David St. John, author of Auroras: New Poems

“David Baker, a consummate poet, is also one of our most intelligent,

open-minded and readable critics. In this book, at once a personal

anthology and a collection of perceptive, lively interviews, he gives

readers a sense of the scope of American poetry today, with a keen eye

for its convergences as well as its dissents.”

—Marilyn hacker, author of Names: Poems

What is more direct and intimate than one-to-one conversation? Here

two forces in American poetry, the Kenyon Review and the University of

Arkansas Press, bring together discussions between one of America’s

leading poets and editors, David Baker, and nine of the most exciting

poets of our day. The poets, who represent a wide array of vocations and

aesthetic positions, open up about their writing processes, their reading

and education, their hopes for and discontents with the contemporary

scene, and much more, treating readers to a view of the range and capacity

of contemporary American poetry.

David Baker is author or editor of fourteen books of poetry and criticism.

He holds the Thomas B. Fordham Chair at Denison University, teaches

regularly in the Warren Wilson College MFA program, and is the poetry

editor of the Kenyon Review.


6 X 9, 172 pages

9 images

$19.95 paper


4 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com

things you need to hear

Collected Memories of Growing Up in Arkansas, 1890–1980

Margaret Jones Bolsterli

Like listening to stories from your grandparents

“Margaret Bolsterli’s judicious selection of the memories of dozens of

Arkansans provides fascinating glimpses into what it meant to grow up in

a poor rural state. It is a story of hard work, humor, friendship, and talking

around the dinner table. These reminiscences remind us of our own childhood

and help readers better understand that sense of community we

Arkansans continue to share.”

—Bobby roberts, director of the Central Arkansas Library


“Margaret Jones Bolsterli has a knack for locating interesting and knowledgeable

people to interview, and she also asks the right questions of her

informants, questions that delve deeply into the lives of Arkansans in the

last century. This is an important book, and it adds considerably to the

knowledge of our state.”

—tom Dillard, author of Statesmen, Scoundrels, and Eccentrics:

A Gallery of Amazing Arkansans

Things You Need to Hear gathers memories of Arkansans from all over the

state with widely different backgrounds. In their own words, these people

tell of the things they did growing up in the early twentieth century to get

an education, what they ate, how they managed to get by during difficult

times, how they amused themselves and earned a living, and much more.

Some of Margaret Bolsterli’s “informants,” as she calls them, are

famous (Johnny Cash, Maya Angelou, Levon Helm, Joycelyn Elders), but

many more are not. Their vivid personal stories have been taken from

published works and from original interviews conducted by Bolsterli. All

together, these tales preserve memories of ways of life that are compelling,

entertaining, and certainly well worth remembering.

Margaret Jones Bolsterli is the author of Born in the Delta and During

Wind and Rain and the editor of Vinegar Pie and Chicken Bread and A

Remembrance of Eden. She is professor emerita of English at the

University of Arkansas.


6 x 9, 160 pages

46 images, index

$24.95 cloth


oraL hiStory / arkanSaS

Things You Need to Hear will

accompany an exhibit

opening at Little Rock’s Old

Statehouse Museum in

February 2012.

www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Fall 2011 5

MeMoir / CiViL rightS


Integration in a Deep-Southern Town

Willie Morris

With a Foreword by Jennifer Jensen Wallach and an Afterword by

JoAnne Prichard Morris

A civil rights classic, available again

In 1970 Brown v. Board of Education was sixteen years old, and fifteen

years had passed since the Brown II mandate that schools integrate “with

all deliberate speed.” Still, after all this time, it was necessary for the U.S.

Supreme Court to order thirty Mississippi school districts—whose speed

had been anything but deliberate—to integrate immediately. One of

these districts included Yazoo City, the hometown of writer Willie Morris.

Installed productively on “safe, sane Manhattan Island,” Morris,

though compelled to write about this pivotal moment, was reluctant to

return to Yazoo and do no less than serve as cultural ambassador between

the flawed Mississippi that he loved and a wider world. “I did not want to

go back,” Morris wrote. “I finally went home because the urge to be there

during Yazoo’s most critical moment was too elemental to resist, and

because I would have been ashamed of myself if I had not.”

The result, Yazoo, is part reportage, part memoir, part ethnography,

part social critique—and one of the richest accounts we have of a

community’s attempt to come to terms with the realities of seismic social

change. As infinitely readable and nuanced as ever, Yazoo is available

again, enhanced by an informative foreword by historian Jenifer Jensen

Wallach and a warm and personal afterword on Morris’s writing life by his

widow, JoAnne Prichard Morris.

Willie Morris (1934–1999) was the editor in chief of Harper’s and the

author of many works of fiction and nonfiction, including North Toward

Home and My Dog Skip.

Jennifer Jensen Wallach is the author of Closer to the Truth than Any

Fact: Memoir, Memory, and Jim Crow, a study of how memoirs can best

be utilized as historical source material. She is also editor of Arsnick: The

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in Arkansas.

Joanne prichard Morris was long-time executive editor of the University

Press of Mississippi and coauthor of Barefootin’: Life Lessons from the

Road to Freedom. She was married to Willie Morris from 1990 to 1999.


5 x 8, 240 pages

$19.95 (s) paper


6 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com

Jelly roll

A Black Neighborhood in a Southern Mill Town

Charles Thomas

A classic Arkansas ethnography, reissued

Jelly Roll, a small community of African Americans living in company

housing outside the Calion Lumber Company in Calion, Arkansas, is the

subject of this ethnographic study written by Charles E. Thomas, an

anthropologist whose family owned the mill.

Originally published in 1986, Jelly Roll combines Thomas’s unique

perspective as both an academician and the grandson of the sawmill’s

founder. Thomas conducted extensive interviews covering three generations

among the eighty-four households forming this community, illuminating

the residents’ lives in an unusually thorough fashion.

Now back in print and enhanced with later interviews revealing

attitudes of growing restlessness over the slow movement toward racial

equality and opportunity, Jelly Roll will be a welcome reference for anyone

interested in African American studies, the South, or the history of

sawmill towns.

Charles e. thomas was a professor of anthropology at Washington University

for seventeen years. He returned to his hometown and the Calion

Lumber Company in 1975 and has run the company ever since.


6 x 9, 164 pages

8 images

$19.95 (s) paper



www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Spring 2012 7

phiLoSophiCaL topiCS

The Diana Fritillary

Arkansas’s State Butterfly

Lori A. Spencer

and Don R. Simons

$8.95 paper


ozark Society Foundation Books

Wildflowers of Arkansas

Carl G. Hunter

$22.95 paper

(spiral bound for the field)


$37.50 cloth


The Battle for the Buffalo


The History of America’s First

National River

Neil Compton

With a New Foreword by

Kenneth L. Smith

$29.95 paper


Philosophical Topics

Edited by Edward H. Minar, University of Arkansas

Philosophical Topics publishes contributions to all areas of philosophy, with each volume being devoted to the issues in one area.

Recent issues have been concerned with individuation, introspection, and free will.

Volume 38, Number 1 (Spring 2012)

Issue Topic: Ethics

Philosophical Topics 38(1), “Ethics”, features papers on a

variety of topics in ethics. Contributions explore the relations

between moral theory and moral practice and the nature of

moral discourse in relation to moral disagreement and conflicts

of value.

Contributors include: Christopher Cowley (University

College Dublin), Alice Crary (New School for Social Research),

Cora Diamond (Virginia), Joshua Gert (William & Mary), David

Levy (Edinburgh), Judith Lichtenberg (Georgetown), Sabina

Lovibond (Worcester College, Oxford), Nigel Pleasants (Exeter),

Duncan Richter (Virginia Military Institute), and Kieran Setiya


Arkansas Butterflies

and Moths

Lori A. Spencer

$27.95 paper



Institutions: $70.00 (U.S. and Canada)

Individuals: $45.00 (U.S. and Canada)

Students: $22.00 (please provide copy of current student ID)

Foreign Institutional Rate: US$85.00 plus $10.00 shipping

Single issues:

Individuals: $35.00

Institutions: $70.00 U.S., $80.00 Canada, $95.00 Worldwide

Please make checks payable to:

The University of Arkansas Press / Philosophical Topics

The University of Arkansas Press

McIlroy House

105 N. McIlroy Avenue

Fayetteville AR 72701

Buffalo River Handbook

Kenneth L. Smith

$21.95 paper


Trees, Shrubs, & Vines of


Carl G. Hunter

$24.95 paper (spiral bound for

the field)


$29.50 cloth


The Buffalo River in Black

and White

Neil Compton

$29.95 cloth


Autumn Leaves & Winter

Berries in Arkansas

Carl G. Hunter

$14.95 paper


The High Ozarks

A Vision of Eden

Neil Compton

$19.95 paper


8 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com

Born palestinian, Born


& The Gaza Suite

Suheir Hammad

8.4 x 5.4, 96 pages

$15.95 (s) paper


halal pork and

other Stories

Cihan Kaan

8.4 x 5.4, 142 pages

$16.95 (s) paper


UpSet press


Poems by Jenny Husk

“In the poems of Jennifer Husk the world is a membrane words bounce

against and poke into, skating on the scrim then delving below in quick

sharp digs of fragment, image, and gut-punch. This work is ‘river dialogue’

and ‘glare on the surface’ all at once, achieving experiment, a sustained

rhetoric, intimacy and political weight in one go. If Van Gogh graffitied The

Starry Night on an urban wall then broke it apart with a mallet, you might

get at something resembling the rough and precious texture of a Husk

poem. Her register is horizon-wide and she jumps its length in a blink: the

same stanza holds ‘rooms of dust’ and ‘harmony,’ then enjoins us to ‘hack

the map’ and ‘tag it city-wide.’ This is a skateboard train anyone wishing to

journey the sidewalk, desert, star, and cerebellum should hop on, presto.”

—ana Božičević, author of Stars of the Night Commute


5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 80 pages

$10.95 paper


theater of War

The Plot Against the

American Mind

Nicholas Powers

8.4 x 5.4, 128 pages

$10.95 (s) paper


the Comeback’s


Matthew Rotando

8.4 x 5.4, 96 pages

$14.95 (s) paper


www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Spring 2012 9


10 x 10, 96 pages

$19.95 paper



6 x 9, 160 pages

$19.95 paper


Butler Center Books

Deep Down in the Delta

Folktales and Poems

Greg Alan Brownderville, with paintings by Billy Moore

In Deep Down in the Delta, a book like no other, tales and poems by award-winning

writer Greg Alan Brownderville are paired with paintings by “outsider” artist Billy

Moore to evoke the Arkansas Delta in unforgettable fashion. One of the most soulful,

most mysterious regions in America comes to life in words and pictures.

Reminiscent of Jean Toomer’s Cane and Alice Rae Yelen’s Passionate Visions of the

American South, this book leads the reader into strange country where a buzzard the

size of an airplane circles over buried Confederate treasure; an indestructible rabbit

haunts a graveyard; a pool table dances across a juke joint; and a hoodoo woman

treats a girl who flies around the house like a balloon losing air. The poems are folkloristic,

the tales poetic, and the paintings downright beautiful.

greg alan Brownderville, a native of Pumpkin Bend, Arkansas, is the author of the

poetry collection Gust (Northwestern University Press, 2011). He completed an MFA

in poetry at the University of Mississippi in 2008 and currently teaches creative

writing at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Billy Moore picked up a paintbrush seven years ago when his daughter, Lauren, then

four, left out her Crayola paint set. He has been painting ever since. Moore has clients

all over the world and travels throughout the Southeast to attend arts festivals.

Moore lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

Unvarnished arkansas

The Naked Truth about Nine Famous Arkansans

Steven Teske

A man squanders his family fortune until he is penniless, loses every time he runs

for public office, and yet is so admired by the people of Arkansas that the General

Assembly names a county in his honor. A renowned writer makes her home in the

basement of a museum until she is sued by some of the most prominent women of

the state regarding the use of the rooms upstairs. A brilliant inventor who nearly built

the first airplane is also vilified for his eccentricity and possible madness.

Author Steven Teske rummages through Arkansas’s colorful past to find—and

“unvarnish”—some of the state’s most controversial and fascinating figures. The nine

people featured in this collection are not the most celebrated products of Arkansas.

More than half of them were not even born in Arkansas, although all of them lived in

Arkansas and contributed to its history and culture. But each of them has achieved a

certain stature in local folklore, if not in the story of the state as a whole.

Steven teske works at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, where he is an archival

assistant and staff member of the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture. He

also teaches at Arkansas State University–Beebe and is the co-author, with Velma B.

Branscum Woody, of Homefront Arkansas: Arkansans Face Wartime, published by the

Butler Center in 2009.

10 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com


6 x 9, 268 pages

$22.50 paper


obliged to help

Adolphine Fletcher Terry

and the Progressive South

Stephanie Bayless

$22.50 cloth


open house

The Arkansas Governor’s

Mansion and Its Place

in History

John P. Gill

$50.00 cloth


Butler Center for arkansas Studies

hangin’ times in Fort Smith

A History of Executions in Judge Parker’s Court

Jerry Akins

For twenty-one years, Judge Isaac C. Parker ruled in the federal court at Fort Smith,

Arkansas, the gateway to the wild and lawless Western frontier. Parker, however,

was not the “hangin’ judge” that casual legend portrays. In most cases, the guilt or

innocence of those tried in his court really was not in question once their stories were

told. These horrible crimes would have screamed out for justice in any circumstance.

Author Jerry Akins has finally arrived at the real story about Parker and his court by

comparing newspaper accounts of the trials and executions to what has been written

and popularized in other books.

Jerry akins is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, and worked as a missile technician

for fourteen years. In 1980, he relocated to Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he began to

immerse himself in the history of the area, including the U.S. District Court for the

Western District of Arkansas and the cases of Judge Isaac C. Parker. He is a frequent

contributor to the Fort Smith Historical Society Journal.

the Die is Cast

Arkansas Goes to War, 1861

Edited by Mark K. Christ

$19.95 paper


arkansas: an illustrated atlas

Tom Paradise

with color maps, charts and

diagrams; 54 pages

$19.95 cloth


“a rough introduction to

this Sunny Land”

The Civil War Diary of Private

Henry A. Strong, Co. K, 12th

Kansas Infantry

Edited by Tom Wing

$19.95 paper


a. C. pickett’s private

Journal of the U.S.–Mexican War

Edited by Jo Blatti

$19.95 paper


“all Cut to pieces and

gone to hell”

The Civil War, Race Relations,

and the Battle of Poison Spring

Edited by Mark. K. Christ

$15.00 paper


$25.00 cloth


From Carnegie to Cyberspace

100 Years at the Central Arkansas

Library System

Shirley Schuette and Nathania


$29.95 cloth 978-1-935106-14-2

“things grew Beautifully


The Wartime Experiences of

Captain John O’Brien, 30th

Arkansas Infantry, C.S.A.

Edited by Brian K. Robertson

$15.00 paper


a pryor Commitment

The Autobiography of

David Pryor

David Pryor, with Don Harrell

$19.95 paper 978-1-935106-10-4

$29.95 cloth 978-0-9800897-3-8

www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Spring 2012 11

Bandits, Bears, and Backaches

Velma B. Branscum Woody

$15.00 paper


Stories based on arkansas history

Central in our Lives

Voices from Little Rock Central High

School, 1957–59

Ralph Brodie and Marvin Schwartz

$24.95 paper


$33.95 cloth


Main Street arkansas

The Hearts of Arkansas Cities and

Towns—As Portrayed in Postcards

and Photographs

Ray and Steven Hanley

$19.95 paper


$33.95 cloth


Surprised by Death

A Novel of Arkansas

in the Late 1840s

George Lankford

$14.95 paper


the Barling Darling

Hal Smith in American


Billy D. Higgins

$19.95 paper


homefront arkansas

Arkansans Face Wartime

Velma B. Branscum Woody

and Steven Teske

$15.00 paper


pfeiffer Country

The Tenant Farms and Business

Activities of Paul Pfeiffer in Clay

County, Arkansas, 1902–1954

Sherry Laymon

$19.95 paper


$37.95 cloth


Butler Center Books

Uncle Sam Desired our presence

Arkansans in the Korean War

$15.00, DVD, 60 minutes

Widescreen format:


Standard format:


the Big hat Law

Arkansas and Its State Police,


Michael Lindsey

$19.95 paper 978-0-9800897-4-5

$39.95 cloth 978-1-935106-01-2

Lessons from Little rock

Terrence Roberts (“L.R. 9”)

$24.95 cloth 978-1-935106-11-1

Central High and integration

proudly We Speak your name

Forty-four Years at Little Rock

Catholic High School

Michael G. Moran

$24.95 cloth


Big Woods Bird

Terri Roberts Luneau

Illustrated by Trevor Bennett

$8.95 paper


Beyond Central,

toward acceptance

Edited by Mackie O’Hara

and Alex Richardson

$19.95 paper


a Life on the Black river

in arkansas

The Memoir of a Farmer, Rural

Entrepeneur, and Banker

Ewell R. Coleman

$16.95 paper


$34.95 cloth


race relations in the natural


Grif Stockley

$15.00 paper


as We Were in South arkansas

John G. Ragsdale

$9.95 paper


the Broken Vase

A Novel Based on the Life of

Penina Krupitsky, A Holocaust


Phillip H. McMath and

Emily Matson Lewis

$24.95 cloth


a Little rock Boyhood

Growing Up in the Great


A. Cleveland Harrison

$29.95 cloth


ready, Booted, and Spurred

Arkansas in the U.S.–

Mexican War

Edited by William A. Frazier

and Mark K. Christ

$19.95 paper


$39.95 cloth


picture arkansas

$9.95 paper


$14.95 cloth


a tour of arkansas through

color photos

12 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com

Missouri’s Public Affairs University,

Teaching Cultural Competence, Ethical Leadership, and Community Engagement


6 x 9, 416 pages

400+ historic photographs

and illustrations

$29.95 hardcover



7 x 9, 392 pages

22 b/w historic photographs

$14.95 paper


Daring to excel

The First 100 Years of Southwest Missouri State University

Edited by Donald D. Landon

More than a centennial celebration of Missouri’s second-largest public university, Daring to Excel

charts the history of Missouri State University through a tumultuous century of wars and peace, economic

booms and busts, and the many cultural, political, technological, and media revolutions that have

impacted the Ozarks, Missouri, and the nation as a whole. Some of the book’s subjects belong to the

university uniquely: its stories of influential teachers and alumni, its triumphs and challenges in pedagogy,

varsity sports, public entertainments, and in community relations generally.

In the research and writing of so expansive a history, Landon has relied on numerous essayistcontributors,

including Robert H. Bradley, Robert Flanders, Albert R. Gordon, John H. Keiser, Arthur

Mallory, Andrea Mostyn, Jon Moran, Don Payton, Mark Stillwell, Tina Stillwell, and Tom Strong.

“It’s been said that all history is local history, and Daring to Excel gives the proof. Missouri State alumni

will have an abiding interest in this entertaining, informative, and handsomely illustrated publication.

But, given the university’s regional impact and the numerous national headlines it has generated over

the years, Landon’s book deserves a wider readership. No one can be considered a serious student of

the Ozarks—or, for that matter, of public education in the American Midwest—without having Daring to

Excel on his or her bookshelf.”

—George H. Jensen, author of Some of the Words Are Theirs

Donald D. Landon is professor emeritus and former head of the Sociology Department at Missouri

State University, where he served for twenty-eight years. His book publications include Country

Lawyers: The Impact of Context on Professional Practice.

if they hadn’t gone

How World War II Affected Major League Baseball

By Thomas E. Allen

Foreword by Jerry Lumpe

If They Hadn’t Gone is an encyclopedia of biographical and statistical information covering 472 baseball

payers whose careers were affected by war. Its lists include brief biographies and lifetime stats for

replacement players who, before Pearl Harbor, would have been over-the-hill or below major-league

quality. But, in war or in peace, baseball was the American pastime. Writing early in 1942, President

Roosevelt urges Kenesaw M. Landis (then baseball commissioner) to “play ball!” for the sake of morale.

Allen prints the letter in facsimile: “It would be best for the country to keep baseball going,” writes

Roosevelt, “even if the quality of the teams is lowered by the greater use of older players.”

“Since baseball is a game of statistics, . . . people have often wondered what a player would have

achieved if he had not lost playing time during his military service. This is where If They Hadn’t Gone

comes to the front. The predictions . . . are sure to invoke a lot of discussion and comment. . . . If They

Hadn’t Gone is excellent reading for the true baseball fan.”

—Jerry Lumpe, from the foreword

tom e. allen is retired from Missouri State University, where he served for thirty-four years as vice

president of finance. A CPA, one-time semi-pro ballplayer, and member of the Society for American

Baseball Research, Allen spent years gathering the statistics and documentary evidence recorded in his

book. He is a die-hard Cardinals fan.

Jerry Lumpe is a Missourian, U.S. Army veteran, and former baseball All-Star who played second base

for the NY Yankees (1956–1959), Kansas City Athletics (1959–1963), and Detroit Tigers (1963–1967).

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6 x 9, 78 pages

$10.95 paper



7 x 9 1/2, 150 pages,

30 color illustrations

$29.95 paper


Moon City press

Moon City Press: publishing stories, scholarship, and histories from the Ozarks

MCP is a press imprint of the Departments of English and Art and Design at Missouri State University, 900 S. National Avenue,

Springfield Missouri 65897

Visit MCP on the web at mooncitypress.com

night of the grizzly

Poems by Michael Burns

Edited with an Afterword by Marcus Cafagña

Night of the Grizzly, Michael Burns’s last book, was a finished manuscript at the time of his passing and reflects an

incisive poet at the height of his powers. Burns has an ear for language as satisfying as Robert Frost’s and a knack for

storytelling Robert Penn Warren would envy. His deep image poems evoke primal experiences that take us beyond

the dulling influence of this life.

Twenty-one of the thirty-six poems printed here have appeared in such distinguished venues as The Paris Review,

The Southern Review, Western Humanities Review, The Laurel Review, and Moon City Review.

Michael Burns helped found the Creative Writing Program at Missouri State University, where he taught for twentyfive

years. A graduate of the University of Arkansas Creative Writing Program, he published two chapbooks, When All

Else Failed and And As for Darkness, and two books of poetry, The Secret Names and It Will Be All Right in the Morning.

He also edited two books of critical essays. Born June 3, 1953 in Egypt, Arkansas, Burns retired to Louisville,

Kentucky, where he passed away on October 27, 2011.

Marcus Cafagña is professor of English at Missouri State University, where he teaches creative writing. He has

authored two books of poetry: The Broken World (a National Poetry Series selection) and Roman Fever. His poems

have appeared in The Harvard Review, Ploughshares, Southern Poetry Review, and Quarterly West.

Moon City review 2012

Special Volume in Contemporary Children’s Literature

Edited by Joel D. Chaston and Linda Trinh Moser

Book design by Eric Pervukhin

Lavishly color-illustrated, the 2012 volume of Moon City Review centers on children’s literature and its increasingly

blurry borderlands. MCR 2012 offers a variable feast of poetry, fiction, criticism, graphic arts, and “archival treasures”

by Rose O’Neill, Robert Wallace, and Young E. Allison (author of “Derelict” or “Dead Man’s Chest”), all for and/or

about children and young adults. Contributors include D. Gilson, David Harrison, Jean Stringam, and Laura Lee


Joel D. Chaston is distinguished professor of English at Missouri State University, where he teaches children’s/young

adult literature. A past president of the Children’s Literature Association, he has published several books and edited

collections, including Bridges for the Young: The Fiction of Katherine Paterson (with M. Sarah Smedman), Lois Lowry,

and Theme Exploration: A Voyage of Discovery.

Linda trinh Moser is professor of English at Missouri State University, where she teaches the literature of multiculturalism.

Her books include Contemporary Literature: 1970 to the Present (with Kathryn West) and an edition of Winnifred

Eaton’s Me: a Book of Remembrance.

eric pervukhin is professor of art and design at Missouri State University. His paintings, drawings, and book illustrations

have earned international acclaim.

Moon City review 2011

An Annual of Poetry, Story,

Art, and Criticism

Edited by Marcus Cafagña

and Joel Chaston

Photography by Bruce West

$15.95 paper


Moon City review 2010

An Annual of Poetry,

Story, Art, and Criticism

Edited by Lanette Cadle

and Marcus Cafagña

Artwork by

Eric Pervukhin

$15.95 paper


Moon City review 2009

An Annual of Poetry, Story,

Art, and Criticism

Edited by Jane Hoogestraat

and Lanette Cadle

Photographs by

Julie Blackmon

$15.95 paper


14 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com

December 2011

6x9, 320 pages

$19.95 paper



6 x 9, 210 pages, 10

b/w illustrations

$19.95 paper


Blue Sabine

A Novel

Gerald Duff

Moon City press

Blue Sabine is a story of five generations of women in the same family, told in their voices, along with those of some

men of Holt blood. It is set along the Sabine River, which divides the state of Texas from Louisiana and the Deep

South. From 1867 (when the Holts first came to Texas) to the present, the novel chronicles the emotional lives of

grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and nieces, all bound by kinship and history. Each comes to terms with being

a woman in the West, in Texas, and in her own way and her own time. In its flow and its setting of boundaries, the

Sabine River comes to reflect what remains and what changes in the way the Holt women see their world and themselves.

“The river forever flows, and it pulls at all it touches,” one of the characters says, “yet it never leaves, and it

never stays.”

gerald Duff grew up in the petro-chemical area of the Gulf Coast and the pine barrens of Deep East Texas. After

leaving Texas to study at the University of Illinois, he taught literature and writing at Vanderbilt University, Kenyon

College, and Johns Hopkins University. He has published twelve books, including a memoir and collections of poetry

and short stories. Blue Sabine is his seventh novel.

Confederate girlhoods

A Women’s History of Early

Springfield, Missouri

Edited by Craig A. Meyer,

with Casey D. White, Adam

C. Veile, and Amber V. Luce

Foreword by Roseann


$24.95 paper

ISBN 978-0-913785-10-2

Morkan’s Quarry

A Novel

Steve Yates

$27.95 cloth


River Market is a small press housed in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at

the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, specializing in creative nonfiction,

memoir, and the essay. River Market’s educational mission is to create future

editors, book designers, and publishers by engaging students in all aspects of book

development and production.

River Market is an affiliate of Moon City Press.

tommy atkins at home and abroad

By Fredrick French, Corporal Chevron, RE

Edited by Cynthia A. Nahrwold, Jade Wilson, and Charles M. Anderson

robert e smith

Paintings, Drawings, Poems,

and Stories

Selected and Edited by Eric

Pervukhin and Carla Stine

$19.95 paper


“Stoney broke and alone in London. That’s how I found myself one day some years before the Great War.” So begins

Fredrick French’s Tommy Atkins at Home and Abroad, an enormously entertaining memoir that tells the story of one

remarkably articulate British soldier’s experiences of enlistment, training, desertion, re-enlistment, travel to India,

and serving in the Mesopotamian theater (now Iraq) during World War I.

Cynthia nahrwold is associate professor of rhetoric and writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She

co-edited “Academic Program Review and Assessment,” a special issue of Technical Communication.

Jade Wilson is completing her MA in professional and technical writing in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing,

University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Charles M. anderson is professor of rhetoric and writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He edits the

scholarly journal Literature and Medicine and is co-editor of the NCTE publication, Writing and Healing: Toward an

Informed Practice.

www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Fall 2011 15

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arkansas portfolio iii

Don Kurz

$34.95 (s) cloth


arkansas Waterfalls


Tim Ernst

$22.95 (s) paper


Buffalo river hiking


Tim Ernst

$18.95 (s) paper


Cloudland publishing | tim ernst

arkansas Wildflowers

Don Kurz

$22.95 (s) paper


arkansas hiking trails

Tim Ernst

$19.95 (s) paper


Buffalo river Dreams

Tim Ernst

$22.95 (s) cloth


arkansas autumn

Spectacular Fall Photos

of “The Natural State”

Tim Ernst

$34.95 (s) cloth


arkansas nature

Lover’s guidebook

Tim Ernst

$19.95 (s) paper


Swimming holes of

the ozarks

Glenn Wheeler

$19.95 (s) paper


arkansas Waterfalls

Scenic Icons of “The

Natural State”

Tim Ernst

$29.95 (s) cloth


arkansas Dayhikes for

kids & Families

Tim Ernst

$19.95 (s) paper


ouachita trail guide

Tim Ernst

$18.95 (s) paper


arkansas Wildlife

Tim Ernst

$34.95 (s) cloth


arkansas Spring

Dogwoods, Waterfalls

and Wildflowers

Tim Ernst

$29.95(s) cloth


ozark highlands trail


Tim Ernst

$19.95 (s) paper


18 Fall 2011 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com

Bridge to War eagle

A Documentary Film

Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter

The old steel bridge and iconic grist mill on War Eagle Creek in the Ozark hills frame a collection

of poignant stories in a new documentary film by the Emmy Award–winning team of Larry Foley

and Dale Carpenter. Bridge to War Eagle is a thirty-minute film about a wild stream, protected

only by the folks who use it, and illustrated by the stories of those who love it. The narrator is

country music star Joe Nichols of Rogers, Arkansas, who’s been coming to the War Eagle his

entire life.

$19.95 DVD, 30 minutes


Sacred Spaces

The Architecture of Fay Jones

Written and produced by Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter


Fay Jones of Fayetteville, Arkansas, studied under the great Frank Lloyd Wright, and eventually

ascended to heights rivaling his master’s. Jones became one of the most acclaimed and significant

architects of the late twentieth century. He won the prestigious AIA Gold Medal in 1990,

awarded for a lifetime of work that included his masterpiece, Thorncrown Chapel, a “little glass

chapel” near the quaint village of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Thorncrown was recognized in 2000

by the AIA as the fourth most significant structure of the twentieth century. Sacred Spaces is a

one-hour documentary film produced by the Emmy Award–winning documentary film team of

Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter, both professors of journalism at the University of Arkansas, the

same school where Jones worked for much of his distinguished career as an academician and

practicing architect. Emmy Award–winner Kevin Croxton composed the musical score.

$19.95 DVD 60 minutes

ISBN 978-1-55728-938-4

the Buffalo Flows

The Story of Our First National River

Written and produced by Larry Foley, photography by Trey Marley, edited by Dale Carpenter

Folk singer Jimmy Driftwood called the Buffalo River “Arkansas’s gift to the nation—America’s

gift to the world.” It was the first national river to be designated in the United States (1972). The

Buffalo Flows is a one-hour documentary film written and produced by two-time Emmy award–

winning filmmaker Larry Foley, professor of journalism at the University of Arkansas. Academy

Award–winner Ray McKinnon narrates.

Internationally known as an outstanding canoe stream, this 135-mile river, free of dams, is so

much more, and the film captures what is protected. The story is about the bluffs and the trees,

the flowers and the birds, and the giant elk. It’s about hiking and floating and camping and fishing.

And it’s also about the people who make their homes in Buffalo River country year round,

and have for generations.

$19.95 DVD 60 minutes

ISBN 978-1-55728-904-9

Distributed for the University of Arkansas Department of Journalism

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a Cry for Justice

Daniel Rudd and His Life in

Black Catholicism, Journalism,

and Activism, 1854–1933

Gary B. Agee

$39.95 (s) cloth


Boxing is . . .

Reflections on the

Sweet Science

Thomas Hauser

$22.50 paper


Defining Moments

Historic Decisions by

Arkansas Governors from

McMath through Huckabee

Robert L. Brown

$19.95 (s) paper



Ideologies and Strategies in

African American Politics

Kevin R. Anderson

$34.95 (s) cloth


Camp nine

A Novel

Vivienne Schiffer

$29.95 cloth


Finding the Lost year

What Happened When Little

Rock Closed Its Public Schools

Sondra Gordy

$29.95 (s) cloth



How Bear Hunters, Hillbillies,

and Good Ol’ Boys Defined a


Brooks Blevins

$19.95 paper


Daddy’s Money

A Memoir of Farm and Family

Jo McDougall

$19.95 paper


Jim Crow america

A Documentary History

Edited by Catherine M. Lewis

and J. Richard Lewis

$19.95 (s) paper



The Student Nonviolent

Coordinating Committee in


Edited by Jennifer Jensen

Wallach and John Kirk

$24.95 (s) paper


Dearest Letty

The World War II Love Letters

of Sgt. Leland Duvall

Edited by Ernie Dumas

$29.95 cloth


Looking Back to See

A Country Music Memoir

Maxine Brown

$19.95 paper


20 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com


Medgar evers

Mississippi Martyr

Michael Vinson Williams

$34.95 cloth

ISBN 978-1-55728-973-5


Legendary Matchups that

Made Sports History

Edited by David K. Wiggins

and R. Pierre Rodgers

$29.95 paper


Waiting for the Cemetery


The Fight to Stop Election

Fraud in Arkansas

Tom Glaze

$19.95 paper


a pictorial history of

arkansas’s old State house

Celebrating 175 Years

Mary L. Kwas

$49.95 (s) cloth


Statesmen, Scoundrels,

and eccentrics

A Gallery of Amazing


Tom Dillard

$22.95 paper


White Man’s heaven

The Lynching and Expulsion of

Blacks in the Southern Ozarks,


Kimberly Harper

$34.95 (s) cloth


a place apart

A Photographic History of Hot

Springs, Arkansas

Ray Hanley

$22.50 paper


Unlocking V. o. key Jr.

Southern Politics for the

Twenty-First Century

Edited by Angie Maxwell and

Todd G. Shields

$29.95 (s) paper


Winks and Daggers

An Inside Look at Another Year

in Boxing

Thomas Hauser

$24.95 paper


remembrances in Black

Personal Perspectives of the

African American Experience at

the University of Arkansas

Charles F. Robinson and

Lonnie R. Williams

$45.00 (s) cloth


Up against the Wall

The Role of Violence in the

Making and Unmaking of the

Black Panther Party

Curtis J. Austin

$22.50 (s) paper


Women and Slavery in


A Documentary History

Edited by Catherine M. Lewis

and J. Richard Lewis

$22.50 (s) paper


www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Spring 2012 21


the amphibians and

reptiles of arkansas

Stanley E. Trauth, Henry

W. Robison, and Michael V.


$32.50 (s) paper


arkansas: 1800–1860

Remote and Restless

S. Charles Bolton

$19.95 (s) paper


Black Charlestonians

A Social History, 1822–1885

Bernard E. Powers Jr.

$29.95 (s) paper


arkansas and the new

South, 1874–1929

Carl Moneyhon

$19.95 (s) paper


arkansas: a narrative


Jeannie M. Whayne, Thomas

A. DeBlack, George Sabo III,

and Morris S. Arnold

$37.95 (s) cloth


Blood in their eyes

The Elaine Race Massacres

of 1919

Grif Stockey

$22.50 (s) paper


an arkansas history for

young people

Fourth Edition

Shay E. Hopper, T. Harri

Baker, and Jane Browning

$39.95 (s) cloth


as Various as their Lands

The Everyday Lives of

Eighteenth-Century Americans

Stephanie Grauman Wolf

$19.95 (s) paper


the Blood of abraham

Insights Into the Middle East

Third Edition, with a Revised

Afterword by the Author

Jimmy Carter

$24.95 paper


arkansas in Modern

america, 1930–1999

Ben F. Johnson III

$19.95 (s) paper


Bearing Witness

Memories of Arkansas Slavery

Edited by George E. Lankford

$34.95 (s) paper


the Bookmaker’s Daughter

A Memory Unbound

Shirley Abbott

$16.95 (s) paper


22 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com


Deep’n as it Come

The 1927 Mississippi River


Pete Daniel

$24.95 (s) cloth


it’s about time

The Dave Brubeck Story

Fred Hall

$19.95 (s) paper


the Long Shadow of

Little rock

A Memoir

Daisy Bates

$18.95 (s) paper


a Documentary history of


Edited by C. Fred Williams,

S. Charles Bolton,

Carl H. Moneyhon, and

LeRoy T. Williams

$18.95 (s) paper


the Jungles of arkansas

Bob Lancaster

$24.95 (s) paper


“outside the pale”

The Architecture of Fay Jones

$19.95 (s) paper


First Lady from plains

Rosalynn Carter

$24.95 paper


keeping Faith

Memoirs of a President

Jimmy Carter

$34.95 paper



The Story of Cutting the Last

Great Virgin Forest East of the


Kenneth L. Smith

$17.95 (s) paper


Fishing arkansas

The Sportsman’s Guide to

the Natural State

Keith Sutton

$24.95 paper


Life in the Leatherwoods

John Quincy Wolf

$20.00 (s) paper


With Fire and Sword

Arkansas, 1861–1874

Thomas A. DeBlack

$19.95 (s) paper


www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Spring 2012 23


Angry Voices

An Anthology of the Off-Beat

New Egyptian Poets

Translated by

Mohamed Enani

$19.95 (s) paper


Let Me Tell You Where I’ve


New Writing by Women of the

Iranian Diaspora

Edited by Persis M. Karim

$24.95 (s) paper


Scattered Crumbs

A Novel

Muhsin Al-Ramli

Translated from the Arabic by

Yasmeen S. Hanoosh

$16.95 (s) paper


Dinarzad’s Children

An Anthology of Contemporary

Arab American Fiction

Edited by Pauline Kaldas and

Khaled Mattawa

Second Edition

$24.95 (s) paper


Memories of revolt

The 1936–1939 Rebellion and

the Palestinian National Past

Ted Swedenburg

$22.50 (s) paper



Selected Poems of Forugh


Translated by Sholeh Wolpé

$16.95 paper


Inclined to Speak

An Anthology of Contemporary

Arab American Poetry

Edited by Hayan Charara

$24.95 (s) paper


a Muslim primer

Beginner’s Guide to Islam

Ira G. Zepp Jr.

$24.95 (s) paper


The Time between Places

Stories That Weave In and Out

of Egypt and America

Pauline Kaldas

$19.95 paper



An Anthology of

Contemporary South Asian

American Poetry

Edited by Neelanjana

Banerjee, Summi Kaipa,

and Pireeni Sundaralingam

$24.95 paper


One Story, Thirty Stories

An Anthology of Contemporary

Afghan American Literature

Edited by Zohra Saed

and Sahar Muradi

$24.95 paper


War on Error

Real Stories of American


Melody Moezzi

$19.95 (s) paper


24 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com


the apple that

astonished paris

Poems by Billy Collins

With a new preface

by the author

$16.50 paper


the Light the Dead See

Selected Poems

of Frank Stanford

Edited by

Leon Stokesbury

$18.95 (s) paper




by Barbara Helfgott Hyett

$16.00 paper



Poems by Patrick Phillips

$16.95 paper


Lovely asunder


by Danielle Cadena Deulen

$16.00 paper


Start with the trouble

Poems by Daniel Donaghy

$16.00 paper


Dirt riddles

Poems by Michael Walsh

$16 paper


now you’re the enemy

Poems by James Allen Hall

Cowinner of the 2009 Lambda

Poetry Prize

$16.00 paper


a Sunday in god-years

Poems by Michelle Boisseau

$16.00 paper


the First inhabitants

of arcadia

Poems by Christopher Bursk

$16.00 Paper



Poems by Stephen Gibson

$16.00 paper


Weapons grade

Poems by Terese Svoboda

$16.00 paper


www.uapress.com 800-626-0090 Spring 2012 25


autobiography of

Samuel S. hildebrand

The Renowned Missouri


Edited by Kirby Ross

$28.95 (s) cloth


the Fate of texas

The Civil War and the Lone Star


Edited by Charles D. Grear

A Choice Outstanding

Academic Book

$37.50 (s) cloth


pea ridge and prairie grove

William Baxter

With an Introduction by

William L. Shea

$17.95 (s) paper


Civil War arkansas

Beyond Battles and Leaders

Edited by Anne J. Bailey and

Daniel E. Sutherland

$24.95 (s) paper


getting Used to

Being Shot at

The Spence Family

Civil War Letters

Mark K. Christ

$24.95 (s) paper


portraits of Conflict

A Photographic History of

Missouri in the Civil War

Edited by

William Garrett Piston and

Thomas P. Sweeney

$65.00 cloth


Confederate guerrilla

The Civil War Memoir of

Joseph M. Bailey

Edited by T. Lindsay Baker

$34.95 (s) cloth


guerrillas, Unionists, and

Violence on the Confederate

Home Front

Edited by

Daniel E. Sutherland

$24.95 (s) paper


rugged and Sublime

The Civil War in Arkansas

Edited by Mark K. Christ

$32.50 (s) paper


the Death of a

Confederate Colonel

Civil War Stories and a Novella

Pat Carr

$16.95 (s) paper


a history of Southern

Missouri and northern


William Monks

$19.95 (s) paper


Worthy of the Cause for

Which they Fight

The Civil War Diary of Brigadier

General Daniel Harris

Reynolds, 1861–1865

Edited by

Robert Patrick Bender

$34.95 (s) paper


26 Spring 2012 800-626-0090 www.uapress.com

Camp nine

A Novel

Vivienne Schiffer

“A compelling, vivid account of a shameful episode that should not be forgotten.”—Booklist

$29.95 cloth


Looking Back at the arkansas gazette

An Oral History

Edited by Roy Reed

“Reed uses a deft hand in selecting and organizing excerpts from the interviews into eleven thematic

chapters. The result is an oral history that makes it easy for readers to find what they want and easy to

compare competing accounts of the same events.” —H-Net

$34.95 cloth


not Without honor

The Nazi POW Journal of Steve Carano

With Accounts by John C. Bitzer and Bill Blackmon

Edited by Kay Sloan

“[A] window to a segment of World War II history that few of us have ever read about, much less

understood.”—Louisiana History

$29.95 cloth


Medgar evers

Mississppi Martyr

“An important and readable study of this seminal leader and the history of the civil rights movement.”

—Publishers Weekly

$34.95 cloth


portraits of Conflict

A Photographic History of Missouri in the Civil War

Edited by William Garrett Piston and Thomas P. Sweeney

“Another outstanding contribution to an excellent Civil War series.”—Journal of Southern History

$65.00 cloth


the Un-natural State

Arkansas and the Queer South

Brock Thompson

“Thompson’s book is of vital importance for all historians and queer scholars alike.”

—Journal of American History

$29.95 cloth


White Man’s heaven

The Lynching and Expulsion of Blacks in the Southern Ozarks, 1894–1909

Kimberly Harper

“Provides a cogent and illuminating contribution to the burgeoning scholarship on lynching.”

—American Historical Review

$34.95 (s) cloth


Women and Slavery in america

A Documentary History

Edited by Catherine M. Lewis and J. Richard Lewis

“A valuable resource for courses in introductory history, African American studies, or women’s studies.

Doubtless this is an excellent place to begin any examination of the impact of slavery on race and


$22.50 (s) paper



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981-0 (p) Baker / Talk Poetry / $19.95 _______ _________

978-0 (c) Bolsterli / Things You... / $24.95 _______ _________

983-4 (p) Morris / Yazoo / $19.95 (s) _______ _________

982-5 (p) Thomas / Jelly Roll / $19.95 (s) _______ _________

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6-35-7 (p) Teske / Unvarnished Arkansas / $19.95 _______ _________

6-34-0 (p) Atkins / Hangin’ Times... / $22.50 _______ _________

Phoenix International

15-3-8 (p) Baker / When Lightening... / $19.95 _______ _________

Moon City Press

5-38-6 (p) Burns / Night of the Grizzly / $10.95 _______ _________

5-36-2 (p) Chaston, Moser / MCR 2012 / $29.95 _______ _________

Missouri State University

90-1-3 (c) Landon / Daring to Excel / $29.95 _______ _________

90-2-0 (p) Allen / If They Hadn’t Gone / $14.95 _______ _________

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added to all invoiced orders. All orders from

individuals must be accompanied by a check, or

money order. Call 800-626-0090 to pay by Visa or


•Please check orders promptly upon delivery. Short

shipments and damaged books must be reported

within 10 days of invoice date.

•Prices and specifications subject to change

without notice.

•International shipping:

$20.00, first book, $5.00 ea. additional book


The University of Arkansas Press gives discounts to

bookstores, wholesalers, and libraries. Discount

schedules are available on request. Unless marked

(s) for short discount, all books are trade discount.

Sales Representatives


Stephen Williamson

68 Main Street

Acton, MA 01720-3540


978.263.7721 fax


Melissa Carl

24 Kilgore Avenue

Medford, MA 02155




David K. Brown

University Marketing Group

675 Hudson Street, 4N

New York, NY 10014


212.924.2505 fax

Jay Bruff

1404 S. 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

21.389.0995 phone & fax



Lawrence J. Malley, Director


Julie Watkins, Editor


Business Manager

Mike Bieker



Roger Sauls

Book Traveler

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Box 193

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Charlie Shields

University of Arkansas Press

105 N. McIlroy Avenue

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479.575.6044 fax



Sal McLemore, Hollern

& Associates

Sal E. McLemore

3538 Maple Park Drive

Kingwood, TX 77339


281.360.5215 fax



The University of Arkansas Press owns worldwide

distribution rights on all titles, unless

otherwise indicated.


Full credit will be given only for books in resale

condition within 90 days of invoice date. A copy of

the invoice or an explanatory letter must

accompany all returns. All questions should be

directed to

Orders Department

1580 W. Mitchell

Fayetteville, AR 72701


For an examination copy please send or fax your

request to:

Charlie Shields

105 N. McIlroy Avenue

Fayetteville, AR 72701

479-575-6044 (FAX)

Exam copies are available for a $5.00 service fee.

Marketing Director

Melissa King


Larry Hollern

3705 Rutson Drive

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281.360.5215 orders & fax


Karen Winters

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Gary Trim Associates

Gary Trim

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888.334.6986 fax


Marketing and Advertising Designer

Charlie Shields


Carole Timkovich

10727 S. California Avenue

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Steve Trim

2404 Payne Street

Evanston, IL 60201


The University of Arkansas Press publishes catalogs

each spring and fall. To receive them, call


or email mak001@uark.edu

Martin X. Granfield

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Nancy Suib

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Oakland, CA 94602


510.482.8573 fax


Vicki Davies

845 Stoker Avenue

Reno, NV 89503


866.353.9475 fax


Editorial and Production Manager

Brian King


Project Editor

David Scott Cunningham


Cover image:

Pauline and Ernest Hemingway

on dock at Key West, 1929

(Patrick Hemingway Papers, Department

of Rare Books and Special Collections,

Princeton University Library)

Back Cover image:

Pauline Pfeiffer modeling

Paris fashions for Vogue, 1925

(Patrick Hemingway Papers, Department

of Rare Books and Special Collections,

Princeton University Library)




Scholarly Book Services

Bev Calder

289 Bridgeland Avenue, Unit 105

Toronto, Ontario



800.220.9895 fax


UK, Continental Europe, Middle East

Asia Pacific and Africa

Eurospan Group

C/O Turpin Distribution

Pegasus Drive

Stratton Business Park

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

SG18 8TQ, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1767 604972

Fax: +44 (0) 1767 601640


Distribution Services

Operations Manager

Sam Ridge


Customer Service &

Accounts Receivable

Kathy Willis






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