D50/70B & D35/75B Series Golf Sprinklers - John Deere


D50/70B & D35/75B Series Golf Sprinklers - John Deere

➤ Three nozzle orifices providing

ultimate uniformity

➤ Stainless-steel riser for positive

lifelong retraction

➤ Body flanges for stability

D50/70B & D35/75B Series

Golf Sprinklers

Golf Sprinklers for Block Systems

This series of Circle Golf Rotors offers an excellent blend of performance and ease for medium-range

distances. Its unique design eliminates blow-by and features a fi eld-adjustable arc that matches the

spray pattern to the turf area. Stainless-steel riser resists damage and pops up to a full four inches to

clear taller grasses. Dual-direction fl ushing protects internals from debris. All internal components are

serviceable from the rotor’s top. Choose from fi ve interchangeable nozzles that deliver superior precipitation

rates in a variety of radii and fl ows. For use on greens, tees, roughs, fairways and clubhouse areas.

D50/70B & D35/75B Series Golf Sprinklers for Block Systems


High Performance

A full 4-inch pop-up clears tall turfgrass for even coverage.

Rolled-over fl ange keeps turfgrass clear of riser and nozzle.

Stainless-steel riser resists damage and vandalism.

Tough, industrial-grade plastic case stands up to punishment.

Special design eliminates blow-by and reduces pressure loss to improve

system performance.

Dual-direction fl ushing protects internals from debris and ensures

positive pop-up/down.

Uniform coverage with square or triangular spacing.

Full-circle and adjustable patterns for maximum fl exibility.

Easy arc adjustment in the fi eld without any tools.

Nozzle tree offers seven fully interchangeable nozzles.

Unique manual On/Off control for hydraulic rotors.

Heavy-duty spring assures positive retraction.

Radius can be adjusted up to 25 percent for best coverage.

Compact cartridge design allows for quick and easy repair.

Quicklock design allows internals to be serviced from the rotor’s top.

Comprehensive 3-year warranty.


D50/70B Series Full Circle Rotor & D35/75B Part Circle Rotor


B = Block Series


-06 ; Blank = 4.9–6.3 GPM

-08 ; Black = 6.8–8.4 GPM

-14 ; Yellow = 11.0–14.5 GPM

-16 ; Orange = 13.1–16.2 GPM

-18 ; Brown = 16.5–18.7 GPM

*-25 ; Blue = 21.8–27.0 GPM

-28 ; Green = 24.5–31.3 GPM





Example: To order a 65’ radius block Golf rotor, ACME threads,

Standard Nozzle, you would specify:

D50/70B - 25 - A

DKE06555 (06-03)

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Pop-up height: 4”

Radius: 21’–74’

Flow rate: 4.9–30.5 GPM

Inlet (bottom): 1” ACME female threads

Check-O-Matic: Holds water up to 15’ of elevation change

Operating pressure range: 50–80 PSI

Maximum pressure: 100 PSI

Body height: 8.75”

Top diameter: 5.75”

Adjustable arc: 35–360 degrees (Part Circle models)



50 60 70 80 NOZZLE

D50/70B & D35/75B

radius (ft.) 21 34 39 – -06 Blank

fl ow (GPM) 4.9 5.4 6.3 –

radius (ft.) 30 32 34 – -08 Black

fl ow (GPM) 6.8 7.6 8.4 –

radius (ft.) 53 55 57 – -14 Yellow

fl ow (GPM) 11.0 12.9 14.5 14.5

radius (ft.) 56 58 60 – -16 Orange

fl ow (GPM) 13.1 14.8 16.2 16.2

radius (ft.) 61 62 63 – -16 Brown

fl ow (GPM) 16.5 17.6 18.7 18.7

radius (ft.) 63 64 65 68 -25 Blue

fl ow (GPM) 21.8 23.4 24.8 26.0

radius (ft.) 65 67 69 74 -28 Green

fl ow (GPM) 24.5 26.5 28.1 30.5

Standard factory-installed nozzle and ACME threaded inlet

certified pre-owned equipment that looks as good on your

budget as it does on your course. Call your local John Deere

Golf & Turf distributor or

1-800-537-8233 for more on

what we can do for your course.


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