Breakthrough HR


Breakthrough HR


Minnesota HR Tech EXPO



March 7, 2013

Earle Brown Center

Twin Cities, MN

Breakthrough HR





Executive Director

Matthew Peterson


Executive Committee


Monte Amundson, Toro

Past President

Dan Arndt, Imation

Vice President

Brenda Stine, Medtronic


Tina Phillips, ADP


Rich Martonik, City of Mpls.


Directors at Large

Cindy Ridley, HRtechies, Inc.

Ben Bartels, Oracle

Dave Dahlgren, Accenture

Mary Jo Flan

Marilyn Pearson Hendricks,

3D Results

Leslie Kohnen

Steve Lewis, Hearth &

Home Technologies

Donna Shatava, Hill-Rom

Danielle Theirl, Oberon

Welcome to the 2013

Minnesota HR TECH EXPO

Welcome to the 5th Minnesota HR TECH EXPO and Conference produced by the

Leading Edge HR Network (

Incremental change can be good, but what if it’s not good enough? What if the

outcome that is really needed is outside of the realm of what your organization deems

possible? What if a breakthrough is needed? Breakthrough thinking requires creativity,

innovation, openness, and risk.

Most of us work at companies in roles where our focus is optimization, alignment, and

process execution. We are more often consumers than originators of innovation. A

premise of our LEHRN organization is that someone/some company exists in our

network who is six months or a year ahead or behind you on a similar path with a

similar problem. Who can afford to reinvent what has already been discovered? It’s

highly likely an HR professional or vendor is present with the solution or service

innovation you need (or will realize you need). We come together at this event, in this

network, to pay-it-forward and to pay-it-back. Today is a great opportunity to hone

your skills as an early adopter. Early adopter strategies are our LEHRN sweet-spot.

Ask questions. Learn much and share much. Make it a goal to visit ten vendor

booths. Good conversation starters - “Tell me your business value proposition” or

“What problems do you solve”. Our exhibitors understand that the learning process

precedes the selection and buying process. Thank the LEHRN Board of Directors and

EXPO volunteers for their time and talents that make this event possible. Also thank

our growing list of LEHRN Sponsors for investing their time and resources into this

event and into our professional association.

Have a great day with Breakthrough HR: Where Business Meets Technology

Matthew Peterson Monte Amundson Cindy Ridley

LEHRN Executive Director LEHRN Board President 2013 Expo Director

LEHRN is a non-profit association of HR systems professionals who share

knowledge and exchange experiences on the successful alignment of strategy,

software, technology, and services to support best business practices for human

capital management & talent management. LEHRN members participate to learn

and contribute to understanding how to manage the five perspectives that drive HR

systems: People, Process, Technology, Structure, & Culture. Through regular meetings

and an annual conference, LEHRN promotes a clearer picture of the marketplace

of human capital management vendors and products and creates a professional

business network concerned with each company’s successful investment of financial

and human capital in HR tools and technology.

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Reaching the Promised Land: How HR and IT Must Work Together

LEHRN has combined two global leaders and matched them with its very own local Jason

Averbook to produce a panel that has never been produced or heard before. Michael Krigsman

is one the most influential IT thought leaders in the world. Bill Kutik is well known as one of the

most influential HR thought leaders in the world. Both of them will be having a fireside discussion

with Jason about where the industry is today, where it is going and what WE need to do to take

ownership of our own success. Learn what makes projects successful and what makes them fail.

Bill Kutik

Tech Columnist for Human

Resource Executive and Host of the

Bill Kutik Radio Show ©

afternoon KEYNOTE

Global Business Leaders Crash Minneapolis HR Tech Expo

- What Are They Thinking/What Are They Doing?

Our afternoon keynote will take lessons learned from our morning discussion

of HR trends with Bill Kutik and Michael Krigsman and the focus turns to More Keynote Details

talking with leaders from organizations who can speak to both success and

failure in their experiences with HR/HCM systems. We will be joined in this

session by key HR Leaders from the Mayo Clinic, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and

Interactive Technologies. Jason Averbook will lead an interactive discussion with

the panelists on the big decisions they are making on the big issues in the HR/HCM

technology space:

• Should we move to the cloud?

• What modules from a talent management perspective should we start with?

• Should we buy all of our products from the same vendor?

• What are the keys to successful deployment of these tools with today’s technology?

Colin Joynt

Director PMO

Interactive Intelligence

Michael Krigsman

Founder and CEO of IT

consulting and research

firm Asuret, Inc.

Tony Lombardo

Director HR Process and Systems

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Jason Averbook

Chief Business Innovation Officer

Knowledge Infusion/Appirio

Klaus Unger

Director HR Systems

Mayo Clinic

A Shared Services delivery

model that includes an HR help

desk application and self service

delivers the highest level of

efficiency to enterprises.

CedarCrestone 2012–2013 HR Systems Survey

As your organization grows, so do the demands

on your HR team. Too often, unfortunately, there

isn’t enough attention paid to helping the HR team

handle the higher employee volume. Dovetail Support

Suite for HR is that missing element. Through shared

knowledge sources, detailed employee interaction and

simple reporting tools that deliver information right to

your team, our SaaS-based solution positions your HR

organization to handle a higher volume of employee needs

and deliver great service without increasing headcount.

Learn more at



Learn even more about HR technology at

the world’s BIGGEST and BEST Conference

on the subject.

©2013 LRP Publications CD1302-5

October 7 - 9, 2013

Mandalay Bay

las Vegas

Program created by

LEHRN Keynoter Bill Kutik

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HRCI credits

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Thank you

2013 Expo Volunteers:

Jeanne Parsons

Michelle Meyer

Bruce Mielke

Katie Farley

Margo Halverson

Becky Albrecht

Claire Edmondson

Diane Gross

Deb Peters

Rebecca Thaisen

Mary Ellen Moe

Julie Urell

Chuck Standfuss

Steve Anderson

Virginia Minter

Pat Voyles

Signe Peterson-Design

Fusion HCM

In the Cloud and On Premise


Identify and Mentor

Future Leaders

Predict Top Talent

at Risk of Leaving

Find and Connect with

Your Hidden Experts

Plus Global HR,

Payroll, and Benefits

or call 1.800.ORACLE.1

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2013 Minnesota HR TE

Chris Yndo


Seth Hall,


Nori De Jesús


Traci Deveau


Brandie Hurtado


Kevin Plunkett

612.326.9677 x102

Steve Schmidt


Joe Thomas


Cathy Goodrich


Craig Carver


John Nielson


Chauna Carallo


Katherine Staples

800.889.4422 ext. 8226

Mobile Talent Solutions

Infor Enwisen Lawson HCM


Melissa Steffen


Brian Moore

602.357.4240 Ext. 7120

Julie Rassatt


Jason Buss


Cindy Ridley


Ed Newman


Mackenzie Maitland


Benjamin Schinke


Brett Reem


Diane Kozlak


CH EXPO Exhibitors

Bruce Christman


Mary Lohmann


Mia J. Saldaneri


Gregg Speicher


Tom Santulli


Fred Barnhart


Will Manuel


Ann Ruschy


Lisa Rinehart





A new approach to

Nancy Ness industry research

952.975.1955 and

collaborative end-user information sharing

Twylia Fannin


Jeffery Giesener,;

Nancy Ritzman,


Mark Fournier


Jeff Perry


Kimmarie Messer


Ultimate Software


Jason Solinger


Sales Department


Kari Anderson


Aaron Marsh




Session 1

10:30 - 11:20

Session 2

12:30 - 1:20

Session 3

2:15 - 3:05



Session A

9:45 - 10:05

Session B

12 - 12:20

Session C

1:45 - 2:05

Morning Agenda

7:30 Registration Opens: Continental Breakfast in Ballroom - sponsored by INFOR

8:00 Expo Kick-Off & Morning Keynote in Ballroom by Bill Kutik and Michael Krigsman

moderated by Jason Averbook, CBIO of Appirio

9:30 Expo Hall Opens

9:45 ShopperTracks in Expo Hall

10:30 EduTrack Session 1 (see options below)

11:30 Buffet Lunch served in the Expo Hall

12:00 ShopperTracks in Expo Hall

Switched On: Creating a Model for Extraordinary

Individual, Team, and Organizational Performance

Don MacPherson

Modern Survey

HR gets ready for BYOD: Bring your own Device

Annette Scotti, HRtechies

Teresa Thompson, Fredrikson-Byron Law Firm

Getting Started with WFP: A Workforce Planning Primer and

Interactive Discussion with GE

Nicholas Garbis

General Electric

Expo SouthEast STAGE


Be a Catalyst for Change: Providing Unifi ed

Workforce Insight to Empower Business Leaders


What’s New with Infor Enwisen Human Capital Management


Power HR’s Business Contribution

through Social Collaboration


Is SaaS a Given? Understanding HCM

ERP Deployment and Purchase Options

Larry Dunivan

Ceridian Dayforce

HR Service Delivery:

The Multi-Tier Approach

Kelvin Lovely


From Effi ciency to Resilience:

The New HR Function in the Post Crisis Era

Mike Bollinger




Leveraging HR Case Management to Increase

HR Service Delivery Effi ciency

Bloomfi re

Training vs. Knowledge Sharing: What You Need to Kn


The Mobile Talent Platform


Afternoon Agenda

12:30 EduTrack Session 2 (see options below)

1:30 Dessert/beverages served in Expo Hall

1:45 ShopperTracks in Expo Hall

2:15 EduTrack Session 3 (see options below)

3:15 Closing Keynote in Ballroom

4:15 Prizes and Drawings in Ballroom

Expo Hall closes

4:30 Closing Reception in Embassy Suites Hotel Atrium - sponsored by INFOR


Clear the Confusion: Leverage Technology

to Improve Employee Health Outcomes

Seth Hall


Gap Analysis: Four Ways to

Bridge the Multicountry Payroll Gap

Keith Strodtman

NorthgateArinso HR

ITM Blueprinting: An Innovative Approach to Building

an Integrated Talent Management Program

Kevin Copithorne



Ultimate Software

UltiPro HCM - People First


Time and Pay...Reinvented


Recruiting for the Social Web:

Refer, Engage, and Hire the Best Talent

More EduTrack Details


Aligning Talent Strategy with Organizational Strategy:

Finding, Growing, and Keeping Talent

David Turetsky & Tina Phillips


Improve Candidate Quality: How Science and Compliance

Work with Pre-Hire Assessments & Online Reference Checking

Fred Barnhart, SkillSurvey

Melissa Smith & Nick Wombacher, North Memorial Healthcare

The Black Hole of Adoption:

Why HR Tech Implementations Fail

Dwane Lay, Dovetail

David Lindberg, St Francis Indep. School District 15



Successful Onboarding with SilkRoad’s Red Carpet


How to Leverage New Online Reference-Checking


What is Your Exchange Strategy?

EduTrack Session One: 10:30-11:20

Switched On: Creating a Model for Extraordinary

Individual, Team, and Organizational Performance

Don MacPherson, Modern Survey

This session teaches HR practitioners the models for

achieving extraordinary performance at the individual, team,

and company levels. Grounded in six years of US workforce

data, attendees will learn why engaged employees with the

capabilities to do their job effectively (teamwork, tools, and

training) and the direction to apply their energy (clear values

and goals, effective management communication, and proper

quality & service focus) creates the path to extraordinary

performance. Participants will also learn how to create an

environment of engagement, capabilities, and direction at their


Is Saas a Given? Understanding HCM ERP Deployment

and Purchase Options

Larry Dunivan, Ceridian Dayforce

Lower cost of ownership, less IT resources, easier upgrades,

afford ability and scalability are all key benefits that an HR

organization can realize from SaaS. In order to deliver a

SaaS solution, many HR vendors use interfaces and single

sign-on or a portal interface. Behind a clean front-end user

interface may be 2,3,4,5 or more disparate systems with

different code bases that require extensive back-end work

to appear unified. Vendors attempt to convince HR pros that

their solutions are single applications, but the reality is most

are not. A true single application enables quicker processes,

faster implementation, better support and peace of mind.

This session aims to educate HR professionals to go beyond

SaaS and look for efficiency and HR productivity that can

only be afforded using a single application. This session will

help organizations seeking to upgrade or improve their HR

systems to learn what questions to ask to help them identify

and understand the alternative system architectures that drive

today’s enterprise solutions for HR.

Clear the Confusion: Leverage Technology to Improve

Employee Health Outcomes

Seth Hall, Businessolver

Although it seems the application of the Affordable Care

Act is now firm, the details of making it happen are far

from settled for businesses across America. Confusion

about application of the law and, more importantly, how to

implement it, is widespread. HR/benefits teams are caught

in the crosshairs. While employers look for ways to slow

increasing costs with tactics like consumer driven health

plans, surcharges, defined contribution, and wellness programs,

their employees are faced with another set of challenges.

Employees are wondering: “What plan is right for me? What

can I afford? How do I use it? How do I engage in wellness?”

Learn about tactics and technology that can help you clear

the confusion, engage employees, and drive toward successful

health outcomes.

Aligning Talent Strategy with Organizational Strategy:

Finding, Growing, and Keeping Talent

David Turetsky & Tina Phillips, ADP

This interactive, dynamic presentation and discussion brings

you information on how to manage your people with the same

rigor as your other high impact assets by aligning your talent

strategy with your organizational strategy and your business

processes into your HCM technology. We’ll focus on:

• Talent management trends in the marketplace

• Pay for performance best practices

• Finding the right people at the right time

EduTrack Session Two: 12:30 - 1:20

HR gets ready for BYOD: Bring your own Device

Annette Scotti, HRtechies

Teresa Thompson, Fredrikson-Byron Law Firm

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend has picked up

even more steam in recent months. According to a new

survey by iPass, the number of global mobile workers using

their own smartphones at work is approaching nearly 50

percent, and the number of employers provisioning staff with

telephone handsets is falling sharply. In light of these types of

new statistics and with companies (like Best Buy) encouraging

their employees to bring their own technology to work...what

does HR do now?”

• What if they bring something inappropriate on their device?

• What if they decide to leave and they have loaded

proprietary information on the device?

• Who is responsible for updating the software or repairing

the tool? The employer or the employee?

HR Service Delivery: The Multi-Tier Approach

Kelvin Lovely, Infor

If your organization’s HR transformation efforts are hindered

by the lack of budget and resources, learn how a multi-tier

approach can help you achieve better HR Service Delivery

with fewer resources and lower costs. Gain a better

understanding of how to:

• Reduce the time HR talent spends on administrative tasks

down to 6%

• Deploy an effective Tier 0 portal that empowers employees

to answer their own HR questions 80-90% of the time

• Staff HR service centers with fewer reps handling higher call

volume – and 80-90% first call resolution

• Reduce hard-dollar HR Service Delivery costs by 20-50%

• Build a technology roadmap for all phases of HR


• Plan 5 steps for HR Service Delivery success

Gap Analysis: 4 Ways to Bridge the Multicountry Payroll Gap

Keith Strodtman, NorthgateArinso HR

Global companies realize big benefits from centralizing payroll

across international boundaries. Returns include cost savings,

regulatory compliance, data accuracy and reporting. However,

building a multicountry payroll solution can be complex and

challenging. Today’s talent is global, connected, and mobile.

New categories of solutions are required to leverage that

talent to out-innovate the competition. HR must think of

itself as a function that drives the business forward, instead of

as a function that supports the business—and that includes

getting global payroll right. In this session we will explore

four common multicountry payroll situations and the “What-

Ifs” and critical success factors for each. Our interactive

discussion will answer your questions on international payroll

topics: compliance, reliability & flexibility, standardization, and

the integral role played by technology.

Improve Candidate Quality: How Science and

Compliance Work with Pre-Hire Assessments and

Online Reference Checking

Fred Barnhart, SkillSurvey

Melissa Smith & Nick Wombacher, North Memorial Healthcare

Many HR professionals agree that past performance is the best

predictor of future performance. So getting candid information

about job candidates from previous supervisors and coworkers

could potentially be very useful. Unfortunately, many

organizations today have a policy against providing meaningful

references. This session will discuss how web based

technology can dramatically improve quality of hire as a result

of a modern online reference checking process. Attendees

will learn:

• How web based technology allows confidentiality not

possible in a telephone based approach and does so with

more references in less time.

• About the results of several studies that statistically validate

the predictive ability of the solution.

• Why the approach is compliant and avoids the legal risks

associated with a manual system.

• How online reference checking is currently being used by

the Talent Acquisition Team at North Memorial Hospital.

EduTrack Session Three: 2:15 - 3:05

Getting started with WFP: A Workforce Planning Primer

and Interactive Discussion with GE

Nicholas Garbis, General Electric

Lots of companies are building workforce planning capabilities.

Most of them encounter a variety of challenges - big & small,

technical & functional, strategic & political - in getting started.

This session will engage in a discussion of the key elements of

workforce planning, how it fits in with strategic and financial

planning, and some tips for building WFP capabilities in your

HR team, at your company. Bring your ideas & question - this

will be an interactive session!

From Efficiency to Resilience: The New HR Function in

the Post Crisis Era

Mike Bollinger, Oracle

Globally integrated value chains, the accelerated rate of

technology innovation, and the social and mobile revolutions

have rendered large segments of some industries obsolete.

The pace of change is faster than ever, and HR functions face

a number of new challenges as they support the strategy of

their businesses operating in this new era. In this session, we

will explore the role that HR functions can play in serving as

catalysts to business agility and resilience. Our discussion will

include current HR Transformation trends, and the impact that

various disruptive technologies are having on the HR working

assumptions. Finally, we will also take a look at the impact

of HR big data on manager self service, and people decisions

more broadly.

ITM Blueprinting: An Innovative Approach to Building an

Integrated Talent Management Program

Kevin Copithorne, HRIZONS

The HCM marketplace has seen a run of mergers, acquisitions

and consolidations - all in the spirit of offering robust, fullyintegrated

talent management (ITM) platforms and suites.

Now what? Companies now have more HCM horsepower

at their disposal than ever before. The design possibilities are

now unlimited, unknown, or out of control. HR teams have the

difficult mandate of having to reconcile organizational strategy

and business drivers with talent process readiness, HR

resource readiness, job content readiness, and the complexity

of integrated talent management technologies and big data.

ITM Blueprinting is an approach companies can adopt to

harness that HCM horsepower and focus it in business critical

directions - in a manner that is controlled, scalable and plays

to the readiness of the HR team and the greater organization.

The Black Hole of Adoption: Why HR Tech

Implementations Fail

Dwane Lay, Dovetail

David Lindberg, St. Francis Independent School District 15

With the great expense that is poured into developing and

acquiring technology, HR departments have repeatedly found

themselves bemoaning poor adoption and low usage numbers.

More vexing are the stories of other organizations that have

implemented identical platforms, but with positive outcomes.

The message is that successful adoption and implementation

is far less about the technology than it is about the people,

the process, and understanding of your own organization.

In this session, we will review the most common reasons

implementations fail, and simple steps technology owners can

take to support early adoption and long term usage. Learning

objectives include:

• Review the basics of a successful implementation, including

selection, change management, training requirements, project

management and ownership.

• Share tools for organizing and tracking implementations, such

as FMEA, Stakeholder Analysis and RACI.

• Create a roadmap for long term project success that

supports ongoing usage and system improvements.




Every HR organization has a people strategy. To

execute it, organizational functions must be in

alignment. To achieve its desired results, strategy

and technology must be deployed in lock-step. To

thrive, HR must adapt that strategy to be more

agile than ever before.

All of this must be done while you transform the

way people worK.



HR &Talent Strategy

Drive optimal HR and

talent management

strategy alignment,

and optimize

technology in support

of strategy and

business objectives.

Thrive After Go-Live

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