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~ Happy 2013 ~

Many of us love the New Year as it gives a

fresh start; but I am reminded that we

have an opportunity to start fresh everyday

and anytime we want. And essential oils

help us do that by gently encouraging us

to let go of our old “stuff” and visualize

and step into our new goals for the year to


I said this last year, but it bears

repeating…...My wish for you this coming

year is for it to be better than all of the

other years. I hope you will vow to do

some of the things you've always wanted

to do but couldn't find the time or thought

you could not afford to do.

Call a forgotten friend. Drop an old

grudge, and replace it with some pleasant

memories. Vow not to make a promise you

don't think you can keep. Learn to say

NO. Green your home, you will not be

sorry. Take a trip that you have always

wanted to take. Buy that one thing that

you have wanted for years. Learn

something new. Walk tall and smile more,

you'll look ten years younger. Get enough


sleep. Don't be afraid to say, 'I love you'.

They are the sweetest words in the


I hope that this month’s newsletter will

help you jump start 2013. On Page 2 we

will look at which oils will help you get

a fresh start for the new year.

“Rebirthing” is a cleansed feeling, when

we have the opportunity to start afresh.

What better time than January 2013 and

what better to assist you than Young

Living Essential Oils? On page 3 we

explore the benefits of essential oils in

setting goals and keeping them intact

throughout the year. On pages 3-5 we

will discuss essential oils as Perfume.

Are perfumes really good for you? What

do they contain? What essential oils can

you use to receive the same benefits in a

healthy manner? What scents bests suits

your needs or desires? Check out the

last page for late breaking news and

current Young Living Promotions.

Watch your inbox for information on my

referral/rewards program for NasCia

Products for 2013. No selling, just

referrals for me and savings for you.

January - A Time for Rebirthing

The month of January represents rebirthing. It is filled

with activities that ask us to clean up, let go and

embrace the new. January asks us to look at deeper

issues such as looking at what situations, people and

relationships are not working in our lives and need to

be eliminated or changed for the New Year and

beyond. Many of us choose to deepen our spirituality

by “going deeper” to explore our spiritual gifts that we

can share with others. Even the “physical things” such

as throwing out another year of tax receipts, setting

up new files for the year and setting goals helps us to

move into a new space.

As we head into the new energies and frequencies of

2013, we are being pressed to look at our issues

straight in the eye, stand in our truth and become the

person we need to be to match the new energies. And

this truly is a rebirthing process. This rebirthing

energy will be with us for most of the year.

While this can be challenging process, we are blessed

with essential oils that can support us as we make

important changes that are required for our evolution

and the planets.

The first blend that comes to mind is Transformation

Blend. Transformation essential oil releases the

emotions of can’t do it, stagnation and limitation. It

helps us move forward into a place of love,

compassion and accountability. Transformation

contains: Clary sage and frankincense oils as

described in Into the Future. Lemon essential oil

brings “spirit into action” by cleansing on all levels;

changing pessimism to optimism and helping us focus

on what we want. Cardamon essential oil opens the

heart chakra and helps us accept new paradigms or

beliefs that will need to be changed. Sandalwood and

frankincense oils oxygenate the pineal gland which

helps us become more receptive to intuition and

connect with Source. Finally, rosemary essential oil is

comforting and supporting; and shows us that we

must be loyal to ourselves! Wear Transformation as a

perfume or cologne, diffuse it and place on the crown

of your head.

Page 2

Rebirthing is a custom blend that a friend of mine made

to help her work with her horses, but this blend works

great for people also. Here are the details so you can

make it at home.

Rebirthing Essential Oil Blend:

Rebirthing is an amazing blend that helps one feel

connected, respected and supported through

challenging life situations. No matter where we are in

our life sometimes life can feel difficult

and we can use some extra assistance.

This oil reminds us that for each

challenge there is an opportunity, as

this is how spirit encourages us to

learn, move forward and let go of the

things that no longer work for us.

Remember that it is our choice to flow with the punches

and understand the purpose; or resist and create

physical, emotional and spiritual disharmony in our

lives. The emotions or action associated with each oil is

listed below for reference.

8 drops of Spruce Essential Oil – Offers protection;

enhanced communication with Divine; self-respect;

creates emotional balance necessary to receive and

give. Promotes release of emotional blocks.

4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil – Releases fear of

detachment; stuck; sadness; life being unreliable;

frustration; being left behind. Promotes “spirit in

action”, cleansing and optimism.

3 drops of Cypress Essential Oil – Releases

disrespect; addiction to drama. Promotes

acceptance of choice and understanding lessons;

discernment; moving forward with life changing


3 drops of Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil –

Releases worthlessness; denial; spiritual emptiness.

Promotes connection with Divine; spiritual purpose

and growth; and rebirthing.

3 drops of Palo Santo Essential Oil – Releases

obliteration; spiritual emptiness. Promotes

connection with Divine; euphoria. Supports and

grounds the body and mind during times of

transition and evolution.

If you use this blend and have any testimonials, please pass

them on to me so I can continue to learn and document.

Page 3

Scents - Goal Setting

Many of us start the New Year by revisiting our

goals from last year and re-establishing goals for

the New Year. There are many essential oils that

can help us reach and visualize our goals/


Some of my suggestions for goal setting are: Into

the Future, Envision and Highest Potential

blends. Remember to wear them as perfume or

cologne, and diffuse them in your work space and

home to help you manifest your goals. My

personal favorite is Into the Future!

Into the Future contains

clary sage, ylang ylang,

Idaho tansy, white fir,

juniper, frankincense,

jasmine, orange and

cedarwood. Juniper is an

emotional and physical

detoxifier which allows us to cleanse and let go of

the old so we can make room for the new. Clary

sage quiets the mind and brings clarity by

cleansing and energizing one’s mental state. Use

Idaho Tansy to repel negative thoughts.

Frankincense and Cedarwood help us connect

with our creator and oxygenate the pineal gland.

Jasmine, orange and ylang ylang bring joy to our

heart and allow us to let go of emotional stress

by instilling self love. White Fir is placed in the

blend to empower, support and anchor our goals.

All these oils blend perfectly to create an oil that

represents leaving the past behind so we can

move forward in a more positive way; and

supports our highest vision of our self!

Remember when we

are in a negative

space then that is

what we will

manifest – more


Oils for Perfumes

Using essential oils for perfume (or cologne) is a

great way to smell fantastic, feel great and improve

your health at the same time!

Is there anything else on the Planet that does that?

Imagine if you could wear (or make) a perfume (or

cologne) that was non-toxic to the body and actually

could help you manage your anxiety level, or any

other emotional or physical situation. Well, you can.

Read on and I will tell you how!

Essential oils are the original, unadulterated

perfume. They have been used for centuries to

arouse our senses, cover body odor and invoke gods

in spiritual rituals! It is believed that the Hungarians

created the first “perfume” from a blend of plant oils

and alcohol. But by the 19th century, we discovered

how to create synthetic versions of plant essences.

Since, the synthetics were less costly to create and

could be easily made in bulk; many of the “original”

versions using pure essential oils were discontinued!

So today our perfumes, like our soaps, hair goods

and household cleaners, are simply synthetically

made products that further pollute our bodies and

our planet!

Did you know that approximately 98% of the

essential oils produced today are for the perfume

industry? Yes, so by simple math, that leaves 2% for

medicinal or therapeutic use. Perfume grade oils are

cut with solvents or distilled through a solvent

extraction process to save time and money, so all

their therapeutic effects are lost. But, why buy

synthetic perfumes or colognes (or oils), when you

can wear therapeutic grade essential oils for

perfume and have it all! Why not? As a matter of

fact, I have not bought a commercially

manufactured perfume since I began using Young

Living. Every time, I wear Joy, Present Time, Stress

Away, or a custom blend of oils for perfume, people

always ask me what I am wearing. And they are

pleasantly surprised when I say it is a professionally

made essential oil blend! Really?

NasCia Naturals -

Healthy Skin Care News-Because You Matter

But don’t some of the Best Perfumes contain Essential

Oils? Yes, some do. But as I said earlier even when

they are using perfume grade oils, not therapeutic

grade. Most inexpensive perfumes are made strictly

from synthetically manufactured fragrances! Also,

Did you know that Perfumes and Colognes contain up

to 90-95% Alcohol?

Yes! Here are the percentages for you…

Perfume/Cologne contains 90-95% alcohol and 15-

30% essential oils or fragrance. • Eau de

perfume/cologne contains 80-90% alcohol and 8-

15% essential oils or fragrance. • Eau de toilette

contains 80-90% alcohol and 4-8% essential oils or

fragrance. • Eau de cologne contains 70% alcohol

and 3-5% essential oils or fragrance. • Splash

colognes contains 80% alcohol and 1-3% essential

oils or fragrance. And what are they charging for

these synthetically produced perfumes? A lot of

money considering they are perfume grade oils (if

that) and they are mostly made of alcohol! Wow!

What Oils are they using in the Top Perfumes and

Colognes in the World? Here are some examples of

essential oils for perfume:

-Joy Perfume by Jean Patou is considered as one of

the “most expensive perfumes in the world”! It

contains: • Jasmine Absolute and • Rose Otto

Essential Oil. Cost is $275.00 for 0.5 ounces (15 ml).

Joy Essential Oil blend by Young Living contains

jasmine and rose as well, has no alcohol and has a

tons of benefits; and cost $50.00 (retail).

Chanel No. 5 Perfume contains these essentials oils:

Bergamot Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Jasmine

Absolute, Rose Otto Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang

Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, Cedarwood

Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil

Giorgio Armani Cologne ingredients include: Orange

Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil,

Cedarwood Essential Oil, Vanilla and

Oils for Perfume

Olibanum Essential Oil!

Page 4

Cashmere Mist (Used to be my favorite) ingredients

include: Bergamot, Ylang-ylang, Lily of the valley,

Jasmine, Sandalwood, Iris root, Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli,

Musk and Cedar.

Aramis Cologne ingredients include:

Sandalwood Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Bergamot

Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Rose Otto Essential

Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Patchouli

Essential Oil, Vanilla and Olibanum Essential Oil

Aramis Tuscany Cologne ingredients include:

Mandarin Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and, Anise

Essential Oil!

And you thought the men would be left out of the rose

and lavender essential oil department! Not true! You see

from that list that essential oils are not dominantly male

or female, especially in blends! There is an art to blending

and it is the combination of the essential oils for perfume

that brings out the unique aroma. Giorgio Armani knows!

So, as you can see, you don’t have to purchase expensive

perfumes and colognes when you have essential oils for


So let’s choose one! How do I Choose the Perfect Potion

for Me?

Choosing an oil or blend depends on several factors: •

Your natural body scent; • The fragrance we want; and/

or • The influence we want for ourselves or others!

What is my Natural Body Scent and what Creates It? Our

specific body scent depends on… • Our sweat glands; •

What we eat or drink; • Our overall condition of our

health; • The time of day; and • Our Emotional State!

There are many ways to determine essential oils for

perfume. For instance: gender (obviously); hair color or

skin color, or time of year. But why get so complicated?

Don’t! I personally would choose a blend or single oil

according to the emotional effect that I want! After all,

that is what scent is really all about. When we smell

Page 5

something, the scent crosses the brain-blood barrier

of our brain and triggers memories in the amygdale or

the emotional control center in the brain. This is why

smelling cookies can bring back pleasant (or maybe

unpleasant) emotions and memories instantly!

Essential oils do this within seconds!

So What is the Emotional Effect I Want?

You can create any emotional effect you want –

calming, refreshing, romantic, joyful or sexy! There

are a million different emotions or moods you can


I Want to be Calm and Relaxed, what Should I Wear?

Here are some of the calming scents. • Peace &

Calming Essential Oil **• Valor Essential Oil **

• Lavender Essential Oil, • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

I Want to Wear something that is Uplifting and Fresh,

what Should I Use?

Here are some of the uplifting scents. Most of the

essential oils that are citrus or contain citrus fit in this

category. • Citrus Fresh Essential Oil**• Grapefruit

Essential Oil**, • Orange Essential Oil**

I want to wear something for a Romantic Evening,

what should I wear?

Here are some of the essential oils for perfume that

will bring out the romantic in you! • Joy Essential Oil,

• Ginger Essential Oil**, • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, •

Lady Sclareol Essential Oil For Men, Sandalwood or

Cedarwood combined with a small amount of

Patchouli or Orange makes a great romantic scent.

Women love Sandalwood on men.

I want to wear something to feel sexy for my hot date,

what should I choose?

I would choose something that has aphrodisiac

properties! Why not? Here is the list!

• Rose Otto Essential Oil, • Sandalwood Essential

Oil**, • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil**, • Sensation

Essential Oil

How do I choose my Essential Oils for Perfume by

Scent? Here are some examples: Earthy, Woody,

Fruity, Floral, Herbal or Spicy!

What are the Earthy Scents? Here are some of the

Perfume Cont.

essential oils for perfume that have earthy scents:

• Vetiver **, • Patchouli **, • Lemongrass **

What are the Fruity Scents? Here are some of the fruity

scents: • Citrus Fresh **, • Bergamot , • Roman

Chamomile **, • Stress Away Essential Oil Blend**

What are the Floral Scents? There are tons of floral

scents! Here are a few of them: • Ylang Ylang , •

Geranium • Jasmine Absolute,• Joy Essential Oil

What are the Herbal Scents? Here are some of the

essential oils perfume that have herbal scents: • Clarity

Essential Oil Blend**, • Rosemary **, • Clary Sage **

What are the Spicy Scents? Here are some of the spicy

scents: • Abundance Essential Oil**, • Thieves Essential

Oil**, • Clove Essential Oil**, • Cinnamon Bark Essential


What are the Woody Scents for Essential Oils Perfume?

Almost all the tree essential oils will work. Here are a few

woody scents that I like: • Sandalwood Essential Oil**,

• Cedarwood Essential Oil**, • Palo Santo Essential Oil**.

• Present Time Essential Oil**, • Release Essential Oil, •

Inner Child Essential Oil

Which ones can I use as Cologne? I mean I really don’t

want to smell like a Rose Garden! The ones marked with

an asterisk ** can be worn by men or women! But as you

see by the ingredients in Aramis Tuscany Cologne ,

essential oils really aren’t purely designated by gender!

It is the blend of oils that brings out a distinctive aroma.

When mixing oils for perfume, there are low notes middle

notes and high notes. One has to experiment to get the

perfect scent for them or use a blend, such as those

prepared by Young Living.

Watch your newsletter. NasCia plans on introducing a

signature scent mid summer.

Page 6

Scentsible Wellness Solutions Mission Statement:

Phone: 816-584-9577 or 679-1060

E-mail: scentsiblewellnesssolutions@gmail.com

www.scentsiblewellnesssolutions.com or


Plastic in Your Scrub??

Is There Plastic in Your Exfoliating


Ron heard on the radio this week that in 2015 Dove is going

to remove plastic from their face scrubs. What?? So I

began to research. I am shocked!!

Many skin care brands, both drug store and high end

brands now use polyethelene microbeads to exfoliate your

skin, rather than other natural sourced ingredients.

Polyethylene is the same substance that single-use

shopping bags are made from. Unfortunately, plastic

microbeads could be at least as hazardous to wildlife as any

plastic bag. These tiny beads don't need to break down in

order to be accidentally eaten by any number of creatures.

Another problem is that microbeads are actually designed

to be washed down the drain - and out into the

environment. Sewage treatment plants are not designed to

remove this kind of debris. So not only will our oceans end

up with this additional plastic pollution, our lakes and

rivers will have these in them too.

Last, but far from least….what is Polyethylene doing to your

skin? Again, I continued to research. I read reports from

the International Journal of Toxicology. I read reports on

Pub Med. I checked out the Environmental Working Group

Website. Nothing I found could justify the safety of using

products with Polyethylene Glycol or PEGs. The Cosmetic

Journal reports that “impurities found in various PEG

compounds include ethylene oxide; 1,4-Dioxane; polycyclic

aromatic compounds; and heavy metals such as Lead, iron,

cobalt, nickel, cadmium, and arsenic. Many of these

impurities are linked to cancer. PEG compounds have been

found to open the pores of the skin, enabling

environmental toxins to more easily enter the body.

NasCia Naturals uses all natural ingredients. Our scrubs

have ingredients such as ground organic rice, ground adzuki

beans, course ground organic oats, ground organic walnut

shells, just to name a few of the exfoliating ingredients we

utilize. You will never find PEGs in our products. We carry

both facial and body scrubs. All of our products contain

Aloe Vera and MSM. If you have any questions, please

don’t hesitate to contact me.

To inspire, educate and equip

consumers to make sensible

decisions for their wellness.

January Promotions

Transform Your New Year With a Free

Limited Time Product Kit

Start your New Year right with an exclusive collection of

five motivational essential oils, hand selected by Gary

and Mary Young. During January place an order of 239

PV and receive a free Transformation Kit. Includes 5 ml

of Balsam Fir, Motivation, Transformation, Abundance

and Peppermint. That is a retail value of $153.94.

If you have not purchased from Young Living in a year or

more, you can reactivate your account from January 1

through March 31 with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE.

Noteworthy News

A recent study conducted in three nursing homes in

Japan concludes that lavender oil may help prevent

falls in the elderly. In the year-long study, residents

were given patches to wear on a daily basis, with a

control group receiving patches infused with lavender

oil and a placebo group receiving identical unscented

patches. Residents who received the continuous

lavender scent reported a significant decrease in falls.

Lavender has balancing properties that calm the mind

and body and has been traditionally used to soothe

anxiety.* According to the study, these properties may

play a role in the reduction of falls in the nursing home

residents. Click here to read the entire article.

Obligatory Disclaimer:

The information in this newsletter is intended for educational

purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the

Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended

to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering

from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.

These suggested uses apply only to the use of therapeutic grade,

Young Living essential oils.

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