thr brewster standard. - Northern New York Historical Newspapers

thr brewster standard. - Northern New York Historical Newspapers





Our fine display of ||()||n|lY(I()OnfV^*^P^"^^^"^ ready.

The newest novelties. The best selection. The most

appropriate presents for one and for all at low water

mark prices.

Beautiful Gifts.

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Do not fail to come in and see our Christmas

attractions in

Dtamonils, Watches, Clocks,

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Gioils, Uinhrellas, Musical

Merchandise, SIhferware,

Noveliles, Etc,

We claim for our holiday display General Exccfience,

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Whatever your wants may be, we can meet them with

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If you want to buy right, if you want to be treated

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Reliable Jeweler and Optician,




13 White Street,

Danliury, Conn.

Waldorf Shirt


We are showing a complete and up-to-date assortment

of these celebrated waists.

Mohair Waists at . . $2.25.

>'avy, .

in the basement of the Town Hall,

The Rutffi'eHlioii of a rnnning fnctory will restrain all the diMorderly pernonK

We can now nt you iuen who have ^ at Browftter fieemeil to im-et with the town is likely to be called upoa

An* hiTp In K"OII m^nnilitofriftf. Snch been waiting. ^ popuhir approval and a connuittee to restrain, decently and Jiiimanely'

as JJollar WatcheH for the hoyn. The Hiffh *8.50 or regular cut *8, made waH duty chosen to inspect a ttlniilar and witliout danger to the pernun KO-

Ladles' Little AVatch, the KiiialloRt with an Inner lining uf oil-silk and I factory already erected in the vlllafje restrained.

low-prfcdd watch wade at $i.75. , of New Mllford, Conn.

At prnMMit the town teases for us«»

Razors from 87o up; iH.OO Safety rubber cloth, makliiff them WATER-* This committee visited New MllfonI A» a lock-up a part of the basement

Razors as (cood aa the hlfrher-prleefl | PROOF.

on Friday of last week and ft))ent a adjoining J,. A* Shove's livery stable.

Playinjr Cards. Box Papers. Pocket- They will wear,

few hours In inspecting the local can­ Tlie price is »7S per year, or a little

kntvesln abundance. Skates are my

ning industry and Incidentally, In more than the interefit on *a.(M)n at JJ*

Bpeofal at this Heason of the year, 60c.

seeing the tm

an u«re uf ground at a prulit of fltiO

Tompkin? for Supreme Court,

Tile |»rotnotiun uf Justice Kdgur &I.

Cullen to tile (sliiel jndgcNliip uf the

Court of Ai)|«-alshubcanneila vacancy

in the ad .Judicial lH^trict of the

Supreme Cuitrl, 'i'iie cantlidates tt*

nil the vaucuiicy include Hon. Arthur

S. Tuiiipkiuh, of ,\yiu:k, funuer Congressman

and Judge of tliM^kiund'

County; JoNcph .A. Uurr, llugoHjrsli'

Tel. 197.

Tel. la

Danbury, Conn.

Brewfter. N. Y.



Qiriktmas will be bt^re in the shake uf a lamb's tail and you'll witji you

liad that present wliere all you had to do was tu say

"Landsman, Send That Chair to Sister

To-Day. »

and Henjaujjn F. Blair, uf Kingw

'., and liad eight tons uf green stalks

County; t'ouiity Jtuige ,luhn J,

left to feed to his cuttle. Ordinary Iteuttie, of Orange (.'uunty; Judge

apples that now gu to the cider mill

Hamuel K. iMillIipH, of DutcheMt

at 10 cents a bushel should net the and funaer i'uunty Judge l«aay

operative. Those who hold stock in

ajii'oiijinient bj- the Governor, Th»-

the company are j>ermitted tu bring upi»uirjiment will be for one yettr.

their produce and have it canned and

marketed at the bare cuht uf lab»r. Whoever is ap|>ointi>d will mobt

with a charge of ^ t^ent per van in likely be the next i^utididaCe foi-

addition. This i vent goes into a retention in the otllce and will prubu-

general fund from which thedivideuds bly be endorbed by the Deniui-ratf*;

are subsequently declared.


There seems to be a well-grounded In well informed circles it is be­

opinion tliat the bti^ckholders will lieved the honor lien i>el ween J udgereceive

at lea*it H per cent, un their Toiujikinh mid Muuelirouklyn lawyer.

Cunie and pick out what you want, have us lay it aierutjon of the mouied judge of Itoi-klaiid County in 1HV8.

men of the village with tiie farmers i'J'*-ittl'*'I'»>«i'ion he held untin«il«.

QUR NEW SHORT GRAND >s as small as is coi)- of the surrounding country. it* *^'*" ^** **^ elnct^ congressman.


sistent will* perfecl tone produclioii. We never sacri­ uJliuiale su««w, will dei>end on the '•'P''*^"*"""!? >1'« 'J'wentieth New

fice Tone to Si^e. Only 5 feet 5 inches long but a jfiant fckiJi and wisdom shown in it* mau- ^"''*' ^''*''^*"'*^' "^ WafJiiujilou for two

in tone quality. Vou will also find the Jacob, Doll, agement. terms. He lia> the legal aiid judicial

Gramer and Bans Pianos in our wareroom. Call or The iieople of Brewster should *****"*'"** ^*^ "'""'^'^ ** moM caj.»l>Ie

deem it worth careful ounHiderutlou *^J d»tf">*i'-d mei-iUr of the (Supreme

drop us a postal card and we will call on you.

and if found worthy they should *'^"^ *^"^- "*^**J* '•""^•^ "''' a]>point

Old instruments taken in exchange.

welcome it as a valued addition tu « "*w« "MJoumpliidied and worthy mai*

I the maleriaJ we*Jlh and prosjierit>' ^ ^^'^ ^'"^^*^" vacancy.

of the town. \ _,, _ ~T7 \ '. ~, ,


t W- L. J>ougltts' iSiioes are still lead-

Wareroom 29 Elm Street/ Danbury, Conn. Jf you appreciate quality. service „ ^**" Brewster, as well us in UUSMand

close firlees, buy your Uroveries chuaeti>.

Jiew bt>Ie# juat roceived.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ^^ i'ObdeJl «.

A. l'\ Lobdell ^ Co^

»M. 4t



•WarirblplRK In Spirit «•«

Trwtli*' — P*. c, l-^%

Jnhn IT, I*-M.


Tliore can lie no InRlde wltlmut nn

•ntslde. Tboiiftlit to be comtuuntcateil

Biiut have uiitwnrd form and pxprwi-

•Ion. Ilnveix'tii-e la nn Inner nllltnde of

tlie Boul. We a(«k to express it In rlal-

Me nlitna. We dotUe It In aymbola and

rftea of woinhlp.

At the fli-at the form flprlnffR almoit

•B iicieaaltj- from tlie clrenmBt«n»-e«

Ktnl srema Inaplred. We feel an uplift

of Runl ami o new aong burata from the

lips In attaint before unknown. Tlie

emotton aoupht expreaalon thna. Tlie

emoUun waa no antlafrlnK that we aeek

td rcprtahire It. We forjret tliat wo

have pitusctl liie former point of time

nutl (Kviialon and are In oilier aurround-

Inp*. AVe iTpcat tlie worda. we aInK

tlie tune, we alrlve lo'lirlnR back tbe

«mil nttltudp we bad bef^H-e. To aome

extent wfe awreeil, but lut repetition

f-tn eipial Itie ut'lKlnal ai'i In worth m

siittaf action.

Wlmt. Ilic'ii. »;Iia)l we duV

I''ii'nt.~We ni'itl (o uuitcl ever njialnat

mere repetition uf tlie fctrni as If that

In Itself liiid value. Oarnients Inivo

value aN ffiirincnts nnlj' us ilu'.v elotlie

a human form. Personality muat be

hi them and rube Itself ultli Ihem or

tUey are Init no niucli RlulT. So our

foniia of woralilp nniRt have Uie aplrit

ID them and lie the nalnni) espi-i*aRlon

of liiat aplrit hi tta e.'ciHtlnt; cimdllluns

or they are but empty forma or may

lie woii*e—slrnlljni'keta In which are

cuntlneil thoae who have loat llieir freedom.

Forma are KOIHI If Iheiv la u life

within and ahaplni; them. Kormallty

ie pvM- had and only bail. Itlantomlt

and ii:it a liouie.

Sfciiiid.—We ahanld In every and all

ewndillona and clrcumstancea he absolutely

open Willi our Uml nnd aeek tlia

truth and KUldaueo. Thia uuiat be sinverely

ami earnestly the Inli'iitlon of

the coal without dlssulse or i-cservatloii

and refJiunlleafl uf emotion, pleaa'

nrtihle ur painful. Uur Heekltii; la to

know Ooil and Ills will. It la not to

feel well or happy. It la to la* rl|;ht

and do rlKht. whh-h will ev«>ntimlly

yield hlKlieHt pleaaure, but may lead

through iriliuUillon and dlatrPita tirat.

Third.—To reudt the heat alLuinlueiit

we ut'cd al tlmea to carefully exanilni*

ourm'lvett nnd seek to know the

luollve-s tli.-tt we ai'c tolUiwiuji and

rouipai-e lliciii with the mutiel driven In

»he New Tenlamenl. We aluill at tlmea

be tiiiiiirN(>il lu Und how iat-kluK our

worHblp in In xplrit and triilli. Then wtt

kUotild at-ek the Lord and Hm waya

and not make the mlKtaku of aeeklng

by fnruiH to revive our ilanKlua zeal.

Iluir ttt lAUKb.

nie xeciel of happlm'SK Is not tlie

nlxc of one's imrKc, or tlic i^tylc of one's

lionsc. or the uuMihiT'or uiic'i* hutterdy

fiii-niln. The foiintulu of pence and joy

ia lu the hciirl. If yuu would every morning, a throwing'

open of the heart'a wlntlosvs to the

)troiiJsex uf the Mailer, u few words of

li'ttii'si prayer, a deed or two of klndiiesK

to lite next peraon wlium yon

tncft. will do more to hriRlitcn your

'•unulciiaiic uud lielp yr>ur dlKlrciip^Ui. In the other case we

Khiill lia\e moie hniilcn and more

Klren^'th. The feTiice 1% propjriluued tu

the IM-(HI uf ^-nicf, the addcl lileiisln^

to the addeil linrtlcn. Wlien I'unl aakiil

for llic li;.-liter Imi'den tiod yavc him

the Nii'un;.>cr bark, »n u have u puitimi iu 1i.e world Is ]

mei'cy; l have the wgrid f-M- u ponlj'

la » uthiei-y.

«:ud wi!l either kei'P iiiw SuhiU frun

teiiipt.-Mluus by nil* i*rcvcutluj. merc>

W lu te:ui'ialluu»4 by His KUI ponln

li.crcy or dud a wi-y I'ur tUcli jrM.-ii;ii

iiy Ills UdiverJm; mtrvy.

The Bre^vster Stantiard, P'ridav, December Q, 1904.


f*r«rcr MvetliiK 7«|»le P«r the We«k

M«VliiMliiK Dve. 4.

Topic—now tu worship In apirlt and In

truth.—Fa. o, 1-6; John Iv. 19-24.

Br REV. S. 11. DOTI^.

Worship may he popularly defined as

tbe bomsKe which we render unto Uod

through tbe meillum of pralae, prayer,

rcadlnfc the ficrlpturea, IneludlnR the

RKV. r. n. nuBBHI.U

of Itev,


home is


r. u.


In Colsac-

conntahle for

tbe putting of

Ohla In Uie

forefront as to

ChrlsUan Kndea

vor. Mr.

Hnhl»ell, In his

position aa Held

aecretiirj', haa

literally "lived

in hlH aatchel"

the past two

years, and the

Tiwnit IK a phenomenal

RuIn In

Kodetles and

a corrusiiondlnjf

IiK-reHM' In (he t'cnernl efteilivemwx of

all the work. In aihlition to his duties

aN tidd si*crelary. «'liich makes for

biiii an avrra;^e uf oin' or two addres'ii-H

every day, Mr. Iluhliell la editor

of the Ohio Kndeiiv.«i-er.

T«vu (irrrtiuK*.

The New Vo'-k Blate lCnde«vor coiivrnllou

w:ts unhpie In its Krc«'tiuga,

One uf ibeni -cauie from rreNldent

lloovcvdi, the other from I>r. 4*larU.

Ilu> founder of I lie movcnieut. Tlielr

;ficelhi(rj*, wlildl were rei-eiv«l liy the

•i.OlU) people in the convention hall with

uuiifiUal enthuxluiou. were ari TUIIOWH:

lly ttfjir Mr. Cl«'iin-nl»i~l bollevi; In Ihe

wurh of Lite ('lirlNllun ISiii^uuvur unluiiH

.in*l aoi ulwuyh tfliid tu tii-itd urcctiiiK' to

tli"lr i-unvi'j-.ttoiiH. bill It In uii t>Mj>

plt^iiHtin- to Mviiil. Ittrui'Kli yo». Id Itu- Ku-

'l riirltaiaii IJuJfdt'ui-.

'I'l il t't-ni liiui th.' "lacTtfU;**- ijiupuiun"

\v.\* hvww lulifU I l< wlih vl);ur ull uvtr

'Ji-< ;it Uiliali:, Ai::tti-iJlu uiiJ 8uulli Alriu you kauw it aeems to me pre

:ranaU.* and j

1!ic lender gruixt giving u go'^ swellV"

slie N.ild.

"Are you amv yuu uever regl'et?" Ue


"Jieri'ei; WcU. I co'ifesfi I should

I'ke lu l^uve heard 1iii)> nMd out our

iiiurr|jt-:e uutlee al Mrcukfust and Halt

lit tiillcr the day Ijefuiv for fear of ill

Hut retfrel i!"j;*e diiys of litllenes* and

idU"ie-i>j iiud cottKli'. the coufluiug

cJothcK aud eram])lng life-

"i- 1 niins my f.itlier." she sold, aud

her r.p qulvc'od.

"But even." she suld presiujtJy. "If

he never furglven us ur (-JIUI-H to see

us. and if pour Hsh should never tnuue

down here aud leurn what (I ix to live.

I shall he sure, my dear ii>ui luve is

b^-ar."- l.uu!svlUe Cuuritr JOLU'IUII-


a Highland division en^neer lant

evening who livee iu Brewster

and runs between Waterbury and

the river. In due course of conversation

he Infonnvf me that

Llnonlne was making great beadway

all along the line. He heard

of ft constantly In Waterbury and

Brewster and could count up at

least a dozen among his associate

railroaders who deiwnd on It tu

keep thein free from coughs. He

mentioned the case of a Brewster

Vnlue ur llouflnr Work.

Routine Is a hiesseil thing when something

happens to itHlnce tiie uionil driving

power which kc^ps ns going, the

coui*age, and good cheer that

give life prcr^cni Joy us well us meuulug.

It la u'ooil in moments of depression

or weariness that there la a path

murked out ahead each day whldi men

follow liCi'uuse It Is there; that thei'e I><

time whidi cusloni has m^t for them tu

get up, to cut, to work, to rest, to n-ad.

go to bed again. They move along lite

grooves of habit and get all the heuelil

of their iulierltiim-e and their experience.

The general may quit the Ueld

fur a time if he ehooncs; the iirmy bus

Its murehing plan aud knows what Is

exi>ected of It.—.New York Mi^lL


Jeweler and Technical Optician,

Main Street, - - Brewster, N. Y. g

Until further notice I propose to discontinue my visits to Carroel

Interpretation of tbe Scripture and Its tlie wroiiR side of tbe mnrket

application In the sermon, ntid the glrhiR

of Rifts unto (iod when the wor- "1 cnn't picture It" said Sally Llttle-

, Brewster, giving my personal attention to all patrons.

abip IR public,

}obn, ImlnnclnR her little ROld spoon.

Hince wornhip Is so great and Impor­ "What will become of blm? The s|>oll- aequalntanoe who had been comtant

a part of our lives It la very neced darltnR! Why, be will have to go to Piled to oeaae work on account of

essary that we should imderatnnd Ita work!**

Eronchltis, but who wns prompt­ ISloat*s store.

chnracter. Two of the most vital charly

restored to health by Llnonlne.

"Workl" said Julln Montreasor,

ut^terlstlcs of ime worship are sufCRest-

*^Vhy, that man Is sotlckledwlth

"With those •rlstocrntlc bauds? What

ed for our conaideratlon In the topic—

what Llnonlne has done for hltn,

I kinds of repairing.

namely, the splrltuutlty nnd truth. The

eort of work? Why, what will he do?" and has told so many of Its good­

true worship of (jod must be both spir­ "The only thing he can do—stop livness, that he has created a b!g

deiiinnd for it In hts neighborhood.

itual nnd nlnccrc.


And it inaktfa good, thnt^s what

These chant cteiistlca of worship "Oh. Bab! How horrid of you! Jack leases htm almost an much as

were emphaalKed by Christ Ilimaelf. Rodney, tbe dear, splendid fellow! Haa Kis recoverj- did,"

The occasion was His conversation any one seen blm? I wonder what be Linonine certainly gets right

with the Ranmrltan woman at .lac'ob'a

after coughs. It eases the mem­

la doiUK now?" anid Hally,

well. Her Idea was that the place dcbranes,

heals the sore tissues and

"WalkiiiR on his uppers, don't they enriches the blood. Why don't

torndned the value of the worahlp.

"Onr fathetTi worahipcd in thia moun-

call It?" said Bab.

you try it t

t;iln (tJerlxIm). and ye any, that lu .le- "Ever}' one else wos letting Will dc

ruaalem la the place where men oupbt Ltiya reap what lie sowed, but Jack

Th« Lonely tlhrarr.

tu worahlp." She lookc- itfiii»iei-4-ti -.tuu LMdr,*

"buiie w«'«-ti)i y-'e-1 1 hiiil an oppiirln

uli.v of ii;rti«H-Uii(; il:e Lulcl rc;;i.ner oi

a Nlu«t;rii I'l.jl:! hoiel of Ihc

lSii;-:{2," uaiil u Milwuuktxt man.

"Kven lit thul time the falls seeiu Ic

have hei'i) n fuvurlte iVfiuil. hul whut

hupi'cssua me IU'IKI WUS the style Iu

vo^'ue lit time.

'•The chlrjyr.iphy was by far belter

tliuu one hees nowadays ou holel re;;U

terw, some wrilinif iilmost iv.:;cmUlinij

bieel eti^^Tiivln;!. I looked all tlu'ouifh

tlie rejjisuT. i>nt found but one in­

stance of u lAii'.u rcKisterlub' hlmaelf

•liuil wife." lu every other luhtuace it

wii.4 'uuA li'dy.' Another feu In re of the

register wus u colmnu headed 'lie

murks.' which wus used by guetits lu

nnikiu;; perbunul oulices, aome ol

which w





Coprriihi. 1904, lir LoMtS Ohw RMW

MoKiintiii wtiH one of tbjKc i]iitct Utile

tuwiiH by the sontliem BCH wliere

mnny pt>iii)l(> uo to NIKHKI lite winter.

Its L'liiPf bofluty Iiiy In tho wide foi-esl

vt live onkiji till itboni, tlirnnr;!) wliicli

wonnd lilt' U'vcl drivewny, witb Its ueconiptuiylnK

bicycle pnth. 'I'lio noii

knoekeil InzHy iit Hie door, bnt never

^'Ith eniinKli enorKy (o eiiiiHe the (inlet

'lltie town 10 give It nuy iittentlon bi>-

>-uiid tliiit or lui ocfiiKlfinnl midwinter

biitlihi^ ptii-iy or n cliinilinklng expedition

up tlw roiiM, wbcre the rouks

were liirpe nnd blnek In the nioDiiHtilit

»nd the Ni-ene po- that things were not at all right end

Hint there was trouble ahead.

When Miss Barclay canie down tbe

•xt morning Khe found tbe big pointer

tied to a msgnolla tnte In her front

AlH.\c tell ber be was sorry, but julgbty


Vl'he ;flrl anproiiclied slowly. Don


eyes met ber reproncbfull}'. He was

confined Iguomluiously In a chicken


MIsa Barclay tried her be^t to think

It was all right. Then she gave It up.

He was such a splendid dog after all!

She took him from tbe coop and allowed

him tbe freedom of the back

yard. Don did not abuse tbe privilege.

He seemed to understand that be was

on parole. He lay down at her feet and

wutcbed her adoringly. Hbe wandered

away to the hammock and tried to forget

the whole Incident In a book. Don

followed, sat down and peered solemnly

over the edge of the hammock with

grave eyes which seemed to say,

"What are you going to do about ItV

That evening Carleton picked up tbe

papM'und read:

R. C—Tour dor haii been ivrdonpd and

released on Ills uwn recoKulsance. PU-tuie

oomc and get hltii. U B.

And when Carleton called Don Inid

been promoted. He was Jn tbe parlor,

lying on the best i'erslan rug,

- • « • • * « •

"Bless old Don!" said Carleton fervently

si.\ iiKtiiths later. "He causeil

it nil. He's a diplomat worthy tbt

court uf KL .ianu-s."

"Yes," suld yxiati Hjrclay. with a shy

smile, "he's iilniost as great a dijilomal

nu bis mnrtler, save that be hickit his

mauler's inipudeiK-e."

"I'erhapii," abficnied Carleton cheerfully,

'*bul ninrh gueri Willi JmpU'.lencc

which nii^rlii ]nt.d by

niere dliduinucy." And he kissed ber.

VujlkocB nr*' KiiM to answer oue4jued-

(Ion by iinDllior. Tnrks nif^K iim^uiluns

by iinotlier mtrl uf UVUKIUU. ijiiite iis \vrllutlnjf.

i'ir A. llenry Lu.vurd I*JI.VH It.

his "Antubiuf.'ni|))iy" Lbiit during' n

jouriK'y thrmiKb Asia Minor he met n

shepherd drlvlnt; UU dock.

1 nNk(>d blm bow many gouts lie porii«estitid.

ills rejdy was, ""As many aa passed

by yon."

"r.nt," said I, "1 did not count Uiem.

How muiiy are ihiveV

"Tlie name iiumlwr I took with me

to the mouululus."

"Unt buM' many did you tuke to the

uiuuu tains?"

"AM many as 1 bud."

It WHS ntieless fj imiulre any /nrtber.

I'UKiiIng a I'sruvun of laden cuuvelw.

I iiKked one uf the drh'ers wheuue be


"Krum tbut side," was tbe uUKirvr.

jiulmiug with his linger lu the -dlnH.tiuu.

"Hut from what town?"

"Tbe town is there." pulntluu agatu.

"liul tbe name of the Juwn';^*

"Jt WHh toward ISm,vi'na."

And hu Ibe eulloquy eudod.

'J'blfi habit IM derived frv'.u tbt> KUK

pieiuji entertained by ea^^terutTii of

s/ranj;er8. wbo are (,'eiieruily taken fur

^oveniirieui ulUclals on Hume min>iii>ii

coniUHTted with taxKatlierin>; oi- oli.eibusiiiefupulatiuu.

Flail Tltat Ar« Kul KUb.

On our way Into the JnierlJr uf NewfouraJIand

pari uf our route was oveiu

lovely lake. 'We bad not iiruit-eded

far when 1 lliou;'lit I uddy, did 1 uuderwtaud you la say

that tliere were uu flsb In tbi* lake?"

"N'u dab. sir—nu flidi."

"Vt*s. but'l b«g your pardon—1—a

moment aj-'u saw what 1 took to be a

twelve or llfUwu pound aalmon break

ttie water not six feet from tite bow

of tlie canoe."

"Oh. yes. that waa a aalmonl There

are plenty uf ti-out and aalmon in alt

tbttbo watem. but uo flab, air. Vou

iuiow. we don't count oiiythlng as flsb

In tJiAse parts bnt eoddsh. air."—"Carl-

< ^ju ^Looting Jju NvwfouJudiuud."

Flaev ir«Mes l« BafflaBd*

"Phonetic biKlncss" In the matter of

ptnoc names Is notorlons In the north

of Englniiil, writes a correspondent of

the London Chronicle. I.4incnshlte has

a ctirt way of dealing with troublesome

iiniuus. "After all." writes a correspondent,

"there Is on excuse for

saying 'OoBt'n' Insirnd of Ulvorslono

In these days of stress and hustle, and

life is too short to sny 'Llttie Urswlck'

M-hcn you can make yoni-solf understood

more easily by 'Llloslk/ lu

Cnndicrland I once astteil the way to

AKpatrla. The native didn't under-

Hland for some time, when it suddenly

dawiHil uimn him that I tueunt

•Spethry.' DiUicultloS of.

h.iwevei*, prcHont themselves ty

the Landonor much nearer home than

("nndicrlaiiu. In KKRCX for lnstan,.-P.

1 onif aslicd a laborer If he could give

h.c s.iiue rough Idea as tu bow fnr t^t.

OK.'MI v.-ii:i fn)i;i any known out:--' : of

civilization.' He was a luoiit buelUgent

fellow, for be bad scratched his

bead only four minutes when be exclaimed,

'Ob, you mean Toosyl' I

supposed I did."

Trlbote lo **Tbe Tlinnderer."

In 1t»41 tlio Loudon Times wns Infltrumentnl

In detecting und litinRlng

to tlie liRlit o( day a far reaching

scheme to defraud by forgery not only

ISngllsli bankers, but many prominent

bankers of Kurope, In nn action at

law brougbt against the Times the

jury found the charge technically tru^

and a verdict of 1 farthing damage*

was given, but the Judges refused


•s there hnd been enormous aub-

•crlptlona to reimburse the Times its

costs were set on foot at the Mansion

House and throughout Europe, A goodly

sum was raised, but tbe Times firmly

refused to handle any portion of It,

and' It waa devoted to scholarships,

bearing the name of the paper, to be

held at Oxford, Cambridge and Chriat's

hospital, while marble tablets com>

memoratlng the event were set up In

tbe Itoyal Exchange and the Times offlee,

a notable tribute to atralghUorward

English Joumallam.

HsBrr ClMr*m Father.

John, Clay, the fathn* of Henry

Clay, tbe dlstlngulsbed etatesmau.

was not only a Bapthit. but a Baptist

preacher, lie resided most of his life

tu what is known as "the slashes" of

Hanover, and bla farm, on which be

tired for many years, la two or three

miles from Ashland. Here bla eon

Heniy was burn, and probably Porter

Clay, who removed to Kentucky and

became u distinguished Baptist minister.

Itubcrt B. Hcmple, In hla "Hlatoiy

of Virginia Bnptlsts," saya that

the Bluck Creek Buiitist church in

lianover ccnnty was originated by

John Clay und thut be was pastor of

the Chk-knbomlny church und did

much missionary work in tbe region


**Xo" la t'ulqne.

"It seems udd that the English al

pliubet, out of which can be constructed

Kevernl thousands of words, contains

Jnst one word fornied by the lettern

in their prenent order," remarked

(he (iltserviint yonnt; man. "Tbut word

Is 'So.' You eun luuk tbe alphabet

over, and yon won't dnd any other

combination uf vowel und consonant

cbtinu-ierN that will furni a word Tbe

nearent approach lb 'Ab,' wliii-b by

sltniniiiK a point might be cunHldercd

an abbreviation of 'Abnihani.' or 'III,'

which mi;;bt answer im Hhort fur 'Illrum.'

But 'No.' one. uf the shortest

wui*ds in tbe lanKuagt*. is the only

bona tide word furnied fu tbc arrangement

uf the alphabet's twenty-six

-\'»«(.'tw«"—I'liliudeluUla Itecord.


Writ* (or • Free Snniple Bottle ol Cal-cura

Solvsat, Or. David Konnei^Iv«M nud quic-klyrtnnr.Ti-uCulijuli

(sUmes) rud and wiiito>;ruTul,fromtb(]

KiducMi uud tllti'ldcr. It stops jiain in Ibe

l>uck, Kid^uy coliu umlavoidij tho•nu'|'«>ou'B

kuifu; it l^^ev^sa^» tlio furmutiun of tiii>be

foreit;n bodiud (Cu]i*ulJ) by diutfijlving tbe

tu-ioacid and currying it off tbr'>uj,'b tbo

ixuturtj cbuiiucL), tJj us puriiyiu); tbe blood,

curiutf gout, rbeumatisui, m-urfiina, and

periuoiculheaducbesof women. Itvxpols

giiU«tunu. 'J'i!>ili]iioijiuU bfiit upon

rutjuesL. Lai-^ebottlt)Sii;1.0l>oraixforiS:6,(>0.

Men Visiting


Oil l>usiiieMM i*r lAmiMureurniiiyitvd

Ui umke uiy luiuJi xaom UieJr


Efl^ultu- dinuerti diUJy. tLUbury News Office.

Indigestion Causes

CatarrH of the


For manf yean It has been supposed thai

Catarrh of the Stomach caused indigestion

and dyspepsia, but the truth Is exactly the

opposite. Indigestion causes catarrh. Repealed

attacks of Indigestion inllsmes the

mucous membranes lining the stomach and

exposes the nerves of the stomach, thus causing

the glands to secrete mucin Instead of

the Juices of natural digestion. This ta

called Catarrh of the Stomach.

Kodol Dyspepsia Cure

relieves all inflammation of the mucous

membranes lining the stomach, protects tha

nerves, and cures bad breath, sour risings, a

sense of fullness after eating, IndigesllOD,

dyspepsia and all stomach troubles.

Kodol Digeste What You Eat

Make the Stomadi Sweet.

Bottlearnljr. ReruUf s'ie< SI.00. hoidlnc 24 times

the tilal size, which ^eili for 50 cents,

Praparwf by E. 0. OaWiyr ft CO,, Ohlcago. Ui

For Sale oy jauit'H K, bnilia.


Monumental Works


Mauutaotiirera oT and dealers in

Ceneterf Wort of All KMs.

prom any of tlie Foreign or American Orsoiieoi


faults, loDBUts, TaM, EMm

Bnolosaedi Etc

Lettertnff Doiie !• Cemeterlei.

%, II;O. MTANNAItl), cnsiuer

Abram J. Miller

Attorney and Counselor

At Ijiwnnd Xotorj- inilillt-.


Frederic S. Barnum,

Main strect,;Bri'WBto«iu>Kecejvt)dfrouilla.Ui. to3p.iu '

Deiwsits made on the 1st, Sd, yd, 4tb or!

0th of the iluntb, druw Interest I

from the lirht. i

luterestAddedheiuJ-auuuttJly, Jauu-'

ary and J uly. j

Fur LhruuiivrijjfiiiiearOt'lMJHiUimuiuufyordfrs

('•lUi U-ubUilit«'d iroiii till- AUitTli^u Lxiiichn ( o.,

ouiJicllurlmu or J'ui-umiiK. J(,,i.iid will tx- ir-

W'Jit4)(iiid)-iMi(iII. iUiuii^blOiUcJJtritipfhViUJ im

I luruihliud liy spjjlj'Uii; ut Uit- £x;ti«-sh oaiui-«.

, W. b. I'uddvuk. fivtL A. y. Uibdtii. •itxm




_ ^"-^ * HUDSON RIVER R. a




Niiv, BT. IIKM.

Tmhis Jrnvn RrRwuifi- ror .New York, nl. tut.

B::W,(bV,. r..«, t(, UMB. lusw a. in,, rjicsct

r.«i, r,:Mi iitid ; ^.i j.. rii, . ^

l>*uvf nr«-nM,.rii.ri'ininiii.'nIN:On. lo-fiff. I0:«

B. III., 1 :».\ 4M% ^^•,3, .'iiHil. (l;;^ itiid TMli. Ill

l^-nvp nn-wsiiT riip (riintliiim nnil AJtmny at

HSW. lU.ll U. hi.. I ;;j.^ 4:K1 aiifl HA'> n. m.

i^'nvoiniiiil fpiitnil lji-|ii,t rnr nmwHirr ot

(i.->l,'..«:HMr*Hhili(l Il:«Hi. III. 8:(W, «-!tV «:,%) ."itft

ftW, li.u'.u.iciinu ii:JH p. m.


N"v, sr, um.

lA-nvo Brewster tor Nuw Ycrrk nl Ojflf, t>:4H s. IB.

niicia^NamliliiSji. m.

l.t:nv(; i,Vitli sim-l. Sf-w York, for IIIVMSUT,

H:ao n. III., iiiiil i:Kl, •'n.'M) p. in.

Tlie train wlilcJi ]('(ivfH NPW York lit Ki-IOn nu

rrwrlic^ lin'WKicr iil niMi ii. m., iiiirt nuikcs dlnwfc

OOIllM'i-Ill.Jl Willi lllf! illBlllllIld IHvlKUtH (tlUlO

V...^: V- !'• *^ "• "• " ^'"' "»ii''iir.\. WatcrlHiry,

«i1«I«l. I'jiiliivllli'. New niitjiin, lliirtioi'd untt

IHilntM t-]isi til ibiHUiii,

Traill l.'iiiliiif (inwHtcr n( il:jMn. in.,(.-fiimecu

wltlii'xitifwfT^ilii (HI IClfvaUHl U. !(.. urrlviiittiit

H»rtornlir('l. titli avemii-lln,-, al li:Wn. m. l(».

tiiniliitf. iciivct KiTtorHrm t, inii iivi'mi('lltn\Bt

fi;W and TMUI nUt\-t ui bM p. ui., unlvliiirat

llrL'ttBier at r:M p. m, ' ' . *


Onlhf nHi-lfiii mml MiL'pusNeiit.'i'p tmliw cnlnr

mnilli li'uve Hn-wMtT ul, n:iT, ll:47 «. in.. *:(«.

T:«aiiar:Mp ni. •* —.

(Jolutf iKinli tilt' putwciiipT tr«lii« Icnvc Brow

sti>r nl II it I a. in.. »:*), TM iiiirt WM p. in.

I.»*iivp i;nui(l (Vhirul DCIMII for Hnswmijr at

l>;mn. lll.,l:JII. 8:!

On tiic I'liiiiiiiii rond tlic puMSPiiLtT iratt

leaves l.VMli Wi-o-t ai U.-OTii. in.,iiiirt HIP iiilxtK

train li'iivf^H Hlirli IINIIKI' at hSUit. m. For N«w

^orKnt (1:1.1 and 11:1.1 p. 111. (mixed train).

A. h. nniiiiuixl, (ii'iieriil Am-nt. Alliany. N. V.



ttUfEfed Rt the ronlotnoe at Itrewster, N. T.,

as Beoontl-Clfun Mall Mutter.

After Eltotion Contettt.

The laptie of another week leadn to

the oonclunion, genemll}', that Senator

Depew In not to have a walk-over

for re-«leetIon. Notwithstanding the

fact that Benator Piatt inslKtB that

ikepew had the votett, and that Ex-

Oovernnr Bloak had better shy hts

euHor Into the Hngr nt once if he

«xpectfi to do any mnninic. On the

other hnnt) there are niniont in the

newt«pai>er8 that SenetorfRalneti,

hitherto a Ktannch supporter of Piatt

ami Depew, will be found in the Blaek

column, provided he is permitted to

;eW}oeed hiumelf aa President of the


The New York city newaimpersthlfl

iiiorninff continue to Indicate thut

Hlock, without announeiuK hit* candJdaey

or olaiuiInK a single vote is

^ving >teiiator Doi>ew a very howl

raoe. Indeed, if the prominent men

throiifchoitt tliG State, who are reported

lis interested in" Btr. Block's

candida(!y, hy reason of tlieirprewence

in confereiiiie with Ghvernor Odell «t

the Flftli Avenue Hotel. ye«terday,

»re in earneHt'ubout tlie matter, MK

Ulaek IK certain of IH) ont of ttie 140

members of tlie Leffisliiture wiio will


behind Senator Depuw will

iJepiity Attorney

^Teiieni) JJi cliarge of New York


The Bre-vrster Standard, Kridav, December 3,1904,

A Putnam County Voteran.

Pradiot* Panfc and War a* a

Ratultof tha Splandid Republican


Our aged and esteemed Demooratlo

friend Ex-Justloe Henry 1'. Wllion,

formerly of Southeast, now reiidlnfc

with hts son in Waterbury, ia simply

astonished at the result of the recent

eleetlon. He was especially interested

this year because Mr. Brownlee W.

Wilson, of Gold Spring, his nephew,

entered the race for the Assembly

Against a son of Belden Tale, longago

his neighbor and eo-worker in the

ranks of the JefTersonlan Deuiooraoy,

a Putnam county organisation reooginixing

Hon. Saxton Smith, of Putnam

Vallej', Hon. Uorgan Horton, of

Southeast, and Hon. Edward Wright,

of Garmel, as its leaders, an organltatlon

,for many years as regularly

victorious at general elections and

town meetings as the present organization

is now regularly defeated.

Keferrlng to the Assembly contest,

after expressing his pleasure that

both candidates were born on Putnam

oounty soil, both representing old

JefTersonlan Democratic families, Mr.

Wilson writes:

"Friends from Cold Spring visiting

here [Waterbury] last week told me

that Bmwnlee Wilson had carried his

town, but lost in the oounty. Such u

result I thought hardly probable,

although 1 notice that this table:

[cllp)ied from the Republican] which

1 t-eiid you gives Wilson 40 yi^lority

in Southeast. Evidently something

or somebody Is mixed up. Now I

must await the full returns of tiie

Boanl of County Canvassers.*'

1 was not disappointed Id the

result except In Missouri, Now look

out for panic and war. How well 1

remember the iiolltioal landslide and

the panic and war following 18M.

This election may do the same, but I

hope not, awaiting the official returns,

I am

Very respectfully yours,

H. P. Wilson.

[The Republican's figures undoubtedly

led to Mr. Wilson's misunderstanding

of the returns. As a matter of

fact Brownlee did so little running

outside of Phlllpstown that Tale

having carried all the eastern towns,

and Putnam Valley ^ went to the

Phlllpstown boundary with ' considerable

over 800 majority. In

Phlllpstown. however, Yale's plurality

was only a little over 80 against 20U

for Roosevelt. ]

Bis Pluratitias.

President Roosevelt's plurality of

the {wpular vote will be at least twice

as large as the largest previous one

reiM:>fved by any Presidential caudidate.

The largest ever previously

received was by William McKinley in

)!I0(I, which was 8411,700. Up to that

time the next largest VIUB Ulysses S.

(irant's plurality of 7flJ!,»9i over

Horace (Jreeley in 1872. The smallest

plurality of the |>opular vote received

by a i^residential candidate since 1824

was Oarflehrs over Hativock In 1H80

whlcli was only 7,018. In 1888 when

'/frover Cleveland was defeated by

Beujamin Harrison, the formernevertlieless

had a popular plurality of

UH.IMO, but lie lost hi the Electoral

College. Cleveland's plurality of the

popular vote in ''•180a was «8().yi0.

About one-fourth of Roosevelt's enormous

plurality of the popular vote

o iines from the State of Peuusylvauia

wlilch is something near OOO.OOO. Nfixt

in order, according to site of their

pluralitiet) for the Repubtiuan Electors

arc tile States of Illinois, Ohio. New

York, Michigan, Iowa, and Miuiie-


number of the popular electorate.


Maht-er Stagley Conkiin has tlie

whooping C{>ugh.

Tlie infant son of Mr. and Mrs.

Frai'k liobiiison is imjtroviug.

Nekt Wednesday ev^'iiing is llie

regular c-ovenaut service. Do luit

forget it.

Mrs. Delevaii and sf>n, of Brooklyn,

Tiiree boys of New Briton, on their | j^^^.^ ,^^^„ ^pending a few days at llie

way to Kuijilay M-bool lju>t Sunday

luoruin^ x^eiv drowned in Walnut

Hill Reservoir wliit-h ihey uitempied

lo i-rohf oil u (bin eoatiug of Ui*f.

Tliey btuju-'i I'rom l be coiit shore uiid

had ;ijot Iij within l«enty leet of the

•oppuslfie bunk when tliev iToke

home of Mic. John Merrirk.

The paster bus held three evening

servie-es tliis week as a fitting elose lo

»>iie of the most profitable of the

present paf*torate.

Some persons on Tliunkt-giving

throUgii. TIteir eiips, seen tloaliiig jeveeiilered tbeliennery on ihc fariiM.f !

.jver the .-iml, where the lirst indiito- j Mfh. David llal^e^ and removed some j

lion of ihe iruj;*idy. The Fire Depart: of her clioiw poultry.

lUeul, alter dru|d;(;iiie lor several i Rev. Dr. VogM>n*s berujous lut-t

Jjoure, recovered llie bodies. The' Huuduy, es|>eeially the Sunday eventwys

were sour* 4if rhuries H. Parks, ; im; nermon, was grand. Test, Prov.

,a.u employe nf tin* Klectriu Vehh-le 'iH. Itl, ''llot-t thou found honey f Fat

^Jompttiiy. Hartford, and of John so mucli a* is sufficient for thee."

JIuJveisoii. a lueehauie.

"i'hristiuu optimism." his tiieuie. He

has made a laKtiiig impression ontl'e

Detectives csrrying small eAiuerajf

(leople of this ehuicli uiidrisuiit'i-h oiHl ollirr unicen wLo liavt-

Uiki^u uity i-t!('u;;iituiii{'t- tor lli iipiMuuiiiircur

uii.v IN-mull ul ibf Cfiurt. or liuvtu;.' lukrii uiiy

liii|Ul»llliiii ut i-\)uuluulluu of luiy |irlb)iurr or

wUuiihn, 111 rulurii HUflin.i-uciiJKuurc, ItiiJiilMltluii

uad exuiuliiutlull lu Llit> Hulil C-ourl. ill llit; U]N-U-

Uik' Ihurour, ut ilii- Unit duy uf lUt KlUtuv.

I.K4)NAUn JAVC'OX, Klifrlff.

Slicui^ ul Uie ShvrltT's uaUN;, t^ailiM^, UiiH MUi

duy ul Nuvi-iultt-j', IMM.





Ctias. 0. Datim,

Jeweler and Optician.

Mah) St., Brewster, N. Y.



meiits. has been awarded the "Urand

Prize'* over all other Talking Machlness

at tlie St. Louis Kxpositlon. We

carry a full line of Victor Machines

and Records, ami alt orders will

receive our pnun]it and c^Lreful attention-.

No present will Ije more a]>itrecitited

than a "Victor Talking

rlachine." Drop us u postal card and

we will senil you a catalog and full

liartirulars. If In Danbury. do not

rail to call on us, it is our business to

entertain our visitors in the best

possible ijiaiiner.

Ftjr a ('liristmos present, nothing

better than a VictorTalkiugMachiue.

Let us have your order nuw.

CucticDt Mercaitile Vmwi

lii;t lll.'t Main St., Daiibury, (^onii.

New Lines of New Things

at the New Stijre. And liy new lines Is uieaiit lines iu whieh the

goods ore all brand n«w, eoutainlug no left-overs.

Lan)i)S, Fiiiiey Tea Sets, Vuses,

Photograpli Albums, Clocks.

If you would see the very latest in these goods, jiay us a call, and

see tlie newest conceitiouglil at, and witli tlie easiest way there is

to buy them. Big full slock uf everything in the Furniture, (*uri>et

and Stove Line.

N. Y. Furniture Store,

155-7 Main St., Danbury. Conn.

Ornamental Evergreen, and Deciduous

Trees, Vines, Sbrabs, Roses,

Orchids, Violets.

Alexander McConnell,

546 Fifth Avenue, New York. Corner 45 Street,

Tt4epbone MU oud Ul 88tU St.



Men like their Christmas presents to come

from Men's stotes. We sell thousands of

useful and dependable peresents for men and

boys to ladies' each holiday season. The

men are pleased, the boys are made happy.

Especial attention to ladies—helpful suggestions

if desired, but no urging. Come

and sec how handsomely and inexpensively

you can solve the gift-solving problem at

Brewster, N,^Y. Pawling, N. T. Danbury, Conn.

Send your Laundry to Woodruff's.


Main Street, Brewster, N. Y.

We have a large

lot of

Woolen Dress


And we are going to sell them

Regardless of Price.

We have cut them down and shall close

them all out.


PUlsbury's Best Flour, $6.75.

7 lbs. Granulated Sugar, 40c.

Kerosene Oil. 12c.

Royal Baking Powder 40c.

. Baker'fci Cocoa, 19c.

Baker's Chocolate, 15e.

Hams, 12c. lb.


Are You Thinking of Your New Suit

or Overcoat?

l>uii*t wait until Ibe eold days are here and then hurry iu somewliereaiid

take what you oiui get. tikip the hurry oud worry by

(toujing here now. _

The best Olid Uiost j>rw-tiiuU tailors to the trade make our ulothiug.

They couldn't make better clothes for love or money.

You will tlnd goriiieuis here just a little better, more desirable

than tlie kind you get at most stores.

You will like our elojbes, you will like our priues. Everything

union made that is iu our store.

Surprise Clothing Store,

47 White Street, Danbury. Conn.

The Bre-vrster Standard, Friday, December S, 1904.



The Putnam County cmnrt will

'held at the Court House, Carmel,

December 18th.

The Highland ftivislon timetable

'is to be changed for the third

time in the last two months. The

time for the next change has not been

definitely announced but It will be

in a few days,

A large locomotive boiler was ta1t;en

to the works at Sodom on Wednes*

•day. It meaflured about twelve feet

long and eight feet high. Pour horses

wpre required to move it. It is the

'largest boiler now In operation there,

A football team eompoeed of boys

• about thirteen years of age went to

Mount Kisco last .Saturday and de­

feated a similar team of that village

by the score of 36-0, This looks as

thougli Brewster will have knights

ef the gridiron for years to oomo.

The New York and Harlem survey­

ing cnrpH, from Brewster to Spring­

field through Shennan reached .New

miford to-day.. The exact distance

i» S3.10 miles—a saving of oyer 3 miles

as compared with the regular route,

through Danbury to New If JIford.

8erviceK in the -Baptist church at

10:4r) a. ni. and T j), m, on Sunday.

The morning theme will be '*Trans-

foriiitng a double life,*' The evening

theme will he "Hearsay andCertalnty

in religion." The ordinance ot»ihe

lLord*H Supper will be obperved at UM

«luttt> of the morning service.

The all trolley route -from New

York to BoHton has been completed

1>y supplying a missing Jink at Woll-

ingford. The distance is 254 miles,

the time 1,900 minutes—or an average

of about A minutes to the mile and

the cost tZ.Sn. The longest continu­

ous run for n cents is about Itt miles.

Brewster I-odge, No. 4S7,I. O. O. P.,

-will have iu first annual Roll Call on

Monday eyenlug, Decemlter l3th. All

members are earnestly requested to

attend to answer to their name. Rev.

Frank Heartfield and Rev. S. C.

Hearn will address the lodge. Re­

freshments will be served followed by

a smoker and musical entertainment.

Sheriff Jayoox and some of his

friends will look In npon* a Jubilee

dinner at Kopp> Hot«l, on Wednes­

day next.

The New Tork Central Railroad

Company has given orders for more

•freight oars and additional men

have been employed for the increased

freight traffic.

Nine years ago last Tuesday, Nov­

ember 29tb, was the day o^ the caving

in of the north wall of Tilly Foster

mine killing 18 men and Injuring

several otberti.

Several oases of meaides are report­

ed among the school children of this ^

villnge. Great precaution should be | through land^ of Pred W

Siinwyert L«av« Bftwttor.

The ten surveyon employed by the

N«il Tork Central who have been

•arveying throngh this seethm for

the new line between New York and

Springfield have changed their head­

quarters to New Miiford. In a few

days they will camp along the road­

bed which they are enrreylng. Maoh

of their Damping utensils have arrived

at this station and win be moved to

New Hllford soon.

The route surveyed now branches

from the Harlem about a mile and a

half south of the station goes along

the Croton Valley over Turk Hill

near the residence of President Bno,


Last Day of St. Louis Fair.

PraaidWnt Francis Honortd By

a Big Crowd.

~~ ' I •""•""•—» «« utiv 1UI1UI|([B(IV 4UCDVIUU I —— •

Davis Rowland Frannls, president *"^ "y" "What two years ago was suoci

of the Ixtaislaoa Purchase Exposition *««1 a 'wave of alien crime' has they

taken to prevent the spread of the

disease as this Ii a poor time of the

year to be taken down.

The Fairvlew feed mills have just

begun to grind all kinds of grain and

feed. The mills are situated on the

farm of E. Hatch and are doing a

rushing business. See readjiignotice.

General Ketoham has been request­

ed by a large number of prominent

Republicans and business men, of

Cold Spring, to apiiolnt Town Clerk

Smythe in place of Capt. Ellis H.

Tlmm, as Postmaster at that place.

George Boughton died at his home

in Rldgebury, Conn., on Sunday after

an illness of only ten days of pneu­

monia. He was eighty years of age

and was the father of Mrs. A. P.

Westcott of this village. He had

nmny friends in Brewster.

On Wednesday evening, December

7th at 8 oolock. Mr. Gabriel Bar

Alexander, a native of Kurdistan,

Persia, will lecture In costume in the

Baptist church. Mr. Alexander has

I received the highest commendations

from prominent clergyman. Every­

body will be welcome. Admission


I^onord II. Seoor, P. H. Kirkhom

and Starr GaNun have been pros­

trated this keek by the prevailing

iuflnenrji. The former has developed

•omplications that promiKe to keep

him confined to the house for several

days. Mr. Kirkliam is recovering

slowly, and Chef Strang's clam chow­

der served at the Methodist Fair

worked wonderfully toward the relief

of Mr. GaNun.

James Sweeney, of Drewville, left

his horse standing In front of the

poHtoflloe last Friday aficrnoon while

he inquired for hU mall. Suddenly

an automobile came through the

street which frightened the animal.

He nui down throngh the atreet and

in front ot the M. £. church turned

the corner and struck the gat« po«t

breaking it off near the ground. The

wagon and hariieiis wait slightly

dge. of Ridgefield aud

Brewster Lodge, uf Brewster. The

initiatory degree will be conferred

upon nix candidates for the l>eneflt of

-the viditunt.

A oar on an eastbouud freight train

on the Highland divisiou jumped the

truck uC Wei^t Pattertfou last Satur­

day morning at U:30 o'clock aud

blocked thr tracks tto that iratBc ju

4-itiier diret'tiuu was delayed until

nearly uuuii. Guiy the oue oar of the

train Ha« wreclied but it lay across

the Iracko so that the whole line was

blocked. A wrecking train from

Danbury went to West Patterson and

iiud the track clear in about an hour.

The ((iierationv of (lie JlarJem

tltroiigh ilrewbt4-r i>rmnUvb tu do

liwuy witli the reHervuir for tire ])iir-

pufce» near llie C'urme] avenue bridij;e

&iid iilbu with tlie lung line uf tunjb-

ftoMi'H ut the granite wuriu uf J. B.

Vmsati ^ Hon. The village fcoU],'ht to

rt'LaJii their retiervuJr, but Ilie jjowem

would jKtt (teruiit, bu it (ieemK tu be

A itiM*- uf move. Mr. Yale liati promib-

ed to furniKli wuter grutiti fur a large

eii-teru ui the iutertiectiuu uf t'armel

avenue aiiU iiaitruad u%'enue. aud to

arraij|;e no thul the entire vupply

frouj the ijill uiuy l>e uvujiubie in ca«e

of need.

But little business was transacted

at the meeting of the Board of Super­

visors on Tuesday except the auditing

of a few bills and the appointment of

Supervisor Beiijamlri as a committee

to visit the institutions In which

charges froiu Putnam County are

Inmates and report on their condi­

tion, etc. Next meeting on Monday.

A plan Is on foot to build a large

club house next spring on the site of

John Clark's recently burned hotel at

Lake KeiioBla. Although It Is not

certain that the plan will be carried

out, those that are interested are

confident that It will take definite

form in a short time. The club house

if built, will probably be about two

hundred feet long and two stories


A dancing class is to be organised

this winter and all interested should

attend the dance in the Town Hall

next Wednesday evening. Brewster

has been witliout a dancing class for

two years and no doubt this one will

be very popular and well patronized

Admission to the dance Is 25 cents

and the other arrangements will be

made on Wednesday evening. Bee

reading notice.

The local freight train going west

on the Highland Division last Friday

evvning had a small wreck at the

Fair Grounds Station which blocked

the track for over an hour. At the

east switch a car jumped the track

and turned around in such a way

that it lay across both the main line

aud the siding. The wrecker and a

crew from Danbury was sent to the

Fair Grounds and the tra^ik was

cleared about 7 o'clock.''

crosses the Highland track in the

Sodom rockcut, across the Sodom

reservoir running around the east

side of Joe's Hill up through Mill-

town to DeForett Comers. It then

goes In an almost northerly direction

running near to New Fairfield and

New Miiford but touching neither

village. Another force of eleven sur­

veyors are at work near Granby In

the northern part of Connecticut.

They are working south and expect

to meet this corps in a few weeks.

The grade as far as fixed Is reported

very good. No large hills or deep

valleys having been struck. Probably

the Croton Valley In this village is

the toughest pitipositlon that the

coniiHiny has met. Through the

twenty-five miles of land surveyed

the railroad has not passed through

a single town of any size although

the fnitsklrts of some liave been


Order Your Cake.

The ladles of the Presbyterian

church will hold a tea and cake sale

at the home of Mrs. John R. Yale,

Thursday, December 8th, from 8 to n.

Orders for bread, biscuit and oake

may be left with members of the


A special sale of turkeys, chickens

apd all kinds of meat will be held

at the People's market to-morrow.

Rev. Richard Owen, of Spring

Valley will preach In the Presbjierlan

church next Sunday morning and


Our Imported Criminale. Colombo had been right. The tbtf

Collier's for November S6th In the, n»en boarded a train for New Tork at

•eoond of three articles on the sab-{Brewsters Station, made their way

Jeot gives many columns of matter Mross the city to Brooklyn and when

touching on the immigrant question, nearly under cover the wounded man

succumbed. Two polioemen thouglit

Exposition '*'""hotha„^ng over a fence in a dyin,

respect and «teem for the man who' ° " P"blle morals. Meanwhile the. condition. He reffised steadily to

made the exposition such a pro- f""** »*•"'••

beneath. Every building on the t''*'* attorneys are kept on constant

grounds was decorated with fiags ^f""'"" '» an effort to cope with the

andbunting, whileallbuslness houses,«'«"">«• o' *]»• eriminal classes of

Europe shipped as emigrants to the

In the alty, the exchangee and schools

were dosed for the day, that all who

wished might pay honor to the man

who by his tireless energy bad suc­

ceeded in placing St. I^uls on the


In the morning there were parades

in honor of Mr. Francis, the world's

fair president abdication for the day

and playing the role of distinguished

guest. In the Plaza St. Louis, at tlie

foot of the LoulblanaPurchase monu­

ment, there was speech-making galore

and Mr. Francis M-as obliged to listen

to the praise showered upon him.

As a tribute of the respect and

esteem In which he was held, the,. ,. ,

directors of the fairpresented to their | ^^?. "'^T *««! escape two tl.nes out

United States by their Governments,

The article Is by a practical expert on

aliens who has lived among them

and learned their ways and niethods

and concludes with the following con­

cerning the murders at Sodom Dam

early in October:

It is in the tragedy at Brewsters,

New Tork, that there is typified to

the highest degree not only what this

country has to fear from our iuqiort-

ed memtkers of the predatory class,

but the foolish and futile attitude as­

sumed by the sheriffs and police in

all such oases. An alien criminal of

daring and resource can commit a

There are rumors that tlie New

Haven U. It. and the New York Cen­

tral IlaJlruad are on the verge of a

break. TJie fuet that the Central is

burveying a line Irom Brewster to

Uoiiton, and the elaborate arrange­

ments being made fur a terminal by

the New JJaven Cumjiany at Jlarlem

liiver, wuuld seemingly eorroburate

tliiti repurt. There seemtf likely to t>e

interesting development in a few


An unusual accident ut^uurred on

ThiUikhgiving duy at Tarrytuwn, dur­

ing a foutball game between the

Calumet Athletic Cluband the Tarry­

tuwn Field ('iub for tlie benefit uf the

Tarrytuwn JJoxpiiul, when (Jeurge

MileN iiail liiii right e4ir kicked off al­

most uoiiiplelelv. The ball woh kicked

tu Williuiu Duel, left half biu-k uf

uint« in each game

ouuld be bcored.

chief a silver service of noo pieces,J

which cost 917,000. This service re­

ceived the grand prize at the exposi­

tion and is of La Rose pattern. In

his speech of acceptance and thanks

Mr. Francis admitted that this was

the one thing dqne duringthe world's

fair about which he had not been

consulted and then he delivered his


At night, whilealltbeexhlblt places

were closed, the lid was taken off the

world's fair and liberty took on the

garb of license, espeolallyon the Pike,

which was so packed with humanity

that It was almost Impossible to move.

There was rioting until midnight,

when the last of 100 guns was fired

and the electric lights were turned off,

A detail of .100 police and plain clothes

men co-operated with au army of

Jefferson Guards and four companies

uf regular soldiers to prot^ivt property

and see that nothing more than harm­

less play was Indulged In. They had

their luinds full at that. Several wo­

men fainted in the crush and were

hurried to the euiergenoy hospital.

The fair Is u thing of the past, a

pleasant memory and to David R.

Francis and his lieutenants the credit

is due for making It such a pro­

nounced success. . 7:44, b-M, 10:08. lOiiQ, I2:ii7,

2:4ti. 0:26, 0:40. 7:li4. The Putnam

Divisiuu time ULble differs but littJe

from the summer turhedute. Trains

fur New Yurk will leave here at *l:4b

aud l':4tf a. m., aud i):2b p. UA- Trains

fruui New Yurk arrive here at Iti.iSt

a. jju., aud ttitto and 7:^ p. m.

Harvey Moure, of Middletowu, who

mysteriously disappeared about a

month ago, has been found, much tu

the pleasure uf his many Brewster

friends aud rela'ives. He was working

in a restaurant iu iiochester. He had

beeu employed as a stenographer iu

Park Row, New York City. He gave

ujj his place aud his djsaj>pearajiee

caused a seusatiou. it being feared

that he liad met foul play. His fatlier

employed detectives and searched fur

his son himself. Advertisements u'ere

run in leading jiaj>ers, tu no avail.

His mother became serloutly ill

through worry over her sou's dis-

apjiearujicte aud her life was desjmired

of. The fatlier went to Jtucbester ou

Monday aud brought bis sun liume.

The mother is improving. No reason

is given for the young man's actions,

Campbell's Soup, enough for six

people, be. can at Lobdell's.

out of debt.

On Sept. 1 a fluaucial stiUement

was issued which showed receipts of

tionding increase.

The following semi-offlcial statement

shows what It costs to run a world's

fair in Missouri:

Uibl or buildluifH uiidrjclilblt«Hp])ro-

ItrliUedtty llji!t-Uy uf Hi„ LMUIK «&.UUO,0(io

bubbcrlbtMj by tiuzfuuurtilIAJIIIM &,uuu,uiH>

ApiiroprluUxl by ibe I'IIIUM] HlaUx

(.ov.;iniili-ut , a,O00,UW

Aiil>i'U|irlul4ttj by (Jiu fnllud HUiUsf

liuvejuuit-ui for eKliltilLs uiid UuUd-

Uiffii 1,000,001)

AitpruiuluUid luid exM tided liy UUiles

uud TwrUorii* f»,Mtl.(W7

Kun^lk'n uuuuLrisH, uupruiirliiUoiin luid

iJXI«-udll \xrvn 7,017,S50

Cusl ul I'llcu uiid uUiitr uuuoettitluu

buildiiun ... 7,uou,uuo

JfhUuuiUMj vuiue or exiablU lu exUlblt

pUllUittt tiU,UQU.OUU

the crowd reminded him that ihred

weeks before the three had beeu at

the Dam tor half a day. The padrone

turned to draw the drink close by the

door and the, youngest of the three,

putting his revolver to bis victim's

back, shot him dead. The other

Italians fled the house. The mur­

derer was calmly taking a roll of

|tl,100 from a bag hung around the

dead mau's neck when the cousins

rushed in, opening Are. Fur a few

seconds there was a sharp fusillade.

At the end of it the two cousins lay

lu their own blood on the floor beside

tlie dead man and the robbers rushed

from the shanty, two of them support­

ing the third.

Tliere was a sleuder youth in the

crowd who «aw the bluody work aud

ran two miles to the village to tell of

the tragedy. He was unable tu speak

English and for some time uu one

took the trouble to find out what he

j was trying to tell, italians began to

tell his name, or where or how he re­

ceived his wound. The day after the

murder, one of the three desperadoea

reappeared at Brewsters, observed-

the "speed" of the pursuit, and under

the very noses of the offloers fright­

ened the Italians Into silence by

threats and went away. When Jo*

Colombo told the oflloers-this they

laughedi at him. In twenty-fon^

hour* one would have thought »

plague had smitten the spot.' When

I visited what had been the scene of

busy activity, It would be absolutely

deserted. All the Italians had gone

from the entire vicinity except a few

in the village, who were trembllni^

for their lives, as the bandit who

came back left word for all to go, in

order toscatterevidenee. JoeColombo

has ignored all warnings. He is go­

ing to stand by his guns and saya

that if he ever sees one of the band

he will drag him back to Putnam

county by the nape of his neck Just

"to show the peoples all us gnlneae

ain't had."

Contempt for the "dago kid" pre­

vented the alarm being spread in

time to intercept the trio: fear of the

"dagos" prevented some peo*

pie from doing their olvio duty; mon*

contempt for the "dago" prevented

acceptance of Joe Colombo^! advice

and leadership; failure to understand

and lack of desire to learn the slight­

est thing about the llfeof the Italians

prevented the two Irish policemen

from arresting the ,trio; for they

would have known at aglance whetb

er the man was drunk or not. Said

one of the leading oltixens of Brew­

sters to me:

"Just BO long as they kill off them*

selves I don't eare. The more the

better." In New York, New Jersey.

Pennsjivahia, Connecticut and Mas­

sachusetts there were twelve mur­

derous assaults on Americans by

Italians since January 1, 1U04, where

there were bfit three the year before 1

Elephant "Hannibar in~l 860.

Frank Towhsend, a few weeka

since, discovered among the keep-

wkes of his father, the late Albert

Townsend, a well preserved phtito-

graph of "Hannibal," the largest

elephant ever shown In the United

States. "Jumbo" was tall but

"leggy" and of Inferior body, while

"Hannibal" was remarkable, not only

for his height and splendid develop­

ment of body, but for his massive

head aud trunk and fur a pair of

tusks, alwayN the envy and pride of


The year and scene of the taking,

1800, on the shore of I.rfike Champlain,

after "Hannibal" had indulged In a

swim across the lake. Although thi*

elephant was afterward a member of

Mr. Tuwnsend's herd, (he only faces

in the photograph, which shows fifty

or sixty quaintly attired men aud

boys—familiar to old showmen here-^

are Henry Bamum and "Jack"

parks. The picture IUK beeu repro­

duced and wa feel greatly indebted

for the copy sent us.

pour into the village. Among them

'*'»*^ •au.BM.w? i were the thr»*e desperadoes. Tlie

tuwnspeuple were terrified. The news

reaehud Joe Colombo, au italiuu em-

The New York Building and cun-

teuts at tlie M'urld's fair ^ we re sold

yesterday for y7,(i0U, the highest price ijiioyed at the Tilly i•'o^ter' mine,

tliat has been jiaid for a State build

iug. The pureiiasers were the arclii-

teets, Baldwell ^ Drake, aud another

party. Pussessiun was taken im­

mediately aud ahuust before the ink

used in siguiug the agreement

dry the new owuershadan auctioneer

selling the furniture and carpets to

the lust day crowd oV souvenir seek-

kTii. Tile entire amount ul furnii ure

The Cameragraph.

The moving picture entertainment

at the Town Hall next Friday after­

noon aud evening, December Uth

shuuld not be missed. The American

('ameragrupli Company comes to

iJrewMter from Yunkers, where they

are filling a weeks run to crowded

houses and receiving tlie highest

praise of the press of that city. This

company has tlie largest and finest

euilectioii of scenes ever produced.

Tliey intend to make a semi-aunual

visit to Brewster iu the future aud

uan be deiiended on to du their beet

tills time. Tickets fur reserved seats

will hp on sale at Miehell's jewelry

sto^e next week, price .15 cents.

General admission 2i cents. Matiuea

ut four o'clock.


was disposed of at high jirices. The

buildiuK cuHt li'lJI'.xiU and the furni­

ture #lt:i,O00. The aruliilects uf the

New Yurk building received a guld

medal fruui the Jury ufjawards fur

the structure.

The New York. New Haven and

Hartford Railroad Cumjiany yester­

day assumed the lease uf the Dutubess

(^uuuty Railruad aud will u)>erate it

as part uf its system. At the same

time it .will alsu assume the manage­

ment and uperaliuu of the Central

Neu England Railway between

I'*oughkee]jsie Junction aud Camp-

l>ell Hall, N. Y., subject to the rights

of the Central New Kugiaud tu

ui>erate its uwu trains upon the line

when it so desires.

young man who has been in this

country fourteen years mid is

thorouglily Americanized. He hurried

to ttie scene. The village was iu a

I>aiiic aud ufall hands the only man

was j who stood by his guns was Joe

Colombo. He ijuieted the villagers,

tlie police were notified aiid Deputy,

Slieriff Hurry i^ewis and pusbe began I

the iiuiit for tile men, whti had now -

vanished. Tile two wounded cuusius j

Were liurried to the hospital iu Dan-1

bury, Cunuecticut. Harry Wells, a!

young attorney, was first to their aid. I

From that minute to tliis the otUcials .

who could have caught tlie bandits!

have beeu "on the lookout," aud

probably will be for some >'aars to



F OB Kirv ood LU« Uisiuatuie |[o Ut A. P. Budtf,

Biewbter, N. Y.

H AY ot ull Uuds furBU1» at Uu' tunii of A. I*.

Budd. Uiewsu-r. N, V.

W ANTKU.—A vuiuueUiDL itlrl lUT Keuttnd

UuutM'WiuiL Nu wusiilmf. Auitty at

Mrs. FlUllp J>li:ld-s,

V'OU SAI.K.-Tftful> trusli uuwH turwurd

ud uluLof iilt:h. Juliu L. UwrlLL,

idlll Huiii VAIUU.

1 7>OU 8ALU. uiitf l-lioneituwur, I Dluktiutter.

luiJ bay.

ixi'Mfiy iivw; uluuauuauUty'uf ooru stalks

Q. U. Pttvlar, Py&uuuuis. N. T.

ri«Ul£ KAJUVLKW KEKU MiLLti (HuUli VurtD)

I Uuuw lu tiut't-utluli. Nt-M iiitwliluiry tmv-

Uiir bttt'u lutiUUIi'd. i'ruui|»i. uxid t-Jbik-ui hurHu.-

will in- itiytiu Ui Uiv ifiludlutf ut all surut or Krala

Uiid itiuii.

I US'J'.—A pair uT eye Klassni, k'uld cliaUi at-

^ Uutbud. lit ('. B. Kuwli-r's uu Tuusduy evt-u-

iiutUy A- Uux-A,

lUlf. Nuv. 1^. FUidfi' lUtuim'

y. u. Box lui. lirt^whLer.

( tuLUMUJA tiHAl'Uui'HONBh—(lylUtdur aiMt

y dlw rooordh, buriib. fuurjlui:iuuius lor ma-

cliiui-in HUd nHHirUu. Uld luiu'JUui-^ und mourds

Uikt'Ji lu i-ji>'Ii.LUk;t- toy ucw oiiib ..'Ah' aud 1 uld

('olombo, wlio knew what , . , .

uiki'ji lu i-ji>'ii.LUk;t- (ui' WW oiicb .inn.- u

should have been dune, ruged in vuiu ' lu Uiiij Disc buyt> a uvw $i lu lu>-Ji UiM-.

uver the matter. He betjged to be | Luuls tiarreaLUw.

allowed to go at once to New Yurk to

try tu track the men on tips he liad

got from the Italians of the village.

One u/ the men he knew by siKht. He

was utisured tlie men had "gone

toward J)anbury and the Danbury

police would get them."

iu,a day or two it was learned that

' ti>&.W UtCWAW- Tbf abovf rrward wUI be

q> pn\ti fui' luiuMuiitiuu U-iidluu U> Uit' rt-txivtiry

or u rutui >'itv(. 4 ,\fai-H uJd. ui cuUvc ibt' Untl |>urt

ul Nut'i-iubur. Htxayud UT sluii-Ji Ii'uui a liniwvUle

, farui. Udwlu Ituud.

D ANCJNU (-LASti. Tlien- will U- au Asacuiblj

uud dtUkiM' ut iltt- Tiittu UiUi uu Wvduf-iduf

tnt-iiln;;, i>iKM-iuUi--r7tliXi'uuiS UuUI Uu'iJuitk (ur

the pUTuuM- ul unraulciuic u daiumuc (*lii>iH. Tlte

I adiulanfuu will bt- itb ueuU. Walu uud twu-tUtip




Baitt HVW T*vk*« S«few«r*

Jobn B. McDonnltl. the mnn who

1)iillt the undei^rmund milrond In New

Tork, which hn« Just lM>en put In operation.

Is probflMy the Inrpent contnictor

In the world. Ue hcRiui his ciiroor

MB nn excarntor of cellnrR. hut soon eusaged

In rnllrnfld Vmlldlnff nnd Fthnlliir

•work. Uc biillt the ttinnc) by which

the Iludfton River rnllrond enters New

Vork city nnd nlso the tunnel under the

city of linltlmnre which connects the

lines of the Iinltlinore and Uhf« rail-


road, ne nlso built 400 miles of the

Canndlnn Pnclflc mllwny nnd did $18,-

000.000 worth of work on the harbor

of Han Prunciftco.

The contract for the building of tbo

New York Rubway was signed by Mr.

Mcl>onald V^b. 1, 1000, with a time

limit of four and one-half s'enrs. But

Inbor and other troubles delayed the

work. The {.•ontraet price was $35,000,-

000, but newly projected work Inureuaed

thst by $5,000,000. An army of 10,-

000 men hat be^m employed In the irreat

undertaking, whlcb will not* be fully

completed for several months,

Mr. UcDouald Is a native of Ireland

and Is alxty years old.

What He Waa«e« ••»r*aBcad.

John 8. Bargent, wblle he was palnt-

Jng the portrait of James Whltcomb

Bllcy In Philadelphia, narrated some

of the vicissitudes of a portrait paintct'a


"Onre. I remember." he said, "I did

a half length of a rich Londoner. The

•nan was a eoarse, high colored type.

lie made a ^ther good subject. When

the portrait was done be Htood off and

eludled It very closely,

"'Welir said I.

•"Well.- said he. 'it Is exeellent Only,*

he added, 'you hove left out one

very essential feature.'

" -GxcuRe me. but,' 1 faltered, 'I

thought you wouldn't'rare to have the

—er—er—wnrt reproduced."

"'Hung Kr he said. 'I'm talking

mboxii the diamond pin. not the wurt.' "

—Milwaukee WlKconsIn.

Think It Over.

.Itrunder MallhcwB was lit the phono

the other day bidding guodby to n

friend who was to sail the next day

for Kiirope. says the New York Times.

•*1 sail tomorrow on the Celtic," came

o%'rr the wire, the sleauisblp's name

being pronounced "Keitlc."

"You'd better jji-onounce that Seltlc,"

replied the professor of belles lettres.

•'If you don't you'll be having hard

aeas all the way over."

An AiulMSMidor'M Wlf»,

I*aily Iiuraiid. wife of Hlr Ileury

Mortimer liurniifl. Hrltlsh auiliassador

at WiiBlihiKton. who is just now iu the

public eye hccuusc of the strained re-

InllouH l»elw«'elug the

daughter of Telguiucuib Suudys of

< oruwall. whose family has lived uu

the Hume estate at Bt. Kereru for nearly

000 years. She married Sir Henry

Tlie Brewster Standard, Friday, Decennber 2, 1904.

The Dert»r*s Aarinvli. .

An nmuRlng Incident occurred not

long Bjjo In n certain police oourt Two

men were summoned for being drunk.

Itlfilng to (tpenk on tbclr Iwhnlf, their

aniicltor said: "My clients con prove

thnt they were sober. Upon being told

by the police that.tliey would be sumnjoned

they at once went off to be examined

by n doctor, nnd I hold In my

htiiid a letter from him which, with

your worship's permission, I will now

rend to the conrt."

IiiRtnntly the solicitor on the other

side sprang to his feet nnd protested

ncnlnst the ndniisKion of sucli a letter

ns.evidence. The objection was held

to be u good one; but, the evidence

Hfrnlnst the men being deemed Insuifldent

ii) other respects, tlie case wns

dlKnilsRod, Had the letter been ndmittPil

they would undoubtedly have been

convicteil. for their lejial representative

had simply "Iduffed" the court

The letter from the doctor ran as follows;

"The two defendnhls cnnie to

me, and 1 regret to sny thnt 1- found

Hint tlioy were both very drunk."—

London News.

Rle re.

General Ogle, when submltttng a letter

for approval by tbo Pennsylvania

legislature, which be bad addressed on

their behalf to the newly elected president

General Andrew Jackson, was

Interrupted by a dapper little fellow

from Philadelphia thus:

"Pardon me, general. 1 do not wish

to assume to make a suggestion to so

distinguished a gentleman as yonraelf,

but 1 cannot refrain from saytng that It

Is customary In the east, and I may

say in almost all the clvlllr PA.

Fa died ut llumL- Amoiic Friends,

lift Diw) at Dave Itenneuy's.

New York Presa.

Beware • f Couulerrellii.

"DeWitt's is the only genulue

fu 1870 tuid lived iu ludiu fur iLu

Witclj Hu7.el SoJve" writes J. h.

Tucker, of Outre, Ala. "J have

fifteen years her busbaud was couuee keptoii

baud for immediate use." Mrs.

Samuel tia^e, of Kortb Busb, K. Y.,

Bthel Barrymure Is respou«iibe fur says: "I bad a fever sore ou my ankle

Ibe following stxir}' iliuslratlug Wilton for twelve years that the dootora

tAclwye'tf sardonic wit: "One day could uot cure. All salves and blood

lAclLsye e«ld he had made a drams- remedies proved worthless. / oould I

tisadou of ilugu's 'Lies Mlserables.' liot walk fur over two years. Plually

and somebody said he'd never get a 1 was uersuaded to try ]>eWitt'a

>:ew York uuiuager to produce It. 'i*ro-

Witch liuzel Salve, which htuf comduce

it!' SQtaervd l..ecluiyv. 'Why. you'U

pletely cured me. J t is a wonderful

reliei.^' DeWitt's Witub Hazel Batve

nertar get a New York luaottger to pr^

cures without leaviug a auar. tiold

jBOUUoe It.' "

by J. K. t>ujith. i

n e lleln»« Dreia'a Altar.

Bftrly In the last century a croDi1o

sey house. He then resolved to leturn

to IJueniHe.v, but during the voy*

age something fell from aloft, fractured

his skull apd killed him

ndnctnnl to Rive Tft.

Tn-o Very Importiint Actm, "I.,end me $U). old man. I'm a little

A nin{:u/.ine editor. H(>eklng an In­ Bhoii."

crease of elrculntlon. sent to each of "Tlmt won't help you nny. You'll be

bis 3.G00 subscribers this ijuery: "What Just as short after getting tlie money."

was the most Important net of your "Nonsense, old chupl How do you

life'/ Twenty 4>ounds for the best true make thnt out'/"

answer." He received more than a "Why, after giving you the $10 1

thousand replies, all but one relating don't expect to'see you any longer."—

some particular deed of which the Cleveland Plnln Dealer.

writer wns proud. The exireptluu nnd

prize winner was brief and to the

point. "Itelng born," he wrote. Encouraged

by the success of his sclieme

of advertising, the editor sent out u

second query, offering a further twenty

pound note for the best answer.

This was the question: "Ijist month

you stated what was the most Inqiortant

act of your life; now tell us what

Is the most lmi>ortant act of your life."

The varieties of replies would have

made several pages of rare humor, but

the wlnnei' solemnly wrote, "Breatb-

IftrL -««:.'-.""^^'%f:*f

Ing."—Loudon Chronicle.

1W Awrkwi Hmtt tlw Bnl ta tte WeiM.

Tbc American farmer is the greatest man

in tbe world to-day bccansc he Is muter of

tbe soil—he It niulng la intclligeaoe quite

as rapidly as his products sre Incrcsilag In

mamltiias. Our recent combines of capital

In UnHcd States mcssurcd la money ai«

enonmms, fti sacli Ignres sink Into faiig-

Bl6csace whca eompored to tbe money,

brtlB wmA brawa invested in sfrlcultund

indnstrics. For Initanec, the nrmcis of

Wnaesota and Dakota have received fyio,-

000,000 fcr Ibtir jtrodncts la a single year.

The finner knewf what Nature mil bring

forth for bim from bis experience in the

put. He knows if certain seeds sre

planted end properly cared for thst Nature

will take cere of the rest In tbc same

way you are masltr of your own dettiny.

Providing your blood is in good order, it

onl7 needs a little effort on your own psrt

to keep facalthy and sUttng-—rid your body

of the polaons that are apt to accumulate

and TOur syttem Is ready to word off the

attack of the semw of dlKose. Dr. Pierce's

Goldrn Miedicsl Discovery makes rich red

blood—by increasing tbe number -of red

blood corpuscles. There is DO alcohol In

tbts KTtat tonic to shrivel up the red blood

corpuscles. As an alterative extract, made

only of berbn and roots it gocn about its

work in nature's way. It stimulaleu the

liver into proper action, and feeds the

woro-out nerves, stomacb and heart on

pure blood. Used for over a third of a

centurv it has twM more larf!opularity.

Dr. Pierce's "Medical Adviwr" sent on

receipt of stamps to pay for mailing t>$ily,

&«riid 31 one-cent stamps for book in paper

covers, or 31 stamps for cloth-buuna vol.

ume. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce, Bui:^o,N. Y.


,00 and a promise

will buy a




Edison Phonograph

Csll^ir write for pardculars


3» Uobw Squorcr New York

DailiiiT'i Laipt Store

Invites Tour Attention to

the Largest Display of Holiday

Goods Ever Attempted

In This Vicinity.

Rvery dpptirtnient offers you bsrinilDB,

look thorn over.

llonlwnre nnd Ctitlery. Mwlimilca

TcHils, Klectrlofll Novelties. SIIvc^

wiirP, Cut OlnRS, Art, Clilnn, Hnw8

and Nickel Ware, Hlnvrs, llnninw,

Fiimncca, Clinndellers and Oil Liunpti,

Curpt't swwpc-rs. Clotlics WrlnpcrH^

sad Irons In Hcts, Fancy nnskoMt,

Wood nnd Willow Ware. IlonwnirnlshlnBOoods,

Both Itoom rittlniiH

mtely lUznrs. fitropH and Moclilnen'

Horse nnd Toilet aippers, Blfirtni

HkatCH, Wntroiis, Amoiimtillpn. Pocket

Knlv(«. HPlhHors. Slnnlnire Hets^

Tliermomct^T Sovrttles, Tool Chests

and Tools, nil nentlnn stoves.

A rrlp to Itnnbury will pay yon

lietler than to New York.


240-21S1 Main St..

Danbiiry, - Conn.


Ladles and Gents

Merchant Tailor,

Pugsley Building, B^ewtttr. N. Y

Repatrlng, Pressing, Dying and Cleaning From

Uy Done. Hpeqfal attention given to ladle«

work or all kinds.


Hawleyviile, Conn.

We deshfi to call special attention to this

wondornn invenuon. Thousands in use in this

vicinity and no loUuros. Competitors saj* no

use to'lng to compete agalnsc the Uuikanh.

E%'eo'lxKly wants tbe Dockasli and won't have

anythlnff else. Bempmber what a saving of

S5 per wnt In fuel nie-uns. Don't buy any cxpermicnls.!

The UockOHlt Kange made or llie

very btwt material and ifuaranteed to fflve per.

rect sallsracUon in every respect. Don't buy a

move until you have seen the Dockash. Uany

valuable Improvements have tR-en recently

addMl lo the Docknsli or IWH. Ventilated oven,

tile iHini'l, quick dratt damper, lurve l:op, lanre

Bsb pun, ifivte burs have lH>urhiifK In body and

cun bu i-emoved without dlBlurbluK hrubox,

bilek or water rronl. I'licniiunielfr In ovttn

door. I'Ue new HyjKMtuuiit systi-ni or v 10 iin per vent In

hlirlnktttfe or loss over any otker sysiein,

Wanuia»rLuivd txpi-essly ror

G. F. BAKER & CO.,

Furniture und Kitelieii liaiiges.

Hawleyviile, Conn.


Good Ileliablti Uoya, over IB yeaiB

of age cau always fiud employment

by applying at the office of the


Cold.Spring, Put. Co.

New York,


core K uowlnir wbat It was to buffer, 1 will

r n CC jjjve pjtEE OK CUAItUB, to any »Xulctod

a positive cure for Ecuuua, Halt lUibum,

Kr;'sliK.'lus, I'lles aud sldu OlsdOHcs. luslimt

n'Ui*r. Uou't BUiTer louver. Write K. w.

W1LLIAU«. 400 HtuiliiilUm Avenue. New YorlL



! Candy.

Large Assortment. S

Churches upplicd S

at Wholesale Prices. •


Ice Cream •

iSupplied on Bliort Notice all timesS


of the yeaj;. •


Main Street. BREWSTER. N. Y. S



Tlie Wlmrd snys:

Why hnvo Rbenniatisiit or

Lame Back when* one bottle

of MYSTICO will cure yon.

At your drnggist or from

ns l>v mail oOo H bottle,


Cur. Maiden I^nn nnd wiULsm hi.


Airents wantod.


To pay ofT oUl mnrtgages, stoji

suits, pay taxes, or for any kiiiil of

reasons, on roal estate, I liavp

money to lonn from one to three

years, or on installments in easy

monthly payments. Small charges.



Dspt. M., lOtO Fultas Srsst,

•KOONLVN, .N. v.

Big Sale of Furs, Ladies'

Coats, Waists and Skirts.

Furs, worth fS.OO to 4t6.00 at 4iS.ffn and i|i4.S0.

hodfes' Coats, worth $1(1.00 at i)c»i Di-put U'u^uii, wiUt curtain*.

* fAud Sc«i Suricyk, uiuupy t«p.

1 fiuwl ScAt Surrc)-, rxicokiuii lop.

1 I'^tui'l Suut burrc)'. i\\j top.

1 TwiHStAi 'l'liicC'Spriii|[ H'UUU.

1 I'w'u-Suit i>UjiirK Spring Wuumi.

1 Thiee-Si*! Halt I'lmfoiiu Wiison.

I Cuvrritd Milk PcddliKit Wuuull.

Z Opcii Milk \Vi>^.ii>». fill kill w ci^bl cau*.

14 iJrliviry Mid Kipirh* Wu^uut. tio top.

Z i-)i-liv

The Bre-wrster'Standard, Friday, DecemlDer 3, 1904.




On "butter da)-" little Susie Bradle;-

ntwAj-M wiped tlie breakfHBt dlstieti.

Hbe was maklni; but little progresK

^Itb tbnt oLfUpHtlon now, tiowcrer, by

re«tK)n of riiniiing to look out the win-

•dow erery few mlnutcfi. Althougb abe

took A bandful of stiver, u platter or

•m pile of plnteti wltb ber on eiicb trip,

wlplnt! as «lie went, abe was not keep­

ing pace wltb Itofiie, tbe belp, wbo waa

waabing tbe dlxbea.

"I vow, Susie, tbis Is the tentfa time

you bare gone to tbnt wlndowf

"iJb, I fan't wait to nee berf slgbed

Susie. "I am ao afraid tbe train Is bite."

TliP i-omlng of tbe city rousln, Katb-

lyn Kandnll. was always nn event, Tbe

visit gouerally otfurred In strawberry

or btirvpKt time, but M'bat (xiuld bare

InduiTfl her to come to the farm In

November was l»eyoiid tbe combined

rs. Uy KriudiliK tbelr teetli together

|iud lu various oilier ways.

Hi*««l TbouKlits.

If, iiisloid or u geui or even a flow­

er, we t-ould ciist the gift of a lovely

tliouglit into tlie lifurt uf u frieud, that

would l)c> i;lvlu}; us tlie uut;els tflve.—

George MucDoimJd.

In pursuuiu'e ot u ludiniicnL ot (oreclosure and

BUle, made und t'liirrtfl in ilii> abnve entitled

action, t>eartiiK(Iii(4Mht! Mli diiy ot Novoint'er,

10(M. uiic|eiiti-(Kl In tli(;(mt(»*iirili(! Clerk or ttut

t'ouuty or I'titniiiii on tbe Tib day or XnvcnitxT.

iiiiM, I. tliciiijiJi-i-hiKii«Hl, r4-Icut4ir or tlii> suld deceusea aald: "You're wrons. my peC

For 'A-l-l-r-e"

Spelts 'durUox.' dear. «Ad 'M-a-r*

Spell* 'uwecUioart'—duu't you aee?" .

I tuld blm wbtft my teaclier suld.

But he deelitn-d. "Ob, DO!

Tbat'a not tb*t wjiy. your papa SJMIUS.

Yuur ti.4ki'ber douso't knuW-"

My papa wouldn't lell me wrooff

Or uuy what Isn't true.

And yet my teaflier nuyi, IhAt sba

SiMillx juKt the wuy I du!

I'm 'frald J'U never luarn to apoU,

No matttir bow I try,

K "darllnf *» "A-l-l-c-«"

Aud "sweetheari" 'a "M-ft-y!"

-»u Nlcboia-L

A Fleasiiut Fill.

No pill is us pleasant und positive

tm DeWitt's LittlH Kurlv Kinfrti. De-

Witt's Little littrly Uiters are so tuild 1 talui-d to the huniuw- or ibe uijovi-deiMTiljed

und effective that eliildreii. delicate Ipremlseji uu uih,ur u umjoiliyoi Iheui. u is

for broukfas. tLe utUer moruiug for tUe lir^rtr^ht^t^.'^tl^^rrirJul^fS^

tirst tiiiie wus sueu tu Stop uud ex- . _ .

ttiuluu lier plute wllli deep luteriist.

'Muiliuju," bbe suld preseuUy. "wliut

suy tliuy use the best liver ijills suld.

Buhl by J. K. Smith.

kind uf ildli Is tills? I've just fouud a

liulr Ju It."

"It in eudUsb. dcur." wus tbe uuswer.

"Ob." euiuiiteijled bur duugbter hi

a ditfiiiipuluti'd tuiiL', "1 tbuuj^hi prub-

uhJy it Wus lueruiuid." — Harper's


Tb« Kovdlai's Uusitdarr*

"S^'i'IbUJer Is hi trouble."

"Wbut uboulV"

"iit: has wrltteu a uovel uud select­

ed a uuiuL- tor it. Ills pubJisber hi^es

tile uuiii*'. tiul siiys It duex nut suit tbe

book, und be I'uu't dci-ide whether to

write a uew novel or Invent s new

luuue."—Jirwuklyn Life.

UJihlgnK Aud uituu tbe rui-|biT lUiniUllun ibut

iiu eiiiiiiH-ntiuIluu Hbull lu- luude lo tbe tuild

Wllliuui (iliniuri', blH lieirii ur UUKIKUH, lor uuy

utM-, iH^eiipuiluu or worklug ut ibe uiluea l>eueu<

or iisfilgiiK, Kiutli buve riir4' I'lgbt w uurkiiuy

luliien und it-iuovf uUy latneiulh ln'iu-ulli the

HUriuee hit long U« IJiey do uul break I lie bunui-e

ul Ibe gi'uuud. uud wlUiout any iNjutli'iiHatiou

tbei'i'lui' belug luudv to I Ue uuld WlUlaUi till-

Uioiv, Ulh beliv or unslguh.

Being Uiv HUiue iinuiltM^M tfOld und eouvt-yed

by CruUiu M^igiielfk.-Irou MlueA i^ Wlllluiii IJII-

luuie by ditud bearing dau^ tiie llrhl duy ul

Kuveuiber, iMuZi.

Uuted liie utii duy ul Noveiu>»-i'. llKij.

J. BeUUett SuUtUuixl.


Abraiu J. Miller.

Attuiuey tor I'lulutllf.

UR'WHter. N. Y,


Village or BrewBaT. N. V.


U) Hllowed tu run Ul lurge unless accoropsnlud

l>y tlie owner, lu any street or highway 10 tbe

vilbigi* of Browsler, witbuut bi^lng properly

iuu'clng properly muuled, tbe

gwnertliereol. or persun or uersona borboiiiif

tbe bame, shall be subject to a peualty of two

dollars v »~ *


ahaU rldn a blcyrle upon auy sidewalk In tbe

Village of Bn)WBt«r. Auy person vtolatlng tbls

ordinance shall be sublfct to a Une of Utree

dolluis for each aud i veo- oBenae.

These ordltumces shall take eBect on sod aHer

June 1, ISBS.

1. Richard MlcheU. VUlafecleikorilie VUtac*

or Brewster, hereby certify that tbe loregolnr

ordinances were adopted at a meeting ol tlie

Trustees ol the Village of Brewster beldTueadur

evening. Hay 9, isps.

itioiiAKO UlouBLL. Village Clerk


Board or Bealtb 01 the Town of BoattaeuL

lu the County ot PUtiiam and state of New Tor^

Tbe Board of Uealtb ot tbe Town of BoaCbeMl

{ lursuant to the pronslona ot Chapter OO u tbe

HWB ot 188S, does hereby make tbe toUowtnc

Orders and Regulations tor tbe prBservaUonM

life and health, aud tbe suooesalul oiteratloo oC

Chapter «70 or tbe Laws or 18H6, lu the TOWB wi

BouUicait, to wit:

wunk AND SLors.

I. AU waste material ood slope, from bonsssL

aboil be ixinveyed to ceas-poola and deodorlietfa

or conveyed ut least sixty feet from any dweUtaw

buuse m the Town of Southeast.


II. AU privy sinks Ul the Town ot BouUMsst

aud wlthlQ niiy feet or any dwelUng bouse. absO

be deodorised and dlalnfected, and kept free MM

offensive odors.

III. All prl^ sinks wltbin tlie limits of tbe

Brewster Fire District In tbe Town of Houihessk

and within flrty roet or any dwelling house, BbaU

be cleared out and dlsluleuied at least oooe !•

each year.


IV. AUretuse mati«r ana ducomposiiur sab-

statioe witblu uue buudrud feet of any dweUln*

buuse IU the town ur Southeast shall tw effeoC-

uutly dluiuieitled or reuiuvud.

V. No decoiupubiug material, bouse sbms

garbage, or putreui-nbre substance, deUUDsatu

to public UuuUh, ubull bt; dumped or plaoea la

auy ur the streets or highways m the Town oC

buutbeust, ur lu uuy vucaitt lot wltbin tbe limits

or tbe BruWbler Fire UUiLrlct lu suld town,


VI- Tbere bbuU tiv uu pubUi: ur church funeral

Hervlees tor uuy peruou wbu ubull have died ct

bmull-pux, (ItubLbi-ria, ueuriet lever, oi A^atM

cbuleru, belli lu the Tuwu ul (ktutbcust. And It

HbuU be tbe duly ut liouuebuldi n uud uU persona

vuueerut-u wheit' death ulmU buve uccurred from

u uontugloiiu or peut IteutuI dlseutM-, uud they are

herebj ruiiulii-d to (irevfui uu uuaembllng In the

upurtmeuuor liuusctj where such Ulseaaaa aia

ursbuli liui>elxteu,olallper80iuillabletobeo(MDS

luleeied lUeretiy.

VII. Auy buuseholder lu whose iweUlnglB

the Tuwu ot SI utlieast Ibeieubull occur at use O(

I'lioleru, yellow tevfr. IJJIIIUH lever, or typboU

luver. ucuriei lever, dlpbtberlu. or smau-poiE,

uUall, uud in Uerebv reijuln-d to luuiedlutely In-

luriu tue Ituurd uf lieultu uf the said Town ol

tlie Huuie, aud unlU lustruetlouu are reuelvetf

Bouie DifferrMctfs.

'The diUVifnee hetwueu s womau

sud a ichiSiS," suid tbe fuuuy fellow,

"Is that the tflass reflecta without ,

speaking, while a wouiao speaks with- I

out refltH-'tlnif." j

"And the dllfereuce hetweeo you aad

a class," suid tbe sharp girl, "is that

the tfluss Is puUshed."

Molher Ural's Appeal tu Wouit-u,

ll you tvlU Mind lae yuur uuiue und uddn-iM i

will liiuli .vuu FltKK u puckage ul Mulliej' liiay'n

AUHlTullau Leaf, u tieiljuu. tiieuHiiui reiondy lur

WUUIUU'B lll^. II lb a tiitle luouthiy ivnulul^ir

uud uevt-j r.iUlui:. Jl juu bu\ep,iliihlutiiebue^.

[Tluary, Bluddex ur KldUj tj^utih-, uue Uilu

uleaukUl uulou uT AunUiUluu Ui^rbo, rout« uiid

leavoH AUUruggiHtMMdi tt,uiueats,uruddrutMi,

Luck IkiA ma, lA-Buy. N. Y.


HOliDAY Offy



cruui tlielioai'd. uliull not permit uuy clutbin^

^ uroperly thut muy huve tieeu expoeee

to liilei'iloi to be reuiuvud From the liuld bouse.

v.lii • ... ..'. ... ilw. i.f

Krti I r(>i'.UUi'...ll>'.Ui'i' I'lkli'Hi-U. Vtiuiiln

l.('aii>u < ii'.Ui'.u biiuh.or^

]-U.. .'•niHuI )i"'e. uiiyldllJ.

4il» .iiiiO j>iir bereuy required to Im-

uiedlulelj ght'uollre Ibi reuf t-o tbe suld Board

lUeuiUi. Hpi'i'llyiui.' ibelo(-ulliy Aud tbe sold


buurd ollji-uliblieieuy urueru uueb ueuarotion

und liiHului.lou or uuiueitii(!

8 TheHBre-wrster Standard, Priday, Decennbor 2, 190-4. •





Merely to tell yoti we have PIANOS that pive our

cuBtomers satlBfactlon and which we alwayw giiarantee.


Is not purchased for a day, a month or year. Ours Inat a LIFBTIMK.

The M. Steinevt & Sons Co.,



PACIFIC TEA CO.) handle to-day

the best Tew, Coffees, Spices,

BxtwMSts, Baking Powder, Etc.,

that money can buy. You make

no mistake when purohasinff from

their Store or Wagons.

257 Main Street. Danbury, Coon. '

168 llRiB street.


Twelfth Tear of

Stillman College.



10 Per Cent Discount

Before Aug. 2o'th.

Catalogue Free.


Model Fish Market.


Deftlcr ID tU UnOs oC

Fill. Fruit ail I

Soft Shell Crabs. Lobsters, Clams

and Canned Goods.

20 White Street.

There's no better place to enjoy a

Qood Meal than at the

Ladies' anil Gent's Restaurant,

CoQduclod hy Kn. E. U. OUbert,


Out of town shoppers dine here

and are loud in their praise of the

excellence of her SSt!. Dinner.

Meals cooked to order and low

prtces prevail.

The Place to Get that

Wedding Present

Is at Bryant's.

Our stock of Sterlinjf Silver, Cut

GlasM, China, Etc.. is so lar^e that

you cannot fail to find just what

you waitt. You will Und our store

a very pleasant lAwm to do your


242 Main St,

Henry Haber,

Funnuty «1Ul J- M. IveijCo.,

Furniture Upholstering,

Carpets sold, made aiid laid. A full

line of saiujtles. Window Shades

made to order. Antique Furniture

refinlshed and repaired. Mattresses

made over, lienew your Furniture

with ourownuuikefuruitureiK>lish

3 Library Place.




and Ice Cream


Huyler's Candies.

Tea and Coffee Served.

207 Main St

Every Day Lessens

Our Stock


Winter Blankets

Have you secured what

you needy If not, why


W. W. Stevens & Co.

16 White St., DAKBURY.

Men's Overcoats.

30 Men's Sam|>le Coats just bought

to clean up the lot. Some coats

that would he cheap at »20.00, will

be sold at 4>10.00 and «12.flO. If you

are tlilnkinK about a coat Jt will

pay you to look. Don't stick to the

other fellow, he tlilnks he owns

you and that you will pay any old

price he may ask.


168 St.

Rubber Footwear

That win fflTesatisfaotioii

to the wearer. Call and

exatnfne the same.

Closhesy & Oorman,

17S tfafn St., Opposite City Hall.

^•opU's AffarlEvt,

8B White street

H B BaUTED, Muucer.





Old Fashioned

Chocolate Creams

20c. lb.


Doran's Drug Store.

lt)7 Main Street, Danbury.

Your Old Buggy

Have it look as spick and span as

u new pin. Can do it if youretloish

it. when it becomes the worse-forwear,



Neal's Carriage Paints are the

))fi't for flnisliint? all kinds of veliicles,

or anytliini; indoors or outdoors

that requires a durable var>

lilsh KIOSS llnibli in handsoiue. rlcli

colors. They will save you money.

StODB's fall Paper and Paint StoDC,

H'i White St. Danbury, Couu.


Five dollars down and one dollar

weekly buys an

Edison Phonograph.

A uic*i present for Christmas.

November and DeeemljerUecurds

in stock.

John H. Starr,

18 Wbit^ Street.

Furs and Suits.

l..udies Tuiluriuf; in ail its

branches. Jackets, Suits

and Skirts to order. Also

Furs—Altered, HeiMUred

and Uedyed.

Gillette & Torraca,

258 Main St.

Farms, Country lJomeiortunity to hear Bisliop

Potter, who, as Bishop of this

diocese, conducted the service and

delivered the sermon. He spoke in,

his usual quiet, forceful manner and

was listened to with much Interestaud

attention. The special music by

chuir and orgiuiist was also enjoyed

by those present.

Kev. Hejury Natch, uf New York,

will preach in the Duauesburg Pres

byteriau chur

graiu at the sociable held at E. (\

Purdys we omitted In last weeks

issue theimnies of Miss (^race Hitchcock,

Miss ^ielena Harris aiicl Ml^'S

Virginia Juengst wlio rendered excellent

instrumental solos.

After being the chief topic of discustiion

for the pjwit two weeks the

ox 'question was settled* Monday by

an oflicjal of the Society for the Prevention

of Cruelty to Animals ceuelit of the i'reeby-

their home in Shekomeko where a terlan church. An excellent aud

pleasant home awaits them.

varitni program wasarraiiged and was

especially well carried out. it e«ides recitations aud wae hy

M. J. Carroll spent a few days in both local and outside talent. After

the city last week.

the program M-as rendered supj>er

Itev. L. A. Handley, of Princeton, was served and the rest of the even­

preached in the Prosbyterian church ing was spent in social intercourse.

Sunday last.

The colleoliuu aiuouuted to i^UU.

Good for the oldest member of the

bar in New England, aud the oldest

judge in the United Status, Judge

Charles Field of Athol, Mass, who at

Our Men's Underwear.

We have the beat made, best fitting, most comfortable underwear.

It is as satisfactory on cAn be fonnti ami at prices as reasonable.

Shirts and Drawers and Uninn Suits. Our prices range from

nOc a garment up. •

Our OVERCOAT STOCK is a handsome collection

of comfortable garments. Can't we compare ? Ours

are from $io up.


Clothier, Hatter, Furnisher.

225 Main Street, Danbuiy, Conn.


The Boston Store.


Our best ad%*ertiBementR are not In these colntims. The only

way to get them is to call In and look over our great display of

Holiday Goods

for the coming season In

Clolbine and Dry Goods

of anything you can uientlon.

Dolls. Toys and Fniicy and Useful

Xmas Presents, Tree Trimmings, Etc."

A Large Assortment of FURS

fOr Udies* and Children.

DonH delay^ but come at once.'

B. H. BREWBU. Proprietor. AARON FINBBBRG, Uonager.

Opposite Harlem Depot, Main St., Brewster, N. Y.


Opimsite Town Hall. Main Street, Brewster, N. Y.


Cheap thini7B are seldom good, but good things may q/ten be cheap.

Good goods at low prices Is my motto.

New But'kwlieat at 4c. per lb,

Pantiy Table Hyrup, 45c. a toU.

8 lb. I*aclcii8e I'repared Duckwlieat, ISo.

Natrob I'oiirutcc! Flour, lOc. a |uu;kutrt^

New Hull Miickcrel. very nne, ISc. lb

CainpbHirH Soupn, m\ iicr can.

Tlio IteHt Ma]>lt* Hyrup in Uiwii.

Fmiib R(JueU!il feaiiuttj, Ac.

DuvlH liukliiir PowdtT, HOC. a lb.

All Kinds T4m, lOc. lb.

All KllidH ColTtsu, lOt:. lb. up.

:j CauK Coii

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