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UI-Kennlinienmeßgerät für Solarmodule und -generatoren

PVPM Users Manual Page 11

Operation of the PVPM1000C

4 Operation of the PVPM1000C

4.1 General Hints

The PVPM1000C, as nearly all electronic measuring device, can

only operate in a defined temperature range (see appendix).

That is why the PVPM1000C should not be exposed to direct

sunlight over a longer period. Keep the device in a shady place

or protect it from direct sunlight using a sunshade.

The standard version of PVPM1000C can not be integrated into

other devices or e.g. brackets. It is very important that the air can

move free around the case so a proper cooling is guaranteed!

Only if the PVPM1000C is completely out of operation (even no

charging) it may be stacked.

Attention: Never loosen a cable connection during

measurement! The considerable dc tensions and currents

can cause a light arc which can be the reason for fire and

serious injuries! (see chapter 3)

The front panel of the PVPM1000C is rather rough, but you

should handle it with care anyway. To avoid damage of the front

panel please take notice of the following hints:

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