UI-Kennlinienmeßgerät für Solarmodule und -generatoren


UI-Kennlinienmeßgerät für Solarmodule und -generatoren

PVPM Users Manual Page 16

Turning On

displayed on the LCD display)

*) If the lamp alternated between green and yellow steadily the accumulator

load is kept. This part of the loading should not be retained for more than 3

hours, because else the accumulator could be damaged.

The PVPM1000C reports several system conditions, functions

and errors by speaker signals. A list of signals you will find in the


When the device signaled readiness, you can make a


4.8 Keys

4.8.1 Test

The “Test” key is used to visualize the load state of the

accumulator with the front panel LEDs when the device is not

operating. You should do this regular to avoid damage of the

accumulator through inevitable self discharge. Charge the

PVPM1000C completely at least once a month even if you don’t

use the device.

4.8.2 ESC

The “ESC” key will bring you up to the next higher menu level.

4.8.3 HOME

The “HOME” key will bring you up to the main menu.

4.8.4 ENTER

With the “ENTER” key you select an option or confirm.

4.8.5 Arrow keys

You can move the mark in menus and other lists using the arrow


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