UI-Kennlinienmeßgerät für Solarmodule und -generatoren


UI-Kennlinienmeßgerät für Solarmodule und -generatoren

PVPM Users Manual Page 24

Parameters affecting the Accuracy of the Measurement

You can enhance the precision of the PVPM results by

measuring the same object several times (e.g. 10) and after that

do a statistical evaluation on these results.

Given below are once more the parameters, that are decisive for

the accuracy of the measurements:

Accuracy of the peak power calculations from I-V

characteristics on photovoltaic generators with the

measuring device PVPM

Under following constraints the peak power designations of the

PVPM have an accuracy of +/- 5% relating to the actual peak

power value of the device under test:

● The device under test consists of mono- and

polycristalline silicon cells

● The tested device is not (not even slightly) shadowed

● The irradiation reference sensor is not (not even slightly)


● The irradiation reference sensor must have largely the

same spectral sensitivity as the tested device

● The measurement has to be carried out under natural


● The sun has to stand according to IEC60904 within +/-

10° at right angle to the active surface of the device

under test

● The irradiation amounts according to IEC609004 at least

to a total of 800W/m². On the basis of comparative

measurements we find 600W/m² sufficing.

● The measurement of the irradiation has to take place

instantaneously before or after the I-V characteristic, the

time-lag between measurement of characteristic and

irradiation has to be less than 10ms.

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