UI-Kennlinienmeßgerät für Solarmodule und -generatoren


UI-Kennlinienmeßgerät für Solarmodule und -generatoren

PVPM Users Manual Page 26

Installation of the Transfer Software PVPM.disp

7 Installation of the Transfer Software PVPM.disp

PVPM.disp is delivered on a diskette or a CD-ROM. The medium

contains a setup program for easy installation of the software on

to your PC. The setup program will copy all necessary files to

your hard disk and initializes the program. The installation can be

performed by every person with basic experience of PC and MS

Windows ® .

For the installation the following steps are necessary:

1. Insert the program disk/CD containing the setup program

(Disk 1) in to the corresponding drive.

2. Under “Start” select menu option “Execute”

3. In the now appearing edit line under “Open” you enter

“x:setup” (were x is the drive letter of the installation media.

4. Press ENTER or the OK button. Now the setup program will

be started and executed. Follow the messages on the screen.

5. Setup now copies all necessary files to your hard disk and will

create a new program group for PVPM.disp..

6. After completing the installation please start PVPM.disp. The

program should now work as described in the following text.

The operation of the program will be professed detailed in

chapter 8 .

For the operation of the program these files are necessary:

PVPMdisp.EXE The main program

PVPMdisp.INI Config file. You must not change this

file manually!

PVPMdisp.HLP Help file (not yet available)

The program will create files with the extension .SUI, which

contains measured data from a I-V-measurement. When these

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