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UI-Kennlinienmeßgerät für Solarmodule und -generatoren

PVPM Users Manual Page 8

Safety Requirements

3 Safety Requirements

Before the first use of the PVPM1000C read this manual

carefully and completely. It contains important hints to avoid

damage to persons or the measuring device. These hints are

emphasized by a frame around the text and should be paid

attention to.

The program PVPM.disp requires a PC with hard disk and MS

Windows® 9x or NT® and a mouse device. The connection of

the PVPM1000C requires a free serial interface. Please be sure

that this interface has no interrupt conflicts with other devices in

the PC.

The required free space on the hard disk before installing

PVPM.disp is about 2 MB. Please be sure later on that there is

enough room on the hard disk before storing measured data.

The program stores important values in a file named

PVPMdisp.ini. Do not modify this file manually, this could affect

the normal operation of the program!

Attention: For the purpose of data security we would like to point

out the importance of saving the database of the program

regularly on another data medium, so in the event of damage

you will be able to continue working without considerable data

loss. Such a damage can not be excluded even under the

present state-of-the-art. Please do not restore single data files,

but always the complete data back-up of the program, otherwise

you might cause malfunction, this in turn might lead to data loss!

In case of doubt please contact the distributer or the producer.

PV-Engineering GmbH

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