Guide to Gateway Tour like a local.


Guide to Gateway Tour like a local.

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Awesome Blossoms

Each spring, wildflowers pave

Mesa’s nearby hiking trails and the

desert overflows with hues of red,

purple, orange, yellow and blue – all

accompanied by the vibrant green

shades of Arizona’s indigenous desert

flora. Wildflower season varies each

year and is dependent on fall and winter

rainfall amounts. Blooms are usually at

their peak in mid-March but can start

as early as February. From the scarlet

display of ocotillo blossoms, the yellow

sea of Mexican poppies and the prickly

pear cactus full of bright fuchsia-colored

fruit, it’s a great time to hit the trail.

Contact Visit Mesa for a complimentary

Desert Guide featuring the nearest hiking

trails, Mesa’s Nature Center, and the

regional parks and programs.


Explore Natural Wonders

Usery Mountain Guided Hikes

and Yoga in the desert

Through April 30, 2013

Visit 3,648 breathtaking acres set at the

western end of the Goldfield Mountains,

adjacent to the Tonto National Forest.

The park contains a large variety of

plants and animals that call the lower

Sonoran Desert home. It also features

a state-of-the-art Nature Center which

offers yoga classes, a gift shop, general

park information and a meeting place

for park programs.

3939 N. Usery Pass Rd., Mesa


Guided Hikes:


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