'Year of Grace'? - Catholic Diocese of Townsville


'Year of Grace'? - Catholic Diocese of Townsville

What resources will be


Diocesan Resources include:

Year of Grace prayer card

Year of Grace brochure

Year of Grace poster

Available from the Diocesan Office, PO Box 6149,

Townsville Qld 4814. See also our website at


Archdiocese of Brisbane Resources

We thank the Archdiocese of Brisbane for allowing us to

use their resource concepts in this material. They also offer

Year of Grace resources:

• Parish / School Kit

• Prayer Journal

Available from their website:


National Resources include:

• Pastoral Letter announcing the Year of Grace

• DVD ‘Contemplate the Face of Christ’

• National e-conference on ‘Grace’

• Website, Facebook and Twitter

• Liturgies

• Logo

Information about these resources and their availability and

costs can be found on the national website:



Gracious God,

You have blessed this ancient land

with many gifts, especially its people.

We thank you for the Year of Grace,

a time to start afresh from Christ.

You invite us to contemplate the face of Jesus your Son,

that we may experience a new wave of grace,

and that the light of Christ may burn more brightly in our


Attune our hearts and minds

to the presence of your Holy Spirit,

that our Church may be transformed,

our relationships healed,

and our nation grow in compassion and justice.

With the intercession of St Mary MacKillop,

who showed us new ways of living the Gospel,

we make our prayer through Christ our Lord.


Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us

how do the ‘Year of

Grace’ and the Year of

faith relate?

While planned independently of each other, the Year of Grace

is an initiative of the Australian Catholic Bishops in response

to local issues, while the Year of Faith announced by Pope

Benedict is a call to the universal Church. Both have as their

goal a renewal of faith in Jesus Christ in the face of a global

secularism increasingly hostile to Christian belief and practice.

The Year of Grace invites us into a spiritual journey of

encountering Christ afresh in our lives through prayer,

reflecting on the Scriptures, celebrating liturgies, repenting of

our failures and listening to the voice of the Spirit.

The Year of Faith calls us into a deep renewal of our faith

through retracing the history of our faith studying the

Catechism, praying the Creed and seeking to be an active

witness of what we believe.

These two impulses of the Holy Spirit complement each other

and provide opportunities for us to discover and nurture the

gifts of ‘grace’ and ‘faith’ at work in our lives.

The members of the Year of Grace Committee are:

Bishop Michael Putney, Len Horner (Diocesan Coordinator),

Trudy Clarke, Tom Whittaker, Kim Bellert, Fr Neil Lams,

David Renderos, Joan Neal, Grace Iuliano, Terry Lees,

Rebecca Ryman (Minutes Secretary)

Who is my local contact?

Catholic Diocese of Townsville

Len Horner, Chancellor, PO Box 6149, Townsville Q 4810

Ph 07 4726 3210 Email: lhorner@tsv.catholic.org.au

For further information visit the website at:




‘Indeed, we have all received grace after grace

from His fullness, for the law was given through Moses,

grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.’

(John 1:16,17)

yearofgrace ar aaroo ro










the face of


2012 to 2013

‘Grace to you and peace from God

our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ’

(Romans 1:7)

Why a

‘Year of Grace’?

What does the ‘Year of

Grace’ ask us?

What is the ‘Year of


The Catholic Bishops of Australia have decided to undertake

We (the Catholic Bishops of Australia) invite you to walk

A holy time, given by God, to start

a spiritual journey for a year asking God for a new and deep

this journey with us in hope. We commit ourselves to:

afresh from Christ, contemplate

grace to forge the future. Conscious of the great graces of

World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney and the Canonisation of

Mary MacKillop, they are seeking the wisdom of the Holy

Spirit for the directions and priorities to lead the Church in

Australia. They have invited the Catholics of this nation to join

them on this journey of prayer.

Aware of the decline of the Church as an institution, the

devastating effect of sexual abuse and the growing impact

of secularism in eroding Christian influence, the Bishops of

this country have realised that more than ever, they need to

place their hope and trust in God for a new wave of grace

for ‘the light of Christ to burn more brightly in the heart of

• pray daily, seeking the mind and heart of Jesus Christ

• repent for the areas in which we have failed individually

and together

• pursue the path of holiness, cultivating the gifts of the

Spirit and seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus

• seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that the Church

in Australia will be transformed by the power of Christ’s

resurrection in our lives.

(Excerpts from ‘The Year of Grace’ Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Wilson on behalf of the

Catholic Bishops of Australia 20 November 2011)

his face, and listen to God’s Word,

that Jesus may heal our

wounds, overcome all our

divisions and make us

rich in hope, so that we

may show forth his face

and speak God’s saving

Word to the world in

new ways.

What are some of

each Australian...(so that) ...the Church

in Australia will be transformed by the

power of Christ’ resurrection in our lives.’

(Quoted from the Year of Grace Pastoral

Letter of Archbishop Wilson)

What are some practical

ways to do this?

the key moments?

25 May 2012 Diocesan Launch of Year of Grace

– Mary Help of Christians Mass at

Taking their inspiration from Pope

• Take 5 minutes a day to read a Gospel passage

Sacred Heart Cathedral

John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter ‘At the

Beginning of the Third Millenium’ the

Bishops have been challenged to start afresh from Christ by

firstly spending time ‘contemplating the face of Christ’. In all

our activities, we too are invited to ask ourselves: ‘What has

this got to do with Jesus?’

The ‘Year of Grace’ is not a program or a series of events but

rather a call to prayer and listening to the Spirit. It is a time:

• Draw or reflect on your favourite image of Jesus

• During family prayer, name your daily ‘graces’

• Read a book about Jesus

• Ask your family, friends for forgiveness for past hurts

• Share with others signs of Christ’s presence in our world

(eg acts of kindness, courage, love in the news)

27 May 2012 ‘Year of Grace’ - Parish launch

11 October 2012 50th Anniversary of Second Vatican


17 March 2013 ‘Bringing Our Wounds to Jesus’

– A Celebration of Repentance

10-11 April 2013 TCEO Year of Grace Gathering

1 November 2013 ‘Faces of Jesus, Faces We Know’

• to seek an experience of Jesus

• Set aside a day during the year for a quiet retreat

– A Celebration of Holiness

• to name and claim grace in our lives

• Write in a journal about your experiences of Jesus

These liturgies will be opportunites to celebrate the key

• to be attentive to the many and various signs of Christ’s

presence in our world

• to heal our relationships

• to grow in wholeness

• Seek to become more aware of Jesus in the Eucharist

• Ask the Holy Spirit each morning to renew you

elements of repentance and holiness.

‘The Year of Grace is an

‘Grace which is God donating and communicating

God’s own self to us, comes through the

powerful acts of those around us, the acts of

love, selflessness, forgiveness and affection.

This grace of which Jesus was full, this grace is

the life of God. The life of God is itself powerful,

creative and energising, and Jesus was full of

that power.’

(‘Grace God’s Greatest Gift’, Bill Huebsch,

Twenty Third Publications USA 2010)

invitation to the Catholic

Church in Australia to

undertake a spiritual journey, a

time of listening to the Spirit, a

space to recognise God’s grace

in our lives, and to encounter

Jesus afresh.’

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