An Hour Well Spent - ECI Partner Portal - ECI Healthcare Partners

An Hour Well Spent - ECI Partner Portal - ECI Healthcare Partners

An Hour Well Spent

A Brief Walk Through the

Infinite Data Universe of Apollo

John Fraley, President

Apollo Information Services, Inc.


• Recognize that data is key to understanding processes

Healthcare information systems are able to provide a

wealth of data, sometimes an overwhelming amount

• Information is data presented in a manner where it

becomes actionable

• This presentation will focus on finding Information in


• iPad ®

• Coffee

Tools of the Trade

• Free Wi-Fi

PartnerPortal ®

The Portals

• The PartnerPortal ®

– Provider Centric

– Facility Performance


• The Client Portal

– Financial Centric

– Facility Performance


• Safari

– Browser

• Sketch

– Photo editor

– Camera Roll

• Mail

iPad ®

The Hour

• Check for Open Shifts

• Vital Signs ®

• InSite ® – MD Version

• InSite ® – Client Version

• InSite ® – Facility Coding

• Perform – Hospitalist

PartnerPortal ®

PartnerPortal ®


• Client Portal


• Demo Portal


Unified Support

(800) 563-7710


7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST

• Thank you!

This presentation is part of the education program

that has been prepared by ECI Healthcare Partners for its clients.

Information contained herein may address emergency medical practice in general,

but it is not a substitute for the physician’s judgment, knowledge,

and skill in the care and treatment of any individual patient.

This information is a guide to assist the physician in a wide variety

of circumstances and is not intended to establish a standard of care.

ECI Healthcare Partners is a corporation providing management

and administrative support to limited liability partnership clients.

It is not a direct provider of professional medical care services. ©2012

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