Emelia and Tibetan - MA Typeface Design


Emelia and Tibetan - MA Typeface Design


a friendly

typeface family




a friendly typeface family


Latin and Tibetan

designed by

Sandra Adler


Emelia the family


The typeface family Emelia is the result of a nine

month study during the MA programme in Typeface

Design at the University of Reading, UK.

Starting with no experience in the field of Typeface

Design, a multilingual text typeface was developed.

The family provides a variety of weights and styles

to enable more design possibilities for magazines,

children's books, catalogues or similar print

publications where hierarchical typesetting is needed.

With nice, fluent curves and modulated strokes, Emelia

communicates a very friendly feel in the Latin as well

as in the Tibetan script. Furthermore, it is designed

with some playful details that get more distinctive in

the light and black versions of the family. Emelia is

a work in progress and is planned to be refined and

expanded in the near future.



hakuna matata

1.250 cm handkerchief & tablecloth

bei mami im pool


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Emelia sans is in progress as well


Emelia Regular

» The greatest pleasure in life

is doing what people

say you cannot do.«


About Emelia

Who is Emelia?

This specimen tells the story of Emelia, who was

willing to see the world and dreamed of being very

successfull one day. Because her mother was very

oldfashioned, Emelia in her early stages got inspired

by the taste of the 19th century. Out of her love to

ornaments and playful details she had a soft spot for

tablecloth and handkerchiefs. Not being confident

enough to go her own way she started working for

the well known business woman Mamulana Barsch.

Mamulana, born somewhere on an island in the

Atlantic, was a very beautiful, bubbly person with

long dark hair and a lot of temper. Being very

supportive, Mamulana encouraged Emelia to gain

confidence and explore her opportunities...

»When you are

courting a nice girl,

an hour seems like

a second. When you

sit on a red-hot

cinder, a second

seems like an hour.

That’s relativity.«

Albert Einstein



Different weights


in different weights*

During the last nine months Emelia went through

some transformations. From the outside it might

appear as if she had some weight problems. Instead

she just experimented and tested what size suits her

the most. Interestingly Emelia looks very attractive

in every available weight. Moreover she never looses

her friendly outer appearance.

Emelia is currently

avaiable in the

following weights:








Emelia Black

Getting started with weight training

can be confusing. In the beginning

you might not know what exercises

to do or how much weight to use.

The routine you choose will be

based on your goals as well as the

equipment you have available and

the time you have for workouts.

If you are setting up your

own program, you will need

to know some basic weight

training principles.

These principles will teach

you how to make sure you

are using enough weight,

determine your sets and reps

and insure you are always


20/25 pt, Light/Regular/Bold/Black

14 Emelia Italic

Emelia Italic


To build more confidence Emelia went through an

experimental shift of her style. After some unsuccessful

approaches, she found herself dancing in a funky pub

called »Up the Junction«. In the darkness, with the

help of neon lights, the well-behaved Emelia suddenly

showed a new, more outgoing aspect of her interesting

personality. This experience illustrates how much

movement and fluidity Emelia can demonstrate if she

wants to. Since this event she is able to change her

persona whenever it needs to be emphasised. In this

appearance Emelia gets courageous, is keen to be more

playful and not afraid of showing her curves.

10 / 13 pt

10 / 13 pt

10 / 13 pt

»Up the Junction« is arguably Reading’s finest bar and

venue. Tony has reworked the back room to provide

us with plenty more, late opening, fun times! Please

invite your friends to this group and I’ll try to keep you

up to date. Up The Junction takes its name from its

proximity to Cemetery Junction in east Reading.

I have been in here once after driving past it every

day on my way to work and being curiously drawn to

the neon lights like a moth to the flame. It resembles

an american diner with the bar stretching down the

narrow width of the building, a terraced house con version.

It is definitely a working man’s club and the locals

prop up the bar gathering dust and cobwebs as they take

their time over their drinks. I was not comfortable being

there but the music and drinks were good.

(written by jorsayboy)

Odd little place this. It’s a good standard pub with a good

selection of drinks and a good jukebox but at certain

times they only keep the front bar open which is a little

on the small side. The regulars don’t seem to mind the

squeeze but you can feel a little guilty if a lot of you

happen to come in at once and cramp the place. This

is a nice place to hang out in if you catch it at the right

time. (written by Lady_B83)



Language support & Swashes

Emelia is very good

at learning languages.

So, if she doesn’t speak your’s yet,

just sponsor her a language course!

czech Nechť již hříšné saxofony ďáblů rozzvučí síň úděsnými tóny

waltzu, tanga a quickstepu. danish Høj bly gom vandt fræk sexquiz

på wc. dutch Lynx c.q. vos prikt bh: dag zwemjuf! english The

quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. estonian Põdur Zagrebi

tšellomängija-följetonist Ciqo külmetas kehvas garaažis. finnish

Albert osti fagotin ja töräytti puhkuvan melodian. french Dès Noël

où un zéphyr haï me vêt de glaçons würmiens, je dîne d’exquis rôtis

de bœuf au kir à l’aÿ d’âge mûr & cætera! german Xaver schreibt

für Wikipedia zum Spaß quälend lang über Yoga, Soja und Öko.

italian Quel vituperabile xenofobo zelante assaggia il whisky ed

esclama: alleluja! norwegian Vår sære Zulu fra badeøya spilte jo

whist og quickstep i min taxi. polish Pchnąć w tę łódź jeża lub ośm

skrzyń fig. portugese À noite, vovô Kowalsky vê o ímã cair no pé

do pingüim queixoso e vovó põe açúcar no chá de tâmaras do jabuti

feliz. slovenian V kožuščku hudobnega fanta stopiclja mizar in

kliče. spanish El veloz murciélago hindú comía feliz cardillo y kiwi.

La cigüeña tocaba el saxofón detrás del palenque de paja. swedish

Flygande bäckasiner söka hwila på mjuka tuvor.

18 Emelia at work


Your PErSonAliTY,


in A TYPEfAcE!?


Design firm Pentagram provides a quick, fun bit of

psychoanalysis for type geeks. If you’ve ever sat down

with a type designer, what you quickly realize is that

they rarely talk about fonts in purely aesthetic or even

functional terms: They talk about assertiveness or

calm or friendliness. In short, they talk about personality

traits. It makes sense, then, that your personality could

be translated into a typeface.

Pentragram has done just that, in this lovely microsite:

What Type are You?

It takes you through four simple personality questions,

guided by a faceless psychoanalyst. (The analyst’s

1920s Bauhaus office setting is a witty touch.)

After answering the questions, the analyst spits out

one of 16 typefaces, and an explanation about the

design and how it exemplifies the characteristics you

laid out.

There’s even a bit of history about each, and a list you

can see of who else had the same results.

If you are interested, visit:


and enjoy!

12 13

The font of

all personality.

Graphology for the new century:

The choice of font used in Emails and typewritten

letters could say more about an individual’s

personality than their creative writing skills.

Graphology - the art of studying handwriting

- has been used for centuries

to try to analyse people’s characters,

but since the demise of personal

handwriting, the experts have moved

on to typefaces to look for clues to our


If the experts are correct, choice of

font could prove important when writing

a letter to your bank manager or a

spurned lover.

The Psychology of Fonts, commissioned

by Lexmark Printers and written

by psychologist Dr Aric Sigman

explains how a typeface will significantly

influence what the reader thinks

about you. Courier is seen as the choice

Courier is seen as the choice of “sensible

shoes” type of people or “anoraks“ and

curvy icons like Georgia or Shelly suggest

a bit of a “rock chick” personality.

of “sensible shoes” type of people or

“anoraks“ and curvy icons like Georgia

or Shelly suggest a bit of a “rock chick”


The study suggests fonts can be

matched to top personalities, and cites

the following examples:

Kylie Minogue (the sex kitten):


Ian Beale (the cheapskate anorak):


Richard Branson (professional

yet appealing): Verdana

Anna Ford (trustworthy and

respectable): Times

Dr Sigman said: “Using the wrong font

may give people the wrong impression

about you and could affect decisions

that will shape your future.”

Size matters

Font size is also important, especially

for power letters where less is more

and a smaller typeface is preferable.

Applying for a new job? Then choose

Times for your CV for a traditional

company and Verdana for a more

contemporary firm. Use Courier New

for “automaton-like” coldness, perhaps

when resigning from a job on

bad terms.


Emelia Tibetan


and Tibetan

Emelia Tibetan

Being very open-minded and always

interested in other cultures and countries,

Emelia travelled around the

world. On her trip she discovered a

unique and very special nation: Tibet.

Amazed by the people and the Script

style dbu-can, she felt motivated to

learn the Tibetan language. Sometimes

she still has some issues with her

artic ulation and she cannot find the

right words, but she is willing to keep

practicing to become an expert in

that field.




Mouth, Eyes and Ears

་་གས་་་་ལགས་ག་ལ། ་་ལགས། ང་་ཚང་


ལས་ད་པ་གང་ན་ནམ། ས་བཀའ་འ་ས་པར། ་་

ལགས་ས། ངས་བྱས་ན་ང་ར་་ག་གས་་ད་པ་་་

གཞན་་བསམ་འཆར་མང་ཙམ་ན་ར་བ་དང་། ག་གས་

་ད་པ་་ཡ་རབས་ལ་མང་ཙམ་་ར་བ་ན། ན་ང་ཁ་



Two children asked an old man. »Old man,

we all have two ears and two eyes, but how

come we only have one mouth?« The old

man answered, »my point of view is that we

have two ears so we can better listen to other

people’s advices, and we have two eyes so we

can better observe other people’s respectable

conduct. Having said that, it seems to me

that we have only one mouth so we have less

means of engaging in meaningless talk«.



24 Proportions of Emelia / Emelia Tibetan

Hfap ཀ


Fair and sensitive

When communicating in Tibetan, Emelia

always keeps her friendly appearance

and tries to talk in the same voice as if

she speaks English. As she does not want

anybody to feel discriminated, she is very

sensitive with balancing the audibility

between those two languages.


The Tibetan Script consists of

30 consonants and four vowels

that build the Tibetan syllables.

The basic consonants can

possibly be subjoined and build

consonantal clusters (above).

Emelia is full of surprises

and offers features that are

not visible on the first sight.

Therefore its worth having a chat

and getting to know her.

basic characters

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


small caps

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


v w x y z

ligatures and discretional ligatures

ff fi fj fl ffl fb fh fk gj ct st Em

lining and oldstyle Figures

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

punctuation and symbols

« » { } [ ] ( ) / | \ ~ ‘ ’ ‚ “ ” „ … < > = + - × ÷ · ! ? − © ® € $ @ & * °

swashes and ornaments

Features and basic character sets

basic consonants

ཀ ཁ ག ང ཅ ཆ ཇ ཉ ཋ ཏ ད ན པ ཕ བ མ ཙ ཚ ཛ ཝ ཞ ཟ འ ཡ ར ལ ཤ ས ཧ ཨ


ི ུ ེ ོ


current ligatures and conjuncts

གྷ དྷ བྷ ཛྷ



Emelia is


developing and

some parts of

her personality

haven’t fully

come to the

surface yet...



thanks to

Gerry Leonidas, Fiona Ross, Gerard Unger, Victor Gaultney,

Jo de Baerdemaker, Michael Twyman, James Mosley,

Burkhard Quessel (Tibetan Curator of the British Library),

Mathieu Réguer, Miguel Sousa, all the visiting lecturers,

Mamulana and all my lovely class- & roommates for their

help and support during this wonderful year of typedesign.

Last but not least I would like to thank my dearest Frieder

and my parents, Edith & Walter, for always believing in me

and encouraging me throughout.


30 Credits


This specimen and the presented typeface Emelia were designed by

Sandra Adler. The texts, if not noted below, are written by the author.

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the

Master of Arts in Typeface Design, University of Reading, 2012

additional resources

p. 7/9 quotes from http://funny-quotes-life.com

p. 13 text from http://exercise.about.com

p. 15 Assessments from upthejunction.biz and qype.co.uk

p. 16 Pangrams from wikipedia

p. 18/19 articles from http://www.fastcompany.com and

http://news.bbc.co.uk; picture from http://www.pentagram.com

p. 22/23 texts from http://learntibetan.net


© Sandra Adler 2012


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