Williamson's directory for the city of Edinburgh, Canongate, Leith ...


Williamson's directory for the city of Edinburgh, Canongate, Leith ...





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in 2010 with funding from

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From JUNE, 1784, To JUNE, 17SJ.


An Alphabetical List of the Names and Places

of Abode of the Members of the College of

Juftice, public and private Gentlemen, Merchants,

and other eminent Traders, Mechanics, and all other

Perfons in public Bufinefs :

Where, at one view you may have a plain Direction, pointing

out che Streets, Wynds, Clofes, Lanes, and other Places of

their Refidence, in and abouc this Metropolis.


Printed for P. WILLIAMSON;

And sold at his General Penny-Post Office,



Price One Shilling and Two Penos


For the CITY of EDINBURGH, E&i

ABercromby Alex, advocate, Parliament fquare

Abercromby Alex. w. f. Horfe w'ynd

Abercromby Mrs General, George's fqnare

Abercromby Alex, change keeper, Well bow foot

Aberdeen Will, fupervifor of Ex. Stevenlaw's clofe

Aberdour James, founder, Magdalen chapel

Abernethy-Drummond W. phyfician St John's hill

Abernethy James, grocer, Cowgate head

Abernethy James, cork cutter, Cowgate head

Aboyne Earl of, St Andrew's fquare

Adair Thomas, writer to the fignet, Carruber's clofe

Adam John, Efq; of Maryburgh, Niddry's wynd

Adams Alexander, teacher, Crofs-caufeway

Adams Andrew, taylor, St Ann's itreet

Adams Mifs, Buccleugh ftreet

Adamfon Stephen, writer, Fifher's clofe

Adamfon George, hair dreffer, Horfe-wynd

Addifon John, mufician, Upper Baxter's clofe

Addifon Mrs, No. 71, Chapel-ftreet

Agnew Lady Dowager, St David's lane

Agnew Lady, Bucckiigh-ftreet

Ainflie Sir Phillip, No. 38, St Andrew's fquare

Ainflie William, faddler, No. 5, Prince's ftreet

Ainflie Walter, writer, Chapel of Eafe

Ainflie James, baker, Nicoifon's ftreet

Ainflie John, land furveyor and engraver Pari. -fquare

Ainflie David, meffenger, Merchant-ftreet

Ainflie Mrs, cofi'ee-houfe, Shakefpeare fquare

AitcbJfoa John, tea and fp. dealer, Head Flefhm.-cl.

A itchifon Walter, tea & fpirit dealer, h. Forreft. wynd

Aitchifon Rob. watchmaker, end of the Guard

Aitchifon Alexander, jeweller, Luckenbooths

Aitchifon, Brown, and Co. merchants, Chapel-ftreet i;


Aitchifon , ftabler, Cowgate-head a 2Q.Jik£ .~$s

Aitken John, furgeon, Surgeons' fquare "r

Aitken Arch, wiight, Tolbooth wynd, CanongstS

Aitken Allan, taylor, Wrights houfcs

^° 3 '*

( 3 )

Aitkcn Mrs, anftioneer, Mead of Fowlis's dbfe

Aitk.cn John, bellows maker, Head of Fowlis's ci.

Aitkcn Mils, merchant, Luckenbooths

Aitken Jas. jun. change keeper, Gai rubber's cloffa

Aitkcn John, change keeper, Carrubbcr's clofe

Alexander William, wright 3 Briftd?ftr*€t

Alexander David, llioemaker, front of James's court

Alexander James, keeps boarders, Briuo Ureet

Alexander Alex, wright, oppofite Lady Milton's lodgings,


Alexander Mrs, Rook tavern. Forretter's wynd

Allan and Steuart, bankers, Royal Exchange

Allan Rev. Alexander, St John's Hill

Allan Rev. John, Hynford's clofe

Allan Lewis, writer, middle Welt Row

Allan William, teacher, Luckenbooths

Allan David, plumber, Nicolfon's Itreet

Allan David, Limner, Writer's court

Allan Mifs, mantuamaker, St Mary's wynd

Allan Mrs, brewer, Herriot's bridge

Allan William, merchant, Parliament fquare

Allan Charles, fhoemaker, Charles's Ureet

Allan William, turner, Potterrow

Allan Mifs, Cafilehill

Alian Andrew, flefher, Flefhrnarket-clofc

Alcorn Andrew, wright, Goofedub

Aldridge Robert, dancing malter, Calton-hiil

Alifon Alexander, writer, Miln's court

Alifon Mrs, Weir's clofe, Canongate

Alifon Mrs, Ncw-ftreet, Canongate

Alllon Mis Thomas, Weir's clofe, Canongate

Ahton (Savin, printer, Sellers's clofe

Alves Tho. Dean of Guild clerk,

Alves Bafil Major, Cattle

Alves Alexander, taylor, Gabriel's road

Anderfon Samuel, merchant,. St John's llreet

Anderfon William, writer to the fig. Queen's ftveet

Anderfon David, writer to the fig. St John's ftreet

Anderfon John, writer to the fig. St John's ttreet

Anderfon Francis, writer to the fig. St John's ilrcet

Anderfon David, examiner of the cuftoms, Caltonhdi

Anderfon Daniel, carver, No. 32, Nicolfon's itrect

A 2

( 4 )

Anderfon Peter, mercer, No. 113, Nicolfon's ftreet

Anderfon James, wine merchant, No. 112, ditto

.Anderfon, Leflie, and Co. feed merch. op. the Crofs

Anderfon and Sanderfon, merchants, Luckenbooths

Anderfon John, brewer, North back of the Canong.

Anderfon James, wigmaker, Leith-wynd

Anderfon William, wright, Queen's ftreet

Anderfon Thomas, baker, Potterrow

Anderfon Mifs, Charles's ftreet

Anderfon Mrs, vintner, Chapel- ftreet

Anderfon Mrs, grocer, foot of Stevenlaw's clofe

Anderfon John, corkcutter, oppofite Mealmarket

Anderfon Rob. corkcutter, opp. foot of Old Fihhm.

Anderfon Mrs, Cant's clofe

Anderfon Mrs, merchant, corner Luckenbooths

Anderfon William, faddler, Cowgate head

Anderfon Mrs, mantuamaker, Bow-head

Anderfon D. fhoemaker, Miln's court

Anderfon , wigmaker, head of Ward, court

Anderfon John, baker, Paterfon's court

Anderfon James, wright, Mint-clofe

Anderfon James, merchant, head of Chalmers's clofe

Anderfon Mrs, fets rooms, Trunk-clofe

Anderfon William, merchant, Shakefpeare's fquare

Anderfon , furgeon, Leith-walk

Anderfon Wm. clerk of cuftoms, Hamilton's Folly

Anderfon Charles, writer. Forrefter's wynd

Anderfon George, grocer, at the Crofs

jnnderfon William, writer, Bill-chamber

Angelo Tremamondo, riding maiter, Nicolfon's ftreet

Andrew George, writer, Carrubber's clofe

Andrew John, grocer, front of James's court

Annan Ebenezer, fmith, Pottenow

Annan John, bookbinder, Caftlehill

Anftruther John, advocate, Brown's fquare

Anilruther Lady Betty, New-ftreet, Canongate

Anftrother Mrs, Thiftle-court

Aibuthnot Rob. fee. to the truftees, Exchange

Archibald Thomas, writer, Caltonhill

Archibald Jofeph, feed merchant, Chapel ftreet

Archibald James, change keeper, Wright's houfes

Archibald Thomas, liabler, Candlemakerrow

Archer Andrew, brewer, Abbey

( 5 )

Archer John, brewer, Watergate

Arklay James, cooper, Potterrow

Armour and Hamilton, woollen drapers, Luckcnb.

Armour Mrs, fets room?, Chalmers's clofe

Arnillrong David, advocate, Cheffels's court

Armftrong William, grocer, Welt Bow

Armftrong William, founder, Calllc wynd

Armftrong William, copperfmith, Weft Bow.

Armltrong Francis, merchant, Luckenbooths

Armftrong Lieut. Thomas, Welt Bow

Arnot Hugo, advocate, Princes flrect

Arnot and Gibfon, Hofiers, Bridge-ttreet

Arnot James, baker, Welt Port

Arnot and Gibfon, ftockingmakers, Caitlehi'.l

Arnot David, fmith, Abbey-hill

Arnot William, baker, opp. the Canongate church

Arnous Peter, French teacher, Strichen's clofe

Arrot James, furgeon, Mint-clofe

Auchinleck Lady, St Andrew's fquare

Auchinleck John, fmith, Low Calton

Auchinleck Mifs, Cant's clofe

Auchterlony John, lilkdyer, Highfchool-wynd.

Auchterlony Mrs, Argyle's fquare

Auld Robert, writer, Back-itairs

Auftin James, teacher, Potterrow

Auftin Mrs, Brown's fquare

Aultin George, ftater, No. 6, Warrifton's clofe

Aytoun Mifs, lower Baxter's clofe.

Aytoun Mrs, Bifhop's clofe

Aytoun Mrs, merchant, Creams


Baillie William, advocate, George's fquare

Baillie Alex, of Dockfour, No. i i,.St And. ftreefe-

Baillie David, writer, Blackfriar's wynd

Baillie Thomas, writer, Anchor dole

Baillie Miffes, Gray's clofe

Baillie Mrs, Grafsmarket, N. Side

Baillie Mathew, ftahler, Grafsmarket

Baillie Mrs, Hyndford's clofe

Baillie Jas. writer, Campbell's clofe, Canongat';

Baillie Mrs, Blackfriar's wynd

Bain John, typefounder, Cajton

Bain William. iieiher, Canal-Jlreet

( 6 )

Bain George, clerk to the Barracks, Gifford's park

Bain Daniel, vintner* Old Fifhmarket-clofe

Baine Rev. Mr James, Nicolfon's ftreet

Baird Dr James, North Gray's clofe

Baird James, of Exchequer, No. 24, Nicolfon's ftreet

Baird Thomas, writer, below Canongate church

J!aird Mifs, mantuamaker, Fountain-clofe

Baird James, brewer, Hamilton's Folly

Baird James, candlemaker, foot of Stevenlaw's clofe

Baird Mrs, Chapel-ftreet

Balfour Andrew, advocate, St John's ftreet

Balfour David, writer to the fignet, Hanover-ftreet

Balfour James, writ. fig. Argyle fquare

Balfour James, accountant, Charles's ftreet

Balfour J. and Elphinfton, bookfellers, at the Crofs

Ba'four Mrs, Carrubber's dole

Balfour Mrs, Byer's clofe

Balfour Mifs, Leith walk

Balfour Mrs, Leith walk

Balfour Mrs, Windmill-ftreet

Ballantyne Andrew, writer, Caltonhill

Ballantyne William, watchmaker, Canongate-head

Ballantyne Alex, copperfmith, Weft Bow-head

Ballantyne John, woolmerchant, Weft Bow-head

Ballantyne, Mrs, Blackfriar's wynd

Ballantyne Mifs, Society

Balmain James, fol. of JExcife, Weft end of Laurifton

Barclay James Roberfon, writ. fig. St John's ftreet

Barclay Anthony, writ. fig. Paterfon's court

Brchy Mifs, French teacher, end of the Guard

Barclay William, taylor, Advocate's clofe

Barclay Mrs, mantuamaker, Old Affembly- clofe

Barclay John, Berean Minijler, Caltonhill

Barclay Mifs, Buccleugh-ftreet

Barr Mrs, grocer, Cowgate head

Barr Robert, copperfmith, Leith-wynd

Barrie Alexander, teacher, Old Poft Houfe-clofe

Bartlet Benjamin, ftorekeeper, Caftle

Bartlet Mrs, midwife, Bull-turnpike

Barrowman James, Gabriel's-road

Barron James, brewer, Potterrow

Baxter Jn. baker & grocer, No. 10, N, St David's ft.

Baxter John, architect, Greenfide

( 7 )

Baxter Mrs, Miln's fquare

Baxter John, glazier, Niddry's wynil

Beat James, flioemaker, St Mary's wynd

Beat fori William, filk weaver, Parliament fqnare

Beatfon David, liofier, head of Chalmers's clofc

Beatfon , writer, crofscaufeway

Beath Mrs, room-fetter, No. 6. N. St David's ftrcct

Begbie William, clerk, Goofit-dub

Begbie George, fmith, Well-bow

Begbie Mrs, baker, head of Bridge- ftreet

Begbie Ad3m, tailor, Potterrow

Begtie John, merchant, head of Befs wynd

Belfches Sir John, Nicolfon's llreet

Belfches Mr?, of Invermay, Thill le Court

Belfches Mrs, New Bank clofe

Bell John, bookfeller, Parliament fquare

Bell the Rev. Robert, Laurieilon

Bell Walter, writer Gosford's clofe

Bell Adam, writer, Caillehill

Bell William, writer, Windmill-flreet

Bell Robert, writer, Dickfon's clofe

Bell Benjamin, furgeon, Merchant-itreet

Bell Andrew, engraver, Lauriefton, fouth fide

Bell Alexander, merchant, Lavvnmarket

Bell Hamilton, writer, op. Linen- hall, Canongate

Bell David, bookbinder, Potterrow well

Bell Mrs, merchant, head of Libberton's wynd

Bell Andrew, hair-dreffer, oppofite Meal-market

Bell Mrs, vintner, Canongate-head

Bell Daniel, grocer, Potterrow

Bell Thomas, candlemaker, near Hamilton's Folly

Bell Mrs, baker, Pleafance

Bell Mrs, oppofite Linen-hall, Cannongate

Bell Andrew, iron-monger, Canongate-head

Bennet John, furgeon, Old AfTembly clofe

Bennet David, clerk of poll- office, Kinloch's clofe

Bennet Robert, barber, head of Canongate

Bennet John, wright, Witch-rubbifh-hill

Bennet Robert, tobacconift, Merlin's wynd,

Bernard Richard, dancing mailer, Skinner's clofe

Bertram, Gardiner, and Co. bankers, Exchange

Bertram James, ironmonger, Grafsmarket

Bertram John, writer, Crofscaufeway

( 8 )

Bertram James, Fountainbridge

Bethune William, writer, Murdoch's clofe

Betty James, room-fetter, Forrelter's wynd

Beveridge James, writer, No. 24. Prince's ltreet

Beveridge Mrs, Crofscaufeway

Beverly Alex, upholfterer, bridge Itr. houfe caltonhill

Beugo Gavin, painter, Princes ltreet

Beugo John, engraver, Morifon's clofe

Biggars John, Walter, & Co. linen manuf. Sciennes

Biggar Robert, linen manufacturer, Goofednb

Begg Allan, accountant of excife, Charles' ltreet

Binning Mrs, No. I 5, Nicolfon's fquare

Binning William, Efq; Argyle's fquare

Binny Mrs, Abbey

Billingfley Mrs, St James's fquare

Bird John, merchant, head of Carrubber's clofe

Billet Andrew, writer, Riddle's clofe

Bilhop Thomas, victualler, Ponton ftrcet

Bifhop James, grazier, Gibbet toll

Blacklock John, Lochend's clofe, Canongatc

Blacklock Rev. Thomas, Brifto ltreet

Blackwood Alexander, Ihoemaker, Calton

Blackie Mrs, Alifon's fquare

Black John, merchant, Luckenbooths

Black Dr Jofeph, No. 247. Nicolfon's ftreet

Black John, baker, No. 27. Nicolfon's ltreet

Bhck Daniel, breeches-maker, Brilto ltreet

Black Mrs, merchant, head of Blackfriar's wynd

Blaw James, Efq; St James's fquare

Blackadder Mrs, Niddry's wynd

Blackball Thomas, writer, Hay's court

Blair James Hunter, banker, M. P. George itreet

Blair Robert, advocate, Brown's fquare

Blair William, writer to the fignet, Merchant Itreet

Blair John, writer, Caitlehill

Blair Francis, merchant, Luckenhootha

Blair Mis of Dmirod, George's Itreet

Blair Mrs, Horfe wynd, Abbey

Bhir Rev. I)r Hugh, Argyle's fquare

Blair Mils, Lauridton bridge

Blanc Andrew, writer to the fignet, St David's llreei

Blane John, Efq; Caltonhill

Blantyre Lord, St John's Street

( 9 )

Blyth Alexander, breeches-maker, Baxter's clofe

Bogle Mrs, Abbey

Boog Thomas, apothecary, Cowgate head

Boogs Andrew and Alexander, cutlers, Netherbow

Boog George, toy merchant, Creams

Boog Alexander, fpirit dealer, low Calton

Bogue James, lhoemaker, foot of Cameron's clofe

Bogne John, writer, St James's fquare

Euckney Mifs, Brifto ftreet

Balderfton William, writer to the fignet, Hay's ftr,

Bonnar Andrew, banker, Cantore clofe, Luckenb.

Bonnar Alexander, banker, Cantore clofe

Bonnar John, dep. folicitor of excife, St Ann's dr.

Bonnar John, painter, Canongate head

Bonthron John, wright, Richmond ftreet

Borthwick John, Efq; of Crookfton, Lauriefton

Borthwick Archibald, Efq; Caftlebarns

Borthwick James, writer, head of Toddrick's wynd

Borthwick Alex, merchant, Lawnmarket

Borthwick William, back of the Exchange

Borthwick Francis, ftockingmaker, New ftr. Canong„

Borthwick George, fifh-hook maker, Leith wynd

Bofwell James, advocate, James's court

Bofwell Robert, wr.tothe fig. No. 13. St And. fquare

Bofwell Mrs, Parliament fquare

Bofwell Mifs, New Town

Bolton Walter, ironmonger, oppofite College wynd

Bofton Mrs, No. 145. Nicolfon's ftreet

Bowie Mrs, auctioneer, Fifher's clofe

Bowie Mif?, gold lace manufacturer, Luckenbooths

Bowie Mrs, Forrefter's wynd

Bowie Mrs, Kountainbridge

Bow Robert raid Co. merchants, Bridge ftreet

Bowman Richard, wright, back ftairs

Bowman Charles, writer, teind office, back ftairs

Bowman William, oyfter feller, op. Filhmarket clofe

Boyd Dr, folicitor at law, Paterfon's court

Boyd James, painter, Merlin's wynd

Boyd Mrs, vintner, Craig's clofe

Boyd George, merchant, Lawnmarket

Boyd Walter, hairdreffer, head of Blackfriar's wynd

Boyd James, Canongate-head

Boyes Thomas, writer, oppofite Canongate church

( IP )

Baylo John, vintner, Bridge- ftreet

Braid David, ttabler, oppofit-: Cornmarket

Braidwood Will, ironmonger, Grafsmarket, S. fide

Braidwood Francis, uphold. & undertaker, Luckenb.

Braidwood Mrs, Bfiito-ftreet

Brafh James, taylor, Leith-wynd

Biechin Charles, wright, Cowgate-head

Bremner James, writer, Heriot's-work-bridge

Bremner Robert, mufic feller at the Crofs

Bremner Hugh, writer, Grafsmarket

Bridges David, merchant, Luckenbooths

Bridges James, Efq; Pleafants

Bridges William, dealer in fpirits, Canongate head

Brod.e James, Surgeon, Lawnmarket, north fido

JBrodie William, writer, Merchant ftreet

Brodie Mrs, Weft Caufeway fide

Brodie William, wright, Brodie's clofe

Brodie Alexander, baker, head of Fleflimarket clofe

Brougham Henry of Drumhall, No. 21. St And.-fq.

Brough Lieut. James, Sciennes

Brough John, cork cutter, op. foot of Merlin's wynd

Brough John, fauffagemaker, op. foot Peebles wynd

Brough John, wright, No. 4. St Andrew's ftreet,

houfe St Ann's itreet

Brotherfione John, upholfterer, Bell's wynd

Broughton Edw. accountant of excife, Fountainbr.

Brown Robert, No. 6, St Andrew's ftreet

Brown James, writer, Horfe-wynd

Brown Robert, writer to the fig. Wardrope's court

Brown Archibald, writer, Blyth's clofe, Caftlehill

Brown Dr John, Niddry's wynd

Brown Dr Mathew, Shakefpeare-fquare

Brown Alexander, librarian, Kincaid's land, Cowg.

Brown Rev. James, Lauriellon

Brown James, architect, George's fquare

Brown George, commiffioner of excife, George's fq.

Brown Mifs, Sliakefpeare fquarc

Brown Alexander, wine merchant, Craig's clofe

Brown Mifs, North St David 8 ftreet

Brown James, merchant, Lawnmarket

Brown Charles, fpirit dealer, Fountainbridge

Brown Robert, writer, Crichton-ltreet

( II )

Brown Mrs of Biflioptown, World's end clofe

Brown Thomas, grocer, Brown's fquare

Brown Mrs, mantuamaker, Home's clofe

Brown Mrs, Princes itreet

Brown William, grocer, head of Skinner's clofe

Brown John, painter, Canongate-head

Brown Samuel, watchmaker, oppofite the Guard

Brown John, limner, ditto

Brown Alexander, bookfeller, Bridge-ftreet

Brown James, fen. ftaymaker, Leith-wynd

Brown James, jun. ftaymaker, Canocgate-head

Brown Mrs, Ball turnpike

Brown William, flefher, Flemmarket clofe

Brown Thomas, flefher, Flefhmarket clofe

Brown Mrs, midwife, Brown's clofe

Brown James, baker, Pleafants

Brown Robert, founder, Lawnmarket

Brown James, butter and cheefe merchant, Bow-head

Brown William, teacher, Old x^flembly-clofe

Brown Mifs, milliner, Bell's wynd

Brown Mrs, Barringer's clofe

Brown Miffes, mantuamakers, Fountain clofe

Brown Hugh, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Brown Alexander, wright, Low Calton

Brown William, bookbinder, oppofite Back flairs

Brown James, hairdreffer, Charles' ftreet

Brown John, mafon, Charles's ftreet

Brown Archibald, cutler, Caftlebank

Brown George, baker, Brifto-ftreet

Brown Robert, ftabler, oppofite Mealmarket

Brown William, fmith, Goofe-dub

Brown James, wright, Brifto- ftreet

Brown Thomas, taylor, Brifto-ftreet

Brown Mifs, Goofe-dub

Brown Thomas, baker, Crofs-caufevvay

Bruce Edward, writer to the fignet, Queen's ftreet

Bruce John, profeffbr, Potterrow

Bruce Adam, writer, New Affembl y- clofe-

Bruce George, writer, Weft-bow

Bruce John, writer, James's court

Bruce Capt. Warrifton's clofe

Bruce Alexander, leather merchant, Weft-bow

( «*. )

Brace Robert, writer, Bailie Fife's clofe

Bruce John and Co. hardware merchants, Br. ftreet

Bruce Will, upholfterer and au&ioneer, Fleftim. clofe

Bruce William, fpin't dealer, Weft-port

Bruce Mifles, Goofe-dub

Bruce James, faddler, Brifto-ftreet

Bruce Mrs of Kinloch, No. 22, Princes flreet

Bruce Alexander, wright, Morrifon's clofe

Bryce William, grocer, Luckenbooths

Bruce Robert, (later, Dunbar's clofe

Bruce Thomas, hardware merchant, Luckenbooths

Bruce Robert, (later, Stevenlaw's clofe

Brunton James, glafs grinder, head of Chalmer's clofe

Brunton Walter, faddler, head of Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Brunton James, writer, Welt- bow

Brunton John, merchant, Lawnmarket

Bryfon Thomas, brewer, Sciennes

Bryfon Mrs, oppofite foot of Niddry's wynd

Bryfon Robert, baxter, Lawnmarket

Bryfon George, brewer, oppofite the Sciennes

Buchan Earl of, St Andrew's ftreet

Buchan John, writer to the fignet, James's court

Buchan William, Lady Stair's clofe

Buchan Hugh, city chamberlain, Turk's clofe

Buchan John, wr. to the fignet, No. 2. St Dav. ftr.

Buchan Francis, merchant, front of Exchange

Buchan Mrs, James's court

Buchan Mils of Letham, Kinloch's clofe

Buchan Mifs, oppofite Linen-hall

Buchan James, writer to the fignet, St Ann's ftreet

Buchan George, wright, foot of High School-wynd

Buchan William, merchant, Caltonhill

Buchanan James, commifiioner, houfe Leith-walk

Buchanan John, fleflier, High School-yards

Buchanan George, fpirit-dealer, op. Old Fifhm. clofe

Buchanan David, baker, foot of Bell's wynd

Buchanan Allan, filk weaver, Nether-bow

Bull Miffes, oppofite foot of Mint-clofe

Burnet of Exchequer, Broughton

Burnet Mifs, grocer, Cowgate-head

Burnet Andrew, advocate, Princes ftreet

Burnet James, grocer, front of James's court

Burnet Mrs, taylor, Mint-clofe

( IJ; )

Burnet James, tea and fpirit-dealer. op. the Guard

Burnet Mrs, Fountainbridge

Burns Mrs, Bunker's hill

Burn David, grocer, Weft Bow-

Burn James, merchant, Nether bow

Burn William, merchant, Libb-rton's wynd

Burn Robert, grocer, head of Skinner's clofe

Burt Mifs, Milne's clofe, Canongate

Burt Mrs, Lawnmarket, north fide

Burton George, ironmonger, front of Exchange

Burton George, wright, Caftlebarns

Burrel Mrs, auclioneer, Back-ftairs

Burrel John, baker, Pleafance

Burline Francis, drawing-malter, Leirh wynd

Butler H. T. mufic teacher, Kincaid's land

Butter John, merchant, Lawnmarket

Butter William, cabinet-maker, Carrnbber's clofe

Butter John, bookbinder, head of Weft Bow-

Butter Peter, fhoemaker, oppofite Mealmarket

Butterworth Edmund, writing-matter, Niddry's wci .


Cairncrofs George, writer, Prefident-fUIrs

Cairncrofs James, flater, Stevenlaw's clofe - ,

.Cairnton John, brewer, Pleafance

Cairnton Robert, fmith, Allan's clofe

Cairns Robert of cuftomhoufe, Heriot's work brid^ r :

Cairns John, fiefher, Hay's coiirt, Weft port

Caitchen John, carver &gi!dev-, op. foot of Old Fifhni.

Caldwall Mrs, auctioneer, Mealmarket flairs

Caldwall Alexander, oyfter feller, foot Old Afii cloff

Calder Hugh, coach wright, Pleafance

Calder Alexander of Exchequer, Don's clofe

Calder John, merchant, Grafsmarket, north fide

Calder Charles, grocer, foot of Niddry's wynd

Callum George, fhoemaker, Brifto-ftreet

Callender John, dep. elk. of Seffion, head Brown's c:

Callender Mrs of Weftertown, Carrubber's clofe

Callender Mifs, mantuamaker, Cowgate head

Callender Mrs, fets lodgings, cppofite Bridge ftree*:

Callender George, wright & meafurer, Candlem.-row

Cal leader Mrs, Brifto-ftreet

Canon Horatiu?, Eft}; writer, George-ftreet


(-H )

Cameron Mrs, boarding miftrefs, Potterrow

Cameron George, engraver, Toddrick's wynd

Cameron Robert, writer, Warrifton's clofe

Cameron Hugh, vintner, Bridge- ftreet

Cameron John, white hart inn, Grafsmarket

Cameron , tailor, Paterfon's court

Cameron Mrs, trunk-maker, Fountain-well

Cameron Allan, meftenger, College wynd

Cameron Archibald, painter, Morocco's clofe, Can.

Campbell Lady Mary, below Canongate church

Campbell Sir James, Old Bank clofe

Campbell Thomas, Efq; of Ncwfield, Society

Campbell Colonel Robert, George's fquare

Campbell General, George's fquare

Campbell Mungo, Efq; Prince's ftreet

Campbell Richard, writer to the iignet, Crichton-ft.

Campbell John, writer to the fignet, St James's fq.

Campbell Lady, Thiflle- ftreet

Campbell Peter, of Royal Bank, Calton-hiU

Campbell Mrs, Mainpoint

Campbell Mrs, of Blythfwood, Ramfay garden

Campbell Niell, of Duntroon, Adam's fquare

Campbell Archibald, clerk of feffion, James's court

Campbell John, writer, mealmarket ftairs

Campbell John, mufic-maller, Canongate-head

Campbell Alexander, mufic-mafter, Canongate

Campbell John, painter, Canongate-head

Campbell John, grocer, oppofite St John's ftreet, Can.

Campbell John, flelher, Canongate-head

Campbell Wra, writ, to fig. No. 10, St Andr. fqur.

Campbell Mifics, of Bourhills, Shakefpeare fquare

Campbell Mrs, of Aird, Shakefpeare fquare

Campbell Mifs, of Strachen, North St David's ftreet

Campbell Mrs, of Southhall, North St Andrew's ftr.

Campbell James, excife-ofticer, Canongate-foot

Campbell Mrs, George (trcet

Campbell Mrs, St James's fquare

Campbell Mrs, of Ballimore, No. 1 1, St Andrew's fq.

Campbell iVilh'am, of Balmeath, Broughton

Cajajpbell William, No. 115, Nicolfon-ftreet

Campbell Alex, grocer, No. 1 14, Nicolfon ftreet

Campbell James, merchant, Cuwgate-hcad

( *s )

Campbell Alex, brewer, Campbell's clofe

Campbell Thomas, mercht. Campbell's clofe, Cowg.

Campbell Archibald, brewer, Campbell's clofe

Campbell John, (pint-dealer, foot of Peebles wynd

Campbell Mrs, Bell's wynd

Campbell John, ftabler, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Campbell Samuel, bookbinder, Well Bow

Campbell Mrs, Caftlehill

Campbell Mrs, room-fetter, front of James's court

Campbell Thomas & co. merchants, front of Exch>

Campbell Alex, fpirit-dealer, Bridge- llrect

Campbell Colin, fmith, Chalmer's clofe

Cants Mifs, Jolly's clofe, Caftlehill

Carfrae James, woollen-draper, front of Exchange

houfe No. 4, James's ftreet

Cargill and Millar, ironmongers, oppofite Crofs-weli

Cargill James, writer, Lady Stair's clofe

Cargill Daniel, cutler, Leith wynd

Carlyle Francis, writer, Carrubber's clofe

Cathcart Mrs, Thiftle- ftreet

Carmichael James, writer, Brodie's buildings

Carmichael George, writer, Wrights-houfes

Carmichael James, writer, Miln's court

Carmichael Andrew, writer, Flefhmarket-clofe

Carmichael Thomas, merchant, front of Exchange

Carmichael John, St Andrew's ftreet

Carmichael Mrs, Trunk clofe

Carmichael James, grocer, Weft Port

Carmichael Andrew, patten -maker, Craims

Carmichael Peter, porter-dealer, Kennedy's clofe

Carmichael Mrs, foot of Monteith's clafe

Carlier John, Edinburgh fugar-houfe

Carnegy Sir David, Brown's fquare

Carnegy Lady Mary, Bailie Fife's clofe

Carnegie Lady Chriftian, Bridge-ltreet

Carnochan William, grocer, No. 2. St Andrew's ftr 3

Carre Mr, of Cavers, Society

Carre Mrs, George's fquare

Carres Miftes, of Nifbet, George's fquare

Carftairs Wm. comb-maker, Weft Port

Cardonnel Adam, of the Cuftoms, No.2 2, Princes fir-,

Caithnefs Mrs, St John's ftreet

B 3

{ x6 )

Cathie Mrs-, grocer, head of Kennedy's dole

Caw Alex, bookbinder, Warriilon's clofe

Caw John, room-fetter, Lady Stair's clofe

Gaverhijl Archibald, ilationer and map feller, Parl.fq.

Caverhill Thomas, faddler, Crichton- ftreet

Cauvine Jofeph, writer, No. 98, Chapel-ltreet

Cay Robert, advocate, Bucclcugh-ftreet

Ca-rftairs John, furgeon, Canongate-head

Carltairs Mifs, New ftreet

Chalmers John 5c co. merchants, Miln's court

Chalmers Mr, of Calmon, Miln's court

Chalmers George, Efq; Miln's court

Chalmers John, writer, Niddry's wynd

Chalmers Robert, Efq; Adam's fquare

Chalmers James, writer, at Mrs M'Pherfon's, oppo

iile loot of Niddry's wynd

Chimera John, writer, No. 11, St Andrew's flrect

Chalmers Dr Mrs, Back. Hairs

Chalmers Thomas, fmith, Potterrow

Chalmers Alexander, baker, Crofscaufeway

Chalmers Wm. faddler, Weil Port

Chalmers A. Candiemakerrow

Chalmers Mifs, grocer, Candiemakerrow

Chalmers Mifs, milliner, Candiemakerrow

Chalmers Mrs, Cowgate-head

Changler Mis, Weir's clofe, Canongate

Churchill Mrs, New Street

< haproan Mrs, keeps boarders, Adam's fquare

Cnarterig Francis, Efq; No. 32, St Andrew's fquare

Cluirteris Charles, fchool mailer, Chalmer's dole

Charles James, holier, Bridge- llreet

( h.itierlv, Theoph. china warehoufe, Candlem. row

( hop Wm. linen-draper, Hyndford's clofe

Cbilholm Wl», grocer, Cowgate Port

Ira Mrs, milliner, Crofs caufeway

:in Robert, change keeper, General's entry

Chriftie Captain, St John's ftreet

Chriltie Win. bookbinder, head of new flairs

(, rniftie lames, cork cutter, foot of Hume's clofe

I . idie

'.Mis, Itabler, llorfe wynd

Ohillas Robert, llaichmaker, Quarry.-holes

«. hills James, malon, Abbey-hill

( ft )'

Clapperton George, writer, Weft Bowliead

Clark Lady (Dowager) Dickfon's clofe

Clark Mrs, George's fquare

Clark Lady, Crichton ftreet

Clark Mifs, Crichton ftreet

Clark Allan, writer to the fignet, Weft Bow

Clark David, folicitor, Allan's clofe

Clark James, his Majefly's farrier, Si back of Cam?,

Clark Sir John, of Pennycuick, Parliament-fquare

Clark James, Efq; at Lady Maxwell's

Clark John, of Elden, Hanover ftreet

Clark Mrs, Lochend's clofe, Canongate

Clark Thomas, mafon, Princes ftreet

Clark Thomas & Son, leather cafe maker, Erifto fir,

Clark Mifs, Fountainbridge

Clark Robert, bookfeller, Parliament houfe

Clark and Son, glaziers, head of Niddry's wynd

Clark Mrs, Niddry's wynd

Clark John, mufician, Niddry's wynd

Clark Mrs, midwife, Bowhead

Clark Peter, vintner, Borthvvick's clofe

Clark Alex, painter, Cowgate head

Clark Stephen, organift, Chalmers's clofe

Clark Mrs, tobacconift, head of Bridge (Ireet

Clark James, vintner, Flefhmarket clofe

Clark James, (locking maker, Weft Bow

Clark James, fhoemaker, Exchange

Clark Mrs. fewing miftrefs, Cowgate head

Clark James, glazier, Leith wynd

Clarkfon James, baker, oppoftte foot of Niddr. wynd

Clarkfon Wm. hair-dr. & perfumer, head of Niddr. .\v

Clarkfon Mrs, Monteith's clofe

Clarkfon , wine merchant, Canonpate

Clapperton Mrs, Trunk clofe

Clapperton John, tea and fpirit dealer, Potterrow

Cleghorn Thomas, prefent bailie, No. 10, St Andr. Re-

Cleghorn Thomas, wine merchant, Grafsmarket

Cleghorn David, brewer, King's (tables

Cleghorn Mrs. Potterrow

Cleghorn Mrs, Society

Cleghorn Mrs, Leith wynd

Cleghorn Mrs, room-fetter, Bull turnpike

B 3

( 'S )

C iephorn Mifs, oppofite Archers hall

Cleghorn John, grocer, oppofite Canongate church

(leghorn Mrs, & Co. maiituamflkers, Leith wynd

Cleghorn Wm. bookbinder, old pofthoufe Hairs

< leland Robert, jeweller, St Ann's ftreet

Cleland John, watchmaker, Lawnmarket

C leland Wm. marble-cutter, New Street

i.lcugh Robert, late mercliant, Weft Bow

C leeve John Rev. Nicolfon ftreet

Clidfdale Mrs, Keriot's work bridge

< layton Thomas, plaifterer, Liberton's wynd

Cochran Mrs, Crichton ftreet

Cochran Wm. change-keeper, Bow-foot

Cochran James, printer, Craig's clofe

Cochran JameS, grocer, at the Crofs

Cock Charles, brewer, Drumdryan

Cockburn Archibald of Cockpen, Hope park

Cochran Lady Mary, Thiitle court

Cockburn Tho. writer to the fignet, George's fquare

Cockburn Thomas, writer, Pleafance

Cockburn John, teacher, Carrubber's clofe

Cockburn Miifes, Blackfriars wynd

Cockburn Mrs, Crichton ftreet

Cockburn Mifs, Miln's clofe, Canongate

Cockburn James, clerk, linen hall— houfe there

Cockburn Wm. baker, St Andrew's ftreet

Cockburn Mrs, South St David's ftreet

Cockburn Thomas, baker, Caufewayfide

Cockburn A. tin plate worker, Bow- head well

Cockburn Mrs, Monteith's clofe

Coldllream John, writer, Commillary office

Coalftnn Lady, Caftlehill

Coition John, grocer, at the crofs

Colquhoun James, ofLufs, No. 33, St And. fquare

»"oiquhoun George & Son, linen manuf. back of infirm

Colquhoun Win. of Kenmure, Adam's fquare

CoIquUoUB Humphry, George's fquare

( olquhoun Archibald, change-keeper, Libert, wynd

Colvill Lord, Nicolfon ftreet

Colvil Alex, auctioneer, foot of Foncfter's wynd

Colvil Alex, fupervifor, Lauriellon.

Colvil and Cannichael, foap boilers, Watergate

-''jjyil Mils, Horfc wynd ; Abbey

( 19 )

Collier Jamefi, merchant, Lawnmarket

Combs Thomas, brewer, Potterrow

Combs Thomas, clubmaker, Wrights houfcs

Comb George, brewer, Livingfton's yards

Comb Thomas, vintner, Craig's cloie

Cooper Dr Myles, No. 109, Nicolibn ftreet

Cooper James, hardware merchant, Bridge ftreet

Cooper Wm. upholfterer, opp. head Blackfr. wynd

Cooper George, mufician, back of Exchange

Cooper Archibald, grocer, foot of Peebles wynd

Copland Peter, writer, Caltonhill

Corbet Robert, advocate, Miln's court

Corbet Mrs. Shakefpeare fquare

Corrie Hugh, writer to the fignet, George ftreet

Corri & Sutherland, mufic-iellers, Bridge itreet

Corri Signor, mufic-mafter, Bridge ftreet

Corri John, mufic-mafter, Bridge ftreet

Corri Natale, mufic-mafter, Bridge- ftreet

Coulter Wm. hofier, oppofite Crofs well

Cowan Wm. founder, &c. Niddry's wynd

Cowan Wm. merchant, Bridge- ftreet

Cowan James, fhoemaker, Brifto ftreet

Cowan Chas. paper ware-houfe, Kincaid's land, Cow.

Cowan James, candlemaker, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Craig Wm. advocate, Brown's fquare

Craig Thomas, of Riccarton, No. 9. Prince's ftreet

Craig James, architect, oppofite corn market

Craig Mrs, Gosford's clofe

Craig James, baker, head of Kinloch's clofe

Craig John, brewer, Abbey-hill

Craigie Robert, advocate, Covenant clofe

Craigie Wm.-Cha. writer to the fignet, Hay's ftree:

Craigie Thomas, ftaymaker, Canongate-head

Craniton Hon. Mifs, Charles ftreet

Craw Wm. faddler, back of the Fountain well

Craw Captain John, Shakefpeare fquare

Corley John, weaver, Piccardy

Crawford Ronald, Efq; St Andrew's fquare

Crawford Mifs, of Auchinames, No. 10, St And. f^.

Crawford, Mifs, Buccleugh ftreet

Crawford Mifs, Adam's court

Crawford Mrs, rnantuaraaker, Leith wynd

( 20 )

Crawford Peter, Lauriefton

Crawford Wm. fmith, Candlemakerrcw

Crawford Alex, mafon, Blackfriars wynd

Crawford Wm. taylor, Nicolfon flreet

Crawford Mrs, head of Borthwick's clofe

Crawford Charles, copperfmith, Canongatehead

Creech Wm. bookfeller, at the crofs

Crichton Alexander, coachmaker, Canongate

Crichton William, ftay and habit maker, Caltonhili

Crichton James, brewer, oppoiite Campbell's clofe

Crichton Alexander, fhoemaker, Nicolfon's ftreet

Crichton John, fhoemaker, Low Calton

Crooks John, mafon, St David's itreet

Crooks Thomas, baker, Grafsmarket, north fide

Crofbie Andrew, Efq; advocate, Allan's clofe

Cruickfhanks George, writer, Borthwick's clofe

Cruickfhanks William, mafter of High School, No. 2.

St James's fquare

Crumbie and Son, dyers, Hume's clofe

Cuibert Mrs, Caltonhili

Cullen Dr, Mint

Cullen Robert, advocate, Argyle's fquare

Cullen Mrs, of Parkhead, St Andrew's fquare

Cumming Sir John, George's fquare

Gumming and Son, bankers, Exchange

Cumming ProfefTor Robert, Charles itreet

Cumming George, Writer to the fig. Princes flreet

Cumming Mrs, No. 64, Chapel ftreet

Cumming Mrs, High School yards

Cumming Mifs, Brilto ftreet

Cumming Mifs, milliner, Luckenbooths

Cumming Robert, Haymaker, Middleton's entry

Cumming George, tea and fpirit dealer, Brilto

Cumming John, meffenger, Gavinlock's land

Cumming John, dyer, op. foot of Peeble's wynd

Cumming Wm, fhoemaker end of Luckenbooths

Cunningham James, writer, Foulis's clofe

Cunningham A. writer to the lig. No. 4. Prince's it r

Cunningham Colonel, Leith walk

Cunningham Mrs, Leith walk

Cunningham Alexander, writer, Blackfriar's wynd

Cunningham Mrs, flarchmakcr, Abbey

Cunningham Mrs, Argyle's fquare


( M )

Cunningham Mrs, No. 69, Chapel fireet

Cunningham Mifs Either, No. 69, Chapel Greet

Cunningham C7 MKerzie, filverfmiths, Pari, fquare

Cunningham Peter and Will, goldfmiths, Caftlchill

Cunningham Mrs, baker, Grafsmarket

Cunningham James, baker, weft end of the Guard

Cunningham James, baker, head of Blackfnar's 'wd

Cunningham Alexander, fhoemaker, Weftport

Cunningham Mrs, Windmill ilreet

Currie George, advocate, Old Exciie court

Currie Mrs, Brifto fireet

Currie Mrs, Flefhmarket clofe

Guthbert Captain Thomas, Croftangry

Cuthbert , French teacher, Merlin's wynd

Cuthbert William, baker, Bowhead

Cuthbertfon William, faddler, back of the Guard

Cotteral George, iron founder, Leith walk

Cofnan Miffes, Campbell's clofe, Canongate


Dalgleifli Mrs, Bunker's hill

Dalgleifh Robert, druggift, Pleafance

Dalgleifli James, writer, Brown's clofe

Dalgleifh Mrs, auctioneer, Potterrow

Dalgleifh .Laurence, watchmaker at the Crofs

Dalgleifh Mrs, Brifto itreet

Dalgleifli James, grocer, head of Wardrop's court

Da'glcifh George, wright, Middleton's entry

Dalgleifh David, taylor, Abbeyhill

Dallas James, writer to the fig. Mealmarket flairs

Dallas Mifs, mantuamaker, Toddrick's wynd

Dallas Mrs, Pieafance

Dallas James, brewer, Abbey

Dallas Thomas, mefTenger, Niddry's wynd

Dallas William, wright, Anchor clofe

Dallas Alexander, filk dyer, Blackfriar's wynd

Dallaway, japanner, foot Tolbooth wynd, Canongate

Dalmahoy and Son, fhoemakers, head ' t John's ftr»

Dalmahoy Adam, glover, Parliament fquare

Dalrymple Lady Dowager, Eucclengh Itreet

Dalrymple Capt. Hugh, end of Fotterrow

Dalrymple William, merchant, Exchange

Dalrymple Mifs, Charles itreet

Dalrymple Mrs, Princes itreet

( 22 )

Dalrymple Mifs, mantuatnaker, Prefident flairs

Dalziel Robert, George ftreet

Dalziel Profeffor Andrew, College

Daihoutie Earl of, St John's ftreet

Darling Robert, teacher, Warrifton's clofe

Dai ling William, printer. Advocate's clofe

Darling William, fhoemaker, Crofscaufeway

Davidfon John, writer to the fignet, Caftlehill

Davidfon Plenry, writer to the fig. Merchant ftreet

Davidfon John of Ravelrig, Society

Davidfon Robert, writer, Windmill ftreet

Davidfon William, writer, below Canongate Church

Davidfon Walter, fhoemaker, Calton

Davidfon Adam, officer of excife, Richmond ftreet

Davidfon Charles, mafon, Brifto ftreet

Davidfon Mrs, Windmill ftreet

Davidfon Mifs, Carrubber's clofe

Davidfon Mifs, roomfetter, Old Affembly clofe

Davidfon William, cooper, foot of Forrelter's wynd

Dargs Mifs, mantuamaker, Fountain clofe

Davie John, No. 171, Nicolfon's ftreet

Davie William, goldfmith, Parliament fquare

Davie Thomas, tobacconift, Weftport

Davie George, tobacconift, Potterrow

Dawfon William, merchant, head Lady Stair's clofe

Deas William, painter, St Mary's wynd

Deas William, filk dyer, Caftlehill

Dempfter Will, and Son, jewellers, Parliament fq.

Dempller Robert, apothecary, Fountain well

Denovan Campbell, publifher of the Edin. Evening

Poft, Brodie's clofe,— houfe Canonmills

Deuchar D. feal- engraver, Crofs

Deuchar James, taylor, No. 2, St David's ftreet

Dewar James of Vogrie, Horfe wynd

Dcwar Forreft, furgeon, Luckenbooths

Dewar George, merchant, Luckenbooths

Dewar Thomas, tobacconift., Cowgatehead

Dewar James, woolen draper, oppolite Bridge ftreet

Dewar James, fpirit dealer, foot of College wynd

Dewar Robert, glazier, Forrefter's wynd

Dick William, writer to the fignet, Parliament fquare

Dick Robert, profeffor, Alilon's fquare

Dick John, writer, oppolite Archer's hall

( n )

Dick John, merchant, Grafsmarket, north fide

Dick Mifs, mantuamaker, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Dick Robert, writer, at Mr Cay's, Princes ftreet

Dick John, wright, foot of Leith walk

Dick John, hairdreffer, below Linen hall

Dick John, tobacconift, Potterrow

Dick Mrs, foot of Stevenlaw's clofe

Dick Richard, tobacconift, at the Crofs

Dickie Alex, clock and watchmaker, Bridge ftreet

Dickie Matthew, writer, Miln's court

Dickie Mrs, No. 4, St Andrew's ftreet

Dickfon John, advocate, Merchant ftreet

Dickfon Alexander, No. , St Andrew's fquare

Dickfon Ja. bookfeller, Exchange, honfe Milne's c.

Dickfon Alexander, excife officer, Weftport

Dickfon Mrs, Murdoch's clofe

Dickfon James, florift, Shakefpeare fquare

Dickfon Thomas, mafon, Abbey

Dingwall John, writer, head of Weft Bow

Dodd Mrs, Stevenlaw's clofe

Dobie Mrs, Goofedub

Dobie George, m?fon, Richmond ftreet

Dundonald Lady, St Ann's yards

Dundonald Lord, No. 20, Nicolfon's ftreet

Donald James, apothecary, oppofite the Guard

Donald John, fpirit dealer, foot of Con's clofe

Donaldfon Rob. writer to the fig. Shakefpeare fquare

Donaldfon Ja. printer of the Advertifer, Caftlehill

Donaldfon Mifs, mantuamaker, foot of New ftreet

Donaldfon John, painter, Horfe vvynd

Donaldfon Mrs, roomfetter, Shakefpeare fquare

Donaldfon David, wright, Caltonhill

Donaldfon Thomas, confectioner, St Ninian's ftreet

Dott Robert, reedmaker, Caftle wynd

Dougall James, hair-dreffer, foot of Pleafance

Douglas Colonel Robert, Canongate

Douglas General, Grant's clofe

Douglas Mrs, of Cavers, George's Square

Douglas Mrs, Ramfay Garden

Douglas George, Efq; op. Sugarhoufe, Canongate

Douglas. Mrs, Chalmers's clofe

Douglas Mifs, milliner, Bridgeftreet

( =4 )

Douglas Alexander, candlemaker, Potterrow

Douglas James, ftioemaker, Cowgate-head

Douglas Daniel, hatter, Monteith's dofe

Douglas Daniel, vintner, Anchor clofe

Douglas Robert, fifhing tackle maker, Grafsmarket

Douglas John, hatter, near the Guard

Douglas John, of Excife, Canongate

Douglas John, ftioemaker, Low Calton

Douglas Archibald, writer, Bunker's hill

Douglas Mrs, Shakefpeare's fquare

Douglas Mrs, No. 3. St Andrew's fquare

Douglas Mrs, of Tilliquhilly, No. 2. St Andrew's ftr.

Dow Thomas, writer of lettures, Potterrow

Dow Peter, liofier, head of Toddrick's wynd

Dow Mifs, Liberton's wynd

Dow John, cork-cutter, op. foot of Liberton's wynd

Dowie William, baker, Abbey

Dowie Charles, baker, head of Pleafance

Dowie, John, vintner, Liberton's wynd

Downie and Aitken, goldfmiths and watchmakers,

Parliament fquare

Downie William, fpirit dealer, op. foot of Robertfon's


Downie, Lewis, grocer, Netherbow

Downie Walter, ftioemaker, Crofscaufeway

Drummond Captain, St David's ftreet

Drummond Mrs, George's ftreet

Drummond Mrs, Wardrop's court

Drummond Peter, Piccardy

Drummond John, trunk-maker, Lawnmarket

Drummond Alex. French teacher, Canuber's clofe

Drummond James, writer, Goofedub

Drummond Gregor, flefher, flefhmarket

Dryfdale Dr, No. 3. Prince's ftreet

Dryfdale Mrs, op. foot of Niddry's wynd

Dryfdale John, fpirit dealer, head of Wardrop's court

Dryfdale William, ftabler, Horfe wynd

Dryfdale John, ftioemaker, Netherbow

Dryfdale William, 'ftaymaker, Canongate-head

Dry burgh James, brewer, north back of Canongate

Dudgeon Alexander, baker, Lawnmarket

( *$ )

Dudgeon Robert, baker, Grafsmarket, fcuth frde

Dudgeon Alexander, glazier, Potterrow

Duff Lady Ann, George's fquare

Duff Lauchlan, writer to the fignet, George ftreet

l) u ff ,., , fhoemaker, Skinner's clofe

Duff Peter, beft printers prefs maker in Europe, Crofscaufeway

Duffas Charles, bookfeller, Nether bow

Dumbreck John, White horfe inn, Canongate head

Dunn James, hotel keeper, No. 39, St Andrew's fq,

Dunn James, wright, weft end of Lauriefton

Dunn David, ftabler, oppofite Mealmarket

Dunbar Lady, Bridge ftreet

Dunbar Sir William, of Hemprigs, Exchange

Dunbar William, writer to the fig. Advocates clofe

Dunbar Mifs, Brifto ftreet

Dunbar Robert, writer, Canongate head

Duncan Alex, writer to the fignet, Queen flrec',

Duncan Thomas, writer, Prefident ftairs v

Duncan Dr Andrew, Brifto ftreet

Duncan George, ftamp office, Old fliip clofe

Duncan Samuel, writer, foot Stevenlaw's clofe

Duncan Henry merchant, Luckenbooths

Duncan John, teacher of mathematics, Liberton's w.

Duncan John, baker, King's itables

Duncan James, merchant, La vvnmarket, north fitle

Duncanfon Mifs, No. 166, Nicolfon's ftreet

Deuchar David & Alex, feal cutters, at the Crofi

Dundas General, Strichen's clofe

Dundas Robert, advocate, Exchange

Dundas Kenry, IVL P. Parliament fquare

Dundas Mrs, Bunkers hill

Dundas Mrs, Turk's clofe

Dundas John, writer to the fignet, College wyn-c

Dundas Mifs of Dundas,

Briilo port

Dundas Mifs, Crichton's ftreet

Dundas Mil's, milliner, Luckenbooths

Dundas MifTes of Arnifbn, Windmill ftreet

Dundas Ralph, Alifon's fquare

Dundas Robert, writer, No. 104, Chapel ftreifc

( 26 )

Dunfmuir Jo. Geo. & Co. merchants, Lawnmarket

Dunfmuir John, teacher, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Dupafquier Mrs, vintner, Parliament fquare

Durham Cunningham, Konnington

Durham Mifs, Paterfort's court

Durham Mrs, roomfetter, College wynd

Durnford Mrs, No. , St David's ftreet

Durward Jofeph, watchmaker, head of Canongate

Domville Henry, linen merchant, Canongate


Eagle Mrs, feed merchant, Smith's land

Eafton John, folicitor at law, Allan's clofe

Eafton John, merchant, Main point

Eafton Robert, founder, Calton

Edgar John, writer, Broughton

Edgar Hugh, taylor, Potterrow

Edgar James, confe&ioner, Teviot row

Edie James, merchant, Ramfay's court

Edie James, fhoemaker, Weft port

Edington James, hairdrefler, Potterrow

Edmonfton Governor, George ftreet

Edmonfton Col. James, Adams's court

Edmonfton Lady, George's fquare

Edmonfton Mrs, Merlin's wynd

Edmonfton Alex, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Edmonfton Tho. keeper pari, houfe, Forrefter's wynd

Edward James, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Edwards Mifs, milliner, Luckenbooths

Edwards Mrs, Buccleugh ftreet

Elder, Hufband '& Co. confectioners, op. Tron Ch.

Elder Robert, grocer, Grafsmarket

Elder David, publican, head of Bull's clofe

Elliot Corn, writer to the fignet, Crichton's ftreet

Elliot Charles, bookfeller, Parliament fquare— houfe

Ram fay Garden

Elliot John of Borthwickbrae, George'6 fquai'c

Elliot Governor, George's fquare

Elliot Mifs of Minto, Brown's fquare

Elliot MifTcs, Dickfon's clofe

Ellet John, Britifh coffcehoufe, at the Crofe

( *7 )

Elliot Mrs, Carrubber's clofe

Elliot Mrs, Hope's clofe

Elliot Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Elliot John, mafon, No. 103, Chapel ftreet

Elibank Lord, No. 5, St Andrew's ftreet

Elphingfton Alex, advocate, James's court

Emflie Fran, writer at Mr Farquhai-foil's, Adam'3 fcj .

Erfkine" the Hon. Henry, advocate, George's fquare

Erikine Rev. John, Lauriefton

Erfkine Mrs, Charles's ftreet

Erfkine Mrs, Alifon's fquare

Erflcine David, writer to fig. No. 24,, Nicoifoa's ft;',

Erfkine Hon. James of Marr, Abbeyhili

Erikine Rev. James, No. 23, Nicolfon's ftreet

Erfkine John, advocate, Shakefpeare fquare

Erfkine Lady Charlotte, Broughton

Erikine John of Dun, Princes ftreet

Efplin & Forbes, paper ftainers, near the Crofa"

Efplin Robert, brewer, Grafsmarket

Efpy Wm. rectifier and compounder, Lawnmarket

Ewart David, writer, Caltonhill

Ewan James, clerk in the poll office, Bunkers hill

Ewan James, fen. poft office, Bridge ftreet

Ewing Alex, teacher of mathematics, Bilhop's land

Eyre James.,, brewer, oppoiite Back ftaira


Fairbairn John, wine merchant, No. 102, Chapel fir,

Fairbairn John, ftationer, oppofite the Weigh houfe

Fairbairn David, merchant, Bowhead

Fairbairn James, baker, Pleafance

Fairfowl HeCTor, fhoemaker, Alifon's fquare

Falconer Right Rev. Wm. Fountain clofe

Falconer George, Fonlis's clofe

Falconer Samuel, writer, Forrefter's wynd

Falconer David, clerk to the weigh houfe, Weft Bow

Falconer Mrs, Milne's fquare

Falconer Mrs, Lochend's clofe

Fall Mrs, oppoiite Linen-hall

Fall Mifs, No. 255, Nicolfon's ftreet

Fall Mrs, Buccleugh ftreet

C 2

C *8 )

Fairholm George, of Greenhii!, Crichton's ftreet

Fairholm Miffes, Bowhead

Fairholm James, hatrdreffer, head of Bailiie Fyfe' c?>

Fairholm Andrew, cutler, Hanover ftreet

Farmer James, writing matter, Bell's wynd

Farmer Andrew, porter dealer, Old Bank clofe

Farquhar James, Efq; No. it, Princes ftreet

Farquhar George, writer, Shakefpeare fquare

Farquharfon Alexander, accountant, Adams's fq.

Farquharfon Mrs, Carrubber's clofe

Farquharfon Alex writ, mafter, Bailiie Grant's cl.

Farquharfon Peter, grocer, head of Morrifon's clofe

Farquharfon Henry, carver and guilder, head Br. ft.

Farquharfon Mrs, Craig's clofe

Farquharfon James, painter, Chamlers' clofe.

Fawcitt Samuel, fchool mafter, middle Canorgate

Fell Thomas, grocer, head of Strechin's clofe

Fergus Mrs, St James's fquare

Fergus Mrs, New Bank clofe

Ferrier James, writ. fig. Qeorge's ftreet

Fergufon Jas. of Pitfour, advocate Luckenb.

Ferguffon George, advocate, Princes ftreet

Fergufon Walter, writer, Buchanan's court

Ferguffon Alex, of Craigdarroch, South St Dav. fir.

Ferguffon Adam, profefl'or, Argyle's fqnare

Ferguffon Neil, advocate, No. 36, St And. fquare

Fergufon Alex, writer, James's court

Ferguffon Mrs, of Craigdarroch, Caltonhill

Ferguffon Wm, Efq; of Reath, St And. fquare

Ferguffon Fergus, hairdr. & perf. head Dickfon'scl.

Ferguffon Mrs, grocer, head of Wardrope's court

Ferguffon Walter, C3ndlemaker, Lawnmarket

Ferguffon Hugh, officer of Excife, Welt Port

Ferguffon Mifs, front of James's court

Ferguffon Alexander, ftabler, Cowgate head

FergufTon Mrs, Leith walk

Ferguffon James, copperfmith, Weft Bow

Ferguflbn John, copperfmith, Welt Bow

Ferguffon Alex, filk dyer, Fifhcr'a clofe

Ferguflbn Mrs, Parliament fquare

Fettes Wm. grqeer, head of Bailiie Fife's clofe

Feggana James, fol. at law,Forreftcr's wynd

( *9 )

Fitzgerald Mrs, mantuamaker, Borthwick's clofe

Finch, Weddale, & Co. confeft. head Bridge ilr.

Findlater Wm. japaner, Robei tfon's clofe

Finlay fon Wm. writer, Writers court

Finlay Mrs, No. 23* Princes ftreet

Finlay Mrs, of Walyford, No. 13, Princes ftreet

Finlay Wm. brewer, Croftangry

Finlay Mrs, Shakefpeare fquare

Finlay Wm. bookbinder, Caftlehill

Finlay David, hairdr. & perfum. front James's court

Finlay Miffes, North St David's ftreet.

Finlay .John, fmith, Forrefter's wynd.

Finlay John, ftaymaker, Bull turnpike

Fitzfymmonds Rev. Mr, Broughton

Fitch Alex, bookbinder, Horfe wynd

Timer And. fpirit dealer, foot of New ftairs

FifherMifs, milliner, College wynd

Fleming and Ramfay, publiihers of the Edinburgh

Evening Courant, Old Fifhmarket clofe

Fleming Wm. teller Britifh. Linen office,

Fleming Wm. clerk to Ramfay, N. back of Canon,

Fleming MiiTes, Murdoch's clofe

Fletcher Gen. Campbell, Canongate

Fletcher Alex. wr. fig. Parliament fquare

Fletcher John, gingerbread baker Crofscaufeway

Fletcher Mrs, George's fquare

FJockhart John, writer, Weft Caufewayfide

Foggo John, writer, foot of Dickfon's clofe

Foggo James, writer, Gray's clofe

Foggo Mrs, Milne's court

Forbes Sir Wm. & Co. bankers, Parliament fquare,

Forbes George, writer, Croftangry

Forbes David, writer Laurifton

Forbes Alex. wr. fig. Advocate's clofe

Forbes Lady, Gray's clofe

Forbes Mrs, of Knaperny, Old Playhoufe clofe

Forbes Alex, writer fig. Baillie Fife's clofe

Forbes John, wine merchant, Old Affembly clofe

Forbes Duncan, merchant, Riddle's clofe .

Forbes Mrs, of -Watertown,. Buccleugh Ilreet

Forbes Alex, writer, opp. Lady Milton's, Canonga'.e

C 3 '

( 30 )

Forbes Mrs, Lochend's clofe

Forbes Walter, grocer, Canongate bead

Forbes Mrs, St James's fquare

Forbes Mrs, No. 21, St And. fquare

Forbes Mrs, No. 22, Princes ftreet

Fordyce John, of Ayton, No. 30, St And. ftreet

Fordyce Mrs, S. St David's ftreet

Ford Robert, ironmonger, head of Geddes's clofe

Forgie Win. lievemaker, Weft Bow

Forreft James, wr. fig. Lauriefton

Forreft George, brewer, Pleafance

Forreft George, barber, opp. Mint clofe

Forreft James, wright, Niddry's wynd

Forreft Mrs, Borthwick's clofe

Forreft Wm. tea & fpirit dealer, Grafsmarket, N. S.

'forreft James, grocer, Grasfmaiket, N. Side

Forreft David, fpirit dealer, Lawnmarket

Forreft Mifs, Charleys ftreet

Forreft Thomas, printer, Forrefter's Wynd

Forreft Archibald, grocer

Forrefter Robert, accountant, George's fquare

foirefter Peter, jeweller & hardware m. at the Crofa

Forrefter P. & F. in Co. Rufiia warehoufe, Exch.

Forrefter Wm, iilk weaver, Campbell's clofe Cowg.

Forman James, writer, Brilio ftreet

Forfyth Wm. No. 8, N. St And. ftreet

Forfyth James, bookbinder, opp. Mealmarkct

Forfyth Alexander, fets lodgings, St And. ftreet

Fortune Alex. leather mercht. Canongate head

Fortune John, vintner, Old Ship clofe

Fortune Mrs, grocer, Nicolfon's ftreet

Fortune Adam, malt mill maker, Abbeyhiil

Fotheringham Thomas, of Powrie, George's fquare

Fotheringham Mifs, New ftreet

Fotheringham Ofwald, writer, Fifher's clofe

Fotheringham Frederick, wr. fig. No. 4, St And. ftr»

Fowler Mrs, milliner, Strichen's clofe

Fowler James, grocer, Richmond ftreet

1'owlis Mrs, Brilio ftreet

Fowlis Mifs, mercht. Luckenboothg

Fulton Gcorge> teacher, Niddry's wynd

( Sf I

Foy James, writingmafter, Skinner's clofe

Frafer Major Andrew, George's Greet

Frafer James, writer to the fignet, Merchant flreet

Frafer Thomas, writer, New ftreet, Canongate

Frafer James, old bank, Caltonhill

Frafer John, writer to the fig. Milne's court

Frafer Patrick, merchant, By erg's clofe

Frafer Wra. tinplate worker, JLnckenbooths

Frafer Francis, jun. writer, Lawnmarket

Frafer Alex, writer, Bowhead

Frafer Luke, mafter of High School, Hay's ftrett

Frafer Alex, grocer, St Andrew's ftreet

Frafer Mrs Charles, No. 9, N. St David's ftreet

Frafer Wm. fpirit dealer, oppofite New ftreet

Frafer Alex, vintner, Wrights houfes

Frafer George, tobacconilt, excife office, Cowgate

Frafer James, grocer, head Forrefter's wynd

Frafer Wm. taylor, Mint

Frafer Mrs, paftry miftrefs, Stevenlaw's clofe

Frafer Alex, writer, Stevenlaw's clofe

Frafer John, tinplate worker, Weft Bow

Frafer Alex, meffenger, Grafsmarket

Frafer Mrs, vintner, Craig's clofe

French Ja. teacher ef the High Schoo], Brifto ftreet

French S. cl. to Eng. road, Poft-office, St Ann's ftr,

French Mrs, Cant's clofe

Frederick Arthur, Potterrow

Frier Mrs, Charles' ftreet

Frier Mifs, Nether bow

Fullerton Wm. of Carftairs, No. 246, Nicolfon's ftr.

Fullerton Geo. colle&or cuftoma, Broughton-hall

Fullerton Charles, brewer, Abbcyhill

Fyers Tho. affiftant engineer, No. 2$, Princes ftr.

Fyfe John, banker, Wardrope's court

Fyfe James, merchant, head Wardrope's court

Fyfe Thomas, writer, Burrowloch

Fyfe Andrew, College

Fyfe Alex, umbrellamaker, Caltonhill

Fyfe Willoughby, eopperfmith, Caltonhill


Gardner Eben. linen manufacturer, Crofa

Gardner Dr John, Niddry's wynd

( 32 )

Gardner Rich, comptrol. of cuftoms, Old Playh. cl.

Gardner John, banker, Broughton loan

Gardner Alex, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Gardner James, writer, Caftlehill

Gardner Alex, of Exchequer, Fountainbridge

Gardner Alex, feflion cl. Weft Kirk, Twopenny cuf.

Gardner Mrs, Weft port vennel

Gardner Andrew, mufician, Toddrick's wynd

Gardner John, pewterer, Nether bow

Gardner George, brewer, Burrowloch

Gardner James, druggift, head of Paterfon's court

Gardner Mrs, Caltonhill

Garden Mifs, merchant, front James's court

Gall Wm. fhoemaker, Weft Port

Gall James, taylor, oppofite Mint clofe

Galloway Wm. merchant, Luckenbooths

Galloway John, tea & fpirit dealer, near the Guard

Gafcoigne Charles, Efq; New ftreet

Garity James, regifter of (hipping, Abbey

Gartmore Mrs, Gosford's clofe

Garvey Mrs, roomfetter, Shakefpeare fquare

Gavin, Angus, and Co. rectifiers, Main point

Gavin Wm. glazier, No. 66, Chapel ftreet

Gavin Hector, engraver, Parliament fquare

Gentle James, brewer, Gentle's clofe, Canongate

Geddes Rev. , Blackfriar's wynd

Geddes David of excife, St Patrick ftreet

Geddes Donald, grocer, Cowgate head

Gedd Mrs, Paterfon court

Gekie John, wigmaker, P^tterrow well

Garioch Al. book-k. to Sir W. Forbes, James's C.

Gibb Rev. Adam, No. 169, Nicolfon's ftreet

Gibb Wm. bookfeller, Parliament houfe

Gibb And. Miing-hook tacklemaker, Liberton's wd

Gibb- Hugh, wright, Grafsmarket

Gibb John, clerk to playhoufe, St Ann's ftreet

Gibb Ja. tea and fpirit dealer, op. Linen hall

Gibfon Alex. Chalmers's clofe

Gibfon Ja. furgeon, oppofite foot Niddry's wynd j

Gibfon Arch, writer to the fignet, Weft Kirk

Gibfon Wm. taylor, Potterrow

Gibfon Wm, and Co. bankers, Bridge ftreet

f 33 )

Gibfon Wra. haberdafher, Bridge ftreet

Gibfon Win. merchant, head Brown's clofe

Gibfon Mrs, Strichen's clofe

Gibfon Robert, carver and gilder, Moffat's cloie

Gibfon Alex, of Clifftonhall, Princes ftreet

Gibfon Mifs, tea dealer, Weft Bow

Gibfon James, merchant, Abbeyhill

Gellie Thomas, trunkmaker, Canongate

Gilchrift Arch, haberdafher, end of Guard

Gilchrift James, ftabler, Canongate

Gilchrift Mrs, midwife, College wynd

Gilchrift Mrs, roomfetter, Old affembly clofe

Gilchrift Wm. glover, Creams

Gillies John, grocer, Potterrow

Giliies John, changekeeper, Cbwgate head

Gillies Mrs, ftabler, Grafmarket

Gillies Wm. meffenger, Advocate's clofe

Gillies Alex, writer, Caltonhill

Gillies Mrs, Goofe-dub

Gillies , wright, Paterfon's court

Giles Arthur, wright, College wynd

Gigie John, barber, Crofscaufeway

Gillefpie and Fyfe in Co. merchants, Luckenbooths

Gillefpie Mrs, Canongate head

Gillefpie Walter, grazier, Abbeyhill

Gillefpie James, tobacconift, oppofite the Guard

Gillefpie Dr Thomas, Adams's court

Gillefpie Andrew, upholfterer, head Bell's wynd

Gelliland James, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Gillon Mrs, St David's ftreet

Gilroy Mifs, fpirit dealer, Crofs

Gilmour Thomas, grocer, Richmond ftreet

Gilmour John, ropemaker, Weft Bow

Gilmour Samuel, ropemaker, Grafsmarket, S. fide

Gilmour Robert, hairdreffer, Luckenbooths

Gilhllan Eben. carpet manufacturer, St Ninian's ftr

Gloag Rev. Wm. Upper baxter's clofe

Gloag John, merchant, Crofs

Glafs Mrs, Jack's clofe, Canongate

Glafgow Coutitefs of, George's fquare

Glen Dr Thomas, Heriot's-work bridge

. ( 34 )

Godfman James, merchant, bead of Turk's dole

Good Mrs, room fetter, College wynd

Good Wm. hair-dreffer, Canongate-head

Goldie Geo. manager of linen-hall houfe there

Goklie Be Robertfon, ironmongers, Crofs

Goldie George, fadler, Gra.fsmarket

Goodwillie John, writer, Luckenbooths

Gordon Hon. Alex, advocate, Caftlehill

Gordon Sir John, Bart. Thiftle court

Gordon John, Efq; No. 22, St Andrew's fquare

Gordon John, writer to the fignet, Adam's court

Gordon Mrs, No. 248, Nicolfon ftreet

Gordon Mrs, of Ellon, St John's ftreet

Gordon Charles, writer to the iignet, St, John's ilr.

Gordon James, No. 148, Nicolfon ftreet

Gordon Robert, of Craig, Alifon's fquare

Gordon Mrs, ofPitlurg, Riddle's clofe

Gordon James, brewer, Grafsmarket

Gordon Alex. keep, of min. book, Wilfon's cl. Can.

Gordon Mrs, of Kettleton, Lochend's clofe

Gordon Mrs, of Loggie, opp v linen hall, Canongate

Gordon Mrs, from America, No. 19, Princes ftreet

Gordon James, linen office, head Bull's clofe, Can.

Gordon and Handyfide, grocers, Cowgate-head

Gordon Mrs, boarding miftrefs, Bow-head

Gordon David, brewer, Dick's clofe, Cowgate

Gordon Miffes, Horfe wynd

Gordon Hon. Mrs. No. 35, St Andrew's fquare

Gordon Hamilton Mrs, George ftreet

Gordon Captain John, Leith walk

Gordon John, vintner, near the tolbooth door

Gordon Mrs, roomfetter, Dickfon's clofe

Gordon Mrs, threadmal

( 35 )

Gowans, marble cutters, Abbeyhill

Gowan Wdi. grocer, foot of Stevenlaw's clofe

Gowan Win. ft abler, Canongate head

Gow John, hobby-horfe maker and turner, head of

Old Afiembly clofe

Gow William, mufician, Burnet's clofe

Gow John, fhoemaker, Pleafance

Graeme David, advocate, Parliament fquare

Graham John, wr. to the fig. No. 25. Nicolfon's ftr.

Graham Mrs, No. 248, Nicolfon's ftreet

Graham James, tea and fpirit dealer, flefhmarket cl.

Graham Mrs, Carruber's clofe

Graham George, writer, op. Old Filhmarket clofe

Graham James, writer and melTenger, Geddes's clofe

Graham Mrs, Buccleugh (beet

Graham John, macer, St Anne's ftreet

Graham Hugh, teacher, Lawnmarket, north fide

Graham Mifs, milliner, Weft Bow

Graham Mifs, Merlin's wynd

Graham Duncan, below Canongate church

Graham Andrew, from Hudfon's Bay, Leith Walk

Grant Sir Archibald, of Monymufk, Horfe wynd

Grant Sir James, Canongate foot

Grant Mifs, of Grant, Canongate foot

Grant James, advocate, Milne's court

Grant Alex, tailor and habit-maker. Mint court

Grant Ifaac, writer to the fignet, Brown's fquare

Grant Colquhoun, wr. to the fig. Gavinloch's land

Grant Ludovick, accountant, Horfe wynd

Grant John, Truftees offiee, Hammermens clofe

Grant Mrs, George's fquar*

Grant Dr Gregory, James's court

Grant Alex, tertius, writer, Precious clofe, Canongate

Grant Mrs, of Preltongrange, St John's ftreet

Grant Alex. jun. writer, Merchant ftreet

Grant Alex, merchant, Blackfrier's wynd

Grant James, Anderfon, & Co. merchants, Weft Bow

Grant Robert, fifhing-rod maker and fly-drefier, lu ad

of Blackfrier'a wynd

Grant Mrs Andrew, Hanover ftreet

Grant John, writer, Weft Bow

( 3° )

Grant Ludovick, writer, North St David's ftreet;

Grant Mrs, James's court

Grant William, tailor, Parliament fquare

Grant Alex, writer, Morocco's clofe, Lawnmarket

Grant Lewis, merchant, head of Writers court,

Sellars's clofe


Grant Allan, mefTenger, Wardrope's court

Grant Mrs, room fetter, Hyndford's clofe

Grant Mifs, mantuamaker, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Grant John, wright, Stevenlaw's clofe

Gray John, writer to the fignet, Gosford's clofe

Gray James, writer, Flemmarket clofe

Gray George, apothecary, Grafsmarket

Gray, Alex, thread-manufacturer, Worldsend clofe

Gray James, watchmaker, Grafsmarket

Gray James, writer, Merchant ftreet

Gray John, ironmonger, Grafsmarket

Gray John, baker, Grafsmarket

Gray Robert, folicitor at law, Bunkers hill

Gray Mrs, No. 7. St Andrew's fquare

Gray Mrs, Alifon's fquare

Gray James, wright, No. 117, Nicolfon's ftreet

Gray Mrs, Fountainbridge

Gray MifTes, merchants, Luckenbooths

Gray George, itabler, oppofite Cornmarket

Gray William, bookfeller, front of Exchange

Gray George, toy fhop, head of Swan's clofe

Gray David, grocer, Grafsmarket

Gray Andrew, ale and fpirit feller, Grafsmarket

Gray Mifs, of Teafes, South St David's ftreet

Gray Thomas, wright, head of Leith Walk

Gray Matthew, baker, head of Cheflels's buildings

Gray Alex, tailor and habit-maker,

drew's ftreet

No. 3. St An-

Grindlay George, leather merchant, Weft Bow foot

Grindlay William, Slunk

Greenhill John, change-keeper, Weft St David's fir.

Greenfield James, fpirit dealer, head of St John's fir.

Greenfield Alexander, wright, head of Scott's clofe

Greenfield Mrs, Hay's flreet

Grecnlees Robert, officer of Excife, Pleafance

( 37 }

Gregory Dr James, St John's ftreet

Gregory Alexander, writer, "Brown's clofe

Gregory Mifs, opposite Milton's lodgings, Canongate

Gregory John, (boemaker, Calton

Greig Win. brewer, foot of Campbell's clofe

Greig John, writer, St Patrick's ftreet

Greig James, writer, Precious clofe, Canongate

Greig John, teacher, Richmond ftreet

Greig Alex, Aether, Bridge ftreet

Greig John, mercht. head Old Bank clofe

Greig Thomas, baker, Abbey

Greig David, grocer, foot Burnet's clofe

Greig Wm. ftockingmaker, Caftlehill

Greig David, baker, Buccleugh ftreet

Greig David, baker, No. I, St David's ftreet

Grieve John, Efq; Lord Provoft, front of Exchange.

houfe Strichen's clofe

Grieve Dr George, No. 97, Chaple ftreet

'Grieve Alex, bookbinder, Prefident (lairs

Grieve John, grocer, foot of Campbell's clofe

Grub Thomas, hairdreffer, head of Barrenger ?

s c'ofe

Guthrie Harry, writer, Argyle's fquare

Guthrie Harry, jun. writer Argyle's fquare

Gun Daniel, grocer, foot of Caftle vvyud

Gun Mrs, chaife hirer, Canongate foot

Guild Mifs. Dickfon's clofe

Gulen Robert, gardner, Broughton

Gufthart Mrs, Morrifon's clofe

Gwyne Mifs, Milliner, Luckenbooths


Haddow James, gen. fup -vif. of Exc. Campbell's ci.

Haddow Mrs, fchool miftrefs, Leith wynd

Haddington Earl, foot of Canongate

Haig James, diftiller, Canonmills

Haig Mrs, Miln's fquare

Haig Mifs, mantuamaker, Brifto ftreet

Haigie Thomas, brewer, north back of Canongate

Haggerfton RaJph, fet3 rooms, head Gentle's cl. Com,

Halden John, fadler, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Halden John, writer, bickfon s clofe

Halden John, writer, Broughton


( 38 )

HaTden Mrs, boarder, No. 143, Nicolfon's ftreet,

Hallion John, Shakefpeare tavern, back Princes fir.

HaH Win. rectifier, tea and fp. dealer Lawnmarket

Hh\\ Mrs, Gilford's park

Hafl Mifs, .of Durtglas, George's fquare

Hall John, hairdrefTer, end of the Guard

Hall John, weaver, Shoemakers. clofe

Kail Mifs, opp. Linen hall, Canongate

Hall James, vintner, Parliament fquare

Halkerfton Peter, writer, middle of Well Bow

Halliburton John, of Murrayflaw, Princes ftreet

Haliburton Win, dep. exam. Cuft. St David's lane

Haliburton And. writ, to the fig. Gosford's clofe

Hamilton Alex., advocate, James's court

Hamilton Dr. College

.Vkmiiton Dr Alex. Caftlehill

Hamilton Mrs, of Pencaitland, Bifhop's clofe

Hamilton Robert, of Wifhaw, St And. fquare

Hamilton Robert, profefibr, College

Hamilton James, from Jamaica, Summerhall

Hamilton Andrew, of Excife, Buccleugh ftreet

Hamilton Mrs, of Hally, Windmill ftreet

Hamilton Wm, & Son, cab. -makers, Tolb. w. Can.

Hamilton Rob. Hammermens cl. Canongate

Hamilton Mrs, of Fairholm, Society

Hamilton Mrs, New ftreet

Hamilton Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Hamilton Mrs, Adam's fquare

Hamilton James, fp. -dealer, opp. foot Liberton's w.

Hamilton Miffes, milliners, Dickfon's clofe

Hamilton Mrs, midwife, Old AfTembly clofe

Hamilton Mrs, boardingmiftrefs, Argyie's fquare

Hamilton Mrs, Fountainbridge

Hamilton Geo. candlemaker, Weft Pert

Hamilton John, examiner of chimneys, Well Port

Hamilton Peter, grocer, Pleafance

Hamilton Mrs, opp. foot of Niddry's wynd

Hamilton Mrs, Weft Bow

Hamilton Mrs, milliner, Miln's fquare

Hamilton James, Miln's fquare

Hamilton George, taylor, Bull turnpike

( 39 )

Hamilton James, taylor, No. 53, Nicolion's ftrcej

Hamilton Win. painter, opp. Cornmarket

Hamilton Mifs, Murdoch's clofe

Handyfide David, No- ij-t, Nicolfon's ftreet

Hardie James, writer, Semple's clofe, Caftlehill

Hanlie George, baker, head of Bridge itreet .

Hardie George, baker, head of Liberton's wynd

Hardie Mifs, mantuamaker, Netheibow

Hardie Piter,- brewer, Laurifton

Hardie Douglas, brewer, Sc John flreet

Hardie John, brewer, Abbey

Hardie And. baker, Bajon hole

Hardie Ralph, baker, Foot of New flairs

Hardie Wm. ihoemaker, Pieafan'ce

Hardie George, ftaymaker, Canongate head

Hardie John, tinplate worker, Weft liow

Hardie Henry, baker, head of Brown's clofe

Hardie James, baker, foot of Haftie's e'toie

Harris Thomas, grocer, head of Toddrick's wynd

Harvey Thomas ltoneware mercht. Weft Bow

Harper Rev. Wm. Dickfon's clofe

Harper James, mafon, Mealmarket flairs

Haltie Wm. furgeon, Hallie's clofe

Haltie John, fmith, Blinkers hill

Hart and Son, fhoemakers, opp. the Guard

Hart Mifs, milliner, Miln's fquare

J-Iart Thomas, furgeon, Brillo Irreet

Hart '

Mrs, No. 9, north St David's tlreef .

Hair George, grocer, Mews well, Grafsmarket

Hair Mrs, midwife, back Mews well, Grafsmarke';

Hair John, baker Liberton's wynd

Hay Charles, advocate, Nicolion's hoiife

Hay James, fen. writ, fig Nicolion's hdufe

Hay James, jun. writ. lig. Gosford's clofe

Hay Mrs, Isiicolfon's honfe

Hay William, writ. fig. World's End clofe

Hay Dr James, New itreet

Hay John, accountant, Blackfrfars wynd

Hay Lewis, banker, No. 18 Princes ftreet

Hay Mrs, of Pitfour, Campbell's dole., Canongate

Hay William, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

& z

( 40 )

Hay John, of Ballingray, Miln's court

Hay Alex, of Morningtou, St Patrick ftreei

Hay Mrs, of Houfton, Potterrow

Hay Thomas, furgeon, Strichen's clofe

Hay }ohn, mufician, Lawnmarket

Hay John, coachhircr, foot of Pleafance

Hay John, late brewer, Hay's court, Weft port

Hay Robert, auctioneer, Advocate's clofe

Hay John, .dealer in fpirits, Charles' ilreet

Hay James, Itabler, Grafsmarket

Hay Mifs and Co. grocers, Grafsmarket

Hathorn Vans, writer to the hgnet, Thiftle ftreet

Heath Tho. clerk to tbe fielhmarket— houfe there

Hendei-fon Thomas, leather merchant, Weft bow j

Henderfon Win. meffenger, Campbell's clofe

Henderfon Mifs, Caltonhill

Henderfon Tho. Ruffia warehoufe, Exchange

Henderfon James, ftabler, Candlemakerrow

Henderfon Mathew, Efq; at Mrs Young's, Carrub. cl

Henderfon David, architect, No. 3, St David's ftr.

Henderfon William, brewer, Watergate

Henderfon Patrick, laft and heelmaker, Calton

Henderfon Michael, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Henderfon John, mealfeller, Grafsmarket

Henderfon Mifs, roomfetter, Advocates clofe

Henderfon Mifs, Surgeons fquare

Henderfon Mrs, (hewing miftrefs, Leith wynd-

Henry Rev. Robert, Merchant ftreet

Henry John, officer of excife, Grafsmarket

Henry Alex, grocer, head of Kinloch's clofe

Henry Mrs, Goofedub

Henry Miffcs, Parliament fquare

Henry Peter, Old phyfic gardens, Abbey

Hepburn Mifs, Miln's court

Hepburn James of Humbie, Canongate

Hepburn John, writer, Caftlehill

Hepburn George, writer, Caillehill

Hepburn Mifs, milliner, head Writer's court

Hepburn Mrs, op. foot of Niddry's wynd

Hepburn Mrs, Alifon's fquare

Hepburn Mifs, Campbell's clofe, Canongate

Hepburn Mrs, Paterfon's court

Jlelton Dr John, No. 144, Nicholfon's ftreet

( 4* )

Herriot Rob. feed merchant, Bridge ftreet

Herriot George, gunfmitb, Netherbow

Herriot Tho. merchant, head of Buchanan's court

Herriot John, candlemaker, back of Guard

Herriot Mrs, near the tolbooth, Canongate

Herriot Thomas, Wright, Thiftle court

Hewit James, goldfmith, headt>f Forrciler's wynd-«~

houfe Morocco's clofe

Hewit Peter, baker, Caftan

Hewit John, fhoemaker, Potterrow

Howifon Arch, carver and gilder, Cowgate-head'

Hill Laurence, writer to the fig. Princes fireet

Hill Profcflbr John, College

Hill George, fifhrnenger, Cowgate-port

Hill Peter, oppofite CaRpngate church

Hill David, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Hill Thomas, wright, Shakefpeare fquare

Hiflop Alex, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Hirame Price, cutler, Weftport

Hodge Anthony, baker, Niddry's wynd

Hogg James, wine merchant, Bunker's hill

Hogg Win. ftationer, depute feffion clerky Parliament

fquare— houfe No 5, Canal ftreet

Hogg Walter, fee. to Br. L. Company—houfe there

Hogg George, wright, Cowgate-port

Hogg Mrs> Alifon's fquare

Hogg David, brewery north back of Canongate

Hogg Robert, ftabler, Brilo ftreet

Hogg John, baker, Pleafancc

Hogg Mifs, Merchant ftreet

Home James Pt-igg of Morton, Efq; Gosford's clofc

Home George, writer to the fignet, Ayr bank clofc

Home John of Ninewells, No. 4, St David's ftreet

Home Lady Jean, Reid's court, Canongate

Home James, writer to the fignet, Cowgate-head

Home, C leghorn, & Wilfon, coachmakers, Pr. ftreet

Home Henry, writer to the fignet, St John's clofe

Home Mrs, Mews lane

Home George, baker, near the Tron church

Home William, upholfterer, Grant's clofe

Home John Efq; St David's ;



( 4* )

Home Gov. north St DavidN ftreet

Home Mifs, Lady Stairs's clofe

Home Dr Francis, Fowlis's clofe

Home George, brewer, Potterrow

Home Edward- brewer, Abbeyhill

Home Mrs, George's ftreet

( 43 )

Hoyes John SrCo. fpir. deal. Kincaid's land, Cowg.,

Huntington Lady, World's-end elofe

Hunter Robert, of Tburftou, Queen's ftreet

Hunter Mifs, mantuamaker, Miln's court

Hunter Alex, merchant, Covenant clofe

Hunter Robert, Bunkers hill

Hunter Mifs, Bunkers hill

Hunter Dr James, George ftreet

Hunter Rev. Andrew, St Andrew's fquare

Hunter Peter, marble cutter, Carrubber's clofe

Hunter Ja. hardware mercht. Parliament houfe

Hunter Charles, bookbinder, oppofite Cornmarket

Hunter Walter, of Polmoed, Fountain clofe

Hunter Wm. merchant, Cowgate-head

Hunter John, writer to- the fignet, Queen's ftreet

Hunter James, baker, Weft Bow

Hunter Richard, turner, Campbell's clgfe

Hunter Mrs, fets rooms, Old Pofthoufe clofe

Hunter Mrs Hogg, No. 99, Chapel ftreet

Hunter Tho. opp. foot of Tolbooth wynd,^ Canong.

Hunter Tho. tailor, Leith wynd

Hunter Tho. tailor, Canongate-head

Hunter Tho. jun. fmith, Canongate-head

Hunter Archibald, wright,. Bri'fto ftreet

Hunter James, flater, Leith -wynd

Hunter Andrew, fhoemaker, Calton

Hunter Mrs, Patterfon's court

Hunter John, bookbinder, Haftie's clofe

Hufband Tho. Lyon herald, Canongate-head

Hutchifon Tho. and Alex, merchants, Luckenb*

Hutchifon Mifs, milliner, head of Bridge ftreet

Hutchifon Wm. droggift, Cowgate-head

Hutchifon Mifs, Peebles wynd

Hutchifon Thomas, baker, head of Bull's clofe

Hutchifon John, merchant, Luckcnbooths

Hutchifon Mrs. merchant, Luckenbooths

Hutchifon Mrs. Skinners clofe

Hutchifon Andrew, flefher, Canal ftreet

Hutchifon Andrew, fhoemaker, Canongate-head

Hughes David, horfc-hirer, foot of Pleafance

Hutton Mifs, milliner, front of the Exchange

Hutton Dr James, St John's hill

Hutton Mrs, brewer, Ooofedub

( (44 )

Hutton Mrs,;Cets' roortfs,. Prince's flreet

Hyndford Earl of, St. John's flreet ,-.

Hynmars, tackfman of, the King's park





Jnglis Sir John, of Cramond, Cowgate-head

Inglis Laurence, writer, Merchant flreet

Inglis George, of Redhall, Nicolfon flreet

Inglis Mifs,"No. 167, Nicolfon flreet

Inglis David, bill chamber, Anchor, clofe

Inglis Wm. furgeon, Luckenbooths

Inglis and Horner, merchants, Parliament fquare

Inglis MilTes, milliners, Bridge flreet

Inglis James, merchant, Luckenbooths

Inglis James, grocer, foot of Hume's clofe

Inglis Hugh, Barber, Weft port

Inglis John, fchoolmafter, Ca-nongate-head

Inglis Alex, merchant, Luckenbooths

Innes Charles, writer to the fignet, Miln'a fquare

Innes John, writer to fignet, near Canongate church

Innes James, of Royal Bank, Carrubber's clofe .

Innes Gilbert, of Stow, No. 24, St Andr. fquare

Innes Edw. baker, Niddry's wynd

Innes Edw. jun. confeft. and bak. opp. Bridge flreet

Innes Francis, gunfmith, Gowgate-head

Innes Mrs, of Herrule, No. 10, St Andr. fquare

Innes George, wright, Pleafance

Innes Mrs, No. 104, Chapel llreet

Innes Mifs, Brifto .ftreet

Innes James, late barber, oppofite Old Fifhmarket

Innes Mrs, Toddrick's wynd

Inverarity David, wright, Canal flreet

Ireland George, Efq; James's court

Ireland James, baker, foot of the Pleafance

Irvine Captain, No. 100, Nicolfon flreet

Irvine Jamea, Efq; of Kincouffie, No. 29, Nic. ftr„

Irvine John, writer, Bunkers hill

Irvine John, writer, Bowhead

Irvine Robert, writer, Caltonhill

Irvine Donald, wright, Hangman's clofe

Irvine Wm. mafon, Charles' flreet

Irvine Mrs, Buccleugh flreet

Imrie Robert, hairdrefler, No. IJ Prince's ? flreet

( 45 }



Imlach George, writer, World's-end clofe

Izett James, hatter, Bridge ftreet

jack Wm. midfliipman, oppofite mealmarket

Jackfon John, manager of theatre royal, James's fq.

Jackfon John, hatter, Canongate-head

Jackfon James, flax and yarn merchant, New ftreet

Jackfon Wm. writer, Shakefpeare fquare

jackfon Mrs, St Andrew's fquare

Jackfon Mifs, No. 4, St Andrew's fquare

Jenkins John, fchoolmafter,. Stevenlavv's clofe

jamiefon R.obert, writer to the fignet, Wardrope'fi C.

Jamiefon Edward, writer, Old AiTembly clofe

Jamiefon Wm. mafon, Convener, Trunk clofe

Jamiefon Win. flcinner, Bifhopsland clofe

Jamiefon Wm.wr.at Mrs Crawford's, Borthwick's cl«

Jamiefon Mrs, Carrubber's clofe

Jardine Mifs, Canal ftreet

Jarvie Dr Wm. Henderfon's ftairs

Jeffery Geo. writer, Fifher's clofe, Lawnmarket

Jeffery Ja. and Fr. wigmakers, Lawnmarket

Jones Rev. Thomas, Thiftle court

johnfton Wm. Lieutenant, George ftreet

Johnfton Alex, of Straton, St David's ftreet

Johnfton John, wine merchant, Bull turnpike

Johnfton Robert, hardware merchant, front Exch*

Johnfton John, writer, No. 11, James's court

Johnfton Wm. writer to the fignet, Riddle's clofe

Johnfton James, writer, Niddry's wynd

Johnfton Mrs, midwife, James's court

Johnfton Wm. teacher, Under Baxters clofe

Johnfton Mrs. midwife, Anchor clofe

Johnfton Thomas, faddler, Bull turnpike

Johnfton Robert, currier, back of Canon gate

Johnfton Robert, hair-dreffer, head of Chalmer's cl.

johnfton Mrs, No. 170, Nicolfon ftreet

johnfton Mrs, St Andrew's ftreet

Johnfton James, mercer, St Patrick's ftreet

Johnfton Mrs, Bunkers hill

johnfton George, writer, Chapel ftreet

Johnfton Wm. hair-drefler, Writers court.

Johnfton Mifs Sophia, Crichton ftreet

( 4:6 )

Johnfton John, ihoemaker, Calton

Johnfton Peter, fait office, Niddry's wynd

Johnfton John, reacher, Niddry's wynd

Johnfton Mrs, Foulis's c^ofe

Johnfton Cha. Haymaker, foot of Old Fifhmarket clofe

Johnflon Ja. engraver, foot of Old Fiilimarket clofe

johnfton John, writer, Borthwick's clofe

Jolly James, writer to the fig. Royal Bank clofe

Jolly George, tailor, Canongate head

[oily John, cork-cutter, op. foot of Stevenlaw's clofe

Jolly M'ifs, Caftlehiil

Jolly Mrs, tailor, Canongate head

Joas Major, New Street


Kay James, wr. to the fig. No. 73. Princes ftrcet

K,ay Mrs, milliner, Luckenbooths

Kay Alexander, Princes ftreel .

Kay Duncan, grocer, head of New ftreet

Kay David, painter, and glazier, Luckenbooths

Kay Alexander, brewer, Potter row

Keddie .Archibald, Heriot's Gardens

Keddie Alexander, candlemaker, Lawnmarket.

Keggie Janus, vintner, Milne's fquare

Keggiejohn, ftocking-maker, op. Cornmarket

Keils Richard, grocer, Leii.ii wynd

Keith Alexander, writer to the fig. College wynd

Keith Alexander, Efq; College wynd

Keith William, accountant, St Andrew's fquare

Keith Mrs, Shakefpeare's fquare

Keith Mifs, Forrtlier's wynd

Keith William, vintner, Advocates clofe

Keltie John,, ladies hair-dreffer, head of Morvifon's el,

Kemp Rev. John, Ramfay Garden

Kemp William, writer, Bowhead

Kemp Gavin, merchant, Reid's clofe, Canongate

Kemp James, merchant, bead of Reid's clofe

Kempie Mrs, Brown's fquare

Kennedy John, grocer, end of the Guard

Kennedy Mrs, grocer, oppofite Liberton's wynd

Kennedy Thomas, glover, Creams

Kennedy Mrs, Fountain clofe

( 47 )

Kennedy Mrs, Canongate

Kennedy Mrs, mantuamaker, Foulis's clofe

Kennedy Mifs, No. p. North St David's ftreet

Kennedy Mrs, Society port

Kennedy Robert, cooper, Lawnmarket


Kennedy Mifs, milliner, • Horfe

Kennedy Mrs, Queen's ftrcet

Kerr jaroes, Efq;' Queens ftreet

Kerr James, of Bisckfhiels, Queen's ftreet

Kerr Mifs, Shakefperre's f uare

Kerr Peter, writer, Brown's fquare

Kerr Mrs, vintner, Liberton's wynd

Kerr Robert, furgeon, Cafllehiil

Kerr Mr?, Merchant ftreet

Kerr Robert, haberdafher, head of Bridge ftreet,

houfe Forrefter's wynd

Kerr Mrs, Foulis's clofe

Kerr Walter, mufician, oppofite Mint clofe

Kerr Mrs, Burntfield links

Kerr James, fhoemaker, St John's clofe, Canongate

Kerr Mrs, grocer, head of Gentle's clofe

Kerr Mrs, oppofite Linen Hall

Kerr Mrs, Cowgate head

Kerr William, Surgeons fquare

Kerr William, clerk, General Poft-ofEce

Keir Adam, baker, at the Crofs

Kenmure Lady, oppofite Archer's hall

Kettle James, writer, Liberton's wynd

Kettle John, broker, oppofite New Chapel

Kidd Alexander, writer, Borthwick's clofe

Kidd Mrs, milliner, No. 4. Princes ftreet

Kidd John, merchant, Cowgate head

Kidd James, leather merchant, foot of College wynd

Kidd Robert, baker, St Ann's ftreet

Kirkpatrick G- depute clerk of feffion, Buccleugh ftr.

Kincaid Alexander, wax chandler, Brifto ftreet

King John, writer, North St David's ftreet

King John, wright, Leith walk

Kinloch Hugh, grocer, head of New ftreet

Kinloch Robert, glover, tolbooth door

Kinloch Mrs, Elackfriers wynd

( 48 )

Kinloch John, tinplate worker, Weft Bow

Kinnaird William, chymift, foot of Horfe wynd

Kinnear and Son, bankers, Exchange,—houfe Car-

rubcr's clofe

Kinnear Andrew, merchant, head of Wardrope's court

Kinnear Mrs, Geddes's clofe

Kinnear Thomas, barber, Weftport

Kintore Earl of, George's fquare

Kinniburgh Robert, glazier, foot of Borth wick's cj.

Kermick John, writer, oppofite Back ftairs

Kirkcaldy David, ftaymaker, Toddrick's wynd

Kirk John, proprietor, Abbey-hill

Kirk David, fmith, Calton

Knie Balthazar, weather-glafs maker, op. Guard

Kirkland Mifles, Mainpoint

Knox Mifs, Upper Baxters clofe

Knox Miffes, mantuamakers, oppofite Linen hall


Laidlaw James, writer, Caftlehill

Laidlaw Mrs, merchant, Luckenbooths

Laidlaw Alexander, tin-plate worker, Bridge ftreet

Laing Dr William, Carrubber's clofe

Laing James, writer, Old Aflembly clofe

Laing Alexander, architect, St Ninian's ftreet

Laing Thomas, brewer, N. back of Canongatc

Laing George, writer, Blackfriers wynd

Laing Thomas, tool-maker, Bridge ftreet

Laing John, baker, Netherbow

Laing Robert, faddler, head of Dickfon's clofe

Laing James, merchant, Luckenbooths

Laing Mis, vintner, Don's clofe

Laing Mrs Carruber's clofe

Laing Thomas vintner, Advocate's clofe

Lake Rich, wr to the fig. No. 8. N. St David's ftr.

Lamb John, mercht. head of Todderick's wynd

Lamb Wm upholfterer, opp Blackfriar's wynd

Lamb John, writer, Baxter's clofe

Lamb Mrs, mantuamaker, j iddry's wynd

Lamb George, mercht Lawnmarket.

Lamb John, fmith, Crofscaufeway

( 49 )

Lamond John, furgeon, Campbell's clofe

Lamond Alexander, brewer, Abbey

Lamont Pat. lint-dreffer, below Canongate church

Langland Dr Robert, St David's ftreet

Langlands John, linen manufacturer, Charles's ftreet

Lauchlan Jofeph, merchant, Lawnmarket, north fide

Lauder Colin, furgeon, Bridge ftreet

Lauder Mrs, of Carrolfide, Old Poft-houfe clofe

Lauder James, fhoemaker, No. 229, Nicolfon's ftreet

Lauder Francis, writer, Advocate's clofe

Lauder Thomas, tailor, oppofite New ftreet

Lauder John, copperfmith, Weft Bow

Launie Will, upholilerer and auctioneer, Bridgeftr.

Laurie Gilbert, commiffioner of excife, Cowgate-head

Laurie Robert, accountant in excife, Lauriefton

Laurie William, writer, Caftlehill

Laurie John, writer, Weft Bow head '

Laurie James, meffenger, Parliament fquare

Laurie Andrew, dancing- mafter, James's court

Laurie Andrew, writing- mafter, Campbell's clofe

Laurie John, of excife, Campbell's clofe

Laurie William, writer, New ftreet, Canongate

Laurie William, fmith, Forrefter's wynd

Laurie William, toolmaker, Potterrow

Laurie John, fchoolmafter, Richmond ftreet

Laurie Alexander, fmith, Calton

Lata James, furgeon, Merlin's wynd

Law John, meffenger, New Bank clofe

i»aw Mifs, Precious clofe

Law James, furgeon, Advocates clofe

Law William, advocate, Advocates clofe

Lawfon Mifs, No. 51. Nicolfon's ftreet

Lawfon Mis, Charles's ftreet

Lawfon James & William, merchant, Lawnmarkets

Lawfon Robert, ftabler, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Lawfon Peter, Smith's land

Lawfon James, fhoemaker, Brifto ftreet

Lawfon Alexander, grocer, Canongate head

Laverock Thomas, grocer, Abbeyhill

Learmonth Alexander, merchant, Leith walk

Learmonth John, fenior, tanner, Princes ftreet

Learmonth John, tanner, St Mary's wynd


( 50 )

Learmonth Mifs, Skinner's clofe

Lenain Elizabeth, rniliner, St David's ftreet

Lee Patrick, vintner, Old Aflembly clofe

Lee George, coach hirer, Grant's clofe

Lee Thomas, grocer, Luckenbooths

Legget James, vintner, New Bank c.'ofe

Leifhman John, teacher, Brifto ltrect

JLeith Mrs, George's fquare

Leith Peter, tailor, No. 19. Princes ftreet

Leflie Major-General, St Andrew's fquare

Leflie William, writer to the fignet, Adam's fquare

Leflie Mrs, No. 4. North St David's ftreet

Leflie Charles, folicitor at law, Foulis's clofe

Leflie Andrew, -feed merchant, at the Crofs,—houfe

Shakefpeare's fquare

Leflie John, writer, FouliVs clofe

Leflie Peter, mufician, Dickfon's clofe

Leflie Peter, vintner, Old Poft- houfe clofe

Leflie George, merchant, Old Aft'embly clofp

Leflie Mrs, '"Thiftle ftreet

J.ithgow Mifs, boarding fchool, George's fquare

Lind George, merchant, Bunker's hill

Liddle James, curious in carving & gilding, Teviot row

Liddle Robert, fchoobiafter, Peebles wynd

I.indfay Peter, of Irichcairny, St John's ftreet

Lindfay Martin, extractor, back of the Meadows

Lindfay Henry, merchant, George's fquare

Lindfay Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Lindfay David, accountant, Caftlchill

Lindfay David, merchant, Bowhead

Lipdfay Mrs, Caufewayfide

Lindfay Mrs, Turk's clofe

Lindfay Mrs, Craig's clofe

Lindfay Mrs, roomfetter, oppofite Bridge ftreet

Linton James, grocer, Brifto ftreet

Little William Charles, advocate, Society

Little John, tea and fpirit dealer, Lawnmarket

Little Mifs, milliner, Gavinloch's land

Livingftone Charlt?, writer, No. 257, Nicolfon's ftr.

Livingftone Alexander, grocer, Crofscaufcway

Livingftone James, •lchoolmafter, Brodie's clofe

Livingftone Richard, mufical iuftrument maker, Car-

rubber's clofe

( 5' )

Laverock Mrs, grocer, foot of High School wynd

Lizars D. fhoemaker, Mainpoinc

Lizars D. engraver, Crofs

Lizars Mifs, rnantuamaker, Weft Bow head

Lizars Mifs, Fountainbridge

Loch James, writer to the fignet, James's court

Lockhart Lady, Fountainbridge

Lockhart Walter, writer, Britfo ftreet

Lockhart James, of Caftlehill, George's fquare

Lockhart Captain William, George't> fqu3re

Lockhart Mrs, of Birkhill, Nicolfon's ftreet

Lockhart William, writer, Erilto ftreet

Lockhart William fhoemaker, Cowgate head

Lockhart John, tinpkte worker, Weft Bow

Logan Rev. John, Antigua ftreet, Ltith walk

Logan James, mufical inltrument maker, Niddry's w.

Logan Alexander, baker, head of baxter's clofe

Logie Mifs, Riddle's clofe

Logie John, cork-cutter, foot of Old Aflembly clofe

Logie Mrs, Gabriel's road

Lothian David, writer, Riddle's clofe

Lothian John, merchant, front of Exchange

Lothian Mrs, St John's hill

Lothian , merchant, foot of Canongate

Lowrie Thomas, grocer, Abbe) hill

Lovat Lady, Blackfriers wynd

Low John, grocer, head of Murdoch's clofe

Low Alexander, hairdrefTer, head of Bridgeftreet

Low James, pye-baker, head of College wynd

Low Mifs, Jackfon's clofe,

Lownes James, accountant, Barrenger's clofe

Lumfden William, writer to the fignet, New ftreet

Jaimfdale Mifs, Crichton ftreet

Lundie Arch, writer to the fignet, Carrubber's clofe

Lundie Rev. Henry, Bunkers hill

Luke James, baker, Brifto ftreet

Luke Adam, weaver, Wrights houfes

Luttit Mifs, fchoolmiftrefs, Trunk clofe

Lyon Colonel Andrew, Teviot row

Lyon Peter, furgeons inftrument maker, Fountain well

Lyon Mifs, back of Fountain well


( 52 )

Lyon Win. flabler, Cowgate head

Lyon Win. mercht. High School wynd

l,yon Peter, optician, near the Guard


Mack John, writer, Worlds End clofe

Mair Gilbert, writer, Carrubber's clofe

Mair Gilbert, jun. writer, Mint clofe

Mair Tho. clerk friendly inf. ofRce, Weft Port

Mair Thomas, furrier, Merlin's wynd

Mair Mrs, Sellers' court

Mather Rob. oyftercellar, foot Dickfon's clofe

Mather James, oyftercellar, front Adam's court

Mather David, taylor Welt Port

Maitland Capt. back of Miln's court

Maitland Mrs, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Maitland Mrs, of Pitrichie, Baillie Fife's clofe-

Maitland Alex, grocer, Weft Bow

Malcolm Mrs, midwife, Ramfay court

Malcolm Geo. fhoem. near the Old P. H. cl. Canong.

Malcolm John, dealer in Scots fpirits, Abbey

Malcolm Wm. fhoemaker, Brifto ftreet

Malcolm Mifs, Baxter's clofe

Malcolm Tho. fhoemaker, near Old Ex. office

M'Conochie Alex, advocate, South St David's fir.

M'Conochie Wm. wright, North St David's ftr.

M'Canochie John, oyiterhoufe, Mews lane

Main Patrick, painter, Lawnmarket

Main Wm. teacher, Niddry's wynd

Mann John, merchant head of Luckenbooths

Manwell Mrs, A.lifon's fquare

Manners Alex, grocer, head Kennedy's clofe

Mansfield, Ramfay, St Co. bankers, Cantore cl. Luc.

Mansfield James, banker, Carrubber's clofe

Mansfield Mrs, Carrubber's clofe

Marjoribanks John, hairdreffer, Niddry's wynd

Marnoch John, carver and guilder, Old Aflembly cL

Marnoch Wm. holier, opp. Fountain well

Marr John, gardner, Water of Leith

Ma,rr Alex, fmith, Pleafance

Marfhall James, writ. fig. Miln's fquare

Marfhall Fr. & Son, merchts. Luck, houfe Adv. cl.

( S3 )

Marfhall Mrs, High Scheol yard3

Marfhall Mrs, Mint clofe

Marfhall Rob. ftabler, Grafsmarket

Marshall Mrs No. 6r, Nicolfon's ftreet

Marfhall and Armftrong, plumbers, Gabriel's road

Martin John, printer, Apollo prefs, head Pleafance

Martin David, portrait painter, Princes ftreet

Martin Mifs, Charles' ftreet

Martin Wm. bookfeller, Bowhead

Martin Rob. vintner, Covenant clofe

Martin Peter, cabinetmaker, Brifto ftreet

Martin George, writer, Argyle's fquare

Martin John, mercht. Brifto ftreet

Martin James, mufician Toddrick's wynd

Martin Chas. hairdreffer, raealmarket flairs

Mafon Gilb. mercht. No. 26, St Andrew's fquare

Mafon Wm. extrador, Weft Bow head

Mafon John, writer, Cowgate head

Mafon Eben. cloath mercht. Bridge ftreet

Mafon James, grocer, Canongate head

Mafon John, baker, Cowgate head

Mafon John, baker, Baillie Fife's clofe

Mafon Mrs, Lawnmarket

Manfon Tho. writer, Baillie Fife's clofe

Mafterton Allan, teacher, Stevenlaw's clofe

Mafterton Dougal, fchoolmafter, opp. Guard

Mathie Peter, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Mathew Tho. clerk General-poft-office, Carrub. cl.

Mathew John, wright, Horfe wynd.

Mingo Captain, Caftlehill

Mathiefon Jas. writer, opp. Queenfb. lodg. Canong.

Mathiefon George, mercht. Netherbow

Mathiefon- Thomas, vintner, Kennedy's clofe

Mathiefon Mrs, fets rooms, Rattery's clofe

Maugham John, furveyorof window tax, Queen's ftr,

Maxton Jofiah, fadler, head Covenant clofe

Maxwell Hugh, writer, George's ftreet

Maxwell of Dalfwinton

Maxwell Lady Clerk, Princes ftreet^

Maxwell Mrs, of Cardnefs, Thiftle ftreet

Maxwell and Cheap, wine mercht. Miln's court

E 3

( u )

Maxwell Arch, writer James's court

Maxwell Mrs, George's fquare

Maxwell John, engraver, Fountain clofe

Maxwell Wm. vintner, entry to the Parliment fq.

Mackie James, jun. goldfmith, Potterrow

Mazzoni Pelard, ladies hairdreffer, opp. Guard

Meldrum Mrs, Paterfon's court

M'Arthur Stewart, advocate, Caftlehill

M'Arthur John, writer, Friarfhaws

MAdam Mrs, fets rooms, front Adam's court

M'AUiiter Mils, Blackfriar's wynd

M'Cara Andrew, grocer, opp. foot Niddry's wynd

M'Call John, fmith, Paul's work

M'Cormick Edward, advocate, Writers court

M'Laren Alex, taylor, Crichton's ftreet

M'Laren James, mufician, Todderick's wynd

M'Laren Mifs, Niddry's wynd

M'CulIoch Mrs, fick nurfe, Stevenlaws clofe

M'CulIoch Mrs, of Barholm, Crichton's ftreet

M'Coull John, candlemaker, Netherbow

Mf Donald Thomas, writ. fig. James's court

M'Donald Wm. writ. fig. No. 26, Princes ftreet

M'Donald Alex. writ. fig. Mealmarket ftairs

M* Donald Colonel Mrs, Mews lane

M'Donald John, fp. dealer, head Old Playhoufe cl.

M'Donald Capt. Alex. Laurifton

M'Donald Malcolm, grocer, Merchant ftreet

M'Donald John, lint mercht. Horfe wynd

M'Donald Arch. fp. dealer, foot High School wynd

M'Donald James, fp. dealer, back of the Guard

M'Donald John, fkinner, Skinner's clofe

M'Donald Mrs, druggift, Lawnmarket

M'Donald Alex. fp. dealer, near the Guard

M'Donald George, grocer, foot Stevenlaw's clofe

M'Donald Hugh, grocer, Weft Port

M'Donald Mrs, paftry cook, Peebles wynd

M'Donald Wm. ftockingmaker, Weft Bow

M'Donald James, Weft Bow

M'Donald Angus, mercht. Lawnmarket

M'Donald iEneas mercht. Lawnmarket

( ss )

McDonald Arch, advocate, James's court

M'Donald James, dancing matter, Carrubber's clofe

M'Donald James, barley office, Niddry's wynd

M'Donald Arch, glazier, foot of Libberton's wynd

M'Donald Duncan, Grafsmarket

M'Donald Daniel, broker, head of Mint clofe

M'Donald Wm. tailor, &c. Hovfewynd

M'Donald Andrew, grocer, Canongate-head

M'Donald Alex, oyfter feller, op. foot Peebles wynd

M'Dowall Lady Hay, George's fquare

M'Dowall Arch, merchant, Bridge ftreet

M'Dovval Mifs, mantuamaker, foot of New ftreet

M'Dowal Mrs, Kinloch's clofe

M'Dougal Patrick, Efq; Lady Stair's clofe

M'Dougal Allan, writer to fig. Marq. of Tweed, cl.

M'Dougal Alex, writer, Blackfriar's wynd

M'Dougal Alex, of Exchequer, Fountain clofe

M'Dougal Alex, furgeon, Milne's fquare

M'Dougal Capt. Chalmers's clofe

M'Dougal Hugh, keeper Pari, houfe, Wardrope's C.

M'Ewen John, writer, James's court

M'Ewen Wm. writer, Kincaid's tand, Cowgate

M'Ewen Wm. tea dealer, St Andrew's ftreet

M'Ewen Mrs, Mint court

M'Fait Dr Ebenezer, foot of Horfe wynd

M'Farlane Wm. writer to the flgnet, Turk's clofe

M'Farlane Rev. John, Lochend's clofe, Canongate

M'Farlane of Fairneyfide, George's ftreet

M'Farlane Mrs, roomfetter, No. 8, St David's ftr.

M'Farlane Miffes, below Cnchton's entry. Canong.

M'Farlane Robert, hairdreffer, Pleafance

M'Farlane Walter, Fouutainbridge

M'Farlane Robert, fchoolmafter, Blackfriar's wynd

M'Farlane Duncan, hairdrefler, Grafsmarket

M'Farlane George, ftabler, Grafsmarket

M'Farlane Wm. weaver, Caftlehill

M'Farlane Mifs, mantuamaker, Carrubber's clofe

M'Farlane Duncan, vintner, Anchor clofe

M'Farlane John, beft fizemaker, North loch fide

M'Farquhar and Elliot, printers, Anchor clofe

M'Farquhar Coiin, printer, Hunter's park

M'Farquhar George, painter, Bunker's hill

( 56 )

M'Gachen Rob. merchant, Exchange—houfe No. 3:,

St James's ftreet

M'Gachen John, plaifterer, Old poft houfe flairs

M'Ghie Mrs, No. 2, St David's ftreet

M'Glafhan John, writer, Bull turnpike

M'Glafhan Alex, mufician, Skinner's clofe

M'Gowan John, grocer, foot Dickfon's clofe

M'Gowan John, writer, Luckenbooths

M'Grigor Hugh, fpirit dealer, Cowgate

M'Grigor Rev. Robertfon Jofeph, Ramfay Garden

M'Grigor Mrs, Precious clofe, Canongate

M'Grigor Duncan, writer, Caftlehill

M'Grigor Alex, fpirit-dealer, below ChefTel's court

M'Grigor Malcolm, lapidary, Potterrow

M'Grigor Peter, fpirit-dealer, head Morifon's clofe

M'Grugar Tho. fpirit-dealer, Bowhead well

M'Hattie Alex, mercht. op. New ftreet, Canong.

M'Hattie John, fpirit-dealer, Cowgate-head

M'Hattie Alex, grocer, Cowgate

M'lntofh Robert, Efq; advocate, Argyle's fquare

M'Intofli John, of the R. Bank, No. 64, Chapel ftr,

M'lntofh Cha. writer to fignet, No. , StDav. fir.

M'lntofh Wm. Leith-walk

M'lntofh Andrew, candlemaker, Canongate-head

M'lntofh Rob. lint merchant, foot Borthwick's clofe

M'lntofh John, hairdreffer, Borthwick's clofe

M'lntofh Daniel, grocer, head of Baxter's clofe

M'lntofh Robert, mufician, Advocate's clofe

M'lntofh Peter, meffenger, Milne's court

M'Intyre John, teacher of languages, College wynd

M'Intyre John, grocer, St Ann's ftreet

M'Kay Hon. Mils of Rae, Teviotrow

M'Kay Hon. Mrs, Windmill ftreet

M'Kay Hon. Mrs, of Bighoufe, St And. fquare

M'Kay Hugh, copperfmith, Weft bow

M'Kay James, goldfmith & jeweller, Brifto ftreet

M'Kay Donald, tailor & habitmaker, Shakefpeare fq.

M'Kay Mrs, Cowgate-head

M'Kay iEneas, No. 10, St Andrew's ftreet

M'Killop Wm. writer, Turk's clofe

M'King Wm. teacher, Calton

M'Kcll H"gh> writer, Hyndford's clofe

( 57 )

M'Kell Charks, Lcith wynd

M'Kell Rob. tailor, Hammermens clofe

M'Kain David, jeweller & hardw. rnercht. Bridge ftr«

M'Kenlay Mrs, roomfetter, College wynd

M'Kenzie John, adv. Efq; No. , St Andrew's fq,

M'Kenzie Alex, writer to the iignet, Princes ftreet

M'Kenzie And. wr. to the fignet, Gosford's clofe

M'Kenzie Kenneth, writer to the fig. Cuftomhoufe

M'Kenzie Henry, attorney in exchequer, Brown's fq.

M'Kenzie Mifles, Mint clofe

M'Kenzie John, White's land, Caftlehill

M'Kenzie Murdoch. Shakefpeare fquare

M'Kenzie Charles, writer, Byers's clofe

M'Kenzie John, ladies hairdreffer, Shakefpeare fq*

M'Kenzie Dr Jofmia, Cowgate-head

M'Kenzie Kenneth, druggift, head of Cant's clofe

M'Kenzie James, jeweller, Parliament fquare

M'Kenzie Roderick, baker, op. St John's ftreet

M'Kenzie Wm. tailor, end of the Guard

M'Kenzie Colin, tailor, near the Tron Church

M'Kenzie Alex. hairdrefTer, Middry'a wynd

M'Kenzie James, late merchant, Barringer's clofe

M'Kenzie Wm. Flelhmarket clofe

M'Kenzie Mrs, dealer in tea, foot Stevenlaw's clofe

M'Kenzie Wm. grocer, Grafsmarket

M'Kinlay John, glazier, Bridgeftreet

M'Kinnon Mifs, ladies hairdrefTer, Luckenbooths

M'Kinnon Daniel, hairdrelfer, head of Blackfriar's w,

M'Laggan Charles, lace & fringe manufacturer, Cowgate

houfe Old Excife office

M'Laggan Robert, writer, head Blackfriar's wynd

M'Laggan Mifs, hoopmaker, foot of Niddry's wynd

M'Laggan Mrs, Quarryholes

M'Laggan Peter, barber, opp. Back flairs

M'Laurin John, Efq; advocate, Adams's fquare

M'Laurin Miffes, Richmond ftreet

M'Lean Murdoch of Kenmuir, Adams's fquare

M'Lean Wm. merchant, head of Writer's court

M'Lean Mrs, New ftreet, Canongate

M'Lean Donald, feedsman, head anchor clofe

M'Lean Ja. and Rich, hardware rnercht. within Exc.

( 58 )

M'Lean Mrs, roomfetter, font of Stevenlavv's crofe

M'Lean Rob. of Excife, mathemat. Gosford's clofe

M'Lean Geo. fifhi*^-road maker, Bail. Grant's clofe

M'Lean Mrs, Cant's clofe

M'Lean Donald, bili'aru table, Writers court

M'Lean Miffcs, mantuamakers, High School yards

M'Lean Andr. lint merchant, foot College wynd

M'Lean Wm. dancing mailer, Briito ftreefc

WLaren Mifs, Niddry's wynd

M'Laren Daniel, turner, Fountain well

M'Leay John, writer, Leith wynd

M'Leifh James, bookfeller, Car.dlemakerrow

M'Leifh Adam, fpirit dealer, opp foot of Niddr. w.

M'Leod Wm. Efq; advocate, Craig's clofe

M'Leod Rod, writer to the fignet, Craig's clofe

M'Leod Mrs Daniel, fets lodgings, No. io.St And. ft.

M'Leod Roderick, tailor, Fleafance

M'Leod Mifs, ofCadbole, Cafllehill

M'Leod James, fhoemaker, Cafllehill

M'Lure John, writing mailer, Cld Poflhoufe clnfe

M'Millan Wm. of Exchequer, opp. fugar houfe, Can.

M'Millan Duncan, writer, Canongate-head

M'Millan Robert, paper fiainer, Miln's fquare

M'Nab and ZvI'Donald, merchants, head Carrub. cl.

M'Nab Charles, vintner, head Flefhmarket clofe

M'Nab Donald, writer, at Mr Home's, Caltonhill

M'Nab Francis, gardener, Caufewayfide

M'Neil Mrs, Weft Bow

M'Naughtan Daniel, fpirit dealer, foot of Libb. w.

M'Naughtan Majcolm, hardware mercht. Luckenb,

M'Naught Ja. confectioner, foot of Horfe wynd

M'Night Dr Ja. No. 253, Nicolfon ftreet

M'Pherfon Wm; writ, to fig. Boyd's clofe, Cann.

M'Pherfon David, writer, Bowhead

M'Pherfon Angus, mercht. & tailor, head Forr. w.

houfe Cafllehill

M'Pherfon John & Co. watchmak. w. end Luckenb.

M'Pherfon Mrs, milliner, College wynd

M'Pherfon Mrs, roomfetter opp. foot Niddry's w.

M'Pherfon and Grindlay, boarding miftr. Niddry's \v.

M'Pherfon Mrs, roomfetter, Libberton's '.vynd

M 'Queen Geo. colled, of cefs, No. 23, Prince's ftr.

( 19 )

M'Qneen Ja. writer, Brifto ftreet

M'Queen Mrs, miiliner, College wynd

M 'Queen Sween, fpirit dealer, foot Blackfr. wynd

M'Queen John, fmith, Bi ilto ftreet

M'Queen Mrs, white iron fm'ith, Nctherbow

M'Red'ie John, corner of Brifto ftreet

M' Vicar Patrick, wriier, Brifb ftreet

M'Vicar Niel, Efq;

M'Vicar Neil & Co.

of Fergufhiil, opp St John's ft.

linen manufacturers, Potterrow

M'Vicar Mrs, wafher of filk llockings,

M'Vicar Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Toddr. wd.

Megget John, tanner & leather mercht. Pleafance

Megget James, brewer, Newington

Megget Mifs, grocer, Weft Port

Meikle Robert, writer, Riddle's clofe

Meikleby Robert, ftudent of phytic, Horfe wynd

Meiklejohn John, ftabler, oppofite Mint clofe

Meek Tho. clerk to A. Wood, Potterrow well

Meekifon MilTes, mantuamakers, High School wynd

Mein Andrew, Efq; Siennes

Mel lis George, flefher, Flefhmarket

Mellis Andrew, Captain of the Tolbooth, Canong.

Mellis Peter, flefher, Flefhmarket

Mellis Wm. flefher, Craig's clofe

Mellis John, flefher, Flefhmarket

Mellis John, fleftier, No. 19. Princes ftreet

Melvil Major John, George ftreet

Melvil Robert, fhoemaker, Canongate-head

Melvil Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Menzies Alex, prinip. elk. of fefT. iSt Andrew's fq

Menzies Mrs, of Culdares, N. 1. North St Dav. ft

Menzies Mrs, of Coulterallers, Windmill ftreet

Menzies Mifs, Bunkers hill

Menzies Wm. folicitor of cuftom-houfe, Caltonhill

Menzies Wm. paper ftainer, Potterrow

Menzies Rev. Robert, Blackfriars wynd

Menzies Robert, infpett. gen. of excife, Potterrow

Menzies Douglas, fhoemaker, General's entry

Menzies Alex, ftabler, Candlemakerrow

Mercer Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Mercer Wm. merchant, Gabriel's road

Mercer Tho. writer, Blackfriars wynd

( 60 )

Mercer Mrs, Richmond ftreet

Michie Thomas, merchant, head of Libberton's w.

Michie Wm. writer, Fountain clofe

Mitclalf Francis, vintner, Brown's clofe

Middleton Mifs, grocer, head of Chalmers's clofe

Middlemift Robert, dancing matter, Carrub. clofe

Middlemift Robert, baker, Fountain well

Medina John, painter, Hyndford's clofe

Miller Patrick, banker, Nicolfon fquare

Miller Arthur, merchant, Abbey clofe

Miller Wm. feed merchant, Abbey

Miller George, Abbey

Miller Mrs, of Walkinfliaw, St John's ftreet

Miller Arch, coachmaker, foot of Canongate

Miller Daniel, merchant, Tolbooth clofe, Canong,

Miller Mrs. baker, oppofite linen hall

Miller Wm. Efq; advocate, Brown's fquare

Miller Mrs, haberdafher, No. 18, Princes ftreet

Miller Mrs, South St David's ftreet

Miller Mrs, roomfetter, Foul is' clofe

Miller Alex, glazier, Canongate-head

MPler Tho. dyer, foot of Caltonhill

Miller Tho. brewer, Quarryholes

Miller James, writer, Henderfon's ftairs

Miller George, hairdrefler, near the linen hall

Miller Mrs, midwife, Blackfriars wynd

Miller George, corkcutter, Canpngate-head

Miller John, optician, Parliament fquare

Milrer James, tanner, Barrenger's clofe

Miller Tho. gardener, Abbey

Miller James, glover, head of Carrubber's clofe

houfe, Strichen's clofe

Miller David, fchoolmafter, Back ftairs

Miller Andrew, taylor, Fleafance

Miller James, mufician, loddrick's wynd

Miller Tho. vintner, Niddry's wynd

Miller John, gunfmith, head of Chalmers's clofe

Miller Mrs. fewing fchool, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Miller Wm. merchant, Luekenbooths

Miller Tho. merchant, Luekenbooths

Miller Alex, merchant, foot of Old Fifhmarket ch

{ 6i )

Miller Arthur, merchant, Abbey clofe

Miller William, fpirit dealer, Grafsmarket

Miller Andrew, wheel wright, Welt Bow head

Miller William, hatter, back of the Guard

Miller William, writing mailer, end of the Guard

Miller Mrs, Niddry's wynd

Miller Mrs, Skinner's clofe

Miller Patrick, copperfmith, Cowgate head

Miller Andrew, taylor, Pleafance

Milne David, filk mercer and cloather, Parl-ia. fquare

Milne John, founder, head of Gray's clofe -

Milne Robert, wright Briilo ffreet

Milne Mrs, Brifto. ftreet

Milne William, painter, Blackfriars wynd

Milne James, fhoemaker, St David's Jane

Milligan Andrew, watch-cafemaker, Pari, fquare.

Milroy Andrew, taylor, foot of New ftr. Canongatc

Milroy David, ttockingmaker/New fir. Canongate

Moffat Mifs, Charles's ftreet

Moffat , chymical factory, College wynd

Moffat Robert, mercer, Middleton's entry

Mofes John, fpirit dealer, Cowgate head

Moir John, writer to fignet, Lady Stair's clofi

Moir Charles, accompt. Windmill ilreet

Moir John, Royal Bank, Caltonhill

Moir James, Teacher, Forrefler's wynd

Moir Mrs, Jack's clofe Canongate

Moir Mrs, Covenant clofe

Moir John, painter, Brown's clofe

Moir John, bookbinder, Brown's clofe

Moir John, fmith, Niddry's wynd

Moir Peter, fhoemaker op. foot of Libbevt. wynd

Morton Mrs Jackfon's clofe

Morton John, writing matter, Cant's clofe

Moreland Hugh, millwright, Water of Lieth

Montieth Mrs, roomfetter, Richmond ftreet

Montieth Mifs, St John's ftreet

Munday Mifs, milliner, Weft Bow foot

Montgomery Colonel, George's fquare

Montgomery and Steele, confectioners, No 5 Pr. ftr.

"Montgomery Lord, Chief Baron of Exch. Canong.


( fc )

'Montgomery Mrs, Spring Garden

Montgomery Will/am, hairdreffer, oppoflteGuard

Montgomery Mrs of Newton, Aliforrs fquare

Montgomery Mrs, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Moubray Martin, elk. Poft Office, Wardrope's court

Moubray Chriftopher, cafhier FY. Inf. Of. Backft.

Moubray Mrs, merchant, Potterrow

Moubray Mrs, Goofedub

Moubray Alexander, mercb. Caitchon's land, Cowg.

Moubray Mifs, mantuamaker, Cowgate head

Moubray William, hair merchant, Stevenlaw's. clofe

Moubray Mrs, weaver, Piccardy

Moyes Rev. James, op. New Chapel, Cowgate

Moves Shadrach, of Cuftomhoufe, No 2f. Pr. ftreet

Must Angus, clerk to General Skene, Abbeyhill

Moat James, teacher of Engliih, Brifto ftreet

Muat Mifs, mantuamaker, Main's fquare

Mutter William, of Annfield, Caltonhill

Moodie Mrs, No. 109. Nicolfon's ftreet

Moodie John, watchmaker, foot Old Aflembly clofe

Moodie Benjamin, writ. Boyd's clofe, Canong. head

Moodie George, bookbinder. Old AfTembly clofe

Moodie Henry, Haymaker, Canongate

Muckle Andrew, tailor, Canongate head

Muckle David, tailor, Nicolfon's ftreet

Muckle John, tailor Canongate head

Muir Adam, grocer, Calton

Muir Mrs,< Abbeyhill

Muir Mrs, Miln's court

Muir Mifs, Brifto ftreet

MuirheaS William, Efq; George ftreet

Muii head William, brufhmaker, Middle Baxters clofe

Muir head Rev. Robert, Goofedub

Muirhead William, fmith, Calton

Muirhead Henry, fmith, Calton

Mufehet George, mufician, Shakefpeare's fquare

Mufciiet Mrs, Weft Bow

Molifon Mifs, CrichtQiTs ftreet

Molifon Mrs, James's court

Molifon Jnnies, fhagreen cafemaker, Baillie G. clofe

Moliner Cha. weather giafsmaker, Bailiie G. clofe

Monro Dr Alex. prof, of anatomy, Nicolfon's ftreet-


( 64 )

Murray John, late merchant, Lauriftoii-

Murray H. merchant, Luckenbooths

Murray James, grocer, Horfe wynd

Ivlurray Andrew, vvigmaker, Luckenbooths

Murray Mifs, roomfetter, Niddry's wynd

Murray Mrs, roomfelter, advocate's clofe

Murray Adam, turner, head of Pleafance

Murray Duncan, merchant, Morifon's clofe

Murray John, grocer, Leith wynd

Murray Cornelius, hairdreffer, near the Crofs

Murray John, barber foot of Libberton's wynd-

Murray William, grocer, Wed Port

Ivlurray Mrs, Warritton's clofe

Murray Mifs, mantuamaker, Forrefter's wynd

Murray William, baker, Cowgate head

Murray William, writer, oppolite New Chapel

Murray John, fpirit dealer, Blackfriars wynd

Murray Mifs, Blackfriars wynd

Murray Mrs, mantuamaker, Cant's clofe

Murray James, merchant, head of Toddn'ck's wynd

Murray Patrick, head of Libberton's wynd

Murray James, grocer, Horfe wynd

Murray James, turner, Horfe wynd

Murray James, printer, op. foot Forrefter's wynd

Murray James, tailor, Lieth wynd

Murray William, taylor, Pleafance

Murray Patrick, writer, Grafsmarket

Murray Mrs, Foulis's clofe

Murray Alexander, Foulis's clofe

Murray Robert, fhoemaker, Canongale head

Murray William, merchant, head of Canongate

Murray Mr, grocer, Cowgate head

Murray William, grocer, head of New ftreet

Murray Patrick, grocer, Grafsmarket, fouth fide.

Murray, William, writer, Hangman's clofe

Murray Andrew, grocer, Grafsmarket, north fide

Murray Adam, turner, Parliament fquare

Murray David, watchmaker, front, James's court

Murray Andrew, hairdreffer, at the Crofs

Mutter Thomas Gavinloch's land

Mutter Mrs, roomfetter, Marc., of Tweedale's. clofe


( 6$ )

Murdoch Thomas, piftol maker, Leith walk

Mirtle Mifs, Wind mill ttreet

Mitchel Wm. French teacher, Merlin's wynd

Mitchel Mrs, gum flower maker, Merlin's wynd

Mitchel Wm. wright, Main Point

Mitchel Mrs, Niddry's wynd

Mitchel Arch, harnefsmaker, Weft Port

Mitchel Edward, wigmaker. No, 231. Nicolfoa's fir.

Mitchel Robert, hairdrefftx, Alifon's fquare

Mitchelfou Samuel jun. writ, to fig. Nocolfon's ftr.

Mitchelfon Samuel fen. writ, to fig. Garrubers clofe

Mitchelfon Miffcs, Alifon's fquare

Minto Mrs, mantuamaker, Toddrick's wynd

Moncrieff Mrs, of Culfargie, Buccleugh ftreet

Moncrieff John, apothecary, Blackfriars wynd

Moncrieff John, apochecary, Bridge itreet

Moncrieff Mil's, Main Point

Moncrieff Mrs, Nicolfon's ftreet

Moncrieff Stewart, Baron of Exchequer, Korfe wynd

Morgan Thomas, watchmaker, head Beli's wynd

Morin Alex, grocer, Luckeubooths

Myles Mrs, Welt Bow

Main Patrick, painter, Fifher's clofe

Mundle & Wilfon, printers, Back ftairs .

Mingo Capt. Caftle hill

M'Ncil Dr James, foot of Leith walk.

M'Phel Miles, vintner, Fouli's clofe


Naefmith Robert, advocate, Horfe wynd

Naefmith Lady, Fountain bridge

Naefmith Thomas, writer, Buccleugh ftreet

Naefmith Charles, taylor, head of Montieth's clofe

Nairn William, Efq; advocate, Argyle's fquare

Nairn Alexander, writer, Horfe wynd

Nairn Mrs, New ftreet, Canongate

Nairn Mrs, merchant, head of Libberton's wynd

Nairn Wm. grocer, head of Kinloch's clofe

Napier Lord Francis, No. 10, St Andrew's fquare

Napier Hon. Col. Bunkers hill

Napier Arch, . druggill, head Forre Iter's wynd

Napier Ales, mufician, middle Weil Bow

C ^ )

Nell Adam & Co. Printers, Old Ffhmarket clofe

Nell John & Son, haberdafheis, end of Guard

Neil Thomas, wright Don's clofe

Neil Wm. teacher, Crofscaufeway

Neilfon George, St David's lane

Neilfon Thomas, woollen draper, Bridge ftreet

Neilfon Andrew, writer, College wynd

Neilfon John, fhoemaker, King's ftables

Neilfon Mifs, Bowhead

Neilfon Mifs, dead flannel maker, Grant's clofe

Nei'fon Mifs, mantuamaker, Trunk clofe

Neilfon John, brewer, foot Campbell's clofe

Neilfon Mrs, Bunkers hill

Niven Arch, baker, opp. Linen hall

Nicolfon James, baker, low Calton

Nicolfon Mifs, milliner, head Kennedy's clofe

Nimmo Peter, fpirit dealer, foot Old. AfTcmbly-clofe

Nimmo Mrs, Cahonhill

Nimmo Wm.. fupervifor, of Excife, Alifon's, fquare

Nimmo Andrew, turner, foot Peebles wynd

Nimmo James, wigmaker, Cowgate head

Newbiging James, writer-, George's fquare

Newbiging John, writer, Brodie's clofe

Newlands Capt. John, Hay's court, Weft Port

Newlands John, wright, Grafsmarket

Newton Richard,. Canongate head

Newton Mifs, milliner front of Miln's court

Nifbet Lady, Chapel ftreet

Nifbet James, ftabler, Canongate head

Nifbet Wm. lint manufacturer, Horfe wynd

Nifbet Mrs, ordinary keeper, College wynd

Nifbet John, grocer, opp. foot Merlin's wynd

Nifbet James, plafterer, Gabriel's road

Nifbet Mifs, No. i St Andrew's ftreet

Noble Wm. teacher, Niddry's wynd

Norvell , of Boghaw, No. 20, Princes ftreet

Norris Mrs oil colour (hop head Bail lie ; fifes clofe

Norn's Jofepb, dep. elk. Juftic. Laurillon,

Gates Henry & Sheriff, upholfterers, head Bridge ftr.

Gates Charles, fhoemaker, Bridge ftreet

Oakly John, hairdreffer, foot Stevenlaw's

Orchardton Wm. meffenger, Dunbar's clofe

Ochiltree Arch. goldfmith ? .»Parliament fquare

( 67 )-

Ogil John, writer, Flefh market clofe

Ogilvie Adam, Efq; advocate, Carrubbers clofe

Ogilvie Thomas, writer, Miln's court

Ogilvie George, of Excife, Canongate foot

Ogilvie James, collector, of Excife, head of Pleafance

Ogilvie Mrs, Potterrow

Ogilvie Malcolm, fkinner, Broughton

Oliphant Robert, of Roffy, Efq; poft mafter general,

Shoemakers clofe Canongate.

Oliphant David, teller Bank of Scotland, & pod

mafter Leith

Oliphant Charles, perfumer, head Baillie Fifes clofe.

Oliphant Ebenezer, gold fmith, Blackfrier's wynd

Oliphant John, rmifician, Niddry's wynd

Oliphant , flefher, Marquis of Tweeddle's clofe

Orme Alex. prin. cl. of fefiion, No. 9, St David's fir.

Orme David, writer, Miln's fquare

Ormifton Mifs, Nicolfon's ftreet

Ormifton Hugh, grocer, Fountainbridge

Ormifton Alex, flioemaker, Low Calton

Ords Miffes, Queen ftreet

Orr John, writer, Baxters, clofe

Orr Mrs, Miln's court

Orr John, baker, foot Dickfon's clofe

Orrock Mrs, Merlin's wynd

Orrock John, Cutler, head Baillie Fife's clofe

Orrock Alex, grocer, foot Forrefters wynd

Orrock Mifs, Kinloch's clofe

Ofwell Laurmut, Richmond ftreet,


Pagan Mrs, milliner, head of Kennedy's clofe

Pagan George, grocer, Lawnmarket

Page Michael, heele maker, Low Calton

Palmer Alex, wright, Chapel ftreet


Parlane James, John's coffee houfe, St

Parliament fquare

hotel keeper,

Paterfon David, banker, & infurance broker,

liament fquare,—houfeSt John's ftreet

Paterfon Samuel, merchant, Luckenbooth'S


Paterfon Mifs, opp. Linen hall, Canongate

Paterfon Thomas, tailor, Canal ftreet

Paterfon Dav. printer, CaftlehiU


f 68 )

Paterfon Wm. fl abler, foot of the Pleafance

Paterfon Robert, fadler, opp. Bridge ftreet

Paterfon John, tailor back of the Guard

Paterfon John, trunk maker, head Chalmer's clofe

Paterfon , barber, Water of Leith

Patifon John, writer, Blackfriars wynd

Patifon Miffes, milliners, Blackfriars wynd

Paton George, cuftomhoufe., Libbertons wynd-

Paton Mrs, mar.tuamaker, Niddry's wynd

Paton Mifs opp. Weighhoufe, Bow head

Paton Donald, fmith, Calton

Paton James, limner, opp. foot Niddry'g wynd-

P3tullo & Blair, haberdafhers, Bridge ftreet

Patullo Mrs, Old Playhoufe clofe

Paxton Mrs, Grafsmarket

Paflay Thomas, Old Bank, Libbertons wynd- '

Peacock Wm. tobacconift Canongate head

Peacock Thomas, painter, foot of New ftreet

Pearfon Adam, writer, Merchant ftreet

Pearfon Wm. mercht. Dickfon's clofe

Pearfon Mrs, keeps lodgers, Brifto ftreet

Peterkins John, tailor, Pleafance

Peterkins Wm. officer of Excife, Canongate foot

Peat John, writer, Parliament iquare

Peat Alex, fupervifor, of Excife, Campbell's cl. Con.-

Pedie James, minifter, Brifto ftreet

Pentland John, wheel wright, Weft Bow

Penelope Lady Crichton, No. 2, St Andrew's fteeJ

Pender Thomas, ftampt office, Buccluegh ftreet

Penman George, fhoemaker, Libbertons wynd

Penny John, writer, James's court

Peters Wm. tailor, Old Afiembly clofe

Peters Mrs, Mews lane, Newtown

Peters Gabriel, Backrow

Peterie Wm. Gardener, Abbeyhill

Peterie Geo. fhoemaker, Canongate foot

Pettegrew John, watchmaker, Weft Port

Pew VVm. baker, middle, of Canongate

Phillips Richard, Efq; St John's ftreet

Philips Robert, wright, Crofscaufeway

Philips John, wright, Brifto ftreet

Philp Mrs, auctioneer, foot Campbell's clofe-

Fhiip Mrs,^ Princes ftreet

( 69 )

Phillipfliaugh Lady, George's fquare

Phin Wm. filk dyer, Paul's work

Pillans Miffes, milliners, head Dickfon's clofe

Pillans Mrs, Warrifton's clofe

Pillans Capt. Rob. Carrubbers clofe

Pirnie Wm. mafon, New ft.reet

Pirie James, Admiralty-office, head Brodie's clofe

Pirie George, merchant, Luckenbooths

Pirie Wm. wright, College wynd

Pirie John, grocer, foot of College wynd

Pitcairn Capt. George, Kennedy's clofe

Pitcairn John, ch to the King's warehoufe, Kinc. C.

Pitcairn Robert, writer, Kincaid's court

Pitcairn Andrew, Writer, Bull turnpike

Pitcairn Alexander, Kincaid's court Cowgate

Pitcairn Mifs, Campbell's clofe, Canongate

PJayfair Robert, writer, Libberton's wynd

Playfair Mrs, Britlo ftreet

Plenderleith Mrs, threadmaker, Gabriel's road

Plenderleith Robert, merchant, Bridge ftreet

Plenderleith Alex, tailor, Goofedub

Plenderleith Mifs, Morocco's clofe, Canongate

Playdell Mrs. milliner, Brown's fquare

Plommer Mifs, Chapel ftreet

Phol John, habitmaker, No. 2, St Ann's ftreet

Pocock Robert, writer, Stevenlaw's clofe

Poole Matthew, Princes ftreet coffeehoufe keeper

Ponton Mifs, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Ponton Alex, merchant, head Chalmer's clofe

Ponton Alex, wright, Canal ftreet

Pollock Lady, No. 6, St Andrew's fquare

Pollock Wm. fmith, Hajnmermens clofe

Porteous & Davidfon in Co. fmiths, Canal ftreet

Porteous Alex. Flefher, flelh-marfiet clofe

Porteous James bookbinder, Chapel ftreet

Porter Mrs, keeps boarders, Surgeon's fquare

Potter Mrs, Grafsmarket, north fide

Potter Lewis, mafon, Pleafance

Potts Thomas, grocer, Briflo port


r ;o r

Prentice Rich. Sol. at law, op. foot Niddry's wynd

Frefton Col. Robert, No. I. North St David's

Prffton MifTes, Libbertonsv/ynd

Pridie Hamden, Hatter, Canongate head

Primrofe Robert, Surgeon, Niddry's wynd

Primrofe Mrs, Niddry's wynd

Primrofe Mils, N. 92, Chapel ftreet

Pringle John, Efq; Houfton


Pringle John, writer to the fignet, Society

Pringle Sir James, George's' fqu are.

Pringle Mifs, George's fquare

Pringle Mark, Efq; advocate, Buccleugh ftreet

Pringle Win. writer, Old playhouie cloie, Canongate

Pnngle 1 unbar, Leather merchant, Netht-rboW

Pringle Mrs, of Bowling, Miln's fquare

Pringle Mils, milliner, front Exchange

Pringle Mrs, Biackfriars wynd

Pringle John, officer of Excife, op. foot Nid. wynd

Prngle Adam, watchmaker, Brifto ftreet

Pringle Mrs, of Whitebank, Nicolfon's ftreet

Pringle Mrs, op. Linen hallj Canongate

Pi ingle Mrs, of Laughton, Chrichton ftreet

Purves Mrs, Middleton's entry

Purdie Mrs, midwife, op. foot Caftle wynd, Grafsm„

Phinn & Patifon, haberdafhers, opp. Blackfriar's w,

Pyni John, haberrjafhers, Bridge ftreet

Pyett James engraver, foot Peebles wynd


Rae tames, Surgeon, Caftlehill

RaeLady, Adams's court

Pae John, Surgeon. Lady Stair's clofe

Rae James, Sol. at law, Hunter's land, Weft bow

Rae Lady, Queen's ftreet

Rae George and Co. fifli hook makers, Leith wynd

Rse Mils, Mantumaker, Covenant clofe

Pae Mrs, grocer, Grafs market

Raeburn Wm. ladies hair dref. & perf. Bridgeftreet

Ramage Edward, merchant, St David's lane

Ramage James, old bank, Lochend's clofe Canong.

Ramage James, fpirit dealer, Bowhead well

R.amage Alex, merchant, Luckenbooths

( 7* )

Ramfay Wiiiiam, writer to the n>net, George's fir.

Ramfay , ladies hair dreffer, Crichton's itreet

Ramfay David, printer of the Edinburgh Evening

Courant, Oid Fifhmarket,—houfe Merchant ftreet

Ramfay James, builder and (later, New ftreet

Ramfay Mrs, Lochend's clofe, Canongate

Ramfay Peter, inn keeper, Cowgate port

Ramfay Mrs, George's fquare

Ramfay James, of Excife, Lauriftou

Ramfay James, painter, horfe wynd

Ramfay Andrew, flater, Adams's fquare

Ramfay Andrew, Exchange coffee-houfe, ready fur»

nifhed lodgings at the Crofs

Ramfay Mils, New ftreet

Ramfay James, wood merchant, Paul '3 work

Ramfay John, wright, Paul's work

Ranfton, Garfen, Ralfton, Rofton, Society

Rowbottom John, fmith and ft-rrier, St Mary's wynd

Randal Rev. Thomas, Windmill ftreet

Ranken James, (tone ware merchant, Bridge ftreet

Ran ken Wm dyer foot Horfe wynd

Ranken James, wright, Dickfon's clofe

Ranken Mifs, threadmaker, Horfe wynd

Ranken William, taylor. north end of the Guard

Rannie David, writ. fig. north St David's ftreet

Rannie Robert, change keeper, Dunbar's clofe

Rattray Thomas, writer, Carrubber's clofe

Rattray Peter, grocer, Watergate

Rattray Mrs, Chapel of Eafe

Rattray Fcancis, teacher, Grafsmarket

Rattray Mifs, Chapel flreet

Rattray Mifs, fouth back of the Canongate

Rafton Mrs, Cowgate head

Rait Mrs, of Raitha!!, Reid's clofe Canongate

Rait John, advocate, No. J3, Princes ftreet ftreet

RatclifF Mrs, Leith wynd

Reid David. Efq; Com. of Excife, Queens ftreet

Beid James, of Exchequer, Fountain clofe

Reid George, printer, Fiftler's clofe Lawnrrurket

Keid James, linen manufacturer, Siennas

Reid Mis, ironmonger, oppofite the. Guard

Reid Jamesj Efq; Gorgii

( 72 )

Reid Alexander, architec, St David's lane]

Reid John, vintner, Borthwick's clofe

Reid Alexander, druggift, Netherbow

Reid William, grocer, head of Dickfon's clofe

Reid Charles, gardener, walk of Leith

Reid Alexander, diftiiler, Lochrind

Reid John, roomfetter, Shakefpeare's fquare

Reid James, baker, Charles's ftreet

Reid John, builder, St Ninian's ftreet

Reid George, belt printers prefs maker in Europe,,


Reid Robert, fpirit dealer, oppofite, Back flairs

Reid Laurence, wright, Abbeyhill

Reid William, ftockingweaver, foot College wynd

Reid Mrs, Horfe wynd, Abbey

Reid James, brafs founder, Witch Rubbifh-hill

Reid Thomas, watchmaker, Parliament fquare

Reid Thomas, grocer, Cowgate port

Reid James, grocer, head of the Pleafance

Reikie Tho. glazier's, Old Fifhmarket clofe

Reikie James, glazier, Miln's fquare

Renton Robert, writer, Grafsmarket

Renton Mrs, roomfetter, front James's court

Renton Mrs, No. 23. Princes ftreet

Rannie and Campbell, merchants, front Exchange

Rannie John, baker, Watergate

Reoch James, folicitor at law, Murdoch's clofe

Reoch William, glafb grinder, Carrubbers clofe

Rhind Charles, writer ealt end Crofscaufeway

Rhind John, writer, eaft end Crofscaufeway

Richard John, grocer Cowgate head

Ritchie Mifs, milliner, front Exchange

Richardfon Richard, kirk treaf. north end of Guard

Richardfon William, folicitor at law, Filher's clofe

Richardfon Robert, writer, St John's ftreet

Richardfon William, flaxdreffer, Chalmbers's clofe

Richardfon James, taylor and habit maker, head of

Borthwick's clofe

Richardfon Mrs, No. q2. Nicolfon's ftreet

Richardfon William, Watchmaker, Charles's clofe

Richardfon William, fmith, foot Mint clofe

Richardfon Tho. proc. Admiralty, Fifhers land

( 73 )

PJchardfon Mrs, Herriot's Work bridge

Rickfon, Colonel Mrs, head of St John's ft reet

Richmond John, And. & fon, merchants, Weil Bow

Richmond James, feedfman & furveyor, Grafsmarket

Richmond Mathew, nurferyman, Lieth Walk

Riddel Colonel, Laurifton

Riddel Wm, writer to the fignet, George's fquare

Riddel Mifs, Charles's ftreet

Riddel Mrs, George's fquare

Riddel Mrs, No. I, St Andrew's ftreet

Riddel James, ferrier, New itreet, Canongate

Riddel Mrs May, Leith walk

Riddel Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Reddie George, merchant, St Ninian's ftreet

Rigg Home James, Efq; of Morton, Gofsford's'cl.

Rigg Mrs, Hanover ftreet

Rigg James, Efq; Hanover ftreet

Rynalds Mrs, roomfetter, Miln's fquare

Reinagle Alexander, mufician, Foulis's clofe

Reinagle Jofeph, mufician, Morrifon's clofe

Ritchie William, brewer, Pleafance

Ritchie John, flater, Hammermens clofe, Canong.

Ritchie Alexander, merch. Lawnmarket, north fide

Ritchie John, glafs grinder, Grant's clofe

Ritchie Mifs, millin. & haberdafher, front Exchange

Rymer Mrs, reg. office for fervants-, St Mary's' wynd

Rymer James, engraver, Parliament fquare

Robertc Mifs, hoopmaker, Grant's clofe

Robb Mrs, fouth St David's ftreet

Robb Mrs, Gray's clofe

Robinfon George, writ. fig. Queen's flreet

Robifon John, profefior, St John's hill

Pvobertibn Wm. Efq; of Ladykirk, Old AiFem, clofe

Robert r on Principal William, College

Robertfon James, profefior College

Robertfon David, Efq; George's fquare

Robertfon A. Dr, St James's fquare

Robertfon Major Archibald, Wrightshoufes

Robertfon Alex, clerk of fefiion, Miln's fquare

Robertfon John, writer, Carrubber's clofe

Pvobertfon Dr Jofeph, St John's ftreet

Robertfon John, accountant, Chalmers's clofe


( 74 )

Robertfon Mifg, flower maker, Horfe wynd

Robertfon Captain Henry, Wrightshoufes

Robertfon Miffes, Chapel ftreet

Robertfon James, black, bull inn, foot of Pleafance

Robertfon Mrs, fells the befl twopenny ale, Gofsf. cl.

Robertfon Patrick, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Robertfon Alexander, printer, Niddry's wynd

Robertfon William, lyon herald, Eruntsfield Links

Robertfon Peter, truftees office, Gavinlock's land

Robertfon John, watchmaker, Netherbow

Robertfon Mil's, Grant's clofe

Robertfon John, printer of the Caledonian Mercury,

moved to the Old Fifhmarket clofe

Robertfon John., writer, Mealmarket flairs

Robertfon William, excife, Stevenlaw's clofe

Robertfon Wm. tailor & habitmaker, Canal ftreet

Robertfon Charles, painter, No. 4, Princes ftreet

Robertfon and Taylor, painters^ Gabriel's road

Robertfon George, defigning in gardening, Prin. fir.

Robertfon Mrs, milliner & haberdafher, Princes fir.

Robertfon John, flaymaker, Canongate head

Robertfon William, watchmaker, Canongate head

Robertfon James, hairdreffer, Horfe wynd

Robertfon Alexander, tailor, Crichton's ftreet

Robertfon John, fhoemaker, Briflo ftreet

Robertfon George, fhoemaker, Charles's ftreet

Robertfon John, grocer, Brifto ftreet

Robertfon John, hofier, Candlemakerrow

Robertfon John, flackingmaker, Candlemakerrow

Robertfon Alex, fpirit dealer, op. Mealmarket

Robertfon James, brafs founder, Horfe wynd

Robertfon Angus, lint merch. front Adam's court

Robertfon Duncan, hairdreffer. Princes ftreet

Robertfon David, fmith, Cowgate head

Robertfon James, fmock doftor, Low Calton

Robertfon Charles, hardware merchant, Lawnmar.

Robertfon James, flefher., Fleihmarket clofe

Robertfon John, flefher, Flefhmarket clofe

Pvobentfon William, merchant, Water of Leith

Robertfon William, weaver, Water of Leith

Robertfon Dav. tailor, opp. Queeniberry Houfe, Can.

Roch Mrs, George's ftreet

Rogers Thomas, grocer, Bow head

( 15 )

Rogers George, corkcutter Abbey ftrand

Holland Adam, advocate, Exchange

Rol!o Captain, Wrightshoufes

Rollo Mil's, oppofite Cornmarket

Rollo Robert, grocer, Lawnmarket, north fide

R.0II0 William, tailor, Canongate

Roi.ald Mil's, Crichton's itreet

Ronaldfon William, baker, Lawnmarket

Ronaldfon Mrs-, of Blairhall, Miln's court

Ronaldfon Francis, clerk peft office, Caltonhili

Ronaldfon John, grocer, head of Mint clofe

Ronaldfon Mifs, Milne's clofe, Canongate

Romains William, ftockingmaker, Caitlehill

Remains William, teacher. Canal ftreet

Rofs Lockhart Admiral Sir John, George's fquare

Rofs Lieutenant-Colonel, Teviotrcw

Rofs Lady, Abbeyhill

Rofs Mrs, fouth St David's ftreet

Rofs Samuel, fhoemaker, Mint

Rofs Mrs, milliner, head of Old Afiumbly clofe

Rofs Mrs, BuchannanY court

Rofs Mrs, change keeper, Bow head

Rofs Robert, tailor, Netherbow

Rofs John, grocer, Canongate foot

Rofi David, tailor, oppofite Canongate church

Rofs Colin, mactr of exchequer, Abbeyhill

Rofs Robert, mufician, back of the Fountain well

Rofs Alexander, grocer, Weft Poit

Ruddlman Thomas, printer, and publifher of the

Weekly Magazine, Forrefter's wynd

Rule Thomas, writer, Don's clofe

Rule George, baker, head of Fleihmarket clofe

Runciman Alex, painter, No. 87, Chapel ftreet

RufTel Francis, Eiq; advocate, St James's fquare

Ruffel John, jun. writer to the fignet, George ftreet

RufTel John, writer to the fignet, Argyle's fquare

Ruffel fames, uphol. & undert. Bailie Fife's clofe

RufTel Walter, merchant, Luckenbooths

RufTel William, Efq; north St David's ftreet

RufTel David, accountant, Society

RufTel James, furgeon, Society

Ruffel Mrs, No. 151, Nicolfon's ftreet

( ?s )

Ruffe! David, fhoemaker, Potterrow

Ruffe! Thomas, grocer, ChefTels's court

Rutherford James, writ. fig. Alifon's fquare

Rutherford Lady, Charles's ftreet

Rutherford Daniel Dr, Hyndford's clofe

Rutherford Mrs, of Hunthill, Chapel ftreet

Rutherford Mifs, Bow foot

Rutherford Mrs, of Fairnilie, Windmill ftreet

Rutherford Mrs, George's fquare

Rutherford Robert, frnith, Calton

Ruikin John, grocer, head of Kennedy's clofe

Ruthven Thomas, writer, Old AiTembly clofc

Ruthven Lady, Laurifton

Ruthven Mrs, grocer, Weft Port

Salter J'faac, brewer Roberffon ?

s c!o.fe

Salter Robert, glazier, Grafs market

Salter Charles, brewer College wynd

Salt Peter, fugar warehoufe, Canongate

Sal ton Lady, Argylc'3 fquare

Sandilands Mrs, Charles's ftreet

Sandilands Mrs, Cafllehill ,

Sandilands Mathew, writ. fig. north St And. ftreet

Sandy George, writer, New ftaira

Sands Mrs, Gabriel's road

Sanfon James, grocer, head of Lochend's clofc

Sangtter James, grocer, Potterrow

Hing.tcr Peter, bookbinder, Sandiland's clofe

Sanders James, writer to the fignet, Cafllehill

canders William, tea and fpirit dealer, Grafsmarket

Sanders John, teller old bank, Weft Port vennei

Sanders John, fhoemaker, St Niman's ftreet

Sanders William, baker, Pleafance

Sanderfon Robert, fhoemaker, Low Calton

Sanuerion Mrs, Welt Bow

Sanderfon James, excife officer, Buccleugh ftreet

Savage Robert, wigmaker, Alifon's fquare

Savage Robert, fhoemaker, Weft Port

Safely John, watchmaker, Buccleugh ftreet

Sawers William, writing mailer, New Bank clofe

( 77 )

Sawers Archbald, baker, Forrefters wynd

Sawers Mrs, merchant, head of Turk's clofe

Saxon Mrs, roomfetter, Horfe wynd

Schetky George, mufician, Foulis's clofe

ScofEer Jofeph, hofier, head Flefh- market clofe

Scott Walter, writer to the fignet, Georges' s fquarc

Scott Mrs of Balvier, low Broughton

Scott Thomas, writer to the fignet, Bridge ftreet

Scott William, banker, Old Affembly clofe

Scott William, plumber, Shakefpeare fquare

Scott James, bookbinder, Forrefter's wynd

Scott M'Ts of Gala, George's fquare

Scctt Mifs of Harden, Tivetrow

Scott Wiiliam, folicitor at law, procurator fifcal for

the (hire, Merchant ftreet

Scott James, writer to the fignet, Back befs wynd

Scott John, chimift, near the Infirmary

Scott John, writer, trunk clofe

Scott Alex, brewer, Fountainbridge

Scott Robert, merchant, No. 35, Nicolfon's ftreet

Scott Mrs Horfelyhill, St Andrew's fquare

Scott Mrs of Swinton, George ftreet

Scott Mifs of Calts, No. 19, Princes ftreet

Scott Robert, baker, oppofite fugar-houfe Canonpate

Scott Mrs, Alifon's fquare

Scott Walter, fhoemaker, Potterrow

Scott Arch, brewer, Potterrow

Scott Mrs, GifFord's park

Scott Mrs, Newftreet

Scott John, and Co. grocers, Brifto ftreet

Scott Mrs, oppofite New chapel

Scott Walter, ironmonger, Grafsmarket

Scott Wm. teacher, Baillie Fife's clofe

Scott Mifs, Cowgate head

Scott John, Haymaker, Canongate head

Scott Andrew, King's conftable, Befs wynd

Scott James, merchant, Weft Bow

Scott James, grocer, Grafsmarket

Scott John, baker, below Carrubber's clofe

Scott Charles, tanuer, Hay's court Weft Port

Scott Mrs, ChefTels's buildings Canongate

( 78 )

Scott Alex, grocer, No. 249, Nicolfon's ftreet

Scott William, grocer Canongate

Scott Mrs, Potterrow

Scott John, wright, Brifto ftreet

Scott Mrs, grocer, Cowgate head

Scott John, flefher, High fchool yards

Scott George, flefher, High fchool wynd

Scott Charles, hairdrefler, Old aflembly clofe

Scott John, ftaymaker, Libberton's wynd

Scott William, vintner, Advocates clofe

Scott Mifs, mantumaker, Barrenger's clofe

Scott Mrs, peweterer Grafsmarket

Scouler Jafper, fhoemaker, Lyon's clofe

Scrymgeour Mrs, Murdoch's clofe

Scsymgeour John,oyfter cellar, op. foot Peeble's wynd;

Sealy Jofeph, dancing mafter, Foulis's clofe

Sloan James, of Dalalh, Bunkers hill

Sellers Peter, tailor, Leith wynd

.Sellers Mifs, Potterrow

Selkirk Robert, Royal Bank, Bunkers hill

Selkirk Charles, accountant, Bunkers hill

Sample John, writer, Stevenlaw's clofe

Semple Robert, brewer, Caftlebarns

Semple Mifs, St David's ftreet

Seton, Houfton, and Co. bankers, within the Exchan..

Seton Archibald, mufkian, Blackfriars wynd

Seton, boarding miftrefs, Fiiher's clofe

Sivewright James and Son, combmakers, oppofite

High fchool wynd"

Sivewright Mrs, Cowgate head

Shade Thomas, baker, foot New ftreet

Shand and Millar,, merchants, Luckenbooths

Shand David, grocer, Grafsmarket

Shanks John, fhoemaker, Weft Port

Sharp Francis, coach-hyrer Pleafance

Sharp Thomas, fee to the Royal Bank, Broughton

Sharp Mrs of Houfton, Canongate foot

Sharp Robert, fhoemaker, Richmond ftreet

Shibow Mrs, Buccleugh ftreet

Shanker Mrs, Bailie Fife's clofe

Schaw Mrs, Caftlehill

( 79 )

Schaw Samuel, writer St Ann's ftreet

Schaw Andrew, ftarchmaker, Croftangry

Schaw Mrs, Old Affembly clofe

Schaw Mrs, Dunbar's clofe

Schaw George, Caltonhill

Shean C. harpfichord and fpinet maker, New ftreet

Shirra Andrew, clerk in Friendly Infurance office,

Brifto ftreet

Shearer Michael, clock and watchmaker, Weft bow

Sheapeft high fchool wynd

Shepherd David & Son, grocers, head Strichan's clofe

Short Obfervatory, Caltonhill

Short James, cooper, Morocco's clofe

Shiells Archibald, Efq; Swan's clofe

Shiells John, Surgeon at the Tron kirk

Shiells James, writer, Libberton's wynd

Shiells Francis, head of Cant's clofe

Shiells James, writer, Libberton's wynd

Shiells Mrs, midwife, Caftlehill

Sherrilaw James, merchant, Netherbow

Sheriff George, coachmaker, Cowgate port

Sibbald John, at the circulating library, Pari, fquare

Sibbald Thomas, fmith, College wynd

Sibbald Wm. tailor, head Brodie's clofe

Sibbald Mifs, Crichton ftreet

Sibbald James, fhoemaker, Potterrow

Sydeferf Wm. fhoemaker, trunk clofe

Sydeferf Mrs, grocer, foot Libberton's wynd

Sime Andrew, baker, Weft Port

Sime Wm. fhoemaker, Wrightshoufes

Sime James, glover, Creams

Simpfon David, Alifon's Square

Simpfon John, George's fquare

Simpfon Alex, accountant in the bank, Fountain clofe

Simpfon Lieut, end of Potterrow

Simpfon Thomas, late conveener, Fleflvmarket clofe

Simpfon James, bookfeller andftationer, at the Grofs

Simpfon Mrs, Goofedub

Simpfon Mrs, Cowgate head

Simpfon Edward, hairdrefler, head Bridge ftreet

Simpfon James, fpirit dealer, Niddrv'? «,vn^

( So )

Simpfon Wm. Brifto ftreet

Simpfon John tailor Alifon's fquare


Simpfon George, fmith, Abbeyhill

Simpfon Alex, woollen draper & tailor, foot pleafanee


Simpfon George, tap room Gabriel's road

Sinclair Sir John of Murkle, N. 3, Princes ftreet

Sinclair Robert, Efq; advocate Miln's fquare

Sinclair Lady, of Stevenfon, Nicolfon's ftreet

Sinclair Wm. meffenger Cuftom-houfe, Scott's clofe

Sinclair Mifs, fringe worker, front of Exchange

Sinclair Wm. brewer, St Leonard's hills

Sinclair Mrs, Adams's court

Sinclair John, feed merchant St Ninian's row

Sinclair Mrs, Murdoch's clofe

Sinclair Thos. fhoemaker, Wright's houfes

Sinclair Walt, writer

Skae David, grocer, op. the Guard

Skene Gen. Rob. Abbeyhill.

Skene Capt. Abbeyhill

Skene Mrs, Riddel's clofe

Skinner Mifs, Moffat's clofe

Skinner James, writer, Kinloch's clofe

Skirving, mufician, Fountain well

Skirving Mrs and Co. merchants, Luckenbooths

Slider John, tailor, Brifto ftreet

Slorach John, tailor, Alifon's fquare

Small John, macer, court of feffion, Craig's clofe

Small Charles, vintner, Craig's clofe

Small James, fhoemaker, Alifon's fquare

Small John, grocer, op. Mealmarket

Small Charles, hairdreffer, head Bridge ftreet

Small John, glazier, Libberton's wynd

Small George, confectioner, Canongate head

Smart Robert, fmith, Calton

Smellie Wm. printer, Anker clofe,—houfe N. 3, near

the cage

Smith Donald, banker, Exchan.—houfe Chapel ftr.

Smith James, writer, Caftlehill

Smith John, writer to the fignet, James's fquare

Smith Wm. extracler, Campbell's clofe Cowgate

Smith Alex, baker, Bowhead well

^ > a,. _..o.-„_ ,„j t ,n rnnm . fit Ann's ftr.

( Si )

Smith Tno. writer, Caltonhill •

Smith Gilbert, founder, Low Calton

Smith Peter, tailor, Canongate head

Smith John, ftabler, fouth back Canongate

Smith John, mercht.! Abbeyhill

Smith Thomas, tailor, Richmond ftreet

Smith Mrs, roomfelter, Leith wynd

Smith Mifs, Korie wynd

Smith David, tea and fpin't dealer, St Andrew's fir.

Smith William, writer-, Niddry's wynd

Smith- And. ladies hairdrefier k perfumer, Bridge ftr.

Smith, Mrs, Semple's clofe

Smith Peter, recorder of the dead, opp. Ma^. Chap.

Smith John, trunk maker, Weft Bow

Smith Adam, fmith, Weft Bow •

Smith Robert, grocer, head of FouliYs clofe

Smith Mrs, midwife, foot of Robertfon's clofe

Smith Nathaniel, leather mercht. Alifon's fquare

Smith Wm. baker, north wing, Alifon's fquare

Smith David, baker, Potterow

Smith Thomas, tinplate worker, Brift-o ftreet

Smith John, hairdrefier, ,Brifto ftreet

Smith Adam, fkinner, Stock bridge

Smith James, glover, Creams

Smith Mrs, of Methven, No. 23, St Andrew's fq.

Smith Wm. mercht. Gabriel's road

Smith Mrs, Princes ftreet

Smith Wm. it a brer & chaife hirer, St Ann's ftr.

Smeaton Alex, book-binder, Brown 'aelofe ;

Smeaton Walter, painter, Ngiv ftreet

Smollet Alex. Eiq; James's court

Smollet Mrs, of bonhill, St John's ftreet

Sommervell Mifs, George's fquare..

Sommervell Wm. flioemaker, No. 163, Nicolfon's ftr.

Sommervell John, writer, Grafsmarket

Sommervell Walter, baker, Cannongate head

Sommervell Nicol, haberdaiher, Bridge ftreet

Sommervell Wm. painter, Flefh market clofe

Sommervell David, tobacconiil, Grahmarket.

Sommervell Patrick, lint mercht. at the Crofs

Sommervell Samuel, baker, Bow bead

Sommers James, writer, Advocates clofe

( 8 2 )

Sommers Thomas, vintner, Jack's clofe

Sommers Wm. Jack's clofe

Sommers James, attorney of the Exchequer

Sommers Tho. king's glazier, at the Tron Church

Spaden James, grocer, foot of the Bull Turnpike

Spalding Charles, bookfeller, Canongate head

Spalding Mrs, confectioner,, front of Exchange--ware

houfe Mint clofe

Spalding Mrs, Weft Bow head

Spankie Geo. china man & grocer, opp. Tron Ch.

Spark Thomas, cloaths fcourer, Robertfon's clofe

Spens Nathaniel, Dr. Niddry's wynd

Spence James, treaf. to the Bank Scot.—houfe there

Spence James, writer, Crichton's ftreet

Spence David Dr. Wardrope's court

Spence Robert, dentift, James's court

Spence John, painter, Caftlehill

Spence Mrs, Gosford's clofe

Spence James, hairdreffer, back of the Guard

Spence Joleph, tobacconift, Brifto ftreet

Spears Mrs, St David's ftreet

Spottifwood John, iron monger,- Weft Bow foot

Spottifwood Mrs, merchant, Grafsmarket

Spottifwood James, paper mercht. Niddry's wynd

Spottifwood & Son, iron mongers, Grafsmarket

Sprott Wm. folicitor at law, Morroeco's clofe Can.

Sprott Mark, fkinner, Stock bridge

Sprott Mrs, fets rooms, at the Crofs

Sprott Alex, tanner, near Hamilton's Folly

Sprott Robert, candle maker, at the Tron church

Sprott John, candle maker, Brifto ftreet

Stalker James, teacher Paterfon's court

Stark John, of Ballindean,. Csltonhil

Stark Stewart, writer, Leith wynd

Stark Wm. combmaker, weft end Laurifton

Stark John, tobacconift, at the Crofs

Steadman John Dr. St John's ftreet

Steadman & Johnfton, milliners, Leith wynd

Stead Dav. card manufacturer, Leith Walk

Steele Robert, haberdafher, Canongate head-

Steele Tho. Dr. Barrowmuirhead

Steele Andrew, writer, Niddry's wynd

( «3 )

Steele John, Smith, Calton

Steele Mrs, Buccluegh ftreet

Steele Thomas, coach vvright, King's ftables

Steele John, turner, foot of Blackfriars wynd

Stenhoufe Mrs, No. 10, Princes ftreet

Steven Mrs, St John's ftreet

Stevens Alex, brewer, Water of Leith

Stevens Mrs, baker, head Blackfriars wynd

Stevens Mrs, dealer in bread, foot Burnet's clofe

Steyens Dav. trunk maker, Lawnmarket

Stevenfon Alex. dep. clerk of feffion, James's Court

Stevenfon Mrs, Alifon's fquare

Stevenfon Alex, furgeon, eaft end Crofscaufeway

Stevenfon Samuel, Dr. Canongate head

Stevenfon George, window tax office, Kincaid's land

Stevenfon Mrs, roomfetter, Laurifton

Stevenfon Mifs, Niddry's wynd

Stevenfon Fat. writer & notary, Nairn's cl. Caftleh.

Stevenfon Mrs, George's fquare

Stevenfon Walter, wright, Potterrow

Stevenfon George, yetling founder, Canongate foot

Stevenfon Robert, painter, Shakefpeare fquare

Stephenfon James, fhoemaker, opp. College wynd

Stenhoufe Capt. Bunkers hill

Stewart Sir Threapland, Bifhop's land clofe

Stewart Wm. Efq; advocate, Miln's court

Stewart Dav. writer to the fignet, Mint court

Stewart And. writer, to the fignet, Brown's fquare

Stewart M'Arthur, Efq; Caftlehill

Stewart Charles, Dr. Hay's ftreet

Stewart Sir John, of Allanbank, St John's ftreet

Stewart General John, George ftreet

Stewart Capt. Forrefter's wynd

Stewart John, dancing matter, New Bank clofe

Stewart Dougal, profeffor, Hay's ftreet

Stewart John, {herifffub. Libberton's wynd

Stewart Wm. writer, Broughton

Stewart James, extra&er, Bunkers hill

Stewart Mifs, George ftreet

Stewart Mifs, mantuamaker, head Fountain clofe

Stewart Capt. James, Carrubbers clofe

( H )

Stewart James, druggift & apothecary, Bull Tern.

Stewart Mrs Murray, ftts lodgings, Geddis's clofe


Stewart Robert, writer, Tailors hall, Covvgate

Stewart Mifs, of drumfhaw, Main Point

Stewart Adam, writer, Bunkers hill

Stewart Charles, writer, Crichton's ftreet

Stewart Arch. Hnt mercht. Siennes

Stewart Alex, grocer, Chaple ftreet

Stewart & Robertfon, hairdreffers, Nicolfon's ftr.

Stewart Rob. fhoemaker, No. 116, Nicolfon's ftr.

Stewart Mrs, Alifon's fquare

Stewart James, baker, Goofedub

Stewart James, fpirit dealer, Weft Port

Stewart Robert, grocer, back of the Guard

Stewart Alex, ladies hairdreffer, head Bridge ftr.

Stewart Mansfield, mercht. Luckenbooths

Stewart & Colvil, tobacconifts, head Sellers's court

Stewart Alex, mufician, James's court

Stewart Thomas, tinplate worker, Weft Bow

Stewart Wm. writer, Turk's clofe

Stewart Robert, grocer, head Kennedy's clofe

Stewart John, writer, Covenant clofe

Stewart John, grocer, head Barrenger's clofe

Stewart James, mercht. Luckenbooths

Stewart Malcolm tailor, Potterrow

Stewart David, glover, opp. Tolbooth door

Stewart Mrs, Nether bow

Stewart Mrs, roomfetter, opp. the Tolbooth

Stewart, Mrs, High fchool wynd

Stewart Mrs, Fountain clofe

Stewart Mrs, Jack's land, Canongate

Stewart Thomas, weaver, head Blackfriars wynd

Stewart Andrew, bookbinder, College wynd

Stewart Geoige,overfeer king's printing houfe

Stewart John, vintner, Old Fiftimarket clofe

Stewart James, ftabler, opp Corn market

Stewart Peter, roap maker, Caftle wynd

Stewart John, grocer, head Writers court.

Stewart James, dealer in London porter & ftrong

ale, Halkerfton's wynd

Stewart Mifs, grocer, fouth St David's ftreet

( 8j )

Stewart Mrs, boarding fchool, Caftkhill

Stewart Mrs, grocer, Lawnmarket

Stewart Neil, grocer, Netherbow

Stewart Daniel, hairdreffer, Horfe wynd

Stewart Daniel, grocer, op. foot of Forrefter's wynd

Stewart MifTes, Boyd's clofe

Stewart Mifs, Mint clofe

Stewart Neal, mufic feller, Parliament fquare

Still Robert, merchant, Canongate head

Street Samuel, brufhmaker, Chalmer's clofe

Stirling James, banker, No. 8, St Andrew's fquare

Stirling Mrs, Brown's clofe

Stirling John, ftockingmaker, Netherbow

Stirling Mrs, Merlin's wynd

Stobie John, writer, Warrifton's clofe

Stobie John, japanner, Canongate church

Stodart Alex. & Co. merchants, Bridge ftreet

Stodait James, depute bar keeper, Bronghton

Storrie Wm. folicitor at law, Gavinloch's land

Storrie Mrs, hairdrefTer, head of Kennedy's clofe

Storrie Alexander, candlemaker, at the Crofs

Storrie John, grocer, Grafsmarket

Storrie MifTes, milliners, &c. Luckenbooths

Storrie Mrs, baker, Luckenbooths

Stockle Mrs, Anchor clofe

Storme William, tailor, St Ann's ftreet

Strachan Francis, writer to the fignet, Warrift. clofe

Strachan Mifs, Cri'chton's ftreet

Strachan Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Strachan MifTes, Lochend's- clofe Canongate

Straiton William, fmith, Pleafance

Straiton Mifs, mantuamak. back Old Poft Off. Cow.

Strange David, dancing mafter, Toddrick's wynd

Sturrock John, tea and fpirit dealer, Canong. head

Stormont James, writer, Brodie's clofe

Sutter James, ftaymaker, Mint clofe

Sutherland Countefs of, George's fquare

Sutherland and Co. mufic fellers & ftationers, Br. fir.

Sutherland John, writer, Dunbar's clofe

Sutherland Mrs, midwife, Skinner's clofe

Sutherland Mifs, mantuamaker, Kinloch's clofe

Sutherland John, lint manufac. op. New ftreet, Can.


( S6 )

Sutherland William, fleflier, FJefhmarket clufs

Sutherland John, fleflier Flefhmarket, clofe

Sutherland fohn, baker, Briflo ftreet

Suttie Sir James, Argyle's fquare

Suttie Mrs, New ftreet

Sutter Thomas, writer, Kincaid's land

Swan George, hardware merch. head of Carrub. eh

Swan James, barber, Mealmarket ft airs

Swan Thomas, broker, Cowgate head

Swan Alexander, fpirit dtaler, Netherbow

Swanfton John, clerk Poft Office, Canongate head

Swanfton J. grocer and tea dealer, head Bifhop's cl.

Swanfton W. grocer, head of St John's ftreet

Swinton John, Efq; advocate, Society

Swinton Wm. of the Royal Navy, Hermitage fields

Swinton Lord, Brown's fquare

Symington Jofeph, brewer, Robertfon's clofe

Symington Mrs, Richmond flreet

Syme James, Efq; of Northfield, Monteith's clofe

Syme Robert, writer to the fignet, Society

Syme John, writer to the fignet, New ftreet

Syme Alex, at Mrs Syme's, foot of Niddry's wynd

Syme Mrs, foot of Niddry's wynd


Tait John, fen. writ, to the fig. Shakefpeare fquare

Tait John, jun. writ, to the fig. No. 25, Princes fir.

Tait Robert, fhoemakcr, Miln's clofe, Canongate

Tait James, wiiter, Lady Stair's clofe

Tait Janres, jun. brufli manufactory, Cant's clofe

Tait Walter, fifliing rodmaker, back Fountain well

Tait Alex.-Kincaid, writer, Stevenlaw-V clofe

Tait James, bookbinder, College wynd

Tait Mrs, vintner, Jackfon's clofe

Tawes John, Writer, Parliament fquare

Taylor James, writer, Borth wick's ciofe

Taylor John, writer to the fignet, Old A (Tern, clofe

Taylor David, attorney in Exchequer, New Aft", cl.

Taylor William, of Excife, Briilo llreet

Taylor James, Brown's fquare

Taylor Win. merchant, Euekenbooths

Taylor Tho. fupervifor of Excite, Grafsmarket

Taylor John, elogmaker, Low Gabon

( S7 )

Taylor Wm. brewer, Abbey

Taylor. Geo. & John, Stoneware merchants, Horfe w.

Taylor Robert, baker, Canongate

Taylor Mrs, roomfetter, Horfe wynd

Taylor Pvjifs, thread merchant, Luckenbooths

Taylor fames, bookbinder, back of Exchange

Taylor Wm. grocer, head of Kennedy's ciofc


Taylor Patrick, fmith, Scot's clofe

Taylor James, malon, Richmond llreet

Telfair Archibald, Beverhall

Temple John, cabinetmaker, Wefi Port

Tennent Robert, folicitor at law, Niddry's wynd

Tennent Mifles, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Tennent Wm. heel maker, foot of Forrefter's wynd'

Teviotdale David, weaver, Abbeyhill

Thorn James, vintner, Brifto ftreet cofFeehoufe

Thomas Henry, fifhing rodmaker, Luckenbooths

Thomfon James, writer to the lignet, Hanover iXc.

Thomfon Alex, accountant of Excife, Potterrow

Thomfon Charles, Caltonhill

Thomfon Rich, mafon St Ninian's ftreet

Thomfon Wm. and Co. druggifls, head Niddry's w.

Thomfon Geo. writer, No. 7, Shakefpeare fqiure

Thom ron Alex, grocer, op. Guard—houfe Craig's cl.

Thomfon James, hairdreffer, Luckenbooths

Thomfon David, writer, New ftreet, Canongate

Thomfon Mifs, milliner & merchant, Luckenbooths

Thomfon John, carver and guilder, Cowgate head

'J nomfon Alex, collector in America,. Siennes

Thomfon and Co. factors and agents, Barrenger's

clofe— wareboufe Leith

Tivomfon Alex, writer, at Mrs Kerr's, Foulis's clofe

Thomfon James, grocer, Leith wynd

Thomfon James, glover, Creams

Thomfon Mrs and Son, ironmongers, Grafsmarket

Thomfon Rob. notary and meflVn. Gavinloch's land

Thomfon James, writing mailer, Niddry's wynd

Thomfon William, watchmaker, under the Tolbooth

Thomfon John, wright, Fountainbridge

Thomfon George meffenger, Borth wick's clofe

Thomfon George, Wright, grocer, Weft Port

Thomfon Alexander, grocer, foot of Florfe wynd

Thomfon William r merchant, Cowgate head

( 83 )

Tlicmfon Walter, judiciary macer, Sellers 's clofe

Thomfon Daniel, fpirit dealer, foot of Niddry's wy.

Thomfon Thomas, wright, Potterrow

Thomfon Mrs, Turk's clofe

Thomfon Mrs, Libberton's v/ynd

Thomfon John, bafketmaker, foot of Forrefler's wy.

Thomfon James, baker, head of Forreiter's wynd

Thomfon James, wright, Weft Bow

Thomfon William, fhoemaker, Grafsmarket

Thomfon William, barber, Bow head

Thomfon Mrs, fpirit dealer, Bow head

Thomfon Andrew, flefher, Flefhmarket clofe

Thomfon John, Heftier, Canal ftreet

Thomfon Peter, grocer, Crofscaufeway

Thomfon Mifs, milliner, Leith wynd

Thomfon William, weaver, Leith wynd

Thomfon John, fhoemaker, Caltonhill

Thomfon Mrs, Shakefpeare fquare

Thomfon Mifs, Leith walk

Thomfon Mifs, Gabriel's road

Thomfon James, change keeper, Forrefler's wynd

Thcmfon Mrs, roorafetter, at the Crofs

Thomfon Peter, grocer, Old Fifhmarket clofs

Thomfon & Son, infurance brokers, at the Crofe

Thomas Henry, fiftiing rodmaker, Luckenbooths

Tibbets Thomas, hatter, at the Crofs

Tony fames and Co. woollen drapers, front of the

Exchange — houfe Gabriel's road

Torry James, weaver, Picardy

Tod George, writer, James's court

Tod Mrs, of Hayfield, Merchant ftreet

Tod Thomas, writer to the fignet, George's fquare

Tod Thomas, merchant, Blyths clofe, Caftlehill

Tod Mifs, Caftlehill

Tod Mrs, Windmill ftreet

Tod Mrs, of Dryburgh, St John's ftreet

Tod Henry, cabinetmaker, New ftreet

Tod Thomas, fchoolmafter, Caftlehill

Tweedie Robert, Antigua ftreet, Leith walk

Tweedie George, candlemaker, Water of Leith

Touch Rev. John, Crichton's ftreet

Touch Walter, Haymaker, St Mary's wynd

Traquair Ladies of, Canongate head

( 89 )

Trotter Arch. Efq; of the Bufh, Canongate foot

Trotter Robert, writer to the fignet, Ramfay gard.

Trotter Thomas, of Mortonhall, St John's ftreet

Trotter Arch. Canongate foot

Trotter, Wm. confectioner, Bridge ftreet

Trotter Mrs, Murdoch's clofe

Trail James, late bookfeller, Society

Turnbull Mrs, No. 70; Chapel ftreet

Turnbull Mrs, mercht. Buccluegh ftreet

Turnbull Wm. mercht. opp. the Crofs

Turnbull James, grocer, at the Crofs

Turnbul John, excife officer, Canal ftreet

Turnbull Mrs, Libberton's wynd

Turnbull Mrs, auctioneer, foot Stevenlaw's clofe

Tytler Alex. Efq; advocate, Brown's fquare

Tytler James, chymift, Caftlebarns

Tytler William, writer to the fignet, New ftreet

Thorburn Walter, upholfterer, corner Cheffels's flr.

Thorburn John, tailor, Nicolfon's ftreet

Thorburn James, paftry (hop, St Andrew's fquare

Tulloch Tho. mercht. golden bull, Scots carpet warehoufe,


Tinto Wm. grocer, No. 105. Nicolfon's ftreet

U -

Udney Alex, commiffioner excife, George's fquare

Urquhart Leonard, writer to the fignet, Forreft. w.

Vallance Wm. glover, &c. near Regifter office

Vair Mifs, Teviot row

Vair Wm. hairdrefier, head Covenant clofe

Vivers Wm. drug-gift, Netlierbow

Veitch G jun. wine mercht No. 251. Nicolfon's ftr.

Veitch John, tailor, Briftb ftreet

Veitch Wm. St David's lane

Veitch John, flioemaker, Shakefpear fquare

Veitch Mifs, opp. Old Fiftimarket clofe

Vernon Mrs, Niddry's wynd

Vickerage Mrs, Gavinloch's land


Waddel Mifs, mantuamaker, Exchange

Waddel — , writer, Jack's land, Canogantc

Waddel Mifs, mantuamaker, Murdoch's clofe

( 9° )

Walker Win, attorney of Exchequer, Byres's dofe

Walker Robert Dr. Seller's clofe

Walkerjames, writer to the fignet, N. St David's fir.

Walker John, profeflbr, St John's ftreet

Walker, Charles, vintner, Writers court

Walker John, vintner, Old Aflembly clofe

Walker Alex, writer, Paterfon's court

Walker Robert, writer, Merchant ftreet

Waiker Mrs, No. 147. Nicolfon's lireet

Walker Mrs, Back row

Walker James, brewer, Abbey

Walker, Alex, brewer, upper playhoufe clofe Can.

Walker Robert, upper playhoufe clofe, Canongate

Walker Wm. folicitor at law, Mealmarket flairs

Walker John, late tanner, Fountain bridge

Walker James, writing mafler, No. 7. N. St Dav. ftr,

Walker James, baker, Shakefpear fquare

Walker Tho. Jack's clofe, Canongate

Walker James, grocer, eaft end of Guard

Walker George, drawing mailer, Netherbow

Walker John, mercht. Grant's clofe

"Walker John, vintner, New AJfembly clofe

Walker John, grocer, Cowgate head

Walker, Alex, hotel, No. 4. Princes ftreet

Walker Alex teacher, foot Blackfriars wynd

Walker And. vintner, Shakefpear fquare

Walton John, teacher of mufic, Merchant ftreet

Walkingfhaw Mrs, Niddry's wynd

Wallace Alex, banker, Ramfay garden

Wallace Wm. advocate, Niddry's wynd

Wallace George, advocate, Scott's clofe

Wallace Lady Dowager, Thiftfle court

Wallace Wm. lace weaver, opp Meal market

Wallace Charles, hofier, front Exchange

Wallace N. cabinet maker, Brifto ftreet

Wallace James, painter, Brifto ftreet

Wallace Wm. George inn, Brifto ftreet

Wallace Wm. grocer, Canongate head

Wallace John, wright, Paterfon's court

Wallace Mifs, mantuamaker, Leith wynd

Warden George, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Wardrope And. furgeon, No. 2. Princes ftreet

Wardrope David, furgeon, Forrelter's wynd

C 9i )

Wardrope Mrs, grocer, at the Crofs

Wardrope Mrs, Caltonhill

Warrander George, Efq; Burntsfield

Warrander Mifs, George's fquare

Warrander James, mercht. Water of Leith

Warrander Hugh, writer, Caltlehill

Warmouth John, mercht. Abbey

Wat-erfton Mrs, wax chandler, Lawnmarket

Watfon James, writer to thefignet, Miln's court

Watfon Samuel, folicitor at law, Meal market (lair*

Watfon Wm. cabinet maker & undertaker, Weir's

clofe CanoDgate

Watfon Mifs, Charle's ftreet

Watfon Robert, writer, Weft Bow

Watfon Alex, wrker, Craig's clofe

Watfon Samuel, tobacconilt, bead Flefhmarket clofe

Watfon James, meffenger, Anchor clofe

Watfon Alex, officer of excife, Netherbow

Watfon Robert, hard ware mercht. Luckenbooth3

Watfon Capt. Mrs, north St David's ftreet

W3tfon Hen. hard ware mercht. head Paterfon's court

WatfoQ John, gardener, Abbeyhill

Watfon Tho. fmith, Pleafance

Watfon Geo. fhoeraaker, Ri chmond ftreet

John, writer, High fchool yards

Watfon ,

Watfon James, painter, Hyndford'e clpfe

Watfon James, High fchool yards

Watfon Geo. writer, James's court

Watfon Tho. glazier, foot, High fchool wynd

Watfon Adam, grocer, head Niddry's wynd

Watfon Lieutenant, of the navy, Fountain-well

Watfon George, limner, Fountain-well .

Watfon Mifs, mantuamaker, Fountain-well

Watt John, writer, Blackfriars wynd

Watt John, weaver, Water of Leith

Watt Robert, writer, Forrefter's wynd

Watt Alex, wright, Toddrick's wynd

Watt Mark, mercht. Weft bow foot

Watt Arch, tailor, Canongate head

Watt Geo. founder, St Ninian's row

Wauchope John, of Edmonfton, No. 31- St And. fq."

Wauchope Mifs, No. 83. Chapel ftieet

Wauchope John, writer, to the fignet, Princefs ftr.

C 92 )

Wauchope - - < , turner, head Pleafance

Wauchope Andrew, ivory turner, Caftlehill

Waugh Mifs. Potterrow

Waugh Dav. baker, Water of Leith

Weft Dr. William, Abbeyhill

Weft James, fhoemaker & leather dealer, Netherbow

Weftwater Patrick, whip maker, Veil market

Weir Alex. &Son, curious in paintings, St James's fq^

Weir Mrs, CowfeederrOw

Weir John, fhoemaker, Forrefter's wynd foot

Weir Mrs, Herriot's bridge

Weir Arch, grocer, No. 48. Nicolfon's ftreet

Weir Robert, mafon, below Canongate church,

Welfh Henry writer, New ftreet

Welfh James, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Welfh Geo. glover, Creams

' :

Welfh James, baker, Weft Bow


Welfh MifsV Leith wynd

Webfter, George, druggift, Niddry's wynd

Wellwood Robert, of Garwick, St Andrew's fquare

Wymefs Hon. James, Efq; St John's ftreet

Wymefs Wm. writer to the fignet, Merlin's wynd

Wymefs Sir James, No. 154. Nicolfon's ftreet

Wymefs Governor John, Princes ftreet

Wymefs James, gold fmith, Parliament fquare

Wymefs James, fdk dyer, Weft Bow

Wymefs Geo. flefher, Flefhmarket clofe

Winter James, coach wright, fouth back Canongate

Winter George, wigmaker, head Chalmer's clofe

White John, Efq; advocate, No. 21. St Andrew's fq.

White & Mitchel, hard Ware mercht. opp. Tron ch.

White Ben. writer, Caftlehill

White Mrs, Caftlehill

White Wm. writer. Campbell's clofe Cowgate

White Corn. Mrs! St John's ftreet

White James, jun. barber, Morocco's clofe

White David, fpirit dealer., Calton

White Robert, wright, Newftreet

White Robert, wright, Monteith's clofe


White Mrs Chalmer's clofe

White John, corn dealer, Pleafance

White Wm. fmith & iron monger, opp. the Guard

"White John, tailor,. Abbeyhill

( 93 )

Whitlaw Mrs, Alifon's fquare

Whiteford Sir John, Canongate

Wharton Thomas, Commiffioner of Excife, Laurifton

Wifhart Rev. George, Shoemakers clofe

Wight Alex, advocate, N. 16, Princes ftreet

Wight Alex, writer, No. 8, St David's ftreet

Wight Malcolm, merchant, Lawnmarket

Wight Wm. Marquis of Tweddale's clofe

Wight Alex, baker at the Crofs

Wight, Broddie and Co. Lawnmarket

Wight Claud, leather merchant opp. foot Nid. wynd

Wight David, writer, Morrifon's clofe

Wight Mrs, No. 79. Chapel ftreet

Wight and Co. unknown work, Caftlebarns

Wight Robert, Efq; at the Crofs

Wight David, baker, Bailie Grant's clofe

Wight Mrs, Chapel of Eafe

Wight Wm. cutler, op head Blackfriar's Wynd

Wight Mrs, roomfetter, Forrefter's wynd

Wight Robert, wright, High fchool yards

Wight Robert, wright, foot Bull's clofe

Wight, Brook.cc Co. Lawnmarket

Wightman Wm. baker, No. 52, Nicolfon's ftreet

Wild John, tobacconift, head Flefhmarket clofe

Wilkie and Carfrae, coach wrights, S. back Canong.

Wilkie John, mafon, Shakefpcare fquare

Wilkie Peter, coach wright, St Mary's wynd

Wilkie Mrs. mantuamaker, Society

Wilkie and Co. mantuamakers, Stevenlaw's clofe

Wilkie Wm. tailor, and habit maker, Canal ftreet

Williams Mrs, roomfetter Horfe wynd

Williamfon Jofeph, fen. Efq; advocate, Riddle's clofe

Williamfon David, Efq; advocate, Alifon's fquare

Williamfon Jofeph, Princes ftreet

Williamfon David, writer, Shakefpear fquare

Williamfon Bruce, N. 14, Nicolfon's fquare

Williamfon Mifs, of Cardrouna, High fchool yards

Williamfon George, King's mtffenger and Admiralty

macer, Pari, fquare, Prefident's (tairs, 4th door

Williamfon John, carver and guilder St Ninian's row

Williamfon Kanover ftreet

Wiliiamfen Mrs, Ramfay garden

Williamfon Alex, of Lawhill, Alifon's fquare

( 94 J

Williamfon Andrew, nailer, Leith wynd '

Williamfon John, wright, Nicolfon's ftreet

Williamfon Wm. mufician, Toddrick's wynd

Williamfon Finlay, fhoemaker, Weft Port

Williamfon David and Co. hen butchers, old Fiflimarket


Williamfon Alex. Comely garden

Williamfon Charles, fchoolmafter, op. Linenhall

Willinmfon Thomas, Hefner, Fkfhmarket clofe

Willifon David, printer, Craig's clofe

Wilfon Wm. writer to the fignet, New Bank clofe

Wilfon George, writer Kincaid's land

Wilfon John, bookfeller, Foot Frefident's flairs

Wilfon Mifs, mantuamaker, G?ddes's clofe

Wilfon Archibald, painter, head of Bridge ftreet

Wilfon Thomas, tailor, St Ann's ftreet

Wilfon David, St Ninian's ftreet

Wilfon Mrs, glove maker, and flocking ingrafter,

foot Prefident's ftair

Wilfon John, excife officer, Paul's work

Wilfon Dr Mrs, Society

Wilfon Thomas, writer, Old Affembly clofe

Wilfon Mifs, milliner, Forre'ter's wynd

Wilfon Robert, printer, Hume's clofe

Wilfon Thomas, fadler, Pleafance

Wilfon John, baker, Pleafance

Wilfon John, baker, Crofscaufeway

Wilfon Alex, merchant, Brill o ftreet

Wilfon Adam, hardware merchant, JLnckenbooths

Wilfon John, mufician, Toddrick's wynd

Wilfon Mrs, milliner, Blackfriars wynd

Wilfon Mis Hamilton's entry, Brifto ftreet

Wilfon John, tobacconift, Weft Bow head

Wilfon John, gardner, Abbeyhill

Wilfon Mifs, grocer, Crofscaufeway

Wilfon Alex, hatter, opp. Horie wynd

\\ ilfon Robert, writing mailer, Niddry's wynd

Wilfon Mrs, Paterfon's court

Wilfon John, bricklayer, Borthvvick's clofe

Wilfon Fbenezer, founder, Libberton's wynd

Wilfon John, cutler, Crofscaufeway

Wilfon James (Claudero), foot of the High School

wynd, Cowgate

( 9S )

Wilfon Robert, turner opp. New ftreet

Wilfon Gavin, fhoemaker, Upper play houfe clofe

Wilfon, Rob. ftabler, Sommervile's clofe, Caaongate

Wilfon James, fmith, Leith wynd

Wilfon Andrew, flefher, Flefhmarket clofe

Wilfon James, grocer, Grafsmarket, N. S.

Wilfon Miff, Fountain clofe

Wood John, Efq; George's fquare

Wood Andrew, furgeon, Horfe wynd

Wood Tho. furgeon, Buchanan's court

Wood John, writer and furveyor of window lights,

Blackfriars wynd

Wood Mrs, St John's ftreet

Wood Capt. Lull's clofe Canongate

Wood James, tailor, and habit maker, Canong. head

Wood John, late merchant, Niddry's wynd

Wood Governor Mrs, Queen's ftreet

Wood Alex, furgeon, within the Exchange

Wood Lady, Chapel ftreet

Wood Fountainbridge

Wood John, ftabler, Cowgate head

Wood Mrs, Springfield

Wood Wm, bookfcller, Luckenbooths

Wood Mrs, New ftreet

Woods William, comedian Caltonhill

Woodhead Anthony, fol at law, Libberton's wynd

Wordle Mrs, Jackfon's clofe

Wordlaw Tho. flocking maker Bow head

Wright John, advocate, New Affembly clofe

Wright Tho. Efq; George's fquare

Wright Win. Leith wynd

Wright James, peweterer Weft bow

Wright George, ftay maker, Potterrow

Wright John, baker, Nether Bow

Wright Mrs, Kinloch's dole

Wright Mrs, mantuamaker, Kinloch's clofe

Wyiie Johnfton Henry, writer, Shakefpeare fquare


YaJrs Miffes, milliners, Writers court

Yetts Wrru haberdafher, head Gofsford's clofe

( 96 )

Yetts Mrs, roomfetter, Dickfon's clofe

Young and Trotter, merchants and upholfterers, No 5,

Princes ftreet— Young's houfe, below Trotter's,

St James fquare

Young collector, near Abbey-yards

Young Colonel Mrs, St John's ftreet

Young John, writer, Kincaid's court

Young Wm. writer, Dunbar's clofe

Young Thomas, writer New ftreet

Young Tho. teacher, Prefident's ftairs

Young Mrs New ftreet


Young Francis brewer, N. back Canongate

Young George, wright, George ftreet

Young William, baker, head Skinner's clofe

Young John, merchant, Grafsmarket, S. fide

Young John, hatt merchant, Exchange

Young George, Carrubber's clofe

Younger Arch, brewer, Abbey

Young John, writer, Cowgate head

Young Alexander, writer, Brifto ftreet

Young Mifs, Cheffels's court

Young Rev. David, Grafsmarket

Young William, wright, Brifto ftreet

Young John, tailor, Boyd's clofe

Young*William, wright, Scott's clofe

Young William, upholfterer, Bridge ftreet

Young John, teacher of mathem. op. foot Nidd. wynd

Young William, cork cutter, foot Scott's clofe

Young Edward, folicitor at law, Weft Bow foot

Young Mrs, horfe hyrer, Cowgate head

Young James, flefher, Fleftimarkec clofe

Young Mitchell, painter, Trunk clofe

Young Arch, cutler, Netherbow

Young John, fmith, Potterrow

Yorfton Mrs, No. 76, Chapel ftreet

Yule Ben, baker, Bow head

Yule John, baker, head Blackfriars wynd


Zeigler George, writer, head Herriot's work bridge

Zeigler, Alex. Jeweller, Alifon's fquare


A Air Duncan, fhipmafter, on the Shore

Aitken Alexander, tailor, Coalhiil

Aitken Robert, fhoemaker, foot of the Shore

Alexander Peter, fhoemaker, Kirkgate

Alexander Robert, watchmaker, New Key

Alifon Alex. dep. cafh. of the excife, head of the Links

Alifon Alex, fail and ropemaker, in the Links

Allan Thomas, & Co. grocers, New quay

Allan David, officer of excife, oppofite the Pipes

Allan & Stewart, merchants, Green Tree

Allan Robert, fhipmafter, on the Bridge

Angus Thomas, fliipmafter, foot of the Shore

Anderfon John, merchant, Kirkgate

Anderfon & Cundell, fugarhoufe, Kirkgate

Anderfon Alex, treasurer to the Trinity houfe,

Anderfon George, Kirkgate

Anderfon Mrs, corkcutter, Rottenrow

Archibald John, wine merchant, Kirkgate

Armstrong James, wigmaker, Tolbooth wynd


Bain James, baker, Tolbooth wynd

Baxter David, vintner, New quay

Barr Charles, fhipmafter, Tolbooth wynd

Barr Hugh, fhipmafter, North Leith

Barid Andrew, Dubrow

B^Id Mrs, flabler, Quality ftreet

Balfour Major, Yardheads

Blafour James, advocate, at Pilrig, near Leith

Balfour Henry, wine merchant, King's ftreet

Balfour James, wright, Lee's quarter

Barker Thomas, brewer, Yardheads

Barrowman John, baker, Coalhiil

Beadie John, corn merchant, Sheriffbrae

Beatfon Henry, fhipmafter, Que^n ftreet'

Beatfon William, fhipmafter, Queen ftreet

Begbie Mrs, glazier, Tolbooth wynd


( 98 )

"2>egg Wm. furveyor of excife, warenoufe, Kirkgate

Beg job;), wright, Coalhill

Bell John, wright, North Leith

Bell John, ftoneware merchant, Kirkgate

Bell & Itannie, wine merchants, Quality ftreet

Bell, Nicol, copperfmith, Tolbooth wynd

Bennerman Mr, wine merchant, Kirkgate

Black & Thomfon, merchants, Coalhill

Black Archibald, baker, Sheriffbrae

Black Mrs, midwife, Kirkgate

Blackball Alexander, vitner, on the Shore

Blair Captain, Lee's quarter

Blyth John, officer of excife, Yardheads

Bollack Andrew, fhoemaker, Tolbooth wynd

Bofwell David, dancing mailer, Broad wynd

Brodie James,. merchant, Sheriffbrae

Brough William, merchant, Queen ftreet

Brown Edward, fnipmafter, Broad wynd, N. Leith

Brown Robert, ftiipmafler, Coalhill

Brown Miffes, Yardheads

Brown John, ihipmafter, North Leith

Brown John, fmith, St Anthony's ftreet

Brown John, fmith, Kirkgate

Buchan Thomas, weight, Bernard ftreet

Buchanan Charles, ihipmafter, North Leith

Burnet R.obert, roomfetter, Bernard ftreet

Bennet Alexander, wright, Tolbooth wynd


Cairns James, wright, Yardheads

CafTels Andrew, (hipmafter, Bernard ftreet

Chalmers James, wine merchant, Citadel

ChalmerS Beter, fnipm-alter, St Andrew's ftreet

Cheap Hugh, wine merchant, Quality ftreet

Chevne John, furgeon, New quay

Chriftie William, wheele wright, Kirkgate

Cieghovn Rob. & Alexander, baxters, Tolbooth wy.

Coke William, bookfeller, on the Shore

Colquhvin Rev. John, fpringfield, Leith walk

Comb Matthew, fen. brewer, Ki'ksate

Comb Mattlcnv, jun. 'porter brewer, Yardheads

Coulfton John, baiber, Broad wynd

( 90 )

Cochrane Mrs, grocer, on the (hare

Charteris Alexander, fhipmafter, Coalhill

Coverly William, ladies hairdreffer, Pipes

Couper Peter, lhipmafter, North Leith

Couper John, painter, Tolbooth wynd

Cowan Charles, grocer and tea dealer, Tolbooth \v.

Crawford John, fhipmaftcr, North Leith

Crawford John, fmith, North Leith

Crawford William, merchant, foot of the Shore

Crockat Robert, wine cooper, Rottenrcw

Crockat John, i?ater, Pipes

Cumming William, vintner, on the 'Shore

Cundle James & John, brewers, Sheriffbrae

Currie Mrs, vintner, on the Shore

Currie Nicol, lhipmafter, Willie Water's clofe


Darnie James, tailor, North Leith

Denoon I>aniel, ihinmaft.tr, Rotter.row

Donaldfon Samuel, Queen ftreet

Dingwall John, fhipmafter, Queen ftreet

Dickfon Mrs, merchant, on the Shore

Doeg David, landwaiter, on the Shore

Douglas, William, wine merchant, Quality ftreet

Douglas Mrs, Broad wynd

Dow James, barber, foot of St Andrew's ftreet

Dryburgft Robert, (hip builder, Shore

Duncan John, tobacconift, Kirkgate

Duncan Mrs, vintner, on the Shore


Edgar Mifs, mantuamaker on the Shore

Edmonftone William, furgeon, Lee's quarter,

Ewan Mrs, Kirkgate head

Efplin John, fen. tanner, St Anthony's ftreet

Efplin John, jun. lilk dyer, St Anthony's ftreet


Field George, barber, on the Shore

Fordyce James, Queen ftreet

Fyfe Barclay, merchant, Glafs houfe

Fyfe & Ainflie, merchants, Kirkgate

Finlay Robert, vintner, on the Shore

Forrefter William, lhipmafter, New quay

A 2

( 100 )


Gardiner Henry, fpirit dealer, Quality ftreet

Gibb George, ("hip coffeehoufe, on the Shore

Gibb Alexander, tobacconift, Tolbooth wynd

Gibion & Andeifon, furgeons, Broad wynd

Gibfun James, lair, heel, and patonmaker, Kirkgate:

Giles Mrs & Son, brewers, Lee's quarter

Gladstones James, fchoolmafter, North Leith

Gladstones Tho. flour and barley mercht. Coalhill

Gifford Mrs, Kirkgate

Gifford Mifs, threadmaker, Kirkgate

Gvindlay William, merchant, Timberbufh

Gavin William, fhipmafter, North Leith

Gellyer Alexander, fhipmafter, Rottenrow

Glover William, merchant New quay

Gordon James, wine merchant, Kirkgate

Gordon John, landfurveyor, on the Shore

Graham John, wine cooper, Quality ftreet-

Grant Duncan, fhipmafter, Bridge end

Grant John, merchant, Bernard ftreet

Grant James, merchant, Tolbooth wynd.

Gray James, fhipmafter, Rottenrow

Gullen Walter, carpenter, North Leith

Gullen George, fhoemaker, New quay


JIadaway Thomas, brewer, Yardheads

Hadaway John, wine merchant, Yardheads

Haggart William, wine merchant, North Leith*

Haldane James, vintner, Golfhoufe

Hall James, merchant, Kirkgate

Hall John, fhoemaker, Tolbooth wynd

Hamilton James, fhoremalter, on the Shore

.Hamilton William, wright, Liddel's clofe

Hardie George, baker, Kirkgate

Hardie James, fen. coaft waiter, Kirkgate

Harley John, vintner, on the Shore

Harley John, ftockingmaker, St Anthony's ftreet

Hiflop John, vintner, Coalhill

Harper James, candlemaker, Tolbooth wynd

Hay Mrs, merchant, on the Shore

Henderfon Collin, fhipmafter, Coalhill

( »oi )

Henderfon John, edge tool maker, Kirkgate

Henderfon Alexander, lint drefler, Dubrow

Henderfon Alexander, fmith, Tolbooth wynd

Hill Alexander, boat builder, North Leith

Hill Mrs, vintner, foot of the Shore

Hodge James, glazier, Queen flreet

Hogg Thomas, fhipmafter, North Lehh

Home Mrs of Whitefield, foot of Leith walk

Hofie John, tailor, Willie Water's clofe

Hovyden Mr, fadler, Kirkgate

Houfton John, fhipmafter New quay-

Hunter William, fhipmafter, St Andrew's ftreet

Hunter Andrew, & Co. merchants, foot of the Shore

Hutton John, Kirkgate

Innes John, merchant, Liddel's clofe

Ingram John, vintner, on the Shore

Innes William, fhipmafter, St Andrew's ftreet

: j

Jamiefon John, jun. wine merchant, Rottenrow

Jamiefon John, and Co. merchants, Timber bum

Jamiefon & Paton, foap & candlemakers, Sheriff brae

Johnfton David, minifter, North Leith

Johnfton Thomas, barber, on the Shore

Johnfton William, tea & fpirit dealer, Kirkgate head


Kay David, malt merchant, Dubrow

Kay John, fhipmafter, Precious clofe

Kelly George, furgeon, Tolbooth wynd

Kempt Gavin, and Co. St Giles ftreet

Kerr Robert and Co. merchant, on the Shore

Kerr Williami ftoneware merchant, Bernard ftreet

Kerr Beaumont, fhoemaker, Broad wyrid

Kerr William, landwaiter, foot of the 'Shore

Kidd Robert, fhipmafters North Leith

Kirkpatrick Henry, pilot, foot of the Shore

Kerr William, grocer, on the Shore

Kerr William, merchant, at the Pipes

- L

Laidlavv Alexander, meal merchant, CoalhilL

Laidlay and Anderfon, on the Shore


(102 )

Laing William, baxter, Toolbooth \vynd

Landels Alexander, fhipmafter, North Leith

Laurie John, fliipmafter, on the Bridge

Laurie John, land waiter

Laverock Mrs, vintner, on the Shore

Lawfon Thomas, vintner on the Shore

Lawfon James, {truth, Kirkgate

Lee James, tailor, St Andrew's ftreet

Lennox Mrs, vintner, on the Shore

Letham George, barber, Tolbooth wynd

Liddle Evan, gardener, SherifFbrae

Liddle John, fhipmafter, North Leith

Liddle Robert, mipmafter, North Leith

Liddle Adam, fhipmafter, Coalhill

Lindfay Alex. Englifh teacher, and feffion clerk, Pipes

Lindfay James, wine merchant, Quality ftreet

Lindfay George, fhipmaker, North Leith

Lind David, rope maker, head of Tolbooth wynd

Lizars William, fhoemaker, head of Rottenrow

Logan John, minilter, Conftitution hill

Low Andrew, wright, Kirkgate

Lyon Peter, fhoemaker, Broad wynd

Lyon Peter, optician and mathematical inftrument

maker, repairs mariners compafies, quadrants, &c=

on the Shore


M'Albattan John, wright, Dubrow

M'Dowall Walter, landwaiter, St Giles ftreet

M'Donald K. whifky (hop, New quay

M'Glafhan James, grocer, Bernard ftreet

M'Intyre Mrs, grocer, on the Bridge

M'Intyre Peter, ttage of@ce, on the Shore

M'Intyre Patrick, merchant, New quay

M'Kenzie Captain, Citadel

M'Laren Alexander, ftiipmafter, New Quay

M'Laren David, corn merchant, Kirkgate

M'Lean John, merchant, Bernard ftreet

M'Laggan John, merchant, at the Pipes

M'Nabb Daniel, ropemaker, Rottenrow

. .. . M'Phadin druggift,

M 'Target Walter, ropemaker, Kirkgate


( *°3 )

M'Vicar William, vintner on the Shore

Mackie David, fmith, Yardheads

Malloch William, wright, Walk fide

Man Mrs, vintner, on the Shore

Marfhal William, fhipmafter, Bernard dreet

Martin Robert, mafon, Tolhooth wynd

Martin William, coaft waiter, Tolbooth wynd

Martin and Ker, merchants, Bernard ftreet

Mathiefon Mrs, vintner, New quay

Maule William Dr, Back ofthe Kirk

Maving Robert, ftabler, Bernard ftreet

Meldrum John, grocer, Kirkgate

Melville Harry, fchoolmafter, Sheriff brae

Menzies Mrs, vintner, foot of Leith walk

Millar Peter, and Co. corn merchants, SherifFbrae

Millar John, fhoemaker, head of Long-gate fide

Mitchell and Sheriff, merchants, Links

Mitchell James, brewer, Long-gate fide"

Mitchell James, merchant* at the New Kirk

Moffat Mr, druggift) Bernard ftreet

Morrifon and Son, merchants, Bernard ftreet

Morton Hugh, wright, Kirkgate

Muckle George, on the Shore

Mudie Robert, fhipmafter, Kirkgate

Mudie Alexander, fhore dues office, Broad wynd

Mudie Alexander, Bonnington

Muir David, hop merchant, on the Shore

Muir John, writer, Queen ftreet

Muir John, tailor, Kirkgate

Muldrup Thomas, Danifh conful, Timberbufh

Murdoch Thomas, piftol maker, Walk fide

Murray Mrs, ftage office, on the Shore

Munro Daniel, vintner, foot of the Shore

Munro Hugh, Innkeeper, Coalhill


Naefmith Gavin, wright, Rottenrow head

Nairn John, vintner, on the Shore

Neddery James, tailor, Tolbooth wynd

Neilfon Alexander, writer, Tolbooth wynd

Neilfon Mrs, druggift, Tolbooth wynd

Neilfon Walter, merchant, St David's ftreet



( 1^5 )

Ritchie Alexander, fen. fhipmafter, Broad wynd

Robertfon George, fhipmafter, on the Shore

Robert fon David, baker, Tolbooth wynd

Robertfon Duncan, wine merchant, St Andrew's ftr.

Robertfon William, grocer, on the Shore

Robertfon James, tea and fpirit dealer, Broad wynd

Robertfon Thomas, wood niercht. St Andrew's ilr-

Rodger David, grocer, Ccalhill

Rofs and Mathiefon, milliners, on the Shore

Roy John, foapmaker, St Gill's ftreet

Ruflel David, watchmaker, New Quay


Sampfon, John, fkipper, north Leith

Scales Adolphus and Andrew, ropemakers, Link*

Scott John, fhoemaker, Queen ftreet

Scott Rev. Thomas, Kirkgate

Scott William, brewer, Kirkgate

Scott James, watchmaker, on the Shore

Sc^tt Peter, merchant, Rottenrow

Scott James, cabinetmaker, St Andrew's Urcct

ScrJugal John, fhipmafter, Links.

Scarth James, Conftitution hill

Sherriff Gilbert, mipmafter, on the Bridge

Sherriff Robert, wood merchant, Sawmill

Sherriff Alexander, wine merchant, Links

Sherriff Mils, milliner, on the Shore

Shade Thomas, tobacconift, end of the Bridge

Sharp Robert, fhipmafter, Burgefs' clofe

Shortreid Robert, grocer, St Andrew's ftreet

Sibbald William, Quality ftreet

Sibbakl and Co. merchants, Kirkgate

Syme John, fhip-builder, North Leith

Simpfon Miffes, tobacconifts, New quay

Simpfon James, wheel wright, Kirkgate

Sinclair Andrew, corkcutter, Kirkgate

Skene John, meflenger, Kirkgate

Skene Andrew, hairdrefler, Kirkgate

Skirving George, fhipmafter, Queen ftreet

Sligo John, tea and fpirit dealer, Broad wynd

Smellie William and Co. porter fellers, Queen ftreet

Smith William, fhipmafter, Citadel,

( icff )

Smith John, (hipmafter, head of Sherriffbrae

Smith Robert, tailor, Broad wynd

Smith William, (hipmafter, on the Shore

Smith David, fmith, Liddle's clofe

Smith Rob. preparer of Anderfon's pills, Bowie's cl.

Smith Miffes, milliners, Kirkgate

Sommerville Jofeph, fhipmafter, New quay

Sommerville Patrick, lintdrefTer, St Andrew's ftreet

Sommerville A. infpec. for board of truf. Green tree

Sprott James, tanner, Kirkgate

Steele George, fhipmaker, on the Shore

Stevenfon David, fhipmafter, on the Shore

Stevenfon Robert, fhipmafter, Quality ftreet

Stewart Archibald, baker, Liddle's clofe

Stewart John, officer of excife, Kirkgate

Stewart John, baker, Sherriffbrae

Stewart Alexander, grocer, Hermitage

Stodart Thomas, wood merchant, Sawmill,

Strachan William, writer, Pipes

Straiton Mifs, milliner, New quay

Straiton W. off. of excife, welt end of Liddle's cl.

Strong L. of the Shetland packet, on the Bridge

Strong James, fhipmafter, Walk fide


Taylor William, fmith, Dubrow

Taylor James, fmith, Liddle's clofe

Taylor Geo. & Co, ftonewarehoufe, foot of the Shore

Taylor John, cooper, Coalhill

rhomfan Dion, writer, Tolbooth wynd

Thomfon William, (hipmafter, Quality ftreet

I'liomlon John, jun. merchant, Quality ftreet

Thomfon John, blockmaker, Queen ftreet

Thomfon Robert, fhoemaker, on the Shore

Thomfon Mrs, vintner, on the Shore

Thorburn William, fpirit and tea dealer, Kirkgate

Tod & Stodart, wood mer. near the Glafs Houfe

Torop Mrs, merchant, New quay

Turnbull and Co. facking factory, Sherriffbrae

'i'lirnbull James, fhipmafter, Willie Water's clofe

Tulloch Thomas, (hipmafter, North Leith

Tweedie Andrew, baker, Kirkgate

C 107 )


Yeitch, John, grocer, Kirkcrate


Waddel Alexander, tide furveyor, on the Shore

Walker Thomas and Son, merchants, Quality ftreet

Walker Adam, fhoemaker, on the Shore

Wallace John, malt merchant, Cableftom's wynd

Watt William, merchant, Pipe3

Watt Mrs, Broad wynd

Watfon John, merchant, New quay

Waugh Thomas, grocer, on the Shore

Waugh David, flefher, Tolbooth wynd

White Mrs, merchant, Rottenrow

White and Frafer, coopers, Quality ftreet

White Charles, vintner, on the Shore

Willifon John, carpenter, North Leith

Williamfon Robert, vintner, and chair hirer, Shore

Wilton John, mailer of the grammer fchool, Kiikg.

Wilfon Alexander, dealer in fpirits, Coalhill

Wilton William, grocer, Liddle's clofe

Wilfon John, fhipmafter, North Leith

Wiifon John, merchant, North Leith

Wilfon William, at the Ark

Wifhart James, fhipmafter, foot of the Sheriff brae

Wood Robert, fhoemaker, Tolbooth wynd

Wood Chriftopher, merchant, Bernard ftreet

Wood Hugh, merchant, Queen ftreet

Wood George, exciie officer, Tolbooth wynd

Wright James, Imith, St Andiew's ftreet

Wright William, nurferyman, foot of the Walk


Yetts John, North Leith

Young James, fhipmatter, North Leith

Young James, brewer, Yard he d

Young Patrick, fclioolmalter, Broad wynd

( 108 )


The Right Hon. John Grieve, Efq;

front of the Exchange

Lord ProvoiT,

James Torry, Efq; front of Exchange

William GHlefpie, Efq; Luckenbooths


( •• p

Thomas Cleghorn, Efq; Princes ftreet |

m,l,es -

I)avid Willifon, Efq; Craig's clofe J

Arch. M'Dowall, Efq; Dean of Guild, Bridge ftreet

Donald Smith; Efq; Treafurer, front of Exchange

James Hunter- Blair, Efq; Old Provoft, it, oeorge George ltr. fir.

John Carmichael, Efq; Grafsmarket

James Dickfon, Efq; front Exchange

|01d Bailies.

James Gordon, Efq; Grafsmarket

Tohn Spottifwood. Efq; Grafmarket

Tho. Cleghorn, Efq; Old Dean of Guild, Grafsm.

Wm. Thomfon, Efq; Old Treafurer, head Nid. w.

James FyfFe, merch. Luckenbooths ">

James Ayre, brewer, op Back flairs > Merch. C.

TYan. Blair, linen manuf. Luckenb. y

J. Gibfon, furgeon, op. Niddry's wynd 1 ^ q

Wm. Brodie, w right, Brodie's clofe J

William Jamiefon,Conveener of the Trades. Trunkcl.

Ordinary Deacons,

William Ingles, furgeon, Luckenbooths

William Ritchie, furrier, Canonmills

George Mellies, fleiher, Flefhmarket clofe

"William Forrefter, weaver, Campbells clofe Cowgate

Thomas Miller, waulker, head N. back Canongate

Extraordinary Deacons,

George Welfh, Skinners, Creams

Samuel Brown, Hammermen, opp. Guard

Thomas Hill, wrights, Shakefpeare fquare

John Paterfon, tailors, Back of the Guard

George Hardie, baker, head of Befs wynd

M'Duff Hart, cordincrs,opp. Guard

Alexander Fergufon, bonnetmakers,

( m


Lift of the Right Honourable


Robert Dundas of Arnifton, Efq; Lord Prefident,

Adams's fquare

Thomas Miller, of Barfkimming, Efq; Lord Juftice

Clerk, Dean houfe

James Erfkine, of Alva, Efq; Drumfheugh

James Vetch, of Elliock, Efq; St Andrew's fquare

John Camphell of Stonefield, Efq; George's fquare

Francis Garden, of Gardenfton, Efq; Shahefpeare fq.

Robert Bruce, of Kennet, Efq; George's fquare

Sir David Dalrymple, of Hailes, Bart, New ftreet

James Burnet, of Monboddo, Efq; St John's ftreet

David Rofs, of Ankerville, Efq; St Andrew's fquare

Robert M'Q^ueen, of Braxfield, Efq; George's fquare

David Rae, of Efkgrove, Efq; Old Membly clofe

John Swinton, of Swinton, Efq; Brown's fquare

Alex. Murray, of Henderland, Efq; Brown's fquare

Hon. Alex. Gordon, of Rockville, Efq; CaQlehill

Hay Campbell, Efq; Lord Advocate, Brown's fquare,

Robert Dundas, Efq; Solicitor General Pari, fquare


T ou- R r S o t Honourable James Montgomery, Lord

Chief Baron, Queenfberry houfe, Cannongate

Cofmo Gordon, Efq, St Andrew's fquare

Fletcher Norton, Efq; St Andrew's fquare

Sir John Dalrymple, New ftreet

David Stewart Moncrieff, Efq; Horfe wynd

( R> )

LIST of CONSTABLES for 1784.

TAMES M'Nab, merchant, head of Carrubbers

«J clofe, begins north fide of the Wed Port, and up

to the head of Well Bow north fide

David Stevens, trunk maker, Lawnmarket, begins

the weft fide of the Bow head, upthefouth and down

the north fide of the CaiUehill, to Nairn's clofe.

Wiliiam Clerku.n, perfumer, head of Niddry's

wynd, begins the ead fide of Nairn's clofe, and ends

at Gladilone's clofe

William Turnbull, merchant, Fcrrefter's wynd, begins

at Gladdened clofe, and ends at the uppermotl

Baxters clofe.

Charles Robertfon, merchant, Lawnmarket, begins

at the up permed Baxters clofe, and ends at the weft

fide of Byres's clofe.


jofeph'ScofiLj r, hofier, head of the Flcihmarket

clofe, begins at the eali fide of Byers's clofe, and

ends wed fide of Allan's clofe.

John Fail bairn, merchant, Bow head, begins the

eaft fide of Allan's clofe, and ends the weft fide of

Geddes's clofe.

William Phin, merchant, Sandiland's clofe, begins

the eaft fide of Geddes's clofe, and ends the weft fide

of Bull's clofe.

Henry Watfon, merchant, Lawnmarket, begins

the eait fide of Bull's clofe, and ends the wed fide of

Halkerfton's wynd.

Robcrt Kerr, haberdafher, below Bridge ftreet,

begins the eafi fide of Halkerdon's wynd, and ends

the weft fide of fylorifpn's clofe.

Mitchel Young, painter, Trunk clofe, begins the

ead fide of Morifon's c'ofe, and ends the weft of

Chalmer's clofe. :

John Thomfon, flcfher, Flemmarket clofe, begins

the' ead fide of Chalmers's clofe, and ends the weft

fide of Leith wynd.

James Burn, merchant, Netherbow, begins the

wed fide of St Mary's wynd, and up the fouth fide of

the ftreet to Blackfriars wynd.



James Mafon, merchant, Cowgate head, begins at

the Cowgate-port, both fides to Blackfriars wynd,

and eaft fide of the High fchool wynd.

Alexander Hutchifon, merchant, St Ninian's rev,

begins at the weft fide of the High fchool wynd, and

ends eaft fide of Robertfon's clofe.

Andrew Bell, wigmaker, Cowgate, begins at the

head of Blackfriars wynd up to the Tron church, including

Merlin's wynd.

Robert Burns, mafon, Canal ftveef, begins at the

Tron church, and ends eaft fiue of Beli's wynd.

John Crombie, dyer, Cowgate, begins the weft

fide of Bell's wynd, and ends eail fide of iiorthwicks


Heclor Gavin, engraver, Parliament fquare, begins

weft fide of Borthwick's clofe to the Parliament ciofe,

down the Cowgate, north fide, including the Fifltmaiket.

and Kirk-heugh.

Davidfon M'Kain, merchant, Bridge ftreet, begins

the weft fide of the Fiflimarket, including the Parliament

clofe, and fouih'fide of the Luckcnbooths.

John Cleland, watchmaker, Lawnmarket, begins

at Hallie's clofe, eaft fide of the Horfe wynd, t-o the

College and the potterrow port.

David Paterfon, infurance office, Parliamentfquare,

begins at the Council houfe to the eaft fide of '.: : ->bei

ton's wynd, with north fide of the Cowgate, from

the Back-Hairs to Libberton's wynd.

James Howden, watchmaker, Chapel ftrcct, begins

the weft fide of Libberton's wynd, to the bead of the

Weft Bow.

Willinm Lawfon, merchant, Lawnmarket, bfcgina

thee3fl fide of the Weft Bow, to the Cowgate head,

including the clofes from thence to the north fide of

Libberton's wynd.

WilKairi Ranken, tailor, oppofite to the Guard,

begins Potterrow port, down weft fide of the Horfe

wynd, and up fouth fide of the Cowgate to Bear well,

and eaft fide of Candlemakerrow.

John Little, grocer, Lawnmarket, begins weft fide

K 2


( XI2 )

of the Society port, weft fide of Candlemakerrow,

Cowgate head, and weft fouth fide of Grafsmarket to

the port.

Walter Sommervilie, baker, Canongate head, and

Henry Farquharfon, carver, below the Bridge', act

conjudlly and feverally in the Canongate head btfunds.

William Allan, merchant, Queens ftreet, and Alex!

Gray, tailor, Shakefpeare fquare, a& conjunctly and

feverally in the New Town.


William Croofkanks, Befs wynd.

William Fleming, back of Befs wynd

William Williamfon, back of Befs wynd

James Cameron, Bell's wynd

James Steel, Potterrow

Walter Forrefter, Portsfbrugh

Donald M'Kenz'e, Weft Bow

William Begbie, Weft Bow

John Morrifon, Libberton's wynd

JJonald M'Ewan, head of the Covenant clofe

John Dalrymple, Libberton's wynd

Arthur Forbes, foot of Cant's clofe, Cowgate


Of fuch Names as were forgot to be ranged in

their proper order while the work was at prefs.


Aitchifon, Brown, and Co. merchants, Chapel ftreet

Anderfon William, furgeon, Adams's fquare

Anderfon Mrs, midwife, Carrubbers clofe


Balderfton William, writer to the fignet, Hay's ftreet

Barnard Richard, dancing rnafter, Skinner's clofe

Bartleman John, Change keeper, Moffat's clofe

Barrowman William, leather merchant, Weft Port

Bogg Thomas, apothecary, Canongate

( "3 )

Black William, tea and fpirit dealer, Weft Bow

Blackhart Mifo, milliner, near the Tron kirk

Butter William, his Majefty's carpenter, Carrubb d.


Caitchen John, carver and guilder, op. foot Fiftimark.

Claperton James, bookbinder, Luckenbooths

Clark Mrs, tobaccomft, head Bridge ftreet

Cleland Charles, bookbinder, foot Allan's clcfe

Cree John, horfe hyrer, Pleafance

Currie George, E(

( iM )


Lament John, vintner, Leith walk

Law James, tea and fpirit dealer, Canongate

Learchan & Stewart, hardware nierch. Lawnmarket


Maule David, tailor, Nicolfon's flreet

Moir Alexander, Efq; advocate, George's fquare

M'Ewan John, writer, Jack's clofe, Canongate


( *)S )

From ivbtnce When Lo fgdri sfrriv. P.p.

Blackford, M'Fii lane's, ditto Wed Thfifrf.

Bridgehoufe, Arcliibald's' Ciuidlemal: Thurf.Thtirf.

Berwick on Tw.Gilchrilt's Ca'nong. hcadW'ed- Thurf.

North Berwick, K'jipy's, ditto Frid. Satnr.

Bifgar, Fleming's, Grafsmarket Mon. Tiief.

Ditto, Wallace's', ditto Turf. Wed.

Bo-nefs, Crawford's, ditto FridaySatur.

BimerJide, Hoi (borough's, Cowg h Wed. Wtd.

Broughton, Pitta, ditto Tuef. Wed.

Buriuiiand, Duncan's, at the Crofs Tuef. Wed.

Cuirnmuir, Fleming's, Grafsmarktt Wed. Thutf.

Calder, Potter's, ditto Tuef. Satur.

Carnwarth, Allan Campbell's, ditto Ttief. Wed.

Ditto, Campbell's, ditto Wed. Thmf.

Cariifle, Ojjr's, Brifto Wed. Thmf.

Crawfordjohn, Archibald's, Candlemak. Tuef. Wed.

Carron, Knight's, Grafsmarkct Tuef. Wed.

Carftairs, A. & J. Campbell's, ditto Wtd. Thutf.

Clackmannan, Campbell's, ditto Tuef. Thurf.

Coldftream, DryfdaleV, Horfe wvnd Wed. Thurf.

Cr'ail, Campbell's, Kennedy's cl. Thurf. Thurf.

Crieff, Gibfon's, Grafsmarket Wed. Thurf.

Culrofs, Gibfon's, ditto Tuef. Wed.

Cumnock, Wallace's, ditto Tuef. Wed.

Cupar Fife, Smith's, back of .Guard Thurf Friday

Coulter, Archibald's, Candlemak.Tuef Wed.

Covington, Wallace's, Grafsmarket Tuef. Wed.

Cupar Angus, Souter's, Dickfon's clofe Wed. Thurf.

Carluke, M'Far!an:'s, Grafsmark.Mon. Tuef.

Coltaefs, Buchanan's, ditto Wed. Wed.

Dalkeith, CbrifRe's, Horfe wynd Daily Daily

Ditto, Horfborough's,Cowg. h. Ditto Ditto

Down, M'Farlane's, Grafsmark.Wed. Thurf,

Dolphington, Allan Campbell's, ditto FridaySatur.

Douglas, Buchanan's, ditto Tuef. Wed.

Dumblane, Gibfon's, ditto Wed. Thurf.

Dumfermllne, Fleming's, ditto Tuef. Thurf.

Dirklon, Keppy's, Cowgate head Thurf.Satur.

Dunkeld, Reid's,Todd. wynd headTuef. Thurf.

Dunfe, Cameron's, Cowgate headTburf.Friday

From IVLence

Duin fries,






Lord Dumfries,


































( n6 )

Where Lodged. Arrii). DeJ>«

Coulter's, Grafsmarket Satur. Mon.

Horfborough's, Cowg h.Tuef Wed.

Ferguf6n's,headDickf.clTuef. Wed.

Heriot's, Canongate headTuef. Wed.

Duff's, Peebles wynd Wed. Friday

Campbell's Grafsmarket Tuef. Wed.

Wallace's, Cowgate headTuef. Wed.

Horfborough's, ditto Wed. Wed.

Roger's, Peebles w. headWed. Thurf.

M'Farlane's, Grafsmark Thurf. Friday

Hoi {borough's, Cowg. h.Tuef. Tuef.

Knight & Hiflop, Grafsm.Tuef. Wed.

Gibfon's, ditto Mthly Mthly

Allan Campbell's, ditto Tuef. Wed.

Gibfon's & M'Farl. dittfiThurf. Friday

Horfborough's, Cowg. h.Tuef. Wed.

Gilchrift's, Canong. headTuef. Tuef.

Archibald's, Candlemak. Tuef. Wed.

Keppy's, Canongate headWed. Thurf.

Keppy's, ditto FridaySatur.

Keppy's, ditto Thurf Satur.

J. Campbell's, Grafsmar. Thurf. Friday

Menzie's, Candlemakrr. Wed. Thurf.

Archibald's, ditto Wed. Thurf.

Archibald's, ditto Thurf.Friday

Robertfon's, Stevenl. clofeuncert.uncert.

Coulter's, Grafsmarket. Tuef. Wed.

Campbell's, ditto uncert.uncert.

Chriitie&Dryfd.HorfewThurf. Friday

.Horfborough's, Cowg. h. Thurf. Thurf.

Ditto, ditto Tuef. Wed.

Clark's, bead Niddry's w.Wed. Thurf

Buchannn's, GrafsmarketWed. Thurf.

Campbell's, ditto FridaySatur..

Wallace's ditto Wed.' Thurf.

Duncan's, at the Crofs Tuef. Wed.

M'Farlane's, Grafsmark. Wed. Thurf.

Graham's, ditto i FridaySatur.

M'Farlane's, ditto Thurf.Friday

Roger's, Peebles w. headWed, Thurf.

( rn )

From Whence Where Lodged Arr'iv. Dep.

Kilbucho, A. Campbell, Grafsmark. uncert. uncert.

Kirkliflon, Henderfon's. ditto Tuef. Wed.

Kirkcurd, Fleming's, ditto Wed. Thuif.

Kirriemuir, Duff's," Peebles, wynd Wed. Friday



A- & J. Campbell, ditto

Ogg's, Brifto

Wed. Thurf.

Wed. Thuif.

Lauder, Chriftie's, Horfe wynd Wed. Thurf.

Leflie, Fergufon's, head Dickf. clTucf. ThurC

Lefmahagoe, Allan Campbell's. Grafsm. Wed. Thurf.

Leven, Roger's. Peebles w. headWcd. Thurf.

Libberton, M'Farlane's, Grafsmark. Mon. Tuef.



Wallace's, ditto

M'Farlane's, ditto

Tuef. Wed.


Ladykirk, Dryfdale's, Horfe wynd Thuif. Friday

Largo, Fergufon's, head Dickf. c. Wed. Thurf.



J. Campbell's, h. Skin. clWcd. Thurf.

Dryfdale's, Horfe wynd Wed. Thurf.

Melville, Chriflie's, Blackfr. w. h. Tuef. Wed.

MofFat, Coulter's, Grafsmarket Thurf. Friday

Muthill, M'Farlane's, ditto Wed. Thurf.

MachHne, Campbell's, ditto Wed. Thurf.

Newmills, A. Campbell's ditto FiidaySatur.

Newbyth, Heriot's, Canon, head Wed. Thurf.

Newburgh, Fergufon's, head Dickf. clWed. Thurf.

Ormifton, Campbell's, h. Kenn. cl.Tuef. -Satur.

Pathead, M'Dairment, b. of GuardTuef. Thurf.

Peebles, Archibald's, Candlemak. Tuef. Wed.

Pennycuik, Ditto & Menzies, ditto Thuif Frid.

Pveftonpans, Keppy's, Canon;*, heat! Tuef. Thurf.

Perth, Roger, P. w. & Fergie, G.Thurf. Frid.

Pitferran,. Campbell's, Grafsmark. Tuef. Thurf.

Polmuid, Rannie's, Cowgare head Tuef. Wed.

Pittenweem, Duff's., back of Guard Thuif. Frid.

Romana, Ewart's, CandlemakerrowWed. Thurf.

St Andrew's, Roger's, Petble's w. headWed. Thurf.

Sanquhar, Coulter's, Grafsmarket uncert. uncert.

Selkirk, Menzies's, Candlemak. Mon. Tutf.

Shots, Coulter's, Grafsmarket Frid. Tuef.

Salton, Gilehrift's, Canong. headTuef Tuef.

Streven, Campbell's, Grafsrnatket uncert uncert.

Springkell, Wallace's, ditto Frid. Satur.

Skirling, Fleming's, ditto Mon. Tuef.

( "8 )

From Whence, where Lodged Slrriv. Dep.

Stirling, Hor^borough's Cowg. h. Thurf. Friday



J. Campbell's, Grafsm.

Keppy's, Canong. head

Friday Satur.

Thurf Wed.

Stenton, Keppy's, ditto Thurf.Wed.

Weems, Duff's, back of Guard Tuef. Wed.



J. Campbell's, Grafsm.

Keppy's, Canong. head

Mon. Tuef

Wed. Thurf.

Lately Puplijhed by Peter Williamfon,

and fold at his Jhop, Price Two



tranfattions of the Britifn farmer accoun-

tant, adapted to the four feafons of the year,

wherein the Gentlemen farmers have a plan of books

entirely new, and fuitable to their occupation. The

method here laid down is fo rational and obvious,

that it may be praclifed by any one who underftands

the common rules of arithmetic.

By following this plan, the farmer can. with very

little trouble, know the fkuation of his affairs at any

feafon. Together with a plan of a fowing book for

the fpring feafon ; alfo, a calculation for the harveft

feafon, with every other occurence in the farming

way. By John Rosii, Accountant.

At the fame place may be had, price Twopence,

The Aft of Sederunt, anent removings.

The Publifher continues to Print Advertifements,

Shop Bills, &c. upon his new invented Military and

Maritime Printing Prefs. Thofe who chufe to employ

him in the Printing line, may depend upon having

their Work well and foon done, and at moderate


Likewife are Ptiblifned, the Pfalms of David in

meter, by (Tait and Brady,) upon a very fmaJl fcale,

Price Sixpence in Sheets ; and, when bound, may be

tranfported in an ordinary fnuffbex.

Alfo are Publifhed, upon the fame plan, the Pfalms

of David, as they are ufed in the Church of Scotland,

and approved of by the General Affembly.

( '







FROM JUNE 1786, TO JUNE 1788.

Dedicated to the Right Honourable






An Alphabetical List of the Names and Places

of Abode of the Members of the College of Juftice,

public and private Gentlemen, Merchant*,

and other eminent Traders, Mechanics, and all

Peifons in Public Bufinefs :—Where, at one

View, you have a plain Direction,, pointing out

. tke Streets, Wyads, Cloies,. Lanes, and othir

Places of their Refidence, in and about this Metropolis,

and County ot Mid Lothian.

T-o which will be Printed, a Supplement at the

Perm of Whitiunday 1787 ; containing all the

Alterations that will happen for the Year.



And fold at his General Penny-Poft Oftice^,



Price is, (>d,

I ii 3

Lift of the Right Honourable


Robert Dundas of Arnifton, Efq; Lord President,

ThojjasM Uler, of Barfkimming, Efq; Lord Juftice

Clerk, Dean houfi

James Erfkine, of Alv2, Efq; Drurr.fheugh

James Veitch, of Elliock, Efq; St Andrew fquare

John Campbell of Stonefield, Efq; Georges fquare

Francis Garden, of Gardenftoa Efq;

Sir David Dalrymple, cf Hailes, Bart, New fireet

James Burnet, of Mcnboddo Efq; St John ftreet

David Rofe, of Ankerville, Efq; St Andrew iquare

Robert McQueen, of Braxfield, Efq; Georges (qua.

David Rae, cf Eikgrove, Efq; St John ftreet

John Swinton, of Swinton, Efq; Princes ftreet

Alex. Murray, of Henderland, Efq; Brown's fquare

Hon. Alt*. Gordon, of Rockville, Efq; Caftlehill

Nairn Wm. Efq; of Dunfranan, Argyle fquare

Hay CampbeJ, Efq; Lord Advocate, Brown's fqua,

Rob. Dundas, Efq; Solicitor General Pari, fquare


The Right Honourable James Montgtmery, Lord

Chief Baron, QKeenikrry houfe, Canongate

Cofmo Gordon, Efq; St Andrew fqnare

Fletcher Norton, Efq; St Andrew fquare

Sir John Dalrymple, New ftreet

33avid Stewart M^ctkff, Efq.} Horfs wyni





Knight Baronet of Great Britain, and Lord Provoft

of the City of Edinburgh,

James Dickfon, Efq; front of Exchange

James Gordon, Efq; Graftinarket / ...

R Ka,1,JS '

Thomas Siunderfon, Efq; Luckenbooths


George Shaw, Efq; Cakon hill

Wra. Galloway, Efq; Dea» of Guild, Lucicenbooths

James Ayrr, Efq; Treafurer, Cowgate

James Torry, Efq; Old Provoft, front of Exchange

Arch. M'Dowall, Efq; Old Dean of Guild, Bridge At

Donald Smith, Efq; Old Treafurer, front of Exch«


Junes Bar: let, Efq; Parliament fquare

Francis Blair, Efq; Luckenbooths ( c\' Francis Shand, Efq; Luckenbooths

Alexander Walker, Efq;

1 n T

John Gloag, Cwpt. of Orange col. Luckenb-

Thomas Campb.ll, Exchange

George Campbell, Cowga:e

WiU'um famiefor, Rofe ftreet

Thomas Millar, Paul's Work

Ordinary Council Deacons.




T. C

Orlando Hart, Cordiner, Convener, op, the Croft

Thomas Hay, Surgeom, Scrich.Ws clofe

James Hewit, Goldfmith?, Old Port houfe flairs j

Andrew Boo^, Hammermen, Netherbow

Thomas Kennedy, Furriers, Creams

James Thomfon, Weavers, Lciih wyod


L iT 3

Extraordinary Council Deacons.

James Brown, Skinners, near the Council Chamber

William Brodie, Wrights, Brodie's clofe

Robert Dewar, Mafons, Forrefter's wynd

James Richardfon, Tailors, head Borthwick's clofe

Edward Innes, jun. Bakers, head Bridge ftreet

Andrew Wilfon, Flefhers, Fkfhmarkct clofe

Thomas Tibbets, Waulkers, at the Crofs

Andrew Brookes, Bonnetmakcrs, weft end Luckenb,

SwGrd and Mace-bearers.

&«. Mp#|

My Lord and Gentlemen,

The Compiler of this ufeful work thinks himfelf

highly honoured, in having the opportunity of dedicating

this final! tribute of his thanks to you, and to

none elfe could he fo properly addrefs himfelf. At

fame time that he humbly aims at acquitting him-

felf of this duty, he thinks it incumbent on him- to

reprefent to every grateful and fenfible Citizen,,

your affiduity in ornamenting and beautifying this

Metropolis, by planning out and putting iiTto Jtxecution

an eafy communication to its center, which mull

be forever acknowledged by the Inhabitants of this

City, to be a Ncceflary Good, flowing from the projection

of men of integrity and ability, who have

Ipared no pains to fet on foot, and carry through a

work fo efFcntially beneficial to the community at

large ; and that you may live to fee your fucceffors ia

office enabled to finilh the work agreeable to your

plan, is,, and fhallbe the earneft with of,

My Lord and Gentlemen,

Your naoft obedient and moft humble fervant^


Williamson's Directory,



ABercrombyAUx. writer to the fignet Horfewynd

Abercromby James Lieur. Col. Brown's fquare

Abercromby Mifs, Georges fquare

Abercroaaby Alex, advocate, Brown's fquare

Abercromby Alex, tea & fpir. dealer, Weft bow foot

Aberdeen Countefs Dowager, Tiviot row

Aberdeen William, Superv. of Exc. Forrefter's wynd

Aberdour James, late founder Cowgate head

Abernethy Drummond Win, rev. St John's hill

Abcrntehy James, lieutenant col. Brown's fqaure

Aberneihy Mrs grncer, Cowgare head

Aboyne Earl No 2. St Andrew** fqu ire

Adair Thomas, wrter to the figner, Carruber's clofe

Adams Alex, reftor high-fchool, St Patrick ftrect

Adams David, coach hirer, Crighton ftrect

Adams Andrew, tailor, St Ann ftreet

Adams Mrs, grocer foot of Horfewynd

Adams David, Lyon's clofe

Adams Mn, Buccleugh ftreet

Adamfon Stephen, writer, Fifher's clofe

Adamfon John, writer at Mr Laing'a Carruber's d.

Adie Janies, (hoc maker Weft pert

Agnew Mifs, No 8, St David ftreet

Agnew Mifs, at Mrs Kerr's Libherton's wynd

Agnew Lady, Buccleugh-ftrect

Aitinan Gi'-rge, mere!-.. Lucktnbooths

Ainflie Sir Philip, No 38, St Andrew's fquare

Ainflie Alex, writer, foot New Itreet Car.ongate

Ainflie David, meffmger & wrir. CandIemakcr-ro\V

Ainflie John, land furv. Pari, fquare, h. James's court

Ainflie Mrs, foot of New.ftreet, Cannngate

Ainflie Mrs, old Coffee-houfe, Srnkefpeare fqUare

Ainflie William, faddler, No 5. Princes ftreet

Ainflie James, baker, Nicholfon ftreet

Aitchifon and Brown, baker* Chapel. ftrect

Aitchifon John, Fifherrow

Aitchifoft Rob. watchmaker, head Bells,wynd


C * 3

Aitchifon, ftabler, Cowgate head

Auchifon Thomas, porter dealer, Marlin's-wyad

Aitchiion Mifs, grocer, head of the Pleafance

Aitken John, furgeon, High fchool yard

Aitken Mifs, merchant, Luckenbooths

Aitken Arch, wright, Tolbooth-wynd CanoHg.

Aitken George, watchmaker, oppofite the guard

Aitken William, farmer, Greenhill

Aitken Edward, ftabler, Cowgate head

Aitken John, wright, Netherbow

Aitken John, changekeeper, Carruber's clofe

Aitken John, mufick mafter, Milne's fquare

Aitken John, faoemaker, Wrights houfes

Alexander Wm. cabinet mak. and undert. Brifto fir.

Alexander Walter, wright, Calton

Alexander James, keeps boarders, Brifto ftreet

Alexander Mrs. vintner, Forrefter's. wynd

Alexander Aiex. wright, Canongate foot

Allan and Stewart, bankers, Royal Exchange

Allan John, Rev. Hynford's clofe

Allan Alex, and co. merch. Pari. fq. houfe Side hill

Allan William, haberdaiher, Parliament fquare

Allan Alexander, Rev. St John's hill

Allan William, teacher, Luckenbooths

Allan Rigg, accomptant Excife, Charles fireet

Allan David, Limner, Writers court

Allan David, plumber, Nicholfon ftreet

Allan Mrs. and ion, brewers, Herriot's bridge

Allan Charles, fhocmaker, Charles ftreet

Allan David, plumber, Nicholfon ftreet

Allan William, grocer at the Crofs

Allan John, watchmaker, Bridge- ftreet

Allan Andrew, Flrfh. market clofe

Alcorn Samuel, wright, Weft Caufeway.fide

Aldridge A!er. teacher of darcing, Calton-hill

Alifon Alex, extractor, James's ftr. N. fide

Alifon Alex, of Excife, foot Eafter road to Leith

Alifon Mrs. New ftreet Canongate

Alifon Mrs Thomas, Weir's clofe Canongate

Alfton Dr, Weir's clofe, Canongate

AUlon Mtfs, Charles ftreet

Alfton Mrs. Abbey hill

Aires Bafil Major, Caftle

E 3 3

Alves Tho. Dean of Guild clerk, Grafsmarket

Alves Alex, tailor, weft Regifter ftreet

Anderfon Dr. Adams's fquare

Anderfon Francis, writer to the fig. George ftr.

Anderfon John, writer to the fig. George ftreet

Anderfon Jas. wiae merch. No 112, Nicholfonftr.

Anderfon and Saunderfon, merch. Luckenbooths

Anderfon William, Dr. Antigua ftrtet

Anderfon Charles, extractor, Forrefter's-wynd

Anderfon George, tea and fpirit deal, at the Crofs

Anderfon William, habcrdalher, Charlei ftreet

Anderfon Mifs, Charles ftreet

Anderfon Mrs. vintner, Chapel ftreet

Anderfon Peter, mercer, No 11 8, Nicholfon ftreet

Anderfon John, baker, foot Stcver.law's clofe

Anderfon, Liflie, and Co. feed merch. op


, the Crof«

Anderfon David, exam. cult. Broughton

Anderfon John, cork cutter, foot Stevenlaw's clofe

Anderfon Mrs. Cant's clofe

Anderfon Daniel, chimney-piece maker, No 31 Nicbolfon


Anderfon John, brewer, North back of Canongate

Anderfon Thomas, baker, Potterrow

Anderfon Peter, keeps boarders, Chapel ftreeC

Anderfon George, grocer, at the Crofs

Anderfon Mrs. merchant, Luckenbooths

Anderfon James, barber. Leith wynd

Anderfon Robert, merchant, Georges ftreet

Anderfon William, writer, Bill chamber

Anderfon Samuel, merch. George ftreet

Anderfon William, iron monger, Weft bow

Anderfon Mrs. Herriot's bridge

Anderfon Mrs. midwife, Milne's fquare

Anderfon and Co. intelligence cfHce, Milne's fquare

Anderfon Mifs, imntua maker, Cafllehill

Anderfon John, wigtmker, Lawnmarkct

Anderfon John, clerk to the Newc. wag. Grafsm.

Anderfon Mrs. Hop's clofe, Netherbow

Angus John, fmith, Paul's work

Angelo Tremamande, riding mailer, Nicholfon iVeet

Andrew George, writer, Princes ftreet

Andrew John, grocer front James's ccurt

A 2

C 4 1

Annan Ebenezer, fmith, Potterrow

Annan John, bookbinder, Caftlehill

Anftruther John, Efq; advocate, Brown's fquare

Anftruther Lady Betty, New ftreet Canongate

Anftruther Mrs. Tbiftle ftreet

Arburthnot Rob. fee. to the board of truftees, Exch,

Arburthnot Mifs, Fountainbridge

Archibald Jofcph, feedsnan, Chapel ftreet

Archibald James, innkeeper, Wrights houfes

Archibald < Bow head

Archibald Thomas, ftabler, Candlemakerrow

A'cher Andrew, brewer, Abbey

Archer engraver, Caftlehill

Aiklay Junes, cooper, Brifto ftreet

Armour woolen draper, Luckenbooths

Armftrong Edw. Efq; advocate, Old Affembly dole

Armftrong Francis, merchant Luckenbooths

Armftrong William, copperfmith, Weft bow

Armftrong Thomas, Lieutenant, Weft bow

Armftrong William, brafs founder, Grafsmarket

Arnot Hugo, Efq; advocate, Mufe lane New town

Arnot and Giblbn, hofiers, Bridge ftreet

Arnot James, furgeon, Mint clofe

Arnot William, baker, oppofite Canongate church

Arnot James, baker, Weftport

Arnou* Peter, French teacher, Strichen's clofc

Auchenleck Lady, St Andrew ftreet

Auchenl :.ck Mils, Cant's clofe

Aichenleck Joje, fmith, Calton

Auchenleck Mn. Carruber's clofe

A.cht-rlony John, filk dyer, High fchool wynd

Auld Robert, writer, Back ftairs

Auld Mrs. Back-flairs

Ayer Jaarces, brewer, oppofite the Back-ftair$

/\uft«.E J ames, teacher, Potterrow

Auftin George, flater, Warrifton's clofe

A'iftin Mrs. Brown's fquare

Aytoun Mils, Jack's clofe Canongate

Aytoun Mrs. Biihop's land clofe


Baillie William, Efq; advocate, Georges fquare

Baillic Alex, of Dockfour, Georges ftreet

C 5 3

Baillie Mrs. of Rofehill, No 25. Princes ftreet

Baillie James, Stamp-office,

Baillie David, writer, Blackfriar's wynd

Baillie Mrs. Brifto ftreet

Baillie Alex, engraver, Stevenlaw's clofe

Baillie MifTes, North Gray's clpfe

Baillie Matthew, ftabier, Grafsmarket

Baillie Mrs. Hynford's clafe

Baillie Mrs. Grafsmarket, North fide

Baillie Robert, Mafon, Abbey

Bain John, type founder, Cakon

Bain James, Rev. Nicholfon Areet

Bain George, clerk to the barack- office, Bunker's hu'I •

Bain George fpirit dealer, College wynd

Bain Daniel Oyfter houfe, Fi(h market clofe

Bain William, flefher, Canal ftreet

Bain Andrew, tailor, Canal ftreet

Baird of Newbyth, Princes ftreet

Baird James, Dr. Norr; G ay's clnfe

Baird Thomas, wine merchant, Mint clofc

Baird James, of Exchequer, No 24, N.cholfonfqu..

Bard Jimes, can.dlcmaker, Stevenlaw's clofe

Baird Mifs ; mantuamaker, Bow head

Baird Jimes, ihoemakcr, Potterrow

Bird Thomas, writer, below Canong*te church

BaMerftone William, writ. fig. Hay ftreet Nichol. fq, -

Balfour Andrew, Elq; advocate, St John ftreet

Balfour James, writer to the fig. head Scot's clofe

Balfr.ur David, writer to the fig. Hanover ftreet

Baifour John, jun. George's ftreet

Balfour Joan, merchant St Ann ftreet

Balfour J. and Elphingfton, bookfellers at the Crofiv-

Balfour J:imes, acco/nptant, Advocates clofc

Balfour Mis. Windmill ftreet

Balfour Mrs. Canuber's clofe

Balfour Mrs. Byre's clofe

Balfour Mrs. Springfield

Ballmtyne James, wheat merchant, Weft bos?

Ballamyne J >nn, wool merchant, Weft bow

Bdljntyne Alex, copperfmith, Weft bow

Ballantyne Mrs. Society

Ballantyne William, watchmaker, Canongatc head

A 9

t * ]

Ballantyfie Aadrew, accomptant, Caltonhill

Baimain Mrs. Blackfriar's wynd

Baimain James, commif. of Excife Laurifton

Baimain George, baker, Pleafance

Balhary John, grocer, Brifto ftreet

Barclay Anthony, writ. fig. Paterfon's court

Barclay Robertfon James, writ. fig. St John ftreet

Barclay John, Berean Aiiniftsr, Caltonhill

Barclay Mifs, Canuber's dole

Barclay Miis, Brodie's clofe

Barclay William, tailor, Advocates clofe

Barclay Mrs. Old Affembly clofe

Barth William, grocer, Conongate head

Barr Rob. rt, copperfmith, Leith wynd

Barr Mrs, grocer, Cowgatc heacT

B..ny Alex, teacher, Old pofthoufe clofe

Barthie Mrs, Buccleugh ftreet

Bartlet F:edeiick, Capt. op. Milton houfe Canong.-

Bartlet Benjamin, ftorekeeper, Caftle

Bartkt Mrs. midwife, Buil turnpike

Birtieman John, change- keeper, Netherbow

Barrowman Wm. leather merchant, Weft port

Barrowman James, merch. Gabriel's road

Barron Rob. flabler, oppofke raeal market

Barron James, brewer, Potterrow

Barker Robert, portrait painter, Netherbow

Baxt-rr John, G'azier and flater, Niddry's wynd

Baxter Mrs, Milne's fqnare

Baxter J- hr, grocer North St Dav'd ftreet

Baxter James, change keeper, Blackfriar's- wynd

B >y!e John, vintner, Shakefpearc i^uare

Banks Mrs. Rofe court

Bealfon, writer, Crofs.caufeway

Be-tfon Wm. filk weaver, Parliament fquare

Beatfon Mrs. room fetter, Borthwick's clofe

Beatfon Dauid, hofier, head of Chaa.bcrs's clofe

Beath Mrs. fets lodgings, North St David ftreet

Br gbie Wm. hofier front of the Exchange

Begoie George, finith, Weft bow

Bcgbie George, hair dreffrr, op. Canongate well.

Begbie Adam, taylor, Potterrow

Begrie John, grocer, oppofite tolbnoth door

licwgnel Rob. ftonewaxe »crcb, Caaongate bead

t. 7 3

Belfches Sir johr, No 16. Nicholfon fquare

Belfches Mrs. of lnvermay, Thiftle court

Belfches Mrs. Pvoyal Bank clofe

Bell Hugh, brewer, Pleafance

Bell Hamilton, writ. fig. op. Linen-hall, Canong.

Bell Robert, writer to fignet, George's ftreet

Bwll John, bookfeller, Parliament fquare

Bell Mrs. of Dudridge oppofite Linen-hall Canong.

Bell Benjamin, furgeon, Merchant ftreet

Bell Mrs, vintner, Canongate head

Bell Robert, Rev. Laurifton

Bell Daniel, grocer, Potterrow

Bell David, back of Potterrow well

Bell Andrew, engraver, Laurifton

B:ll Al*x. tobbaccoxiift, Canongate head

Bell Adam, wiiter, Fifhcrs-land clofe

Bell Alex merchant, head Gofsford's clofe

Bell William, writer, Calllehill

Bell John, Rectifier, College- wynd

Bell William, tailor, Chapel ftreet

Bell David, bookbinder, Potterrow

Bell Robert, fmith, Abbey hill

Bell Mrs. meicb. head of Libberton's wynd

Bell Mrs. Buchanan's Court

Bell Andrew and Son, Juntas, Canongate head

Bell Miff, Brifto ftreet

Bell Thomas, candlem;iker, head of Pleafance

Bell Andrew, hair drefler, oppofite rncalriiiirkeC

Eennet John, furgeon, Old Affciobly clofe

Bcnnet Robert, tobacconili, Mtrlin'i-wynd

Bennet John, wright, Mud-Ifland

Beonet Mrs. Dyer's clofe Luckenboorhs

Bernard Richard, dancing mailer, Skinner's clofe

Bernard Henderfon, ftearch makers, Drumdryan

Bertram, Gardiner, aad Co. bankers, Exchange

Bertram John, writer, Crofscaufeway

Bertraai Jamts, ironmonger, Grafsnsarket

Bertram William, wine merchan;, Fountainbridgc

Bethure Wm, writ, to fig. No 41, Princes ftreet

Beveridge boarding milt rets St Patrick ftreet

B-veiidge James, writ. No 34. Princes ftreet

fievcrley Alex, uyholft. Bridge ftr. houie Caitcahjll

' [83

Beugo Gaven, painter, Regifter ftreet

Beugo John, engraver, Princes ftreet

Biggars John and Walter, linen manuf. Scienes

Biggar Robert, linen manuf. Borrow-loch

Biggar's lint (hop, Stevenlaw's clofe

Binning William, Efq; Argyle fquare

Binning Mrs. No 15, Nicholfon fquare

Binny George, hat maker, foot of Liberton's wynd

Billingfley Mrs. St Jimes's fquare

Bifliop Thomas, cornmongcr, Fountainbridge

Eifliop James, grazier, Gibbet-toll

Blacklock J«me», Dr. Chapel ftreet

Blacklock John, merchant, op. Milton houfe Canong.

Black John, merchant, Luckenbooths

Black George, Dr. No 247, Nicholfon ftreet

Black John, baker, No 47. Nicholfon ftreet

Black Mrt. eld oyfter houfe, frmtt CheiT;i's buildings

Black Daniel, breeches-maker, Briiio port

Black Mrs. grocer, head Blackfriars wynd

Black William, cyiander glazing, Scot's clofe

Bhw James, Efq; No 7, Quern ftreet

Blackadder Mrs. New Affembly clofe

Blackhall Thomas, writer, Writers Court

Blair Hunter James, Lord Provoft, Georges ftreet

Blair Robert, Efq; advocate, BroAvn fquare

Blair proldfor, Merchifton


Blair Hugh, Rev. Dr Argyle fquare

Blair William, writer to the fig. No 2, Role court

Blair Thomas, writer, Gilford's park

Blair John, merchant, Caftlehill

Blair Mifs, Laurifton

Blair Mrs. of Balterhayock, Trunk clofe

B'air Franci*, merchant, Luckenbooths

Blair Miftes, milliners, Luckenbooths

Blair Mrs. of Dunrod, George ftreet

Blane Andrew, writ. fig. Hanover ftreet

Blantyre Lord, St John's ftreet

Bljth Mil's, mantuarnakcr, Stevenlaw's clofe

Bogle Mrs. Abbey

Boog Thomas, apothecary, Cannongate head

Eoog Mrs. fpirit deal. St Ninian row

Boog James, fhoemaker, foot of Forrefter'i wynd

C 9 3

Boogi Andrew and Alex, cutlers, Netherbow

Boog George, toy (hop, Creams

Bogue John, writer, St James's fquare

Boggie William, accomptant, Fountainbridge

Buekney Mifs, Brifto ftreet

Bonnar Alex, banker, Cantore clofe, Luckenb.

Bonnar Andrew, banker, Cantore clofe, Luckenb.

Bonnar John, painter, & colourman, h. Coven, ci.

Bonnar John, dep folicitor of excife, St Ann ftr.

Bonthron James, George fquare

Borthwick John, Efq; of Crookfton, Laurifton

Borthwuk Archibald Efq; Caftlebarns

Borthwick William, Allan's clofe

Borthwick Alex, merchant, Lawnmarket

Borthwick George, fifhhook maker, Leith wynd

Borthwick Francis, (locking maker, New ftreet Cang.

Bofwell Robert, writ. fig. St Andrew fquare

Bofwell Mifles, of Balckader, No 14, St And. fquare

Bofwell , Hanover ftreet uci.

Bofton Walter, ironmonger, foot of College \vyhd

Bowie Robert, of Crofsford, Brifto ftreet

Bowie Mifles, gold lace manufacturers, Luckenb^

Bowie Mrs, licenfed auctioneer, Fiftier's 1. Landm.

Bowie Mrs, Forreftcr's wynd

Bow Robert and Co haberdafhers, Bridge ftreet

Bowman Robert, goldfmith, Parliament fquare

Bowman Charles, writer, back ftairs

Bowman Richard, wrighr, back ftairs

Bowman Wm, officer of Excife, Watergate

Boyd Robert, folicitor at law, Paterfon's Court

Boyd George, merch. h. of Gosford's cl. Lawnra.

Boyd 1 , exam, of fait duties No 47 Prince ftr*

Boyd Mrs, Hanover ftreet

Boyd Jame?, paint?", Merlin's wynd

Boyd Mr?, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Boyd John, merchant, James's fquire

Boyd Walter, wig- maker, head Blackfriari wynd

Boyd James, Canongate head

Boyle D*vid, ftockingmakcr, Canongate head

Braid Mrs, Brifto ftreet

Braidwood Wm, ironmonger, Grafsm. South fide

Braidwood Frances, wright & undertaker, Luckenb.

Bi-afh James, tailor, Lcith-wynd

Bremncr Robert, writer, Herriot's bridge

Bremner Robert, mufic feller at the Crofs

Bridges David, merch. Luckenb. h. Warrifton's cL

Bridges William, fpirit dealer, Canongate head

Brough John, npholfterer, & undertak. Regifter ftr.

Brougham Henry, Georges ftreet

Brough John, fmith, Grafsmarket

Brough John, faufTagemaker, foot of Thraples clofe

Brotherftous John, uphold, h. New Amenably clofe

Brooks John, baker, Weft port

Brodie, of Lethem, Canongate foot

Brodie William, writer, Queen ftreet

Brodie James, fuxgeon, Lawnmarket

Brodie William, wright, Brodie's clofe

Brodie & Caddie, milliners, Bridge ftreet

Brodie Alexind. baker, head mid fleihmarket clofe,

houfe, Trunk clofe

Brodte'Mrs. No 23, Nicholfon fquare

Brodie Mrs. No 141, Nicholfon ftreet

Brown Mrs. La'urifton

Brown George, commiffioner of Exc. Georges f

t » 3

Brown William, teacher, Old Affembly clofe

Brown Mifs, milliner, Stevenlaw's clefs

Brown Thomas, Crcfs caufeway

Brown Alex, fpirit deal. op. Tiviot row, Brifto dr.

Brown Rob. goldfmith, Pari, fquare. h. Weft bow

Brown Thomas, ftacioner, Parliament fquare

Brown John, dark oppofite antiquarian hall

Brown William, grocer, head Skinner's clofe

Brown Alex, bookfeller, Bridge ftreet

Brown Mrs. of Bifhoptown, Worlds end clofe

Brown Robert, leather raerchan r , Weft pore

Brown Mrs. midwife, Brown's clofe

Brown William, bookbinder, Ay.er'i clofe

Brown John, brufhmaker, Bow head

Brown Thomas, grocer, Brown's fquare

Brown James, cheefemnnger, Bow head

Brown James, baker, Caudlemaker-row

Brown J >hn, wrighc, Founta nbridge

Brown Mrs. Gralsmarket South fide

Brown Mrs. cnttler, Weft port

Brown Nichol, hair dreffrr, Richmond ftrett

Brown James, teacher, Weft bow

Brown George, jfhoemaker, Crightoa ftreet

Brown James, wright, Brifto ftreet

Brown James, baker, Frederick ftreet

Brown William, fmith, Weft caufeway- fide

Brown Mifs, Weft caufeway fide

Brown George, baker, B. ifto ftreet

Brown Robert, wright, Brifto ftreet

Brown John, baker, Abbey hill

Brown James, ftaymaker, C mongate head

Brown John, Limner, eppofite the crofs

Brown MJ"s, mantuamaker, Canongate head

Brown ames, ftaymaker, Leith wynd

Brown J'hn, wright, Leith wynd

Brown Mifs, No 7. Shakefpeare fquare

Brown Wiliam fL flier Fleflunarkct, clofe

Brown Thomas, fldher, Fiefhmaiket clofe

Brough^op fdw. accm>ptint r.f Excife, Fonntainbr.

Bruce Thorn. Efq; of Amor, Nc 14, New ftreet

Bn-c. M , oi Kiuj o No 2 , PriiiCJl ftreet

Bruce Robert, Lfq; advocate, Jaiuci's Coart


C h ]

Bruce John, profeflbr, Nichclfon fquare

Bruce John, Capt. World's end clofe

Bruce Edward, writ. fig. Queen ftreet

Bruce Adam, writer, New Affembly clofe

Bruce Frederick, Capt. head Pieafance

Bruce Jehn, and Co. hardware merch. Bridge fir.

Bruce George, writer, Weft bow

Bruce A'ex. leather merchant, Weft bow

Bruce William, clerk, Exchange

Bruce Robert, writer, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Bruce John, writer, James's Court

Bruce Wm, upholli. and audiiocer, Bull turnpike

Bruce Mifs, Argyle-fquare

Bruce Alex, wright, Morrifon's clofe

Bruce David, fllater, Fowlis clofe

Bruce Wm. tailor, head Chambers's clofe

Bruce Wm. Gofstord's clofe

Bruce James, f«ddler, No 2r, Briflo ftreet

Brutherftons Mrs. fpringfield

Brunton James, writer, Gavenlock's land

Brunton John, merch. Liberton's wynd

Brunton Walter, faddler, head Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Brunton James, glafs grinder, head Chambers's clofe

Braid David, ftabler, Weft bow foot

Bryce Thomas, hardware merchant, Luckcnbooths

Bryfon Thomas, brewer, Caufeway fide

Bryfon Robert, baker, Lawnmarket

Bfyfon Roben, hardware merch. Luckenb.

Brydene Peter, Efq; Princes ftreet

Buchan David Ear), No I St Andrew ftreet

Buchan of Lethem, Kinloch's clofe

liuchan John, writ. fig. North St David ftreet

Buchan Hugh, City-chamberlain, Turk's clofe

Buchan John, writ. fig. James's Court

Buchan Francis, merchant, front of Exchange

Buchan ja es, writ. fig. St Ann ftreet

Buchan W .

writ. fig. Lady Stain's clofe

Buchan Mifs, op. Linenhal!, Canongate

Buchan Mifs, Gabriel's road

Buchm George, wright, foot Highfchool wynd

Buchan John, accomptant, Caltonhill

Buchan John, fhoemaker, Caltoa

E *3 J

Buchanan Mrs. St David ftreet

Buchanan Mrs. G-orge's ftreet

Buchanan John, George's fquare

Buchanan B nj.mir, hardware merch. Potterrow

Buchanan Mil", Society

Buchanan David, barbar, foot of B H's wynd

Buchanan 'ohn, flelher, High.fcii'-ol wynd

B'chanan, fpint dealer, Old Ail mbly clofe

Buchanan David, b.ikei , foot of Bell's wynd

Buchanan Allan, filk-weuver, Neihcrbow

Burnet Alex. Eiq; advocate, No 34, Princes ftreet

„ Burnet Mrs. James's ftreet

Burnet James, fpirit dealer, head James's cuirt

Burnet Jame?, gr< c 1, head Flefhmajket clofe

Burnet Mr^. giocer, C -wgate head

Burnet |ohn, baker, Plcafmce

Burnet Mrs. oppofite Tolbooth, Canongate

B'irn fames, h berdafher, Netherbow

Burn Rober grocer, head Skinner's , clofe

Burns Mrs. St James's fquare

Burn William, Liberton's wynd


Burt Mrs, FurrelK-r's wynd

Burt, fhoemaker, Weir's clofe, Canongate

Burton George, ironmonger, front Exchange

Burton James, hair-dr^lTcr

Bun el William, hair drefler, No I©, Princes ftreet

Barrel Henry, wiight, St. Patrick lire it

Barbae Francis, drawing maft. B ixter's cl. Lawnm

Butter Win, his Majefty's carpenter, Carruber's cl.

ButrrH T. teacher, Kinciu'- land

Bu er John, merchant, Lawn market

B i'ter Peter, fhoeuiaker, foot of B ick flairs

Butler Jamc, flioemaker, Calton

Buiterworth Ldw. writing malt. High fchool, Horfe




Cairncrofs George, writer, Prefulent flairs

Cain crolV |amcs, (later, Stevenl iw's clofe

C.tirnton John, brewer, h ad Ple.*fance

C.vimton R- b:rt, fmitl , Allan's clofe

Cairnton •• , bonnet maker


C 14 1

Cairns Rob. cf the curt, houfe, No 30, Nicholf. fir.

Cairns John, Hay's court, Mam point

Cairns Wm. of Torr, Canfeway fide

Caitchen John, carver and gilder, Kincatd's land

Caldwall Alex, of Exchequer, Don's clofe

Caldwall John, itfiniature painter, Canongate head

Calder Charles, vintner, Covenant clofe

Calde-r Hugh, coachwheel-maker, Pkafance

Calder William, grocer, Weft port

Calder John, merchant, grafsmarket North fide

Calder Thomas, writer, Fountainbridge

Calder Robert, ma lbn, Rofe ftreet

Calder James, baker, Rofe ftreet

Callura George, fboemaker, Brifto ftreet

Galium Mrs, William .ditto ditto

Callander John, clerk of Scffion

Callander Mrs. keeps boarders, Brifto ftreet

Callander George, wright & meafur. Candlem. row

Callander Mifs, of Weftertown, St Andrew's fquare

C.iViander Charles, vintner, Covenant clofe

Callender Mrs. Paterfon's court

Callender James, tailor, Canongate head

Canon Horatius writ, to the fig. Georges ftreet

Cameron Mifs, keeps boarders, Potterrow

Cameron Mrs. Cowgatehead

Cameron Robert, writer, James's court

Cameron John, Whitehart inrr, Grafsmarket

Cameron Allan, meftenger, College wynd

Cameron George, engrav, and copperplate printer,

Todeiick's wynd

Cameron Arch, painter, Canongate head

Cameron Hugh, vintner, Bridge. ftreet

Cameron Alex, (pint dealer, Bridge ftreet

Cameron Mrs, trunk maker, oppofite Fountainwcll

Campbell Genera', Georges fquare

Campbell Lady, Thiftle ftreet

Campbell John, writ, to the fig. James's fquare

Campbell Arch. Elq; advocate, Juncs's fquare

Campbell Lady M^ry, op. Canongate Church

Campbell Robert, Colonel Georges fquare

Campbell of Nieltield, Buccleugh ftreet

Campbell John colonel, Georges fquare

1 iS 3

Campbell Richard, writer, Crighton ftreet

Campbell Wrr.. cf Fairfield, at the Crofs

Campbell Arch, clerk of S^ffion, James's court

Campbell Alexander, brewer, Cowgatc

Campbell Archibald, brewer, Cowgate

Campbell William, of Balmeath, Broughtoa

Campbell William, writ. fig. Georges itreet

Campbell Mur:go, Lfq; No 45 Piinces itreet

Campbell James, writer Shakefpeaie fquare

Campbell John, writer to fign:t, Hay's Hrcet

Campbells John & Alex, mufic matters, Canong. h.

Campbell John, haberdafher, Bridge lirect

Campbell Thomas, m« rch. front of Exchange

Campbell Mrs. Frederick's ftrect

Campbell Mis. of Sad.ie!, St Andrew ftrect

Campbell Mrs. Georges ftrect

Campbdl Mrs. of Bjthwood, Ramfay garden

Campbell Mrs. Milne's fquare

Campbell Ivie, apothecary, Bull turnpike

Campbell Mrs. CalllehiU

Campbell Wm, inuftmaker, Luckenbooths

Campbell J'hn, writing mailer

Campbell Colin, ironmonger, Weft bow foot

Campbell James, flax dreffer, Weft how

Campbell* writer, Gavenlock's land

Campbell Miffes, ol Burhill's No 7. Shakefpeare fq.

Campbell Arc;'), merchant, Caltonhill

Campbell Peter, of the Royal Bank, Caltonhill

Campbeil Mas, of Skirvan,' No 6, N. St David's Mr.

Campbell Mrs. of Balitmore, No 1

1, St Andrew's fq.

Campbell John, grocer, oppofkc St John ftreet

Campbell Mrs. James's fquare

Campbell Wm. grocer, No. 47, Princes ftreet

Campbdl Alex, fpirit deal.r, Bridge ftreet

Campbell Colin, fmith, Foumainbridge

Campbell /.lex. mufic mafter, Charles' ftreet

Campbell John, fpirit dealer, front Milne's fquare

Campbell John, i'tabler, foot Heniot's bridge,

Campbeli James, officer of excife, Watergate

Campbell Robert, copperfmith, Weft bow

Campbrll Alex, fpir. dealer, No 114, Nicholfon ftreet

Caixpixll Samuel, bookbinder, W r

clt bow

B 2


Cants Mlfs, Jolly's clofe, Caftlehill

Carfrae James, woolen draper, front of Exchange,

houfe No 4. James's fquare

Carfrae John, coacamaker, South back of Canong.

Ctrgil Jtmes, writer, Lady Stairs clofe

Cargill J-.mes, late merchant, St Niuian ftreet

Cargill Daniel, cutler, Leith wynd

Carmichael John, foap and cindlernaker, Watergate

Carmicha 1 \ndrew, writer, Fl.ihmarket clofe

Carmicha-.l Jame-, writer, Well canal itreet

Carmichael Mrs. Giorges fquare

Cirmicbael Jmies, writer, Milne'* court

Carmichael John, baker, No 6, St Andrew fquare

Carmichael Mifs, St Andrew's ftreet

Carmichael Mrs. Sommervile's clofe, Canongate

Carmichael Peter, porter-dealer, Halkctfton's wynd

Cannichael Thomas, merchant, front of Exchange

Carmichael James, v.:vh.r f Weff port

Carm chad Daniel, Patton maker, Creams

Carmic.'iael Wm. car.dlemakcr, foot Forrefter's wynd

Carlier John, fuorar houfe, Canongate

Carnegy Lady Mary, Bridge freet

Carnegie Jas. Ljiudiky, hfq; advocate, Pari, fquare

Carnochan Wm. grocer, No 2, St Andrew ftreet

Carrick Wm. haberdalher, head Moffat's clofe -

Curuthers Win. Freno teacher, Niddry's wynd

Carruth-rs John, inipeclor of window lights, Role ftr

Cathcart L .dy, No |j, Princes ftreet

Cithcart Mii\, No 5, "North St David's ftreet

Cathcart -Mrs. Thiltle ftreet

Ca ftiits form, (urgeon, Canongate head

Ca. flairs Miffes, New ftreet

Carftaics Charles fcboolmaft j r, Chalmers's cl^fc

Carltairs Mr.. Gofsford's clofe

Cardonnc! Adam, of the Cuftoms, No 22, Priucesftr

Cai'hnels Mrs. St |ohn ftr.ct

Cathie, Mrs. grocer, head of Kennedy's clofe

Caw Ak-x- bookbiudcr, Warnft \\\ cloie

Caw William, faddltr, back oi Fountain well

Caw John, grocer, Lawum. hi. Lady Stairs clofe

Cave Mrs. CaftlehiU

CaYermil i'homas, faddler, Crighton ftreet

C 17 1

Caverhili Archibald, grocer, Candlemakerrow

Civine Lewis, French teacher. Biihop's land

Cavixe Jofeph, writ, fig N© 98, Chapel ftreet

Cay Rob Hoggen, Elq; advocate, Buccleugh fir.

Cualmer* George, Milne's court

Chalmers Rob. general accompt. of Exc. Adam's fq,

Chalmees Jas, writer, oppofite foot Ndidry's wynd

Chalmers John, writer, No 3, N. St Andrew iquarc

Chalmers John, junior, writer, Weft bow

Chalmers Mrs. bick cf Brown's fquai e

Chalmers Andrew, gr .cer, Candlemaker row

Chalmers Ann, milliner, Candl:mak:r row

Chalmers Mrs. d< r,back flairs

Chalmer.- Mrs. Whiteiron f'mith, h. Libberton's wd.

Chalmers Thomas, fmi'r., Potterrow

Ch tngkr Mrs. Weir's ciofe, Canongate

Churchhill Mrs. Queen ftreet

Chapman, boarding Mrs Adams's fquare

Charteris Samuel, Efq; Exchange

Charteris, Hon. Francis, No 32, St Andrew fqtiare-

Charteiis Charles, fthoolmafter, Chalmers's clufe

Charles James, hofier, Bridge ftreet

Chaterly Mr>, ftonew .re, houfe, Candlemakerrow

Chattos Mils, Brifto ftreet

Cheap William, linen manufa&or Hynford's dofc

Chcync No j, bookfell'r, St Andrew ftreet

C eyne Mrs Gofsford's clofe

Chilholm Robert, changekeeper, General's entry

Chilholm Robert, engraver, near the erofs

Chilholm Mrs. grocer, Cowgate port

Chilholm Wdliam, talor, Potterrow

Cniftie John, of iiaberton, or John's ftreet

Chriftie Captain, St John's ftreet

Chiftie Robert, ihocmaker, Georges ftreet

Chriftie William, bookbinder, back flairs

Chriftie Mrs, ftabler, Horfewynd

Chillai Robert, ftearfh maker, Quarry holes

Clapperton George, writ. op. Magd. chapel Cowg,

Clapperton John, tea and fpuit dealer, Potterrow

Clapp:rton Mrs. Trunk clofe

ClajJc Allan, writ-r to tUc fignet, foot Weft bo?;

Clark John, Efq; advocate, Princes flrcct

t 18 3

Clark James, Efq; advocate, G?orge» fquare

Clark St John, No 37, Princes ftr et

Clark John, of Eldon, Hanover ftrect

Clark T.'.om. and Son, leath r cafemakers, Brifrofrr*

CI rk Dr. IVf- . G orges iquare

Clark Jame*, folicitor at law, foot of Allan's clofe


C »9 j

Cleland Robert, jeweiler, St Ann ftreet

Clep.an James, wright fhoemakers cl^fe, Canong,

Ckugh Mifs; Weft bow

Cl.cvs Jnnn, Rev. Hanover ftreet

Cieeve Rooert,. brewer, Quarryholes

Chdfdale Mn>. Canongate head

Clayron Thomas, plaifterer, Ltith wynd

Cochran Lady M'.ry, Tiiiftl; ftreet

C)chran James writer, Tnutic meet

Cochran James, primer, Craig's c.ofe

Cociiran Mrs. Lcith walk

Cociiran Mrs. of Newton Blackfriars wynd

Cociiran James, jpiric dealer, at the Crols

Cock Charles, brewrr, Drumdiyan

Cock Jonn, fkmner, Bell':, mills

C ckbum rlrcnibald El'q; of Cockpen, Hope park

Cockburn, Dr. Kiltienaked

Cockburn Thomas, writer, Pleafanc*

Ct.ckburn Thomas, writ. fig. Georges fquare.

C-ckburn John, wri er, Georges fquare

Cockburn Mrs. Montcitn's ciofe

Cockburn John, teacher, Advocates clofe

Cockburn i homas, bak i, Caulewayfide

Cockburn James, clerk, linen-hall—houfe there

Cockburn Mrs. New ftreet, Canongate

Cockburn William, baker, 5c Andrew ftreet

Cockburn Mifs, Cngbton ftreet

Cockburn Mih, Gandlemakcrrow

Cockburn \. tinplate worker, oj pofue Bowhead

Coldftream John, writer, CummifLry ofiice

Colflon Lady, Caftlehill

Cr.lftoD John, grocer, Bnrthwick's clofe

C"lquhoun John, Rev. Springfield

Colqnhoun J

imes, of Luis, No 33, St Andrew fq.

C lquhoun Humphry, Jmies's fquare

Coiquhoun George, &, oon, iinen manuf. Back row

Colquiioun Mis. changekeeper, Libcrton'k wynd

Colvd Lord, Nicholfon park

Coivil Mifs, Brodie's buildings, Canongate

Colvil and CarmichaeJ, foap- bailers, Watergate

C Uief James, merchant, head Lmertoa's wynd

Comb Thomas, brewer, Potterrow

20 3

Comb Thomas', dubmaker, Wrights houfcs

Comb Thomas, vintner, Craig's clofe

Comb George, brewer. Livir.giton's yard

(Cooper George, teacher of mufic, James's fquare

Cooper Wqi. and Co. upholft op. Biackfriar's wynd

Cooper James, jeweller, Bridge ftreet, houl'e, Msnteith'i.


Cooper Archibald, grocer, foot Merlin** wyr.d

Cooper William, wrigi.t, Paul's work

Copland Peter, writei, C.dton hill

Corbet Robert, advoclp, Milne's court

Corbet Mils, No 4. Shakefpeare fquare

Corbet Mrs. grocer, Caltonhill

Corbet William, wig maker, Bow bend

Corrie Hugh, writer to the fignet, Hanover ftreet:

Corri and Sutherland, mufic fellers to her Majiftf,

Bridge ftreet

Corri Dominaco, mufic-mafter, Bridge ftreet

Corri John, mufic-mafter, Bridge Greet

Corri Narale, mufic-mafter, Bridge ftreet

Cotteral George, iron founder, L-ith walk

Coulter Wm.hofier, and manufacturer at the Crofs,.

and corner of ibuth St Andrew ftreet

Coulter Mrs. ftabier, Grafsmarket, north fide

C 'tton George, tobbacconift, foot of Crofscaufeway

Cowan William, founder, Niddry't wynd

Cowan Charles, paper .varehoufe, and tea dealer, at

the crofs

Cowan James, candlemaker, Grafsmarket S. fide

Cowe John, Capt. No 40, Princes ftreet

Craig William, advocate, Brown's fquare

C aig Thomas, of Rickerton, No 9, Princes ftreet

Cr.iig Jas. Efq; of Setton hill, No 10, St Andrew fq.

Craig James, architect, foot Weft bow

Criif; J-aites, baker, head of Kinloch's clofe



r 21 ]

Cranflon George, H >n. Abbsy

Cranuon Mifs, Hon. C larles (freer.

Cranfton Thomas, wrier, Merchant ftreet

C aw J hn, Cipt. Saakefpeare i'q .are

Craw Wm. laddler, back of" the Fountain well

Caw Mifs, room-fetter, Briilo ftreet

i C ley J h ii * weaver, Piccirdy

Crawford Sir Hug i, of Reed braes

C-awford Mrs. lodg ng fetter, head Borth wick's cl.

C awford Mi.s, of Aucbenames, No 7. £t And. fq.

Crawford Mifs, St David (freer

Crawford Pc u

er, late merchant, Lturifton

Crawford C'urles, copperfmith, Cinongate head

Crawford Mil's, want Via maker, Leith wjnd

Crawford Mifs, PlraCmce

Crawford William, fmith, C.m.Uemakerrow

Creech Wm bookieller, at the Crofs, hf. Craig'* cl.

C e J >hn, *h >emaker, St Ninian's row

C ichton nlex. coachmaker, Canongare

C ichton Wm. itay and habit maker, St Ninian's fir.

Cnchton Jasftcs, brewer, north back r>t C*nongate

C; ichton Alex, groo & tobac. head Clumbers'* cl.

Crichton Mrs; Gent'e's clofe, C nongate

Crooks Thomas, baker, Grals natket, uorth fide

Cr oks John, mafon, Rofe ftreet

Cruicklhanks Wm. matter of High School, .No 2.

James's fquare

Cniickihanks George, writer, Borrhwick's cl'ife

C uickfhank J ihn, melf.-nger, Milne's fquare

C uicklhanks William, caaJkm.iker, Abbey

Crunbie and Son, filk dyers Hum,-'s clofe

C'umbie Andrew, folicitof at law, Hume's clofe

C ul.n R ben, Efq; advocate, Argyie's fqtiare

Cillen Dr. Mi-

C .IK-n Mrs. No f )t St Andrew fqnare

C imming and Son bankers, Exo&ange

C imming Sir John, Georges fqj.tre

Cummins George, writ, fig. Nc 3^, Princes' ftr«et

Camming J lines, fecretary to tiic Antiquai ia.is, foot

of Biew I) irk clofe

Cu timing W.n. lh »eofi ik r, w*ft end of Luckenb.

Cutnining, oarcting niAi fs, No 65, Ciiapei ftreet

Cuaiming Mifs, cau Crois>cauUway iide

C 32 ]

Camming George, grocer, Brifto ftreet

Cumming Mrs Surgeons iq iare

Camming Mrs. Weft Bow foot

Camming Joiin, meflenger, Gavenlock's land

Cumming Mil", milliner, Luckenbooths

Camming Claries, baker, Graisinarket, fouth fiJe

Camming John, dyer, Wright's clofe

C itiningh mi George, Coionei, Springfield

Cunningham M-.x. writ, ftg. No 4, Princes flreet •

Cunningham Mrs. of Entei kine, Argyle's fquare

Cunningham Jawe*, wri f cr, Fowlis's clofe

Cunningham Alex, writer, Biackfriars wvnd

Cunningham John, writer, i>.o 93, Chapel ftreet

C mningham and M'K nzie, goldiVntths, P»rl. fqu.

Cunningham James, b ker, head Blackfiiar's wynd

Canningnam Mrw-?to 60, Cu.ipei itrtet

Cunningham Alex, coin mc< chant, Fountainbridge

Cunningham Jimes, baker, head ot Covenant clofe

C nningiiam Peter & Wm. goldfmicbs Caftle hill

Cunr.ing.iam, painter, Sticking dole, Weft bow

Cunningham Alex, fhoemaker, Weft port

Cm rie Georce, tfq; advocate, No 4, Rofc court

Currie Mrs. Bnfto ftreet

C irrie Robert, merchant, Burnsfield links

C 11 rie George, F.fq; advocate

Currie James, ropemaker, Leith walk

Currie Mrs. George's fquare

Curries M ft, of Nifbet, Gtorges fquare

C'lfions Miflss, Canongate toot

Cirhbert Robert, tailor, St Mary wynd

Cuthbertfon Wm. faddLr, head New Affcmbly clofe


D Igleifh James, writer, Dunbar's clofe

Dalgleifh J s. late grocer, Marquis of-Twedles cl.

Dalgleiih Mrs. auctioneer, op. the Potterrow well

Dalgleifh Laurence, watchm. head Q\A AiUrnb. cl.

Dalgleifh Mrs. room fetter, Bi ifto ftreet

Dalgl.-dh Robert, Dr. head of the Pleafance

Do*: Mifs, mantuamaker, Dallas's land, Wtft/port

Dallas J s. writ, fig; back of Reid's court Canong.

Dallas Henry, iho.-maker, St Ninian row

Dallas James, writer, Todrick's wynd

E 23 1

Dallas Alex, fiik dyer, Blackfrur's wynd,

Dallas Mil's, maniuamaker, Todrick's wynd A

Dallaway Win. japanner Tolbooth wynJ, Canong.

Dalrnahoy and .Sen, ihoernakers, Cawongate, and

fouth St Andrew iireet

Dalmahoy Adam, glever, Parliament fquare

Dairyrople Lady, Ltven lodge

Ddrymple Lady, Buccleu :h ftreet

Dalrymple Mis. Georges fquare

Dairyrnple Win. merchant, within the Exchange

D lrymple Mil's, mamuamaker, Prefidcnt ftairs

D alrymplc Mrs. No 95, Chapel ftroet

Dalziel Robert, Elq, advr cite, Georges fquare

Dalziel Andrew, Profeifor, College

Dalhoufie Earl, No 34, Si Andrew flreet

Daliing Robert, Excife officer, near Ci ichton's entry,


Darlir.g William, printer, advocates

E *4 3

Denham Mrs. Ramfay court, Canongate

Denham. mifs, mantuamaker, ditto C mongate

Deuchar D feal engraver, at the Oofs

Dewar James, of Vogrie, Horfe wynd

Dewar Robert, glazier, Forrefter's wynd

Dewar Geoige, merchant. Luckenbooths

Dewar Franci.-., fnrgjon, Luckenbooths

Dewar James, merchant, op. the Crofs

Dewar Junes, mafon, Foumainbridge

D war William, druggift, College fireet

Dewar Daniel, muficun, Birnet's clofe^

Dewar Thomas, tob cronift, Cowgat? head

D war James, fpirit dealer, toot of Wilfon's clofe

Delachpelle Anthony, French teacher, Baron

Maul's clofe

Dick William, writ fig. PrefHent ftairj

Dick Robert, ProftflV, Georgs fqoare

Dick Alexander-, ot Excife, head oi Pleafance

Dick Ri-hard, tobacconift, at the Crofs

Dick John, merchant, Grafsmarket, north fide

Dick J >hn, of Excife, Canongate

: D ck John, fhoemaker, Netherbow

Dickie Mrs. Princes ftreet

Dickie Matthew, writer, Milne's court

Dickie Alex, watch maker. Bridge Itreet

Dvkes Jas. tea & fpirit dealer, foot Old Fifhm, clofe

Dickfon James, bnokfeller, front of Exchange, hovtfe

Wardrop's court

Dickfon John, advocate, Merchant ftreet

Dickfon Mrs of Hartree, Murdoch's clofe

Dickfon MAT'S, of Q rberry, Fountain drift

D ckfon Mifles, fet* lodging^ Old Aflenably clofe

Dickion Thomas, mafon, Abbey

Dickfon Mrs. G rges quare

Dickfon and Fair, feed merchants, Skakefpeare fq.

Dickfon James, carver, Rofe ftreet

Dickfon Alex, glazier Fhfhmark' t clofe

Dingwall J >hn, writer, head of Weft bow

Donald John, grocer, foot rf Con's clofe

D T.ald Ms. Canong.te foot

Donald James, apo thecal-jr, oppofite the Guard,

houfe, Anchor clofe

C 25 j

Donaldfon Robert, Georges Cirzrt

Donaldfon Robert, writ- to the fig. Shakefpeare fq.

Donaldfon Al;x. major, No 46, Princes ftreet

Donaldfon Jarses, printer of Advertiler, Caftle hill

Donaldfon Mifs, grocer, weft Regifter ftreet

Donaldfon Thorn, confectioner, StNinian fire:t

Donaldfon John, painter, Horfewynd

Donaldfon Mifs, foot of New ftreet, Canongate

Donaldfon David, wright and glasier, oppofite New

ftreer, Canongate

Domville Henry, fells IriQj linen, op. Cheffch's court

Dundonald Lady, Abbey

Dott Robert, reedmaker, Caftle wynd

Dougall James, barbar, foot of Pleafance

Douglas General, Baron Maul's clofe

Douglas Lady, of Kilhead, Pleafance

Douglas Mrs. of Cavers, Georges fquar*

Dnuglas Mrs, of Tilliquhilly, No 2. St Andrew fir.

Doughs Mrs. Ram fay garden

Douglas Archibald, writer, James's ftreet

Douglas Hardie James, brewer, foot St John ftreet

Douglas Mifs, No 5, Shakefpeare fquare

Douglas George, herald op. fugar houfe, Canongate

Douglas Mrs. oppofite fugar houfe, Canong;\te

Douglas John, Canongate foot

Douglas Mifs, No 97, Chapel ftreet

Douglas Daniel, fpii it dealer, Potterrow

D uglas Al.x. candlem.tker, Potterrow

Douglas John, hatter, head Old AiTe-nbly clofe

D nglas J.ickfon's clofe

Douglas John, hatter, bead Old Afiembly clofe

Douglas Mrs. Chambers's clofe

Douglas Rob. filhing tackle maker, Grafsmarket

Douglas Mifs, milliner, Bridge ftreet

Douglas John, flioemaker, St Nmian row

Douglas, James, lhoemaker, Cowgatc head

Don Lady, Georges square

Doag Dnvid, fpirit dealer, Pleafance

Dnack James, cabinet maker, No f , Nicho'fon ftr.

Dow Peter, hefier, head of Toderick's wynd

Dow John, cork cutter, oppofite College wynd


[ a* ]

Dow Mrs. toy merchant, Bridge ftreet

Dowis Charles, bak:r, head of Pleafance

Dowie John, , vintner, Liberton's wynd

Downie Mils, Caftie Mfl

Downie BaVid, jeweller, Pat !iamer,t fquare

Downie Jas fhoemak.r, No 137, Nichoifon fquare

Drummond jarr.es, Efo: advocate, James's ftiest

Drummond James, of Perth, Georges fquare

Druramond James, writer, Buccleugh ftreet

Drummond Mrs. of Biairdrummond, New ftr. Cang

Drummond Capt. Georges ftreet

Drummond Mrs. Gorges ftreet

Drummond Jame*, writer, Eaft caufeway fide

Drummond Mrs. Eaft caufeway fide

Drummond Gregor, flefher, Flefomarket clo'fe

Drummond Alex. French teaclier, Carruber's clofe

Drummond Mrs. Wardrop's court

Drummond pjter, weaver, Piccardy

Dryfdale Dr. Rev. No 3, Princes ftreet

Dryfdale Win. watchm fcer, Bi\fto ftreet

Dryfdale Wm. watchmaker.; at the Crofs

Dryfdale J6hn, tea and lpirir dealer, Lawnmarket

Dryfdale William, ftab'.er, Cowgate port

Dryfdale William, ftaymaker, Canongate head

Dryburgh James, brewer, north back Cinongate

Dudgeon Ah.x. b jktr, Lawnmarket

Dudgeon Robert', baker, Graftntarket

Dudgeon Alexander, glazier, Potterrow

Duff Lady A. me, Georges fquare

Duff Lauchl in, writer to ti •. figne-r, GsOrgfs fquare

Duff Peter, belt printers prcis maker in Europe,

Crofs caufeway

Duff Ahx. ftabler, foot of Blackfriar's wynd

D ffus Ladv, Somerville's clof-, Canongare

Du -.breck John, White horfe inn, Canongate head

Dunn James, wrighr, Laarifton

Dunn "jamss, b( tel keeper, No 39, St Andrew fqu.

Dunn H",gh, ftabler, Grafsma. ket, fou r h fide

Dunn Robert, charge keeper, < p the Weigh houfe

D ib r Lady, Bridge ftreet

Dunbar Sir Wiiuain, Ramify garden

c 27 n

Dunbar Keith,«dcputc cleik of Selfion, \rci iin's wd.

Dunbar Wra. wiic- to the fig. No 18, Princes llrcsc

Dunbar Mil's Charles ftreet

Dunbar Walter, head of the Plrnf.ince .,

Duncan Al^x. writer to thefignet, Q_ucen ftreet

Duncan Andrew, Dr. Briilo ftreet

Duncan Thoina--, writer, Prefident flairs

Duncan Sunu 1, *rir. truftees office, Aliibn's fqu.

Duncan Mu's, No i£>6, Nicholfbn ilreet

Duncan Mils, mantua maker, and milliner Middleton's


Duncan H,-nry, merc'iar.t, Luckenbcoths

Duncan John, teacher, Libcrton's vvynd

D U can Juries, baker, W.eti pott

Duiican Wm. trust-dealer, head Covenant clofe

Duncan Mifs, mantua maker, Cmongate head

Dur.canfin Miff, No 166, Nicholfon lireet

Dundas Sir Thomas, St Andrew fquare

£)undas Rob. his Majefty's foiicitor, Pivfident ft sirs

DunJas Henry, Right hon. advocate, Georges fqu.

Dundas Mils, ©1 Dunda.-, Georges fquare

Dundas John, wrier, to the fignet, College wynd

Dui das Mrs. Windmill ftrect

D indas Mifs, Tiviot row

Dundas R, b;rt, writ, to fig. No 104, Chapel ftreet

Dundas Mrs. Turks clcfe

Dundas Mifs, CrigKton's ftreet

Dundas Laurence, fif Excife, Cmongate

Dundas Mrs. -Jit James's fqua; «

Dundas Mifs, milliner, Luckenbootns

Dunfmuir John & Geo. in Cu. merchants, Lawntn.r-

Dunfmuir John, teacher, Barlie Fyfe's clofe

Dupafqueir Mrs. vintner, Befs wynd

Durham Cunningham, Cap:, near Milton hf.CanOBg

Durham Mrs. room fetter, College wynd

Darie Cap;. Fountainbridge

Deuchar I /avid, leal cutter, at the Crofs

Durward Jofepb, watchmaker, Canongate head


Eagle Mrs. feed merchant, head Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Eallcr: joiin, foiicitorVt law, Allan's elol'e

C 2

C 28 3

Eafhon John, merchant, Hay's court

Eafton Robert, Founder, Calton hiH

Edgar J.imes, Efq; cotumiffioner, Tiviot row

Edgar Mrs. No 160, Nicholfon ftreet

Eugar John, wrker, Broughton

Ed is James, ihoemaker, Weil port

Edington James, wigmaker, Potterrow

Edmonfton James, Cot Argyle fquare

Edmonton Campbell, Governor, Georges ftreet

Edmontlon Mrs. Cmongate head

Edmonfton Alex, jeweller. Parliament fquare

Edmonfton Tho. keeper Pari, houfe, FoiTeller's wd«

Elder and Co. wine merchants, op. Tron church

Elder Thomas, Efq; No 5, Princes flreet

Elder J. and '•. C woolen drapers, Luckenbooths

Elder Hugh, tailor, Potterrow

Elder John, baker, Rofe ftrert

Elliot Charles, bookfJkr, Parliament fquare, hdnfe,

No 16. Que n ftr

[ 2 9 3

Erfltine Mrs. of Kirktoor, Charles ftreet

Efplin Mrs. leather mei chant, Weft port

Efplin 5c Forbes, paper ftainerf, op. th? guard

Efplin Robert, brewer, Grafsmarkef, f u:h fide

Ewart David, \vri f er in Chancery, St James's fquare

Ewart Thbma', coppcr-f-nith, Leith wynd

Ewars Mi'f--, French workers, Lt.ckciiboclLs

Ew^rt Piter, bakef, Gorges ftreet

E.va:i \leX. teacher ot mathematics, BTnop's land

Ewan Jime^, Port office, Bridge ftrcet

Pwan Ja« rjunior, cleik in poll office, St Jjm?''s fq.

Ewan Alex, fliipraafter, No 5, Shak fpeare fquare

ii-yre James, brewer, cp. back ftairs, Cowgae


Fairbarrn John, wine merchant, No to?, Chapel ftr. •

1 ; .ib irn John, fta'tioaer, dppofite the Weigh houfe

Fail bail a David, merchant, Bow head >

Fairbairn A ".drew, bak'r, Hanover ftreet

Faifb'afrn Jarr.es, fhocmskor, No 96. C lap^l flrec';

Fairbairn Hedlor, fhoernaker, Alifbu's fquare

Fairly Petrr, weaver, Broughton

Falconer George, Fowlis's clofe

Falconer Mrs, near Canongate foot

Falconer Mrs. Milne's fquare

Falconer Mrs. fees r.oms, James's ftreet

Fall Mrs. oppofne linen h..ll

Falls Mifs, No 22 , Nicholfon (l-eet

Fatrholiij eorje, . f G-eenhill, C ichton ftrcet

Fairholm Times, hair drefter, head Bailie Fyfe's cl,

Fairhclm, tyj (Fes, Weft bow

Farmer, A-.drew, porter dealer, Old bank clofc

Farmer Mrs. College wyxd

rquhar James, Efq; No 11, Princes ftreet

F ;

Fatq'jhar Giorge, writer, ShaVefpeare fquare

Firquhar W-n. tea and fpirir dealer, Potterrow

F- rquhar Alex, flabler, C wgatc head

Fa* quharfon, dowager cf Hnughtor.C a :

g's clofe

F.'qnharfon Alex, pccmptar.t, Adams's fquare

Farquharfon Mrs. Cm uber's clofe

Earquharfon Pe"r, crrocer, rp Milton houfe

Farquharion Heavy, earv & gildcr^oelowErid. ftree"

C 3

Fell Thomas, grocer, head Strichan's clofe

Fergus Mrs. Royai bank clofe

Ferrier James, writ, to the fig. Georges ftreet

Ferrier Mrs. No 77, Chapel ftreet

Ferguibn James, Eiq;of Pitfour, advocate, Lnckenb..

Ferguibn Walter, writ. Buchanan's court, Lawnm.

Fergufoa Alex, Efq; advocate of Craidarroch,. No 6,

St David ftreet

Fergufon George, Efq; advocate, No 31, Prin. ftr.

FergufTon Neil,. Efq; advoc. No 35, St Andrew fq,

FergufTon of Raith, No ac, St Andrew ftreec

Fergufibn Akx. writer, Covenant clofe

Firguflbn Adam, Rrofcflbr, Argyle's fquare

Fcrguiron William, James's ftreet^

Fergufibn Hugh, officer of Excife, Weft port

Fergufibn Mrs. Parliament fquare

Fergufibn Mrs. Calton hill

Fergufibn Walter, Candlemaker, Lawnmarket

Ferguflbia Alex, hair dreffer, above Tron church

Fergufibn George, Weft port

Fergufibn James, and Son, copperfraiths, Weft bow

Ferguflon Alex, filk dyer, Fifher's land clofe

FergufTon Archibald, painter, Cowgate port

Fergufibn William, broker, Cowgate port

Fergufibn John, copperfmith, Weft bow

FergufTon Mifs, head James's court

Ftrgufibn Findlay, plaifterer, & grocer, Rofe ftreeS

FergufTon Mis. room- fetter, No 87, Chapel ftreet'

Fergufibn Mrs. room fetter, Wardrop's court

Ferguflon hair drefier, Bridge ftreet

Fettes Wm. merchant, Smith's land, hf. James's fir

Jfcrnie John, baker, Fountainbridge

Feggans James, folicitor at law, Forrefter's wynd

Fitzgerald Mrs. Borthwick's clofe

Finch & Weddalc, confectioners, op. Tron churcla

Findlater Wm. coach-japann r, Cmongate foot

Finlayfon William, writer, Writers court

Finlayfon John,, fpirit dealer, Canongate head

Finlay William, rectifier and dealer in fpiritous

liquors,. Todrick's wynd

Finlay Mrs No 23, Princes ftreet

^iala^Mifs, St David ftreet

C 3' 3

Firday Mrs. of Walyford, Mufe lane

Ftniay Mrs. room-fe-ter, Sr.akefpeare fquare

Finlay Dav. Lair dreiTer, & prrium. front James's c

Finlay J >hn, (lay maker, Bull turnpike

Fiizfymmonds Mr. Rev. Broughton

Fitch Alexander, bookinder, Horfe wynd

Fiiher James, cabinet maker, head of Pleafance

Filher Andrew, grocer, foot of B fk Hairs

Fleming Wm. accompt. Britiih )ins*n office, Grafsm.

Fleming Win. clerk to breweis, N. back CanoDgate

Fleming Jime«, ftabler, Giafsraarket

Fletcher, Lieut. General, Miiton houfe, Canongate

Fjetcher John, baker, Crofscaufeway

Fletcher Mrs. Georges llreet

Fletcher Arch. writ, to the fig. Parliament fquare

Flockhart John, writer, Newington

Fogo James, of Kilciirn, writer, Ahfon's fquare

Fogo Mr*. Milne's court

Forbes Lady, Fountain clofe .

Forbes, Sir Wm. & Co. bankers, Parliament fquare

Forbes William, writer, Calton hill

Forbes Mrs. Gilfard's park

Foibes Duncan, merchant, Riddle'i clofe

Forbes Alex. writ, to the fig. Advocates clofe

Forbes Alex, writer, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Forbei George, writer, Prcfident ftairs

Forbes David, writer, Laurifton

Forbes Mrs. St James's fquare

Forbes Alex- writ, to the fignct, Hanever ftreet

Forbes Mis. No 22, Prince* Itreet

Forbes Mrs Canongate

Forbes Mrs St David ftreet

Forbes Mrs. No 21, St Andrew fquare

Forbes Walter, grocer, Canongate head

Fordyce John, of Ayton, .No 30, St Andrew fqaare

Fordyce Mrs. No 8, St David rtreet

Fofet Samuel, fchoolmafter, below,.C mong. church

Forgie William, fievemaker, Weft bow

Forrcft John, merchant, Old Aifcmbly elofe

Forreft James, writer to the fignet, L.iunfton

Forreft & Brown, iron mongers, head Old (hip clofe

Forrell James, grocer, Graismarket, north fide

21 J

Forreft Wm. t-a & fpuit dealer, Grafsmarket"

Forreft Davit), end of Fotttrrow

Forreft Arch grrcer, op. Linen hah,, Canongat©-

Furrell George, brewer, Pleafancc

Forrefter Robert, b .nkcr, Gcoig s fqusre

Forrefter Peter, and Co at the Crofs


F rrefter & Co. Ruffia ware hcuh ^Exchange.

Forrefter James, i< h c< , a> ar Cowgate head


Eortefter Mrs, : \ 145, >. (on ftreei;

F.rrciUr Georg-, barba ,1 0: Mini dpie

Forrefter Win. lilk gauLe ner, head £ iJ ie Fyle's clofe

Fowler fames, grocer, Richmond ftreet

Fowlis Mifs, Newingron

Fowlis Mifi,. merchant, Luckenbooths

Fowlis James, b..ker, Charles ftreet

Foy J imes, writing matter, Skinner's clofe

F>iy and Niftier, MifT-s, milliners, Skinners clofe

Frafer Alexander! itli r, Liq; advocate Georges fqj

F; ier Andrew, major, G nrges ftreet

Frafer James;,„writ. to the fignet, Merchant ftreet "

Frafer Alex. writer, B w head

Frafer Luke, mailer of High fchopl, Hay llreet 1

F. ah r John, tailor, head Old Affembly. clofe

Frafer J imes, clerk to the mills, Water ofLeith,

Fafer P.ftry Mrs. Stevens's clofe

F. aier Alex, writer, Stev.-nlaw'.s clofe

Frafer John, writer to the f'gner, Milne's court'

F afer Francis, write, James's c urt

F '

1 James, Seer to the Qld Bank, Calton hill

Filler Wm, tailor and habit maker, Mint


t 33 3

Frafer Alex. Excife officer, Canongatc head

Frafer Patrick, Byers's clofe

Frafcr Mrs. oppofue Caaongate church

Frafer Simon, grocer, Bow he.td

Frafer Win. fpirit dealer, C mongare head

Frafer John, merchant, Grafs market

Frafer Alex, grocer, heid Forrefter's wynd

Frafer Win. tinplate worker, and oil merch. No 3,

St Andrew ftreet

Frafer Hugh, limner, F'wliscl fe

Frafer Al:x. vintm-r, Wrights houfes

Frafer James, fh emakt., Kmc'aid's land

Frafer Hugh, barb r, Calton hill

Frafcr Charles, buckram maker, Leitk walk

Frafer Willi.im, Gorges (Ireet

French J»mc:s, High Ichool, Bifto ftreet

French Sim. clerk in poft office, 3c Ann llrect

French Mrs. Cir.t's clofe

*^ : '^8 wri er » > he. iii Herrlot*s br'dje

Frier George, tobacfcinilt, Cowg.te

Fulton Geoige, teacher, JackfonS dale High itreet

Fulton rhomas, fni;h, Potterrow

Fuilertoa W.n. Lfq; No 46, Mich- lfon Ureet

F dlcrton George, Collect >r, Bromrhton hall

F'dierio.i Cl]arlcf,*"brewer, Abbey hill

F'lllerton A'di. fupeivi;Vr, St Inn's it eet

Fveis Thowi. engineer engiavcr, No 2j, Princes ftr.

Fyers Mrs. Cli.nl s ftreet

Fvfe John, banker, Fdhtr's l«nd clofe

Fyfe Mrs. room fetur, Canongate liead

Fyfe Andrew, upper janitor C allege

Fyfe J.imc-, merchant, head Wardrop's court

Fyfe Alex. umbrcllamak:r, Bridge ftreet


Gardner John, Dr. Merchant ftreet

Gardner Ebrnezer, linen manufacturer, at the Crofs^

work houfe, Wei\ port vennel

Gardner Mis. Weft port vennel

Gardner Al-.x. of Exchequer, Founrainbridge

Gardner John, banker, Broughton loan

C 34 J /

Gardner Alex, jeweller, Parliament fqtlare

Gardner John, writer, Caflle hill

G irdner James, apothecaiy, head Wardrop's court

Gardner Alex. kiT. cL-ik Weft kirk, head Wtlt port

Gardner Mr s>. Cakon hdl »

Gardner Ricard, Cullom houfe, Old playhoufe clofe

G irdnei' George, brexer, B >rio\vloch

Gardner Andiew, mufician, Toderick's wynd

Girdaer J hu, Pewterer, Netherbow

Gardner James, hair drelTer, op Fountain well

Gall George, writer, W.irdiop's court

Gill William, ihoem.ker, Well port

1 GUI J.fep , St Patrick lb cet

: G i'.v>ayW'm. meich. Luckenb. hf. Mbntcith'* clofe

G;!loway John, tea & i'pirit dealer, Role ft, set

Gdloway Alex, wheelwright & i.urner, Potterrow

G fcoigne Oarles, E'.q; G'orges i'quare

Garity Mrs. fers robins, A. bey

Gii-tlhoe Mi's, GofsforiPs clofe

Grvey Alex, habit iraker, Chalmers's dole'

G.berals Peter, near the di'petifary

Gavin Williaiii, glazier, front.James's court

Gavin Hector, e..gT4v,r, Parliament fquare

Glvq Mrs. Reel fier -Main point


G-wine Win. glazier, No 66, Chapel ftreet

G'ntle Jmic, writer, head Bailie FyfV's clofe

Gentle James, brewei, Gentle's clofe, Canongate

*Gedde'- John, ch-rk to Ge'neral M'K/y Richm. ftr,

Geddes David, of Jixciie, St Patrick's ftreU

Grddes James, grocer, Cmvgate head

Geddes Mr. Rev. Blackfriar's wynd

GeJdes Mrs. PateriVn's court

Geddes Henry, vintner, Riddle's clofe

G ke J >hn, bafbaf, Potterrow well

Gariocb Ahx. book-keepfr to Sir Wm. Forbes

G'bb Adam, Rev. No I fig, Nic'iolibn rtreet

G bb William, bqokie'ller, Parliament houf;

G bb J-hn, cierk to the play houfe, St Ann ftreet

Gibb Mrs. gmcer, cppolite linen hall

Gib.) And. rilliing ackl: maker, Liberton's wynd

G'bfon Arch, writer £0 the (ignet

Gibfon James, wiiur, Sbafceipeare fqnare

C 35 3

Gibfon Win. j mior, merchant, LuckenbootJ-s

Gibfon Wm. & Co. haberdaiher

C 36 3

Goodwine Dick, {hoemaker, Weft bow

Goldie Mrs. linen office, Canongate

Goldie & Robertfon, ironmongers, at the Croft

Goodwillie John, writer, Luckenbooths

Gordon Sir John, Bart. Thiflle ftreet

Gordon, Baron of Exchequer, No 4, St Andrew fq.

Gordon Lady, Antigua ftreet

Gordon Colon. Rcid's clofe, Canongate

Gordon Charles, writ to the fig. St John ftreet

Gordon Robert, Alifon's fquarc

Gordon Thom. writer to the fignet, merch. ftreet

Gordon John, writ. fig. No 2a, St Andrew fquare

Gordon Hon. Mrs. No 3$, St Andrew fquare

Gordon Wm. bookfeller, Parliament fquare, houfe

Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Gordon Mrs. of Techmuiry, Chalmers's clofe

Gordon Rob. brewer, Herrioi's work bridge

Gordon Mrs. of Carlton, oppofite Milton houfe

Gordon James, brewer, Herriot's bridge

G< rdon Alex, of Campbehon, Willifon's cl. Canon.

G'-rdon William, brewer, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Gordon Mifs. Horfe wyr.d

Gordon David, brewer, foot Old Afiembly clofe

G r rdon Jamer, linen officr, head Bull's ciofe

Gordon Mifs, threed maker, Kinloch's clofe

Gordon JohD, of the bank, Leith walk

Gordon Duke, Povtcrrow

Gordon Mrs. No 13, Nicholfon fquare

Gordon J and W. ot the Cuthbear work foot Leith


Gordon George, tea & fpirit dealer, Crofscaufeway

Gordon Mrs. of Loggie, Covenant clofe

Gordon Mrs, Kinloch's cl. fe

Gordon Ann, milliner, Weft bow

Gordon David, wrig^t opp< fite Fountainwcll

Gordon Mrs. Lewis, Canal ftreet

Gordon , unknown work, Abbey hill

Gordon Mrs. Janes'* ftreet

Gordon Mr v No 8^ Princes ftreet

Gordon Mrs. from Bofton, No jo, Princes ftreet

Gordon Mrs- room fetter, lack's cl< fe, Canongate

Gordon David, grocer, Hanover ftr«ct

I Graham


C 37 3

Gordon Mrs. of Etton, fouth St David ftreet

Gordon John, vintner, Borthwick's clofe

Gordon and Handyfide, grocers, Candlemaker row

Govan Wru. tea and fpirit dealer, foot Peebles-wynd

Gourlay Rob. habard.at the crofs, houf Allan's clofe

Gourlay John, baker, Pleafance

Gowans Mrs. St John ftreet

Gowans Marble cutter, Abbey hill

Gowan Wra. ftabler, Canongate head

Gowan Wm. grocer, foot of Steveniaw's clofe

Gow John, turner, Weft bow

Gow William, mufician, Burnet's clofe

Gow Nathanael, mufician, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Graham John, writ, to the fignet, Nicholfon fquare

Graham James, meffcnger, N.'therbow

Graham Andrew, from Hudfon's Bay, Leith walk

Graham Mifs, Parliament fquare

Graham George, writer Kincaid's land

Graham Mr#, No 148, Nicholfon flrect

Graham, boarding miftrefs, Potterrow

Graham Mils, Fither's clofe, Lawnmarket

Graham Hugh, teacher, head Bcfs wynd

Graham Mifs, Merlin's wynd

Mrs. fcts rooms, Carruber's clofe

Grant Sir Arch, of Monymufk, Horle wynd

Grant Gregory, Dr. James's court

Grant of Coremony, Efq; advocate, Stjames's ftreet

Grant Ifaac writ- to the fig. Brown's iquare

Grant Colquhoun, writ. fig. Gavinloch's land

Grant LudoTic, accomptant, Horfe wynd

Grant Seton, Grange houfe

Grant Ludovic, writ. No c, N. St David ftreet

Grant Mrs. Hanover ftreet

Grant Mrs. of Prefton Grange, St John ftreet

Grant Alex, tailor & habit maker, Mint court

Grant Alex, junior, writer, merchant ftreet

Grant Alex, writer, Morocco's clofe, Lawnmarket

Grant Allan, mefTenger, Wardrop's court

Grant Mrs. James's court

Grant John, trultees office, Hammerman's clofe

Grant Alexander, Blackfriar's wynd

Grant Alex, fenior, merchant, Blackfriar's wynd


C 38 3

Grant James, Lochend's clofe, Canongate

Grant William, fhoemaker, Caftle hill

Grant Alex, tenius, writer, Allan's clofe

Grant John, of truftees office, Hamerm. cl. Cowg.

Grant Mrs. Georges fquare

Grant Tho. fifhing-rod maker, Canongate head

Grant Lewis, merch. head Writ, court & Sellers cl.

Grant Wra. tailor, Parliament fquare

Grant John, tailor, PotterroW

Grant Mifs, Weft bow

Grant Mrs. fets rooms, meal market

Grant Mifs, mantuamaker, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Grant Mrs. regiiter-office, Netherbow

Gray J.imes, writer, merchant ftreet

Gray Alex, tailor to the Prince of Wales, No 8,

St Andrew ftreet

Gray Robert, folicitor at law, Cleland's yards

Gray Mrs. Alifon's fquare

Gray John, writer to the fignet, Gofsfijrd's clofe

Gray Mifs, and Co. merchants, Luckcnbooths

Gray William, wright, St James's fquare

Gray George, (table r, oppofite the Corn market

Gray James, writer, Flefhmarket clofe

Gray John, tea and fpirit dealer, head naid flefii-

. market clcfe, houfe Milne's fquare

Gray fohn, ironmonger, Grafsmarket fouth fide

Gray George, druggift, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Gray Mifs, No 5, St David ftreet

Gray John, baker, Grafsmarket

Gray David, grocer, Grafsmarket

Gray George, coy merchant, head Anchor clofe

Gray James, watchmaker, at Tolbooth door

Gray Matthew, baker, front Cheffels's buildings

Gray , wrighr, Cowgate head

Gray William, flabler, Grafsmarket, north fide

Cray Andrew, changekeeper, Grafsmarket, ditto

Grafiick Dondald, writ, at Mr Clark's folicit. at law

Grindiay George, leather merchant, Weft bow

Green William, hair dreffer, St David ftreet

Greenhill John, mafon, Rofe ftreei

Greenfield William, Rev. Brifto port

Greenfield James, fpirit dealer, head St John ftreet

t 39 3

Greenfield Alex, wright, Scot's clofe

Greenlies Robert, officer of Excife Pleafance

Gregory James, Dr. St John ftreet

Gregory John, rhoemaker, Calton

Greig Jas. writ. Che/Tels buildings, Canongate

Greig Alex, flefher, Bridge ftreet

Greig David, baker, St David ftreet

Greig John, writer, Gofsford's clofe

Greig Robert, grocer, Georges ftreet

Greig John, writer, St Patrick ftreet

Greig John, merchant, Lawnmarket fouth fide

Greig Mrs. No 37, St Andrew fquare

Greig Wm- brewer, north back of Canongate

Greig John, teacher, Richmond ftreet

Greig Mrs. meal market flairs

Greig David, grocer, foot of College wynd

Greig William, flocking maker, Caftle hill

Greig Thomas, baker, Abbey

Grieve John, merch. and late Lord ProYoft, Exch„

houfe Strichan's clofe

Grieve Henry, Dr. St John ftreet

Grieve Mrs. room-fetter, No 3, Shakefpeare fquare

Grieve Alex, bookbinder, Preftdent flairs

Grieve John, grocer, oppofite meal market

Grub Tho. hair dreffer, head Baranger's clofe

Guthrie Harry, writer, Argylc fquare

Guthrie Harry, junior, writer, Argylc fquare

Guthrie Alex, writer, Richmond ftreet

Guthrie John, bookbinder, op. Fountainweli

Gun Daniel, grocer, foot Caftle wynd

Gullen Robert, gardiner, Broughton

Gullen James, baker, No 2,N. St David ftreet

Gullen Mrs. No 7, St David ftreet

Gufthart Mrs. Morrifon's clofe


Haddow Robert, Richmond ftreet

Haddington Earl, Willifon's court, Canongate

HaigJ.imes, merchant, Exchange

Haig diftillers, Lochrind

Haig James, and Co. diftillers, Canonmills

Haig George, grocer, near Milton houfe, Canong.

V 2

C 40 ]

T^aig Mifs, raantuaker, Blackfriar's wynd

H a |g Mrs. Milne's fquare

H a ggart John, turner, foot Bell's wynd

Haideo Mifs, Leith wynd

Halden John writer, Calton hill

Hallion John, vintner, No 2, Shakefpeare fquare

Hall Wm. rectifier & compounder, Lawnmarket

Hall Mifs, of Danglafs, Georges fquare

Hall James, vintner, Parliament fquare

H.ll John, weaver, Shoemakers clofe, Canong.

Hail John, hair drefler, head Covenant clofe

H ilket Colon. Hunter's park

H lket Mrs No 15, Princes ftreet

Hiliburton Wiliiam, Efq; Antigua ftreet

Haliburton John, Efq; No 42, Princes ftreet

Hiliburton John, wrirer, Campbell's clofe

Hiliburton And. writ, to the fig. Brifto port

Ha nilton Alex. Efq; advocate, James's court

Hamilton Alex. Dr. Caftle hill

H .nilton James, wright, Tolbooth wynd, Canong.

H nilton Cipt. of Broomhill, N© 3, James's court

H nilton And. writ to the fig. Brifto ftreet

Hamilton Mrs. of Brlhaven, Biftiop's land

Hamilton Mrs. of Wifhaw, Brown's fquare

Hamilton Mrs, of Fairhohn, Society

Himilton Andrew, of Excifc, Buccleugh ftreet

HtmiLon Mrs. milliner, Milne's fquare

Hi.nilton Mrs. Spitlehaugh, Brifto ftreet

Himilton Ms. New ftreet, Cinongate

Him Iton John, Leith walk

Himilton Mrs. Argyle fquare

Hunilton Wra. grocer, end of Corn market

Hamilton Mrs. Forrefter's wynd

Himilton Jas. tailor, No 53, Nicholfon ftreet

Hamilton Ptter, baker, head Pleafance

Himilton Mrs. Crichton ftreec

Hamilton Mrs. Brifto ftreet

Himilton Mrs. Fountainbridge

Himilton John, grocer, Cowgate head

Hamilton Mrs. midwife, Old Aflembly clofe

Himilton , brewer, Water of Leith

I 41 ]

Hamilton Mrs. Murdoch's clofe

Hamilton James, grocer, op. foot Liberton's wynd

Hamilton Mrs. changekeeper, Wardrop's court

Hamilton George, tailor, Bull turpike

Hamilton Mrs. candlemaker, Weft port

Hamilton John, infpeclor of Chimneys, Weft port

Handy Tide David, baker, No 154, Nicholfon ftreet

Hardie James, writer, Semple's cl. Caftlehili

Hardie Georg?, baker, head Bridge ftreet

Hardie John, brewer, Abbey

Hirdie Thomas, fieiher, Chapel ftreet

Hardie Peter, brewer, Weft port

Hirdie George, baker, head Liberton's wynd

Hirdie Andrew, baker, B igion hole

Hirdie Mifs, mantuamaker, Worlds end clofe

Hirdie Henry, baker, Luckenbooths

Hirdie Ralph, baker, foot of Back ftairs

Hardie John, white iron fmith, Weft bow

Hirper James, mafon, meal market ftairs

Hart Orlando & Son, ilioemakers, op old guard

Hirt Thomas, furgeon, Brifto ftreet

Hart Mifs, milliner, Milne's fquare

H;*rlay William, flocking maker, Back row

Harrifon Duncan, general fupervifor of Excife, Cane

ongate foot

Hirris Thomas, grocer, head Toderiek's wynd

H ir John, barber, Liberton's wynd

Harvey John, writer, Gofsford's clofe

Harvey Thomas, ftonewarehoufe, Weft bow

Harvey Mrs. Gofsford's clofe

H Alex, of Mornington, St Patrick ftreet

Hay Charles, Efq; advocate, Georges ftreet

Hay Macdowall Lady, Georges fquare

Hiy James, writ, fig- Nicholfon houfe

Hiy Win. writ, to the fig. Worlds end clofe

Hay James, junior, writ. fig. north St David ftreet

Hiy Mrs. Worlds end clofe

Hiy Mifs, 8c Co. grocers, Grafsmarket

Hay Thomas, Dr. Strichan's clofe

Hay James, Dr. Pbyfician, New ftreet

Hay Joan, accomptant, Strichan's clofe

F(ay Robert, au&ioncer, AdvocaUs dofs

P 3

[ 4* D

Hay of PItfour, Campbell's clofe, Canongate

Hay James, ftabkr, Grafsmarket north fide

Hiy Mrs. St Joha ft reel

Hay John, banker, Georges ftreet

Hay Mrs. of Ytfter, N© 12, St Andrew fquare

Hay Lewis, banker, No 18, Princes ftreet

Hay Mrs cf Lawfield, Georges fquare

Hay Mrs. Mufe lane

Hay Mrs_ of Monthlainy, Haddington's cl. Canong.

Hay Mrs. of Sigoiden, £3t John ftreet

Play Mrs. St James't fquare

Hay David, poffc office, No 7, Shakefpeare fquare

H jy John, coach hirer, foot of Pieafance

Hay Mifs, Forre iter's wynd

Hay Mrs, Bell's wynd

Hawthorn, Vance, writ, fig. Georges ftreet

Hawthorn Roberc, Forrefter's wynd

Hatton, Robert, grocer, op. meal market

Hatton Cochran, grocer, Petterrow

Heath Thomas, clerk, fleih market clofe

Henderfon Lady, Georges fquare

Henderfon Matthew, Efqj Carruber's clofe

Henderfon Mifs, Caiton hill

Henderfon Thorn. Rufiia warehoufe, Exchange

HeDderfon William, writer, Campbell's clofe

Henderfon Alex. Smith's land, high ftreet

Henderfon Wm. meffeuger, Campbell's cl. Cowgate

Henderfon Mifs, milliners, Bridge ftreet

HenderfonMiffcs, High fchool yards

Henderfon John, rcedmaker, Piccardy.

Henderfon David, architect, Niddry's wynd

Henderfon Colon. John, Hanover ftreet

Henderfon Thomas, ironmonger, Weft bow

Henderfon Peter, laft maker, Calton

Henderfon John, grocer, Candlemaker row

Henderfon Wm. brewer, Watergate

H nderfon John, barley mei ch. Grafsmarket

Henderfon Michael, ftabler, Grafsmarket north fide

Henderfon Mifs, room fetter, Advocates clofe

H ctor Mifs, mantuamaker, Bycrs's cloie

Henry Mrs, Goofe dub

Henry Miffcs, St James's fquare

£ 43 J

Henry John, excife officer, Grafsmarket

Henry Robert, Rev. Merchant ftreet

Henry Alex, grocer, head Kinloch's clofe

Hepburn James, Efq; Brodies buildings, Cansng.

Hepburn Buchan, Efq; advocate, Georges ftreet

Hepburn John, writer to the fig. James's court

Hepburn Mrs. Thomas, Pieafance

Hepburn Mrs. midwife, Canongate head

Hepburn Mifs, oppofite Milton houfe

Hepburn Mifs, Milne's court

Hepburn Mrs. Paterfon's court

Hepburn Mifs, milliner, head Writers court

Harriot Mrs. Allan's ciofe

Herriot Thomas, merchant, uppermoft cloth (hop,

Lawnmarkct, fouih fide

Herriot Mrs. candlemaker, head Old AfTcmb. clofc

Herriot Thomas, wright, Allan's clofe

Herriot Robert, feed merchant, bridge ftreet

Herriot Mrs. gunfmith, Netherbow

Hewit James, goldfmith, eaft end Luckenbootbs,

houfe Old poft office ftairs

Howifon Arch, carver & gilder, Cowgate head '

Hill Laurence, writ. fig. No 32, Princes ftreet

Hill Thomas, wright, tit James's fquare

Hill Peter, bookfeiler, No 16©, Nicholfon .ftreet

Hill Mifs, milliner, oppofite Linen hall

Hill George, fifhmonger, Stevenlaw's clofe

Hill Thomas, vintner, Prefident ftairs

Hflop Alex, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Hindftiaw, teacher, Barrowmnir head

Hodges John, engraver, back of Fountain well

Hodge William, wright, Brifto port

Hodge Robert, wright, head Paterfon's court

Hodge Anthony, baker, Gowgate head

Hodges David, horfe hirer, Pleafance

Hogg Walter, Britifh linen office Canongate

Hogg Mrs. Merchant ftreet

Hogg Mifs, Candlemaker row

Hogg Mrs. fets lodgings, St James's fquare

Hogg Mrs. Allifon's fquare

Hogg Mrs. midwife, Anchor clofe

H"gg Robert, fabler, Brifto ftreet

Home Rigg James, Efq; of Morton, Gofsford's do£

L 44 j

Home Francis, Dr. Fowlis's clofe

Home Lady, Canongate

Home David, Efq; advotate, James's court

Home Sir George, No 51, Princes ftreet

Home John of Kilduff, Georges ftreet

Home George, cierk of fefllon, Air bank clofe

Home & Cleghorn, coach makers, Princes ftreet

Home Henry, writ, to the fig. St John's clofe

Home George, baker, at the Tron church

Home Mrs. of Whitfield, foot Leith walk

Ho.ue John, of Nin-wdls, No 4, St David ftreet

Home Mrs. of Coldingham, foot of Leith walk

Home Mrs. Mufe lane

Home Arcfi. Poft office, Shakefpeare fquare

Home Mrs. Georges fireet

Home Edward, brewer, Abbey hill

Home Mrs Bridge ftreet

Home Wrn. grocer, op. Criehton's entry, Canong.

Hope John, Dr highfehool wynd

Hope Olle&or, Green hill

Hope Weir, of Craigyhall, Park placs

Hope Charles, hon. No 31, St Andrew fquare

H pe Mils, No 6, St Aadrew fquare

Hope Captain, Siennes

Hope Mrs. of Hope park

H pe Mifs, Windmill ftreet

Hope Mil's, Old bank clofe

Hope Mifs, Netherbow

Hope Arch. fecr. Royal Bank, No 21, St And. iqa„

Hope James, farmer, Gibbet toll

Hopeton Countefs, dowager, No 29, St And. fqiu

Honeyman Wm. Efq; advocate, Park place

Horn James, writ, to the fignet, Luckcnbooths

Horn Andrew, writer, Calton hill

Horn John, wright, Caltonhill

Horn Jofeph, baker, Pleafance

H rfbnrgh Mrs. No 256, Nicholfon fquare

Hnrfburgh Alex, ftabler, Cowgate head

Horfburgh Richard, mufical inftrument maker, Rob*

ertfon's clofe

Horfburghs milliners, Morrifon's clofe

Horferaan Robert, excite officer, Barrowmoir head-


I 45 1

Hochkis James, brewer, Grafsmarket

Howden James, watchmaker, Parliament fqtiare

Howden John, ftabler, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Howden Francis, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Howden Charles, flocking maker,foot Old AfTem. el

Howie John, merchant, Netherbow

Howet John, fhoemaker, Potterrow

Howifon Arch, carver and gilder, Cowgate head

Howifo* Win. writer, Milne's fquare

Howifon Nicol, fhoemaker, St Ninian row

How John, grocer, foot Liberton's wynd

Houfton John, General, Gofsford's dofe

Houfton Mifs, Nicholfon ftreet

Houfton James, tailor, op. meal market

Hunter Walter, of Polmood, St Andrew fquare

Hunter James, hardware merchantjParliamenthoufcf

ho ufe head Brodies clofe

Hunter John, writ, to the fig. No 4, Qjieen ftreet

Hunter Rob. of Thurfton, No 6, Princes: ftreec

Hunter James, Dr. Georges ftreet

Hunter John, brewer, north back Canongate

Hunter Robert, writer, St James's fquare

Hunter James, (later, Leith wynd*

Hunter Mrs of Newton, Chapel ftreet

Hanter Arch, cabinet maker, Brifto port

Hunter Wm Pewterer, Weft bow foot

Hunter Wed. It Thorn, merchants, Cowgate head

Hunter Andrew Rev. St Andrew fquare

Hunter Thomas, tailor, Leith wynd

Hanter Thomas, tailor, Canongate head

Hunter James, baker, Weft bow

Hunter Thomas, gunfmich,Canongate head

Hunter Thomas, grocer, Grafsmarket, . .,

Hunter William, fhoemaker, Potterrow

Funter Andrew, fhoemaker, C.alton

Hanter Richard, turner, Campbell's clofe

Hnfband, Elder, & Co. confect. op. Tron church

Hufband Thomas, Lyon herald, Canongate head •

Hutchifon Alex. & Thorn, merchants Luckenbooths

Hutchifon John, merchant, Luckenbooths

Hutchifon Mifs, milliner, head Bridge ftreet

Hatchifon David, writ, Plainftone cl. Canongate

C 46 3

Hutchifon Wm. druggift, Candlemaker row

Hutchifon Andrew, fleftier, Canal ftreet

Hutchifon Mrs. No 3, Princes ftreet

Hutchifon Andrew, ihoemaker, Cinongate head

Hutchifon Mifs, grocer, Cowgate head

Hutchifon Thorn, baker, head Bull turnpike

Hutchifon John, leather deal. & groc. Rofc ftreet

Hutchifon Mrs. Hcrriot's work bridge

Hutchifon Mrs. Forrefter's wynd

Hutton Mfs, haberdafher & milliner, front Exch.

Hucton John, ftationer & paper maker, Pari, fquare

Hutton James, Dr. St John's hill

Hutton Mrs. St Ann ftreet

Huntington Lady, Carruber's clofe

Humble Wm. faddler, No 2, Princes ftreet

Hynford tail of, St John ftreet


Inglis Sir John, Georges ftreet

Inglis & Horner in Co. filk mercers, and linen drap>

ers, entry to Parliament fquare

Inglis Wm furgeon, Luckenbooths

Inglis John, Capt. Royal navy, Georges fquare

Inglis John Opt. of Redhall,No 258, Nicholfon ftr.

Inglis .Laurence, writer, Merchant ftreet

Inglis James, haberdafher, Luckenbooths

Inglis Alex, merchant, Luckenbooths

Inglis Henry David, bill chamber, Anchor clofe

Inglis and Dewar, furgeons, Luckenbooths

Inglis John, fchoolmatier, Canongate head

Inglis Peter, merchant, Georges fquare

Inglis Claud merchant, Luckenbooths

Inglis Hugh, barber, Weft port

Inglis Jamrs, grocer, foot pjn eftrr's wynd

Innes Charles, writ to the fig. Princes ftreet

Innes £dw. confcdi. and groc. near corn. Bridge ftr

Innes Kdw. fenior, baker, below Bridge ftreet

]*nes George, infpeclor of ftasnpt duties, Gibbet toll

lnncs John, writ. fig. op. Crichton's entry Canong.

Innes Gilbert, of Stow, No 24. St Andrew fquare

Jnnes Mrs. of Urrul, Georges ftreet

Innes James, teller Royal bank, Carruber's clofe

C 47 3

Innes Mifs, Briiio ftreet

Innes George, wright, Pleafance

Innes & Elizabeth in Co. groc. head Chambers's cl

Innes Mrs. No 104, Chapel ftreet

Innes Mifles, No 164, Nicholfon ftreet

Innes James, foot Horfe wynd

Innes Francis, gunfmith, Cowgatc head

Innes Mrs. Brodie's buildings, Canongate foot

Inverarity David, wright, Canal ftreet

Irvine Robert, Capt. No no Nicholfon ftreet

Irvine James, Efq; No 19, Nicholfon fquare

Irvine Mrs. of Newtown, Brifto ftreet

Irvine Mrs. Dr. Sommervilc's clofe, Canong.

Irvine Robert, writer, Calton hill

Irvine John, of Chancery, St James's fquare

Irvine James, baker, Pleafance

Irvine Mrs. room fetter,, Nicholfon ftreet

Imlach George, writer, F< untain clofe

Izett James, hatter'tb the Pr. of W, Bridge ftreet


Jack M'fs, milliner, oppolite meal market

Jackfon John, hatter, Cmongate head

Jackfon Mrs. No 5, St Andrew fquare

Jackfon Wm. writer, No 7, Shakefpeare fquare

Jackfon John, manager of the theatre, Shakefp. fq,

Jackfonjimes, lint merchant, Lochend's cl. Canong

Jackfon Mrs, Niddry's wynd

Jamifon Rob. writ, to the fig. Wardrop's court

Jamifon William, mafon

Jamifon Gilbert, grocer, Grafmarket, north fide

Jamifon boarding m ftrefs, Carruber's clofe

Jamifon William writer, Borthwick's clofe

Jamifon Henry, banker

Jamifon Wm. fkinner, Bifhop's land clofe

Jamifon Rob grocer, Gr^fsnaark::;:, north fide

^ardine Henry, writer, Georges ftreet

Jardme Wm. Capt. Appiigerth, Georges fquare

Jenkons Joan, matter of arts, S ;.everlaw' s clofe

Jenkons John, perfum. & i.air djrefler, Brown fqu.

Jeffery and Soa, wigmakers, Lawnraarket

C 48 ]

feffefy George, writer, Fiftier's land clofe

Jones Thomas, Rev. Thiftle ftreet

Johnfton Alei. of Straiton, No 9. St David ftreet

Johnfton Wm. writ, to the fignet, Riddle's clcfe

Johnfton James, major, St Patrick ftreet

Johnfton John, writer, No 11, James's court

Johnfton Mrs. Antigua ftreet

Johnfton Lewi?, Dr St James's fquare

Johnfton George, writer, Chapel ftreet

Johnfton John, fhoemaker, Calton

Johnfton William, Queen ftreet

Johnfton Mrs. midwife, James's court

Johnfton Rob. writer, Writer's court

Johnfton Rob. hardware merch. & tea dealer, front


Johnfton James, writer Niddry's wynd

Johnfton John, wine, merchant, Covenant clofe

Johnfton Thorn, faddler, BuH r-rnpike

Johnfton Rob. currier, back of the Canongate.

Johnfton Wm, hair drefier, Anchor clofe

[ohnfton Peter, fait office, Niddry's wynd

Johnfton John, fchool maker, Fountainweii

Johnfton Charles, ftay maker, fiftimarket

Johnfton John, baker, Fountainbridge

Johnfton John, writer, Netherbow

Johnfton Alex, ftabler, Brifto ftreet

Johnfton Robert, hair drefler, head Carruber's cl.

Johnfton Mifs, Criehton ftFeet

Johnfton Robert, rev. Leith wynd

Johnfton Mrs. Kinloch's elofe

Johnfton James, engravtr, Luckenbooths

Johnfton Mrs. No 2, St David ftreet

Johnfton James, engraver, Fifhmarket ctafe

Juftice James Hall, Fowlis clofe

jolly James, writ, to the fignet, New bank clofe

Jolly George, tailor, Canongate head

Jollies Miffes, Caftle hill

Jolly Mrs. Andrew, tailor, Canongate church

Joas, major, New ftreet

Joas James, tailor, near Canongate church

K ...

Kay Robert, accemptant, Sandiland's clofe

Kay Andw. 8c Co. glazers & paiaters, L«ckcnb.

[ 49 3

Kay James, writer, No 13, Princes ftreet

Kay Duncan, fpirit dealer, head New ftreet

Kay Mrs. milliner,— (hop Luckenbooths

Kay John, hair dreffer, College wynd

Kay Alex, b ewer, Potterrow

Kay John, engraver, near the crofs

Kay Mrs. foot Leith walk

K ay Divid, flax drefl'er, Buccleugh ftreet

Keddie Alex, candlemaker, head Liberton's wynd

Keddie David, tailor, Brifto ftreet

Keddie Arch. Herriot's gardens

Keggie James, vintner, Anchor clofe

Keggie John, ftockingmaker, end Cora of market

Keils James, miiitary mafon, Quarry holes

Keils Richard, grocer, Leith wynd

Ktith Alex* writer to the fignct, College wynd

Keith Wm. accomptant, St Andrew fquare

Kjith Mrs. Shakefpeare fquare

Keith Mifs, Forrefter's wynd

Keith William, vintner, Advocates clofe

Keltie John, hair drelkr, Morrifon's cloft

Kemp John, rev. Ramfay gardea

Kemp Mrs. tailor, Canal ftreet

Kennedy Robert, Leith walk

Kennedy Mifs, No 3, St David ftreet

Kennedy Mrs. Queen ftreet

Kennedy Mrs. Fountain clofe

Kennedy Thomas, glover, Creams

Kennedy Mrs. Candlemaker row

Kennedy Mrs. Minifters widow, Bailie Fyfe's clofs

Kerr Ro. mei ch. head Bridge ftr, hf, Forrefler's w d

Kerr Peter, writer to the fig. Brown's fquare

Kerr James, of Blackihiels, No 8, Queen ftreet

Kerr Francis, Merchant ftreet

Kerr Robert, furgeon, Forrefter's wynd

Kerr Mrs. head of Liberton's wynd

Kerr Walter, meafurer, oppofite Mint clofe

Kerr Thomas, habcrdalher, back of old guard

Kerr Mrs. Society

Kerr Mrs. vintner^ Craig's clofe

Kerr Mrs* Cowgate head

Kerr Mifs, japaaner, Merlin's wynd


C 5° ]

Kerr Mrs. fets rooms, Fowlis's clofe

Kermick John, Byers's clofe'

Keir Adam, baker, at the crofs

Kettle Jimes, money- fcrivener, Liberton's wynd

Kidd Alexander, writer, Borthwick's clofe

Kidd James, leather merchant, foot College wynd

Kidd Robert, baker, St Ann ftreet

Kidd John, wine merchant, Cowgate head

Kidd Mrs. haberdaiher, Bridge ftreet

Kidd Archibald, ftaymaker, Netherbow

Kidd Mrs. fait & barley office, eaft end Richm. fir.

Kiddfton John, tobacconift, corner of Chapel ftr.

Kirkpatrick George, clerk of feffion, Newington

Kirkwood James, engraver, Prefident flairs

Kincaid Alex, wax chandler, Sellers's court,Fottcrn

Kiverhill Thomas, faddler, Chapel ftreet

King John, writer, No 5, St David ftreet

King J^hn, wright, Leith walk

King Wm. fchoolmafter, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Kinloch Robert, glover, Creams

Kinloch James, grocer, Brifto ftreet

Kinloch Hugh, grocer, Canongate head

Kinloch John, whiteiron fmith, Weft bow

Kinnaird Wm. druggift, foot Horfe wynd

Kinnear and Son, bankers, Exchange, houfe Carr

uber's clofe

Kinnear Mrs, Geddes's clofe

Kinnear Andrew, merchant, head Wardrop's court,

houfe Kennedy's clofe

Kinnear Geo. (locking maker, op. New ftreet

Kinniburgh Robert, glazier, head Mint clofe

Kirkcaldy David, ftay maker, Todrick's wynd

Knie Balthazar, weatherglafs maker op. old guard

Knox Claud, barr keeper Parliament houfe,

Knox Wm. fchoolmafter, Potterrow

Knox Capt. World's end clofe

Knox Mifs, mantuamaker, op. L'nen hall

Knox Mrs. fets rooms, Forrefter's wynd

Sing's printing houfe, Tailor's clofe, Cowgate ; the

Stationary warehoufe Old Alfembly clofe : The

clerk to be found in Kincaid's court, Cowgate

C 51 i


Laidlaw James, writer to the fig. Caftle hill

Laid] aw Robert, merchant, Bridge ftreet

Laidlaw Alex, tinp'.ate worker, Bridge ftreet

Laidlaw Mrs. merchant, Luckenbooths

Lc Grand Mrs. Leith walk

Laing Wai. Dr. Carruber's c'.ofe

Laing James, writer, Old AfTcmbly clofe

Laing Thomas, brewer, north, back Canongate

Laing George, writer, head Pieafance

Laing Alex, architect, St Ninian ftreet

Laing John, baker, Netherbow.

Laing William, broker, Canongate head

Laing Thomas, hardware merchant, Bridge ft reet

Laing Robert, iaddler, near the crofs

Laing James, merchant, Luckenbooths

Laing Mrs. vintner, Don's clofe

Laing Wis, bookfcller, Canongate head

Laing George, porter office, foot Canongate

Laing Mrs. room-fetter, Carruber's clofe

Laing Thomas, vintner, Advocates clofe

Lamb George, merchant, Lawnmarket

Lamb John, merchant, head Toderick's wynd

Lamb Wm. cab mak. & upholft. hd. N. Gray's cL

Lamb M

C 5* 3

Laurie John, fmith, Calton

Laurie John, clerk, excife, Buccleugh ftreet

Laurie Rob. baker, No 45, Nicholfon ftreet

Laurie Andrew, daneing mafter, James's court

Laurie John, fchoolmafter, Richmond ftreet

Laurie William, fhoemaker, Pieafance

Laurie Wm. curious tool-maker, Potterrow

Laurence Strange Mrs. head Chalmers's clofe

Lata James, furgeon, Mcrrifon's clofe

Latimore Chriftoph. collector of excife, Canongate

Law Wm. Efq; advocate, Advocates clofe

Law James, furgeon, Advocates clofe

Law John, melfenger, New bank clofe

Liw Thomas, baker, Crofscaufeway

Law Mi ft, Neiherbow

Law Mils, Jackfon's clofe

Law Alex hair dreffer, head Bridge ftreet

Liw Mils, Perrie's clofe, Canongate

La » John, tobacconift, front Exchange

Lawfon Puer, merchant, Smich's land

Lawfon James, fhoemaker, Brifto ftreet

Lawfon Mrs. Charles ftreet

Lawfnn Mi.s, Lei'h wynd

Lawfon James, & Wm. leather merch. Lawnm.

Lawfon Thomas, ftarchmaker, Wrights houfes

L-t-wfon Robert vintner, Grafsmarket

Lcaimont John, and Co. raerch. St Mary wynd

Lcarmorr Jtjhji, ftn. tanner, No 59, Princes ftreet

Learmont Alex wine merchant, Leith walk

Leburn Alex, hdies hair drefi". head Old AiTem. cl.

Lenain Llizabeth, millin. & pailry cook, Si. Dav. fir

Lee Peter, vintner, Old AlTembly clofe

Lee Thomas, grocer, head of St John fireet

Lee Alex, grocer, head Wardrop's court

Lee George, horfe hirer, Baron Grant's clofe

Lewis Capt. Surgenns fquare

Legget J.imes, vintner, No 5, Shakefpeare fquare

Leilhman John, teacher, Pctterrow

Leifhman James, bookbinder, Gofsford's clofe-

Leith Peter, tailor, No 19, Princes ftreet

Leiih Mrs. Gorges fquare

Leflie hon. major general, St Andrew fquare

C 53 3

Leflie Mrs. dowager of Balquhain, Thiftle flreet

Leflie Capt Lady Lawfon's wynd

Leflie Mrs. b:low Crichton's entry, Canong.

Leflie Wm- writer to the fignet, Adams's fquare

Leflie John, writer to the fignet, Fowlis's clofe

Leflie Charles, folicitor, Fowlis's clofe

Leflie Mrs. Queen ftreet

Leflie And. ieedfm. at the crofs, hf. Old AfFem. cL

Leflie George, merchant, Old Aflembly clofe

Leflie Charles, fpirit dealer, Kinloch's clofe

Leflie Mrs. World's end clofe

Leflie Peter, vintner, Old pod houfe clofe

Lind George, merchant, St James's fquare

Liddle James, C3rvsr and gilder, Tiviot row

Lindfay Martin, extractor, back of the Meadows

Lindfay Hendry, Georges fquare'

Lindfay Patrick, Efq; St John ftreet

Lindfay Alexander, baker, head of the Pleafancs.

Lindfay David, wool merchant, Bow head

Lindfay David, accomptant, Caftlehill

Lindfay Mrs, Shakefpeare fquare

Lindfay Mifs, Turk's clofe

Lindfay J®hn, grocer, Hanover ftreet

Lindfay Mrs, Craig's clofe

Lindfay Mifs, room fetter, Brifto ftreet

Little William, Efq; advocate, Society

Little Mifs, milliner, Gavinloch's land

Little John, grocer, Lawnmarket

Livingfton James, writing mailer, Brodie's clofe

Livingfton Alexaader, grocer, Crofscaufeway

Livingfton Charles, writer, No. 257, Nicholfon fh\.

Livingfton Adam, colonel, St James's fquare

Livingfton Richard, mufica.1 inltrument maker, Car-

ruber's clofe

Lightbody David, ftioemaker, Calton

Lizars Daniel, engraver, Back- flairs

Lizars MifTes, mamuamakers, Caftlehill

Loch James, writer to the fignet, Paterfon's court

Lockhart William, Captain;, Georges fquare

Lockhart James of Caftlehill, Georges fquare

Lockhart Lady, Georges fquare

Lsckiiarc Walter, writer, Briflo ftreet

C 54 3

Lockart Wm. writer, Brifto ftreet

Lockart William, writer, Canal ftreet

Lockart Mrs. of Park hill, No 261, Nicholfon ftreet

Lockart Wm. boot & ihoe maker, Cowgate head

Lockart Mrs St John's hill

Lockart John, whiteiren fmith, Weft bow

Logan Peter, grocer, Potterrow

Logan James, mufical inftrument maker

Logan Alexander, baker, Lawnmarket

Longmuir John, flax drcfter, Grafsmarket

Logic Mrs. Gabriels road

Lothian David, writer, Riddle's clofe

Lothian William, writer, Brifto ftreet

Lothian Walter, merchant, Lawnmarket

Lothian John, merchant, front of Exchange

Lothian Mrs. St John's hill

Love Mrs. oyfter celier, below Canongate church

Lovat Lady, Blackfriar's wynd

Low Capt. oppofue New. Chapel, Cowgate

Low John, grocer, head Murdoch's clofe

Lownes James, accompt. of excife, Barranger's cL

Lownes Mrs. Barranger's clofe

Lumfden Wm. writer to the fignet, New ftreet

Lumfden Mrs. Hanover ftreet

Lumfdale Mrs. C' ichton ftreet

Lundie Arch. writ, to the fignet, Carrubcr's clofe

Lundie Henry Rev. St James's fquare

Lundie Miflcs, oppofitc Canongate church

Lundie of Stow, Crichton ftreet

Luke James, baker, Enfto flreet

Luke Adam, weaver, Wright's houfes

Lyon Peter, furgeon, head James's court

Lyon Andrew, Efq; Tiviot row

Lyon Wm. grocer, High fchool wynd

Lyon Michael, glafs cutter, Grafsmarket

Lyon William, ftabler, Candlemakcr row

Lyon fchoolmiftrcfs, Netherbow

Lyon Pe er, optician, head Old Affembly clofs

Lithgow Mil's, Georges ftreet


Mack John, writer, Hay ftreet

Mair Tho. clerk, to the friend, iflfur. Weft port

C 55 J"

Mair Mrs, fcts rooms, Jack's c!ofe, Canongate

Mair Thomas, gardner, Quarryhcles

Mair Gilbert, extractor, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Mair Gilbert junior, writer, Mint clofe

Mair Mrs. Seller s's clofe

Mother James, oyfter-houfe, front Adams's court

Mather Robert, oyfter houfe, foot Niddry's wynd

Maitland Capt. back of Milne's court

Maitland John, General fupcrvifor Antigua ftreet

Maitland Alexander, grocer, Weft bow

Main Perer, merchant, Caftle bank

Malcora Alexander, writer, Chapel ftreet

Malcom George, fhoemaker, Canongate- head

Malcom Thomas, fiioemaker, Cowgate head

Maltman, James apothecary, foot Forrefter's wynd

Mall David, tailor, No 149, Nicholfon ftreet

M'Conachie Efq; Alex, advoc. No 5, St David's ^r.

M'Conachie Alex, writer, Georges ftreet

M'Conachie Win. wright, north St David ftreet

M'Conachie John, excellent houfe of entertainments



Main John, merchant , Luckenbooths

Manners Alex, grocer, head of Kennedy's clofe

Manderfon Win. brewer, Gardiner's hall

Mansfield, Ramfay, and Co. bankers, Cantore*s

clofe, Luckenbooths

Mansfield James, banker, Carrubcr's clofe

Mansfield Mrs. Georges ftreet

Mansfield Mrs. St James's fquare

Manfon Thomas, writer, to the fig. Hanover ftreet

Marjoribanks John, wig- maker, Luckenbooths

March James, fhoemaker, St Ninian row

Marnoch John, carv. & gild, foot Old AfTcmbly cl.

Marr Alexander, fmith, Pleafance

Marjoribanks Mrs. major, Conongate foot

Marlhall James, writer to the fignet, Milne's fquare

Marfhall and Armftrong, plumbers, Regifter ftreet

Marfhall Francis & Son, hardw. merch. Luckenb.

Marlhall Mrs. No 161, Nicholfon ftreet

Marfhall Rob. tea & fpirit deal. hd. Kinioch's clofe

Marfhall Robert, ftabler, Grafsrnarkec

Marlhall Mrs. Wamfton's clofe

I 56 3

Marftiall James, wright, Calton

Marfhall Peter, painter, Rofe ftreet

Marfhall Charles, goldfraith, flefhmarket clofe

March Mrs. midwife, Liberton's wynd

Martin John, printer, Fifhmarket clofe

Martin Peter, wright, Brifto ftreet

Martin Mifs, Charles ftreet

Martin John, merchant, Brifto ftreet

Martin George, writer, Argyle fquare

Martin John, fmith, Barrowmuir head

Martin William, bookfellcr, Bow head

Martin Mrs. vintner, Covenant clofe

Martin James, brewer, north back of Canongate

Martin David, wright, Mint

Martin John, cutler, Potterrow

Martin Robert, vintner, Rofeburgh's clofe

March Walter, hairdreffer, head Bridge ftreet

Mafon William, extractor, Bow head

Mafon Tho. tea & china merch. near Tron church

Mafon Gilbert, merchant, St Andrew fquare

Mafon John writer, head Crichton's entry, Canong.

Mafon John, writer, Cowgate head

Mafon Ebenezer, merch. Bridge ftr. hf. Trunk cl,

Mafon John, baker, head Gray's clofe

Mafon Mifs, Newington

Mafon Mifs. merchant, Lawnmarket

Mafon John, baker, C wgate head

M-ilbn James, grocer, Canongate head

Mafterton Dougall, writing matter, op the guard

M^fterton Allan, writing matter, S:ev;nlaw's clofe

Mathie Peter, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Mathie Thomas, & Co, Bailie Reid's clofe, Canong,

Matthie John, wright, Horfe wynd

Mtthew Thomas, clerk in the poft office, Carrub. cl.

Mathiefon Jas. accomp. oppofite the Canong. church

Mathiefon Adam, Cuftom-houfe, Back- row

Mathiefon George, merchant, Nctherbow

Mathiefon Alexander, teach, of lang Cowgate head

Mathiefon Thomas, vintner Kennedy's clofe

Maughan John, furveyor of window lights,Caltonhill.

Maxwell Chrift. Colonel, No 2. St Andrew fquare

I 57 3

Maxwell Clerk Lady, No 30, Princes ftreet

Maxwell Lady, Leith walk

Maxwell Colonel, Thiftle court

Maxwell and Cheap, wine merchants, Milne's court

Maxwell Archibald, extractor, James's court

Maxwell Mrs, Georges fquare

Maxwell Mrs. Thiftle court

Maxton Joihua, fadler. head Covenant clofe

Medina John, limner, Hyndford's clofe

Mazzoni Palard, ladies hair dreiTcr, oppofite Gaurd

M'Arthur Stewart, Efq; Advocate, Caftlehill

M 1 Arthur Jas. oyfter feller, front Adams's fquare

M'Arthur John, extractor, Herriot's Work Bridge

M'Alay, chyaaift and druggift, Luckenbooths

M'Brair, Bar, and Go's warehoufe, Candlemakerrow,

call fide ; only manufacturers of fattias,

modes, and veft-puces in Scotland

M'Cara Andrew, grocer, near foot Niddry's wynal

M'Cara, clerk to the Weigh houfe, Bow head

M'Cormick Edward, Efq; advocate, Carruber's cl.

M Donald Archibald, Efq; advocate, Georges ftreet

M'Donald John, Captain, Laurifton

M Donald Alex, writer to the fig. Old Excife court

M'Donald Wrn. writ, to the fig. No 26. Princes ftr.

M'Donald Mrs. Colonel, Shakeipeare fquare

McDonald Andrew, grocer, Canongate head

M'Donald Thomas, writ, to the fig. St Da?id ftreet

M'Donald John, fpirit dealer, head St John's ftreet

M'Donald, comptroler. Skinner's clofe

M'Donald Mrs. druggift, Lawnmarket

M'Donald James, Weft Bow

M'Donald Mrs. Thiflle ftreet

M'Donald Ahx. coach hirer, Crichton ftreet

M'Donald Angus, Parliament fquare

M'Donald iEneas, grocer, Lawnmarket

M'Donald Angus, haberdafner, head Curruber's c!.

M- Donald Charles, Flefhmarket clofe

M'Donald John, lint manufacturer, Horfe wynd

M'Donald And. fpirit dealer foot High School wd.

M'Donald James, fpirit dealer, head of Bell's wynd

M'Donald Ja. broker & auft. head Blackfiiar's wynd

C 58 3

M'Donald James, dancing mafter, Carruber's clofe

M«Donald Mrs. broker, head Nether bow

M'Dowgall Alex, of Exchequer, Fountain clofe

M'Dowgall Allen, writer to the fig. Tweddie's clofe

M'Dowgall Patrick, writer, St David's ftreet

M'Dowgall Alexander, writer, Biackfriar'* wynd

M'Dowall Archibald, merchant, Bridge ftreet

M'Dowall Mrs. of Caftlefemple, St James's fquare,

M Dowall Capt. Chalmer's clofe

M'Dowall and Martin, printers, Back ftairs

M'Dowalls, ftearch. makers, Paul's Work

M'Dowall, flocking-maker, Bailie Grar.-t's clofe

M'Dowall Hugh, keeper of Parliament houfe, Wardrope's


M'Duff" , bookfeller, Netherbow

M'Ewan Wm. writer, Kincaid's buildings, Cowgate

ME«an Wm. tea and fpirit dealer, St Andrew iir.

M'Ewan Mrs. Canongate foot

M'Ewan Wm. gun fmith, Canongate head

M'Ewan Mrs. Mint clofe

M'Fait E. Dr. foot Horfe wynd

M'Farlane John, rev. Lochend's clofe, Canongate

M'Farlane John, beit fizemaker, North Loch lide

M'Farlane Wm. writer to the fignet, James's court

M'Farlane Robert, fchoolmafter, Blackfriar's wynd

M'Farlane George, ftabler, Grafsmarket

M'Farlane Robert, barber, Pleafance

M Farlane John, fpirit dealer, Pleafance

M'Farlane MifT::s, mantuamakers, Carruber's clofe

M'Farlane Peter, fpirit dealer, and rectifier, oppofite

Linen Hall

M'Farlane Ms. No. 149. Nicholfon ftreet

M'Farquhar George, painter, St James's ftreet

M-Farquhar Colin, printer, Anchor clofe

M'Farquhar James, Middleton's entry

M'G^chen Robert, hofier, head of Flefhmarket clofe

M'Ghie Mrs No. 2. north St David's ftreet

M'Glaiban John, writer, Bull Turnpike

M'Glafhan Alex. mufician, Skinner's clofe

M'Gowan John, writer, Luckenbooths

L 59 J

M'Gowan John, grocer, foot Dickfon's clofe

M'Gowan Mrs. room fetter, Brifto ftreet

McGregor Jofeph Robertibn, rev. Cafllehill

M'Gregor Mdcom, lapidary, Potterrow

M'Gregor Duncan, writer, Cafllehill

M'Gruger Tho. tea and fpirit dealer, Bow head

McGregor Peter, fpirit dealer, Old Aflembly clofe

M'Gregor Hugh, fpirit dealer, foot Old Fifhmarket

M'Gregor Thomas, baker, near the Fountain well

M'George David, writer,' Bell's wynd

M'Hattie John, tea & fpir. deal, foot Merlin's wynd

M'Hatie Alex, grocer oppofite New ftreet, Canong.

M'Intofh Robert, Efq; advocate, Argyle fquare

M'Intofh Charles, writ, to the fig. No St David ftr.

M'Intofh Alex, grocer, foot Robertfon's clofe

M'Intofh James, tailor, Bell's wynd

M'Intofh John, accompt. Ncwbank } No 64, Chapel


M'Intofh David, lint dreffer, foot Peebles wynd

M'Intofh John, brewer, Canongate head

M'Intofh John, ch3ngekceper, Rofe ftreet

M'Intofh Wm. lint dreffer, below Horfe wynd

M'Intyre John, grocer, St Ann ftreet

M'Intyre Alex, tailor, Rofe ftreet

M'Intyre John, teacher, of languages, College wcL

M'Beath John, Swan's clofe

M'Kay the hon. Mifs of Rae, Tiviot row

M'Kay hon Mrs. No 10, St Andrew fquare

M'Kay James, filverfmith, Brifto ftreet

M'Kay Alex, major, Tiviot row

M'Kay hon. Mrs. Windmill ftreet

M'Kay James, junior, gold worker, Potterrow

M'Kay Hugh, copperfmith, Weft bow

M'Kay Angus, mufic turner, oppofite Linen hall

M'Kay Mrs. Cowgate head

M'Kay Angus, ftaymaker, back playhoufe

M'Kell Robert, tailor, Hammermans clofe, Canoa.

M'Kcll Charles, Per.ie's cf.fe

M'K.llop Wm. writer, Turk's clofe

M'Kain David, hardware merch. Bridge ftreet

M'Knlay Mrs. Brifto ftreet

M'Kenzic Lady Janet, St James's fquare

C 60 ]

M'Kenzie Andw. writ, to the fig. Gofsford's clofs

M'Kenzie John, Efq; advocate, No 5, north St

Andrew ftreet

M'Kenzie Jofhua, Dr. Cowgate head

M'Kenzie Mifs, Rofe ftreet

M'Kenzie Dr. Fountainbridge

M'Kenzie Alex. writ. fig. No 14, Princes ftreet

M r Kenzie John, Efq; Back row

M'Kenzie Charles, writer, Byers's clofe

M'Kenzie Kenneth, writer, Milne's court

M'Kenzie Roderick, baker, oppofite Linen hall

M'Kenzie Mifs, back of the old guard

M'Kenzie Henry, attorney of Excheq Brown fquare

M'Kenaic Kenneth, druggift, head Cant's clofe

M'Kenzie Win, jeweller, Fifher's land

M'Kenzie Wm. tailor, back of the old guard

M'Kenzie Mrs. foot of Stevenlaw's dole

M'Kenzie James, goldfmith, Parliament fquare

M'Kenzie Mrs.cailor, Tron church

M'Kenzie William, back of Fountainwell

M'Kenzie Mrs. Cant's clofe

M'Kenzie Donald, finith, Calton

M'Kenzie John, Ladies, hair drcfT. Nc 3. St Ann fir

M'Kinnon Danl. hair drefi* op. head Todrick'swd.

M'KinnonMifs, Ladies hair drefTer, Borthwick's cl.

M'Laggan Charles, fringe, manufacturer, Cowgh.

M'Laggan Mrs. Halkerfton's wynd

M'Laurin John, Efq; advocate, Old bank clofe

M'Laurin Miffes, Richmond ftreet

M'Laurin Alex, chafe hirer, St Mary wynd

M'Reidy John, grocer, Briito ftreet

M'Lean Murdoch, Capt. Old AfTembly clofe

M'Lean George, fets rooms, Brifto ftreet

M'Lean James, and Richard, hardware merchants,

within the Exchange

M'Lean William, merchant, head Writers court

M'Lean Donald, grocer, head Anchor clofe

M'Lean Robert, land-meafurer, Gofsford's clofe

M'Lean Mrs. fets rooms, Stevenlaw's clofe

M'Lean Andw. lint drefTer, below Horfe wynd

M'Lean George, nfhing rod maker, Nctherbow

[ 61 ]

M'Lean Mrs. Cant's clofe

M'Laren boarding miftrcfs, Cowgate head

McLaren Daniel, turner, Nethcrbow

M'Alafter M 'fs, Blsckfriar's wynd

M'Leay M"s. New fireet, Canongate

M-.Leay John, extractor, New ftreet

M Lauchlan Alex, tailor, Crichton ftreet

M'Leiili James, bookfellcr, Cmdlemaker row

M'Leim Adam, grocer, op. Alifon's clofe, Cowgate

M'Leifli ,"Wcft kirk brae head

M'Leod Mils of Catbol, Caftlehill

M'Leod Wm. Efq; advocate, Merchant ftreet

M'Leod Lord Leith walk

M'Leod Capt, near Grange tell

M'Leod Lady, fhoemakers clef: Canorgate

M'Leod Patrick, fhoemaker, playhoufe clofc Cinong.

M'Leod Mrs midwife, Niddry's wynd

M'Leod James, ihoemaker, foot Forrefter's wynd

M'Leod Mrs. room-fetter, Gofsford's clofe

M'Leod Daniel, fets lodgings, St Andrew ftreet

M'Lure John, writing raai Old poft houfe clofe

M'Lure Mf, mantuamaker & milliner Bow head

M 'Mi Han Wm. Efq; near the tolbooth, Canongate

M'Millan Duncan, Efq; S-mpIe's clofe

McMillan Robert, paper ftainer, M lne't fquare

M'Nab, John, writer to the fignet, Back ftairs

M'Nab Charles, vintner, Ffeinrhairket clofe

M'Nab Francis, gardiner, Caufeway fide

M'Neil Mrs. Mint clofe

M'Neil James, Dr. foot Leith walk

M'Naught [as. confeclioner, foot Old Aftembly cl.

M'Naughton Daniel, fpirit dealer, Cowgate head

M'Nauchtane Malcora, hardware mercb. Luckenb.

M'Naughton James, writer Leith wynd

M'Night James, Rev. Dr, No 6?, Nicholfon ftreet

M'Night Samuel, writer Nicholfon ftreet

M'Culloch Mrs. of Barholm, Crichton ftreet

M'Culloch Duncan, chaife hirer, Pleafance

M'Coul , of excife, Jack's cicfe, Canongate

M-Coul John, candlemaker," Netherbow

M'Coul Arch, fosp boiler, back cf Canongate

M'Phcrfon Wm- writ, fig, Boyd's clofe ; Canong. h-


M'Pherfon Angus, merch, head Forrefter's wynd,

houfe Caftlehiil

M'Pberfon & Lefley, watchm. weft end of Luckenb

M'Pherfon Mrs. fetter of eleg. rooms, Gofsford's cl.

M'Pherfon David, Safine office, Bow htad

M'Pheribn Grindlay, boarding- miftrefTes, Milne's fq.

M'Pherfon Miff, mantuamakcr, Craig's clofc

M'Pherfon Mrs. Stevenlaw's dole

M'Pherfon Mrs. Colonel, eaft L?ith road

MPhcll Myles, vintner, Foulis's clofe

M'Qneen Geo. collect- of cefs, No- 21. Princes ftreefc

M'Queen James, writer, Brifto ftreet

M'Quecn |ohn, fmith, Brifto .ftreet

M'Gnieen Mrs. white iron fmith, Netherbow

M'Gill Hamilton of F.ila, Windmill ftreet

M'Gill, fhoemaker, Middleton's entry

M'Redie John, Brifto ftreet

M'Redie William, fhoemaker, St Ninian row

M'Vicar Neil, Efq; writer, Jack's clofe, Canongate

M'Vicar Nei!, fiik & linen manufacturers, Poperrow

M'Vicar Patrick, writer, St David ftreet

M'Vicar John, hair drefft-r, h ad Toderick's wynd

M'Vicar Mrs. wafher & dreffer, head Todrick's wd.

M'Clanan James, St David ftreet

Msggat Alexander, bookfeller, Brifto ftreet

Megget John, tanner, Pleafanee

M gget James, brewer, Newington

M-gget James, leather merch. foot of Pleafanee

Rteikle Robert, writer, Riddle's clofe

M^'klc Mrs tailor, and habit maker, Canongate

M ikh J-)hnj- ftabler, oppofite Mint clofe

M-in Mrs. Lawnmarket

Mellis J>hr, Heftier, No 19, Princes ftreet

M?His George, flclher, Flefhmarket clofe

M His Peter, fkfhcr, Flefhmarkirt clofe

M His William, fleflicr, Craig's clofe

MelKs Mrs. changekrep-;r, head of Gray's clofe

l M v 'l John, major, Georges ftreet

M*'vi! R< bert, fhoemaker, op. excife office, Canong.

M-i'Z'cs Alex, cle-knf Seffioa, No 18. St Andw. iq.

Mcnzic* Alex- mfpettor cuftom houfe, Queen ftreet

Menzies Mis Culteruhers, windmill llreer

Menzies M»fs| of Culdares, St Andrew fquarc

C 63 3

Meazics Wno. follclt. of cuftom houfe, Caltonhill

Menzies Douglas, fhoemaker, General's entry

Menzies Wm. paper ftainer, head Chalmers's clofe

Menzies Alex, ftab'er, Candlemaker row

Menzies David, fhoemaker, Potter row

.Menzies Robert, Rev. Bhckfriar's wynd

Mafterton Dougall, writing matter, oppofite guard

Mafterton Allan, writing-mafter Stevenlaw's clofe

Msrcer James, writer, Chape! flreet

Mercer Mrs. No 70, Chapel ftreet

Mercer Mrs, Brifto ftr«et

Mercer Mrs, Blackfriar's wynd

Mercer, William, Gabriel's road

Michic Wm. merchant", Fountain clofe

Michies merchants, head Liberton wynd

Mitcalf Francis, vintner, Brown's clofe

Middlemitl Rob. teacher of dancing, Gofsford's cj»

Medina John, painter, Hyndford's clofe

Meldrum Mrs. Paterfon's court

Miller Wiliam, Efq; advocate, Brown's fquare

Miller William, Efqj feed merchant, Abbey

Miller Archibald, coach-mak^r, C>mongate foot

Miller Alexander, Efq; advocate, Georges ftreet

Miller Peter Dalfwinton, No. 18, Nicholibn fquare

Miller Alexander, iron-monger, oppofite crofs well

Miller Mrs. No 18, Princes ftreet

Miller Mrs of Walkinfhaw, Reid's court, Canong.

Miller James, writer, Milne's court

Miller Jas. clock-cafe and cabins t-mak. Paul's Work

Miller Alex. Ms, glazier, Cmongate h?ad

Miller Ms, b;iker, Canongate

Miller Daniel, grocer, Tolbooth wynd, Canongate

Miller Thomas, brewer, G^uarry-holes

M Her Mifs of Gorfthie, St John ftreet

Miller Thomas, writer, Bull turnpike

Miller Thomas, Captain, Bathfield

Miller James, writer, Skinner's clofe

Miller Thomas, grocer, Niddry's wynd

Miller M;fs, milliner, Skinner's clofe

Miller John, optician, Parliament fquare

Miller William, writing maftsr, back o£the Guard

F 3

Miller Thomas, dyer, foot of Leith wynd

Miller William, hatter, back of the Guard

Miller Mrs. candlemaker, foot of Liberton's wynd

Miller William, merchant, Luckenbooths

Miller James, Bilhop's land, houfe Strichan't clofe

Miller Alexander, confectioner, Netherbow

M:ller Thomas, merchant, Luckenbooths

Miller Thomas, gardener, Abbey

MUer John, turner, Old Excile court

Miller Charles, turner, near the Croi's

Miller Thomas, dyer, Calton

MiJnrD.iv. filk mercer and woolen draper, Prefident


Milne Robert, cabinet-maker, Bi ifto ftreet

Milne Mrs, roomfetter, Middleton's entry

Milae John, founder and iron-monger, head of

north Gray's clofe,—houfe Chalmers's clofe

Milne James, fhoemaker, Rofe ftreet

Milne William, painter, head of Pleafanci

Milne Mrs. roomfetter, Leith wynd

Milne Mrs. roomfetter, Brifto ftreet

Miine Tho- leather merchant, head New ftreet, Can.

Mirtle Mils, Windmill ftreet

Mirtle William, baker, Canongate head

MiJligan Andrew, watch cafemaker, Parliament fq.

Milroy Mi's, tailor, Leith wynd

M Iroy Dav. ftockingmaker, New ftreet, Canongate

Moffat George, grocer, Biirto ftreet

Moffat John, change-keeper, Turk's clofe

Mo4F.it John, French teacher, Carruber's clofe

MofT.it Cumberland, -lapidary, Richmond ftreet

."Moffat G;orge, drover, Lcchrind

Moffat J.mts., ftonc ware dealer, Mealmarket

Moffat Win. tea and fpirit deale, C mongate head

Mofes |ohn, fpirit dealer, Cowgate iiead

Moir John, writer to the fignet, Lady Stairs's clofe

Moir John, accomptant to the Roya! Bank, middle of


Moir John, writer, Weft Bow foot

M )ir Charles, accomp. Royal Bank, Windmill, ftreet

M^ir Miifes, milliners, Windmill ftreet

Moir Jame?,, teacher, Forreftei's wynd

[ 65 ]

Moir John, wine, tea, & fpirit merch. hd. Covenant cl.

Moir Mrs. Covenant clofe

Moir John, painter, Brown's clofe

Moir Mrs, bookbinder, Brown's clofe

Moir James, optician, Robertfon's clofe

Moir Patrick, fhoemaker, foot of Liberton's wynd

Moir Thomas, fkin merchant, Merlin's wynd

Mires Scott, clerk, Leith Walk

Mingo Captain, C*ftlehiil

Morton Mrs. midwife, Todrick's wynd

Morton John, writing-mafter, Cant's clofe

Morgan Thomas, watchmaker, head Bell's wynd

Monland Hugh, mill.wright, Water of Leith

M u-'.hland John, Efq; advocate, Parliament fquare

Monteith Stewart Jame.«, No 20, Nicholfon ftreet

Monteith James, baker, Pleafance

Mundel and Willbn, printers, Back flairs

M-mday Mifs, milliner, Weft Bow

Montgomery & Steele, confect. & gro.c. No 5. Pr. fir.

Montgomery Mrs, AUfon's fquare

Montgomery Matthew, writer, fig. Kincaid's land

Montgomery David, clerk, Grafsmarket

Montgomery Wm. hairdreffer. head New AfTcro. cl.

Montgomery Mrs, ftabier, Grafsmarket

Moncur Robert, fhoemaker, Grafsmarket

Moneypenny Alex. Colonel, Brown's fquare

Moubray Martin, principal clerk to Poft Office, Wardrope'b


Moubray Alexander, merchant, foot Horfe wynd

Moubray Ch: iftopner, Sun Fire Office, Back hairs

Moubray Mrs, weaver, Piccardy

Moubray Mrs, Buccleugh ftreet

Moubray Mifs, mantuamaker, Cowgate head

Moycs James rev. oppofke New Ciiapel Cowgate

Moyes Shadrach, of Cuftomhoufe, No 21, Princes Ar

Mua Mifs, Intigua ftreet

M>:.odie Benj;unin, writer, Georges ftreet

Moodie Margaret, grocer, Netherbow

Moo -lie G-orge,- bookfdlcr, Hurfe wynd

Moodie Mrs. No 109, Nichoifn ftreet

Muir Ji.hn, iron-a.onger, front ot Exchange

Muu:Mi*> Abbeyhill

F 2>

C 66 3

Muir Adam, grocer, Calton

MuirheadWm. brufhmaker, Fifher'scl. Lawnmarkei:

Muirhead William, fmith, Caltea

Mnirhead Henry, fmith, calton

Mufchet George, raufician, No 8, Shakefpeare fquare

Molifon Mrs, James's court

Molifon Jimes, fhagreen cafe-maker, Grant's clofs

Molifon Mifs, Crichton ftreet

Moliner, Charier, weatherglafs maker, Netherbow

Monrt Alex. Dr, prof, of anatomy, Nicholfon ftr.

Monro George Dr, Argyle's fquare

Monro Jamef, writer, James's ftreet

Monro George, watchmaker, Canongate head

Monro Donald, merchant, Luckenbooths

Monro John, £fq; advocate

Monro Mrs, Crofscaufway

Monro George, vintner, Forrefttr's wynd

Monro James, hairdreiler, Luckenbooths

Morris Mils, No 32, Princes ftreet

Morifon David, major, No 4, N. St David ftreet

Morifon Wm. Efq; advocate, Georges fquare

Morifon Jas. fecr. to the annexed eitates, Caltonhiil

Morifon Wm. writer, old excife court, Cowgate

Morifon Patrick, brewer, Gr.ifsmarket

Morifon Hugh, officer of excife, Warclrop's court

Morifon iEneas, writer, Warriiton's clofe

Morrifon John, hairdreiler, back of the old guard

Morifon John, of Excite, Sbakefpeare fquare

Morifon George, plaiterer,. Wright's houfes

Morifon Mrs. Skinner's clofe

Morifon John, tea & fpirit dealer, Luckenbooths.

Morifcn Mrs. midwife, Fountain clofe

Mofman John, & Co. merchant,. Lawnmarket

Mortimer; George, breeches maker, Brifto UreeS

Mow Wm, writer, Gabriel's road

Mow MilV, G-ibricl's road

Murifcn William, brewer,, Abbey

Murifon Andw. macer jufiiciary court, Canal ftreet

Murray Wolfe James, Efq; advocate, St James's jUj

Murray James, grocer, head of Bell's wynd

Murray- Capt. Society

[ 6 7 1

Murray Patrick, writer, Bifliop's land

Murray & Hodge, brewers, N. back of Canongate .

Murray Mrs. brewer, north back of Canongate

Muiray George, writer, Caltonhiil

Murray William, baker, Cowgate head

Murray Mrs. grccer, Cowgate head

Murray Rob. leather merchant. Canongate head

Murray Jamef, fenior, grocer, headToderick's wynd

Murray David, writer, Caftlehill

Murray William, ihcemaker, Exchange

Murray George, confectioner & grocer, Nethcrbov?

Murray Mrs. bt Jchn ftreet

MJrray Win. grocer, head New (Ireet, Canongate

Murray Mils. Shakefpeare fquare

Murray Andrew, barber, Lucken booths

Murray James, tailor, L.ith wynd

Murray William, grocer, Canongate head

Murray Miflls, Forrefler's wynd

Murray Patrick, baker, head Liberton's wynd

Murray David, room fetter, Kennedy's clofe

Murray Thomas, grocer, foot of Borthwick's clofe

Murray Mrs. fpirit dealer, head cf Bell's wynd

Murray Mrs. Cant's clofe

Murray James, turner, Horfe wynd

Murray Geo. tea & fpiiit dealer, Candlemaker raw

Murray Andw. tea & fpirit dealer, Grafsmarket

Murray Cornelius, hairdreiler, Fleihmarket clofe

Murray Hetry, hairdr«{Ter, Milne's fqiiare

Murray Mrs, room, fetter, Advocates clofe

Murray Hugh, porter dealer, Sellers's clofe

Murray Mrs. baker,, head of James's court

Murray Mils, Caftlehill

Murray Ja. fheriifofricer, Bailie Grant's d. Weil bow

Murray John, grocer, Leitli wynd

Mundel Mrs. /Uifon's fquare

Mutter Wm. of Anfield, Caltonhill

Murdoch Thomas, piuol maker, Leith walk

Mitchel Alex, baker, Canongate head

Mitchel Samuel, grocer, head of Liberton's wynd

Mitchel Rob. tea &fpir. deal. op. Liberton's wd, focS

Jiitchcl Wra. French teacher, Media's wyad

C 68 |

Mitchel James, printer, Liberton's wynd

Mitchel Robert, hairdrefTer, Alifon's fquare

Mitchel Edw. hairdreffer, N© 231, Nicholfon ftreet

Mitchel Mrs. gumflower maker, Merlin's wynd

Mitchelfon Sam. fen. writ. fig. Carruber's clofe

Mitchelfon Samuel, jun. writ. fig. Nicholfon ftreet

MoncriefF rev* Sir Henry, Queen's ftreet

Moncreiff John, apothecary, Bridge ftreet

Moncreiff Miffes, Rofe ftreet

Morgan Thomas, watchmaker, head Bell's wynd

Morian Alexander, grocer, Luckenbooths

Myles Mrs. Gabriel's road

Maylefton J. grocer, Georges ftreet


Naefmith Lady, Fountainbridge

Naefmith Mifs, Mint clofe

Naefmith Mifs. No 21, Nicholfon fquare

Naefmith Alex. Limner, Writer's court

Naefmith Charles, tailor, head Mint clofe

Naefmith William^ fhoemaker, St Ninian row

Naefmith Michael, wright, New ftreet

Nairn Alex, writer, Horfe wynd

Nairn John, writer. Lady Stairs's clofe

Nairn Mrs. New ftreet, Canongate

Nairn William, grocer, north Kinloch's clofe

Nairn Mrs. merchant, head of Liberton's wynd

Napier Lord, No 10, St Andrew fquare

Napier, ton. lieutenant colon. Bunkers hill

Napier Arch, druggift, head Foneftcr's wynd

Neil Thomas, wright, Don's clofe

Neil William, mafon, New ftreet

Neil and Co. printers, Fifhmarket clofe

Neil Andrew, mafon, Ti;tiftle ftreet

Neilfon George, Efq; St David's lane

Neilfon Mrs. of Corrock, Windmill ftreet

Neilfon Thomas, cloth merchant, B.idge ftreet

Neilfon Mis. milliner, head of Kennedy's clofe

Neilfon George, wright, Netherbow

N :ilfon Andrew, writer, College wynd

Nedfon Mifs, Bow head

Neilfon Gilbert, foapmater, Canongate foot

Neilfon John, brewer, north back ol Canongat*


I '3

Neilfon John, fhoemaker, King's ftables,'Weft port

Niven David, teacher, Baron Grant's clofe

Niven Arch, baker, oppofite Linen hall

Nichol Wm. fchoolmafter, Crofscaufeway

Nicolfon Miffes, milliners, head of Burnet's clofe

Nicoifoa Jarne?, barber, Low C Uton

Nimmo Win. fuperv. of excite, Alifon's fquare

Nimmo James, barber, Cowgate head

Nimmo Andrew, turner, foot Pceble's wynd

Nimmo Mrs. Charles ftreet

Newbiging Jame*, Efq; of White houfe

Newbiging John, writer, Sheriff clerk's office

Newbiging Mifs, mantuamaker, Baron Grant's clofe

Newlands Capt. Hay's court, Portfburgh

Newlands John, wright, Grafsmarker, north fide

Newton Abraham, tea and fp'rit dealer, head Patcrfon's


Newton & Morrifon, milimeis op. Tron church

Neven Mifs, Nicholfon ftreet

Nifbet Lady of Dean, Chapel ftreet

Nifbet Mrs. No 118, Nicholfon ftreet

Nifbet James, plaifterer, weft Reg'.fter ftreet

Nifbet and Son, linen manafacX Horfe wynd

Nifbet William, Dr. Covenant clofe

; N fbet James, ftabler, Cancngate head

Noble William, teacher, Niddry's wynd

Norvei Georgr, No 20, Princes ftreU

Norris Jofeph, jufticiary clerk, Hanrverftreet

Norris Mrs. merchant, head Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Noltie Henry, grocer, Rofe ftreet


Oates Henry, Mathifon & Sheriff, upholfterers head

Bridge ftreet

Oates CI arlcs, fhcemaker, Bridge ftreet

Oakly John, hair dreffer, foot of Steven law's clofe •

Orcherton Wm. mefTenger, Dunbar's cioie

Ochiltree Archibald, goldfmith, Anchor clofe

Ogil John, writer, Flelhmarket clofe

Ogil Mrs. room fetter, Milne's clofe, Cacongate

Ogdvie Adam, Efq; advocate, Carruber's clofe

Ogilv-ie Thomas, .writer, Mine's court

t 70 1

Ogilvie Mrs. Brifto ftreet

Ogilvie Malcolm, near Broughton

Ogilvie Jaraet, collector of excife, head Pleafaece

Ogilvie George, of excife-, Canongate foot

Ogg John, ftabler, head Horfe wynd

Oliphant Robert, of Roffie, Efq; Poftmafter general

for Scotland, fhoenaakers clofe, Canongate

Oliphant David, teller bank of Scotland, and Poftmafter

for Leith

Oliphanr Mrs. fets rooms, Richmond ftreet

Oliphanr Charles, perfumer, head Bailie Fyfe*s clofe

Oliphant Andrew, Fiftimonger, Veal market

Oliphant John, baker, at the crofs, hf. Pari, fquare

Orme David, writer, Milne's fquare

Orme Alex, clerk of feff. No 9, north St David ftr.

Ormifton Wm. hardware merchant, Bridge ftreet

Ormifton Hugh, grocer, Fountainbridge

Ormifton Mils, No z€o t Nicholfon ftree:

Ormifton Mrs. Forrefter's wynd

Ormifton Alex, ihoemaker, St Ninian row

Ords Miffes, Queen ftreet

Orr John, writer, undermoft baxters clofe

Orr John, Morning fide

Orr Mrs. Milne's court

Orr Alex. No 149, Nicholfon ftreet

Orr John, baker, foot of Dickfon's clofe

Orrcck Atex. tea Sz fpivi* dealer, foot Forrefter's w4

Orrook Miffes, mantuamakers, Kinloch's clofe

Orrock John, cutler, head Barranger's clofe


Pagan George, grocer, Lawnmarket

Pagan Mrs. milliner, head Kennedy's clofe

Page Michael, heel maker, St Ninian row

Palmer Alex, wright, Chapel ftreet

Parlane Mrs. John's coffee houfe, Parliament fquare

Parker John, fchoolmafter, Forrefter's wynd

Paterfon David, infurance broker, Milne's fquare

Paterfon Lady Ann, Antigua Mreec

Paterfon Sam. haberd. & cotton manufacL Luckcnb

Paterfon Mifs, Linen hall

Paterfon David, printer, Caftlehillr

C 7* 3

Paterfon Alex, writer, Paterfcn's fore court

Paterfon Robert, fadlcr, Bridge ftr«et

Paterfon Wm. innkeeper, fooc of Pieafance

Paterfon Robert, Kennedy's clofe

Paterfon Mrs. Gabriel'* road

Paterfon John, tailor, head Bell's wynd

Paterfon William, fmith, Pieafance

Paterfon John, trunkmaker, Netherbovr

Paterfon John, wheel maker, Weft bow

Pattifon Miffes, milliner.', Briilo Greet

Pattifon John, writer, Brift© ftreet

Paton G:orge, cuftom houfe, Liberton's wynd

Paton James, Limner, foot of ilobertfon's clofc

Paton Daniel, fmith, Calton

Patons Mifles, milliners, Bow head

Patullo Mrs. Old Play.houfe clofe

Patullo Ms. World'send clofe

Patullo and Blair, haberdalhers, Milne's fquare

Pailey Thomas, Old Bank Liberton's wynd

Park Alex. Efq; No 6, St Andrew fquare

Peacock Tho. painter, foot of New ftreet, Caiaong,

Peacock William, tobacconift, Canongate head

Peacock William, fmith, without the Water-gate

. P-. acock Alexander, mafon, Dean

Pearfon James, writer, Blackfriar's wynd

Pearfon, boarding-miftrefs, Brifto ftreet

Pearfon John, fecretary to court of excife

Peterkins James, tailsr, Pieafance

Peat John, writer, Parliament fquare

Peat Alexander, fupervifor, Canongate

Peat David, baker, Potterrow

Pedie Jamej, rev. Skinner's ciofe

Pedie Ja. fpirit dealer and grocer, Canongate head

Pedie John, trunkmaker at the Crofs

- Pentland John, wheel-wright, Weft Bow

Pender Thomas, (lamp office, head of Pieafance

Penny John, writer James's court

Pennycuick James, bellhangcr, Charles ftreet

Peters Gabriel, Backrow

Peters Wra. tailor, Msalmarket flairs

Petrie William, W< ir's clofe. Canongate

Petrie William, Haymaker, Caftlehill

Petrie George, ihoemaker, Canongate foot

[- 7i r

Pettigrew John, watchmaker, Weft port

Pew William, baker, oppofite, Mikon houfe, Can.

Philip Richard Alifon, Cuftom-houfe S: John ftr.

Philips Robert, wright, St Patrick ftreet

Philip Mrs. No 32, Princes ftreet

Philp John, wright, Biifto ftreet

Philipftiaugh Lady Georges fquare -

Pillani Robert, Caufcwayfide

Pillant Robert, Captain Carruber's clofe

Pillani M. & E. haberdafhers, head of Dickfon's cl..

Pirnie William, mafon Rofr ftreet

Pirnie Archibald, St David Lane

Pirie James, Admiraky-ofKce

Pirie George, merchant, Luckenbooths

Pirie John, grocer, foot of Burnet's clofe

Pitcairn George, Captain, Kennedy's clofe

Pitcairn Andrew, writer, Bull Turnpike

Pitcairn John, clerk to the King's printing. houfe #

Kincaid's court, Cowgate

Pitcairn Andrew, infarance broker, at the Crofs,—

houfe Kincaid's court

Pitcairn Robert, writer, Kincaid's court

Pitcairn Mify, Canongate

Pinkerton Mrs, near Grange Toll

Piayfair Robert, writer, foot Liberton's wynd

play fair Mr*, Bfifto flreet

Plenderleith Mifs, Pcrie's clofe, Canongate

plenderleith Robert, linen draper, Bridge ftreet

Plenderleith Mrs. Gabriel's road , .

Playdell Mrs. milliner, Society

Plumer Mifs. Chapel (treet

Phole &Henniker, habit-makers, No u, St And. ftr.

Poole Mithew, No 1, Princes ftreet coffee. houfe

Pocock Robert, writer, Stevenlaw's clofe

Ponton John, Cuftom-houfe, Liberton's wynd

Ponten Mrj. Grafsmarker, fouth fide

Ponton Alexander, wright, Canal ftreet

Pollock Lady, No 10 St Andrew fquare

Pollock John, grocer, head of Paterfon's court

Pollock Mrs. No 117, Nicholfon ftreet

Pollock William, fmhh, Hammerman's clofe

Porteous Alexander, flefher Flefiimarket clofe

C 73 3

Porteous John, barber, without the Weft Port

Porteous and Davidfon, fmitbs, Canal ftreet

Porteous William, victualing-houfe, College wynd

Porter Mrs, keeps boardirs, Surgeon fquare

Potter Lewis, raafon, Pleafar.ce

Potts Thomas, grocer, Brifto port

Prentice Richard, folickor-at-law^ Cowgate head

Prefton Robert, Colonel, No l. North St David ftr

Prefton M'fs. Liberton's wynd

Prefton Mrs. No i. St David ftreet

Pridie and Son, hatmakers, Netherbow

Primrofs Mifs. No oa, Chapel ftreet

Pringle Sir James, G.orges fquare

Pringle Mrs John, Georges fquare

Pringle Dunbar, leather merchant & manufacturer,


Pringle Mrs of Baining, Georges fquare

Pringle Mrs. No 259, Nicholfon ftreet

Pringle Mrs. oppofite the Linen Hall

Pringle Adam, watchmaker, Brifto fl-rett

Pringle Mrs. Milne's fquare

Pringle B. milliner, Exch. houfe Advocate's clofe

Pringle Mifs of Loughton, Crichton ftreet

Pringle Mark, Efq; advocate, Buccleugh ftreet

Proven Cariftopher, grocer, Luckenbooths

Proven Simon, weaver, Piccardy

Pyme Jofeph, haberdalher, Bridge ftreet

Phyn William, filk dyer, Paul's Work

Pyett James, copper.plate printer, foot of Bell's wd',


Rae James, furgeon, Caftlehill

Rae John, dentift & furgeon, head New Bank clofe

Rae Jamei, felicitor at law, Weft Bow

Rae Lady, Adams's court

Ka^ G:orge, fifhhook maker, Leith wynd, and

candlemaker, fore Ihop within the Netherbo'.v f

head St Mary's wynd

Rae Lady, Queen ftreet

Rae Mrs. grocer, Grafsmarket

Rae, Mifs man.tuam.aker, foot of Murdoch's clofc


C 74 1

Haeburn Wm. hairdrefi'er & perfumer, Bridge ftreet

Raraage James, accomptant general of excife Ramfay


Ramage, of the bank, op. Milton houfe, Canongate

Ramage Wm. writer, Georges fquare

Ramage Edward, merchant, Rofe ftreer, New Towa

Ramage Mrs. merchant, GavinlocL's land

Ramage Alex, merchant, Luckenbooths

Ramfay David, printer of the, Edinburgh Evening

Courant, Old Fifhmarkct c!. houfe Merchant ftreet

Ramfay David, fupervifor, Wrights houfes

Ramfay Alex, painter, Canongate head

Ramfay Mrs. Slunk

Ramfay David, mafon, Shakefpeare fquare

Ramfay Mrs. Georges fquare

Ramfay James, tea & fpirit dealer, Lawnmarket

Ramfay Andrew and Reid, reftificrs and grocers


Ramfay Andrew, {later, Baranger's clofe

Ramfay Andw. old Exchan. coffee -houfe, Crofs

Ramfay James, painter, Horfe wynd

Ramfay Rich, ladies hairdreffer op. Fountain well

Ramfay Mrs. oppofke Milton houfe, Canongate

Ramfay Mifs. New ftreet, Canongate

Ramfay James, builder, New ftreet, Caacngate

Ramfay John, wright, Paul's Work

Ranfton Garfen.Raifton, Rofton Efq; of Ratlefnake^


Randal Thomas, rev. Windmill ftreet

Ranken Jas. ftonewaremerchanr, Bridge ftreet

Ranken William, dyer, foot of Horfe wynd

Ranken James, wrighr, foot of Dickfon's clofe

Ranken William, tailor, oppofue the old Guard

Rain James, fpirit dealer, Main Point

R itcray Thomas, writer, Carruber's clofe

Rattray Peter, grocer, Watergate

R-ittray Mifs. Brown's clofe, Canongate

Rattray Mrs. Buccleugh ftreet

Rait Mrs. of Rakhall, Haddington's cl. C.inong3ta

Rait John, Efq; advocate, Princes ftreet

Ratcliff Mrs. Fdhtr's land

Reid James, Efq; Gorgic

C 75 3

Reid David, Captain, No 9. North St David ftreet

Reid Dav. commiffi. Cuftom-houfe, No 49. Pr. ftr.

Reid George, printer, Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Reid Mrs. Hinover ftreet

Reid William, ftockingmaker, foot College wynd

Reid John, Charles ftreet

Reid James, linen manufacturer, Siennes

Reid James, founder, Mud-ifland

Reid John, builder, St Ninian ftreet

Reid John, officer of excife, Canal ftreet

Reid Walter, weaver, Paul's Work

Pveid John, grocer, Potterrow

Reid James, baker, Charles ftreet

Reid George, wright, printers prefs-maker Candlemaker


Reid James, grocer, head of Pleafance

Reid James, wright, Middleton's entry

Reid Laurence, wrighr, Abbeyhill

Reid Thomas, watchmaker, Parliament fquare

Reid Wm, grocer, head of Dickfon's clofe

Reid Thomas, grocer, Cowgate Port

Reid William, baker, Rofe ftreet

Reid Mrs. iron-monger, head of Lyor.'s clofe

Reid Robert, grocer, foot of the Back ftairs

Reid John, hairdreffer, Weft Port

Reid Charles, gardener, Leith walk

Reid Charles, baker, at the-Crofs

Reid Peter, clerk for the Cuftoms, Grafsmiket

Reid Mil's, Crichton ftreet

Reikie Tnomas, glazier, Fifhroarket clofe

R-.ikie Ja. tobaccocift, below the Canongate church

Rentowll Andrew, grocer, Weft Bow

Renton Robert, writer, Grafsmarket

Renton Mrs. No 23, Princes ftreet

Rannie Tho. writer to the fignetN. St David ftr.

Rannie John, baker, Watergate,

Rannie & Campbell, merchants, front of Exchange

Rtoch James, folicitor at law, Murdoch's clofe

Rcoch Wiiliani, wright, Carruber's clofe

Reoch Duncan, vintner, Advocate's clofe

Rhiad John, writer, Lady Stairs's clofe

G 2

C 7

E 77 ]

Richie Mils Flefhmarket clofe

Ritchie Wm. brtwer, Pleafance

Ritchie John, flater, Httnmtnnan's clofe, Canong«

Rvmer Mrs, rcgifter office for fervants, St Miry v/d,

Rymer John, Dr. eaft end of the Meadow

Rymer Ja^ies, engraver, Parliament fquare

Roberts Mrs. hooptnaker, Grant's clofe

Robb Jame-, merchant, Potterrow

Robb Andrew, merchant, Ayer's clofe, Cowgate

R^bb Mrs. No p, St David ftreet

R^bb Ms. North Gray's. clofe

R bb John, merchant, he3d of Pleafance

Robb George, ihoemaker, No 4, Shakefpearc fquare

Robertfon Wm. Principal, College

; Robertfon M fs, of Ladykirk, Old Affembly clofe

Robertfon John, .printer of the Caledonian Mercury,.

Old Fiihmarket clofe

Robertfon James, Black Bull inn, Pleafance

Robertfon David, Efq; Georges fquare

Robertfon Patrick, jeweller, Parliament fquare^

houfe Exchange

Robertfon James, Dr. College

Robertfon Alexander, clerk of feffion, Milne's fquare

Ribcrtion John, writer, Carruber's clofe

Robertfon Alex, printer, op. foot Old Affembly clcfe

Robertfon Francis, Poft Office, Caltonhiil

R bertfon John, writer, Me-almarket flairs .

Robertfon Profeffbr, St John's Htll

Robertfon Jofeph, Dr., St John ftreet

Robertfon Mifs Canongate foot

Robertfon and Beugo, houfe and ornament painters^ ,

Regifkr ftreet

Robertfon; Charles, painter, No 4, Princes ftreet

R 'bertfon John, accomptant, head TodrickV wynd

Robertfon George, writer to the fignet Queen ftrces

Robertfon Mrs. milliner,. No. 2, Pricces ftreet

Robertfon Wm. Excife Office, Stevenlaw's clofs

Robertfon George, fhoemaker, Charles ftreet

Robertfoot Alex, fpirit dealer, foot Merlin's wynd

Robertfon Wm. broker, oppofite Fountain -well

Rabcrtfon, Udies hairdreffer, N© 2, Princes. ftres:



L 78 j

Robertfon Wra. watchmaker, Canongate bead

Rnb;rtfon John, Haymaker, CanoDgate head

Robertfon Captain of the toibooth, Bcfs wyrid

Robertfon Cha. hardware merchant, Lawnmarket

Robertfon Peter, merchant, front of Exchange

Robertfon Peter, truftees officer, Gavinlcch's land

Robertfon Mrs. midwife, Morocco's cl. Lawnmar.

Robertfon Win- tailor and habitmaker, Canal ftreet

Robertfon John, filverfrni'th, Lenh wynd

Robertfon » feph teacher of languages, Canon, head

Robertfon Richard, late, of Artillery, Kittlenaked

Rob:rtfon Thomas, -fiioe maker., Candlemaker-row

Robertfon Thomas, Wright, Jamfs's court

Robertfon Hugh, turner, CaftltftiiL

Robertfon Mrs. lets rooms, Cafilehtll

Robertfon James, brafs founder, Horfe wynd

Robertfon Mrs. Horfe wynd

Robertfon Robert, hairdrefler, foot of Thraple's c!o&

Robertfon John barber, Nctherbow

Robertfon, Alexander, baker, head of the Pit-afancj.

Robertfon Mines, Chapel ftreet

Robertfon Duncan, lint-drefTer, Weft Port

Robertfon John, grocer, Brifto ftreet

Robertfon James, barber, Brifto poet

Robertfon James, fhoemaker, Brifto ftreet

Robertfon Mrs. keeps the beft ale, Gofsford's clofe

R >bertfon Mifs. filligree-worker,

R bcrtfon William, dyer, Water of Leith

Robertfon Angus, lint-drefler, Weft Bow

Robertfon David, froith, Cowgate head

Robertfon Alex, ftockingmaker, Potterrowr

B_ogers Edward, linen draper

Rogers George, corkcutter, Abbey ftrand

Ro£h Ms. Georges ftreet

JfcoMiand Adam, Efq; advocate, Qneen, flfcsfc

R.oiland Robert, St James's ftreet

Ro!io Captain, Bruntsfi

L 19 3

Ronaldfon Francis, Poft office, Calton hill

Ronaldfon jMrs. of Blaurh-a-ll., Milne's court

Konaldibn Win. baker, Lawnmarker, fouth fids

Ronaldfon John, grocer,, head Skinner's clofe

Ronaldfon Mils, mantuamaker, Milnes courtj

Romaines Wm. Hacking maker, Caftie hill

Roye James, lhoemaker, No 235, Micholfon ftreet

Rofs Colin, of Exchequer, Abbey hill

Rofs Mrs. No 9, Chapel ftreet

Rofs Mrs. room-feter, Buchanan's court

Rofs Robert, mufic feller, Cirruber's clofe

Rofs Alex, clerk of Seffion, Caftlehill

Rofs Mrs. of Aberncthy, High fchool yards

Rofs Samuel, fhoemaker, Shakeipeare fquare

Rofs Mrs. broker, Nttherbow

Rofs Mrs. milliner,. near the crofs

Rofs James, tobacconift, eaft end corn market

Rofs Robert, fhaemaker, Potterrow

Rofs Mifs, Abbey hill

Rofs John, grocer, Sommerville's clofe, Conoogate

Rofs Mrs. No 25, Princes ftreet

Rofs Lockart Sir John, Admiral, Georges fquare

Ruddiman Thomas, Printer, Forrefter's wynd

Ruddiman lieutenant Walter, Fountainbrklg'e

Ruddiman James, hatter, a little without Weil PorS

Rule Thomas, writes -

, Don's clofe

Rule George, baker, bead of Flefhmaxket clofe

Ruffe] Wm. of AflbilteeJ. St John ftreet

Ruffel Walter, and Co. merchant, Luckenbooths

Ruff.1 Davkl, accomptant, Society

Ruffel James, furgeon, Society

Ruffel John, writ, to tie fig. Argyle fquare

Ruffd John, jun writ. fig. No 8, Princes ftreet

Ruffel James, upholftercr and undertaker, Bailie

Fyfe's clofe

Ruffel Thomas, wrtght, Laurifton

Ruffel Thomas, grocer, Canongate head

Ruffel Adam, rrrafon, Canal ftreet

Ruffel George, keeper Parliament koufe, Burnett c\

Ruff.1 Mrs. Canonongate foot

Rutherford James, writ. %. AU&a'* fojaare.

[ 8* j

Rutherford Ms. Georges fquare

Rutherford Daniel, Dr. Hynford's clofe

Rutherford Mrs. Weft bow foot

Rutherford Mrs. Charles ii eet

Rutherford Gipt. Quarry holes

Rutherford Rob:r, fmich, Cd'.on

Rufkin John, grocer, head Kennedy's: clofe

Ruthver. Lady, dowager, flfc hon. Laurifton

Ruthven '1 homas. writer, Milne's court

Riuhvea Mrs (Ja 5

.) grocer, a little without the Weft'

Port ; fells leather, and other fhoemakcrs articles


Salter Charles, brewer, Horfe wynd

Salter Ifaac, brewer, Robertfon's clofe'

Salt Peter, fugar houfe, Cancngate

Salton M~s. Laurifton

Smdilands Matthew, writ. fig. No 6, St Andw. fquv

Sindilands Peter, Dr. Charles ftreet

Sandilands John, wpholfterer, Brifto ftreet

Sandy Mrs. oieal market

Sands Wm. major, Georges fquare

Sands Mrs. No 47, Princes ftreet

Sandfon J.imes,igrocer, np. Milton houfe, Canong»-

Sangfter James, merch. No 74, Cnapel ftreet

Smgfter Rob- baker, No 2, S David ftreet

Smgftcr Peter, bookbinder, Sandiland's clofe

Smders James, writer to the figner, Cafllehiil

Senders J6hn, fhoemaker, S Ninian ftreet

Sanders James, fhoemakerj St Ann ftreet

Smderfon Tho. merchant, weft end Luckenbootbs

Savage ..


> e'erk cefs office, Aiifon'* fquare

Savage Robert, wig-maker, Alifon's fquare. -

Savage Robert, fhoemaker, Weft port

Savage Archibald, tailor, Leith wynd

Saffley John, clock maker, Brifto ftreet

Sailers M'fs, Poterrow

Sawers Archibald, baker, Forrefter's wynd !

Sawers Mrs. merchant, head Turk's clofe

Sawers Wm. merchant, Grafsmarket

Sawers , Bell's mills

Scoffier Jofcpb, merchant, head Fk&aurkct clojfe .

t 81 3

Scott, Sir John, No 17, Princes ftreet

Scott James, writ, to the fig. Nicholfon fquare

Scott Walter, writer to the fig. Georges fquare

Scott William, banker, Old Afkmbly clofe

Scott Wm. folicitor at law, Merchant ftreet

Scott Mifs, New ftreet, Canongate

Scott Mrs. of Gila, Georges fquare

Scott John, writer to the figner, Prefident ftairs

Scott Mifs, of Hirden, Tiviot row

Scott James, & Son, ironmongers, Weft bow

Scott Jaraes, grocer, Grafsraarket

Scott M.fs, nrantuaker, Seliers's clofe /

Scott Robert, druggift, High flreet

Scott Alex, brewer, Fountainbridgs

Scott Mrs Chefkh's buildings

Scott James, Chefiels's court

Scott Wm. plumber, Shakefpeare fquare

Scott Mrs. of Swinton, Georges ftreet

Scott Thomas, writ. No 47, Princes ftreet

Scott Mifs, N© 19, Princes ftreet

Scott Mrs. of Horfelyhill, No 16, St Andrew fquare

Scott Mrs. ©f Balleny, at Balviear

Scott John, ftay maker, Canongate head

Scott William, grocer, Canongate. head -

Scott Alex, grocer, No 249, Nicholson ftreet

Scott Alex, merchant, Crpfs-caafeway fide

Scott Archibald^ diiiiller, Potterrow

Scott Mifs, Charles ftreet

Scott Charles, tanner, Hay's court

Scott John, watch maker, Weft port

Scctt John,chymift, foot Robrrtfon's clofe

Scott Andrew, fiabler, Candkmaker row.

Scott John, clerk, Sieanes . . _

Scoct Mifs, mantuamaker, Barranger's clo£e

Scott John, biker, head Fkfbmark?*, clofe

Scott John, fi.nW, H gh fchool wynd

Scott Andrew, conftabl:, B.fs wynd

Scotc?Waker, & Gideon, fheenvakcrs, Potterrow

Sco:t John, porter ceilar ? Milae's fquare

Scott Mrs. room fetter, op. ew Chapel

Scot: Charles, halrdreikr. Od Alkmbly clofs

t 82 ]

Scott James, bookbinder, Forrefter's wynd

Scott Robert, baker, op. fugar houfe, Canongate

Scouler Jafper, fho? maker, Lyon's clofe

Scrymgeour Mrs. Murdoch's clofe

Scrymgeour John, oyfter celier, op. foot Fifhm. c!.'

Scealy Jofeph, teacher of dancing, Fowlis's clofe

Schetcky John, murk teacher, Fowlis's clofe

Selby Jamet, plumber, foot Bailie Fyfe's clofe

Sellers Peter, tailor, Leith wynd

Sellers Mifs, Poterrow

Selkirk Robert, Bunkers hill

S:lkivk Charles, accomptant, St Ann ftreet

Sempie Mifs, Rofe ftreet

Sempl'S Robert, brewer, Caftlebarcs

Semple John, writer, Stevenlaw's clofe

Seton,Houfton, & Co. bankers, within the Exchange

Sievewright & Son, comb makers, &c. foot Blackf wd

Sievewright, Mrs. Cowgate head

Shade Thomas, baker, foot New ftreet

Sharp Francis, coach hyrer, Pleafance

Sharp Alex. Jate of Jamaica, Hig» fchool yards

Schaw Sam. extractor, S: Ann ftreet

Schaw George, wine merchant, Caltonhili

Schaw Peter, glazier, No 3, Rofe ftreet

Schaw James, vintner, Borthwick's clofe

Schaw Mrs. Geddes's clofe

Schaw Wm changekeeper, Bridge ftreet

Schaw Mr.. CaftkhHl

Schaw Andrew, ftarch maker, Croftacgry

Schaw Mrs. Dunbar's clofe

Shand Francis, woolen draper, Luckenbooths

Sh;ind David, grocer, Grafsmarket, fouth fide

Shean , harpfichord, and fpinet maker, New ftr

S ;epherd David, & Son, grocers, hd. Strichan's cl

S >iels Archibald, Swan's c'ofe

Shiels John, furgcon, at the Tronchurch

SiiieL James, writer, Liberton's wynd

Shiels-Francu, baker, head Cant's clofe

Shiels Mrs. midwife, Fountainbridge

Sherrilaw James, grocer, Nstherbow

Shovia Andrew, Lindfay's land, Brifto

[ 8 3 3

Sibbald James, circulating library, Parliament fquare

Sibbald Wm. tailor, head of Brodie's clofe, Lat?nm^

Sibbald James, fhoemaker, Poterrow

Sibbald boarding miftrefs, Crichton ftreet

Sibbald Thom.'.s, fmith, College wynd

Sibbald Mn, Slunk

Sime James, glover, Creams

Simpfon Wm. cafhier, Royal Bank

Simpfon Alex, of the R. bank, head Todrick's wynd

Simpfon James, of the R. bank, Whitehorfe cl. Can.

S'mpfon Wm rev. Georges fquare

Simpfon Alex, tailor & merchant, foot of Pleafance

Simpfon Edward, hairdreiler, Luckenbooths

Simpfon George, fmith, Abbey hill

Simpfon Mrs. No 83, Chapel ftreet

Simpfon David, Alifon's fquare

Simpfon Walter, Brifto ftreet

Simpfon James, ftationer, at the crofs

Simpfon John, tailor, Alifon's fquare

Simpfon Edward hair drefler, below Bridge ftreet

Simpfon James, baker, Kincaid's land, Cowgate

Simpfon Mrs. Flefhmarket clofe


; S nclair S r John, Gzorges ftreet

Sinclair Robert, Efq; advocate, Cheftels's sourt

Sinclair Mifs, Parliament fquare

Sinclair Mrs. Old AfTembly cl. fells the beft of creara

Sinclair Robert, of Bridge end, Hyndford's clofe

Sinclair James, Capt. Buccleugh ftreet

Sinclair Mr*. Queenfb:rry's lodgings, Canongate

Sinclair Mrs. Murdoch's clofe

Sinclair Wm. writer, Canongate

Sinclair Lady, Nichoifon fquare

Snclair John, fhoemaker, Salt baket

Sinclair Wm. brewer, St Leonard's hill

Sinclair Peter plafterer, Canal ftreet

Skae David, grocer, Old fhip clofe, near the crofs

Skene General, Abbey bill

Skene Mrs. of R bflaw, Georges ftreet

Skene Captain, Abbey h-11

Skinner James, writer, Kiuloch's clofe

Skirving Mrs. merchant, Luckenbooths

C 84 3

Sklrvjng James, grocer, front Milne's court

Sk>rach John, tailor, Alifon's fquare

Slider John, tailor, Brifto ftreet

Small Charles, vintner, Craig's clofe

Small Charles, hairdrefler, Bridge ftreet

Small John, macer to Court of Ssffion, Craig's clof*

Small James, Xhoemaker, Charks ftreet

Small George, confectioner, Chelfels's buildings

Small John, grocer, op. mealtnarket

Small John, glazier, Liberton's vvynd

Smart Robert, ftnkh, Calton

Smellie William, Printer, Anchor clofe

Smith Donald, banker, Exch. houfc Brifto ftreet

Smith John, writ, to the flg. St James's fquare

Smith Win. extractor, CampbeH's clofe j Cowgate

Smith James, glover, Creams

Smith William, Dr. Georges ftreet

Smith Thomas, writer, Cakonhill

Smith Wm. baker, Allifon's fquare

Smith George, vintner, Archers hall

Smith Mrs. of Methven, No 23, St Andrew fquare

Smith Thomas writer, Argyle fquare

Smith John, writer^ Calton hill

Smith James, writer, Caftlehill

Smith James, watchmaker, CakonhilU

Smith Peter, tailor, Canongate head

Smith David, grocer, near the crefs

Smith J.*mcs, laft maker, Paul's work

Smith Peter, recorder of the dead, Cowgate head

Smith Mrs. Leith wynd

Smith James, ftaymaker, Canongate head

Smith William, merchant, Gabriel's road

Smith Mrs. baker, Potterrow

Smith Thomas, tinplate worker, Poterrow

Smith John, hair worker, Bridge ftreeet

Smith Andrew, Ladies hairdrefler, Bridge f reit

Smith Mrs. midwife, foot of Robertfon's clofe

Smith Alex, baker, Lawnmarket

S^jnith Adam, fkinner, Stockbridge

j£mith Wm. chafehirer, Regifter (Ireet

Smith Mrs. feoker, foo t of Thaple*s clofe :

E 85 ]

Smith Mis. fets rooms, No 43, Nicholfon fir;;:

Smith Alex, audtioner, head Stevenlaw's clof:

Smith Mrs. Blyth's ciofe

Smith Robert, porter feller, Netherbow

Smith MdV, mantuamaker, Horfe wynd

'Smith Nathaniel, fhoeraaker, Potter row ftr:et

Smith Gilbert, founder, St Ninian row

S.neiton Walter, painter, New ftreet, Csxic.sgate

Smeiton M"S. bookbinder, Brown's clof;

Smollct Alex. Efq; New ftreet, Canong^'.e

Saaollet Mrs. St John ftreet

Sommerville Mus, Georges ftreet

Sommervell Mrs. Sommervitc's ciofe, Cancngate

Sommervell John, writer, Cowgate head

Sommervell Walter, baker, Canongate head

Sommervell Nicol, haberdaiher, Bridge ilrcet

Sommervell Wm. painter, Fiefnmarket ciofe

Sommervell Patrick, lint dreii". at crofs, i ;'. Allan's cl

Sommervell Samuel, baker, Bow head

Sommervell James, filk dyer, Chalmer^. ^'of;

Sommervell Alex, flax-drefTsr, Allan's ckfs

Sommervell Wm. fhoem^ker, Niche Koji ftreet

Sommervell Mrs. S: John %eet

Sommervell Wm. filh-ho^s maker. LVith •.'-} nd

Sommervell David, tcbjcconiit, GrWstaRrkst 3. fide

-Summers James, writer Advjc/ite's clc..:

Sommers Thomas, vintner, Jackibn's defe

Sommers Tho. hi* M^jefty's glazier. CkuafBfel] turnp

Sommers Wm. Jackfon's dole

•Spaden James, grocer, head Bull's ciofe

Spalding Mrs. confectioner, Exch. hf. Mint ciofe

Spalding Miifes, thread-m^ker?, M'nt & Exchange

Spankie,chi'na merchant, and groc. op. Tron church

Spark Tho. cloathes cleaner, High fchool wynd

Spence Nathaniel, Dr, Georges ftreet

Spence Dr. dentift, James's court

Spence Alex, goldfrnitb, weft entry to Pari, fquare

Spence Jofeph, tobacconift, Brifto Areet

Spence James, writer, War drop's courc

Spence John, painter, Weft bow -

Spence James, hairdrdfer, head BdPs wynd

Spence Mrs. Turk's ciofe


[ 86 ]

Spence Thomas, grocer, Bow head

Spence Mil), weft Caufeway fide

Spears Mrs. noith St David ftreet

Spottifwood John, Efq; mealmarket ftairs

Spottifwood John, Carron warehoufe, No 2. Prin. ftr.

Spottifwood Mrs. of Dunnypace, Princes ftreet

Spottifwood Mrs. ironmonger, Grafsmarker, N. fide

Spottifwood James, paper merch. Niddry's wynd

Sprott Wm. iblicitor at law, Morrocco's cl. Canong

Sprott Alex, tanner, Hamilton's folly

Sprott Mrs. hotel, Princes ftreet, fouth fide

Sprott James, tanner, mealmarket

Sprott Mrs. Bridge ftreet

Sprott Robert, candlemaker, at the Tron church

.Sprott John, candlemaker, Bi ifto ftreet

S:ark John, tobacconifr, undev the pillars, Crofs

Stark Wm. Comb-maker, eaft end of the Creams

Stark Stewart, writer, Turk's clofe

otabilini, mufic mafter, Shakefpeare fquare

Steadman John, Dr. St John ftreet

Stead David, card manufacturer^ Leith walk

Steele Andrew, writer, Adams's court

Steele John, fmith, Calton

Steele Alexander, wright, Borrow loch

Steele John, wheelwright, foot Blackfriar's wynd

Still Robert, haberdalher, Canongate head


S.inehoufe Cipt. St James's fquare

ill Mifs, haberdalher, head of Mint clofe

S'-inehoufc Mrs. No 10, Princes ftreet

Steven Robert, grocer, Nc 48, Nicholfon ftreet

Stevens Mrs. baker, head of Blackfriar's wynd

S:evens Alex, brewer, Water of Leith

, Stevens David, trunkmaker, Anchor clcfe

S-evenfon Alex. dep. clerk ot S.-ftion, Jameses court

S.evenfon Alex. Dr. head of Pleafance

Stevenfon Samuel, fucgeon, Canongate head

Stevenfon Alexander, wright, Abbey hill

Stevenfon Mrs. Georges fquare

Stcvenfon Robert, Painter, Morrocco's clofe

{jtephenfon Geo. window tax < ffice, Kincaid's land

Stephen George, yetlin founder, Canongate foot

S'.alker James., fcboolmafter, P.ittrft n's court

Stewart the hon> Mils, Georges ftreet

C 87 j

Stewart General, Georges ftreet

Stewart Sr John, of Allanbar.k, St John ftreet

Stewart Junes, Extractor, St Ann ftreet

Stewart David, Banker, No 5, Queen ftreet

Stewart Charles, writer, Cuflom houfe

Stewart Charles, Dr. Hay ftreet

Stewart Robert, writ. fig. Tailors hall, Cowgate

Stewart David,, writ. Elphefton's court, Mint

Stewart John, Eiq; Georges ftreet

Stewart James, writer, Morrifon's clofe

Stewart Mrs. Ailifon's fquare

Stewart Hfcrsj of———— , Brown's fquare

Stewart Dougal, profeffor, College

Stewart Wm. Elq; advocate, Milne's court

Stewart Captain John, Caftlehill

Stewart John, teacher, of dancing, Royal Bank cL

Stewart Adam, writer, Calcon hill

Stewart & N. Merchants, head Old Bank clofe

Stewart William* writer, Broughton

Stewart Samuel, Britifh linen manuf-icl. Chalm. ch

Stewart Thomas, fecc. Old Bink, Milne's fquare

Stewart & Campbell, apothecary, Bull turnpike

Stewart Mansfield, merchant Luckenbooths

Stewart James, merchant, Luckenbooths

Stewart Andrew, writ. fig. Brown's fquare

Stewart John, change-keeper, Old Affembly clofe

Stewart Mifs, Thiftle ftreet

Stewart Mil's, St David ftreet

Stewart Neil, mufic feller, Parliament fquare

Stewart John, SherirFfubftitute, Liberton's wynd

Stewart Mifs, of Stewart field, Calton hill '

Stewart Mifs, Georges ftreet

Stewart John, vintner, Old fifhmarket clofe

Stewart Daniel, of exchequer, Canongate

Stewart George, printer, Pleafance

Stewart Mifs, Hay's court

Stewait Wm. writer, Turk's clofe

,'Jtewart Wm. janitor of the College,

Stewart & Matthew, tobacconift, head Seller's clofe

Stewart James, baker, Buccleugh ftreet

Stewart John, grocer, head Barranger's xlofe

Stewart Jis. porter & ftrong ale deal. Hdkerft. wd*


C 88 3

Stewart Malcom, tailor, & habit maker, Alifon's iqtl.

Stewart Archibald, ftabler, Pleaftnce

Srewart Mrs. room fetter, Kennedy's clofe

Stewart Mils, Canongate head

Stewart John, tool maker, No 39, Nieholfon ftreet

Stewart Mifs Briito ftnet


Stewart MTs, fpinet teacher, Crichton ftreet

Stewart Mrs. Goftford's clofe

Stewart James, vintner, Liberton's wynd

Srewart Wm. grocer, Lawnmarket

Stewart David, glover, op. toibooth door

Stewart Robert, grocer, head Kennedy's clofe

Stewarts Miif'-s, Mint clofe

Stewart Neil, grocer, Netherhow

Stewart Daniel, hairdreffer, Horfe wynd

Stewart Daniel, grocer, foot Forrefter'6 wynd

Stewart Thomas, tinplate worker, Weft bow

Stewart Alex, mufician, Milne's court

Stewart Arch, merchant, Siennes

Stewart Mrs. Geddis's clofe

Stewart ftfrk. Caftlehill

Stewart Mrs. room fetter, Fountain clofe

Stewart Mifs, mantuamaker, Canongate her.d

Stewart Tho. weaver & room fetter, Blackfi iar's wd

Stewart Mrs. fets rooms Nc 152, Nieholfon ftreet

Stewart John, grocer, head Warrifton's clofe

Street Samuel, brufhmaker, Chalmers's clofe

Stirling James, banker, No 8, St Andrew fquare

Stirling John, hofier, Netherbow

Stobie John, writer, Warrifton's clofe

Stodart and M'Kell merchants, Bridge ftreet

Scodart Jame?, late flioemaker, Broughton

Storrie Wm. folicitor at law, Riddle's clofe

Srorrie A!ex candlerr.aker, at the crefs

Storries Miles, merchants, Bridge ftreet

Storrie John, grocer, Grafsmarke'-, noi th fide

Sorrie Mrs. hairdrefter, head Kennedy's clofe

Storrie Mrs. baker, Luckenbooths

Stockle M r s. lace.joiner and mender^ Anchor ciofe

Storm Wlliam, tailor, St Ann ftreet

Scrcnock John, groc op. Queenfberry lodgings, Can

Strachan Francis, writ, to the fig. Warrifton's clofe

Straclun John, fhoemaker, Canongate head

[ 89 3

Strachan Mifs. Crichton ftreet

Strachan James, grocer, Weft Bow

Straiton Mifs. Cowgate head

Straiton Wm. fmith, Pleafance

Straiton Wm, chaife hirer, Pieafance

Strange David, dancing-mafter, Todrick's wynd

Sturrock John, tea & fpirit dealer, Canongate head

Stormont James, writer, Forrefter's wynd

Sutter J-imes, ftaymaktrr, Mmt court

Sutherland James, muhc-ieller, Bridge ftreet

Sutherland John, writ. & meffen. hd. Liberton's wd.

Sutherland Mifs. mantuamaker, Candlemaker-row

Sutherland Charles, mufician, Canongate head

Sutherland Wm. vintner, Stevenlaw's clofe

Sutherland & Son, Hnt-drefTers, oppofite New ftreet

Suttie Sir James, Efq; advocate Argyle's fquare

Suttie Mrs. New ftreet, Canongate

Swan George, merchant, head Carruber's clofg

Swan James, hair-dreffer, Meaimarket ftairs

Swan Alexander, porter dealer, Allan's clofe


Swanfon Wm. writing-mafter, New Bank clofe

Swanfton John, grocer, Biihop's land

Swanfton John, clerk to Poft Office, Canong. head

owinton Lord, No. 43, Princes ftreet

Swinton John, jun. Eiq; advocate, Princes flreet

Symington Jofeph, brewer, Robertfon'S clofe

Syme James, Lfq; of Nortlfield, Chalmers's clofe-

Syme Robert, writer to the fignet, Society

Syme John, writer to the fignet, New ftreet, Can»

Syme Miffes, St Patrick ftreet

Syme Mr*. Monteith's clofe

SydferfF Wm. teacher, Trunk clofe


Tait John, fen. writer to the fignet, Park place

Tait John, jun. writ, to the fig. No 25, Princes ftr

Tait Janes, writer, Lady Stairs's dole

Tait James, meafurer of the- city- works, foot cf

Stevenlaw's clofe

Tait Alex. Iviacaid, writer, foot of Stevenlaw's clofs-

Tait. Robert, fhoemaker, Milne's court


[ 9 o 2

Tait Walter, fifning- rod. maker, head Gray's ciofe

Tait James, bookbinder, College wynd

Tait James, jun. bruin manufacturer, Cant's clofe

Tait Mifs, mantuamaker, No 6, Jamei's court

Tait — , — brufhmaker, Baxter's clofe

Taylor John, writer to the fignet, Old AfTem. clofe

Taylor Wm. of the Exchequer, Brifto ftreet

Taylor David, of the Exchequer, New Aflem. clofe

Taylor Pat. houfe & coach painter, Regifter ftreet

Taylor fames, mafon, Richmond ftreet

Taylor Alex, tea & fpirit dealer, hd. Chalmers's cl.

Taylor William, merchant, Luckenbooths

Taylor George & Sen, ftoneware merch.Horfe wd,

Ta}lor Mrs, brewer, Abbey hill

Taylor Wm. fuperviibr of military roads, Abbey h.

Taylor Mrs, baker, below Crichton's entry, Cang.

Taylor Mrs, Fcrrcfter's wynd

Taylor Wm. fpirit dealer, head of Kennedy's clofe

Taylor Mifs, merchant, Luckecbooths

Taylor James, bookbinder, Parliament fquarc

Taylor Mrs, grocer, Cand'emaker-row

Taylor Patrick, fhoith, Cant's clofe

Tawes John, writer, Parliament fquare

Telfair James, Haymaker, head St Mary wynd

Temple William, fpirit dealer, Watergate

Tenneat Robert, folicitor at kw, Weft Bow

Tennent Mrs, No 157, Nicholfon ftreet

Teviotdale David, weaver, Abbey hill

Thomas Mills, grccer and auctioneer, at the Crofs

Them James, vintner, Brifto ftreet

Thomfon Colonel, No 157, Nicholfon ftreet

Thomfon James, writer to the fignet, Hanover fir.

Thomfon James and Son, infurance_ brokers and

lottery office keepers- at the Crofs,—houfe Bun-

ker's Hill

Thomfon Mifs, milliner, Buccleugh ftreet

Thomfon Alex, grocer, oppolite old Guard,—houfe

Craig's ciofc

Thomfon Alexander, writer, Bull Turnpike

Thomfon David, writer, Brifto ftreet

Thomfon Robert, mcflcnger and notary-public, Ga«

vinloch's land

t 9? 3

Thomfon Alexander, accomptanf, Briflo nreet

Thomfon William, (Japt. foot of Leith walk

Thomfon Geo. of the Trustees Office, Rcfe ftreet

Thomfon James, No 2, Sc Andrew ftrcet

Thomfon Cuarles, merchant, Cdton hill

Thomfon M'fs, teacner of fewing, Luckenbooths

Thomfon Mifs, Gabriel's road

Thornton Peter, grocer, Filhmarket

Thomfon Daniel, fpirit dealer, foot Niddry's wynd

Thomfon Francis, officer of excife, Crofscaufeway

Thomfon John, carver and gilder, Cowgate head

Thomfon Andrew, merchant, Grafsmarket S. fide

Thomfon James, iron-monger, Grafsmarket N. fide

Thomfon Wm. baker, Hanover ftreet, north fide

Thomfon Richard, tnafon, St Ninian ftreet

Thomfon John, ihoemaker, Calton hiil

Thomfon James, grocer, Leith wynd

Thomfon Walter, jufticiary macer, Sellers's clofe

Thomfoil Jimes, baker, head of Forrefter's-wyrid

Thomfon Mrs, roomfetter, Shakefpeare tffftffs? ^ :


Thomfon James, haircirefier, Luckenbooihs ;-

;r; 'J •


Taomfrn William, weaver, Lcuh wynd ;' UStfo

' ;; ;

Thomfon Mil's, milliner, Leith wynd ^ T

Tnomfon James, fpirit dealer, Lilk ion's wynd

Tnomfim Peter, giocer, Crolieacfeway

Tnomfon Wm. grocer, Cowgate head


Thomfon John, Scieaes

Thomfon Alex, grocer, foot Horfe wynd

Thomfon Wm. Efcjj Lochend's clofe, Canongate

Thomfon James, vintner, keeps an excellent houfe

of entertainment, Forrcfter's wynd

Thomfon Daniel, tea & fpirit dealer, Stevenlaw's cl

Thomfon Mrs, room fetter, at the Crofs

Thomfon John, wright, Fountainbridge

Thomfon James, hairdreiTer, CafUe hill

Thomfon Wm. wigmaker, Weft Bow head

Thomfon Wm. fhoemaker, Grafsmarket, fottch fijft

Thomfon Mrs, Tark's clofe

Thomfon John, fleiher, Canal ftreet

Thomfon Mifs, fees room, Liberton's wynd

' Thomfon Andrew, fiv.fher, Flefhmarket clofe *'

Thomfoa Henry, filhing- rod mak:r ; Luckcabooths


L 92 ]

Tibb:?s John, hatmaker, at the Crofs

Torry James, merchant, front of Exchange ; houfe

No 2. St James's fquare

To wt fend John, bafketmaker, foot of Liberton's wd

Tod Thomas, writer to the fignet, Georges fquare

Tod Mrs, Windmill ftreet

Tod Archibald, writer to the fignet, Georges fqu,

Tod TGeorge, writer, James's court

Tod Tnoma?, tanner, Caftlehid

Tod Mifs, Cifttehill,

Tod Daniel, grocer, Cowgate head

Tod and B.e, brewers, Hamilton's Folly-

Tod Mrs. St John ftreet

Tod Henry, cabinet-maker, N:w ftreet

Tod James, tailor, Salt backet

Tweedie Robert, Antigua ftreet

Twcedie Alex, of the cuftoms, Roxburgh's, clofe

Tweedie Wihiam, Fountain clcfe

Twedl? Geo. candlemaker, Water of L;ith

Tor.ct J,«(lva, Rev. Cricbton ftreet

Touch Qgffige, bcllhanger, Old Aifembly clofe

Touch Walter, Haymaker, St Mary wynd

Traquair Lalies, Canongate head

Threipland a'r S--;wart, phyfician, Bifhop's land

Threipland J >hn, tailor, Shakelpeare fquare

Trotter Robert, writer to the fig. Rrmfay Garden

Trotter Thomas, of Mortonhall, St John ftreet

Trotter Wm. confectioner, Bridge ftreet

Trotter Thomas, upholftercr, Princes ftreet

Trail Jarne?, Society

Turnbull Wm. cloth merchant, oppofre the Ctcf;

Turnbull Mathew, merchant Buccleugh ftreet

Turnbull John, officer of excife, Canal ftreet

Turnbull Mrs, Liberton's wynd

Turnbull George, baker, Potterrow

Turnbull Mrs, auctioneer, foot of S:ev»daw's clofe

Tytler Wm. writer to the fignet, New ftreet

Tytler Alex. Efq; advocate, Brown's fquare

Thorburn Walter, upholftercr, Charles ftreet

Thorburn John, tailor, No 42. Nicholfon ftreet

Tulloch Thomas, merchant, Lawnmarket

I 93 3

Tinto Wm. grocer, N©. 105. Nicholfoa ftreet


Udney Alex, commiffioner of excife,|Georges fquare

Urquhart Leonard, writ, to the fig. Fcnefter's wd>

Uiquhart Win. fnoemaker, Rofe ftreet


"Vair "Wva. hairj.rcffir, head of Covenant clofe

Vanee , fupervifor of excife, Gaftlebarns

Vivers Wm. ehymift, Netherbow

Veitch Geo. Wine merchant, No 251, Nichollbn ftr.

Veftay J>hn, barber, Canongate foot

Vernon Mrs. New flrert, Canongate

Vickerage Mrs, Gavir.loch's land


Waddell Mifs, mantuamaker, Murdoch's clofe

Wadded M'-fs, mantuamaker, within the Exchange

Waddell James, writer, Jack's clofe, Canongate

Waddlaw and Gardner, : ftockingmakers, foot of

Forrefter's wynd

Walker Wm. attorney of Exchequer, Byres's .clofe-

Walker Dr. Sellers'* clofe

Walker John, Dr, St John ilreet

Walker Charles, vintner, Writers court

Walker Robert, I rev. oppofite Canongate church

Walker James, writer to .the fignet, Georges ftreet

Walker John, merchant, St James's fquare

Walker Mifs, roomfetter, Lawnmarket

"\V r

alker Geo. drawing rmaller,' head Blackfriar's wd

Walker Geo', drawing mafter, Covenant clofe

Walker Ja. of Ckrkington, No 8, St Andrew ilreet

Walker & Murray, msrehts- Grant's cl, Netherbow

Walker Mrs, of Foulden, No 12, Princes ftreet

Walker Andrew, tap. room, Shakefpeare fquare

Walker Robert, writer, merchant ftreet

Walker Alex, writer, Paterfon's court

Walker Alexander, brewer, op. New ftreet Canong,

Walker James, baker, Shakefpeare fquare

WaFker Alex, hotel keeper, No 1, Princes ftreet

"Walker Mrs, Back rcw

Walker John, vintner, New AfTcmbly clofe

C 94 3

Walker James, grocer head of Bell's wynd

Walker Alex teacher, oppofitc High School wynd

Walker Mrs. Nicholfon ftreet

Walker James, gardener, Abbey

Walton John, teacher of mufic, Candlemaker row

Wallace Wm. Efq; advoc. Grafsmarker, foiuh fide

Wallace Lady Dj wager, No i, Rofe ftreet

Wallace Geo. Lfq; advocate, head of Scott's clofe

Wallace Alex, banker, Ramfay Garden

Wallace Wm. inn keeper, Brifto ftreet

Wallace Wm. glover, Regifter ftreet

Wallace Charles, merchant,. Bow head

Wallace Wm. grocer, Canongate head

Wallace Ninian, cabinet maker, Brifto ftreet

Wallace Mils, Candlemaker row

Wallace James, painter, Middleton's entry

Wallace John, wrighr, Pa.e r fon's court

Wallace James, change keeper, No c?, Chapel fir.

Walls Mrs, No 159, Nichoifon ftree.

Warden Mrs, ftabler, Grafsmarket

Wardrope Andrew, furgeon, Hhnover ftreet

Wardrope Mrs, grocer, at the Crofs, fouth fide

Wardrope Mrs, £lytb'» clofe, Caftlehill

Warrender Mils, Georges fquare

Warrender Geo. Lfq; E r u - sfied Links

Warrender Hugh, writer, Caftlehill

Warmouth John, grocer Abbey

Waterfton Mrs. wax chandler, Gallaway'i clofe

Watfon Samuel, folicitor at law, M^almarket ftairs'

Watfon Mifles, Charles ftreet

Watfon James, meffenger, Anchor clofe

Watfon Samuel, tobacconift, head Flelhmarket clofe

Watfon Thomas, fmith, Pleafance

Watfon A'ex. of GItnfarkie, Craig's clofe

Watfon H-nry, hardw. merch. hd. Patcrfon's covirt

Watfon Robert, writer, Weft bow

Watfon Mrs- Capt. No 6, St Andrew fquare

Watfon fohn, piano forte maker, St Ann ftreet

Watfon James, painter, Hynford's clofe

Watfon Robert, hardware merchant, Luckcnbooths

Watfon Alex, grocer, Netherbow

Watfon George, wool merchant, Bow head

C 95 1

Watfon Mr*, merchant, Lawnmarket

Watfon Wra, wrighr, Weir's clofe, Canongate

Watfon John, gardener, Abbey

Watfon George, Ihoemaker, Richmond ftreet

Watfon James, toll- keeper, Wrights houfes

Wation James, ftabler, Grafsmarket, north fide

Wation Mrs. Chalmers's clofe

Watt Mirk, grocer, & tobacconift, Weft bow foot

Watt Alex, joiner, Toderick's wynd

Watt John, weaver, Water of Leith

Watt John, auctioneer & broker, Forrcfter's wynd

Watt George, founder, St Ninianrow

Wachope John, Efq; of Edmonfton, Georges ftreet

Wachope John, writ, fig, No 29, Priaces ftreet

Wauchope Mifs, Chapel, ftreet

Wauchope Mrs. Cakonhill

Wauchope Andrew, turner, op. Fountain well

Waugh Mils, Poterrow

Waugh David, baker, Water of Leith.

Wcftgate Mrs. FcurUainbridge

Weft John, fhoemaker, Bridge ftreet

Weft James, fhoemaker, Netherbow

Weftwatcr Wsn. whip maker, Grafsmarket

Wtir Thomas, writer, Grafsmarket

Weir Mifs, of Stonebyres, Tiviot row

Weir Archibald, grocer, Nicholfon ftreet

Weir Alex, painter, Toderick's wynd

Weir Mifs, Kerriot's work

Weir Robert, mafon, op. Canongate church

Welft James, jeweller, Parliament fquare

Welfh George, glover, Creams

Wdfh Henry, writer, New ftreet

Weiih Jarjies, baker, Weft bow

. Welfh Mrs Weft bow foot

Welfh Mils, Leith wynd

Webiter rev. Dr. Charles, Buccleugh ftreet

Weilwood Robert of Gariet, No 19. St Andrew


Wemyfs Sir James, No 254; Nicholfon ftreet

Weymfs Win. writ. fig. B*ili

t 96 3

Weyrnfs Junes, goldftnitb, weft entry to Parliament

fquare .."•"'. '

Weyrnfs Rob.-rt, filk dyer, Weft bow bead

Winter James, wright, fpaih back Canongate I

Winter Gsorge, wig maker, head Chalmers's clof:

White Colen Mrs. John, Sc J )hn ftreet

White & Mitchel, jewellers, oppeiue Tron church"

White John, Efq; advocate, No 2 1, St Andw. fqua.

White Ben, writer, Cafllehill

White William, writer, Caftlehill

White Andrew, room fetter, Shakefpeare fquare "'

White Wm. gardener, Quarry holes

White George, tanner, Pieafance

White Wm. vintner,. M'ddlcton's entry

Whice Patrick, bookbinder, Bow head'

White David, fpirit dealer, Gallon

White James, hairdrefTer, Morocco's clofe

While Wm. fmith and iron-monger, op. the Crofs


White Robert, wright, Montieth's clofe

White John, corn dea!er,£op eaft end Croftcaufeway

White Mrs, Chalmers's clofe

Whitehead John, iron founder, foot of Leith walk

Whitehead Robert, wrighr, New ftreet, Canongate

Whitelaw Mrs, Anion's fquare

Whitelaw David, clerk te Watfon's Glafgow waggon,


Whiteford Sir John, near Canongate foot

Wharton Tho. commiffioner of excife, Laurifton

Wifliart Mifs, Weft Bow

Wiftiet J-'hn, thoemaker, Sr Ninian row

Wifhet Wm, trunkmaker, back of Fountain well

Wight Alex £fq; advocate, No 16, Princes ftreet

Wight Alex, writer to the figner, Hanover ftreet

Wight Thomas, Efq; Georges fquare

Wight David, writer, Morrifon's clofe

School yards

: Wight Robert, wright, H gh

Wight, Brooks, and Co. merchants, Lawnmaiket

Wight Alex, baker, at the Crofs

Wight Wm. cutler, cppofite Blackfrim's wynd

Wight Mrs, No 75, Chapel ftreec

Wight Mrs, Buccleugh ftreet

C 97 3

Wight Mrs, roomfettcr, Forrefter's wynd

Wightman Wm. baker, Nicholfon ftreet

Wild John tobacconift, head Fleihmarket clofc -

Wilkie John, EoaCon, Shakefpeare fquare

Wilkie Peter, coach. maker, P^eafance

Wilkie John, baker, head of Fleafance

Wilkie Wm. tailor, Canal ftreet

Wilkie Mrs, mantuamaker, Society

Wilkiefon Anthony, gun-fmitb, opp. Fountain veil

Williamfon David, Efq; advoc. Alifon's fquare

; W lliamfon Bruce, Efq; No 14, Nicholfon ftreet

" Williamfon Alex. Efq; of Lawhiil, Alifon's fquare

Williamfon Jofeph, fen. Efq; advoc. R-ddle's ciofc

Williamfon Jefeph, Fire Office, Hanover ftreet

Williamfon David, writer, Shakefpeare fquare

WilHamfon M

i 98 ]

Wilfoil John, tobacconitl, Wsft Bow head

Wilfon Mrs. Paterfon's court

Wilfon Gsorg*, hairdrefTer, near toIBooth, Canon;.

Wilfon Robert, ftabier, So tnaaerv ill's cl. Canongate

Wilfon John, tailor, Pieafar.ce

Wilfon Gavin, fee; and leg maker, &c. Caaongat*


Wilfon Alexander, Brifto Greet

Wilfon JofcB, baker;, eaft etid Crofs cauftwav

Wilfon G;orge, wrher, Kincaid's laud, Cowgate

Wilfon Robert, Printer, Home's clofe

Wilfon Robert, Cabinet-maker, Writers court

Wilfon Robert, teacher, foot of Horfe wynd

Wilfon Archibald, painter, and colour Ihop, head of

H-dkerfton's wyod

Wilfon John, miolcian, Todrick's wynd

Wilfon David, fcheolmafter, W T eft Bow

Wilfon James, (Claudero,) foot of High School wd.

Wdfon Mrs, miiiiner, Blackfriar's wynd

Wilfon Andrew, Heftier, Flefhmarket dofe

Wilfon Alex, hatter, foot of Borthwick's dofe

Wilfon James, grocer, Grafitoai k«t^

Wilfon Robert, wheel wright, op. New frrec:

W lion Jolm, curler, Crofs caufeway

Wilfon Thomas, fadler, Pleafance

Wlfon Mrs. No 159, Nicholfon ftreet

Wilfon Mifs, mantuamdker, Geddes's clofe

W.I fen Mrs. vintner, Monteith's clofe

Wiifon Mifs, Faderiek's wynd

Wilfon Ebenezer, founder, Libcrton's wynd

Wnod John, merchant, Libertcn's wynd

Wood John, folicitor at law, and furveyor of- windows

for the cour4y» head Libertou's wynd

Wood Lady, gaarquis of Twedale's clofe

Wood Mils, mantuaruaker, Libcrton's wynd

Wood Alex, furgeon, within the Expbaoge

Wood Thomas, fiu gcon, Old Aflembly clofe

Wood John, Lfq; Georges fquare

Wood Mrs. governor, Qn?en ftreet

Wood James, tailor, Canongate head

Wood Stairnee, baker, Caaongatc head

99 i

Wood Dr. near the Grange toll

Wood James, grocer, water of Leith

Wood Mrs. St John ftreet

Woods Wm. comedian, No 4, Shakefpear* fquare

Wood Mrs. Springfield

Wood , Fountainbridge

Wood Capt. Bull's clofe, Canongate

Wood Andrew, furgeon, Horfe wynd

Wellwood Rob. Efq; advocate, No 19. St And. ftr

Woodhead Anthony, folicit. at E\v, Liberton's wd.

Wordie Mrs. Jackibn's clofe

Wright John, Efq; advocate, Gavinloch's land

Wright Malcolm, merchant, bead Turk's clofe

Wright Mrs. Kinloch's clofe

Wright James, pewterer, Cowgate head

Wright Wm, wright, Leith wynd

Wright Robert, Efq; at the crofs

Wright John, baker, Netherbow

Wright James., tailor, Grafsmarket

Wright Alex, wigraaker, Bow head

Wright George, ftayraaker, Potter row

Wright Thomas, Efq; Georges fquare

Wylie Henry Johnfton, writer, Georgei ftreet


Yair Mrs. Writers court

Yairs Mines, milliners, Writers court

Yetts Wm. haberdafher, head of Forreflet's wynd

Yetts William, wright, Canal ftreet

Young, Colleger of txcife, Gibbet toll

Yoang Colin, Mrs. St John ftreet

Young George, Efq; Campbell's clofe

Young & Trotter, upholfterers & undertakers No 5,

Princes ftreet

Young Thomas, writer, New ftreet

Young John, writer, Kincaid's court

Young Wm. writer, Dunbar's clofe

Young John, writer, Cowgate head

Young Edward, folicitor at law, Weft bow foot

Young Alex, writer, Hanover ftreet

Young Mrs. horfe hirer, Cowgate head

r 2

[ 100 ]

Young Hall John, merch. front of Exchange

Young John, merchant-, Grafsmarket

Young Wm, baker, head Skinner's clofe

Young Wm. wright, Scot's clofe

Ycung John, tailor & habit mak. Boyd's cl. Can|

Young Mrs. Dr. New ftreet

Young Henry, grocer, Canongate head

Young John, wright, Thi ft le court

Young Alex, wright. Mufe lane

Young Tbomas, teacher, Prefident flairs

Young George, Efq; Carruber's clofe

Young John, fmitb, Potter row

Young Mitcfac), painter, Morrifon's clofe

Young Robert, water of Leith

Yorfton Mrs. No 76, Chapel flreet

Yule Ben, baker, Bow head

Yule John, baker, head Blackfriar's wynd

Yule George, writer,

Younger Arch. Gampbell, brewer, Croftangry


Ziigler Alex, jeweller, Alifon's fquare

Zeigler George, fen. writer, Herriot's work

Zeigler George, jun. Liberton's wynd

Zeigler Mrs. mantuamaker


A AIRE DUNCAN, Capt. Kirkgate

*^- Aitken Alexander, tailor, Coalhill

Aitken Robert, flioemaker, foot of the Shore

l&leifitpfe'r Peter, fhoemaker, Kirkgate

Alt xandei Robert, watchmaker, New Key

Alifon Alex, dep. c

And;rion John, merchant, Kirkgate

Anderlbn and Cundell, fugar-houfe, Kirkgate

Anderfon Alex, treafurer to Trinity houfe, Kirkgate

Anderibn George, Kirkgate

Anderibn Mrs, corkcutter, Rotten row

Anderfon Mi'Sj, brewer, Yardheads

Archibald John, wine merchant, Kirkgate

Armstrong James, wigmaker, Tcibooth wynd


Baxter Mr

[ I0F3 ]'

Bofweil David, dancing matter, Broad wyneT

Bridges Thomas, fhipmafter, St Andrew ftreet

Bridges Jame?, ihipraaftcr, Rotten row

Erodie James, merchanr, Bowling-green

Brough Wm. merchant, Queen llreet

Brown John, grocer, Toibooth wynd

Brown Edward, fhipmafter, Broad wynd, K-. Leith

Brown Robert, fhipmafter, New Quay

Brown Mils, Yardhezds |

Brown John, fhipmafter, North Leith

Brown John, fmith, St Anthony ftreet

Brown John, fmith, 3£irkgate

Bon thorn , vintner, on the Shore

Buchan Thomas, wright, Bernard ftreet

Buchanan Charles, fhipmafter, North Leith

Burnet Robert, roorr.ferter, Bernard ftreet

Burnet Mrs, -vintner, North Leith

Burnet Hugh, meal & flower merchanr, Coal hill

Bennet Alexander, wright, Toibooth wyni


Cairns Jame?, wright, Yardheads

Carnegie John, merchant, Dub row

C.iflels Andrew, fhipmafter, Bernard ftreet

Chalmers James, wine merchant,

Chalmers, Peter, fhipmafter, St Andrew ftreet

Cheap Hugh, wine merchant, Quality ftreet

Cheyne John, furgeon, on the Shore

Chriftie Wm. wheel wright, Kirkgate

Chriftie Win, mufician, Toibooth wynd

Cleghorn Rob, & Alexander, baxters,Tclbooth wd-i

Cokc Wm. bookfeller, on the Shore

Colquhoun John, rev. Springfield, Leith walk

Comb M itthew, fen. brewer, Kirkgate

Comb Matthew^ jun. porter brewer, Yardheads

Coulfton John, barber, Broad wynd

Cochrane Mrs, Bernard ftreet ,

Charteris Alexander, fhipmafter, Coal hill .

Coverly William, ladies hairdreffer, Pipes

Couper Peter, fhipmafter, North Leith

Couper John, painter, Toibooth wynd.

Couper Wm. fhipmafter, North Leith

Cowan Charles^ grocer & tea dealer, XoibcpihW8

C 103 1

Crawford Johr, fhipmafter, North Leith

Crawford James, (hip builder, North Leith

C r awfcrd John, fixatr, North Leith

Crawford. Win. merchant-, foot of the Shore

Crcckat John, (later, Pipes

Cumrning Win. vintner, on the Shore

Cundle James & John, brewers, She- riff-brae

Currie Mi ?, Burgefs's clofe

Currie Win. vintner, Coal hill


Darnie James, tailor, North Leith

Dilziel Thomas, fhipmailer, Citadel

Dalzie! Rob. tea & fpirit dealer, Sheriff brae

Dalgiieih Mrs, roomfette^ North Leith

Davidfon Mifs, roomfetter, North Leith

Dengon Daniel, ihipmafter, Rotten rcw

DEnnifon Win lhcemaker, Toihooth wynd

Duncan James, Capt. Sugar houfe clofe

Duncan Mr?, Old Sugar- houfe clofe

Dingwall John, Ihipmafter, Queen ftreet

Dickfon Mrs, merchant, on the more

Dodtor Peter, hairdreffer, on the Shore

Donaldfon Samuel, Ihipmafter, Shore

Douglas Wrn, wine merchant, Quality ftreet

Douglas Mrs, Broad wynd

Douglas , merchant, foot of the Walk

Dow James, barber, Kirkg-ate

Dryburgh Robert, (hip-builder, on the Shore

Duncan John, tobacconift, K'rkgate

Duncan Mrs. Lee's quarter


Edgar Mifs, mantuamaker, on the Shore

Efp'in John, fen. tanner, St Anthony ftreeS

Efplin John, jun. filk dver, St Anthony (trees


Field George, barber, Bernard ftreet

Fordyce James, Queen ftreet

Fyfe Barclay, merchant, Ghifs-houfe

Fyfe , tea and fpirit dealer, Tolbooth wyai

Fyfe & Aiofl-ie, merchants, Kirk-gate

jgyfe Mr, copperfjeith Queen il.- ect

3?inlaj Robert, yin.tn.er, on the Shore

ic 4 i

Frafer James, grccer, cp. the Pipes

Finlsy Jarfin, ihipmaiier, North Leith

Fprrefter Wo>, feipaiaflter, New Qaay

Forreft A'.ex. Ihoemaker, on the Saore


Gardiner^ BiSBrJi fphit feald?', Quality fireic

G hb G:orge, ftip cwffieefeeMe, on tfre Shore

Gibb Alexander, tobacconist, T..;booth wynd

Gibfon & Anderibn, forgers, Broad wjrid

Giles.Mcs. &Sj;ij brewery Lee's quarter

GiiJon Gilbert, chafe I ir;r ; Bernard ftr&et

G'adftooes James, fchoohnafler, North Leith

Giadaonss Tho. Pour and barley msrch. CoalhiU

Gilford Mrs. Km kgate

Giffijrd Mfs, threadmsker, Kirkgat;

GrindJay William, merchant, Timberbufli

Gavin Wiiham, fhvpmafterj Ncrth Leith

Gellyer Alexander, :hip:n;;A::-.,.Rottea row

Glover William, merchant, New quay

Gordon James, wine merchant, Kirkgate

Graham John, wine copper, Quality iireet

Grant Duncan, lhipmafter, Bridge cad

Grant John, merchant, Bernard ftre:t

Grant James, merchant, Tolbccth wyr.d

Gray James, ihipmafter, Rotten row

Gray jam?*, {hocmak?r. North Leith

Grierfoo Gilbert, corn i actor, Quality ftrcet -

Gullen Walter, carpenter, North Leith

Gullen George, {hoc-maker, New quay


Iladaway Thomas, brewer, Yardhiads

Hadavtay John, wine merchant, Yardhcacs

H^ggart William, wine merchant, North Leith

Haidane James, vintner, Golfhoufe

Hall James, merchant, Kirkgate

Hall John, Ifhoemaker, Tolbooth wyr.d

Hamilton James, fhoremader

Hamilton Wo, wright, Liddei's clofc

H«:d:e G'O'ge, baker, Kirkgale

Hardie Junes, fen. coafl- waite.. , Kirkgatfi

H «: i*y John, vintner, on the Siiore

IJarlej John, flockingrnaker, S: Anthony ftrect

Hiflop John, vintner, Coai hill

C 105 3

Harper James, candlemaker, Tolbooth wynil

Hay Mrs, merchant on the Shore

Henderfon Colin, llupmaftcr, Co.il hill

Henderfon J>hn, edge tool maker, Kii kgitc

Henderfon Alexander, lint drefler, Dnbrow

Henderfon Alexander, fmith, St Andrew llreet

Hill Alexander, boat builder, Sheriff brae

Hill Mrs, vintner, on the Shore

Hodge James, glazier, Queen ftreet

Hodge George, grocer, North Ltith

H ">gg Thomas, on the Shore

Horn- Mrs of WhitcfirJd, foot of Leith walk

Hofie J ihn, tailor, Willie Waters's clofe

Howdeo Mr, iadler, Kjrkgate

Hmftou Jnhn, Ihipmalter, New quay

Hantcr Robert, merchant, Coalh.iU

H 11 ter William, Qupoaafter, Sheepaead wyod

Hunter Andrew, & Co merchants, footof the Shore

Hutton John, Kirkgate

Lines Robert, flioemaker, Yardheads

Innes R-b. (hocnuker, Longgate fide

Inncs W:iliarn, ihipmafter, St Andrew ftreet

Ingram John, teacher of ruathematici, Kirkgate

Jamieff n John, jttn, wine merchant, Rotten row

Jatniefon John, and Co. mei chants, Timber bufli

J^miefoa &Paton, foap & candlemakers, Sheriffbrae

Joans Wra, [fiipmatler^ foot St Andrew itreet

Jolmfton James, Capt. North Leich

Johnftcn David, minifter, North Leith

Johnfton Thomas, barber, on the Shore:

Johnfton William, tea & fpirit dealer, Citadel


Kay David, malt merchant, Dub row

Kay John- ihipmafter, Precious clofe

Kelly George, furgeon, Tolbboth wynd

Kerr Robert, and Co. merchant?, on the S'lore

Kerr Wiliiam, ftoneware merchant, Bernard ilreet

Kerr John, grocer, Tolboolh wynd

Kerr Beaumont, fhoemaker, on the Shore

Kerr William, grocer, on the Shore

Kerr William, merchant, at the pipes

C io* ]

Kidd Robert, fhipmafter, North Lcirh

Kidd Mrs. Yardheads

Knkpauick Henrr, pilot, Toadholes dole


Lagon —— , vintner, Bernard firset

Laidliw Alexander, meal merchant, Coal hill

Laidlay and Anderfcn, on the Shore

Laing William, baxter, Tolbooth wynd

Landels Alexander, (hipmafter, North Leith

Laurie James, boat builder, North Leith

Laurie John, fhipmafter, on the Bridge

Laurie John, land waiter,

Laverock M's vintner, on the Shore

Lawfon James, fmith, Kir legate

Lee James, tailor, St Andrew ftr«et

Lennox Mrs. vmtster, on the fhore

Letham George, briber, Tolbooth wynd

. Lidd!e Evan, gardener, Sheriff brae

Lidcie John, fhipmafter, North Leith

Liddie Robert, fhipmafter, North Leith

Lidt'l» Adam; fhiprsafter, Coal hill

Lindiay Alex. Engliih teach, h feffion elk. Shiriffb.

Lindfay James, wine merchant, Quality fireet

Lindfay George, fhipmafter, North Leith

Lindfay James, Collectors clerk, c.iftotn hf, K'rkgate

Lind David, rope maker, head of Tolbooth wynd

Lizars William, ftioeraaker, head of Rotten row

Logan John, minifter, Confti'ution hill

Low Andrew, wrighr, Broad wynd

Lyon Peter, Ihoemaker, Broad wynd

Lyon Peter, optician and mathematical inftrumentmaker,

repairs mariners compaffef, quadrant:. &c

on the Shore


M'Albattan John, wrigbt, Dub row

M'DowaH Walter, landwaiter, S" Giles ftrect

M'DonalJ K. wliifky ihep, New quay

M'GIaihan James, grocer, Bernard ftreet

M'lntyte Mrs. grocer, on the Bridge

M'Intyre Peter, ftage office, on the fhore

M'lntyre Patrick, merchant, New quay

M'Kensie Captain, Citadel

[ 107 ]

M'T-aren Alexander, fhipmafter, New Quay

M'Lareri David, corn merchant, Kukgata

M'Laren Peter, fhoemaker, Gile's ftreet

M'Lean John, merchant, Bernard (tree;:

M Leifh, room- fetter, Sand pore

M'Laggan Johf?, merchant, at the Pipes

M'Nabb Daniel, roperr.aker. Rotten row

M'Nabb Mr. officer of exciie, Green tree

M'Nabb Charles, vintner, on the iliore

M'Phadzen —— , druggift, Kirkgate

M' Target Walter, ropenaaker, Kirkgate

M'Vicar William, vintner, en the Shore

M.ckie Da fid, fniith, Yardheads

Milioch William, vnight, Walk Tide

Min Mrs vintner, on the Shore

Marfhall Wm, ihipmafter, Bernard ftreet

M-rttn Robert, mafon, Tolbooth wynd

Mirtin and Ker, merchants, Bernard ftreet

M>thiefon Thomas, baker, Tolbooth wynd

Maule William, Dr. back of the Kirk

Mavmg Robert, It.bier, Bernard fireet

M-ldrnm John, grocer, Kirkgate

Mtlville Harry, fchoolmafter, Sheriff brae

M-r.zies M"s. vintner, foot of L-ith walk

Millar Peter, & Co. corn merchants, Sheriff brae

M liar John, fhoemaker, head of Long gate fide

Miliar Mrs vintner t North Lsirh.

Millar Wm. flax-dreffer, Dab row

Mitchsl and Sheriff, merchants, Links

Mitchel Lady, King ftreet

Michel fames, merchant, at the New Kirk

Moffat Mr. druggift, Bernard ftreet

Morrifon and Son, merchants, Bernard ftreet

Morrtfon Wm. mafon, Green Tree

Morton Hugh, wrighf, Kirkgate

Muckle George, on the Shore

Mudie Robert, Land waiter, Kirkgate

Mudie Alexander, Bonnington

Muir David, hop merchant, on the Shore

Muir John, writer, Queen ftreet

Muir John, tailor, Kirkgate

Muldrup Thomas, Danifh conful, Timberbufli

Murdoch Thomas, piftolmaker, Walk fide

C 108 3

Murray Mrs, ftage coach office, on the Shore

Mur.ro Hugh, innkeeper, Coal hill

Naefmith Gavin, wrighr, Rotten row head

Nairn Stewart, vintner, Shore

Napier Walter, fhipmafter, Sheriff brae

Nddery James, tailor, Tolbooth wynd

Neilfon Al xander, writer, Tolbooth wynd

Neilfon Alex, golfclub maker, head Kirkgate

Neilfon Mrs, druggift, Tolbooth wynd

Neilfon Walter, merchant, St David ftrcet

Neilfon and Son, painters, Conftitution hill

Nei'fon David, (o.p maker, St Gill fvreet

Norrie George, merchant, on the Shore

Norrie Georg , fhipmafter, North Leith.

Norrie , watchmaker, Coal hill


Ogilvie David, merchant, Links

OpilvJe James, fhipmafter, Precious clofe

Ogilvie Alex, manager of new ropery, Saw mill

Oiiphant !

avid, poftmafter, Bernard ftreet

Qltphant Will land furveyor, Cuftomhoufe

Orr James, merchant, on the Shore


Paterfon James, merchant, Kirkgate

Paterfon Hugh, grocer, Sheriff brae

Pate'rfpi) George, fpademaker, Walk fide

Eatpfi Mr, fhipmafter. Sheriff brae

Paton Wen. hatter, at the