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SHABBAT BULLETIN - Emanuel Synagogue



24/25 Febuary 2012 - 2 Adar 5772 Shabbat Terumah

The Gift in Giving

The construction of a Tabernacle is first told of in this week’s parashah,

Terumah. “Build me a sanctuary so I may dwell among you” says God to Moses

and the children of Israel. But how can God, the source of all Creation, need a

place to dwell? As King Solomon said upon the dedication of the First Temple

“But will God really dwell on earth? The heavens, even the highest heaven,

cannot contain you. How much less this Temple I have built.” (1Kings 8: 27) If

God dwells in all that is, it seems superfluous to create a sanctuary, or temple,

in which to dwell. However, what our ancestors knew is that finite humans often

find it easier to approach God’s infinite presence via particular points in time and

via localized and particular edifices.

Many commentators have noted that the construction of the

tabernacle parallels the story of creation. As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks writes,

“The tabernacle was, in other words, a micro-cosmos, a symbolic reminder of

the world God made. The fact that the Divine presence rested within it was not

meant to suggest that God is here not there, in this place not that. It was meant

to signal, powerfully and palpably, that God exists throughout the cosmos. It

was a man-made structure to mirror and focus attention on the Divinely-created

universe. It was in space what Shabbat is in time: a reminder of creation.”

The funding for the construction of the Tabernacle comes from the

gifts, or “terumot”, that give this week’s parashah its name. “Tell the Israelite

people to bring Me gifts; you shall accept gifts for Me from every person whose

heart so moves him.” (Exodus 25:2) The word “teruma” itself means “to raise

up”, teaching that each time we give, we are elevated spiritually. Further, the

word contextually translated in English as “bring” in the Hebrew is actually

“take”. One of the main lessons which our commentators have noted form this

is that the gifts we give were originally God’s – everything we possess, our very

lives, are basically gifts. As we give, we are raised and we receive; the personal

benefit of generosity is greater than its cost. And each time we give something

of physical value we gain something of spiritual worth.

Our sages have understood that since the time of the destruction of

the Temple, every synagogue and study hall is considered a mini-sanctuary

(See Talmud, Megillah 29a). In a sense, every communal institution – from

those who provide for the elderly, the ill, or our children’s learning – are minisanctuaries

worthy of our support. (continued on next page)


Hamish Irving, on the

occasion of his Bar Mitzvah

Laurence and Sylvia

Myers on the birth of their

daughter Chloe

Nathan Jacobs & Kerry

Dryer on their Aufruf



25:1 - 27:19

Etz Chayim Chumash:

pg 485


1 Kings 5:26 -6:13

pg. 499


Erev Shabbat:


Shabbat morning:

9:00am Masorti

10:00am Progressive


Friday 7:19pm


Saturday 8:16pm


If you are a new member or

visiting our congregation,

please introduce yourself to

us after services.

Rabbi Jeffrey B. Kamins

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio

Rabbi Paul Jacobson

Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff

In turn, each institution must be transparent in its fundraising and operating

expenses, as was the case during the construction of Tabernacle and Temple.

Emanuel Synagogue is committed to this model, and now is the time for each of us

to rise up and give of our gifts to make Emanuel Synagogue a beautiful and sacred

space for the generations to come – a mini-sanctuary.

Rabbi Jeffrey B. Kamins


Friday 2 March, Service 6.30pm, Dinner 7.30pm

Emanuel Synagogue in association with DAYENU, Sydney’s

GLBTI Group [Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Intersex]

invites members and guests to attend this annual event. All

welcome. Please tell your Gay friends about this event.

Booking essential: 9328 7833 or via the Emanuel website


Purim Carnival

Wednesday 7 March from 4:30pm

Join us for our children’s celebration of Purim. There will be craft, games, face

painting and tons of fun. The children will participate in a

costume parade and be delighted by a raucous retelling of

the Purim story. Come boo at Haman, cheer for Mordechai

and Esther and nosh on


Purim Spiel

Wednesday 7 March, 6:30pm

Service and Megillah reading followed by “Much Ado About

Purim” - A tragic Shakespearian Comedy. No cost involved,

but bring a can of food for the homeless and hungry of



Erev Shabbat: Progressive 6:30pm (Big Sanctuary)

Masorti 6:30pm (Neuweg)

Shabbat Morning: Progressive 10:00am (Big Sanctuary)

Masorti: 9:00am (Neuweg)


Shabbat Evening: Naomi Elias

Shabbat Morning: Louise Thurgood Phillips (Progressive)


President : Rodney Brender Director of Music: Andrea Catzel

General Manager: Sam Zwarenstein Community Shlicha: Anat Baruch

Youth Director: Martin Yafe Director of Education: Sandy Hollis



Hamentaschen Baking

Sunday 26 February, 10am in the Emanuel Hall

Bring family, friends, your children and an apron and we’ll

supply everything else!

Pesach Cooking

From Thursday 1 March, 7:30-9:00pm in the Emanuel Hall

Learn how easy it is to whip up delicious Pesach treats. These

kosher cooking classes will run through every Thursday in

March. Five Lessons for $50.00, please call 9328 7833 to

book. Booking essential.

Baby naming

Sunday 11 March, 9:30am in the Big Sanctuary

Rabbi Paul, Lisa & Hannah Jacobson invite you to join them

for the naming of their daughter and sister Emily Sophia. Shacharit

at 8:45 in Neuweg followed by the baby naming. Morning

Tea will follow the brief ceremony

Emanuel Synagogue on Facebook

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. From catalysing

political change to sharing recipes, Facebook use continues to

grow exponentially. Emanuel has a very active Facebook page

and its a great way to stay in touch, even if you can’t attend all

our events in person. Follow the link in this week’s ebulletin to

become a friend and join the conversation.

Mishloach Manot

Send a food basket to friends and relatives as part of a Netzer

Fundraiser! Netzer will pack and deliver your delicious kosher

vege mishloach for only $30! Orders close 9am Sunday 4th

of March. Contact Naomi Freedman on 0407 880 039

Volunteer for Shir Madness

Shir Madness Music Festival is happening 25 March 2012.

Have an amazing day in Bondi as part of the volunteer team.

Registration closes soon so call Kerry on 0416 134 735 or

register online at

Netzer Information Evening for Year 12s and their Parents

Thursday 15 March, 7pm, Emanuel Hall

Find out more about the Shnat Netzer program for 2013.

Please RSVP by the 4th March by calling 0435 037 280, or by

email to


Our Jewish Story

with Rabbi Kamins

Mondays, 10:00 – 11:30am

Our Land, Our People

A text based discussion

about the connection of the

people of Israel with the land

of Israel

Mondays, 6:00 – 7:15pm

Tradition and Change

An overview of the historical

development of Jewish

tradition. We explore the dynamism

of our tradition, and

the plurality of voices it has

always contained. No previous

knowledge necessary.

Shabbat Live,

Fridays, 6:30pm

Shabbat Live is back for the

rest of the year.

My Playspace

Friday mornings 9:30-

11:30, beginning February


Our playgroup for the under

3s returns, play and have fun

together with your children

and grandchildren.


Shiva: There are mourners in our community to whom we extend our sincerest sympathies on the death of

their loved ones: Ella Joyce Dyason, Stephen Biro.

Shloshim: We are in the period of Shloshim for: Seraphim (Jim) Tsintsof, Jeanette Rowne, Sarah Nassau,

Simon Miller, Efim Taksa, Vera Lawrence, Stephen Kary, Mary Faire, George Izack Keller, Robin Kleinberg.

Stephen Kary, Mary Faire, George Izack Keller, Robin Kleinberg.


* Memorial Light

Colin Leslie Bear (Mr John Bear)

* Elizabeth Louise Dare (Mr Benjamin Isaacs)

Derrick Charles Davey (Mrs Anthea Hemphill)

Jacques Danon (Mr Albert Danon)

Stanley Davis (Gary Davis)

Rachel Diamond (Mrs Robin Wilson)

Mariska Doktor (Mr David Knoll Am)

Lydia Eisenberg (Mrs Debbie Manser)

Leslie Epstein (Mrs Agnes Spencer)

*Harriett Franks

Eugene Freyer (Vicky Feldstein)

Suzanne Gardos (Mrs Julianna Brender)

Dorothy Garland (Ms Elise Garland)

Paul Gero (Mrs Margarita Prager)

* Charlotte Gerstl (Mr Heinz Gerstl)

Leslie Gilbert (Dr Ivan Lorentz)

* Solomon Goldberg (Ms Jeanette Solomon)

Solo Grinberg (Mrs Nellie Grinberg & Dr Reg


Anita Gumbert (Mrs Yvonne Gerstl)

Zena Hellig (Ms Lesley-Ann Hellig)

Marcia Hersta (Mrs Zara Yellin)

Frank Jacobson (Justice Peter Jacobson)

Bernard Kerlander (Mrs Jessie Kerlander)

Leo Kitchener (Dr Peter Kitchener)

Leslie Kocsis (Ms Madeline Rosen)

Ernestina Kohan (Prof Lawrence Kohan)

Bessie Lake (Mr Gregory Lake)

Eva Lucas (Mr Stephen Lucas)

Otto Nathan Lucas (Mrs Edith Port)

Bessie Mankowitz (Mrs Anita Libesman)

Glen Margo (Mr Robin Margo S.C.)

Cissie Maybloom (Dr Bernard Maybloom)

Sydney Simon Maybloom (Dr Bernard Maybloom)

Lily Mendels (Mrs Marcia Narunsky)

Renee Miller (Ms Deborah Warnock)

Abraham Joseph Nathanson (Mr Michael Nathanson)

Anton Nobilo (Mrs Yakica Lippmann)

Phoebe Nossovitzky (Mr Samuel Leon)

Betty Rheuben (Mr Scott Whitmont)

* Jacob (Jack) Lewis Rosen

Moselle Samson (Mrs Gloria Isaacs & Mrs Cathy


Abraham (Doc) Saperstein (Ms Judy Pincus)

Mozelle Hannah Saul (Mr Reuben Saul)

Heinrich Schlosser (Mr Mark Schlosser)

Isidor Segal (Mr Colin Segal)

* Martha Sobel

Irene Stanbrook (Mr Richard Stanbrook)

* Mina Steiner

Hyman Stern (Mr Roger Davis)

Sheva Trachtenberg (Mr Michael Trachtenberg)

Betty Shirley Waxman (Mr Leon Waxman & Mrs

Dianne Lever)


Each week, as well as remembering members of our community or their loved ones, we add the name of

one person who perished in the Shoah. This week we remember Selma Schwarz born in Poland in 1909 and

died in Treblinka.

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