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15/16 February 2013 - 6 Adar 5773 Shabbat Terumah

Reminders of Creation

“Build me a sanctuary so I may dwell among you” says God to Moses and

the children of Israel at the opening of this parashah, Terumah. How can

God, the source of all Creation, need a place to dwell? As King Solomon

said upon the dedication of the First Temple, modelled upon the Tabernacle

whose construction is first told of in this parasha, “But will God really dwell

on earth? The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you. How

much less this Temple I have built.” (1 Kings 8: 27) If God dwells in all that

is, it seems superfluous to create a sanctuary in which to dwell. However,

what our ancestors knew is that God’s infinite presence can only only be

approached and encountered by finite humans through space and in time that

is constructed with right intention.

Many commentators have noted that the construction of the tabernacle parallels

the story of creation. As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks writes, “The tabernacle was,

in other words, a micro-cosmos, a symbolic reminder of the world God made.

The fact that the Divine presence rested within it was not meant to suggest that

God is here not there, in this place not that. It was meant to signal, powerfully

and palpably, that God exists throughout the cosmos. It was a man-made

structure to mirror and focus attention on the Divinely-created universe. It was

in space what Shabbat is in time: a reminder of creation.”

The funding for the construction of the Tabernacle comes from the gifts, or

“terumot”, that give this week’s parashah its name. “Tell the Israelite people to

bring Me gifts; you shall accept gifts for Me from every person whose heart so

moves him.” (Exodus 25:2) The word itself means “to raise up”, teaching that

each time we give, we are elevated spiritually. Further, the word contextually

translated in English as “bring” in the Hebrew is actually “take”. One of the

main lessons our which commentators have noted is that the gifts we give were

originally God’s – everything we possess, our very lives, are basically gifts. As

we give, we are raised and we receive; the personal benefit of generosity is

greater than its cost.

Our sages have understood that since the time of the destruction of the Temple,

every synagogue and study hall is considered a mini-sanctuary (See Talmud,

Megillah 29a).In a sense, every communal institution – from those who provide

for the elderly, the ill, or our children’s learning – are mini-sanctuaries worthy

of our support.


Jade Laishevsky on her

Bar Mitzvah

Mitch Lippmann on his

Bar Mitzvah

Joel Nothman and Jennie

Greene on the naming of

their baby Kinneret


Friday 7:29pm


Saturday 8:26pm


Exodus (Shemot)

25:1 - 27:19

Etz Chayim Chumash

Pg 485


1 Kings 5:26 - 6:13

Etz Chayim Chumash:

pg. 499


Mondays and Thursdays


Erev Shabbat:


Shabbat Live Main Sanctuary

Carlebach in Neuweg

Shabbat Morning:

9:00am Masorti (Neuweg)

10:00am Progressive (Main)

Rabbi Jeffrey B. Kamins

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio

Rabbi Paul Jacobson

Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff

In turn, each institution must be transparent in its fundraising and operating

expenses, as was the done in the construction of Tabernacle and Temple.

Emanuel Synagogue is committed to this model, and now is the time for each

of us to give the gifts to make Emanuel Synagogue a beautiful, harmonious and

sacred space for the generations to come – a mini-sanctuary. Each time we give

something of physical value we gain something of spiritual worth.

Rabbi Kamins

Purim Carnival - Call for Volunteers


Scan the

QR Code

below to

find out


Our annual Purim Carnival for kids will feature stations with craft activities, face

painting, nail painting, and more and we are seeking volunteers who will sit at

the stalls and help the children with their activities. We supply all materials -

you just need to be there, a smiling, happy face to guide and supervise.

If you can help please contact Sandy:

When: Sunday 24 Feb, arrive at 9:45 (carnival starts at 10) finish at 11:30

Irris Makler on her new book: Hope Street Jerusalem

The book charts her journey from Bondi girl to ABC journalist, foreign

correspondent and author, covering the war on terror and the ‘Arab Spring’.

Emanuel Synagogue, Sunday 3 March 4:00pm.

Important Notice Regarding Tax-Deductible Receipts

As you may be aware, over the past few months we have been upgrading our

old membership database to a new more efficient and effective one.

As a consequence of this upgrade you will not have received receipts for

donations given since November. You will receive these outstanding receipts

over the coming months. We thank you for your understanding during this

changeover. For more info on our new system please see the update from our

General Manager, Sam Zwarenstein, in the latest edition of Tell.

Board Member Hosting

Shabbat Morning: Louise Thurgood (Progressive), Rodney Brender (Masorti)

What’s On at Emanuel?

Shabbat Renewal Service - meditation, movement and discussion. Saturday 16 February


Hamentaschen baking - all welcome - Come and get your fingers sticky! Sunday 17 February

from 10:00am ‘til we’re done.

Purim - Megilah reading followed by the Spiel: “The Spy Who Fed Me: You Can’t save the

World on an Empty Stomach.” A megilah spy thriller: an evening of fun and laughter, shaken, not

stirred. Saturday 23 February 7:30 pm read megillah, followed by spiel.

Purim Carnival for Children: Dress up and join us for activities, a costume parade and retelling

of the Purim story. Sunday 24 February 10:00 am.

Musical Auditions with Matias Chapiro for various paid and volunteer musical roles in our

community. Sunday 24 February 2:00pm. (This date also marks the beginning of three weeks

of intense workshops and rehearsals with Matias, which will culminate in our community song

festival on Sunday 17 March. For more information see opposite page, and our latest Tell


Mardi Gras Shabbat Service and Dinner - a special bar mitzvah: together we will celebrate that

DAYENU has now been marching in the Mardi Gras for 13 years. $30 members $35 non-members.

Bookings essential on 9328 7833. Friday 1 March 6:15pm. You can also show your support by

marching with Dayenu on their float on Saturday March 2. For further details

Byron Bay: Friday Night Delight As part of the Byron Bay Spirit Fest, Avishai Barnatan, Amir

Paiss (both original members of the Israeli band ‘Sheva’) and Rabbi Orna Triguboff will be leading a

Friday night musical meditative session to bring in the Shabbat. If you have friends or family in the

area please let them know about it. Friday 1 March

Lunch n’ Learn with shaliach Yuval Nemirovsky. Topic to be announced.

Saturday 9 March 12: 30 - 2:00pm

Jewish Renewal Service with guest musician Matias Chapiro. You are invited to join us for a

special musical Shabbat service with Matias, our visiting maestro from Argentina. Saturday 9

March 10:00am

Rosh Chodesh Women’s Group Call 9328 7833 to find out location Monday 11 March 8:00pm

Community Song Festival An afternoon of song when different groups from within the Synagogue

Community will come together to showcase the pieces they have worked on with guest musician

Matias. Sunday 17 March - 3:00pm - 5:30pm

In Memory

Shiva: There are mourners in our community to whom we extend our sincerest sympathies on the death of

their loved ones: Ronald Quilter- Fienberg, Evelyn Mintz, Abe Charney.

Shloshim: Irma Nemeny, Sam Roden, Dr Frank Silberberg, Betty Dyce, Robyn Gorell, Leah Kidron,

Hermina Sapera, Samuel Cowper, Marie -Therese Punin, Eva Rubner, Bernard Montague Marks,

Eleonora Samu.

This Week We Observe the Yahrzeits of (observed by):

* Memorial Light

Gretel Baer (Stephen Baer)

Suzanne Lawford (Michelle Lawford)

Patricia Temple Berkon (Michelle Berkon)

Mark Lichtenstein (Renee Kurz)

Maggie Bognar (Sue Bognar)

Mark Lichtman (Mitchell Lichtman)

Sydney Benjamin Brandt-Sarif

Marianne Lipson (Leslie Solar & Peter Lipson)

(Alicia Brandt- Sarif)

Dana Judith Lowe (Michael Loewenstein)

Shura Broch (Sylvia Maehrischel)

Eva Lucas (Stephen Lucas)

Trudy Brown (Lawrence Brown)

Nell Franck Lunney (Helen-Lorain Rasko OAM

Anita Caplan (Ilona Lee A.M.)


Margaret & Harry Castle (David Castle)

Cissie Maybloom (Bernard Maybloom)

Gweneth Ivy Cohen (Jeffrey Cohen)

Sydney Simon Maybloom

* Elizabeth Louise Dare (Benjamin Isaacs)

(Bernard Maybloom)

Lydia Eisenberg (Debbie Manser)

Zipora Bat Mordekhai Meller (Andre Menash

Zaro Elizov (Judith Brandl)


Edith Engel (Elizabeth Green)

* Abraham George Montajees

Michael Epstein (Marlene Epstein)

* Ester Moses

Emery Foldes (Susie Phillips)

Chava Oren (Dahlia Dior)

Joe Gold (Carol Reismann)

Eva Perl (Peter Perl)

Louis Greenblatt (Glenda Cohen)

Fernande Poppel (Odette Lobelson)

Faye Greenberg (Lisa Davey)

Leib Romanov (Anatoly Romanov)

* Miklos Grunberg

Henrietta Rotenstein (George Rotenstein)

George Guth (Harry Guth)

Maude Said (David Said & Cathy Laurence)

Emil Halsted (David Castle)

Mozelle Hannah Saul (Reuben Saul)

Arleen Hardie (Rebecca Pal)

David Schwarz (Peter Adler)

* Dora Harris

* Henry Seamonds (Morris Seamonds)

Louis Heimann (Judith Gleiber)

Fred Stern (Eva Engel)

Michael Igra (Anthony Igra)

Hyman Stern (Roger Davis)

Lena Jacobs (David Jacobs)

Margaret Stern (Eva Engel)

Jacob Jacoby (Lesley-Ann Hellig)

Wolfe Tanner (Lorna Graham)

Bernard Kerlander (Jessie Kerlander)

Andor Tauszik (Magda Gesztesi)

Daniel Klein (Deborah Klein)

Renee Van Der Biezen (Maurice Segura)

Armand Kohan (Evelyn Kohan)

Stanley Wainer (Devorah Wainer)

Paulette Kushe (Rae Kushe)

Louis Watson (Maurice Watson)

Norman Lander (Judith Lander)

* Dora Wolfson

Jack Lang OAM (Joan Lang, Sue Lang &

Robert Wolfson (Thea Weiss)

Steven Lang)

Chaya Bat Yitzchak (Mathew Klein )

Shoah Remembrance: This week we remember Sarlota Gluck born 1910 in Nagyleta,Hungary. She

died in Auschwitz at an unknown date.

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