Download Manual - Janome

Download Manual - Janome


x c


0.9 cm


B7 Darning

z Attach the automatic buttonhole foot R and pull the

button holder all the way out.

x Start the machine and sew to the required length, then

press the reverse button. This sets the darning length.

Continue sewing until the machine stops automatically.

q Required length

c Sew another layer of darning over the first layer, at a

right angle to it.


The maximum darning length is 2 cm (3/4˝) and the

maximum width is 0.9 cm (3/8˝).

To sew the same size darning

When sewing is finished, a confirmation message will


Simply start the machine to sew another layer of darning

in the same size.

To sew the next layer of darning in a different size, press

the X key.

To adjust the evenness of darning stitches:

You can correct unevenness of darning stitches by

pressing the “–” or “+” key in the adjusting window.

If the left corner is lower than the right side, press the “–”

key to correct it, and vice versa.


See page 69 for sewing instructions of B8 Tacking.

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