May June - Kulcha

May June - Kulcha

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Exhibition 6–31 may

Ayako Goto

Opening Sunday 6 May 2012, 2-4pm

Japanese born textile artist Ayako Goto lives in Western

Australia and works as an art teacher.

Her work is informed by her connection to the Australian

landscape through her experiences living and teaching in

the Kimberley region.

She lovingly un-weaves her grandmothers’ kimono to its

vivid essence of thread and fragment and re-works this raw

material into a graceful evocation of transience.


Friday 11 May – 8PM

ulla shay – cd launch

Soulful Indigenous Australian singer/songwriter

With a voice as smooth as silk, Ulla Shay is a rare find. At

just 14 she recorded her first single and at 17 she toured

Australia with the Yowarliny Band, even dancing with

acclaimed dance group Common Ground. Ulla’s music is

all original and blends Soul, Pop, Country and R&B. She

has chosen Kulcha to launch her latest CD Better Place,

produced by Rob Agostini at Soundbaker Studio. Ulla will

be backed by an eight-piece band featuring some of Perth’s

best musicians, including Lee West on didgeridoo, Paul

Millard on saxophone and guitarist Guy Ghouse.

Members $13 Presale $15 Door $18

saturday 12 May – 8PM

Bluegrass Parkway

Finger-pickin’, toe-tappin’ Country tunes

For 25 years Bluegrass Parkway have strummed and

picked their way across Australia and Bluegrass Festivals

throughout the United States. The band presents

Bluegrass music in its most authentic form, around a

single microphone, as was the norm for the pioneers of

the genre in the 1940s. The band members are exceptional

musicians, and they complement their instrumental

prowess with impressive three and four part harmonies.

Their unique sound combines the talents of fiddlers Donal

Baylor and Adam Gare, internationally renowned mandolin

maker and player Paul Du, guitarist Wayne Perry, bassist

Maria Du and Mick O’Neill on the banjo.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

friday 18 May – 8PM

Hot Paprika

Spicy melodies from Hungary and Transylvania

The musicians of neighbouring villages in Transylvania

and Hungary oen have completely dierent styles;

their musical traditions are a testament to their unique

histories. Five-piece band Hot Paprika captures the joy,

playing the music of the village party, the wedding

celebration and the lament. This is vibrant music that

makes you think of nothing but the here and now. Violinist

Teresa Vinci is a rare musician who expertly expresses

the intricacies of regional traditions. She is accompanied

by bass, viola, accordion, dulcimer and voice. Share the

passion and boundless energy of Hot Paprika.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

saturday 19 May – 8PM


Punchy, danceable, Ingenious Alt-Latin

Funkalleros were formed in 2005 by multiinstrumentalist/composer


front man Abe Dunovits. The WAMI-awardwinning

band stylishly executes snappy

originals influenced by Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk,

Reggae, Spanish Rumba and Latin American

Mestizo. As a live act, this combo of sassy

seasoned players expertly delivers punchy,

danceable Alt-Latin songs. In a departure from

their usual funky wall of sound, Funkalleros will

also present a selection of original numbers

featuring the ukulele.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25



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friday 25 May – 8pm

Sangeet Sandhya

An evening of Indian semi-classical music

Classically Mild takes you on a vibrant and melodious

journey through tunes of sub-continental classical music in

the form of ‘Ghazal’ (a semi-classical art form rich in lyrics

and melody) and ‘Jugalbandi’ (Hindustani Indian classical

vocal with sitar). Classically trained vocalist Tasneemul

Galib Amit and sitarist Prithivijit Roy tell the story of the

evolution of Indian semi-classical music, highlighting the

purest form with dierent styles and flavours. Sangeet

Sandhya blends a modern outlook on Indian semi-classical

music with western instruments. Using a number of

languages, the group presents an experience reflecting the

musical history and the vast tapestry of the subcontinent.


Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

saturday 26 May – 8PM

Stylish Spanish Flamenco and pure Portuguese Fado

Neighbouring countries Portugal and Spain have given rise

to two distinct yet connected musical styles. Fado from

Portugal has been compared to the blues, and Flamenco

from Spain is famous for its vitality. Iberia delivers with

virtuosity the melody and rhythm of both countries. At the

core of the band is Flamenco player Tim Andrew, regarded

as one of Australia’s best, and the masterful Mike Burns

on Portuguese guitara. Take a musical journey to the

Flamenco tablaos of Andalucia in Spain and the Fado clubs

of Portugal. Iberia also features Peter Altmeier-Mort, Harry

Moore and Manoli Vouyoucalos.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

friday 1 june – 8PM

Ensemble Formidable

High-energy Electro-Gypsy Swing

Imagine Django Reinhardt at a 1940’s Parisian rave playing

the Charleston double-time with Beyoncé screaming “Play

faster!” in a bad French accent. Multiply that mayhem by

ten and you have a Formidable event. This hot ’n’ spicy

combo attacks an exotic variety of instruments by blowing,

striking, shaking and strumming. Amongst the chaos and

calamity, and with stunning ease, the Ensemble shows

o its exceptional musical prowess in the genres of

swing, dubstep, klezmer, manouche, dub and tango on

horns, strings, accordion, drums, synth and electro junk

percussion. Let’s dance!

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

book your Tickets

11 may – 30 june, 2012

Kulcha Venue

Upstairs 13 South Tce


Buy tickets online at,

by phone on (08) 9336 4544 or from venue

reception weekdays 9.30am–4.30pm.

Venue information Doors open 30 minutes before the

performance. The venue is licensed, with no BYO. We have

limited cabaret seating. Unfortunately our heritage building

has no wheelchair access.

Information in this calendar may be subject to change.

Kulcha has a no-refund policy. H Venue hire event: no free list.

Hire our Venue above the cappuccino strip

Kulcha’s iconic heritage space in central Fremantle is available

at surprising hire rates. Its fully serviced bar facilities,

200-person capacity and huge balcony overlooking the Strip

make it a very cool location for just about any kind of function

or performance. Call 9336 4544 to book.

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saturday 2 june – 8pm


Hot Mauritian Dance Grooves

Kreolozy is the rhythmic brainchild of four experienced

musicians who love to play the Mauritian styles of Sega

and Seggae. Sega music evolved from a combination of

traditional European music and Afro-Arab rhythms. Seggae

is a musical hybrid of traditional Mauritian music combined

with reggae. The band consists of members from the

Mauritian community band Lafaya, who have being playing

for WA’s Indian Ocean communities since 1996. Kreolozy’s

musicians are also members of the multiple WAMI-awardwinning

Grace Barbé Afro Kreol Band and the Seychelles

Community Band. Put on your dancing shoes and sway to

the infectious beats of Mauritius!

Tasila Band and DJ Bora

A cultural journey of storytelling, music and dance

Tasila storytelling inspires cultural awareness and

understanding through Wajipha Chongwe’s compelling

yarns acknowledging her two cultures: Zambian and

Australian. She beautifully evokes emotion not only

through spoken word but also with childhood songs.

Tasila Band is Anthony Lindhjem and Wajipha, who have

developed a unique style from their shared backgrounds.

DJ Bora will create a space for everyone to dance their

hearts out. The show culminates in a collaboration with

Tasila Band, and a selection of sultry electro-groove music.


The Spirit of Okinawa, Japan

Kijimuna take their name from a small Okinawan mythical

wood spirit. The members play the sanshin, a three-string

instrument also from Okinawa. Kijimuna’s repertoire is a

mix of traditional Okinawan folk songs and contemporary

Okinawan pop songs. They are sung in the Okinawan

language and in the regional dialects of the Ryukyu

Islands. The troupe’s aim is to preserve and promote the

Okinawan culture through their music. Other instruments

incorporated by Kijimuna include Okinawan taiko drums

and sanba, a castanet-like instrument consisting of three

small pieces of wood. Special guest, multi-instrumentalist

Chiho Kagawa, will play sanshin and sing.

Tusif Ahmad

Opening Sunday 10 June 2012, 2–4pm

‘Through Tulip’s Eye’

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

friday 8 june – 8pm

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

saturday 9 june – 8pm

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

exhibition 10–30 june

The intricate beauty of the ancient art of paper cutting is

brought to life by the energy and creative joy of Pakistani

self-taught artist, jeweller, and 3D CAD/CAM designer Tusif

Ahmad. Each delicately hand-cut from a single sheet of

paper, his artworks are influenced by traditional Islamic

patterns and symbols. Yet Tusif takes a unique and

personal path in his storytelling imagery, exploring the

dynamic opposing forces that shape our personal trials

and triumphs in life, love and beauty.

The Spooky Men

of the West


friday 15 june – 8pm

All-male 17-piece a cappella group

Just when you thought it was safe to go

back to choir practice, along come The

Spookies. The Spooky Men of the West – an

all-male 17-piece a cappella group – are the

western chapter of The Spooky Men’s Chorale,

brainchild of Stephen Taberner. They present

a unique vocal brand of pointless grandeur,

magnificent manhomerie and poignant

pathos, singing a range of ancient Georgian

songs alongside originals and their special

versions of well-known favourites. Their manly

voices and tender blend will make you laugh

or cry – possibly both at the same time.

Members $18 Presale $22 Door $25


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saturday 16 june – 8pm

Shangara Jive

Rhythmic Beats Afro-Roots Culture

Formed in 2002, Shangara Jive performs in a variety of

African styles, including Kwassa Kwassa, Roots Reggae,

Soka Beat, Jit, Chimurenga (Mbira Music), Sungura and

Soukous. The music is influenced by traditional Mbira

(thumb piano), drumming and dancing troupes in

Zimbabwe and many contemporary Chimurenga and

Sungura artists. Songs are sung in Shona (Zimbabwe)

and English and cover themes such as African traditions

and culture, political impacts on African societies and, of

course, the joy of music, love and togetherness. Shangara

Jive is led by Zimbabwean-born singer, songwriter and

percussionist George Joe, with musicians from Zimbabwe,

South Africa, Australia and Mozambique.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

friday 22 june – 8pm

Ziggi’s Vibes – CD Launch

African Technology Musical

Ziggi Mabeye Diagne – singer, kora player and

percussionist extraordinaire from Senegal – has toured

worldwide with Baaba Maal. Born into a griot family,

Mabeye was trained as a griot and a crasman of musical

instruments. A griot provides entertainment, conducts

ceremonies, and passes on cultural traditions to the

community, through music, song and dance. Ziggi will

be performing solo and with traditional West African act

Ngewel Kora. The night will consist of predominantly West

African rhythm and song, with influences from across the

African continent and beyond. Music to touch your soul

and move your feet.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

saturday 23 june – 8pm

The Pepperjacks

Fine harmonies on a bouncy bed of Blues and Ragtime

The Pepperjacks are an accomplished acoustic

ensemble from Albany, performing original music and

arrangements of tunes that encompass the genres of

folk, blues, bluegrass and ragtime. The band uses a range

of fine acoustic instruments that support close-harmony

singing, delivering a joyful sound that crosses all age

barriers. The Pepperjacks move from up-beat, toe-tapping

dance tunes to song-stories that reflect life experiences.

Their growing list of tunes sung in dierent languages

now includes the occasional foray into continental

ballads sung in Italian and some French ‘Cajun’ songs.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

friday 29 june – 8pm

Richard Walley & family

A walk through time interacting and entertaining

Dr Richard Walley is a Nyoongar artist, spokesman, musician

and dancer who practices multiple Nyoongar artforms with

the blessing and guidance of his elders. He and his family

will present an enthralling evening in three acts. Koora –

‘the past’ – features traditional music, dance and stories

connecting people, places, plants and animals. Yay – ‘the

present’ – blends traditional and contemporary music to

integrate stories of urban and bush life with movement.

Boorda – ‘the future’ – is mesmerising, contemporary

Indigenous trance dance.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

saturday 30 june – 8pm

The Beaten Luthier

Savour the Indian and Middle Eastern Silk Road

© Alma Sarhan

Michael Zolker of Daramad teams up with Josh Hogan

and Glenn Rogers from Taal Naan and Mukti, to showcase

the Indian and Middle Eastern flavours of The Silk Road

infused with rhythm. Playing original tunes, as well as

compositions by such world music greats as Anouar

Brahem, Avishai Cohen and Selva Ganesh, The Beaten

Luthier brings the ancient music of the Oud together

with the modern hybrid Sitar-Guitar (Rogers’ own

creation). Join them as they cook up a

mid-winter storm.

Members $15 Presale $20 Door $25

book your Tickets

Buy tickets online at,

by phone on (08) 9336 4544 or from venue

reception weekdays 9.30am–4.30pm.

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