Pre Wedding or Engagement Shoot Prices - Wilson White ...

Pre Wedding or Engagement Shoot Prices - Wilson White ...

Picture boxes

Picture boxes are hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, keep-sake boxes with a matt laminated photographic print that covers

the entire lid. They can be personalised. Use for containing individual prints, albums or simply as a keep-sake box. All

picture boxes, excluding the album sizes, are available in two depths 2” and 4”.

Picture Box Prices

Size Price

7 x 5 £47

30 prints (when ordered with box) £167

60 Prints (when ordered with box) £197

Portrait Books

These books make a great keepsake for your photo shoot or family

portrait shoot. Designed with photos and text as you wish and choose. Available with 10 to 20 pages and in 3 different


square, portrait and landscape


Photographic Paper Price

10 pages / 5 leaves £177

20 pages / 10 leaves £227

Duplicate books

Printed Paper with cover wrap Price

A5 - 2 Copies £120

150 x 150 - 2 Copies (hard back) £120

A6 / 100x100 - 4 Copies (hard back) £120

CD of your shoot

Why not opt to buy all your images taken in your photo

shoot with full printing rights! You can reproduce the images,

print them and even upload them to facebook etc. All Cds come in a beautifully presented case designed with your pictures

and style. The Cd will also be printed with one of your images.


Size Price

Cd case with printed image and disc £387

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