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Holy Theophany.

Holy Theophany.

Apr/15 Apr/28 Martyr

Apr/15 Apr/28 Martyr Crescens of Myra in Lycia. Martyrs Vasilissa and Anastasia of Rome, disciples of the Apostles Peter and Paul. St. Mstislav-Theodore, Prince of Kiev. Martyr Suchias and his companions in Armenia. St. Paternos, Bishop of Llandbadarn Fawr. St. Ruadhan, Abbot and Bishop (584). St. Leonidas, Bishop of Athens. Martyrs Theodore, Presbyter, and Pausolypios. Repose of Blessed Daniel of Siberia (1834). Dismissal: May He Who deigned to sit upon the foal of an ass for our salvation... Apr/16 Apr/29 Virgin-martyrs Agape, Irene, and Chionia in Illyria. Martyrs Leonidas, Charisse, Nice, Galine, Callida, Nounechia, Vasilissa, Theodora, and Irene of Corinth. St. Theodore-Vassa, Princess of Novgorod. New Martyr Michaelof Smyrna. St. Fructuosis of Brada (655). Sts. Phylikos, Bishop, Januarios, Presbyter, Fourtounatos, and Septeminos. St. Paternos, Bishop of Avranches. Apr/17 Apr/30 Hieromartyr Symeon, Bishop, Audella, and Ananias, Presbyters, Usthazanes, Fusikos, Ascitrea, Azat the eunuch, Gothazat, and 1150 others in Persia. St. Akakios, Bishop of Melitene. Martyr Adrian of Corinth. St. Zosimas, Abbot of Solovki. St. Agapitos, Pope of Rome. Opening of the relics of St. Alexander, Abbot of Svir. St. Makarios of Corinth. Hieromartyr Donan, and 52 Monks with him, on the Isle of Eigg. Repose of Blessed Paisios, fool-for-Christ (1893). Apr/18 May/1 St. John, disciple of St. Gregory of the Decapolis. Martyr Savvas the General, a Goth of Walachia. St. Cosmas, Bishop of Chalcedon, and his fellow-ascetic St. Auxentios. St. Euthymios the Enlightener of Karelia, and Sts. Anthony and Felix of St. Nicholas Monastery in Karelia. New Martyr John the New of Epiros. New Martyr John Kulika. St. Athanasia the Wonderworker. St. Laserian, Abbot of Inishmurray. Apr/19 May/2 Hieromartyr Paphnutios of Jerusalem. Hieromartyr Theodore of Perge in Pamphylia, his mother Philippa, and Martyrs Dioscoros, Socrates, and Dionysios. St. George the Confessor, Bishop of Antioch in Pisidia. St. Tryphon, Patriarch of Constantinople. St. Nikephoros, Abbot of Katabad. St. Symeon the Barefoot of Philotheou Monastery (Mt. Athos). St. Joachim, Abbot of Opochka (Pskov). Martyr Agathangelos of Esphigmenou Monastery (Mt. Athos). Hieromartyr Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury. Dismissal: May He Who in His surpassing goodness showed us the most excellent way of humility by washing the Disciple’s feet, and Who accepted even the Cross and burial for us... Apr/20 May/3 St. Theodore Trichinas (the Hair-shirt Wearer), hermit near Constantinople. Translation of the relics of St. Nikolai Velimirovich, Bishop of Ochrid and Zhicha. St. John of the Ancient Caves in Palestine. Blessed Gregory and Anastasios, Patriarchs of Antioch. Hieromartyr Anastasios II, Patriarch of Antioch. St. Alexander, Abbot of Oshevensk. Child Martyr Gabriel of Slutsk. Sts. Betran and Theotimos, Bishops in Lesser Scythis. Sts. Athanasios and Ioasaph of Meteora, Monks. Apostle Zacchaeos, Bishop of Caesarea. St. Caedwalla (Peter), King of Wessex. Martyrs Victor, Zoticos, Zeno, Acindynos, and Severian of Nicomedia. Martyrs Christopher, Theonas, and Antoninos at Rome. St. Theotimos, Bishop of Tomis. Apr/21 May/4 Hieromartyr Januarios, Bishop of Benevento, and his companions: Faustos, Procoulos, and Sossos deacons; Desiderios, reader; and Eutychios and Akoutionos, laymen; at Pozzuoli. St. Anastasios, Abbot of Sinai. Martyr Alexandra the Empress. Martyrs Isaacios, Apollo, and Kordatos of Nicomedia. St. Maximian, Patriarch of Constantinople. St. Niphont, Bishop of Novgorod (Kiev Caves). St. Beuno, Abbot of Clynnog Fawr. St. Ethilwald, hermit of Farne. St. Maelrubba, Abbot of Applecross. Palm Sunday: The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem Orthros: §83 St.Mt(21:1-11, 15-17); Liturgy: §247 Phil(4:4-9) §41 St.Jn(12:1-18) Fast day: fish allowed Polyeleos Kontakion of the period: Palm Sunday. Katavasiae of the period: The springs of the deep... Great Monday: St. Joseph the All- Comely. Orthros: §84 St.Mt(21:18-43); Pre-sanctified Liturgy: §98-101 St.Mt(24:3-35) Fast Day Dismissal: May the Lord Who cometh to His voluntary Passion for our salvation... Great Tuesday: The Ten Virgins. Orthros: §90 St.Mt(22:15-23:39); Pre-sanctified Liturgy: §102-107 St.Mt(24:36-26:2) Fast Day Dismissal: May the Lord Who cometh to His voluntary Passion for our salvation... Great Wednesday: The Harlot who anointed the Lord. Orthros: §42 St.Jn(12:17-50); Pre-sanctified Liturgy: §108 St.Mt (26:6-16) Fast Day Dismissal: May the Lord Who cometh to His voluntary Passion for our salvation... Great Thursday: The Mystical Supper. Orthros: St.Lk(22:1-39); Liturgy: §149 1Cor(11:23-32) §107 St.Mt(26:1-20; St.Jn 13:3-17; St.Mt 26:21-39; St.Lk 22:43-45; St.Mt 26:40- 27:2) Fast day: wine and oil allowed Great Friday: The Crucifixion. No Liturgy! Fast Day Dismissal: May He Who endured spitting and scourging and blows, the Cross and death, for our salvation... Great Saturday: The Resurrection. §91 Rom(6:3-11) §115 St.Mt(28:1-20) Fast Day: wine allowed Dismissal: May He Who for us men and for our salvation endured in the flesh the dread Passion, the Life-giving Cross and voluntary burial... Dismissal after Vespers & Liturgy: May He Who arose from the dead...

Apr/22 May/5 St. Theodore the Sykeote, Bishop of Anastasiopolis. St. Vitalis, Monk of Gaza. Apostles Nathaniel, Luke, and Clement. Translation of the relics of St. Vsevelod (in holy baptism Gabriel), Prince of Pskov. Martyr Epipodios of Lynos. Martyr Nearchos. Repose of Blessed Fool-for-Christ Athanasios Andreyevich of Orel (1967). Apr/23 May/6 Great-Martyr George. St. Myrtidiotissa of Kleisoura. Martyrs Anatolios and Protoleontos, soldiers converted by witnessing the martyrdom of St. George. Martyrs Glykerios, Athanasios the Magician, Valerios, Donatos, and Therinos at Nicomedia. Blessed George of Shenkursk, Fool-for-Christ. New Martyr George of Ptolomais. New Martyr Lazarus of Bulgaria who suffered at Pergamus. New Martyr Presbyter Egor (George) of the Spas-Chekriak village (1918). St. Ethelbert, King of Wessex. St. Ethelred, King of England. Hieromartyr Adalbert, Bishop of Prague. Dbl Comm w/ Vigil for Sts. George & Myrtidiotissa Apr/24 May/7 St. Elizabeth the Wonderworker of Constantinople. Martyr Savvas Stratelates of Rome and 70 soldiers with him. Martyrs Eusebios, Neonos, Leontios, Longinos, and four others at Nicomedia. Martyrs Pasicrates and Valentine in Moesia (Bulgaria). St. Thomas the Fool of Syria. Sts. Savvas and Alexios the hermit of the Kiev Caves. New Martyr Luke. New Martyr Nicholas of Magnesia. Martyr Alexander of Lyons. St. Iorest and St. Sava Brancovici, Metropolitan of Ardeal, confessors against the Calvinists. St. Mellitos, Archbishop of Canterbury. Translation of the relics of St. Wilfrid, Bishop of Hexham. Uncovering of the relics of St. Yvo, Bishop. St. Egbert, Bishop of Iona. Apr/25 May/8 Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark. St. Macedonios, Patriarch of Constantinople. St. Sylvester, Abbot of Obnora. Martyr Nice. Eight Anchorites who were martyred. St. Ælfwold, Bishop of Sherborne. Polyeleos Apr/26 May/9 Hieromartyr Basil, Bishop of Amasea. St. Stephen, Bishop of Perm. Righteous Virgin Glaphyra. St. Ioannikios of Devich in Serbia. St. Justa. St. Nestor the Silent. Sts. Andrew and Anatole, disciples of St. Euthymios the Great. Hieromartyr Anacletos, Pope of Rome. St. Richarios, Hermit of Forest-Moutier. Apr/27 May/10 Hieromartyr Symeon the kinsman of the Lord. St. Stephen, Abbot of the Kiev Caves and Bishop Vladimir in Volhynia. St. John, Abbot of Cathares Monastery at Constantinople. New Martyr Elias Ardunis of Mt. Athos. St. Seraphim, Bishop of the Phanar. St. Machalos, Bishop of the Isle of Man. Martyr Poplionos. St. Eulogios the Hospitable at Constantinople. Martyr Longinos the New. Apr/28 May/11 Nine Martyrs at Cyzicus: Theognidos, Roufos, Antipater, Theostichos, Artemas, Magnos, Theodotos, Thaumasios, and Philemonos. St. Memnon the Wonderworker. St. Cyril, Bishop of Turov. St. Auxibios, Bishop of Soli in Cyprus. St. Kyriakos, Abbot of Kargopol (Vologda). Martyr John of Romania. Commemoration of the Miracle at Carthage. Repose of Blessed Elder Basil Kishkin (1831). Dedication of the Church of the Martyr Vitalis at Rome. Holy Pascha: The Resurrection of Christ §1 Acts(1-8) §1 St.Jn(1:1-17) Vespers §65 St.Jn(20:19-25) Fast-Free period Kontakion of the period: Pascha. Katavasiae of the period: Pascha. Dismissal: May He Who arose from the dead... Bright Monday Orthros: §63 St.Lk(12:2-12); Liturgy: §29 Acts(12:1-11) §2 St.Jn(1:18-28) Fast-Free period Tone 2 Dismissal: May He Who arose from the dead... Bright Tuesday: Martyrs Raphael, Nicholas, Irene and Olympias of Mitylene & The Theotokos of the Portal §4 Acts(2:14-21) §113 St.Lk(24:12-35) Fast-Free period Tone 3 Dismissal: May He Who arose from the dead... Bright Wednesday §5 Acts (2:22-38) §63 1Pet(5:6-14) §23 St.Mk(6:7-13) §4 St.Jn(1:35-51) Fast-Free period Tone 4 Dismissal: May He Who arose from the dead... Bright Thursday §6 Acts(2:38-43) §8 St.Jn(3:1-15) Fast-Free period Tone 5 Dismissal: May He Who arose from the dead... Bright Friday: The Life-Giving Spring of the Theotokos §7 Acts(3:1-8) & §240 Phil(2:5-11) §7 St.Jn(2:12-22) & §54 St.Lk(10:38-42; 11:27-28) Fast-Free period Tone 6 Dismissal: May He Who arose from the dead... Bright Saturday §8 Acts(3:11-16) §11 St.Jn(3:22-33) Fast-Free period Tone 8 Dismissal: May He Who arose from the dead...

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