CODESOFT 10 - New Features

Enhanced Print dialog box – The user interface integrates the Preview with most

important print time settings. A form allows easy data input for labels with ‘When

Printed’ data sources, and a Database tab allows easy selection of database

records for printing.

Layers, Header/Footer –

Print batch separator labels at the

beginning and/or end of a print job,

with key print job information. Dual

Side printing is now also available.

Compliance with GHS regulations

within the chemical industry

• Fit to Frame allows you to dynamically resize text to a specified area or

change content without having to redesign your labels.

• Enhanced Text Art – Text can be set to interact in a predictable way with

overlapping objects, optimizing the use of space available on a label.

New barcode support – ISBT128, MicroQRCode, Code One and several postal

barcodes. Moreover a new option allows automatic update of the GS1-128

Human readable barcode according to GS1 specification.

Pocket printing add-on – Download labels onto Windows Mobile devices for

mobile printing. Printing is possible on a local port or network (TCP/IP).

Click Print – Allows fast selection and printing of labels from a

predefined directory. Provides a simple user interface for printing, as an

alternative to the more complex designer interface.

And more...


CODESOFT is fully compatible with other TEKLYNX enterprise applications such as:

• SENTINEL – a server printing solution that automates the printing of barcode, compliance or RFID labels created with

CODESOFT Label design software

• LABEL ARCHIVE – software that provides you with a traceability layer for the label design and printing process, including

archiving, customizable approval rules, print history and security for label design and production environments.

Unparalleled Printer Support

CODESOFT supports over 2,200 thermal/thermal transfer printers as well as any Windows-based printer.

With CODESOFT's high-speed, bi-directional drivers you can take advantage of every feature of your printer to print large batches of

labels in a very short time. With its intuitive interface, operators can easily specify printer options including print speed, cut settings, real

date/time stamps (ISO), etc.

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