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reodata 4.0 - OneSteel Reinforcing

reodata 4.0 - OneSteel Reinforcing

Eco-REo - sustainable

Eco-REo - sustainable Reinforcing Products OneSteel Reinforcing has introduced a selected range of REBAR, REOMESH ® and Decking products. These are products that can provide a more sustainable use of materials in structures. These carry the additional branding of Eco-REo, Eco-BaR or Eco-mEsh, as they can provide economic and environmental benefits compared to traditional reinforcing steels. * Economical – The products can give more cost-efficient cover and economy in the number of sheets or bars, or the volume of steel needed to efficiently reinforce the structure and meet the design intent of the project. * EnViRonmEntal – OneSteel’s manufacturing of reinforcing steel utilises energy reducing Polymer Injection Technology (PIT) and recycled steel scrap content. * Supporting information on environmental claims for specific OneSteel Reinforcing ECO-REO products is available on the ‘Technical Resources’ page of the OneSteel Reinforcing website If customers talk to OneSteel Reinforcing in the early stages of the project we can suggest ways of redesigning the reinforcing such as spacing and diameters to optimise material use. 6

Eco-BaR products include: • 500PlUs ® BamtEc ® – Engineered reinforcing bar carpets can allow the size and positioning of reinforcing steel to be optimised with variable bar diameters, spacings and lengths. • 500PlUs ® PREfaB – Prefabricated reinforcement can be produced more efficiently in the factory than on site, enabling reduced labour and time, and also generating less waste and scrap. PREFAB | 7 7

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