April 2012 - Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club


April 2012 - Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

April 2012

Harbour Ridge


Harbour Ridge Numbers


Peter Cavitt, CFO

(772) 336-8921

Julie Flanigan

Accounts Receivable

(772) 336-8952


Leon Crimmins, GM

(772) 336-8908

Michael Salerno, Assistant GM

(772) 873-6014

Peggy Epperson, CAM

(772) 873-6012

Reception/Main Desk

(772) 336-3000

MAC Department

Laurie Snyder

(772) 336-1885

Food & Beverage

Michael Plotkin, Ex. Chef

(772) 336-8906

Teresa Zammiello

Food & Beverage Director

(772) 336-8949

Kristin Marr

Banquets & Catering

(772) 873-6025


(772) 336-8956

Fitness Center

Barb Svenson, Director

(772) 336-8910

Golf Course Maintenance

Tim Cann, Director

(772) 336-8924

Golf Pro Shop

Rob Dauk, Head Golf Pro

(772) 336-8900 ext. 8411

Pro Shop

(772) 336-8900


Rich Goodrich, Director

(772) 336-8958

Guest Call In

(772) 336-1350

Real Estate Office

Office Coordinator

(772) 336-1800

Tennis Pro Shop

Paul Bradshaw, Director

(772) 336-8912

Waterfront/Marina Office

Gerri Snee

(772) 336-8907

Contact by e-mail

first initial.last name@hrycc.org

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General Manager’s Message

As I indicated in my

article last month, there

were several projects

that would take place

this summer. Since my last

communication, we have

finalized the maintenance

compound and practice

facility. Below you will find

the timing and detailed

scope of work for both projects.

can expect to be able to hit 30 to 60-yard


Practice Facility Project: Will include

The project is planned to begin on May

29 and is expected to take 6-8 weeks to

complete. When the project is underway,

you can expect some inconvenience

for either warming up for a round or

practicing. The project will consist of

two phases: the construction phase and

grow-in phase. During the construction

phase, we anticipate that only short-iron

practicing will be possible from a portion

expanding of the north tee and planting of the south tee. During the grow-in phase,

with an improved variety of turf and the the entire range fairway will be available

relocation of the middle target green. and only the north tee will remain closed.

The south end of the facility will include The grow-in of the north tee is expected to

the addition of a short-game green. take twelve weeks, and it is expected to

reopen sometime in September.

The north tee will be stripped of the

existing sod, the teeing area expanded The first step to this project is to kill the

and then re-grassed. The current size of turf on the north tee target-green area

the north tee is 30,000 square feet and and south bunker green with Roundup.

will be expanded to 46,000 square feet. This step is the most important, since a

To accomplish this, the practice fairway new variety of turf is being planted in all

bunker located on the right side of the these areas, and the existing turf must be

tee will be filled in and the front of the eradicated. It takes a minimum of eight

tee will be expanded approximately forty weeks to eradicate the turf. During the

feet into the fairway. Gained from this first two weeks of April the turf will begin

work will be approximately (7) additional to brown, and we plan to spray a turf

teeing spaces and more area to move colorant to cosmetically keep it green

forward and back on the tee each day/ until the time of construction in late May.

week/month. Currently the entire tee The turf will continue to be playable, and

is used three times each winter, and turf your only reaction is that the surface will

recovery is marginal after the second just appear to be dormant as in past

round of movement. Having the extra winters.

space will delay the need to return to Maintenance Compound Project: The

the back of the tee as quickly as we do project will be completed in three phases

now. The middle-target green will be and take a total of fourteen months to

relocated to the center of the range for complete. Phase one will include the

safety reasons. From this project there will addition of a new fuel storage tank, eco-

be a considerable amount of stripped sod friendly equipment wash-down station

that has to be either hauled off property and separate chemical/fertilizer building

at a cost or buried on property. Burying that meets today’s strict building code. A

on the property allows us to generate soil new 11,250 square foot storage building

that would have to have been purchased will also be constructed in this phase.

and then hauled to the Practice Facility Phase one is set to begin April 2, 2012, and

site. By generating the soil in the location will be completed in late June.

of the target green, it makes the job cost

effective, and it minimizes damage to the

Phase Two includes the partial demolition

existing paths, tees or other areas that

and reconstruction of the building,

would have to be used for haul roads

which our Housekeeping Department

in and out of the Practice Facility. The

occupies. The building will be configured

short-game green at the south end of

to allow the Maintenance & Construction

the range will be located between the

departments to move from their

range tee and #1 green on the Golden

current location on Gilson Road. The

Marsh course. The existing south practice

Housekeeping Department will move into

green and bunker will be eliminated,

temporary quarters during construction.

the area behind the green and bunker

Every effort will be made to continue

(south) will be cleared of palmetto; and

to offer the same great services during

the new green location, right of the

construction. Phase two is scheduled to

south tee looking north, will be cleared of

begin in late June and continue through

palmetto and exotics. The green will be

early December.

approximately 3,000 square feet with a Phase three includes the partial demolition

bunker. From a player’s perspective, you

continued on Page 5

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club www.HarbourRidge.com

Marketing at Harbour Ridge

Harbour Ridge Outreach Programs

How can you get new people to

come to Harbour Ridge? There are

many ideas that both our members

and the Marketing & Sales Support

Committee have suggested. Some

of these approaches have been

successful; some have yet to yield

results, and others…ah, well! Here are

just some of the ways we are getting

the word out about Harbour Ridge.

• This Holiday Season we asked

members to reach out via a

customized Harbour Ridge holiday

card and send it to friends and family

they thought might be interested in

Harbour Ridge. We sent out 71 cards

and have heard back from eight

individuals who are now at different

levels of the prospect process. We

thank all members who participated

and will repeat this program again

next year.

• We attended the Realtor

Association of Martin County in

November. Over 90 realtors stopped

by our booth, and we now have a

database of 77 realtors from that

show who are familiar with Harbour

Ridge. Our follow-up will include

communications, including e-blasts,

details of membership fee structures

and incentives, equity payment plans

and brochures that promote our “Be

Our Guest” program as well as the

lifestyle and amenities that Harbour

Ridge offers.

• On March 6, we hosted breakfast

for over 150 realtors at the Martin

County Association of Realtors

meeting. We briefly described the

benefits of being a member of

Harbour Ridge and distributed our

small brochure. We then followed up

with a letter thanking each realtor,

inviting them and their clients back to

Harbour Ridge and enclosed a copy

of our new video. Several realtors

came back to tour our Clubhouse

and visited open houses. This added

over 80 new names to our database

and network of realtors.

• We attended the Stuart Boat Show

in late January and gathered the

names of 45 people who expressed

interest in learning more about

Harbour Ridge. The show yielded one

active inquiry regarding real estate

and two inquiries regarding boat-slip




• We have recently sent out 75

invitations to Tesoro residents inviting

them to be a “Member for a Day” to

introduce them to our club and the

Boat-Slip Purchase Program. So far,

we have had 2 couples join us for this


• During the three-day Men’s

Member-Guest in February, we had

Open Houses from four of our listing

real estate agencies. Prudential, our

on-site agent, hosted a luncheon

for approximately 30 people at their

office after the Open House.

• We have become more involved

with all renters, establishing a Village

Ambassador Program and delivering

special Welcome Gift Bags with

gift certificates and information to

help renters get assimilated into our

community. Yes, renters become

buyers, and we are helping to make

it happen. The entire Harbour Ridge

community has taken an increasingly

active role in making both our “Be Our

Guest” visitors and renters feel warmly

welcomed into our community. The

Board and the Marketing & Sales

Support Committee salute you all for

helping to make these programs an

effective way to convert prospects

into buyers.

• Two ads have run in the MGA

Magazine with editorials about

Harbour Ridge. In the February Florida

Living Section, our most recent ad,

“Be Playing with the Best,” touted the

prestigious northern clubs that some

of our members belong to during the

summer months. The result has been

six inquiries regarding Harbour Ridge

and our “Be Our Guest” program.

• We have run an ad in the PBI

Tennis Magazine (Peter Burwash

International) and are delighted to

say it has resulted in one new “Be Our

Guest” visitor.

• A group of Canadian Harbour

Ridge members have taken an

active role in recommending specific

publications for us to advertise in, as

well as suggesting local promotional

programs for us to get involved in over

the summer and fall.

We hope to continue to expand these

efforts, eliminate the programs that

do not have an effective return on our

investment and continually try new

ways to get the word out. Again, we

would like to thank the Harbour Ridge

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

membership and the Marketing &

Sales Support Committee for taking an

active role in making all this happen.

We Need Your Help!

Very soon we will be developing a

comprehensive Media Plan for 2012-

2013. Members frequently suggest

that we appear in certain local

publications. Please send the names

of any publication(s) you think has

merit for us to consider. Send the

name of the publication and provide

a sample copy, if possible, to Connie

Humphrey. This does not necessarily

mean that we will advertise in the

publication, but it does mean that it

will be considered as part of our total

marketing mix.

Home Sales & Rental Seminar 101

We held a Real Estate Seminar

on March 19, in an effort to help

Harbour Ridge sellers effectivly market

their homes. This seminar hosted:

Joyce Bello (Prudential); Kathy Stein

(HR Properties); Nancy Cardone

(Illustrated Properties); Pat Weber (HR

Maintenance Department); Steve

Rubin (Rubin Custom Homes); and

Patty Downing and Candy Johnson

(Patty Downing Interiors). These

experts provided our members with

many important insights on how to

correctly price and sell their homes

as well as suggesting inexpensive

ways to effectively make repairs and

stage their home. If you missed the

seminar, you can view it in its entirety

on the member website under Home,

Sales & Rental Seminar. You can

also download a PDF packet that

was provided at the seminar (or you

can click HERE if you are viewing the

newsletter online).

It has been a busy year for the

Marketing and Sales Support Group

at Harbour Ridge, and we are making

significant inroads in increasing the

awareness of our community. We

will continue to find new ways to

effectively get the word out about

Harbour Ridge….so it is NOT “Florida’s

best kept secret!”

Connie Humphrey

Chair, Marketing & Sales Support


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Harbour Ridge NEWS & EVENTS

Grandmother’s Closet

Thank You, Earl Greenho!

For 6 years, Earl Greenho has been the “Bike Man.”

As he retires, we all thank him for his time and

dedication to maintaining and scheduling the 36

bicycles in the Grandmother’s Closet.

This being said, Grandmother’s closet will be in need

of a couple of volunteers to take over our bicycle

program. Because of the hours spent

on bicycles in Grandmother’s Closet,

we need additional help for the

bikes. Without this additional help,

we will have to CLOSE the bicycle

department. PLEASE HELP US! For

more information, please contact Sue

Goldstone or Gayle Tainter.

Page 4



10th Anniversary


Wednesday, April 11

Thursday, April 12

7:30 p.m.

Artisans, Table as Art III

Over President’s Day Weekend, Artisans Unlimited

presented a terrific exhibition of fine design in dining, “The

Table as Art III.” It was an overwhelming success! Over

400 people stopped by during the two-day event to view

beautiful and inspired table settings created by fellow

Harbour Ridge members. All tables received rave reviews.

Those creating the designs were: Myrna Bennett, Sheila

Gallant, Diane Davant Moffitt, Marsha Cetta & Carlo

Kosloski, Treva Bevier, Terry Sussman, Angelina Argento,

Audrey Crandall, Anita Manuck, and Teresa Zammiello

and Kristin Marr. In addition to the table settings, guests

were able to see Adie Coy’s beautiful handmade ‘Tie

Quilt,’ made of her late husband’s neckties. Please enjoy

some of the snapshots from this special Artisans Unlimited


Where’s the hidden Member Number?

There is a hidden member number somewhere in

this newsletter! If you find it and it is your member

number, please call Michael Salerno at 873-6014.

You have just won dinner for two!

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club www.HarbourRidge.com

Harbour Ridge NEWS & EVENTS

Yacht Club Spring Cruise

Harbour Ridge boaters recently returned from the

Yacht Club’s Annual Spring Cruise; this year across

Florida via the Okeechobee Waterway to the the West

Coast. The flotilla included six boats, Sweet Pea (Bill

and Barbara Marshall), Happy Days (Mike and Terry

Spinelli), Sunshine Express (Mike and Hardy Mowry),

Elaine (Tom and Elaine Taylor), Play Hard (Dan and

Nancy Zivney), and Water Dance (Dick and Sandi

Kelly). The group spent a little over a week going first,

to the popular Rialto Harbor with a unique old Florida

setting. Other stops included South Seas Resort on

Captiva, Sarasota and Boca Grande before heading

back. Happy Days and Play Hard went on to the

Naples Club. Everyone had a wonderful time enjoying

daily docktails, beautiful weather and a performance

of Women of Ireland at the Van Wezel Arts Center in


Pictured left to right: Dick Kelly, Tom Taylor, Mike Spinelli, Dan Zivney,

Elaine Taylor, Mike & Hardy Mowry, Sandi Kelly, Barbara Marshall,

Nancy Zivney, Terry Spinelli, Bill Marshall.

HR Boats lined up at Boca

Grande Marina

Dan Zivney in the lock at


On the way from Sarasota to

Boca Grande

Tom Taylor in the lock at


continued from Page 2

and reconstruction of the building that currently houses

the Golf and Grounds Maintenance Departments.

During construction the two departments will move

temporarily into the space designed for the Maintenance

& Construction departments. This phase is scheduled to

begin in January, 2013, and will be completed by May,


We greatly appreciate your support and patience during

construction of both projects. We will be updating the

entire membership by e-mail as the projects develop. If

you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

me directly.

Michael Salerno, Assistant General Manager

The Birder’s Nest

“A Note from the President’s Nest”

The 2011-2012 season has been

exceptional, particularly with the

return of the birds to the Rookery

after almost a year’s absence.

In addition, our Sandhill Crane

couples have actually managed to

successfully rear offspring (at least

at time of writing). We have also had the recent experience

of witnessing the Great Horned Owls’ extremely successful

method of getting the young to leave the family nest… by

destroying it!

The year started with a talk by Sam Fried on Warblers, which

impressed many of us by showing just how many individual

types exist in the United States. Great off-campus trips to

Merritt Island, Green Key, etc., and a fabulous expedition

to Sanibel, where we were so lucky to have both Ivor Brook

and Vince McGuire showing and identifying the difficultto-distinguish

shore birds of Florida. Your President and

Lady Bird were particularly pleased to see 9 Manatees

at the Fort Myers retirement community where Ivor lives.

Our thanks are due to Richard and Norma Erth for not only

organizing the trip but finding a great hotel and restaurants

for the time we were there.

I would also like to thank all of the members who shared

their extraordinary photographs with the membership,

particularly Dennis Kerrigan and Carlotta Parsons;

and Katharine Senn for her continuing amusing avian


Finally, I look forward to seeing many of you at our closing

BBQ on April 2, in the Pavilion at the Club. Have a great

summer, and I am sure we will have a wonderful birding

time next season.

Jamie Weir

Photo courtesy of Pat Hoshino

Do you have an article you would like

in the Harbour Ridge News or on the

website? Please call or e-mail Suzy

Duffy at 336-8954 or email s.duffy@

hrycc.org. Newsletter articles are due

the 10th of every month, and e-Blast

info is due by Thursdays at 12 PM!

www.HarbourRidge.com Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

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Grandchildren’s Weekend

Page 6



1:30 p.m. Nature Walk with Dan Chabot - families are invited!

FAMILY BINGO Fun for all ages, doors open at 7:00 pm. Games starts 7:30 pm

Great Prizes! $15 per person (Cash)


10:00-12:00 HUMANE SOCIETY AGILITY SHOW at the Puppy Park. All dogs are welcome

1:30-2:30 pm TENNIS CLINIC at Tennis Center

We’ll have extra racquets. Wear sneakers please. All levels welcome.

3:00-4:00 pm GOLF CLINIC on the Driving Range

We’ll supply the clubs. Wear sneakers please. All levels welcome.

5:30 pm PIZZA & PASTA & ICE CREAM SUNDAE PARTY in the Riverview

Adults and Children $16 Casual Attire

6:30 pm Cartoons, followed by featured MOVIE in Osprey Room

Enjoy treats from the concession stand while you enjoy this fun movie!


8:00 am BUNNY HOP at the Fitness Center t-shirts and refreshments included $10

11:00 am ANNUAL EGG HUNT for children ages 3-12 on the north driving range

Please bring a basket. Photo opportunities will be available with the Easter Bunny!

11:30 am-2:30 pm SPRING CARNIVAL on driving range

Fun rides, bounce houses, pony rides,Italian ice, cotton candy, and popcorn!

$25 includes BBQ lunch at carnival

$15 lunch charge for adults


Buffet Dinner in Riverview Dining Room, $32 adults/$20 children

with music, face painting, balloon animals, and the Amazing Mr. A (magician)


8:00 am-2:00 pm BREAKFAST BUFFET in Grille Room

$16 adults / $9 children, No jackets required

3:30 - 8:00 pm EASTER DINNER BUFFET in Riverview Dining Room

$45 adults/$20 children 4-12, Jackets required for adults and children over 14

Professional family photos with the Easter Bunny!


Make reservations at 336-8956

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club www.HarbourRidge.com

Harbour Ridge

Trivia Challenge

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

6:00 Cocktails – 6:30 Game Time

Start the month off with a challenge! Be sure

to gather your friends when putting together

your winning team. Please maximize your

teams so we can accommodate as many

members as possible.

$35 per person (signature bar)

No jackets required – Shorts not permitted

Congratulations to March’s Trivia Challenge Winners:

The Hopers. From left to right: Dick & Pat Almes, Jim &

Molly Little, Jim & Nancy Knister, Pat McMillen, George

Hornsby, Rick & Judy Thorpe. The team walked away

with $540!

Easter Dinner Buffet

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Reservations from 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us with your family and friends for

our traditional holiday buffet. Chef

Michael and his team will display all

of your favorites, including specialty

salads, seafood raw bar, carving station

to include N.Y Strip, turkey, glazed ham

and much more. Finish off this special

holiday enjoying the grand dessert


$45 Adults/$20 Children

Jackets Required for Adults and

Children over 14

Harbour Ridge Chorale

Performance & Dining

Wednesday, April 11

Thursday, April 12

Come enjoy the sound of the Harbour

Ridge Chorale on either of these days...

or maybe even both!

Dining on Wednesday will be a buffet in

the Riverview starting at 5:30 PM.

Dine with us on Thursday for A la Carte

dining in the Grille Room. Reservations

will begin at 5:30.

Chorale Presentation begins at 7:30 PM


Updated Dining Information

Join us on Friday, April 27, for

A la Carte Dining in the Riverview.

Join us on Saturday, April 28, for

A la Carte Dining in the Grille Room.

Dining Location Changes

Friday, April 13: No Riverview Dining

due to the Men’s Member-Member


Sunday, April 15: Dinner in the Grille


Sunday, April 22: Dinner in the Grille

Room due to the Husband & Wife




Dining Schedule

Grille Room

Grand Breakfast Buffet



www.HarbourRidge.com Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

Page 7


A la Carte



Soup & Salad Bar



Carving Station Buffet

Wednesday & Saturday



Tuesday, Wednesday &



Grille Lounge


A la Carte



Soup & Salad Bar



Carving Station Buffet

Wednesday & Saturday


Lite Bite Menu



Riverview & Eagles Nest



A la Carte Menu - Friday

5:30-8:30 *Live Music*

Buffet and Limited A la Carte

Menu - Sunday


Eagle’s Nest Lounge will be

closed Wednesday Evenings

when Odyssey presentation is


Grille Room - 336-8937

Riverview - 336-8940

Reservations - 336-8956

*Please check your monthly

calendar, as dining locations

are subject to change*


Chef’s Dish

Michael Plotkin, Executive Chef

Funnel Cake

Yields 6-8 servings


1 1/4 cups water

1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, cut into pieces

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cups unbleached flour

4 to 6 large eggs


In a heavy saucepan, bring water to a a

boil with butter and salt over high heat. Reduce to moderate heat. Add flour all at once and

beat with a wooden spoon until mixture pulls away from sides of the pan, forming a dough.

Transfer dough to bowl of a standing electric mixer and beat in 4 eggs, 1 at a time, on high

speed, beating well after each addition. Batter should be stiff enough to just hold soft peaks

and fall softly from a spoon. If batter is too stiff, in a small bowl beat remaining 2 eggs lightly, 1

at a time, and add to batter, a little at a time, beating on high speed, until batter is of desired


Pipe with a pastry bag onto 3” x 3” squares of parchment or wax paper. Drop into oil that is

heated to 350 degrees until golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towels. Dust with

powdered sugar.

Request For Services 2012-2013 have been mailed out.

Sparkling Salutations

from Housekeeping

Don’t forget that along with our regular great cleaning service, we offer window washing, carpet and upholstery

cleaning, laundry and ironing and pressure cleaning services.

We offer competitive rates and unparalleled customer service. Best of all - we are right here on property. Any

concerns are addressed immediately by on-site management; and if there is ever anything that we miss, we will

correct it within 24 hours to your complete satisfaction. Support your POA and give us a try; you won’t be


Kathleen M. Zwicker, Director of Housekeeping

(772) 336-1436


Page 8

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club www.HarbourRidge.com

From Your Head Pro...

It is hard to believe it is already April! Thanks to all who have

supported and participated in all of our events and programs

over the season. We still have quite a few more events coming

up in the month of April.

We have a few good-byes from the golf shop. Ryan Jones, from

the golf shop, is heading back to Hanover Country Club for the

summer months. Ryan did a great job for us this season, and we

look forward to his return next fall. Brent Bishop, our men’s locker room attendant for

the past 13 years, will be retiring. Brent is heading back to Massachusetts Member

No. 2097 to be closer to his family. We thank Brent for all his great work, and we wish

him all the best. And, sadly, Pat DeGoria, a long-time starter/ranger, passed away

in early March. Pat was a great part of our team, and he will certainly be missed.

For those who are heading north soon, have a great summer; and for those here for

the summer, see you around!

Rob Dauk

Head Golf Professional


Weekend & Golf

A Grandchildren’s Golf Clinic is scheduled

for Friday, April 6, from 3-4 PM on the

north end of the range. We will organize

the children in appropriate age groups

and provide clubs for those in need. No

appointment is necessary. An Easter Egg

Hunt is scheduled on Saturday, April 7, at

11:00 AM on the north practice tee. The

“Big Hunt” is followed by the Harbour Ridge

Spring Carnival from 11:30 –

2:30 PM. The north practice

tee will be closed from 9:00

AM until the completion of the


Passion “4” Pink

Be sure to visit the member website to

view all of the photos and details of this

wonderful tournament.


April Golf Shop

A detailed list of sale items is posted in

the golf shop.



Congratulations 2012 Club


Joan Nartowt & Allan Fugate


April 3


Demo Day

11:00 AM - 2:30 PM

April 4

Full Swing Clinic

3:30 PM - South Tee

April 11-13

Men’s Member-Member

Open play in Afternoon Only

April 16

9-Holers Closing Golf &


April 17

Ladies’ Closing Day Golf &


8:30 AM Shotgun

April 19

Twilight Golf

3:30 Shotgun

April 22

Husband & Wife


8:30 AM & 1:00 PM Shotguns

on Golden Marsh



George Davis

#14 Golden Marsh

3rd Hole in One!

Almarie Walczak

#7 River Ridge

Career First!

John Kershaw

#11 River Ridge

2nd Hole in One!


Kristin Dusterburg

#10 Golden Marsh

And followed with a

2 on #11!

Paul Karp

#18 River Ridge

Frank Tasco

#13 River Ridge

Happy Easter

www.HarbourRidge.com Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

Page 9



Men’s Member-Member: This popular club event is

scheduled for Wednesday, April 11, through Friday, April

13. There is still room in the event. On-course refreshments

will be provided during the tournament, and an awards

cook out will be held following the competition on Friday


Ladies’ Closing Luncheons: The 9-Holers will have their

closing day and luncheon on Monday, April 16, starting

with a 9:00 AM shotgun. The 18-Holers will have their

closing day on Tuesday, April 17, starting with an 8:30

AM shotgun. Mark your calendars for these end-ofthe-season

golf and luncheon events. Many of our

vendors donate raffle prizes that will be given away

at the luncheon. End-of-season awards will also be

announced. We look forward to your participation!

The Husband and Wife Championship is being held on

Sunday, April 22. The event and format are always

great tests of a relationship’s patience and fortitude! So

come out and have some fun….there are always some

great stories following the event. We will have an 8:30

AM or a 1:00 PM shotgun available when you sign up!

An awards dinner will follow this event.

Tips from the Handicap Committee

Page 10

“Playing to your Handicap”

Playing to your handicap is a measurable number and

not necessarily a matter of whether you have hit the ball

well or the number of putts you have made. It is NOT

how your net score relates to par.

To figure out if you are “playing to your handicap,” you

must first go through the normal process of converting

your “INDEX” to a course handicap. For instance, if

you have an index of 17.2, your course handicap on

the Golden Marsh course would be 20. Then, you must

add that course handicap to the course rating for that

particular course. For the Marsh on the red tees, the

rating is 71.7. So, your target score on the Golden Marsh

course is 92 (rounded). If you shoot 92, then you have

played to your handicap.

How often should you “play to your handicap”? Playing

to a handicap happens less than half of the time.

Because the handicap formula considers the average

of only the 10 best scores out of 10, the probability is that

playing to your handicap happens only once out of 4 to

5 rounds, or about 20-25% of the time!

Another reminder to please post all your scores. A

handicap posting sample by the handicap committee

on Feb. 16, 2012, showed that 310 members played and

ONLY 95 (31%) posted their scores. Please, people, post

those scores!

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

Men’s Member-Guest

February 2012

Congratulations to the Champions, Dennis

Shea and Dennis Shea Jr.

A Stitch in Time

Janet Jordan from “A Stitch in Time” will be

available for alterations on Wednesday,

April 4, and Wednesday, April 18, from

3:00 to 4:30 PM in the Golf Shop. Simple

requests may be dropped off at the Golf

Shop if measurements are not needed.


Golf Course Maintenance


Warm weather continued through the months of February and March. The unusually mild conditions had an impact on our

courses. The good news is that it made for lush green courses because the turf never went dormant. The River Ridge fairway

grass (Tifsport) held up better than in previous years. Not once did we have to direct carts into waste bunkers to alleviate

wear and tear of the turf. The bad news is that it made for slower green speeds, and it changed the normal life cycle of

some turf-damaging insects. I’ll focus on the bad news rather than the good. A warmer than normal winter meant the

greens didn’t go through a dormant phase and the turf continued to grow. Dormant greens are sometimes good because

it provides for temporarily fast greens. When the Bermuda greens are actively growing, there tends to be more turf grain

and slower greens speed. To counter this, additional vertical mowing and sand topdressing is necessary. Doing this work

with a strong tournament schedule and many shot-gun starts each week is difficult. When the turf is actively growing, we

like to vertical-mow twice weekly. The courses are very busy, so this extra work is difficult to accomplish. An early morning

maintenance start (a couple hours before the sun comes up) is an option that we can take advantage of, but there are

challenges with this. Early morning starts mean the crew works in the dark. There is always the chance for poor workmanship

or unnoticed equipment failure (oil leaks or other turf damage). Also, Harbour Ridge is a residential community so we have to

be careful not to wake up residents with equipment noise. We have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Another

tool is rolling greens to improve green speed. We like to roll, often, but it’s not possible to roll every day due to the need

for personnel. Even though there is a high unemployment rate, we are currently facing some difficulty hiring and retaining

employees. Additionally, our labor budget has been reduced over the last few years, so we have fewer employees on the

crew. If we had fewer shot-gun starts, fewer double-tee starts and a few more employees, more of the described jobs could

be done more often. The insect problem is also a cause of the warmer weather. A warmer winter disrupts the normal life

cycle of mole crickets and grub beetle insects. The normal life cycle of these insects is one year. Typically, during the winter

months these mature insects live deep in the soil and hibernate when soil temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s. As the soil

temperature increases into the 70’s, the insects surface, mate; and another life cycle begins. This normal cycle didn’t occur

this year. Soil temperatures were in the 60-70 degree range most of the winter. The insects barely hibernated, and activity will

be earlier than normal. We like to see a normal life cycle because control methods are easily timed, and control is effective

at a lower cost. This year’s control will be varied and challenging.

The following is the 2012 Summer Renovation Schedule

May 29 - July 20: The Practice facility project

May 7 - 21: River Ridge closed for aerification and vertical mowing

May 29 - June 11: Golden Marsh closed for aerification and vertical mowing

June 18 - July 2: River Ridge closed for aerification and vertical mowing

July 9 - 23: Golden Marsh closed for aerification

July 30 - August 6: River Ridge closed for aerification of greens only

August 20 - 27: Golden Marsh closed fro aerification of greens only Tim Cann, Director of Golf Course Maintenance

From the Courts

By the time you read this we will have played Men’s and Ladies’ League tennis, had a mixed doubles social, a

complimentary clinic and made our annual journey to see the world’s best players at the Sony Ericsson Open in

Miami, all in the month of March. Thank you so much for supporting our events. We can only plan them, but we need

participants to make them work; and we certainly had that.

During the month of April we will keep the tennis action going with a number of events. Thursday, April 5, is the date

for our final Mixed Doubles Social of the season. Join us at 4 PM for some great social tennis followed by chef’s

amazing pizza, salad, cookies, wine, beer and soft drinks - $16 per person includes the tennis and all refreshments.

Friday, April 6, is the date for our annual Grandchildren’s Clinic, which will take place from 1:30-2:30 PM. All levels are

welcome, and we have plenty of racquets; so just make sure the children wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.

Our next Complimentary Tennis Clinic will be held on Friday, April 13, at 10:00 AM. All levels are welcome and we

promise you a great workout and lots of tips. However, places are limited; so sign up now in the Pro Shop.

On Tuesday, April 17, we will hold our annual End-of-Season Party. This event has always attracted a great crowd.

Join us this year and celebrate a very successful tennis season. Everybody is welcome to join us for an evening of

great food, music and friendship. Please watch the bulletin board and the club e-mail blasts for further information.

Should you have grandchildren visiting during the summer months, we will be holding classes for

juniors of all levels. Just call the Pro Shop and request our class schedule, which should be available

by the end of the month. Your tennis committee has already been hard at work planning a full

schedule of events for next season, but the tennis action doesn’t stop. If you are either here for all

or part of the summer or coming back for a visit, just call us at the Pro Shop and we will work hard to

get you into a game.

www.HarbourRidge.com Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

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Spa & Fitness

Motivating Tales...

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Dine Wise.

Now at the Fitness Center- Dine

Wise Recipe Cards!

Enjoy our healthy Dine Wise recipes

at home! Stop by the Fitness Center to grab some of

your favorites. They are the perfect addition to your

recipe box. Ingredients, preparation directions and

nutrient content is displayed on every card. Prepare

something healthy for yourself. Your body will thank

you when you “Dine Wise!”

I’ve been a trainer for over 20

years and have worked with a

variety of clients. I’d like to tell

you about a member here at

Harbour Ridge who has really

inspired me with his dedication

to improving his health; his

name is Richard Brown.

Starting an exercise program can be difficult for anyone,

but especially if you have health limitations. When Richard

first came into the Fitness Center in November, he was

only able to walk over to the bike and then immediately

back to the chair at the front of the Fitness Center. After

his breathing returned to normal, we then did a couple

of exercises with light bands, and he was done. But that

did not discourage him; he set up two sessions a week

and has gone from using 2-lb ankle weights to doing 75

lbs on the leg press! He now trains for a half-hour and

then cycles for an additional 15 minutes. Richard has

gone through quite a bit over the years; he’s had four

different heart operations and has pulmonary issues that

make it difficult for him to breathe, yet he always shows

up for his session – even when he isn’t feeling that well.

On his health questionnaire where it asks, “What are your

strengths?” he wrote, “Smile often” – which is so true. He

always has a positive attitude and tries his best. He has

a great support system with his wife Mary, who comes

in and works out as well. Richard is an inspiration to me,

particularly as a trainer – to see substantial improvement

in such a short period of time proves how important even

moderate exercise is for a more optimal quality of life. It

makes my job very fulfilling, which in turn gives Richard a

great reason to smile!

Richard’s Words of Wisdom: “Always thank God daily for

one’s blessings. Strive to do your very best at whatever

endeavor is your undertaking. Honor your Lord and

Savior. Amen!”

Colleen Specht

Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Class Instructor

Group Exercise is a Hit

at Harbour Ridge!

I had the pleasure of participating in

the group exercise classes this past

month as part of our quality assurance

program. I was pleasantly surprised

to witness the energy, knowledge

and professionalism that each of our

instructors displayed throughout our

session together! I have been a part of

a group exercise program, both as an

instructor and as a participant for the

past 24 years; and I applaud our team

for their fine work and excellence in programming! Each

of the instructors has a very unique way of conducting

class and transferring the message about safety and

muscle integrity, yet manage to provide a very uplifting

environment. The participants are absolutely amazing,

well taught and well trained to move their bodies within

their very own boundaries, which is not an easy task in a

group setting.

If you haven’t taken a group exercise class this season, I

encourage you to take the plunge and give it a try. Be

sure to arrive a bit early to chat with the instructor if you

have any concerns or health limitations. We have the best

fitness team on the Treasure Coast; you don’t want to miss

the opportunity to experience something great!

Barb Svenson, Director of Fitness


More than 60% of all recreational golf and tennis players

will suffer one or more sports-related injuries during the

course of their playing career. Most of these injuries result

from poor mechanics and a lack of flexibility and stability.

Pilates has become a very popular exercise program at

the Fitness Center. This type of program builds strength and

flexibility simultaneously, develops core strength, improves

posture and alignment and creates stability. Pilates is a

technique for moving in a way that is the most natural,

efficient and pain free. While some of the exercises and

stretches may look familiar, it is an understanding of the

underlying Pilates techniques that make them so powerful.

A specific program focusing on the golf or tennis player

can be designed to improve the biomechanics needed

for a great swing!!

Pilates is offered as a class or as an individualized program.

Join in on a session with our team of certified Pilates

instructors…power is just a session or two away!

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club www.HarbourRidge.com
























Trivia Wordsearch











Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

















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Security Corner On the Waterfront


As everyone knows, it is getting very

close to the Easter Holiday season.

Our population in the community will

be greatly increased, especially with

all the extra “Bunnies” who will be with

us during “Grandchildren’s Weekend.”

All of us here at Harbour Ridge want

everyone to have a very happy and

SAFE holiday season.

Remembering that automobiles ALWAYS have the

right of way over golf carts is extremely important, and

no one under the age of 16 is permitted to drive one,

even if accompanied by an adult.

Please resist the temptation to allow underage drivers

operate your cart. Also, though well intentioned,

allowing a child to steer the cart while sitting on an

adult’s lap can be a recipe for disaster. For your safety,

security will be politely enforcing the community rules

regarding the proper use of golf carts. Help us all to

ensure that everyone enjoys this holiday season.

Just as an additional reminder, those of us who love to

ride bicycles, it’s equally important to remember that

riding through the four-way stop on Harbour Ridge

Boulevard is inviting disaster. Should any fender bender

between a car and a bike occur, the car will ALWAYS

win. Please don’t put yourself in jeopardy. However,

all of us who drive cars are not off the hook. We have

a legal obligation to stop at the stop signs also.

Let’s keep everyone safe, not just through the holidays,

but throughout the year. Take the few seconds to stop

at the stop signs and keep the speed down on the

roadways. You really will not get to your destination

that much quicker by speeding. It’s more important to

enjoy the drive on the way to your destination.

Rich Goodrich, Director of Safety & Security

Maintenance & Construction

Just a reminder…before you leave for the season or for

those of you who call Harbour Ridge home year round:

This Department is where you should check if you are

thinking about:

• Whole house generators for hurricane season

• Bathroom or kitchen remodeling

• Siding replacement

• Window replacements

• Additions to your residence

• Flooring replacement

• Roof replacement and repairs

We can take care of these items while you are away

and have everything complete upon your return.

Don’t forget that we have a Director who has 38 years’

experience in the Construction Industry. If you have not

met Pat Weber yet, please stop by and say Hello.

336-1885 Ask for Pat

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

Using a Pre-Departure Checklist

Another measure of good seamanship is the procedure

you follow before actual departure. Whether you are in

home waters or far away, make a final weather check

close to departure time each day. Prepare your own

pre-departure checklist for use each time you depart,

and revise it as your boating experience grows and your

activities change. Use the following guidelines to help you

design a checklist suited to your specific needs. Before

you depart, ensure the following:

• All safety equipment is aboard, accessible and in

good working condition.

• The bilge has no fuel fumes and little or no water.

• All loose gear is stowed securely. Dock lines and

fenders should be stowed immediately after getting


• All guests have been properly instructed in the do’s

and don’ts of safety and operational matters aboard.

• Engine oil levels are adequate; water level is sufficient

in closed cooling systems. After starting engines, check

overboard flow of cooling water.

• Fuel tanks are as full as you need. There is enough fuel

aboard for your anticipated cruising, plus an adequate

reserve if you must change your plans.

• A second person on board is capable of operating

the boat, including the radio, in case you become


Chapman Piloting Seamanship & Boat Handling

David Province, Dock Master

Jeremiah Hughitt

Fishing Tournament

Open to ALL Harbour Ridge Members

APRIL 1 through APRIL 19, 2012

You May Fish Any Three Days During This Period.

Please be sure to visit the Marina Website or contact

Gerri at g.snee@hrycc.org for all of the details and

entry form for the tournament.


Inshore Fishing by boat – time extended to fish ‘til




Our 25th Anniversary Commodore’s Ball

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

Ship to Shore

What a great time was had by all at the Yacht Club’s 25th Anniversary Commodore’s Ball – The Silver Gala! The food

was delicious; Street Talk Orchestra set a new benchmark for entertainment; the decorations were spectacular and

congratulations to those members who did wear “Bermuda Formal.” This may possibly be an additional option for

dress at future Commodore Balls! A big “thank you” goes out to Gerri Snee, the Harbour Ridge Banquet Staff, Chef

Michael and his staff and Commordorable Marie Bates, for planning and executing this event. Please see some of

the Ball pictures accompanying this article – others may be viewed on the Yacht Club website.

This is my last Newsletter Article as Yacht Club Commodore. Larry LaMaina will become our next Commodore at

our Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 22, 2012. It has been my pleasure and honor to serve on the Yacht Club

Board for the last four years. Your entire Board has done a great job by increasing Yacht Club membership, offering

more social and boating-related events, while managing our Club in a fiscally prudent manner. Thank you to all

Yacht Club members for supporting our efforts with your participation.

-Chris Bates, Commodore

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For those of you who need that extra

push to participate in the

Harbour Ridge United Way Campaign . .

Top Ten Reasons to Support

United Way


Your gift does more when you join a collective group of

thousands to advance the common good.


United Way combines the needs of many nonprofit programs

into one effort, eliminating multiple communitywide



The Community Investment process ensures contributions

are used wisely to address pressing needs.


Health and human services are made available to

those most in need in Martin and St. Lucie Counties.


Funded human service programs are results driven.


Alternatives to government services are offered to

many of the people who fall between the cracks.


Gifts are tax deductible.


Donations are raised and distributed locally to provide

for people’s needs in the community where YOU live.


Local citizens from all walks of life come together,

working to create a caring and responsive community.


The kids are watching! Teaching future generations

about philanthropy creates community awareness, social

responsibility and how to be a good neighbor.

The Campaign is wrapping up, mail in your remittance

envelope or contact John or Laurie

Morris to donate today!

The Fifteenth Annual

Hospice Golf Tournament,

“Friends Swing Fore

Hospice” will be held at

Harbour Ridge Yacht &

Country Club on April 24. Chair lady Pat Page and her Co-

Chairs, Chick Summers, his assistants, Lee Borellis, Marcia

Benson and their committee members, have begun

planning for the event. Registration forms are available

at the golf desk and online. We always welcome players

from Harbour Ridge as well as outside players. Why not

invite friends from another club and explain to them that

all but the cost of food at the cocktail party and greens

fees are tax deductible?

• Registration-register online at www.TCHospice.org/golf

or contact Susie Chase at 336-9780.

• Sponsorships-Call Chick Summers at 336-1188 or go to

the above website.

• Raffle prizes-Jody Braskamp at 336-8124 is accepting

raffle prizes.

• Silent Auction-Sheila Grinnell at 781-1337 would

appreciate Silent Auction items.

• Chinese and Silent Auctions in the logia 10 AM-2 PM

• Silent Auction ONLY will continue in the evening.

• Registration for golf begins at 12 PM.

• Shotgun scramble begins at 1:30 PM.

• Cocktail Reception immediately following golf

Prizes will be given for Best Men’s foursome, Best Women’s

foursome and Best Mixed foursome. Golf will be followed

by cocktails, food at a variety of stations, Chinese Auction

and golf prize distribution and bidding on some very

special Silent Auction items. We are looking forward to

seeing you there.

Our cookbook, Hospicetality, a Second Helping is still

available for sale. Please contact Jody Braskamp at 336-

8124 or Barbara Hearons at 336-8616 to obtain a copy or

to assist in selling of the books.

They make wonderful gifts.

The monies obtained from the

golf tournament are needed to

fund the projects that are not

otherwise supported. Hospice

cares for anyone, regardless of

ability to pay. The Luncheon

and the Golf tournament are

our contribution to Hospice.

We thank one and all for your


Denise Boyle

Charity Communications

Be sure to check out the Harbour Ridge Charity

Communications Page on the Member Site. It is

continuously updated with current local charity

happenings. http://www.harbourridge.com/Club-Life/


Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club www.HarbourRidge.com


Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

Photo Gallery

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Couples’ Golf

9-Holers Ladies’ Day


Men’s Day


Tennis Mixed


Good Friday


Men’s Day Golf

Men’s Drop-In

Tennis Eco Cruise Ladies’ Bridge Docktails YC Fishing





Nature Walk Begins

Asian Night in


Dinner in Grille






Dinner in Grille



Dinner in Grille





Couples’ Golf





Men’s Drop-In




Ladies’ Day





Men’s Member-


Ladies’ Bridge

ARB Meeting




Men’s Member-





Men’s Member-

Member & Awards


Tennis Clinic

Mah Jongg


Social Bridge


Dinner in Grille

Dinner in Grille

No Dinner Service



Couples’ Golf




Ladies’ Golf



Men’s Day


YC Board


19 20

Mah Jongg


Men’s Day Golf

Men’s Drop-In



End of Season

Ladies’ Bridge YC Fishing

Tournament Ends



YC Closing


HR BOARD Tennis Party



Dinner in Grille

Dinner in Grille Dinner in Grille Dinner in Grille

Dinner in


22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Husband &


9-Holers Ladies’ Day


Men’s Day


Mah Jongg Men’s Day Golf

Tournament Men’s Drop-In



Ladies’ Bridge


Dinner in Grille

29 30


Couples’ Golf


Men’s Drop-In





Monthly Fitness






Sat. & Sun.


7:00 AM: Pilates

9:00 AM: Total

Body Cond.

4:00 PM: Yoga

Dinner in Grille

7:00 AM: Men’s


9:00 AM: Water


9:00 AM:


Dinner in Grille

7:00 AM: Pilates

9:00 AM:

Interval Training

4:00 PM: Yoga

Dinner in Grille

7:00 AM: Men’s


8:00 AM: 20/20/20

9:00 AM: Water


9:00 AM: Piloga

Dinner in



7:00 AM: Pilates

8:00 AM: Gentle


Dinner in Grille

7:05 AM: Pilates

9:00 AM: 20/20/20

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club www.HarbourRidge.com

Joyce Bello

Managing Broker


Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club Real Estate Updates!

Pricing your home correctly is an integral part of the marketing. Also necessary for a successful sale is

prepping and staging your home.

1. Disassociate yourself with your house. Let go of your emotions and de-personalize, packing up

those personal photographs so buyers can visualize their own photos on the walls and can imagine

themselves living in the home.

2. De-clutter. People collect an amazing quantity of stuff. Consider this: if you haven’t used it in a year,

you probably don’t need it. Clean out closets….houses appear larger.

3. Neutralize your house with neutral paint colors and by eliminating wall paper. It’s this careful planning

and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home that will make your home stand out over



www.HarbourRidgeCC.com 772.336.1800









LP - $50,000

SP - $50,000

LP - $35,000

SP - $20,000

LP - $250,000

SP - $210,000

LP - $59,000

SP - $54,000

LP - $499,000

LP - $395,000

12819 NW Cinnamon Way $155,000

Cinnamon Village

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms with a golf course view,

vaulted ceilings, FP-2 car garage.

13319 NW Maplewood $325,000

Buttonbush Village

3/3/2 on 15th Green-includes 69’ boat slip in N.

Marina, 25KW whole house generator.

Customized Portofino model.

13280 Harbour Ridge Blvd.

13228 Harbour Ridge

13316 NW Maplewood

13268 Harbour Ridge Blvd.

13504 Coco Plum

12783 Mariner Court

13212 Harbour Ridge Blvd. $159,000

Mile Lake Village

Turnkey 2nd floor condo. 2 Bedrooms, vaulted

ceilings, lake view.

2235 NW Seagrass Drive $215,000

Fairway Village

3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths. Patio home with

panoramic golf course view. Vaulted ceilings.

Tiled floors throughout. Newer appliances, eat-in

kitchen area.


Mile Lake HR Properties PRUDENTIAL

Buttonbush PRUDENTIAL HR Properties

Mile Lake



HR Properties

Golf & Waterfront


HR Properties



13261 Harbour Ridge Blvd. $155,000

Dewberry Village

Awesome 2/2/2 open floor plan situated on golf

course, FP, wet bar, screened patio. Great for


13269 Harbour Ridge Blvd. $189,900

Dewberry Village

Light and Bright, sophisticated, updated Pied A

Terre. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.

www.HarbourRidge.com Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

Page 19


2542 NW Seagrass Drive $215,000

Bayhead Village

Light and Bright with expansive water views.

Updated kitchen-open floor plan with many

designer touches! Move in condition!

13203 Harbour Ridge Blvd. $148,000

Dewberry Village

3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms with over 1700 square

feet of living space. Light, bright and open with

large windows and sliders opening to the pool.

Seasonal Office Hours

Beginning April 1, 2012

Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM and Sunday: 10 AM - 3 PM

Hot Listings

12483 Harbour Ridge Blvd. $93,700

Pond Apple Village

Beautiful 2/2 golf course view condo. Has

been extensively updated. Is being offered

fully furnished w/golf cart.

1329 Lancewood $385,000

Lancewood Village

3 Bedroom/2.5 Bathroom, fireplace, pool,

brick patio, perfect for entertaining.

Open floor plan


1596 Sweetbay Circle $199,900

Sweetbay Village

Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath home overlooking

the golf course. Fully furnished and equity fee


12484 Harbour Ridge Blvd $455,000

Riverside Village

Fabulous Luxury end unit condo w/wide

water views of the Saint Lucie River. 3

bed 3 bath w/car & golf cart garage.


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