Splash (Dec/Jan 13) - Singapore Swimming Club


Splash (Dec/Jan 13) - Singapore Swimming Club

Hair Care Workshop: 13 October

Care for your crowning glory


Most of us have issues with our hair. If it’s not dandruff, it’s

itchy scalp or perhaps something worse – like falling hair!

So it was with eager anticipation that our members came

for the hair-care workshop conducted by Beijing 101. The

consultant spoke of the various hair problems and their

causes. Most could be traced to our lifestyle choices and

improper hair-care routines.

The consultant gave a demonstration on daily hair care

techniques and a scalp massage which can be done at


A lively discussion followed where members got the

chance to ask the hot-button questions they’ve been

carrying for a long time. Most of them went away satisfi ed.

One delighted member won the lucky draw and walked

away with a hamper of hair-care products. With the new

confi dence gained from the talk, members couldn’t wait for

the weekend – to let their hair down!

Will & Estate Planning: 13 October

Security for your

loved ones


Writing wills is not something we like to bring up in social

conversation. It is a subject that can be sensitive and

unpleasant. On the other hand, it is also something that is

vital in ensuring that our loved ones are cared for in the event

of our untimely death.

The speaker Mr Kenneth Yap spoke of the benefi ts of

writing a will and how the law will distribute assets in the

absence of a will. Mr Yap shared a few scenarios to allow

the participants to come to a better understanding of how

they can ensure that their loved ones do not lose out in the

distribution of their assets.

Participants found out that there are various ways to

distribute their assets. Some of the ways include by percentage,

by a fi xed amount of cash and by transferring their

personal accounts. At the end of the talk, the participants

had the chance to ask questions and have them answered by

a professional. If nothing else, they left with a more positive

attitude towards planning their will and estate.

Participants noting the points made by the speaker


Here’s how you do your hair massage

SPLASH Dec/Jan 2013


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