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Download Northern Lakes Martial Arts Newsletter - Bodybeat ...

Happy Birthday to

the following

NLMA Students

who will be celebrating

their birthdays

in July

Jordan Biddle

Lachlan Hughes

Arabella Kavanagh

Madisson Lynch

Ethan Newman

Aidan Verma




Stuck on an idea for a

new and different idea

for your next party?

Celebrate it with us.

NLMA host fun and

energetic parties that

you will love. Cut your

cake with a samarai

sword and help fight

the villians. If you

would like to book a

party please speak to

the front desk.

Nor ther n Lakes Express

July 2011

Northern Lakes Martial Arts 52 Tenth Ave Budgewoi 2262 61-2-43991006

Northern Lakes Tournament

The 2011 Northern Lakes Tournament was a great day with over 50 competitors,

with some visitors from Epping Dojo in Sydney and Kempo Central

Coast Dojo’s.

It was pleasing to see all of our students trying their best and showing Northern

Lakes Martial Arts spirit. We have had a lot of feedback from students

from visiting Dojo’s who commented on how welcome they felt with one mother

stating “There is definitely a great spirit that can be felt.” which is a huge


Congratulation to all competitors, we hope you all enjoyed the day. Well done

to our following club championships.

Tiger Cubs - Braxton Reeley

Kamikaze Kids Novice - Lachlan Thomas

Kamikaze Kids Intermediate Liam Wiseman

Kamikaze Kids Advance - Joshua Heran

Juniors Novice - Jasmine Green

Juniors Brown and Black Belt- Riley O’Mara

Karate is steeped in phi-

losophy as well as ancient

fighting techniques. Mas-

ter Gichin Funakoshi said,

“The ultimate aim of Kara-

te lies not in victory or de-

feat, but in the perfection

of character of its partici-


Learning karate will not

only teach karate moves

but it encourages all the

positive life skills like,

achievement, humility,

determination, respect

and effort.

Achievement plays a big

part in a karate and is not

just related to competition

but to personal achieve-

ment through grading,

performance or mastering

a new technique or kata.

You all should have read

the quote of the Dojo wall

“A Black Belt is a White

Belt that NEVER gave

up.” Quitting is easy but

continuing your karate

Nor ther n Lakes Express

July 2011

Northern Lakes Martial Arts 52 Tenth Ave Budgewoi 2262 61-2-43991006

Team Chaos at Toukley Fun and Food Fair

Team Chaos performed at the Toukley Food and Fair during the schools. Thank you to

everyone who was able to make it on the day. We know it can be difficult during holidays

but we came together and impressed the crowd with a great routine and team effort.

Thankyou to all of the parents who helped transport mats and equipment and who

came down to support their kids and cheer us on.

We have had a few new Team Chaos which is always exciting to see. New members

are always welcome so if you would like to join Team Chaos please speak to your

Sensei or Shihan.

Young Man to be Proud of…...

“We often have parents and Grandparents write to us to let us know how their

kids are getting along here at NLMA. This following testimonial was a surprise

to us and we came across it in the Pelican Itch. It was written by the Grandmother

of our current Tiger Cub Club Champion Braxton Reeley.

I would like to let the community know about my six year old grandson who has

always been a very7 shy little boy. His Mum kept him back from school for a

year due to this extreme shyness. Six months ago his parents managed to get

him to join the local karate school at Budgewoi, Northern Lakes Martial Arts

Centre, and now you would not recognise him. He has excelled to the point of

skipping a colour in his recent grading on Saturday, going from an orange belt,

straight to yellow belt. He also belongs to the Demo Squad, going out to various

events to help demonstrate how karate can help children to develop in the

areas of discipline, self control, integrity and most important of all in this day

and age , to prevent bullying. The children are taught not to use karate in a

threatening manner, only in self defense. We were all overwhelmed on Saturday

when his Sensei Karate Teacher announced he was to be awarded the

yellow belt in recognition of his dedication, focus and outstanding success.

Thank you to Northern Lakes Martial Arts Centre.”

Well done Branxton on your dedication he is an excellent example of how commitment

to karate training reaps results. I have no doubt there has been times

when he may have not felt like going to class but instead of quitting he persevered

and is now the Northern Lakes Martial Arts Tiger Cubs Club Champion.

training and accomplishing

your goal shows true

At Northern Lakes Martial Arts we grade on the 3 A’s Attitude, Attendance and

Ability and that is why we recommend that you attend at least 2 classes a


week, to ensure that you progress with the rest of your peers and master many

page 2 of the complex moves and katas that you learn in your class.

Northern Lakes Express

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