2011 Annual General Report - REALTORS® Community Foundation


2011 Annual General Report - REALTORS® Community Foundation

Founding Board of Directors

Back Left to Right: Duane Kyle, Mark Lauers, Lorne

Clark, Ken Shearer, Ken Hurshoury, Graham Downey,

Heather Gates

Front Left to Right: Doug Balog, Pat Mooney, David

Crawford, Gary Comrie, Art Jones.

The Foundation together with the Edmonton Real

Estate Board donates $15,750 to Habitat for Humanity

to purchase a lot in Edmonton Norwood to build the

first Habitat home for an Edmonton family.

16 charities supported for $37,000

Adult Development Centre $500

Bissell Centre $5,000

Catholic Social Services $3,000

Christmas Bureau of Edmonton $500

Concordia College $1,200

Edmonton Symphony Society $350

Edmonton Women's Shelter $4,500

Franciscan Sisters Benevolent Society $3,000

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital $2,000

Grant MacEwan College $2,500

Habitat for Humanity $8,000

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation $700

Marion Centre $1,000

Salvation Army $1,000

Stage Polaris $350

United Way $3,400

The first Santa's Silent Auction was held

in conjunction with the EREB's Annual

Christmas Luncheon.

Joint efforts of the EREB and the Foundation result in

$15,000 being dedicated towards purchase of a lot used

to build a second Habitat for Humanity home. Funding

was matched by the Edmonton Community Foundation.

The Donor Wall

is in place in the

Auditorium Lobby.

The Foundation hopes

to raise $120,000 by

asking REALTORS® to

give $100 to have their

name installed on the

Donor Wall.



Endowment Fund goal of

$1M is growing. In 1992

we are nearly 25% of the

way there.

Dave Schroder


Christine Chorney


Ben Officer


Erin Willman


‘Low Fat Gourmet Chicken Cookbooks’ program

launches. REALTORS® use as client gifts,

promotions, and incentives.


Gail Docken

Past President

Christine O’Donovan


R. James Wong


Matthew Barry


Craig Pilgrim


Jay Berg


Judy Shewchuk


Curtis Stasiuk


Susan Horon



We Care

We Care is a great opportunity for REALTORS® to raise their profile, and position themselves as caring

community supporters. Simply put, REALTORS® can turn a little into a lot by making small, regular donations to

the Foundation every time a real estate transaction is concluded. It’s a great way for REALTORS® to become regular

contributors to some of Edmonton’s most deserving charities.

Al Horvat

Alison Murray

Alma (Allija) Alickovic

Anne Fry

Anshu Sharma

Arthur Jastrzebski

Azra Niksic

Barb Royer

Barbra Clarke

Barry Candelora

Ben Officer

Bernie Molzan

Bill Bowers

Bill Briggs

Blain Weidman

Brenda Carlson

Brian Vane

Bruce Weiss

Bryan Mundo

Butch Zaprawa

Carla Landry

Carla Renneberg

Carol Berglund

Carol Deschamps

Carole Chatterley

Carroll Hnybida

Catherine Missiaen

Cathy Currie


Charlene Speers

Che Taylor

Chelsea Foster

Cheryl Rolfe

Cheryl Trask

Cheryl Turpin

Chris Bargy

Chris Currie

Christine Chorney

Christine O’Donovan

Christy Boulter

Ciaran O’Neill

Cindy Jackson

Colette MacLean

Connie Kennedy

Conrad Lamoureux

Corey Christenson

Craig Pilgrim

Curtis Stasiuk

Dallas Moravec

Damon Bunting

Darcy Moore

Darlene Strang

Darrell Cook

Dave Schroder

David Centis

David Tomczyk

Dawn Fargey

Deanne Coish

Debbie Berube

Delores Knudsen

Dennis Philps

Dennis Van Beek

Denny Warawa

Diane Cameron

Dianne Miller

Donna Leclair

Doranna Owerko

Doreen Edwards

Doug Best

Doug Cheney

Doug Singleton

Doug Smilski

Douglas Woodward

Dwight Hillas

Dwight Streu

Ed Lammerts

Edward Gebran

Edythe Esch

Elaine Monk

Elizabeth Poburan

Eric Wicik

Erin Willman

Fern Proulx

Gail Docken

Garry Emmott

Garry Rogerson

Gary Krutzfeldt

Gene Checora

Gene Fung

Geneva Tetreault

George Van De Walle

Gita Zwamborn

Glen Bergstrom

Glen Ramkissoon

Glen Teghtmeyer

Glenda House

Gloria Dahl

Gordie Ell

Greg Steele

Gwen Billau

Halina Palka

Harjeet Sandhu

Harold Burden

Harold Schmidt

Henrietta Naqvi

Howard Sinclair

Hugh Moncrieff

Ian Beattie

Ingrid Brunsch

Ingrid Schulz

Jack Paganini

Jaclyn Horne

Jacob Cheung

James Wong

Jane Kelly

Janet Bossert

Jason Paul

Jason Thomas

Jay Bedi

Jay Berg

Jean Sills

Jeet Jermana

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Reyner

Jen Liviniuk

Jeneen Socholotuik

Jennifer Horner

Jeremy Dawson

Jeremy McKain

Jill Didow

Jim (James) Esch

Jim Noble

Jim Tymo

Jody Jenkins

Joe Bradshaw

Joel Benitez

John Drebit

John Jurac

John Pittet

Judy Clare-Packer

Judy Michalyk

We have made every effort to ensure these lists are complete and accurate. If we have made any errors, omissions or misspelled a name, please accept our apology and contact our office and we will correct our records.

First Fun Run Walk held. 1282 participants bring in almost $20,000.

Thanks go out to Chair, Wayne Moen and The Running Room.

We Care

The We Care program was developed for REALTORS® who wanted to give back to the Foundation

on a regular basis. Who knew that a small donation from each deal could make such a big difference

in the lives of others? To learn more about We Care and the benefits of joining, please call Jill at

780-453-9343 or email jdidow@ereb.com

Judy Shewchuk

Juli Wenger

Katherine Zarembski

Keith Hare

Kelly Nelson

Kelly Rissling

Ken Kvill

Ken Page

Kevin Grenier

Kimberley Holmes

Kris Trajano

Kristi Robertson

Kristy Tillapaugh

Larry Meincke

Larry Westergard

Laura Cheung

Laura Tosto

Laurel Hamm

Lawrence Cote

Leslie Swedburg

Linda Wolff

Lisa Rice

Loida Lumanlan

Lorene Lecavalier

Lori Hunt

Lorraine Mah

Louise Mabey

Lynn Lowe

Art Jones comes out of retirement to help the Foundation and assumes

the role of Executive Manager. Together with part time staff and

generous volunteer help the Foundation copes with the market.


Lynne Pipella

Manon Kulay

Marc Perras

Marcus Walsh

Maria Dey

Mariane Horvat

Marilyn Ray

Mark Friesen

Mary Ann Brenan

Mary McLean

Matt Gaglione

Matthew Barry

Matthew Erickson

Maya Day

Meghan Ness

Mel Knott

Melanie Boles

Melody Kilbank

Michael Brodrick

Michael Calverley

Michael Jenner

Michelle McKiel

Michelle Patterson Nipp

Mikaela Murray

Mike Andrew

Mike Sommerfield

Monika Douglas

Murray Glick

Nada Bremness

Nancy Sanborn

Naomi Saulnier

Natalie Bensaid

Natesha Francis Sambury

Nel Anderson

Nesreen Nancy


Nigel McLean

Olga Gonzalez

Pamela Wilson

Patricia Coates

Patricia Fiddler

Patricia Liviniuk

Patricia Warnke

Paul Gravelle

Paul McPhail

Peter Kalven

Peter Taylor

Priya Sharma

Ralph Soldan

Randy Gushue

Raynell Penner

Rea Jansen

Rennaye Miller



Riaz Ali

Richard Faragini

Richard Wallman

Rick Conlon

Rick Lemieux

Rob Smashnuk

Robert McLachlen

Robert Moshansky

Roger Bilawchuk

Roland Mansell

Roy Kelley

Roy Renneberg

Ryan McCann

Ryan Volkerink

Sam Ireland

Sandy Blackman

Sandy Pon

Sandy Rhyason

Santosh Nayyer

Sara Kalke

Shane McCarthy

Sharon Hunka

Sharon Trelenberg

Shawn Matkea

Shawna Raven

Shelagh Martin

Shirl Smith

Sonia Lyonnais

Steve Park

Susan Horon

Susan Janzen

Susan Paulsen

Syamal Raha

Teresa Hall

Tina Fournier

Tina Hibbard

Tobi Connors

Tom Shearer

Tom Stratton

Toni Betty

Tracy Loveridge

Trevor Hotz

Trevor Howard

Vatan Ghumman

Vesna Farnden

Wade Fenner

Waldo McPhail

Walter Diduck

Walter Massa

Wayne Walters

Wendy Theberge

Wesley Pottage

Yvon Brochu

Zafar Malik

Zdenka Turner

We have made every effort to ensure these lists are complete and accurate. If we have made any errors, omissions or misspelled a name, please accept our apology and contact our office and we will correct our records.


27 charities supported totalling


ABC Headstart $500

AIDS Network of Edm $800

AB Burn Rehab Society $1,000

AB Cancer Board $1,000

Bissell Centre $1,000

Catholic Social Services $2,500

Christmas Bureau $500

EREB Christmas Luncheon moved to larger facilities,

providing more space for Santa’s Auction. Layout is more

convenient for members to participate in the auction and

other activities. Funds raised exceeded $33,000

Concordia College $1,200

ECCC (Emergency Housing) $1,000

Edm. Opera $350

EPS (Crime Prevention) $1,750

Edm.Symphony Society $350

Edm. Women’s Shelter $500

Franciscan Sisters $5,000

Glenrose Rehab. Hospital $1,000

Grey Nuns Hospital $500

Habitat For Humanity $7,500

Handicapped Housing Soc. Of AB $500

Hope Foundation $500

Kids With Cancer $500

Rainbow Society of AB $500

STARS $1,000

Salvation Army $1,000

Sexual Assault Centre $500

The Support Network $800

Variety Club $500

YESS $2,750

Once again the EREB matches the Foundations gift to

Habitat for Humanity for a third home in Edmonton.

Funding Allocations Chair Gary Krutzfeldt says, “The

Edmonton Realtors’ Charitable Foundation is very quickly

being recognized as an admirable contributor to our society”.


President Mooney reminds everyone that the Foundation belongs

to the members of the Edmonton Real Estate Board - in these

difficult times their ongoing support is needed more than ever.

• President Pat Mooney breaks the news that changes will occur

which will make it more difficult in 1995 for the Foundation to

be as generous in its project funding.

• The soft Real Estate market means the EREB is simply not in a

position to make a financial contribution.

• For the same reason, the Board of Directors withdraws the

clerical support it has provided since the Foundation’s

inception. However, the Foundation still allowed use of a desk at

the Real Estate Board office.

Fun Run/Walk sees 1050 participants’

and raises $10,500. Home Depot

becomes a major sponsor.

Fundraising Committee Chair, Gary Krutzfeldt

remarks “More and more the Edmonton Realtors

Charitable Foundation is being recognized as an

admirable contributor to our society”.

Pat Mooney, FRI


Connie G. Kennedy

Fund Raising

Committee Chairman

Gary V. Comrie


J. Trevor Caithness

Allan Camponi


Alec Fedynak, FRI, CMR


Gary Krutzfeldt

Funding Allocation Chairman

John Fisher


Graham Downey, AACI, CMR

Past President

Alder Currie Agnes Sandford

Wayne Moen

J. Arthur Jones

Executive Manager


Malaise continues in the

Edmonton economy and

the real estate market

• Speaking at a 1995 fundraising conference, Art Jones mentions

“Several delegates are surprised upon hearing that Edmonton

REALTORS ® support a charitable foundation”. He goes on to

say “It is important that we are perceived as an industry

that gives something back to the community in which we make a


• ‘Requests for support’ from charities rise as the Foundation

increases its awareness in the Edmonton area.

• Mulligan sales also introduced at EREB Golf Tournaments

throughout Edmonton.

Fun Run/Walk down to 900

participants but still raises $27,600

Alec Fedynak, FRI, CMR


Charities Supported in 1995

Kids Cottage $1,000

Edmonton Heritage Festival $500

Edmonton Women’s Shelters Ltd. $3,000

Glenrose Hospital Foundation $2,250

Sports Central Association $500

STARS $500

Board of Governors

Connie G. Kennedy

President Elect

John Fisher


Taras Chmil

Fund Raising

Committee Chairman

Don Clark

Funding Allocation Chairman

Larry Aikens J. Trevor Caithness

Alder Currie

Lorraine Mah

Agnes Sandford

Allan Camponi




Pat Mooney, FRI

Past President

J. Arthur Jones

Executive Manager

Sharon Damery is hired as the

Executive Secretary.


25th Anniversary Gala

We were honoured to be the co-chairs of the 25th Anniversary Committee. It’s still hard to believe our Foundation

has been in existence this long! And it has certainly been a busy 25 years as REALTORS® have returned close to

$3M dollars to Edmonton and area charities. Our sold-out evening was chock full of entertainment, fun activities,

auction items and lots as laughs as Edmonton’s real-estate community mixed and mingled and danced the night

away with friends old and new.

Providing support to charities working in the areas of shelter, homelessness, hunger and crime prevention is what

our Foundation is all about. Thanks to the generosity of many, we raised over $97,000 while we celebrated 25 years

of REALTORS® supporting Edmonton and area charities.

As REALTORS® we are working together to ensure youth have a nurturing environment, women fleeing domestic

abuse have a safe place to go, people wanting to recover from drug and alcohol abuse have the support they need,

seniors have care and nurturing, pregnant and parenting teens have a safe haven, and people who find themselves

in a tough position in life have someone to turn to.

We thank all the REALTORS® who supported this event, the Brokers who bought tables, Dave Robb from the Real

Estate Weekly who bought two tables and gave them to the Foundation to invite 10 of the charities we have

supported over the years.

Caring, Sharing, Investing in our community – that’s what REALTORS® are all about and on May 27th , 2011 we were

both very proud to be REALTORS® and support our Foundation.

Anne Fry, Co-chair Curtis Stasiuk, Co-chair

25th Gala Committee:

Carole Chatterley, Carolyn Pratt, Doug Best, Doug McRae, Gail Docken, Greg Steele, James Wong,

Lixmilla Serrano, Mary McLean, Melanie Boles, Pat Livinuk, Susan Horon

Funding Allocations increase -

rebounding to almost $41,000.




• EREB is able to renew their commitment to the Foundation as the economy slowly


• Fundraising Committee Chair, Taras Chmil states “The Foundation continues to put

emphasis on the overall image of our industry and REALTORS® as the professionals

they really are in their efforts to give back to the community more than they


• Casino raises $33,000 - almost double the amount raised in the

previous year.

• EREB Golf Tournament raises $1043 in Mulligans and raffle sales.

• The world famous cookbooks sells well - 610 sold raises over $4,900

Gordon King works non-stop as Chair

of the 3rd Annual Fun Run/Walk

with proceeds totalling over $12,000

Taras Chmil


Fund Raising Chairman

Larry Aikens

E.R.E.B. Board of Directors

Abe Hering

Donor Wall


Allan Camponi


EREB Liaison

Connie G. Kennedy, ACCI


John Fisher


Don Clark

Funding Allocation Chairman

Bernie Larson



Alec Fedynak, FRI, CMR

Past President

Gordon King

Fun Run/Walk

Ad Hoc Committee Chairman

Lorraine Mah Agnes Sandford

Santa’s Auction Ad Hoc

Committee Chairman

J. Arthur Jones

Executive Manager

Mayor Bill Smith

Honourary Governor


• Art Jones personally pledges $10,000 to the Foundation.

• Mayor Bill Smith becomes an Honorary Governor.

• New Foundation stationary is designed and produced.

• 389 items for Santa’s Auction, raising a new record amount of over


• Cookbooks raise over $1800.

• We now participate at four REALTOR® golf tourneys

(EREB, REMAX,Royal LePage and Coldwell Banker).

Foundation concentrates its efforts towards three charities (United Way,

E4C and YESS).

Taras looks for his

next victim...

Connie Kennedy and

Taras Chmil

Scot Caithness with

Art Jones

The objective of the Fundraising

Committee was to develop a program

to increase the awareness of the

Edmonton Realtors' Charitable

Foundation to REALTORS ® ,

Corporations and the Public.

To achieve this an educational video

describing the mission, goals, charities

and fundraisers carried out by the

Foundation was developed.


Funding Allocations

On November 22nd the REALTORS® Community Foundation was proud to return (on behalf of REALTORS®)

$300,000 to 45 Edmonton and area charities.

Close to 150 people were in attendance and it was wonderful to see the smiles and feel the warmth in the room

as REALTORS® clapped and applauded the charities as they proudly received their cheques.

Funding Allocations Chair, Judy Shewchuk said, “I was very proud to introduce the charities and know I played a small

part with my donations to the Foundation. It was incredible”.

A Safe Place - Strathcona Shelter Society

flooring and reupholstering of dining chairs

ASSIST Community Services Centre

supporting victims of family violence in the Chinese/Asian community

Beverly Towne Community

Development Society

programming offering positive alternatives to gangs,

drugs and other illegal activities

Boyle Street Community Services

emergency food, diapers, and baby supplies for families

Camp Health, Hope and Happiness

repaving of Independence Road leading to the recreational facilities

Candeo Housing Association

supporting female-led, low income single parent families

CASA Child, Adolescent

and Family Mental Health

Adolescent Day Program

Christmas Bureau of Edmonton

Community Celebration Program

(in memory of Mike Kozicki)

Concordia College

Lois Hole Academic pedway

Criminon Rehabilitation Program Ltd.

course packages to help rehabilitate inmates who

have the desire for change

Dan Check joins EREB as Finance & Human Resource

Manager. In his role he will also provide support to

the Foundation.


Dogs with Wings

customization of van used to transport dogs,

trainers, and visually impaired clients

E4C’s Crossroads House

furniture for living room at Crossroads House

E4C’s Crossroads Outreach

customization of the outreach van

E4C’s Elizabeth House

replacement of carpet at Elizabeth House

E4C’s School Lunch Program

meals for inner-city school children

Easter Seals Alberta

improvements for McQueen Residence

Edmonton Dream Centre

emergency funding & replacement of bedroom furniture destroyed by fire

Edmonton Financial Literacy Society

programming targeting low/fixed income families to manage finances

Edmonton Meals on Wheels

meal services and client support programs

Habitat for Humanity

to build a Habitat for Humanity home

Confident the Foundation is back on stable ground,

Art Jones retires - AGAIN!


HIV Network of Edmonton Society

Peer Support Program at Ross Armstrong Centre

which meets basic needs of HIV clients

Hope Foundation of Alberta

Hope House Counselling Program


purchase of art materials to engage youth for

positive reintegration in the community

Institute for Stuttering Treatment

and Research (ISTAR)

funding assistance for stuttering therapy for low income families

KARA Family Resource Centre

early childhood play equipment

Kids On Track Association of Edmonton

Rainbows & Prisms Program helping children cope with grief

Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association

subsidized riding fees for children and adults with disabilities

Little Warriors

training for adults to recognize sexual abuse

Lurana Shelter Society

security enhancements to building

Our House (Edmonton) Ltd.

kitchen roof replacement

Oxford House Foundation of Canada

new windows & repairs to basement foundations

P.A.L.S. - Project Adult Literacy Society

Math Literacy Program

Paralympic Sports Association

sports and recreation programs

Casino nets over $38,000 – chaired by

Howard Sinclair and Jim Esch.


Funding Allocations

Seniors Assisted Transportation Society of Greater

Edmonton (SATS)

transportation of elders through volunteer drivers

Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE)

support groups for This Full House and Safe House

Seniors Outreach Network Society

‘Get Outta Town’ - to take low-income seniors on outings

Stop Abuse in Families Society

free counselling for clients experiencing domestic abuse

Suit Yourself

privacy window screen at donation centre

Terra Centre for pregnant and parenting teens

Young Dads Program

The Salvation Army

unit renovations in Men’s Residences

The Support Network

Crisis Support Centre Distress Line

TODAY Family Violence Help Centre

compilation of a resource library

Uncles & Aunts at Large Society

Grandparents Who Parent program

Wings of Providence Society

Youth Support Worker

Youth Emergency Shelter Society

roof repair at the shelter

Funding Allocations Committee

Judy Shewchuk - Chair, Ben Officer, Craig Pilgrim,

Dallas Moravec, Erin Willman, Gail Docken, R. James

Wong, Jessica Jones, Susan Horon, Wendy Theberge

Bright Nights continues - over 1000 kids in buses

get to see the light festival.




• October 26 th -30 th , 1998 – Mayor Bill Smith proclaims it:

‘Edmonton Realtors’Charitable Foundation Week’.

• A dinner ring raffle is held featuring a spectacular lady’s

emerald diamond dinner ring graciously donated by

Taras and Pat Chmil. The event raises over $11,000!

• Real Estate Weekly begins to support the Foundation.

• EREB, REMAX, Royal LePage and Coldwell continue to

support the Foundation through their golf tournaments

– raising over $3600.

Carolyn Pratt

President Elect

Fund Raising Co-Chairman

Sherry Belcourt-Darby

E.R.E.B. Board of

Directors Liaison

Santa’s Auction Ad Hoc

Committee Co-Chairman

Gordon King

Fun Run/Walk Ad Hoc

Committee Chairman

Darlene Strang

Fundraising Co-Chairman

C. Scot Caithness, B.Comm, CREA


Howard Sinclair


Raffle Chairman

Reggie Chinchilla Don Clark

Charlie Ponde

Mayor Bill Smith

City of Edmonton

Taras Chmil, R.R.S.


Funding Allocations Chairman

Donor Wall Chairman

Agnes Sandford

Santa’s Auction

Ad Hoc Committee


Garth Neff

Greenboro Homes Ltd.

The Real Estate Training Institute initiated

REALTOR Education Week where

members complete courses while benefiting

the Foundation. $3612 is raised. Sid

presents Barry with his certificate.

Charities Supported in 1998


Kids With Cancer $3,500

Sports Central $1,000

Salvation Army $18,800

YESS $14,700

United Way $200

Edm. School Lunch program $16,000

Edm. Heritage Festival $500


• A new program called Dollars for Deals launches, where REALTORS give a bit of each commission

cheque. Thanks to the efforts of Howard Sinclair and Darlene Strang who helped get this program off the


• 9 REALTORS ® join Dollars for Deals and raise $12,445.

Foundation is given the go-ahead by the EREB Directors to do 50/50 draws at Board General Meetings.

First one nets $148. Carole Chatterley soon becomes a permanent fixture on this circuit.

• Two new initiatives involving Edmonton’s School Lunch Program are launched:

1) Several REALTORS ® serve lunch for Edmonton’s School Lunch Programs.

2) Thanks to the efforts of Sherry Belcourt-Darby and a group of 21 REALTORS ® , 800 kids enjoyed

transportation and goodie bags to view the Brightnights Festival

Special thanks go out to

Dave Robb, Honorary Governor

and enthusiastic supporter

who promoted our activities

with constant exposure via the

Real Estate Weekly.


The Foundation is nominated for an Association of Fundraising

Professionals Award by the Youth Emergency Shelter Society

in the category of 'Outstanding Foundation'.

'Charity Garage Sale' launches - a new initiative undertaken

by members and co-chaired by Sid Vander Meulen and Lee

Yule. Members were asked to spring clean and bring items to

the sale. Real Estate Weekly advertised the event. Close to

$2000 was raised during this inaugural event.

REALTOR Education Week continues - raises over


Road Race co-chairs Gordon King and Howard Sinclair ensure

another success for the run.

Real Estate Weekly continues to be an outstanding supporter.

The Governors held two meetings outside the Boardroom at

Concordia University College and

the Youth Emergency Shelter Society (YESS)

Sherry Belcourt-Darby and Charlie Ponde present certificates to Bessie

Goldstick and Eloise Leckie

Golf Tournaments raise over $5500 as Charlie tries to decide

which club to use.


Foundation wins the Association of Fundraising Professional

Award in the category of Outstanding Foundation.

84 REALTORS take time from their busy schedules to

serve lunch at Edmonton's School Lunch Program.

BDO becomes the Auditor.

$8150 in fines is donated by EREB.

Garage Sale nets $2245.

Real Estate Training Institute gives $8410 to the Foundation

Fun Run/Walk with Larry Aikens



Endowment Fund

reaches $750,000


Santa’s Auction

Another fantastic Santa’s Auction - it’s amazing to think this event has been happening for 21 years!

Held in conjunction with the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton’s Christmas Luncheon, this event was enjoyed

by close to 900 REALTORS® and guests.

The theme in 2011 year was ‘Music & Magic’ with an outstanding Magic Show performed by Sheldon Casavant.

Guests watched in amazement as he cut his assistant in half, predicted the future and performed other fascinating

feats! Guests then enjoyed the sounds of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton’s Board President, Chris Mooney

and his band ‘Toast’.

If you donated an auction item, gave a cash donation, volunteered your time or were a sponsor; your kind generosity

helped make the event a huge success. Guests had fun in the photo booth, bid on auction items, participated in

various raffles (diamond mine, 50/50, holiday, champagne) and enjoyed the live auction - all helping to raise over

$89,000 for the Foundation.

Thank you to everyone,

Christine Chorney, Co-chair Susan Horon, Co-chair

Santa’s Auction Committee:

Alex Pinnick, Carole Chatterley, Christine O’Donovan, Dave Schroder, Deb Moon, Elizabeth Noble, Ernie Korchinsky,

Gita Zwamborn, Judy Shewchuk, Lixmilla Serrano, Jessica Jones, Michelle Zenon

Under the guidance of Chair, Carole

Chatterley the casino raises $76,000.


Over $135,00 was distributed to



Texas Hold’em

REALTORS® and their friends were invited to play poker in this fun-filled event. Over $3,000 was raised during the

spring and fall tournaments. Thank you everyone who came out to play!

Committee Members: Judy Schewchuk, Christine Chorney

50/50 Draws

Thanks to everyone for your support of the 50/50 draws at the General Meetings of the REALTORS® Association of

Edmonton. In 2011 you helped the Foundation raise $1,030.

Golf Tournaments

The Foundation is always appreciative of the invite to attend golf tournaments. As always we are thankful for the

generous support of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton’s annual golf tournament. Between 50/50 sales and

Mulligans we raised over $1,350.

We also extend a very special thank you to Brent Melville – RE/MAX Real Estate (Morinville) for supporting the

Foundation with his annual golf tournament. On a glorious sunny day in June, thanks to the sale of Mulliguns and

50/50 draws over $800 was raised. Thank you Brent and all the golfers!

Ride For KIDS

2011 Ride for KIDS was different than previous years because we cancelled the actual ‘Ride’ part of the event.

However, we still raised over $21,000 at our weekly Bike Nites. We battled rainy weather for most of the Wednesdays,

but in the end the camaraderie of the regular riders who showed up (rain or shine) won out! We enjoyed delicious

burgers thanks to Sobey’s and weekly prize draws. The last Bike Nites of the year on August 31 st was fun as we had

our Major Raffle prized draw for the 2012 Honda motocycle. Once again the winner was in the crowd so lots of

excitement was generated. As in years past the funds were dispersed to E4C’s School Lunch Program and the Youth

Emergency Shelter Society (YESS). Special thanks to Committee Chair Ben Officer for all his hard work and to the

volunteers who came out every Wednesday to make it all happen!

Record grant requests received - totalling

over $755,000.


The Foundation launches its very

own website!



2002 - A Year Of Records

Sid Vander Meulen said it best: "Yes, it was a year of records but the records were far exceeded by the smiles you saw on the children as they boarded

the buses for Brightnights. They are far exceeded when you see what your contribution has done to assist an abused mother. They are far exceeded when

you hear the excitement of the kids in the inner city when they have lunch at school that day. They are far exceeded by the success stories you hear

from a teenager who received positive direction through the programs offered at the Youth Emergency Shelter. Thank you REALTORS for your unselfish,

dedicated, and committed support of YOUR Foundation."

Wheels of Fortune Lottery, Chaired by Darrell Cook is launched in the fall - draws to be held in 2003.

A roast is held featuring Premier Ralph Klein

2002 Funding Allocations

ALS Society of Alberta - Edmonton Office $15,000

Beverly Towne Community Development Society $3,500

Boys & Girls Clubs of Edmonton $5,000

Catholic Social Services - Safe House $5,000

Concordia University College of Alberta $4,250

Employabilities Association $2,000

Franciscan Sisters Benevolent Society - Lurana Shelter $9,165

Scouts Canada, Northern Lights Region $4,000

The Mustard Seed Church $5,000

Winnifred Stewart Association $10,000

Youth Emergency Shelter Society $12,085

Edmonton's School Lunch Program $27,700

Concordia University College of Alberta $500

Total Disbursements for 2002 $103,200


Over six years the Road Race raises $131,000.

Since 1997 Golf Tournaments raise $29,500.

Since its inception in 1999, Dollars per Deal

raises $30,500.

Fines donated by EREB total over $17,000.

In six years Bessie Goldstick raises $46,400.

EREB staff gets into the fundraising spirit, picking a

charity that the Foundation matches. To date they have

picked WIN House, YESS, and Lurana Shelter.

The Foundation creates a bursary at Concordia

University College for disabled students.

Endowment Fund

reaches $1 Million as of

December 31


Yvon Brochu

Helen Papley

James Esch


Carole Chatterley

EREB Liaison

Bruce Gaetz

President Elect

Patricia Chmil

Sid Vander Meulen

Past President

Darrell Cook Alec Fedynak Rick Molstad

Howard Sinclair

Penny Stanners

Traci Christenson

Cathy Wyatt

Wheel of Fortune Lottery

generates over $13,000.


The Foundation undertakes its first Strategic Planning session. Awareness by our own members is identified as the number one priority for the

Foundation, resulting in a new strategic goal:

- All Edmonton Real Estate Board Members are involved in and aware of the work their Foundation is doing.

Values: The following value statements were developed for the

Edmonton Realtors Charitable Foundation:

- Giving back to the community

- Relief of the burden of poverty

- Quality of life

- Compassion

- Recognition and public awareness of

REALTORS® role in giving back to the


Bruce Gaetz


Patricia Chmil

President Elect

James Esch

Past President

Yvon Brochu Carole Chatterley Traci Christenson Darrell Cook

EREB Liaison

Joanne Morrsion

Alec Fedynak Anne Fry Carroll Hnybida

Helen Papley

Penny Stanners Norm Winters

Tot race, petting zoo and the mascot race at the

Fun Run/Walk


Dollars Per Deal is renamed as REALTORS Charity Network.

" Take the time to reflect and celebrate the incredible power that giving back has in making strong and vibrant communities for

our families and neighbours " - President Patricia Chmil.

The first Ride for KIDS fundraiser begins under the direction of Darrell Cook and Madeline Sarafinchin. Motor bike

enthusiasts ride to Sturgis to raise money for the Edmonton School Lunch Program.

Brightnites continues taking over 800 kids to see the Christmas light spectacle.

Patricia Chmil


Bruce Gaetz

Past President

Yvon Brochu

President Elect

Melanie Boles

Darrell Cook


What can a

REALTOR do for


In Edmonton’s current booming

economy, one shining area of strong

growth is the local real estate market.

Real estate records have been set, and

there is not any slowdown on the horizon.

With such a robust market in place,

many people consider purchasing or

selling property to reap the benefits that

go hand-in-hand with such a sizzling

marketplace. More than 4,400 homes

are currently listed in the Edmonton

area, and this means one thing: REAL-

TORS and all other professions

involved in the real estate industry are

as busy as can be.

But first, what is the different

between a REALTOR and a real estate

agent? There is, in fact, a substantial


Real estate agents are individuals

who are at least 18 years old, possess a

high school diploma, and have completed

the 90-hour Real Estate Agent

program. They are required to pass the

Alberta Qualifying Examination with a

mark of 70 per cent or better.

REALTORS are those who have

completed the same requirements, but

have made it their priority to join the

Edmonton Real Estate Board (EREB)

and fulfill the professional Code of

Ethics and Standards of Business

Practice put forth by the Canadian Real

Estate Association.

In order to understand why these

professional standards are so important

to those using the services of a REAL-

TOR, a brief explanation of what they

entail will easily explain how valuable

REALTORS are to those purchasing

and selling real estate. Continued on Page 2

Alec Fedynak Anne Fry Carroll Hnybida

Michael Brodrick Carole Chatterley Joanne Morrsion Bill Patton

Sandy Pon


EREB Liaison


EDMONTON www.rewedmonton.ca


FREE every Wednesday

Vol.23 No.16 Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Ron Karsten (Jayman Realty Edm. Inc), Glen Drynan (Cook County Saloon), Clay Magnuson (Cars RV Marine Kawasaki),

Daniel Randon (eyemaximaging), Arlene Thompson (Edmonton’s School Lunch Program), Karl Purchase (Cars RV Marine Kawasaki),

and Darrell Cook (Sutton Group).

filled with exciting fundraising activities August 14th. There will be live entertain-

including a Poker Run, Wednesday Bike Nites ment, food, celebrities, raffles and lots of

at Cook County Saloon as well as Sendoff and great bikes.

Edmonton Realtors and friends are plan- Welcome Home Parties. Many items will be A-Channels Jennifer Martin and CISN

ning a 9 day Motorcycle trip off a lifetime to raffled off including a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan Radio’s Bruce Bowie are the Honorary

the annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, Cruiser Motorcycle, a Travel Voucher and Chair’s of the Ride for kids and will host

South Dakota to raise funds for Edmonton’s Harley Davidson merchandise.

many of the events.

School Lunch Program.

A Breakfast Sendoff Party is being If you would like to be involved in the

The School Lunch Program currently feeds planned for Saturday, August 6th at Cars ride to Sturgis or get more information

2300 school children a hot lunch at 12 high RV Marine Kawasaki in Leduc and a please visit www.ereb.com and click on

needs Schools every School day of the year. Welcome Home Party at Cook County is in School Lunch Realtors’ & Friends’ Ride

Plans are well underway for a summer the works to greet returning riders on For Kids.

Ron Karsten (Jayman Realty Edm. Inc.), Glen Drynan (Cook County Saloon), Clay Magnuson (Cars

RV Marine Kawasaki), Daniel Randon (eyemaximaging), Arlene Thompson (Edmonton’s School

Lunch NEWS Program), RELEASEKarl

Purchase (Cars RV Marine Kawasaki), and Darrell Cook (Sutton Group).




It’s our


The man who

built the

Edmonton Bulletin



Norm Winters



Directory and

complete list for

April 20-26




Students contribute

to small

Haitian community



List of Supporters

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following companies & individuals for their support of $100 or greater:

Abe Hering Realty

Aaron Barkley

Abe Hering

Agnes Fisher

Al Dredge Realty

Alana Bosse

Alberta Real Estate Foundation

Alija Alickovic

Allan Dredge

Ally Beattie

Anderson, Haak & Engels

Andy’s G.M. Valleyview IGA

Angela Crowder

Angie Aspin

Anna Bayne

Anna Ehli

Anne Fry

Annette Gaze

Armin Mantei

Arthur Jastrzebski

Arthur Jones

Audrey Cyr

Barb Royer

Barry Slawsky

Barry Sloniowski

Ben Jespersen

Ben Officer

Bernie Molzan

Bessie Goldstick

Bill Briggs

Bill Wong

Birgit Nielsen

Bob Chapman

Bob Maskell

Bob Tessier

Brent Green

Brent Melville

Brian Finley

Brian Klingspon

Brian Page

Brise and Associates Property


Bruce Weiss

Buddy Bartisch

Butch Zaprawa

Cam Bourque

Cardinal Aviation Centre

Carl Bretzlaff

Carla Landry

Carol Berglund

Carole Chatterley

Carolyn Flexhaug

Carolyn Pratt

Carson Beier

Century 21 Vantage Realty Ltd.

Chad Constantineau

Charlene Plant

Chris McKay

Chris Proctor

Christenson Developments Ltd.

Christine Chorney

Christine O’Donovan

Chrystal Smith

Ciaran O’Neill

Coldwell Banker Panda Realty

Collin Wilson

Connie Kennedy

Connie Kennedy Realty Inc.

Corey Christenson

Corrie Harpe

The Realtors Charity Network is renamed

the ‘WE CARE’ program.


Craig Pilgrim

CREB Charitable Foundation

Curtis Leibel

Curtis Stasiuk

Dabbagh Consulting Ltd.

Dallas Moravec

Dan Check

Dan Kiryluk

Dan McDonald

Danette Hobbs

Daryl Fuhr

Dave Schroder

David St. Jean

Deanna Ramsum

Deb Riel

Debbie Sabid

Debbie Smith

Denise Olsen

Dennis Todyruik

Diane Lacika

Dolores Nord

Dolores Rodrigues

Don MacDonald

Doug Donnelly

Douglas Best

Dr Moira Sacks

Dwight Streu

Ed Massa

Ed Shuster

Eden Hampson

Edmonton Cast Iron Repair Co. Ltd.

Edmonton Dream Centre

Edward Basaraba

Eva Neufeld

Exit Realty Results


Frank Vanderbleek

Gabriella Makar

Gail Docken

Garry Rogerson

Garth Warner

Gavin Edmiston

Geneva Tetreault

Genner Realty Limited

Gillian Stickney

Glenda Kudryk

Glenn Fisher

Glynnis Jackson

Gord McCallum

Gordie Ell

Gordie Ell Real Estate

Consultants Inc.

Gordon King

Government of Canada

Grace & Izzy Gliener

Greg Steele

Gregory Christenson

Guy Belland

Helen Powell

Holland & Associates Inc

Housemaster Home Inspection


Howard Sinclair

Husky Group of Companies

Ian Clark

Ian Glassford

Ian West

Ingrid Brunsch

Intervoc Rehabilitation

Associates of Canada Inc.

We have made every effort to ensure these lists are complete and accurate. If we have made any errors, omissions or misspelled a name, please accept our apology and contact our office at 453-9345 and we will correct our records.

Ride for KIDS raises over $125,000

since its inception.

Investors Group Financial


Jackie Ng

Jacquie Warkentin

James Lockhart

James Mabey

Janice Gates-Kosak

Jason Hafso

Jean Sills

Jeff Warner

Jen Liviniuk

Jerry Kiriak

Jessica Jones

Jill Didow

Jill Jordan

Joan McFall

Jody Jenkins

John Rose

John-Paul Dumlao

Judy Shewchuk

Juli Wenger

June Fediuk

Kayla Shoctor

Ken Shearer

Kerri Lynn Holland

Kevin Shaigec

Kim Bedry

Kris Morra

Lance Joumblat

Larry Hahn

Larry Westergard

Laurie Campbell

Leann Knysh

Lee Smithson

Les Paull

Liliana Peric

Lillian Howarth

Linda Davidson

List of Supporters

Linda Sheers

Linda Wolff

Lindsay Harder

Lixmila Serrano

Lorraine Alfonsi

Lorraine Mah

Lorraine Williams

Lucille Berube

Lynn Lowe

Marc Belland

Marc Perras

Margaret Dusterhoft

Margot Paull

Marguerite Johnston

Marilyn Price

Marjorie King

Mark Friesen

Mary McLean

Mary Mok

Matthew Barry

Maxwell Realty Edmonton

Mayor Stephen Mandel

Melanie Boles

Melody Bois

Melody Kilbank

Michael Jenner

Michelle MacDonald

Mike Thompson

Mohamed Elkayal

Morgan Lindmark

Nancy Sanborn

Natalie Murray-Bensaid

Norm Goplin

Norma Purser

Oliver House Law Office

Oliver O’Connor

Olivia Butti

Pam Redford

Patricia Liviniuk

Patrick Shaver

Patti Proctor

Peter Dirksen

Peter Estephan

Peter Taylor

Pierre Viard

Pointe West Honda

Randy Moore

RBC Royal Bank

RE/MAX Accord

RE/MAX Advantage

RE/MAX Elite

RE/MAX Excellence

RE/MAX Real Estate (97 Street)

RE/MAX Real Estate Centre

RE/MAX River City

Real Estate Weekly

REALTORS® Association of


Realty Executives - All Offices

Redford Property Management

& Realty

Redman Technologies Inc.

Renee Turlock

Richard Goatcher

Rob Friele

Robert McLachlen

Robert Moshansky

Robert Wilson

Robyn Fisher

Royal LePage Noralta

Sacred Heart Church

Samuel Friedman

Sandra Schriever

Sandy Pon

Sharon Damery

Sharon Kupper-Radford

Sharon Trelenberg

Sharp Rite Edmonton

Sheldon Holmes

Sherri Dubeta

Sid Vander Meulen

Stacy Bell-Powell

Sterling Homes (Edm) Ltd.

Stetson Consulting Services

Steve Sedgwick

Stewart Fuhr

Susan Horon

Susan Janzen

Susan Villasenor

Sutton Group/Nor-Vista Realty

Suzanne Godbout

Tanya Wold

Taras Kichma

Teresa Mardon

Terri-Lynn Rey

Terry Salmond

The Real Estate Training


The Rotary Club of Edmonton


Tina Fournier

Tony Bright CFA

Trevor Caithness

Ukranian Self Reliance


Valerie Climie

Vera Dery

W. Bell

Wally Fakhreddine

Wally Hawryluk

Will Winter

Wilson Lam

Yuriy Fleysher

Yvon Brochu

We have made every effort to ensure these lists are complete and accurate. If we have made any errors, omissions or misspelled a name, please accept our apology and contact our office at 453-9345 and we will correct our records.

Ride for KIDS continues with weekly Bike

Nites and a trip to Golden BC.


Edmonton Home + Garden Show is promoted to

REALTORS® for the second year .



2006 Ride for KIDS group and the

raffle bike winners.

The Alberta Real Estate

Association institutes the

Quality of Life Award

- Bessie Goldstick is the

inaugural winner.


After 14 years, the REALTORS Road Race & Fun Walk concludes

The event is replaced with the Goldstick Relay and Family Fun Day

in honour of Bessie Goldstick, who works tirelessly on behalf of the


As the foundation grows, the Audit Committee is instituted; ensuring

a framework of accountability for reviewing the Foundation's financial

statements and to ensure the Foundation is complying with all relevant

regulations and practices.

Bottom Left: Sandy Pon, Carole Chatterley, Pat Chmil, Anne Fry,

Doug Best, Bill Patton, Michael Broderick, Melanie Boles, Bryon Rentz,

Joanne Morrison, Yvon Brochu, Sharon Damery, Darrell Cook.

Missing: Gail Docken, Carroll Hnybida, Curtis Stasiuk

The ever popular Diamond Mine and fantastic

sports memorabilia at Santa's Auction.


• Sharon Damery retires after fourteen years with the Foundation.

• Jill Didow is hired as the new Executive Director.

Goldstick Relay & Family Fun Run.

Sid Vander Mullen’s first fundraiser. He walks across

Holland for Edmonton’s School Lunch Program – now

known as E4C’s School Lunch Program. Sids raises over


Bottom Left to Right: Sue Janzen, Gail Docken, Melanie Boles,

Judy Shewchuk, Jill Didow, Joanne Morrison, Darrell Cook,

Bryon Rentz, Doug Best, Bill Patton, Curtis Stasiuk,

Mike Kozicki, Yvon Brochu

Missing: Sandy Pon, Anne Fry

The Foundation logo gets a new makeover

encompassing WE CARE as the slogan.

The logo also incorporates:

- a ‘sign post’ to represent REALTORS® industry

- a heart to signify compassion

- the colour green to represent giving and life

- the colour blue to align ourselves with the

REALTORS® Association of Edmonton.

Record Santa’s auction attendance

- close to 1300 guests in





2008 Board of Governors

Bottom Left: Sue Janzen, Gail Docken,

Judy Shewchuk, Linda Wolff, Rennaye Miller,

Dave Schroder, Lawrence Onyschuk, Jill Didow,

Anne Fry, Curtis Stasiuk, Melanie Boles,

Jaclyn Horne, Joanne Morrison

Missing: Carol Deschamps, Jennifer Horner



Proud Supporter of our We Care Program


For Sale hangers are designed for the WE CARE program

and made available for REALTORS® who participate in

the program to display on their signposts

First Habitat for Humanity Home since 1993 built

in the Kirkness area. REALTORS® provide 700

hours of volunteer time and the Alberta Real

Estate Foundation matches our funding.

Sid Vander Meulen bikes across Holland –

raising funds for the Youth Emergency Shelter

Society (YESS). Sid raises over $26,000

List of Supporters - Gift In Kind

A Buyer’s Choice

Abe Hering

Addetto Menswear

Agnes Fisher

Alex Pinnick

Allan Dredge

Alley Cat Brewery

Anne Fry

Annie Royds

Anouscha Moreel

Anshu Sharma

Army Men & A Big Truck

Avenue Magazine

Awesome Blossom

Baccaret Casino

Barb Thomsen

Barr Picard

BDO Canada LLP

Bella Casa

Ben Officer

Bernice Friesen

Bill Briggs

Billie Reid

Bonnie Childs

Bonnie Doon Flowers

Bosch Kitchen Centre

Brian Hamilton

Bruce Weiss

Buds for Life Ltd.

Carl Bretzlaff

Carole Chatterley

Carolyn Arnold

Carolyn Pratt

Cecille Boyne

Christine Chorney

Christine O’Donovan

Christopher Albanese

Ciaran O’Neill

Cindy Jackson

Coast Paper Ltd.

Company’s Coming Cookbooks

Connie Kennedy

Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital

Councillor Kerry Diotte

Crystal Thompson

Curtis Stasiuk


Darlene Strang

Darrell Zapernick

Daryl Fuhr

Dave Schroder

David Morris Fine Cars Ltd.

Daytona Homes

Derks Formals Ltd.

Devlin’s Martini & Taps Lounge

Diamond Realty (2007) Ltd.

Diane Walker

Dominion Lending Centres

Donna Paisley

Doris Theriault

Dulux Paints

Earls Corssroads

Eddie Yu

Edmonton Capitals

Edmonton Oil Kings

Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Edward Lastiwka

Elizabeth Poburan

Eloise Leckie

Erin Willman

Eunice Plischke

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios (Calgary)

Fast Factor

Flirt Cupcakes

Flower Affairs

Frank Vanderbleek

Fred Katz Fine Art Photography

Freedom Ford


Future Shop

Gail Docken

Gail Hall

Geneva Tetreault

Glenn & Angela Ewanchuk

Gordie Ell

GP Fine Art

Graham Downey

Guy Belland

Hardware Solutions

Heaven Essence Day Spa

HouseGuard Home Inspection

Housemaster Home Inspection


Hugh Fraser

It’s My Thing Designs

Jack Bawden

James Hambling

James Wong

Jamie Lamb

Janette Searle

Jason Thomas

Jean Sills

Jerry Kiriak

Jessica Jones

Jill Didow

Jim Kulak

Jodie Allen

John Drebit

John Rennie

Johnathan Healy

Johnson Wong

Judy Clare-Packer

Judy Shewchuk

Kandath Law Office

Karla Hoffled

Keith Hare

Kelly Dunn

Ken Shearer

Lady Ming Esthetique

Lance Joumblat

Larry Westergard

Lennox Industries Ltd.

Leo Pernisch

Life Stiles

Lorene LeCavalier

Luggage Unlimited

Lynn Wilkinson

Lynne Pipella

Maggie Winterhalt

Marc Perras Home Selling Team Inc.

Marianne & Al Horvat

Mary McLean

Matthew Barry

Maureen Nicholson

McDonald Outdoor Advertising

Melanie Boles

Melody Kilbank

Memory Lane Sports Marketing

Mohamed Elkayal

Ms Ann Thompson

Muggn’z Family Restaurant

Murray Glick

Natalie Wellings

Pam Schiwinsky

Patrick T. Mooney

Pattison Outdoor Advertising

PODS Edmonton

Prudential Spencer R E

Putting Horse Ranch Inc.

RBC Royal Bank

RE/MAX G.A. Committee

RE/MAX Real Estate (28 Avenue)

RE/MAX Real Estate (St. Albert)

RE/MAX Real Estate Central - Agents

Real Estate Institute of Canada -


Real Estate Weekly

REALTORS® Association of Edmonton

Robert McLeod Realty Team

Rosetown Media

Royal Glenora Club

Royal LePage Noralta (Calgary Tr S)

Russ Slemko

Ruth Didow

Sandy Pon


Season’s Gift Shop

Shar Chen

Sharon Gregresh

Sharon Kupper-Radford

Shelley Wegner

Sherbrooke Liquor Store

Sherry Belcourt-Darby

Sid Vander Meulen

Strands Hair Team

Sun Massage Therapy & Reike

Susan McMillan

Suzanne Godbout

Swarm Enterprises

Sylvia Kozicki

Tara Borle

TD Insurance Meloche Monnex

Telus World of Science

Teresa Mardon

The Tire Warehouse

Theresa Tailleur

Tom Darby

Top Quality Inspections Inc.

Total Focus Optometry Centres

Turena Stang

Urban Barn

Val Read

Vera Dery

Vesna Farnden

Vincent Ariand

Volvo of Edmonton

Watts Communication

Wayne Moen

Wheatgrass Girls

Wigger Draperies

Will Schellenberger

We have made every effort to ensure these lists are complete and accurate. If we have made any errors, omissions or misspelled a name, please accept our apology and contact our office at 453-9345 and we will correct our records.

16 buses of kids are taken to Bright Nights.


900 REALTORS® attend the EREB lunch




Second Habitat for Humanity home is built in partnership with

Alberta Real Estate Foundation. Habitat home is built in 7 days in

St. Albert! A Blitz Build!

Board of Governor Jennifer

Horner and Jill at REALTORS®

Association of Edmonton golf


2009 Board of Governors

Bottom Right: Matthew Barry, Jennifer Horner,

Linda Wolff, Anne Fry, Curtis Stasiuk, Jill Didow,

Christine Chorney, Jaclyn Horne, Sue Janzen,

Lawrence Onyschuk, Rennaye Miller, Judy Shewchuk,

Dave Schroder, Gail Docken

Missing: Carol Deschamps

• Board Meeting goes off-site – held at Terra - centre for pregnant and parenting teens.

Doug, Gail, Jill and Curtis drop off diapers for the Terra

Baby Heros Diaper Campaign.

REALTORS® Association of Edmonton staff fundraise again, choosing Alberta Guide Dog as their charity. The

Foundation happily matches the grant.

• The Foundation is nominated for the Association of Fundraising Professional Award in the category of

Outstanding Foundation by Habitat for Humanity.

Bottom Left to Right: Jill Didow, Jennifer Horner,

Dave Schroder, Linda Wolff, Curtis Stasiuk,

Christine Chorney, Rennaye Miller,

Lawrence Onyschuk, Matthew Barry, Judy Shewchuk,

Erin Willman, Greg Steele, Gail Docken, Jaclyn Horne

Missing: Maya Day

Sid Vander Meulen rides again to Holland. This

brings his total raised close to $100,000.


• Record contributions for WE CARE program - $55,000


• Bessie Goldstick still raising money for E4C’s School

Lunch Program and has raised close to $120,000.

• Social Media is here! The Foundation creates a

Facebook and Twitter page and asks REALTORS® to

‘like’ us!

A video was produced highlighting six

charities the Foundation helped over the

years. Clients of the charities told their

stories and said ‘thanks’ to REALTORS®

REALTORS® Collect diapers for Terra – centre for

pregnant & parenting teens. They are challenged

by the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association and

win collecting over 25,000 diapers


Thank You!

The REALTORS® Community Foundation extends heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the REALTORS® Association

of Edmonton for all their assistance and support throughout the year.

Ron Hutchinson, Executive Vice President

Dan Check, Manager of Finance & Human Resources

Jon Hall, Marketing & Communications Manager

Sherry Hlady, Member Services Manager

Keith Morrissey, Assistant Executive Officer

Michel Bourassa, Manager of Information Systems

Margherita Gosselin, MLS® Department Manager

Dave Robb, Real Estate Weekly Editor

Sharon Kupper-Radford, Production/Store Manager

Special thanks to all of the staff of the REALTORS® Association who are all so supportive of the Foundation!

Volunteer of Distinction Award

The REALTORS® Community Foundation was pleased to present the Volunteer of Distinction Award at the REALTORS®

Ball on Friday, February 25 th , 2011 to a very deserving recipient. The award, presented to a REALTOR® who goes

above and beyond expectations, is a tireless and hardworking supporter of the Foundation, and who gives of their

time, their talent, and their heart. The 2011 winner was Carole Chatterley of Homelife Hargal Realty.

Not only is Carole open-minded, a team worker and very enthusiastic about the Foundation, she has been

instrumental in raising a lot of money for the Foundation, and is committed to ensuring our REALTORS® Community

Foundation is one of the best Foundations in our city.

Carole embodies the idea of giving back, of caring passionately about what she does, but most importantly Carole

is a shining example in the real estate industry of what WE CARE truly means.

The Foundation celebrates 25 years


Statement of Operations Externally

General Restricted

For the year ended December 31 Fund Funds 2011 2010



RAE $ 152,066 $ - $ 152,066 $ 141,393

General 20,835 - 20,835 43,144

We Care Program 67,853 - 67,853 57,234

Golf Tournaments 1,710 - 1,710 9,832

In lieu of services 10,100 - 10,100 9,000


Interest and dividends 51,070 - 51,070 50,502

Gain on sale of investments 7,685 - 7,685 19,786

Casino - 307 307 72,082

Texas Hold’em tournament 3,530 - 3,530 5,972

Ride for Kids 7,636 13,574 21,210 35,149

Goldstick/Fun Run 2,092 3,718 5,810 9,199

Silent Auction 89,120 - 89,120 82,746

RCF 25th Anniversary 97,780 - 97,780 -

SID’s Walk - - - 28,044

Miscellaneous 1,817 - 1,817 3,200

513,294 17,599 530,893 567,283


Administration 203,168 - 203,168 162,170

Amortization 4,641 - 4,641 4,837

Donations 253,682 51,197 304,897 303,664

Investment fees 10,717 - 10,717 10,381

Professional fees 17,233 - 17,233 15,202

RCF 25th Anniversary 44,197 - 44,197 -

Ride for Kids 622 1,106 1,728 9,627

SID’s Walk - - - 104

Silent Auction 20,475 - 20,475 23,487

Texas Hold’em Tournament - - - 16

We Care Program 197 - 197 3,775

554,932 52,303 607,235 533,263

Excess (deficiency) of revenue

over expenditures for the year $(41,638) $(34,704) $(76,342) $34,020

Statement of Changes in Net Assets

Balance Deficiency of Change in Balance

December 31 Revenue over Unrealized December 31

For the year ended 2010 Expenditures Gain/Loss 2011

Internally restricted $ 20,000 $ - $ - $ 20,000

Invested in capital assets 26,618 (4,641) - 21,977

Externally restricted

Capital fund 1,467,090 - (14,548) 1,452,542

Casino fund 71,172 (34,704) - 36,468

Unrestricted - general fund 48,212 (36,997) - 11,215

Total net assets $ 1,633,092 $ (76,342) $ (14,548) $ 1,542,202

Audited financial statements are available upon request.



Through fundraising projects the

REALTORS® Community Foundation has provided

support to those in need by working with charities

involved in Shelter, Homelessness, Hunger,

Crime Prevention and Special Projects.

25 Years Giving

Over 100 charities supported.

$3 M proudly reinvested in our community.

Now that’s something to celebrate!

14220 - 112 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5M 2T8

Phone: 780-453-9343

Fax: 780-452-1135



Jill Didow, Executive Director

Kathryn Derkach, Administrative Assistant

Dan Check, Financial Manager

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