What is a Stroke/Brain Attack? - National Stroke Association


What is a Stroke/Brain Attack? - National Stroke Association

Other famous leaders and celebrities who have experienced strokes:

• Princess Margaret - Sister of Queen

Elizabeth v

• Darin McGavin- Actor v

• David Merrick - Broadway producer v

• Empress Michiko - Empress of Japan

• Thelonius Monk - Jazz musician v

• Bill Monroe - Father of bluegrass music v

• Patricia Neal - Actress

• Pat Nixon - Former First Lady v

• Richard Nixon - Former U.S. President

• Minnie Pearl - Country music performer v

• Oscar Peterson - Jazz pianist

• Martha Raye - Actress/singer v

• Ben Vereen - Entertainer

• Deng Xiao Ping - Chinese political

leader v

• Della Reese - Actress/singer

• J.R. Richard - Major league baseball


• Hugh Rodham - Father of First Lady

Hilary Rodham Clinton v

• Ginger Rogers - Dancer/actress v

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National Stroke Association’s Complete Guide to Stroke



• Franklin D. Roosevelt - Former

U.S. President v

• Robert Shaw - Conductor, Atlanta

Symphony v

• Josef Stalin - Russian leader v

• Willie Stargell - Baseball legend v

• Robert Lewis Stevenson - Author v

• Potter Stewart - Former Supreme Court

Justice v

• Bill Tavoulareas - Former Mobil Oil

President v

• Mel Torme - Singer v

• Jackie Mayer Townsend - Miss America


• Fred Waring - Pennsylvanians'

conductor v

• Ted Williams - Major league baseball

player v

• Woodrow Wilson - Former U.S.


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