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an armorial of zimbabwe and rhodesia - Association of Amateur ...

an armorial of zimbabwe and rhodesia - Association of Amateur ...

CHITTY (formerly

CHITTY (formerly of Torrie Lodge) Joseph Charles Oliver Chitty, formerly of Salisbury (Harare). Born 28/10/1917, married, 26/9/1942, Liv Helga, daughter of J.J. Bakke of Norway. Son of Joseph Torry Chitty of Jesmond, Newcastle (formerly of Torrie Lodge). Azure, a chevron engrailed ermine between in chief two talbots' heads erased and in base a roll of parchment erect argent.(BLG, 1952) CHRISTER George Royce Christer of Bulawayo, born 27/6/1925, married 26/8/1950, Ruth Marion, daughter of John Winter Elliott of Haltwhistle, Northumberland and has issue. Son of William Edward Christer of Prudhoe-on-Tyne, Northumberland. Barry of fourteen argent and sable, on a fesse of the second four inverted chevronels conjoined with points flattened Or, overall on a pile of the last a cross-crosslet fitchy gules.(Govt. Register No. 399) CHRISTIAN Harold Howard Dunell Christian of Ewanrigg, Salisbury (Harare). Married Daisy (d. 29/2/1948) daughter of Montagu Nicholas of London and died 27/7/1946. A descendant of John McCrystyn, Deemster, Isle of Man (b. circa 1368). Fletcher Christian, leader of the mutiny on the Bounty, was a member of this family. Azure, a demi-mascle between three covered cups Or (BLG 1952) CLARK Henry Douglas Clark, MA, Barrister-at-law, Inner Temple. Formerly of Salisbury (Harare). Younger brother of Sir George Ernest Clark, 2nd Baronet of Dunlambert. Born 9/2/1889. Barry wavy of four argent and azure, a galley with sail set and flags flying, all Or, on a chief of the second a thistle slipped, with two leaves, between two roses of the third. (BP 1953) CLAY Nigel Gerard Arden Clay, FICB, AIAC, MRIM. Son of Gervas Charles Robert Clay who married, in 1936, Betty St. Clair Baden-Powell, daughter of the 1st Lord Baden- Powell. Argent, a chevron indented between three trefoils slipped, in the centre chief point a wing all sable. (College of Arms, 21/5/1884) CLEGG-HILL Major Frederic Raymond Clegg-Hill, King's Shropshire L.I.. Served in World War 2, with the 2nd Bn. Rhodesia Regt. (1938 - 1944). Born 10/8/1909, married 18/11/1938, Alice Dorothy, younger daughter of the late Rear-Adm. Cuthbert Godfrey Chapman, MVO. Killed in action in Germany 13/4/1945 leaving issue, Peter David Raymond Charles, born posthumously, 17/10/1945. Younger son of Sir Charles Rowland Clegg- Hill, 6th Viscount Hill. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ermine, on a fess sable a castle triple-towered argent, 2nd and 3rd, per pale sable and azure, a cross-crosslet between two acorns in bend dexter and as many fleurs-de-lis in bend sinister argent. (BP 1953). 23


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