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an armorial of zimbabwe and rhodesia - Association of Amateur ...

an armorial of zimbabwe and rhodesia - Association of Amateur ...

Crescent with points

Crescent with points uppermost. Cross-crosslet a cross with each arm also crossed. Crusily powdered with crosses. Dancetty a zig-zag partition line of at least three points. Decrescent a crescent with points to the right. Demi-lion the head and forepart of a lion, usually rampant. Dexter the left hand side (from the onlooker's viewpoint). Displayed of birds with wings spread pointing upwards Embattled showing wall tops like castle battlements Engrailed a partition line of conjoined semi-circles, points outwards. Eradicated of a tree with roots showing. Erased severed with a jagged edge. Ermine a fur of black spots (or tails) on white. Ermines a fur of white spots (or tails) on black. Erminois a fur of black spots (or tails) on gold. Escallop a scallop shell with point and ears uppermost. Escutcheon a shield. Estoile a star with six (or more) wavy points. Fess a horizontal band across the centre of the shield. Fesswise of a charge when placed horizontally. Field the main background colour of a shield. Fimbriated edged with the tincture named. First of the first tincture mentioned in the blazon. Fitché (or Fitchy) pointed at the foot. Flaunch area enclosed by the arc of a circle at the edge of a shield. Fleur-de-lys the stylised lily flower. Flory ornamented with fleurs-de-lys. Fret a bendlet and bendlet sinister interlaced with a mascle. Fretty bendlets and bendlets sinister interlaced. Fructed bearing fruit. Fusil a long narrow lozenge. Gamb the lower part of a beast's leg. Garb a wheatsheaf. Garnished decorated with a tincture different to that of the main charge. VIII

Goutte a drop (of water etc.). Griffin (Gryphon) monster with foreparts of an eagle and hindparts of a lion. Guardant of an animal with face towards the viewer. Gules red. Gutté strewn with drops. Gyron the lower half of a diagonally divided canton or quarter. Gyronny of a field divided into a number of gyrons or triangles radiating from a central point. Haurient of a fish erect with head upwards. Hurt a blue roundel. Increscent a crescent with points to the left. Indented a zig-zag partition line of small indentations. Invected a partition line of conjoined semi-circles with points inwards Label a narrow horizontal band with (usually) three dependent pieces. Langued of the tongue. Lozenge a diamond-shaped charge. Lymphad an ancient heraldic galley (chiefly in Scottish heraldry). Martlet a bird with tufts of feathers instead of legs. Mascle a lozenge with the centre voided (i.e. cut out) Maunch a costume sleeve severed at the shoulder. Mullet a star with five straight points. Naiant of a fish swimming horizontally. Nowed of an animal's tail knotted. Or gold. Orle a narrow border inset from the edge of the shield. Pale a broad vertical band down the centre of the shield. Palewise vertically. Pallet a narrow pale. Pall a "Y-shaped" figure reaching to the edge of the shield. Passant of an animal walking, with dexter forepaw raised. Per Pale of a shield divided vertically down the centre. IX

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