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Surrey Coats of Arms I - Surrey County Council

Surrey Coats of Arms I - Surrey County Council


SURREY COATS OF ARMS WILLEY Baron Barnby. Francis Vernon Willey, 2 nd Baron Barnby of Blyth, {Nottinghamshire}, CMG, CBE, MVO, TD, MA (Oxon), of Hillthorpe, Ashtead, (b.1884), succeeded his father the 1 st Baron on the latter's death, 1929. Arms: Per pale Or and Gules three chevronels counterchanged over all a pale Ermine charged with three martlets Sable. Crest: In front of a reindeer's head erased Proper two crosses pattée Gules. Supporters: On either side a reindeer Proper charged on the shoulder with a rose Gules. Motto: Propositi tenax. (BP105) WILLIAM-STEPHENS Fox-Davies in 1929 recorded William Henry Stephens William-Stephens as of Kensington Lodge, Oatlands Park, Walton-on-Thames. Arms: Quarterly, Gules and Vert a fess nebuly Argent gutté-de-sang between two eagles displayed in chief Or and a lion rampant in base Argent gutté-de-sang. Crest: A lion rampant as in the arms holding between the forepaws an eagle's head erased Gules and resting the dexter hind leg on a torteau charged with a goutté d'Or. Motto: Amore virtutis. (FD7) WILLIAMS of Castle Hill, Surrey. Arms: Sable a lion rampant Argent charged on the shoulder with a pellet a chief quarterly Or and Ermine. Crest: On a mount Vert amidst bulrushes a moorcock Proper charged on the breast with a bezant. (BGA) WILLIAMS William Williams of Belmont, and of Portland Place, London, (1774-1839), sometime MP for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, {Dorset}, was younger son of Robert Williams of Bridehead, Dorset and of Moor Park, Hertfordshire, banker, (1739-1814), and was ancestor of the Williams family of Woolland House, Dorset. Arms: Argent within a bordure engrailed Gules charged with crosses pattée Or and bezants a greyhound courant in fess Sable between three Cornish choughs Proper. Crest: A man's arm couped at the elbow habited Sable charged with a cross pattée Or the hand Proper holding an oak branch Vert fructed Or. Motto: Nil solidum. (BLG1851) WILLIAMS Sir Howell Jones Williams, DL, JP, of Pyrford Place, Pyrford, {Woking}, (d.1939), High Sheriff of Merionethshire, 1917, Deputy Chairman of London County Council, 1921, was son of Richard Williams of Corris and of London. Arms: Per chevron Gules and Or in chief two lions passant Argent and in base an eagle displayed Sable. Crest: Issuant from a mural crown Or a demi lion Proper holding between the paws a cross flory Gold. Motto: Heb Dduw heb ddim Duw a digon. (FD7) WILLIAMS John Williams of Badshott, also of Chichester, Sussex, (d.1821), married, 1777, Frances, (d.1829), daughter of Sir William Thomas, 2 nd Bart. of Yapton, Sussex. Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sable a lion rampant Argent (Williams); 2 and 3, Ermine a chief quarterly Or and Gules (Peckham); impaling, Argent three lions rampant Gules a chief Azure (Thomas). (Monuments in Rumboldswyke Church, {Chichester} (EXH)) WILLIAMS see HUME-WILLIAMS or MONIER-WILLIAMS WILLIAMS-BULKELEY Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams-Bulkeley, 10 th Bart., (1801-75), acquired Chobham Park by devise from his uncle Viscount Bulkeley, qv, 1822, and sold it 1838. (VCHS iii 415) Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sable a chevron between three bulls' heads cabossed Argent a canton Ermine (Bulkeley); 2 and 3, Gules a chevron Ermine between three Saracens' heads couped at the shoulders Proper (Williams). Crests: 1, Out of a ducal coronet Or a bull's head Argent horned Or charged with a chevron Sable (Bulkeley): 2, A stag's head cabossed Argent (Williams). Motto: Nec temere nec timide. (BP103) . WILLIAMSON Granted to Joshua Williamson of Peckham. Arms: Argent on a chevron engrailed Azure between two trefoils slipped in chief and a crescent in base Sable a trefoil also slipped enclosed by two crescents Or. Crest: A buck's head couped Sable attired Or charged on the neck with a sun in splendour Proper between the attires a trefoil slipped also Sable. Motto: Constare in sententia. (BGA) WILLIAMSON Fox-Davies records the following as for Williamson of Wandsworth, granted 1914, to Sir James Williamson, CB, Director of HM's Naval Dockyards, (1838-1932), eldest son of James Rea Williamson of Edinburgh, (1811-88). Arms: Per fess embattled Azure and Or masoned Sable in chief three anchors of the second. Crest: Upon an anchor fessways the flukes to the dexter Or an eagle perched the wings displayed Gules. Motto: Murus Aeneus conscientia sana. (FD7) WILLIAMSON Baron Williamson. Sir Thomas Williamson, CBE, JP, Hon. LL.D (Cantab), of 19 Kingsdowne Road, Surbiton, (b.1897), was created a Life Peer as Baron Williamson of Eccleston, in the Borough of St. Helens, Lancaster, 1962. Arms: Per saltire Gules and Sable three arms conjoined at the shoulder and flexed in a triangle each hand Proper grasping a hammer Or over all a sun in splendour Gold. Crest: Out of a mural crown Sable masoned Argent a pelican Proper supporting a caduceus. Supporters: On either side a secretary bird Proper in their beaks a square buckle Gules. Motto: Quantum sufficit. (BP105) Surrey Heritage

SURREY COATS OF ARMS WILLIAMSON David Williamson, JP, of Guildford, (d.1810), was father of George Charles Williamson, JP, D.Litt, FRSL, of The Mount, Guildford (1858-1942), a prolific writer, his best known work being his biography of Lady Anne Clifford, published 1922; He became Hon. Remembrancer of Guildford, 1933. (EXH) Arms: Or a chevron Gules between three trefoils slipped Sable. Crest: Out of a mural coronet Gules a demi griffin segreant Or. Mottoes: Arr dwrr y gyd; Cave. (FD 1895, which states that no authority for the arms was established at the College of Arms) WILLIS Major Wynch George Black Willis, RMLI, (1838-1910), Deputy Governor of Woking Convict Prison, 1873-78, was father of Colonel Richard Ffolliott Willis, CB, RM, of Atherfield, Woldingham, (b.1875). Arms: Per fess Gules and Argent three lions rampant counterchanged within a bordure Ermine. Crest: Two lions gambs erased the dexter Gules the sinister Argent supporting an escutcheon Or. (BLG17) WILLIS Derek Lister d'Anyers Willis, MA (Oxon), FCA, of Kitts Farm, Churt, (b.1914), elder son of Arthur d'Anyers Willis, (1879- 1953), and descended from Ralph Earle, later Willis of Halsnead and Hall of the Hill, Lancashire, (1715-90). Arms: Argent a fess between three lions rampant Gules within a bordure Ermines. Crest: Two lions' paws erect and erased Ermines holding a human heart Gules. Motto: Virtus tutissima cassis. (BLG18) . WILLSON John Willson of Dulwich [1860]. Arms: Or a wolf rampant Sable between three escutcheons of the last each charged with a walnut leaf of the field. Crest: A demi wolf rampant Sable gorged with a collar dancetté and chain Or and holding between the paws a branch of the walnut tree Proper. Motto: Perseverantia palma. (BGA; BAA) WILMOT DPB1868 records Sudbrooke, {Richmond?}, as one of the seats of Sir Robert Edward Wilmot, 4 th Bart., (1808-80). Arms: Sable on a fess Or between three eagles' heads couped Argent as many escallops Gules all within a bordure engrailed of the third. Crest: An eagle's head erased Argent in the beak an escallop Gules. Motto: Quod vult valde vult. WILSON of Merton and later of Didlington, Norfolk. Arms: Sable a wolf salient Or, in chief a fleur-de-lys Argent between two besants. As borne by Robert Wilson (d.1660) of Merton, son of Rowland Wilson. (MB i 263) WILSON Borne on an escutcheon of pretence by Randolph, qv, in a window in All Saints' Sanderstead; the Rev. John Honywood Randolph, Rector of Sanderstead, (1791-1868), married, 1814, Sarah, eldest daughter of Richard Wilson of Biddlestone, Suffolk. Arms: Sable a wolf rampant and in chief three estoiles Or. (Local History Records, vol ix, 1970). WILSON The Rev. George Wilson, MA (Cantab), (d.1829, aged 74), a younger son of the Very Rev. Thomas Wilson, Dean of Carlisle, (d.1778), was Curate of Chiddingfold in 1784. Arms: …. a wolf salient …. in chief three mullets, (or estoiles)... (CFH) WILSON Henry Wilson of Upper Tooting, and of London, merchant, (b.1758), a cadet of Wilson of Broomhead, bought that estate but died unmarried. Of the same family, Christopher John Wilson, TD, of Meadowcroft, Hambledon, Godalming and of the Bank of England, (b.1904), 2 nd son of the Rev. Canon Rowland Alwyn Wilson, MA (Cantab), FSA, (1868-1959). Arms: Sable a wolf rampant and in chief three estoiles Or. Crest: A demi wolf rampant Or. Motto: Vincit qui se vincit. (BLG1846; BLG8, 18). WILSON James Christopher Wilson, JP, of Low Nook, Ambleside, Westmorland, (1813-84), was of High Ashford, Dorking. Arms: Argent a wolf rampant Vert charged on the shoulder with an annulet Argent on a chief Sable a fleur-de-lys between two estoiles Or. (AWL) WILSON Sir Roland Knyvet Wilson, 2 nd Bart., of Delhi, JP, MA, LL.M. (Cantab), (1840-1919), barrister-at-law, Reader in Indian Law, University of Cambridge, 1878-92, was of 3 Upper Park Place, 14 Queen's Road and 86 Church Road, Richmond. Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 6, Sable a wolf salient * Or in chief a fleur Argent between two bezants (Wilson); 2, Argent a bend within a bordure engrailed Sable (Knyvet); 3, Argent a cross engrailed between four water bougets Sable a label of three points Azure charged with three lions rampant.. (Bourchier); 4, France and England quarterly within a bordure Argent (Woodstock); 5, Quarterly Or and Vert (Berners). Motto: Le bon temps viendra. (BP58; DPB1897) * DPB blazons the wolf as rampant. Surrey Heritage

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